Twenty years ago today

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I was sitting at the bus stop waiting to go to work in downtown Seattle.  A neighbor told us what had happened.  The entire company spent the day glued to the news services - little work was done that week.  Walking along the Seattle waterfront was eerie - no airplanes. Very little vehicle or ship traffic. Dead silence. A city in shock.

That was when I began my journey.  I had been raised by academic liberals and lived in a liberal environment so did not know any better.  I started asking questions. At that time, Charles Johnson was still a conservative and was blogging at Little Green Footballs.  His comments struck home.  I found other sites and my questions were answered. Islam is a barbaric "religion" - one badly in need of a reformation.  Our government - the entire Western world was asleep to this threat.

Started this blog two years later - October 27th, 2003 and here we are today.

I will never forgive.  Never forget.

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