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Interesting news out of Baltimore, Maryland.  A once proud city, now a liberal shithole.
From FOX News:

Bombshell allegations at another City school -Dead students enrolled, Classes didn't exist
A former Baltimore City Schools principal says she believes there’s an organized effort in City Schools to push kids through the system at any cost, even if it means enrolling them in classes that don’t exist. The allegations come as the school district is under fire over so-called ghost students, and now, ghost classes.

Angel Lewis tells Fox45 News she was recruited by Baltimore City Schools in 2016 and brought in to help a troubled school east Baltimore. She says North Avenue knew about ghost student and ghost classes, years ago, because she told them.

Lewis has watched over the past few months as Project Baltimore exposed the massive scandal at Augusta Fells Savage in west Baltimore. For her, it seemed all too familiar.

Why do they do this?  How big is the problem?

By keeping students enrolled, a school can increase the funding it receives from taxpayers. At Claremont, that included students who were dead.

“One of the teachers even mentioned to me that she attended the funeral,” said Lewis.

When Lewis took over, she says 130 students were enrolled at Claremont, but only about 30 were attending the school. Ghost students, as they’re called by educators, are only enrolled on paper.

Getting the taxpayer money - hire your friends, spend money on fun projects.
Probably a little bit of embezzlement in there for good measure.

Meanwhile, the school children are being pushed out the door with worthless diplomas and zero education.  Wonderful way to launch someone into their lives. Give them the foundation they need to make something of themselves.

Democrat-run America.

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