And back to the no-tell motel

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Local supermarket salad bar for dinner - last night in beautiful downtown Murphy.

House inspection went really well - the house is rock solid.  A couple of loose ends that need to be taken care of but nothing that changes our decision to buy.  Spent the day driving around locally - went to Copper Hill / McCaysville and walked around.  Copper Hill, Tennessee is the site of a large copper smelting operation - mostly shut down but there is still a lot of the plant there and it has people working there.  Will have to explore later.  You cross over the river and are in McCaysville, Georgia.  Very outdoorsy, lots of river rafting companies, fun restaurants, etc...

Continued on to Blue Ridge, Georgia - very upper crust.  Different sort of touristy.  It used to be a small town like Murphy but it got "discovered" and was named one of the Top 10 Small Towns in America.  The floodgates opened and property values went through the roof.  Good for the original owners but not so good for people wanting to live there now.  Still, looks like some great restaurants and shops and two galleries where my blacksmithing work would "fit in" well.  We will see.

Last day here - checking out tomorrow and driving to Asheville.  Spend the night there, visit the R.A. Moog factory and do some exploring. Back to Atlanta Monday night, fly to the Left Coast Tuesday early afternoon.  A really fun trip but I miss my dogs.

I have to say, I like the priorities in McCaysville:



What shoplifting? Crime?

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