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One week ago I had written about these people: An interesting idea - Bonds for the Win

Here is a story about this tactic being met with great success.
From MAGA Institute:

“You’ve Been Served!” Citizen Activist Angela Matthews Tells Us How We Can Hold Our Politicians Accountable
North Carolina CPA, mom, and now County Commissioner candidate Angela Matthews joins the MAGA Institute Podcast to discuss how she and a group of like-minded patriots served the Iredell-Statesville (NC) School Board members with claims against their surety bonds.

Angela is part of a local Iredell County grassroots group called Moms For Liberty, which is advocating for the 20,000 children in their local school district. After a FOIA request for emails by school board members revealed that the members were colluding to “boost the numbers” in order to keep students masked, despite every reputable study showing that not only are masks not effective stopping transmission of SARS-CoV-2, they are immeasurably detrimental to both physical and mental health.

And her tactic:

Under NC Statute 159-29, each elected official is required to carry a Public Official bond to ensure that elected officials faithfully perform their duties as elected. If a public official has a claim made on his or her bond, they ban be removed from office and barred from ever holding elected office again.

Angela also discovered that each school board member was in violation of NC Statute 160A-61, which requires each elected official to physically sign an Oath of Office, which is to be kept by the County Clerk and available for public inspection at any time. Indeed, Angela found that the school board was in violation of an ADDITIONAL TWENTY-SIX state, federal, and international laws that child abuse, showing pornographic material to children under the age of 18, and improper disposal of toxic substances (the masks).

And, like any good little tyrant:

Despite being in a public building paid for by taxpayers, exercising her right to free speech, and serving legal papers on public officials, the school board attempted to weaponize the School Resource Officers at the meeting to have Angela arrested. When they called “for backup,” the local police officers outside asked why they would need backup, because Angela wasn’t breaking any law.

Wonderful - we have put up with the long march through the institutions for too long. Time to get this small minority of social malcontents out of power and get We The People back in. They have had more than enough time to express their ideas and we reject them. Time to go back to what works. What is good for our Nation, good for our civilization and good for our citizens.

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