An interesting story and our FBI doing what it does best - Civil War Gold

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Two treasure hunters have a good idea where an 1863 shipment of gold might be found.  They reported the location and the FBI got involved.  From the Daily Wire:

Judge Orders FBI To Turn Over Evidence Regarding Search For Civil War Gold
A father and son team of treasure hunters may soon discover the details behind a potential hunt for gold dating back to the Civil War era from the records of an FBI dig in 2018

A federal judge has required the FBI to promptly release its records regarding the lost treasure to a team operating under the name Finders Keepers led by Dennis and Kem Parada. The father and son have accused the FBI of intentionally delaying its request for information.

Finders Keepers said in a court filing in March that the FBI stated that its records of the dig included 17 video files and 2,400 pages of information. The agency now claims there are just four videos with no explanation for the missing video content, the treasure hunters claim.

“This raises the obvious question of whether videotapes were destroyed in the interim,” wrote attorney Anne Weismann, Finders Keepers’ lawyer.

“There’s been a pattern of behavior by the FBI that’s been very troubling,” Weismann said in January. She questioned whether the agency is “acting in good faith.”

The saga began when the two men reported finding a location they believed was part of an 1863 shipment of Union gold that was intended for the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. An FBI contractor reportedly confirmed a large mass of metal at the site that suggested the findings could be accurate.

The gold, if found, has a current estimated value of $55 million.

The Paradas traveled to the site in 2018 in Dents Run, Pennsylvania. Rather than being given access to the location, the FBI required the two men to stay in their vehicle while the agency’s officers excavated the site, according to the report.

The FBI claimed the dig was unsuccessful, but the agency’s secrecy has made the treasure hunters suspicious regarding whether gold was found.

Much more at the site. Unsucessful.  Yeah.  Right. Our tax dollars at work.  Not to mention, they probably destroyed anything of archeological value. Their original Freedom of Information Act request was filed on May 8th, 2016 and was met with 100% stonewall.

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