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From PipelineOnline:

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 29 times, shame on me
Alberta adds 29th wind farm, and collectively they all put out 0.3 per cent of their capacity on Oct. 1

I had something of a surreal experience on Wednesday, Sept. 28. I was sitting in the SIMSA Energy Supply Forum in Regina, listening to the presenter from General Electric-Hitachi speak about the plan to build four 300 megawatt small modular reactors in this province.

I happened to glance at that moment on my phone to the Alberta Electric System Operator grid website, which puts out minute-by-minute updates on the output of that province’s grid. (SaskPower pointedly does not do this, citing such data as proprietary.)

To my amazement, yet again, Alberta’s wind fleet was collapsing in its output. I watched the numbers fall until it hit 26 megawatts at 1:55 p.m. That was just one per cent of the total 2,589 megawatts of wind generation connected to the grid, across 28 wind farms on that date.

Much more at the site - it got worse, much much worse to the point where two largish diesel gensets could have matched the output from the entire provinces wind farms.  How much did they spend on these? Solar and wind are not baseload.  They will never be baseload.

All of this is Canadian taxpayer money down the rathole for political gain and posturing.

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