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Preferably a year ago but the sooner you start, the more you can avoid the high prices.
From our neighbors to the North: The Vancouver Sun

'Perfect storm' will cause B.C. food prices to rise
Emily-anne King is bracing for her monthly grocery bill to rise — by $10,000.

The vice-president and co-founder of Backpack Buddies, a B.C. charity that provides a backpack of food to 4,000 school kids facing food insecurity each week, has been warned by suppliers that food prices are rising.

“Three-out-of-four of our major supplies have indicated we’re going to see massive increases,” she said Thursday. “We’re expecting to pay $10,000 more in food expenses per month, and we’ve been told it could go even higher.”

The increases range from a five per cent jump on oatmeal, to a 38 per cent leap on cans of beans and pasta.

Many of the reasons for the price increases are global in nature, including the COVID-19 pandemic, challenging weather across the Northern Hemisphere and supply-chain issues.

We are in for some rocky times ahead. You do not have to do everything at once but whenever you are shopping, buy an extra couple cans of tuna or beans or whatever - gradually build up stock in your house (remember to rotate through it - eat the oldest first) so that you have a month or two buffer. Doesn't hurt, not that expensive and it can literally make the difference between being comfortable and extended hunger.

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