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Looks like reality is starting to take hold again for omnivores.
Three headlines - they link to the stories:

Beyond Meat is starting to lose ground to real meat, analyst says

Expert Ratings for Beyond Meat  (hint - not doin' that well)

The Dumb Money Driving The Plant-Based Meat Boom

What gets me is that there is an incredibly rich palate of vegetarian foods out there.  Different cultures, different types of meals, different ingredients.   There is so much wonderful food to try from so many different parts of the world, why are these people trying to torture some poor vegetable mixture into pretending that it is something that it is not.

If you want a vegetarian alternative to a beef burger, you have options.  They do not taste like a beef burger, they are not a beef burger but they taste good and are highly nutritious and good for you.

About 10% of my protein intake is animal but I have never had any of the "beyond" ersatz meats.

If I want beef, I am going to buy beef.  If it is a matter of the purchase price, you are still better off with a bean patty than a beyond patty - the beyond meat products cost more than good beef from a butcher.  A medium-size 80/20 chuck beef patty will cost about $3  (6-8oz raw weight)  A bean patty of the same size is about 40¢ (starting with dry beans and making them yourself) I make a big batch at a time - they freeze really well.

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