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Talk about stupid move - get woke, go broke. From the London Daily Mail:

Read Gina Rinehart's scathing takedown of 'virtue signalling' in sport as support grows for the billionaire after she terminated $15MILLION sponsorship deal with Netball Australia over racism scandal

    • Gina Rinehart issued takedown of Netball Australia over sponsorship fallout
    • Her mining company tore up $15million deal with organisation on Saturday
    • It came after national netball team raised concern over late father's comments

Gina Rinehart has accused Netball Australia of virtue signalling after its players took issue with her sponsorship deal over offensive comments made by her late father.

Her mining company Hancock Prospecting issued the scathing takedown as it announced it would be withdrawing its $15million sponsorship deal.

It came after the Diamonds national netball team expressed concerns over offensive comments made by Lang Hancock about Aboriginals in 1984.

Part of the $15 Million deal was that the team wear the Hancock logo on their jerseys:

Indigenous player Donnell Wallam had reportedly wanted an exemption to wear the sponsor's logo on the team jersey with her teammates backing her decision. 

Hancock's reply included this:

'Firstly, because sport is at its best when it is focused on good and fair competition, with dedicated athletes striving for excellence to achieve their sporting dreams and to represent our country at their very best.'

'Secondly, because there are more targeted and genuine ways to progress social or political causes without virtue signalling or for self-publicity.'

Got to love it:  "more targeted and genuine ways" and "without virtue signalling or for self-publicity"

I think that Gina hit the nail on the head.  The article also mentions that Hancock has contributed to the Indigenous communities so they were doing right all along if Mr. Wallam had taken the time to check them out. Much more at the site.  Ms. Rinehart and Hancock are the real deal.  The netball team are a bunch of whiners.

If they have to go back to 1984 to find something that "offends" them, they are really reaching. Grow the fsck up...

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