Just a harmless accident - yeah. sure.

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Just a printer's devil.  From NBC News:

Human Error Turns Every Registered Nassau County Voter Democrat
A mistake listing every Nassau County registered voter as blue had many — especially Republicans — seeing red.

Many voters in the GOP-leaning Long Island county got their voter ID cards in the mail on Tuesday, and a half-million who got their cards saw a pretty glaring typo: All the cards say voters are registered Democrats, when in fact they might be Republican, independent or members of another political party.

And with the primary a month away, the mistake is sparking confusion.

And the problem:

So who is to blame? Blakeman pointed fingers at the printing company, Phoenix Graphics out of Rochester, which was hired by the county’s Board of Elections.

The printing company said it was a human error and is now apologizing. A spokesperson called it "an isolated event, but we apologize for our mistake, especially to Nassau County officials, who bear no responsibility for this problem."

I wonder about the political makeup of the Board of Elections...  
Throws the whole process into confusion:

For one registered Republican, the typo now has him questioning the election process.

Yeah - how can you trust the system when mistakes as simple as this are not caught.

Why do the mistakes always seem to favor one particular party?
A party that does not have the heart or the minds of We The People
Becuase of this, they are a party that has to cheat to stay in power.

Funny how that works...

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