That was then - this is now. Biden owns Afghanistan

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Now more than ever.  From Russia Today:

After 20 years & billions of dollars, the American defeat in Afghanistan is worse than the Soviet has this happened?
As the last men of the dwindling American garrison in Afghanistan pack their bags, there is an echo of the Soviet Union's own withdrawal from the country, more than 30 years ago. But, in truth, Washington's defeat is far greater.

In December 1979, Soviet forces invaded Afghanistan to support the unpopular government of the ruling People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA). They soon found themselves bogged down in a bloody war against the mujahideen guerillas.

Nine years later, the Soviets decided that there had been enough bloodshed and, in May 1988, they began their exit. The final contingent of Soviet troops drove back across the bridge to the USSR in February the following year.

And today?

After the last Soviet troops crossed over the Friendship Bridge linking Afghanistan and Soviet Uzbekistan, the mujahideen launched a major offensive, confident that they would be able to defeat the government forces in short order. Their offensive collapsed completely. The Afghan army stood its ground and not a single major population center fell into the hands of their opponents. It was not until two years later, when the post-Soviet Russian government of Boris Yeltsin cut off funding to the Afghans that the PDPA regime finally fell.

The contrast with what has happened this past week could not be clearer. Even after the Soviets had left, the troops they had trained and equipped fought hard and successfully. Today, the troops that America and its allies trained and equipped at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars have scattered to the four winds with only the slightest effort at resistance.

But, to be fair, the problem lies not in army exercises or crates of machine guns. The current batch of Afghans have had plenty of both. They outnumber the Taliban and are better supplied. The problem is one of morale: simply put, not many of them are willing to die for their government.

The issue is simple.  The 10th century sons of pigs and monkeys saw that Russia was a strong nation and would do whatever was needed and screw the court of public opinion.  No bowing to the media or activists there.

The goblins today see (and rightly so) that America is flacid and weak and will not do anything without running it through multiple focus groups and diversity consultants.

Of course those poor people in Afghanistan who worked with us for 20 years are scared shitless.  They are melting into the pavement hoping that no documentation at the embassy will show their complicity. When they are found, they know that their family will be murdered in front of them and then they will be tortured to death.

Joe Biden and his handlers OWN THIS and the voters need to be reminded of this every time there is an election. Sure, you get free shit from the government when you vote Democrat but the world falls apart on their watch. Always has. Always will. It's something built-in to socialism. Read your history and weep.

We need to get some adults back in the room again...

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