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From CNN:

New Zealand court takes guardianship of baby after parents refuse vaccinated blood for heart surgery
A critically-ill six-month-old baby will be placed under the temporary guardianship of New Zealand’s High Court after his parents refused to allow him to undergo lifesaving heart surgery using blood from people vaccinated against Covid-19.

Handing down the judgment on Wednesday, Justice Ian Gault ruled that the boy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, would remain under the court’s guardianship until he had recovered from the surgery.

The court also appointed two doctors as its agents to oversee issues around the operation and the administration of blood, according to court documents.

The baby has a congenital heart defect and needs urgent open-heart surgery to survive – but the operation has been delayed by his parents’ insistence that only blood from donors not vaccinated against Covid-19 be used.

Children are not at risk for Covid.  Not at all.  The push to get the vax requirement was so that a loop-hole could be activated granting the vax manufacturers freedom from any liability when the vax was distributed under Emergency Use Authorization. No medical or scientific reason to give kids the jab, only a political CYA one.

This is not unique - there is also this story from Duke University Medical Center - from National File:

Duke University Refuses Kidney Transplant To Dying Girl For Refusing COVID Vaccine

Story at the site.  These people are horrid.  To think that being on a committee — a "death panel" absolves them of the responsibility of their decisions.  Of course, if it was the child of a relative or friend...

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