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Nuttin.  Time to watch some videos and call it a night.

And at the farm

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Down for the day - had a very nice burger at Hal's Drive In. A very classic American Drive-In - worth checking out if you are ever in Sedro-Wooley.

Pleasantly stuffed.  Surf for a bit and then an early bedtime.  A lot hotter here than by the water - dogs were panting as they were running around.  Got the air conditioning running so nice and comfortable.

Long and winding road - points North

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Heading directly to the farm. Bite to eat on the road. Working there tomorrow and back home via Bellingham.

Bringing the laptop.

Taking care of stuff on the island for a few hours and then heading to the farm late afternoon. Working Tuesday and then driving through Bellingham on my way back home - a possible camera lens and some items being held for me at Hardware Sales.

Usual morning routine first though - I got my priorities.

Busy but fun and productive. Picnic on Wednesday evening with the arts group.

First actual F2F meeting since the whole Chinese flu scamdemic.

Videos.  Zzzzzs. Get up and do it again.

And out for the day

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Been puttering around here this morning - ready to head out for the usual routine.

Nothing much happening out "there" that I can see. Working at home on some stuff.

And tired - busy couple of days

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Next week is going to be busy as well.  Sleeping in tomorrow though - day of rest.

Now? Videos and sleep.

Break for dinner

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Ran some errands this afternoon - the Pelican case for my new phone came in so picked that up.  Fixing a baked potato for dinner - the day stayed cool and overcast.  A welcome change but...

Quick surf while the spud bakes.

And out the door

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Much cooler today - nice and overcast.

Bringing the dogs with me for the day - walkies and then coffee.  Voted yesterday - a Primary election for school board candidates.  Interesting range of people and a lot of fun reading between the lines for what they want to bring to the classroom.

Working at home today - trip to the farm Tuesday. Back Wednesday.  The arts group is having a picnic Wednesday evening - see what the weather does...

I am outta here

And that is it - sweet dreams

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Watch some videos and sleep, perchance to dream.

Camera on the new phone is pretty decent. Not giving up my Nikons anytime soon (pry cold dead fingers department) but it is a marked improvement over the old phone.

Fun fun fun - new phone

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Just discovered it has a "Developer Mode" and you can port into it via a USB cable and SuperTerm on Windows.

Time to get rid of some bloat and have a bit of fun...

Go there later - emailed and one thing I was looking for was not there yet. It is about 90 minutes away so need to group errands together before heading up there. Home Depot to see if they have the 1" conduit fittings that were not in stock at Lowe's.  Also looking for some parts for the van. Mandatory stop at Costco and food coop.

Lunch break

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Had a fun day at the store - getting quite the crop of regular customers who come by to shoot the shit and occasionally lighten the shelves. Sold a couple hundred bucks worth of stuff - the store raises funds for the local center which does the meals on wheels program, various health services for island residents, education, etc...  Good people.

Ham sandwich, couple diet Pepsis (am still too white for Coke) and back on the road.  Got some wet weather moving in sometime next week which is welcome.

Quick surf - see what's happening out there...

And out the door - long day

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Volunteering this morning and then driving up to Bellingham.  Looking at a camera lens and picking up an order from a hardware store.

Lunch in between. Leaving the pups home - going to be a hot one today.

Videos and bed - working tomorrow

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And then heading up to Bellingham for a few things.

Watch some video and then sleep - early start tomorrow.

Much to learn little grashopper...

I figure I jumped over about four or five generations of Android and associated apps so spending this evening finding out where they moved everything.

I understand upgrading software.  I understand adding features.

Why to they have to fsck things up and move shit around.

Trying to send a text message is a voyage of discovery.

Got it (mostly)

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My voicemail to text app only runs on T-Mobile so have to find something new dammit.

Been going through about 20 minutes of system upgrades.  Some nice new features.  Welcome to the 21st century and I have the old phone to play with. And yes, four out of five bars cell service where I live.  Woo Hoo!!!

Nothing much on the internet except it is interesting to see Nancy Pelosi turn into a mad queen.  She is the putative leader of the Capitol Police and she has started opening up branch offices in California and Florida. Now, she is going fscking bonkers with the mask protocols and many representatives are having nothing to do with it. Four headlines:

Is this a great nation or what? Sadly, we are closer to the "or what" than ever before.

Ran some errands as well as getting my usual morning routine.  Did a bit of yard-sailing - there was an estate sale nearby so stopped in there but it was all old-person's frilly stuff.  No tools or anything of interest.

Finally bit the bullet and stopped at Costco and picked up a new cell phone - my old one only went up to 3G and coverage has been getting spottier and spottier in the last couple of months.  They are halting it as of February 2022 so time to move.  Charging now - spend the next day porting apps and trying out the new camera. Fun fun fun...  I do love learning new technology but I had the old phone dialed in just the way I wanted it. Now I have to start all over again. Grumble.

Quick surf while it charges and then dive in.

And out the door - the bomb

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Been noticing some fleas recently so bombing the house while I am out today.

Dog walk, coffee and a few errands.  Heading up to Bellingham tomorrow.

Did not take any cordyceps this morning - still had problems sleeping last night and very vivid (but good) dreams. The dreams are nice.  Laying awake at midnight staring at the wall is not.

Refill the hummingbird feeders before I leave - made nectar last night.  The buggers are eating me out of house and home.  Huey, Dewey and Louie (the barn swallow chicks) are flying a lot these days.  Amazing growth rate from frail new hatchlings to almost adult size in about a month. Was thinking that it would be fun to put up a camera when I do the nesting boxes for them for next spring.

And back - lots 'o stuff done today

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Productive day - volunteered at the thrift store, quick run to Lowe's for electrical wiring but they were out of some critical stuff so heading to Bellingham Friday and shop at Platt (and a couple other places - out of pickles so a pilgrimage to Trader Joe's is mandatory).

The person I was doing the desktop publishing for is Chinese and she made me a big bag of pot stickers so having some of them for dinner tonight. Yummy stuff.

Quick surf first.

And out the door - quick dog walk

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And then drop them off at home.  Going to be a warm day and volunteering at the local center so they would be in the car in the sun for a few hours.  Garage is less fun for them but a lot cooler.

Did not do any cordyceps this morning - was really hard to get to sleep. Had nice dreams with it though.  Last night, I dreamt that I was doing the sound for a small concert by Joan Baez. Other dreams too but that was the last one I had when the alarm clock went off. Only got about five hours so no shrooms for me this morning.

Heading North after that - need to get some more stuff for wiring the garage. Doing stage two.  Also loading up the van for another dump run as well as a metals recycling run.

Dog walk and coffee - temp outside is 62°F.  See how the coffee Karen is today.

Doing a quick run up north and then finishing C's flyer and brochure. Meeting up with her tomorrow afternoon. Find a birthday card and something for her.

Nothing else to report - kind of quiet out there newswise.

A thing of beauty - coffee

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Ahhh - the giver of life:


Thank you Daily Timewaster

Lights out (shortly)

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Dinner was delicious - should do it more often.  Been getting lazy with cooking.

Almost done with the page layout - turns out that today is her Birthday.  Fun conversation. Meeting up tomorrow.

Couple of videos and lights out.  The cordyceps worked great for regulating my energy today.  Nice and mellow energy lift - not at all like any of the energy drinks or having more than my usual dose of caffine.  Feeling pleasently sleepy now - spend an hour watching some videos and then to bed.

See how things go with the canine Karen tomorrow - bringing them with me for coffee. I put a kitchen thermometer in the van so if there is any question, I will know exactly what the air temp inside is. Some people...

Home for the night

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180 pounds of crap was dumped.  Felt good hucking it over into the pit.

Looking forward to the tuna for dinner - got the rice pot on. Quick surf before prepping.

Aaaand dump run

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Got the van loaded up for another run.  Despite the clouds burning off and it getting reasonably warm outside, where are the dogs hanging out?  In the van of course.  The oven.  The fiery furnace of doom.

Irony - the Karen who called on my dogs is probably a card-carrying liberal and has been sucessfully indoctrinated to think that Capitalism is evil and that large corporations are enablers of the evil patriarchy.  After all, why would the head of Amazon fly into space in a rocketship shaped like a giant penis*

Saw some cheap remote loggers on Amazon and bought three of them. WiFi connection so I can walk out to the vehicle, connect with my phone and see the history of the vehicle's temperature and humidity for the last three days.

Hey Karen?  Stuff it! Your actions caused me to engage in pure Capitalism.  Bezos offered something for sale in the public marketplace that I desired.  The price was acceptible to me.  I entered into the transaction and your actions caused a billionaire to get even richer.

*giant penis rocket ship - very simple explanation.  The crew capsule at top is designed to work with several generations of rocket motors.  Bezos' current rocket is smaller in diameter hence the incongruous appearance (and why it only flew so high given the load).  The next generation of rocket to fly will be larger in diameter and will mate perfectly with the capsule.

And I am busted - back to work

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From Eat Liver:


Light lunch and loading up

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Got the tuna thawing out in some marinade (ginger/soy) - pick up some greens at the local farm stand and do it all over a pot of rice.  Cut up some apple slices with fresh peanut butter for a light lunch.

Load up the van and haul the stuff to the dump.

Quick surf while I munch...

When I go for coffee, there is a nice place in the shade where I park.  In the last couple of months, there is someone who has been leaving notes on my windshield about how cars are death-traps for dogs and how they should not be left in a car when it is sunny. Never leaving a name or a phone number or any form of contact information. Perfect example of passive aggressive and downright stupid.  Running on narrative and not facts.

Whenever it is hot out, I leave them in the garage.  When this person started their vendetta, I started carrying a kitchen thermometer along with me - the air temperature never gets above 90°. Again, I park in the shade.

They have left a pre-printed card which says that (I am paraphrasing here) in a car in sunlight, the temperatures can get up to dangerous levels in 30 minutes. Over 110°F in 30 minutes.  It can kill dogs.  It is interesting too that the card itself shows no indication of origin - no logo or "For more information contact:" - again, pure passive aggressive. Anyway, sure - that card is correct.  If you are parked on asphalt, in Phoenix, Arizona, at high noon on a cloudless day.  In August.  This person is operating on emotion and not fact.

Today?  They called Animal Control.

I had a nice convo with the responding Officer, dogs are up to date on their vaccinations and duly licensed in the county and the air temperature in the van was 82°. Case closed.  I gave the Officer a little background and he rolled his eyes.

Some people.  I am halfway tempted to get my coffee to go and sit somewhere outside in sight of the van just to see who this person is. I do appreciate their concern but they are operating from a position of ignorance and intolerance.

Nothing new and I like it that way. Sun starting to peek through - working outside some more this afternoon.

Cordyceps kicking in nicely - good energy lift to combat the excessive sleepiness.

Think I might thaw out some Ahi Tuna and grill it for dinner - make sure to have a light lunch so I am hungry.

Cloudy days in the forecast

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Next three days are showing as cloudy and cool with more in the long-range.  Noooooooooooo...

All I need is to go to Costco this week and see their Back To School display set up.

This summer has not been long enough - did not get done what I was hoping to do.


Told 'ya - false positives

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Looks like the U.S. Food & Drug Administration finally called for PCR COVID tests to be pulled.
Too many false positives. Up to 90% in some tests.  This has been going on for a long time.

And done for now - productive day

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Meeting with my friend Tuesday for the go-over of the materials I am creating. Did a little bit today - she had sent me some more photos so picking and choosing which to use (promotional materials for her business).

Also started getting the van loaded up for the dump run.  Do not want to pack it too full as I will be using it for morning dog walk and coffee - got a lot of bags staged outside ready to load in after I get back. Spending this week down here (couple things to take care of) and then heading back up for yet another load.  It seems never ending at times.

Quick canter around the internet and see what catches my eye.

Haute cuisine for dinner

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The acme of culinary expertise on display here - thawed out some Costco shrimp.  Mixed some hot horseradish with some ketchup and had that for dinner along with a protein bar. Yummy.  (actually, it hit the spot - exactly what I wanted)

Spending some more time outdoors working - moving stuff around and getting ready for a dump run tomorrow. Some from the last trip to the farm, some triage here and some crap that I have been dragging around for way to long.
Lighten my load.

Still feeling a little bit tired. Going to take some cordyceps with breakfast tomorrow - really nice soft energy lift but it lasts 16 hours for me. Take it in the afternoon and it is a bear to get to sleep that evening. Back to work...

Still sunny with no clouds in the sky but getting a nice marine breeze so it is cool - mid 70's.

Doing some laundry, been puttering in the garage and now it is time to do some work outside.

Big lunch so just a salad for dinner. Something light. Maybe thaw out some shrimpies...

Boy howdy

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Did I ever sleep in - 12 hours of solid Zzzzz.  Feeling great, just sleepy.  Curious.

Too hot for dog walk so leaving them in the garage and heading out for a coffee.  Working at home on the layout today - yard work later when it cools off a bit.

Back in a little while.

Feeling downright sleepy now.  Woke up nice and rested this morning but my tail is dragging now.

Heading over to the Tube of You to see if there is anything of interest. Sleeping in tomorrow for sure.

Never made it yesterday, heading out now:  Costco, food coop, Lowe's (they are a more progressive business than Home Depot but I prefer their choice of electrical parts). Might even get dinner at the Thai restaurant - have not eaten there for a while. Working at home today and tomorrow - the store was fun today.

Temps in the low 80's with clear skies - gorgeous weather. Some neighbor kids paddling in the ocean with their dog.  Nice and quiet around here. Very low tides - full moon.

Doing the desktop publishing for the friend - she liked the proofs so getting the page-ready draft for this week. Take it to press if it gets approved.

Heading out to the store for another day of volunteering - fun work and some great people.

Determining my mental state

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It is easy - here's the key:


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