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Quiet morning - sunny and cool

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No rain last night. Nothing (much) on the internet. Finishing breakfast and getting ready to head out.

Down in the dump

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Time for a dump run this afternoon.  Got the van full 'o crap.

Turned into quite the nice day - lots of rain this morning. Got almost a half-inch overnight.  A guy I work with at the store got an inch - they live about 400 feet above sea level and face the prevailing winds.  Microclimates are interesting.

Sunny and cool - Small Craft Advisory is still up but not seeing it here.  Again, microclimates - it can be blowing a squall on the far side of Whidbey and I will not see any of it. Got a few isolated lightning strikes in British Columbia but nothing within 100 miles of here.

Been eating a large lunch around 2:30 or so and just snacking for dinner.  Maybe a salad tonight.

WHOOPS: Closes at 5:00 PM - do the dump run tomorrow after work...  Glad I doublechecked before heading out.

Raining lightly - got a bit over 0.4" last night.

Want to be at work at 9:30 (the store opens at 10:00 AM) so heading out now - dog walk, a nice leisurely coffee and then off for a half-day of poking around various electronics bits.  A lot of media stuff - TVs, stereos, small radios. Some good, some really cheap - the cheap stuff gets blown out for a buck or two and it sells. Music for the garage. Occasional computer stuff - tablets, phones, GPS receivers. Had one nice ham radio come through, had some strange electronics - a fun way to spend two mornings.

Funds from the sales go to the local community center and they do really good work so glad to be helping here. Nice change of pace from my grueling daily grind...

Nothing much happening online - the Arizona audit is getting interesting.  More when I get back.

17°F drop in 90 minutes

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Went from 71°F down to 54°F and it is still dropping but not as fast.  Wind has let up a bit - still no precip. Getting some nice color from the sunset:


See what happens as the evening progresses.

Was thinking that a glass of wine would go real well just now.  Passing on it though - it has been seven months since quitting alcohol entirely and I feel much better for it.  Much more productive.

A big shift - weather

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The wind was out of the South all day today - overcast skies.  Dull gray.

In the last 30 minutes, the temps have dropped about ten degrees, the wind is out of the Northwest and some very well-defined clouds are moving in.  Feels like a downpour in the offing.

Weather forecast now has the chance of precip at 96% and there is a Small Craft Advisory out for the local waters. Be some great sailing if you didn't mind getting wet.

Heading outside to check the car windows and then indoors to enjoy the show.  They are forecasting a wave height up to 10' although I am in a sheltered bay so will see a lot less. Getting some candles and flashlights out just in case. There are a lot of new leaves on the trees so greatly increased wind-load. Branch snaps and falls against the power line?
Fun times for the unprepared.

Outta here - dogs need runs

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The last couple days of dog walks were a bit abbreviated so taking them for a nice long walk today.  56% forecast of precip and it is not raining now so time to go.

The usual coffee, mailbox, reading, errands, etc...  Starting some electrical wiring today - having the new main panel is a joy to work with - keep everything nice and neat and clean.

Trying out a new setup - different camera and audio.

Had a big lunch today so can of Progresso soup for dinner tonight. Split pea with ham. Yummy.

Back home - productive day

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Processed a bunch of electronics - some hifi equipment, a tote full of old (1990's) Apple ][e accessories (no CPU), a GPS and some other fun stuff.

Picked up some electrical wiring gubbins for the music room and loft. Start in on that tomorrow.  Overcast and a bit warm - maybe do a bit more mowing. Meeting at 6:30

And it's work this morning

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Quick dog walk, coffee to go and then voulinteering at the thrift store sorting electronics donations.

Going to run some errands after that - working at home Thursday.  Meeting tonight. Busy.

And dinner was good

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Truck unpacked, did the chicken with some pasta and some fresh garden peas.  Stopped at Trader Joe's in Bellingham and picked them up along with some other culinary treats.

Putter around for a little bit and then surf some more - quiet news day so far.

Turned into a really nice day - tomorrow is supposed to be good as well.  Working at the store in the morning and then spending the rest of the day working outside and planning Stage Two of the wiring - music room and loft.  A few more outlets in the garage too. Tracing a wire outside - may need to rent a beeper.  These attach to the wire and transmit a low-powered signal.  You then use a probe to follow the signal and the wire.  It heads out into the yard somewhere - suspecting that there is a sump pump at the end of it. Getting the drainage issues sorted out this summer.

Always something new to deal with - fun...

And back to my Island Home

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"Interesting" day.

Back home - got some stuff to deal with.  Quick surf and then unpack the truck and fix dinner - picked up some baked chix breast at the store.

Got nothing this morning

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In Maple Falls - slept in.  Heading out for coffee and then to the farm.  Meeting with someone later afternoon and then back to the blessed island.

And that is it for tonight

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Full day tomorrow. Back to the island tomorrow afternoon.

Wanted to bring the weed whacker up this trip.  Got it out of the storage unit, fired it up and let it run for a while and promptly left it behind in the garage.  Also, lost one of my keyrings - I have duplicate keys so this is not an issue but a bit bummed as it had one of the first pieces of blacksmithing art I ever made (circa 2004) - a simple leaf but a special one.  I notified everywhere I was today so see what happens.

Picked up some munchies at the food coop and Chef Mike will be doing a dinner entrée for tonight.

See what happened out there while I was on the road...

And now I am done for the day

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Had a bunch of yard waste from last fall that was good and dry - nice little burn-pile there.  Already had a few gallons of diesel from my garage space heater so got them taken care of. Soak a roll of toilet paper and it is a great torch for lighting bonfires - do not do this with gasoline.  I learned my lesson once.  2nd degree burns over hands and forearms. WOOF! Diesel fuel has a lot lower vapor pressure and it is a lot safer as a torch.

Dealing with some local politics - always fun stuff...

Up to the farm tomorrow - need to go to Bellingham so driving up tomorrow late morning.  Spending the night there and back down Tuesday.  Big meeting Wednesday so need to be home for that.

Surf for a bit - see if anything turns up.

And somewhat done for the day

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Taking a much-needed Diet Pepsi break. I am about half-way through my fourth case (32 cans) of the stuff.  Still prefer Diet Coke but I seem to be too white for them.

Did some work in the yard and getting ready for Stage Two of the house wiring project.  Stage One was replacing the old breaker panel and putting in all new wiring in the garage. Wiring the upstairs loft (my media computers and will be my office when some furniture is built). This will also encompass the downstairs Music Room - my synthesizer equipment.

I had moved the big modular down here in April of 2020 but only got around to building a stand for them last winter.  Now to get new wiring into the room. I am purposefully NOT getting them set up and playable until I get everything the way I want it to be...  I know myself really well and if I get it kinda-playable, that is where it will stay.  Want to get everything nice and organized first.

Heating up some more of the beef stew for dinner tonight - that and a salad with fresh greens. I love this time of year.  Also, been noticing that the berry stands are starting to set up for their season. Yummmmm...

As the day begins

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Done here - heading out for dog walk, coffee and lingering over a book.  Got the new Clive Cussler action/adventure from the library after a few months wait - popular writer.

Turning into a really nice clear warm day so doing some yard work - batteries are charged on the mower. Rake up the clippings for the compost bin. Change out the hummingbird feeders with new nectar. Clean up some clutter. Good day for just puttering around.

Nothing much happening "out there" - nothing caught my eye.

Ten hours of Zzzzzz's

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Delicious.  Fixing some breakfast and then heading out with the dogs for a nice walk. Gorgeous day - sun shining, crisp and cool.  Blue skies, mountains are out, high clouds.

Quick surf, shower and outta here.

And that is it for the day

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Slept in this morning - no problem but really enjoyed the slumber.  Feeling a bit 'drifty' now so watching a few videos and enjoy an early bedtime.

Getting a fire going in the hearth for Beltane in a few minutes - sunset is approaching. Don't know whether to leave an alcoholic drink out or not.  Haven't had any myself in a long long time (since October). Zero desire.  Still have wine and spirits here so will probably leave a neat shot of some decent single malt on the hearth along with a small treat.
Take care of the spirits.   ASM - All Spirits Matter.

Planning to do fsck-all tomorrow.  A day of abject luxurious sloth. Need to fill the hummingbird feeders, have a good run with the pups, get some coffee and that is it for tomorrows agenda. Maybe piddle around the house.  Do some yard work if it is not raining. See what happens.

Back home - good day

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Productive day - ran a few errands and now back home. Picked up some smoked brisket and will have that with pasta (Ditalini, butter and fresh parsley).  Quick surf - making some more nectar for the hummingbirds. Listening to a podcast.

And I am gone for a while

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Slept in - delicious but gotta rush. Dog run, coffee and then work.

Nothing out there

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A slow Friday afternoon. Had lunch, surfed for a little bit, worked for a little bit (garage - more wiring) and came back and still nothing. Slow news day.

Temps have warmed up a bit - 67°F outside and high overcast.

Heading out to the grocery store and check the mailbox. Storage unit too.

And off to work

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Been raining steady all evening. High clouds and temps in the high 50's (currently 57°F). Glad I did the time-lapse shoot yesterday as it is crappy weather today.

Heading out for a quick dog run-around, some coffee and off to my volunteer work. Really good people and really good cause.

And done with the photography

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The tide hits its maximum in about an hour but it is getting dark and where I am set up, there really is not anything to see.  There is a large county bulkhead that covers the entire neighborhood - all I am watching now is seawater climbing up that wall.  About as exciting as paint drying.

Take the camera and equipment in for the night and get the files copied over to the machine I will be using for processing. The really big king tide is next month (about three weeks away) so this is a trial run. Might even do several cameras and edit into an actual video for that one.  In my copious spare time of course.

There are other tides that are just as spectacular but they are happening at night - got to wait for one that has some daylight.

And done

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Productive day. Did not get to the grass - the batteries for the mower were flat but getting them charged and will take care of that tomorrow after work.

Time-lapse is going swimmingly - taking a photo every three seconds. Collapse eight hours down to about five minutes. I will be generating almost ten thousand images so it will be a few days of crunching before this is up on YouTube.

Do a dump run tomorrow - got some bags stacked outside the van and ready.

Need to store my new storage bins at my storage unit first - sensing a theme here...

Dealing with some politics with a local group - fun.  My inner libertarian is coming out to play.

Heating up some of last night's beef stew for dinner tonight - came out good.  Got that recipe dialed in perfectly (for my taste anyway). Big secret is that I use V8 juice for the stock - makes a big difference in flavor. Emphasizes the vegetables so it is not just meat and tomatoes and a few other things.

And off

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Dog walk, coffee, storage unit (drop off most of the storage bins) and then back home to set up the time lapse. Turning into a nice day - high overcast but sunny.  Good lighting.

Getting ready for a dump run and maybe work outside for a bit - the grass needs mowing.

Sweet Morpheus is calling

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A few videos and then to sleep, perchance to dream.

Got the camera ready for tomorrow's time lapse - a larger than usual tidal range. Spring King tide and all that good stuff...

And back home again - full load

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Been driving the Highlander the last week or so - change of pace.

I had a good idea of the volume of what I had won as well as the internal volume of the Highlander.
I am pretty good at spatial realization. I think I nailed it:




Bear and Truffle are like - Unh Dad?  We are so NOT going to be riding on the roof are we?  They had enough room for both of them to lie down but the rest of the Highlander was packed solid. Got some Beef Stew going in the InstaPot for dinner (and dinner, and dinner, and di...) and will be unloading the car after a quick surf.

This morning's appointment was fun - a productive and good day.

Meeting at 11:00 AM and then driving down to pick up my sweet sweet auction booty. A couple hundred storage bins for hardware.

More posting much later this afternoon...

Yaaaayyyy - auction win

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There was some sniping at the end but I was ready for it and got the storage bins for 20¢ each - much less than the 50¢ each that was my top limit. These will be perfect for screws and asstd. hardware both for here in my garage and also for the shop when it is built.  I have some of these bins already and love them over any other kind of storage I have tried before.  Heading down to pick them up tomorrow afternoon - busy day.

Working at home today - late lunch break.

35 Years ago today - Chernobyl

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I remember when that happened.  Was living in Seattle and was going for coffee at a place frequented by University of Washington students and faculty.  I knew a bunch of people from their Physics department.  News trickled in and the people in the Physics department were noting a marked increase in background radiation.

The worst nuclear disaster in the world. 30-40 people died from direct exposure to radiation.  Surprisingly (if you read the partisan media), minimal other deaths. Sure, some plant worker may have died three years ago from Lung Cancer but was that Chernobyl or was that their two-pack/day cigarette habit? Your call...

Firm believer in Hormesis. Lots of solid evidence for it.

And back home for the day

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Productive couple of hours - the storage bins are a go.  I bid on a couple of lots - see what happens.  The auction closes at 11:00 AM tomorrow -  I put in a fairly large maximum bid on two of the lots (two different sizes) so I should be getting these.  If I am outbid, oh well - I have no desire to compete against stupidity.

The bins are available new for about $3 each.  I am bidding up to 50¢ each - we will see what happens.

Other errands went well too. Quick surf and see what has happened during my absence.

Quiet morning on the island

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Heading South in two hours - leisurely dog walk and coffee first.

Nothing catches my eye - the Election Audit will be fun to watch.  The Democrats are scrambling to stop it.
Wonder why? Hmmmm???

Down to the north end of Lake Washington for the auction preview, stopping at the Business Costco (quite a different store than the usual Costcos), TAP Plastics and a few other go-tos.

No posting until later this afternoon.

Not much today - quiet out there

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Not watching the Oscars - no interest. I will be interested in their ratings - bet they are slipping.
Get WOKE, go broke yet again.  These people never learn. The actual movie-going population is a lot larger than the contents of their inbred self-referential little bubble.

Rain let up - nice puffy clouds with blue sky showing through. Cool though - temps heading to the 40's later tonight.

Sleeping in again tomorrow - driving down to near Seattle for the auction preview.  My destination is far enough from the city but I will still maintain situational awareness.

Had a nice walk with the pups this morning - spent about an hour. Looking at getting another German Shepard pup - get this one trained while Bear is still nice and active.  Truffle is a sweetheart but she is not a working breed by any stretch of the imagination.

Feeling a little bit sleepy so see what the YouTube faeries brought for me and call it an evening.

Done with lunch

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Time for more research at the Camano Island Institute for Advanced Puttering and Goof-offery

A quiet lazy morning

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Got a couple people rowing offshore - just paddling around on the water.  Was raining earlier but stopped - high overcast. Slept in and just hanging out.

Dogs are rumbling around - take them out for a nice long walk before coffee this morning.  They are restless.

Surfed a bit but nothing turned up - the usual stupidity but no stories catch my eye.

Zero plans for today - gathering some stuff I bought for the water well. Group it by vendor and return it tomorrow.  Heading down South to an auction preview tomorrow: air compressor and some storage stuff.

See how the day goes...

And out again - points North

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Maybe have dinner on the road. Maybe not.

Back in a few hours.  Not doing anything here - maybe sleep in tomorrow - or not.

Feeling very decisive these days.

And back home for now

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Lunch and then heading North to Mt. Vernon - Costco, food coop, Home Depot, etc...

Bowl of soup for lunch - see what has happened out in the real-world

And out the door - work

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Started raining in all seriousness last night.  Not a huge volume but persistent. Tired last night so overslept this morning. Coffee to go, dogs will get walked this afternoon.

Outta here...

They know me too well - garage

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This meme really hits close to home:


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