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Not planning on flying anywhere soon - this is ridiculous. From Townhall:

Biden's FAA Nominee Can't Answer a Single Question About Aviation
Phil Washington, President Joe Biden's nominee to serve as administrator of the FAA, continues to face questions about his qualifications to serve in the role, and his testimony before Congress isn't dispelling doubts about his ability to run America's civil aviation system and keep its citizens safe when they fly.

Already, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has raised concerns about Washington's experience and resume, suggesting President Biden is "playing politics" rather than prioritizing the safety and efficiency of America's air transportation system. Washington's previous gigs have also seen accusations of wasteful spending and mismanagement of resources, as Townhall reported previously. And, while he served honorably in the military, lawmakers pointed out that Washington has no experience or qualifications related to aviation safety.

And a bit more:

First, Washington was asked a basic question about what airspace designation requires pilots to have an ADS-B transponder.

Budd: "What airspace requires an ADS-B transponder?"
Washington: "Not sure I can answer that question right now."

Ok, maybe not everyone knows this.

The second question also dealt with airspace designations created by the FAA, the agency Biden wants Washington to lead.

Budd: "What are the six types of special use airspace that...appear on FAA charts?"
Washington: "Sorry, senator, I cannot answer that question."

The questions were pretty simple - I do not know the answers but I know what they were talking about and know where to look up the proper answer.  The guy knew what he was being interviewed for — he could have hired someone to coach him on some basic information.

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