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Grrrr...  I went to a local car dealership with a specific request - a Ford Expedition in the 2016-2018 range, 5.5L EcoBoost engine, EL and the XLT options package (pretty minimal  -  less to go wrong) Towing package with 4X and 7X connectors.  I had a Toyota Highlander to trade in.  They were able to find it and we worked a deal - they won some and I won some.  Sweet ride but there were a few things that I wanted them to do.

The specific issue is that Ford uses a very odd terminal for their vehicle batteries - works great but it is a bit fragile.  Zero problem with road wear and vibration but if someone is not used to it, it can snap.  Suseptible to breaking.  This one had broken and some bubba had used plumber's hanger strap for their repair.  There were a few other items that needed attention and I gave them a printed list with the battery terminal as item #1 with the requirement that it be restored to factory spec.

Got the text today that it was ready - spent 90 minutes driving down and it would not start.  Pop the hood and their "electrical guy" had taken out the hanger strap but had bubba'd it a different way. What they used had snapped off and rendered the car unable to start.

The dealership owner was completely apologetic and I am betting that their "electrical guy" will be mopping the floors with his own toothbrush for a few weeks.  Got a text an hour later that they had the parts on order and that they would be here wednesday.  Still...  Grumble...

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