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Been going through things at the farm and ran into a little deposit of geeky treasure:


Development kit for Windows 2.03.  When Windows 1.01 was released, there was stiff competition with other windowing graphical environments (primarily GEM from Digital Research) They persisted and hit it out of the park with Windows 3.x.


My Times/Sinclair 1000 Personal Computer - I also had the memory expansion and a couple other plugins for it. Very basic but a lot of fun.


Texas Instruments SR 10 - I was living in Boston, going to B.U. studying Marine Biology and had set a limit for myself.  I would get a pocket calculator but it had to cost under $100 and be able to do square roots.  The SR 10 came in.  I got it.


And then, I dropped out of college, started working for a public aquarium and doing consulting on the side.  Started making some decent money so treated myself to one of these.  The Hewlett-Packard HP-45.  Gold standard in pocket calculators. It was light-years ahead of anything else out there on the market (and priced accordingly). That puppy got a lot of use.  Later upgraded to a 41C (have that too) with card reader and the ability to take plug-in modules for programming.

Fun times - I'll post more of these as I uncover them. We are talking a large archeological dig here.

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