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Looks like some other people are noticing that Bill Gates is not as smart as he is made out to be...
From Vox Day:

The Secret History of Microsoft
Charles Johnson raises some interesting questions about the great technological success story of the 1980s.

Lots more at the site and the Charles Johnson link is worth reading in its entirity.
Vox also links to this from Miles Mathis:

In my educated opinion, it means that the Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, and Microsoft itself are all fronts for the Matrix. Like Apple Computers and Steve Jobs, they don’t exist like we think. Microsoft would appear to be another big government entity, like Google, with a person from the families simply chosen to front it. Gates is sold to us as a genius of some sort, but I have never seen the least evidence of that. He comes across as a big dope who can barely follow the Teleprompter or the earpiece. He is marginally more presentable than George Bush or Donald Trump, but that isn’t saying much. He has all the charisma of a tunafish sandwich left out in the rain. Which indicates he wasn’t chosen for his personal qualities. He was chosen because he had to be chosen.

My own observations are here and here.  He is evil too: here and here
Sold his soul.

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