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It's not just our governor who is an idiot.  He surrounds himself with idiots - probably helps keep the Dunning–Kruger effect down to a dull roar. Here is but one example - from Seattle station KIRO:

Are new state wildlife commissioners turning their backs on science?
I’m not a hunter, but I recognize the role hunting plays as part of a wildlife management plan.

Fortunately, my buddy Tom Nelson — host of “The Outdoor Line” heard weekends on 710 ESPN Seattle — is much smarter and far more experienced on these issues. That’s why I had to have him on The Dori Monson Show to tell listeners about a case that goes far beyond cougars versus elk.

The 10:49 interview will make your blood boil - the abject stupidity.  One small taste:

The issue involves two new commissioners to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and their response to dwindling numbers of elk due to over-populating, predatory cougars. Studies show 11 of 125 elk calves were recently killed in non-hunting incidents, Nelson told me.

Instead, at least one of new commissioners, Fred Koontz of Duvall, who was appointed by Gov. Jay Inslee, downplayed the number of gruesome elk calf deaths. In a recent public meeting, Koontz called “the socially accepted number” of dead elk “more important than the biological number.”

Emphasis mine.  The whole interview is unreal - our Governor hired this person.

Liberals will not understand this but hunters, fisherman and other outdoor sportsmen are some of the most active conservationists out there.  What's more, they practice real fact-based conservation and do not base their actions on a political narrative.  They do good instead of doing something that SOUNDS good.

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