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Chris Lynch reminds us of this wonderful video. From joke to truth-bomb in only two years:

Covering for their own - the Deep State

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Ted Cruz is on fire - from Rumble

Ted Cruz Goes Beast Mode, Gets Intense When Chair Tries Shutting Biden Corruption Question Down

Great line - the CNN layoffs

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Don Surber is writing about the layoffs happening now at CNN (just before Christmas - classy!!!)

This paragraph stuck out:

The left is aghast to see CNN cut back. Oh, no one really watches CNN. They have ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest to feed them the disinformation, misinformation and talking points they want. But CNN is like the old restaurant you used to frequent. Former patrons are sad to see it go.

Heh - spot on.

Zuckerberg's META - Confirmation bias

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From InfoGalactic:

Confirmation bias: also called confirmatory bias or myside bias, is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities. It is a type of cognitive bias and a systematic error of inductive reasoning. People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs.

From Coindesk:

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Still 'Long-Term Optimistic' on Metaverse
Meta Platforms (META) CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he was still optimistic about the metaverse on a longer, “five-to-ten-year horizon” during the New York Times DealBook Summit in New York City on Wednesday.

"The way we communicate gets richer and more immersive,” Zuckerberg said via a virtual interview, doubling down on his company’s bet on a virtual and augmented reality-dominated future. The company has come under criticism for generating billions of dollars of losses as it builds out its version of the metaverse.

He is optimistic.  I wonder how his shareholders are feeling now...  Yeah - they are probably sitting on a very nice portfolio of patents which they will license out when the technology becomes widespread but this is a long-shot.

Finally - the Hunter Biden Laptop

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Had this come out when it happened - October, 2020 - things would be a lot different.
From The New York Post:

Twitter’s ex-safety chief Yoel Roth finally admits mistake of censoring Post’s Hunter Biden scoop
Took him long enough.

The former Twitter executive and safety chief who played a key role in censoring The Post’s October 2020 exposé on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop has admitted it was a mistake — more than two years later.

Yoel Roth, who was Twitter’s head of trust and safety until he quit earlier this month in the wake of Elon Musk’s $44 billion takeover, confessed Tuesday that the company erred in restricting people from sharing the scoop.

In an interview with journalist Kara Swisher, Roth appeared to deflect the blame from himself — insisting that even though he had concerns about the authenticity of the laptop, it never got to the point where he thought the story should be suppressed.

“We didn’t know what to believe, we didn’t know what was true, there was smoke — and ultimately for me, it didn’t reach a place where I was comfortable removing this content from Twitter,” Roth said during an interview at the Knight Foundation conference.

More at the site.  People like Roth bear no responsibility for the consequences of their actions.  They are members of the protected class of "elites" who determine and shape our narrative. The Democrats needed the story to go away - Hunter was a liability.  The story went away.

How much they have changed

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Amazing what $$$ will do to one's morals


Not too long ago, Apple was a very different company:

No corroboration as yet but...


A voice of wisdom - climate change

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Good move from New York City - the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 should never have passed.  The activists for the mentally ill have done irreprable harm to these poor people.  From the New York Times:

New York City to Involuntarily Remove Mentally Ill People From Streets
Acting to address “a crisis we see all around us” toward the end of a year that has seen a string of high-profile crimes involving homeless people, Mayor Eric Adams announced a major push on Tuesday to remove people with severe, untreated mental illness from the city’s streets and subways.

Mr. Adams, who has made clearing homeless encampments a priority since taking office in January, said the effort would require involuntarily hospitalizing people who were a danger to themselves, even if they posed no risk of harm to others, arguing the city had a “moral obligation” to help them.

“The common misunderstanding persists that we cannot provide involuntary assistance unless the person is violent,” Mr. Adams said in an address at City Hall. “Going forward, we will make every effort to assist those who are suffering from mental illness.”

The profoundly mentally ill can not take care of themselves.  Society's solution was to institutionalize them.  Yes, some institutions were horrid but also, the majority of them were good and staffed with caring people.  The ill recieved food and care for their lives.  As I said earlier this year (talking about San Francisco)

The mentally ill and adicted need to be institutionalised but nobody has the stones to do it.  This all started under President Kennedy's Community Mental Health Act of 1963.  Gotten worse since then. I have written about the Community Mental Health Act and its fallout several times before:

Sometimes, the old ways are the best.  This whole failure was started by activists.  We need to remember this quote:


Activists are just people who have learned how to use the media to their own ends. They are not "more" correct. They are not in the majority. They are not smarter. They are just loud.

Glad to see a return to what works...

Now that is curious - vehicle fire

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One is an unfortunate incident. Five?  From FOX News:

Biden’s Secret Service rental vehicles burst into flames after he left Nantucket vacation
President Joe Biden's rented Secret Service vehicles burst into flames in a parking lot Monday, just one day after he left his Nantucket vacation.

Biden spent Thanksgiving on the ritzy Massachusetts island with his family last week. The Secret Service rented five vehicles from Hertz to carry the president and his family, and all five of them caught fire in the parking lot, according to footage first obtained by the Nantucket Current.

Footage shows firefighters spraying down the smoldering remains of one vehicle's engine block. The five vehicles included a Chevy Suburban, Ford Explorer, Infiniti QX80, Ford Expedition and a Jeep Gladiator.

The vehicles were parked at the Nantucket airport and the blaze reportedly spread to just 40 feet away from the facility's jet fuel tanks. It is currently unknown what caused the fire. Fox News reached out to the White House for information, but they did not immediately respond.

No word - it will take a couple of days to figure out what happened.  Odd...

Slow news day

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Breaking for lunch - nothing much happening out there.

The Arizona election was obviously corrupt but the Dems are trying to bull their way through and get it certified.

There is an interesting petition before the Supreme Court that could have a bearing on the 2020 election.

Biden's Nuke Waste person has admitted to stealing a woman's piece of luggage at an airport. Turns out that is a felony with a couple years prison time.  Wonder if the rules apply to him as "it" is a member of the protected class.

Back to work - more this evening...

Taking care of a few things down there today.  Back this evening.

UPDATE: And back again - long day but a fun one.  Saw a bunch of friends.
Quick surf and to sleep...

An Earth-shattering Ka Boom

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From the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory:

MAUNA LOA (VNUM #332020)
19°28'30" N 155°36'29" W, Summit Elevation 13681 ft (4170 m)
Current Volcano Alert Level: WARNING
Current Aviation Color Code: RED

The eruption continues at the summit of Mauna Loa. All vents remain restricted to the summit area. However, lava flows in the summit region are visible from Kona. There is currently no indication of any migration of the eruption into a rift zone.

The Volcano Alert Level and Aviation Color Code for Mauna Loa remains at WARNING/RED.

HVO is continuing to monitor conditions carefully and will issue additional notices as needed.

First eruption in 40 years.  Webcams

My Cat Lucy

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Really cute student animation:

Signed by both President Trump and *Resident Biden
From The Gateway Pundit:

FTX Donations to Democrats from Foreign Entities Like Ukraine Are in Violation of Executive Order 13848 Signed by President Trump and Biden
We reported this weekend how FTX has gone bankrupt and how it was one of the top donors to Democrats over the past few years.  At least $40 million was donated to the Democrats from FTX.

What we also learned is that FTX is registered in the Bahamas.  This was noted this past week when it was reported that officials in the Bahamas had questioned SBF.

From EO 13848 - specifically:

Section 1. (a) Not later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election, the Director of National Intelligence, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate executive departments and agencies (agencies), shall conduct an assessment of any information indicating that a foreign government, or any person acting as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign government, has acted with the intent or purpose of interfering in that election. The assessment shall identify, to the maximum extent ascertainable, the nature of any foreign interference and any methods employed to execute it, the persons involved, and the foreign government or governments that authorized, directed, sponsored, or supported it. The Director of National Intelligence shall deliver this assessment and appropriate supporting information to the President, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Homeland Security.

So...  19 days have elapsed.  The DNI has 26 more days to act.  Have they even started looking into this?  Will we ever hear about it if they do/not?

Also known as...

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Curious development in Canada

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Looks like someone from the Biden regime called someone from the Trudeau regime
From Rick Moran writing at PJ Media:

Why Did Biden Admin Lean on Justin Trudeau to Shut Down Canadian 'Freedom Convoy'?
In January 2022, vaccine exemptions for Canadian and American cross-border truckers ended, leaving about 15,000 Canadian truckers who regularly cross the border in the performance of their jobs suddenly unemployed.

Their response was heartening. Thousands of truckers joined “Freedom Convoys,” shutting down border crossings and finally ending up in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, where they virtually occupied Parliament Hill.

Canadian authorities wrung their hands for a while and then decided to declare a national emergency and invoke emergency powers. This allowed them to freeze protesters’ bank accounts, ban travel to protest sites, and compel trucks to tow vehicles blocking streets.

By law, the Canadian parliament must hold hearings on the use of emergency powers in order for the government justify their use. During those hearings, it has been revealed that the Biden administration was leaning heavily on the Trudeau government to crack down on the protests and allow the free flow of goods to proceed. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland told the Public Order Emergency Commission of a phone call she got from Brian Deese, the director of the National Economic Council and Biden’s top economic adviser.

“They are very, very, very worried,” Freeland wrote in an email to her staff. “If this is not sorted out in the next 12 hours, all of their northeastern car plants will shut down.”

They didn't want these protests to gain traction down here. For all of their bluster, the "elites" are running scared.  Their plans depend on us being complicit in their narrative.  Willing participants. We will own nothing and we will be happy.

Just say no.  It will be interesting to see how the Canadian press covers this.

FTX in one meme

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A call — perhaps overdue

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The truth in eleven minutes:

2.000+ comments worth reading at the site

From Protos:

The curious case of FTX and Farmington State Bank, aka Moonstone
In bankruptcy filings, crypto exchange FTX revealed a curious connection to stablecoin Tether through a small bank in rural Washington. Farmington State Bank is in fact the 26th smallest bank in the US, out of over 4,700. Until this year, it employed three people.

The bank was first formed in 1929 in a sleepy town named Farmington, hugging the Idaho border. It’s home to just over 100 residents, and features zero restaurants, hotels, or pharmacies — it doesn’t even appear to have an ATM.

The fact that Farmington State Bank somehow finds itself embroiled in the largest cryptocurrency fraud in history is puzzling, disconcerting, and totally out of place, to say the least.

A very curious story and, I am sure, one of many thousands of similar stories.  Only, we heard about this one.

How many others are there?

Protos has a nice followup article: Exclusive: Moonstone Bank explains ties with Alameda Research

Some excellent reporting...

Another day, another box packed

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Making slow progress but progress nontheless

Coffee first...

Winter storm warning for this afternoon - major snowfall above 2500 feet.  Maple Falls is around 800.  Great for the skiers.

So true - Poland

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Europe frowns on Twitter

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Oh nooooo - a frown!!!!!111!!!eleventy
From Pixy Misa:

Europe is threatening to frown at Twitter if Elon Musk closes all the company's European offices and tells the tiny-minded fascists of the EU to take a hike (Tech Crunch)

For "appropriateness of the expertise and resources allocated" read: "Shuttering local offices and canning EU staff will be frowned upon - hard."

That idiocy is Tech Crunch's own wording, but it's understandable because EU officials actually said this:

For those platforms that the Commission will designate as very large online platforms, the risk management obligations also include a strong component on the appropriateness of the resources allocated to managing societal risks in the Union. Among other matters, the Commission will scrutinise the appropriateness of the expertise and resources allocated, as well as the way they organise their compliance function.

The appropriate thing to do is for Musk to close down all operations in Europe and direct users at a US-based portal to pay their $8.
It's not like Europe is going to create its own social network.


This is why we need to secure the borders

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From US Customs and Border Protection:

CBP Officers Seize $1.5 Million in Cocaine at World Trade Bridge
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Field Operations (OFO) officers assigned to the World Trade Bridge seized hard narcotics that totaled over $1,500,000 in street value.

“This is an excellent seizure by our officers working at the CBP cargo facilities. It’s a perfect example of their unfailing vigilance in guarding our nation’s borders and protecting lawful trade and travel,” said Port Director Albert Flores, Laredo Port of Entry.

The seizure occurred on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at the World Trade Bridge, when a CBP officer referred a 2001 Freightliner tractor trailer manifesting polypropylene film for secondary inspection. Following a canine and non-intrusive inspection system examination, CBP officers discovered a total of 118.91 pounds of alleged cocaine within the trailer.

The narcotics had a combined street value of $1,587,777.

All this goes to further deteriorate our large democrat-run cities.  The Democrats want things to fail so they can step in and institute totalitarianism.  Classic Cloward-Piven Strategy writ large. Doesn't hurt people like Pelosi and Schumer that they get substantial "campaign contributions" from the cartels - suitably laundered through crypto.

A good question - turkeys

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From the mind of Stephan Pastis:


From The Gateway Pundit:

Elon Musk Says He’ll Make Public Internal Twitter Discussions About Decision To Censor Hunter Biden Laptop Story
The truth about Twitter’s censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop story is coming out.

Elon Musk responded to a tweet calling for all internal discussions about the censoring of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story to be made public by saying “this is necessary to restore public trust.”

Musk had previously called the suspension of the account “incredibly inappropriate.”

Twitter is sitting on a lot of stuff that liberals would rather stay out of the public discourse.  Tough.  Elon is an agent of change - I love it.

Well crap - RIP Fredric P. Brooks Jr.

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From the New York Times:

Frederick P. Brooks Jr., Computer Design Innovator, Dies at 91
Frederick P. Brooks Jr., whose innovative work in computer design and software engineering helped shape the field of computer science, died on Thursday at his home in Chapel Hill, N.C. He was 91.

His death was confirmed by his son, Roger, who said Dr. Brooks had been in declining health since having a stroke two years ago.

Dr. Brooks had a wide-ranging career that included creating the computer science department at the University of North Carolina and leading influential research in computer graphics and virtual reality.

But he is best known for being one of the technical leaders of IBM’s 360 computer project in the 1960s. At a time when smaller rivals like Burroughs, Univac and NCR were making inroads, it was a hugely ambitious undertaking. Fortune magazine, in an article with the headline “IBM’s $5,000,000,000 Gamble,” described it as a “bet the company” venture.

And his book:

Dr. Brooks took the hard-earned lessons from grappling with the OS/360 software as grist for his book “The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering.” First published in 1975, it soon became recognized as a quirky classic, selling briskly year after year and routinely cited as gospel by computer scientists.

The tone is witty and self-deprecating, with pithy quotes from Shakespeare and Sophocles and chapter titles like “Ten Pounds in a Five-Pound Sack” and “Hatching a Catastrophe.” There are practical tips along the way. For example: Organize engineers on big software projects into small groups, which Dr. Brooks called “surgical teams.”

The most well known of his principles was what he called Brooks’s law: “Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.” Dr. Brooks himself acknowledged that he was “oversimplifying outrageously,” but he was exaggerating to make a point.

It is often smarter to rethink things, he suggested, than to add more people. And in software engineering, a profession with elements of artistry and creativity, workers are not interchangeable units of labor.

One of the titans of the industry.

No wonder we haven't been contacted

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And that is it for today

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Busy day - packing and brought a couple cartons of paperwork to go through here this evening. Mindless work while I do other things.

Time to call it quits, watch a video or three and get some sleep...

Markets in everything - unvaxed blood

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If I were facing surgery, I would certainly want to have un-vaccinated blood. I was suspicious from the start - suspicions that have borne out to be true.  The base technology is too new - it had never been used for a commercial product before.  Untested.  When it takes a FOIA lawsuit to get the data, something is horribly wrong.

From Vice:

‘SafeBlood’ Hardliners Want to Set Up Unvaccinated Blood Banks
Anti-vaxxers are trying to create a new global infrastructure for the supply of unvaccinated blood, driven by conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific beliefs about the dangers of mRNA COVID vaccines.

SafeBlood Donation was founded by a Swiss naturopath, George Della Pietra, who considers global coronavirus vaccination campaigns to be “the crime of the century.”

He and his supporters believe, wrongly, that mRNA coronavirus vaccines “contaminate” the blood and destroy the immune system, and that unvaccinated people will be harmed if they receive transfusions of blood supplied by vaccinated people.

"believe, wrongly, that" - excuse me but that editorial comment is 100% wrong on so many levels.

In two parts:
Thesis (The Atlantic):

Why Everything in Tech Seems to Be Collapsing at Once
The tech industry seems to be in a recession. Although overall unemployment is still very low, just about every major tech company—including Amazon, Meta, Snap, Stripe, Coinbase, Twitter, Robinhood, and Intel—has announced double-digit percentage-point layoffs in the past few months. The stock valuations for many of these companies have fallen more than 50 percent in the past year.

Watching this surge of mass layoffs in big tech companies, plus the lurid chaos unfolding at Twitter over the past few weeks and the spectacular ongoing implosion of crypto, the big question on my mind is: Why is it all happening at once?

Synthesis (Pixy Misa):

Because you locked people into their homes while pumping trillions of dollars into the economy, and then hiked interest rates to combat the inevitable inflation, creating and then bursting a massive bubble.

You idiots.

Musical keys - an interesting list

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Different keys as well as the Major and Minor variants have different emotional weights.
A bit of history and a list from 1806 - from the School of Music, Western Michigan University:

Affective Musical Key Characteristics
The association of musical keys with specific emotional or qualitative characteristic was fairly common prior to the 20th century. It was part of the shared cultural experience of those who made, performed and listened to music. When Mozart or Beethoven or Schubert wrote a piece in a Ab major, for example, they were well aware of this was the 'key of the grave' and knew that many in their audiences were as well. We lose a part of the meaning of their music if we are ignorant of their affective choices. Although these characteristics were, of course, subjective, it was possible to conceive of each key as unique because each key actually sounded distinct within unequal temperaments. When equal temperament became the dominant tuning after 1917, the aural quality of every key became the same, and therefore these affective characteristics are mostly lost to us. (See Piano's Ivory Cage) One of the most influential descriptions of characteristics shared in German-speaking cultures in the late 18th and early 19th century was from from Christian Schubart's Ideen zu einer Aesthetik der Tonkunst (1806):

C Major
Completely Pure. Its character is: innocence, simplicity, naïvety, children's talk.

C Minor
Declaration of love and at the same time the lament of unhappy love. All languishing, longing, sighing of the love-sick soul lies in this key.

D♭ Major
A leering key, degenerating into grief and rapture. It cannot laugh, but it can smile; it cannot howl, but it can at least grimace its crying.--Consequently only unusual characters and feelings can be brought out in this key.

C# Minor
Penitential lamentation, intimate conversation with God, the friend and help-meet of life; sighs of disappointed friendship and love lie in its radius.

D Major
The key of triumph, of Hallejuahs, of war-cries, of victory-rejoicing. Thus, the inviting symphonies, the marches, holiday songs and heaven-rejoicing choruses are set in this key.

D Minor
Melancholy womanliness, the spleen and humours brood.

Fascinating - especially that so much of this was lost in the switch to equal temperament.  One of the things that I love about synthesizers is that it is a trivial matter to change the tuning.  Got a musical idea?  Try it in a different key or different temperment. I used to be really interested in pipe organs (built one in my basement during high school and apprenticed with a builder for a summer) and doing this would be impossible.  Fun time to be alive...

Earthquake - Solomon Islands

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Preliminary reports - Mag 7.0 and 15km deep.

That is going to do a lot more than just rattle the china.  No reports yet but...

I have to say that these are highly convenient timing for the Democrats
#1) - from The Gateway Pundit:

Sen. Josh Hawley Demands Correspondence Between Federal Officials and Dem Party Leaders Following FTX Collapse and Why the Scheme Was Only Revealed AFTER the Midterm Elections
Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) sent a letter to top Biden administration officials Friday morning, demanding information and correspondence regarding the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Hawley wants to know why the illegal scheme was announced AFTER the midterm elections. FTX owner Sam Bankman-Fried was the second largest donor to Democrats in the 2022 midterms behind only George Soros.

Senator Hawley wants communications between Bankman-Fried and AG Merrick Garland, Securities and Exchange (SEC) Commission Chairman Gary Gensler and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chairman Rostin Behnam.

And #2) - from CNN:

America faces a possible rail strike in two weeks after largest union rejects labor deal
America faces a growing risk of a crippling national freight rail strike in two weeks after rank-and-file members of the nation’s largest rail union, which represents the industry’s conductors, rejected a tentative labor deal with freight railroads, the union announced Monday.

The nation’s second-largest rail union, which represents engineers, ratified its own contract. But the failure of the conductors to ratify their own deal is another setback to efforts to avoid a crippling nationwide rail strike.

With these votes, all 12 rail unions have now completed their ratification process, with members of eight of the unions voting in favor of deals and four voting against it. The four unions that have voted no will remain on the job until at least early next month while negotiations are held to try to avoid a strike that could cause widespread disruptions in the nation’s still struggling supply chain and overall economy.

If a strike goes on for an extended period, it could cause widespread shortages and higher prices for goods including fuel and food. If the four unions that rejected the deals are unable to reach new deals before strike deadlines, Congress could order the railroad workers to remain on the job or return to work.

Remember that in September, Biden went on record as saying that there would be no strike.  That he had been instrumental in negotiating a settlement amenable to all parties.

In reality, he just asked them to lay low for six months. Probably a sweetheart deal in there somewhere.  This is not leadership.  He was not acting in our interest or in the interest of this nation. He was pandering to a group of people.

Are these people really the best and the brightest?

And the week begins

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Heading to the farm to pack for the move.  Coffee first - the beans are calling my name...

Backpedaling on the narrative - take two

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First, they are admitting that the jab might somehow be linked to the unexpected myocarditis uptick in otherwise healthy people. Now this - from The Epoch Times:

FDA Says Telling People Not to Take Ivermectin for COVID-19 Was Just a Recommendation
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) telling people to “stop” taking ivermectin for COVID-19 was informal and just a recommendation, government lawyers argued during a recent hearing.

“The cited statements were not directives. They were not mandatory. They were recommendations. They said what parties should do. They said, for example, why you should not take ivermectin to treat COVID-19. They did not say you may not do it, you must not do it. They did not say it’s prohibited or it’s unlawful. They also did not say that doctors may not prescribe ivermectin,” Isaac Belfer, one of the lawyers, told the court during the Nov. 1 hearing in federal court in Texas.

“They use informal language, that is true,” he also said, adding that, “it’s conversational but not mandatory.”

The hearing was held in a case brought by three doctors who say the FDA illegally interfered with their ability to prescribe medicine to their patients when it issued statements on ivermectin, an anti-parasitic that has shown positive results in some trials against COVID-19.

More at the site.  The instigators in the Pharma companies and the government officials who enabled them really need to be prosecuted for this.  So many people dead and injured from something that was released and pushed on us before it was fully understood.

We The People need to understand just how much we were lied to.
This needs to never ever happen again.

I started taking Ivermectin when the data first came out two years ago.  I did a bit of research - turns out that it's anti-viral properties are well known and well documented.  I take two doses a day apart and do this once every 3-4 weeks and also if I have been exposed (near someone with a wet cough or in a confined space with a crowd)  Had a brief cold last spring but otherwise been perfectly healthy and I am out in public a lot. I get a lot of exposure. I also take supplements - zinc, quercetin, some vitamins.

Another photo

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Lisa and me taken by a friend:


Truly gorgeous country down there - too bad it is overrun with the mentally ill and the power hungry.

Ex-Twitter employee

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A good chunk of Twitter's original staff has either quit or has been let go.
Twitter has been operating without a hitch all the while.
Says something about the productivity of those employees - what they actually brought to the company

From America's Newspaper of Record - video channel:

Cute meme - an agent of change

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From Chris Lynch:


From Kalamazoo, MI station WWMT:

Pfizer, Moderna researching rare side effect linked to COVID vaccines
With a triple-threat virus sweeping across the country, pharmaceutical companies have launched their own clinical trials on COVID vaccines in young adults and the possible impact of heart conditions.

The senior fellow at the Cato Institute, Dr. Jeffrey Singer, joined The National Desk Friday to talk more about this. Both Pfizer and Moderna are conducting clinical trials to determine if their COVID-19 vaccines could be contributing to possible cardiac issues.

"Well, we've known for about a year that in young people, mostly males, but in females as well, we seem to have vaccine-induced myocarditis. That's an inflammation of the heart muscle only associated so far with the mRNA vaccines. For quite some time now, we've known since the summer of 2020 that almost all of the serious illnesses and deaths occur in people who are over the age of 50 and usually have other comorbidities," Singer explained. "So there have been several experts who have been saying, 'What's the rush in trying to get the young people, who are at least risk for getting vaccinated, through an emergency use authorization? Why don't we spend some more time studying it?' But nevertheless, that's happened."

Singer said since there have been some cases, the manufacturers themselves, Pfizer and Moderna, are going to research if myocarditis is a significant side effect in vaccinated young people.

'Scuse me but this link has been known since the outset - over two years ago.  They had the information but kept it from the public.

And back to my home away from home

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Time to take a nice long hot shower, unpack, do some laundry and surf.

Get back to packing tomorrow...

Almost back to the farm

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Got on a roll today and put in about eight hours of driving from Rerdding, CA all the way through Oregon and North to Burlington, WA (North of Seattle and Everett)  I am about 90 minutes away from the farm and the store but needed to stop driving and get some sleep.  Since I have been away for a while, I will need to shop at the food coop and Costco anyway so do that tomorrow.

The usual spew will resume tomorrow or Monday.

Got nothing tonight

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Planning to be back sometime Sunday afternoon - posting will resume after then.

Nothing much catches my eye tonight...

Redding, California

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Done with my visit and on my way back to Maple Falls.

Lisa and I are closer than ever.  So happy that we met - can't wait until we live together in North Carolina.


2024 is not that far away...

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From 90 Miles


In Arcata tonight

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Arrived in Eureka, stopped at Costco for gas ($5.49), got some munchies at the food coop and drove back up to Arcata to look for a place to stay.  Downtown Arcata is a lot of fun - old buildings and fun shops.  Humboldt State University is there so a lot of that culture as well - music and art.

Unfortunately, it has been discovered by the homeless  - could not find a motel that looked safe within walking distance of the downtown.  About five miles out of town in a Motel 6.  It's in a shopping mall so no homeless people there. People talk about the Zombie apocalypse.  It's here only it's bad life decisions amplified by bad drugs — not the undead.

And down the coast highway

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Getting a bite to eat in town and then heading South along the Coastal highway 101 to Eureka, CA.  Looks like perfect weather - lots of sunshine in the forecast.

Meeting up with Lisa tomorrow - so good to see her again.  We email several times/day but not the same...

UPDATE - more below

Three guesses - from America First Report:

Now-Collapsed FTX Crypto Slush Fund Laundered Ukraine Donation Money to Democrat Candidates to Help Rig Midterms
The FTX crypto slush fund run by now-disgraced Sam Bankman-Fried (and his MIT college buddies) laundered money for Ukraine into nearly $40 million worth of campaign donations for Democrats in the 2022 mid-term elections.

Over the last year, Joe Biden and the Democrats have pushed through well over $50 billion in funding for Ukraine, using US taxpayer money. Internationally, over $100 billion has been donated to Ukraine, according to which has compiled worldwide donations and grants to the Ukrainian cause.

FTX simultaneously processed donations to Ukraine by using its crypto infrastructure. As reported in May of this year, “Ukraine Partners With FTX, Everstake to Launch New Crypto Donation Website.”

In other words, the corrupt Ukraine regime partnered with a corrupt crypto slush fund to take dollars from the corrupt US government and funnel them into the hands of corrupt Democrat candidates to win rigged mid-term elections.

I had heard about the campaign contributions through several other sources.  Did not know about their handling the Ukranian money laundering side of things.  Not surprising. Heard that AOC is now worth $27 million dollars - not bad for a bartender and a representative earning $170K/year.

UPDATE - the story is breaking.  The Gateway Pundit has a lot more.  Verified from several sources.  Money earmarked by Congress and intended for Ukraine, transfered to crypto and then donated right back to Democrats.  Money laundering at its finest. Zelensky and his cronies pocket their 20% and everyone gets to portray Russia as the baddies.

UPDATE - the whole story in 99 seconds:

Good taste - dogs

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Sigh - tried using their "Embed" link and it did not work. Go here to see the video - it is funny.

Many years ago I had a German Shepherd named Photon (she was all black and very fast). Used to spend time at the late-lamented Buckaroo Tavern in Seattle and every Monday night they had roto-weenies for sale.  Hot dogs in a rotating wheel under a heat lamp.  At 2AM, the remaining dogs were given away for 25¢ to patrons. Photon used to come in with me and one night, someone bought her a roto-weenie.  I loaded it up and gave it to her.  She ate the bun, licked off the ketchup and relish and walked away leaving the wiener.  Smart dog.  Miss her.

The mountain passes looked a bit dicey so decided to head West over to the coast and down Highway 101. Spending the night in a wonderful old motel - in continuous operation since 1938 - owned by one family until 2019 and now owned by another.  Small and "quaint" rooms but perfect condition and well maintained.

Very good Hawai'ian restaurant next door - broke da mouth.  

Surf for a while - heading down the coast to Eureka tomorrow.

52 years ago today

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Talk about coincidences - I am spending the night in Florence, Oregon. Coastal working town (fishing and timber) until the 1960's and now thrives on recreation and tourism.

Was driving into town, saw this sign and of course, I had to stop:


Turns out that the event in question happened November 12th, 1970 - 52 years ago today:

More here: KATU

And on the road again

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Points South - aiming for Redding, CA tonight - see how the weather on the passes is this morning...

Might sidestep and take 199 out of Grants Pass to the coast and 101.

Salem Oregon for the night

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Traffic was slow through Seattle (expected) and glacially slow through Tacoma (not expected)  Averaged around 30MPH through the entire stretch. OK between the two but I have not seen Tacoma traffic be so bad.  No accidents listed on the DOT website.

Also, noticed a lot fewer trucks than usual.  Lots of Amazon rigs and the usual speciality trucks (car carriers, heavy equipment trailers, etc...) but not that many LTL and independent or owner-operator trucks.

Surf a little bit and then to sleep...

And I am outta here

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Taking ten days off - driving down to see Lisa for a week in Mendocino.

It will be a nice break plus get to spend some face-time with my sweetie.

I'll have the laptop with me but posting will be limited...

Thank you for your service

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Today is just one day.  We need to remember the people who put their lives on the line every day.  They are the reason we have the freedoms that we do have.

Thank you.

So true - electoral map

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From Chris Lynch:



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From Zero Hedge:

Lawyer For Canadian Commission Investigating Trucker Protests Collapses During Proceedings
Gabriel Poliquin, a lawyer for the Public Order Emergency Commission "investigating" the circumstances that led to Justin Trudeau's recent use of emergency powers, violently collapsed during commission proceedings with no indication from his family or the Canadian media as to the cause. 

Tyler closes with:

While it is not known what triggered Poliquin's collapse during questioning, surely many people will be wondering if he is suffering from a new heart condition featuring myocarditis or blood clotting.

Geeee - 'ya think?  There sure is a lot of that happening these days.  More than 10% above the mean.  Being reported from lots of different sources. Maybe someone should look into the cause — some common thread...

So true - a new age

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From Chris Lynch:


Truth - a list of people

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Playing fast and loose - cryptocurrency

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Wish I had bought in at the beginning but that bubble is well past - from The Gateway Pundit:

Democrats’ “Newest Megadonor” Loses Billions As Crypto Exchange Fails — “Dot-Com Bust Level Event”
The Democrat’s newest megadonor Sam Bankman-Fried was forced to try and sell the crypto exchange he founded to his biggest rival on election day.

Bankman-Fried initially had a non-binding agreement that Changpeng Zhao, the leader of competitor Binance, would acquire the company.

This was after FTX saw around $6 billion of withdrawals within 72 hours.

Fox Business reported:

Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of crypto exchange FTX considered the Democrats’ “newest megadonor” ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, reportedly saw around $6 billion of withdrawals within 72 hours before Tuesday morning, forcing him to sell the company to its biggest rival on Election Day.

And then:

CNBC reported:

Binance is backing out of its plans to acquire FTX, the company said Wednesday, leaving Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire on the verge of collapse.

Heh - could not have happened to a nicer guy. Pump and Dump gone wrong.

Curious - ballots missing?

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From The Western Journal:

Ballots Have Now Gone Missing After Dominion Voting Machine Disaster
After Dominion Voting machines in Mercer County, New Jersey, failed to read ballots, forcing voters to complete paper ballots, hundreds or even thousands of those paper ballots have now disappeared.

Some 3,211 voters from three Princeton districts who cast their ballots at the municipal building may end up disenfranchised if the ballots are not recovered, as could up to 835 Robbinsville residents who voted at the Mercer County Library.

Microcosm of a much larger problem.   Time for some people to face five years in jail.  Get back to voting as it used to be.

At the car spa

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Taking the new (to me) Expedition in for an inspection.  Oil change and general checkout.  Driving down to see Lisa tomorrow so want to make sure I can get over the passes.

So far, so good...

About says it all...

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Thanks RINOs.  Mitch McConnell - this is on you.
You controlled the funding for candidates and withheld it for Trump supporters.

Time to drown my sorrows in a cup of coffee and get on with my day.

Dear Tyrants:

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A good day - worked at the farm

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Got a bunch of stuff done.  Fun welding project for some friends.  Packing.

Back to the apartment at the store - listening to the election returns and turned it off.  Quelle surprise - the Democrats are cheating. The deep-state wins again...

Brought another tranche of paperwork home with me - sorting that.  Tossing most of it but still have to go through everything.

Fun and games in Arizona (and Texas)

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From the Post Millennial:

Maricopa County election officials try to reassure voters amid reports that 'nothing is working'
As Arizonans continue to run into issues in Maricopa County while trying to vote, Maricopa County officials gave an update, saying they’re trying to fix ongoing issues with their tabulators "as quickly as possible."

The update from officials comes as more reports of malfunctioning voting machines emerge in the Arizona county. One poll worker was seen telling a voter that "nothing is working for the last half hour," and reiterated the statements made by county officials.

"malfunctioning" - yeah.  And I have a bridge in Brooklyn, New York you might be interested in purchasing.

UPDATE - link to this tweet from Gateway Pundit:

UPDATE II - America's Newspaper of Record reports:

Fox News Calls Arizona For Stacey Abrams
In a shocking turn of events, data analysts at Fox News have called the gubernatorial race in Arizona for Stacey Abrams.

"Yes, we are aware that Stacey Abrams isn't even running in Arizona, but we have top analysts working on this and the data does not lie," said Fox News polling expert Arnon Mishkin. "Stacey Abrams is your new governor. The election is over. You can all go home now. Goodnight!"

Poll workers were reporting pandemonium at several key voting locations as voting machines mysteriously stopped working, but the chaos immediately subsided after they announced that Abrams had won so there was no need to vote.

"Whew! I thought I was going to have to wait in line all day for them to fix the machines, but then Fox News called the election! What a relief!" said one local voter who asked not to be named. "Thanks, Fox News!"

At publishing time, Fox had also revealed that Joe Biden had been elected governor of Georgia.

Bringing in the hired guns - Marc Elias

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Marc Elias? Hillary's lawyer.  From the Post Millennial:

Fetterman campaign just hired lawyer Marc Elias
Following a lawsuit filed by the John Fetterman campaign on Monday regarding the counting of undated ballots, it has been revealed that the campaign has enlisted the help of the Elias Law Group to carry out the lawsuit. Founder Marc Elias was an attorney with the Hilary Clinton campaign.

On November 1, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled that mail-in ballots sent in without the required date on the outer envelope must not be counted, following a lawsuit from the Republican National Committee (RNC). The Fetterman campaign brought suit to have those ballots counted, despite that being in violation of Pennsylvania state law.

Again, the Dems have nothing to run on that we want so they have to cheat.

The beans are calling my name

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And I must answer - coffee and then to the farm to work.

We will not know anything about the election until much later tonight if that.
Our votes have to be "counted" ever so carefully...

The only question is "how much"

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Election day - there will be cheating.

It will be interesting to see how many are caught and prosecuted.

Dropped mine off at the County ballot box last week.

Twenty-seven years - Rand Simberg at Transterrestrial Musings offers this tweet and conversation.
The excerpt that started it:

Pushing an all-new 797 to 2035 would put its arrival to market 27 years after the 787 was first supposed to go into service in 2008.

For comparison, over a 27-year period in the last century Boeing developed the 707, 727, 737, 747, 757 and 767.

Quite the productive timeline.  Now? Resting on their laurels? What IS their future?

And out for the day

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Snowing lightly and showing signs of sticking.  Joy...  The forecast was for rain and for the snow to be above 2,000 feet elevation.

Oh well - life as it is in the Pacific Northwet. We deal.  Heading out at the end of the week for a trip down to Mendocino, CA to visit with Lisa.

Coffee first...

Not just Twitter - losing people

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Meta - Facebook's parent company is not doing that well these days.
From The Wall Street Journal:

Facebook Parent Meta Is Preparing to Notify Employees of Large-Scale Layoffs This Week
Meta Platforms Inc. is planning to begin large-scale layoffs this week, according to people familiar with the matter, in what could be the largest round in a recent spate of tech job cuts after the industry’s rapid growth during the pandemic.

The layoffs are expected to affect many thousands of employees and an announcement is planned to come as soon as Wednesday, according to the people. Meta reported more than 87,000 employees at the end of September. Company officials already told employees to cancel nonessential travel beginning this week, the people said.

Zuckerberg's fascination with alt.reality is costing the company big bucks.  If I were a substantial shareholder...  Maybe spin the AR side off to something that can sink or swim by itself and focus on the core competency.  Apple is doing this (core competency) and their stock prices show the results - they are worth more as a single corporation than all of Google (Alphabet), Amazon and Meta combined. What does META actually do???


Back in the news again - trying to remain relevant. From The Western Journal:

Globalist Group 'The Elders' Is Working to Make the UN Even More Powerful
The United Nations needs to be more muscular and united if it wants to remain a central player in tackling the world’s multiple escalating crises, a group of elder statesmen founded by Nelson Mandela said Friday.

Former world leaders in the group known as “The Elders” told Associated Press executives that the U.N.’s most powerful organ, the Security Council, needs to address the paralyzing impact of its vetoes, and the secretary-general of the 193-member world organization needs to speak out on violations of international law.

First wrote about them in 2007 a few months after they formed:

Meet "The Elders"
Christ on a Corn Dog -- what a load of solipsistic crap... From the website: The Elders

"This group can speak freely and boldly, working both publicly and behind the scenes on whatever actions need to be taken. Together we will work to support courage where there is fear, foster agreement where there is conflict, and inspire hope where there is despair"

And my comment:

Other luminaries in this collection of pandering idiots include Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu and eight other similar luminaries. What a bunch of self-serving little ponces. Do you know what I would call one of their face-to-face meetings? A target-rich environment...

I had written about them in 2012 when they raised their heads again:

Could have guessed - Kofi Annan
Annan is a delusional moron. I apologize to all the wonderful morons out there but Annan is in a case all by himself.

Just look at his "legacy" as El Supremo at the United Nations (and talking about delusional morons).

I'm not even getting into his son (Kojo) and his own corruption (herehere and here)

Kofi got tied up with Jimmy (spit) Carter in a group called The Elders (their website here) and one of their recent triumphs is:

The Elders call for an immediate halt to violence in Syria
As violence in Syria continues to threaten the safety of thousands of people, The Elders call on the Syrian government to halt its military assault and enable a "humanitarian pause"
to allow medical assistance and basic supplies to reach those in need.

Kofi was their point man flying over there for some "dialogue"

And then a few months later when Jimmy felt compelled to dip his flaccid dick into world politics

Hey Jimmy - put a sock in your piehole and go home
This is beyond imbecilic -- from Washington D.C.s CBS affiliate:

Jimmy Carter Claims Israel Creating "Catastrophic" Situation With Palestinians
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said Monday during a visit to Jerusalem that the prospect of an Israel-Palestinian peace accord is vanishing, blaming Israeli settlement of the West Bank.
Carter, a longtime critic of Israeli policies, called the current situation catastrophic and blamed Israel for the growing isolation of east Jerusalem from the West Bank. He said a Palestinian state has become unviable.

The concept of a palestinian state is an outgrowth of the KGB campaign to destabilize the area.  They groomed Yasser Arafat and bankrolled his creation of the palestinian people.  The people in question are Jordanian.

Seriously, these people need to go back to their Lemon Party and get the fsck off the world stage.  They failed as leaders the first time around.  Now?  In this incarnation?  They are worse than impotent - they are bumbling old fools who need to be put out to pasture.

In reality - the same thing can be said about the entire United Nations.  Their various organizations are corrupt and they serve only the interests of the elites.  Move the headquarters to one of Saddam Hussein's palaces and turn the Manhattan real-estate into a Trump Tower.

Woke up to snowfall but it was not sticking.

Now it is.  Accumulation is forecast to be in the 4" range - we will see... Colder weather on the horizon.

Back to work - the sooner I finish packing, the sooner I can get to a warmer climate - Murphy, NC is in the 70's today.

UPDATE:  Photo from the farm - Black Mountain  4,458' elevation


We are only tools for the elite to exploit to gain power and money.
Case in point? The Washington Free Beacon:

Brutal Murders, Rotting Corpses, Broken Elevators: Inside Raphael Warnock’s Secret Low-Income Apartment Building
A maintenance man charged with brutally murdering a tenant. A sex offender who slept in the hallways. A dead body left in an apartment for days, found covered in flies.

These are just a few disturbing tales of the living conditions in apartments owned by Sen. Raphael Warnock’s (D., Ga.) church, gathered from interviews with residents and hundreds of pages of Atlanta Police Department, Fire Department, and court records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Atlanta police and firefighters have been called to Columbia Tower and the Columbia Senior Residences at MLK Village in Atlanta hundreds of times since 2020, the records show. Responding officers have been met with corpses and people trapped in elevators, as well as fights, burglaries, and car thefts. Both buildings are owned by the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Warnock serves as senior pastor.

The Free Beacon also learned that Columbia Tower management hired a convicted murderer now charged with killing a female tenant who lived with him at Columbia Senior Residences, which is just across the street from the apartment building.

That is only the start of a long and disgusting article.  For Ebenezer Baptist Church to be treating those under its care like this shows that they have fallen a long way from when Dr. King ran the place.  It has fallen into squalor and needs to be cleaned out.  To think that this man wants to be Senator.  He can not keep his own house clean - why should he be managing the affairs of his constituents when he can not manage his own (he has a record of domestic violence).

Part one of this series is here:

‘Highly Hazardous’: Warnock’s Apartments Hit With Housing Code Violations Over Rats, Mold, Electrical Fires

Stay tuned for more...

Yeah - that'll do it...

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Happy Guy Fawkes Day

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“Remember, remember the Fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.”

We could use a few thousand pounds of gunpowder in the basement of the Capitol building these days.

Clean house and start over again.


Unfortunately, they always talk, they never actually up and go...

Break time

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Working on stuff here - slow news day.  The Pelosi story keeps shifting around - NBC had one but then they deleted it. How about the truth?  We would love to know the truth... It would help to restore the media's credibility.  I don't think that anything can restore the Pelosi's credibility but they could try.  Remember Paul's DUI - how that story kept shifting around and it finally faded away.

Nothing else catches my eye...  I thought that the run-up to elections was supposed to have all sorts of strange news, "pseudo-events", and other media creations to dazzle us and to keep us voting for the party in power.  What we are getting now is downright boring.

This is interesting but not surprising - from MarketWatch:

Apple now valued at more than Amazon, Alphabet and Meta — combined
Apple Inc. shares have held up far better than those of its Big Tech peers over the past month, and that’s helped the company to a staggering feat: The smartphone giant is now worth more than Alphabet Inc., Inc. and Meta Platforms Inc. combined.

Alphabet is Google's parent corporation.  Tim Cook is exactly the CEO that is needed during these times.  Boring.  No flash.  Keep your head down and focus on your core competencies.  Advance but do not innovate. Do not diversify.

Well that's done with for a year

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Back to whatever passes for normal - heading out for a late coffee and then to work at the farm.

Raining heavy this morning - supposed to be snow at 4,000 elevation.  We will see...

And that is it for today - 72nd birthday

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Nice quiet day - perfect.

Sleeping in tomorrow for a bit and then back to work packing the conex boxes and getting them ready to ship to North Carolina. Really looking forward to the move.  Love it here but the top-down WA State government is a bit much and showing no signs of retreat.

They are touting the Respiratory Syncytial Virus outbreak as being the next pandemic when, from what I can see, this is the direct result of everyone isolating and masking.  People's immune systems have gotten weak and flaccid.  The body's immune system needs to be challanged continually at a low level so that it is able to respond to a high-level viral or bacterial attack.

Spend two years in a bubble and you are going to be knocked flat by the next simple rhinovirus that comes along.


See you all tomorrow...

Lazy day - slow news

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Nothing much happening here, nothing much happening out there either.

Slow news day - heading up to the farm in 30 minutes or so.  Doing laundry.  Fun stuff...

72 years today

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Celebrating my birthday today - heading out for coffee and then to the farm to work.  Just another day for me.

Been a long and fun ride and looking forward to another 20-30 years at least.  Body has been knocked around a bit but everything is still working great.  Brain is its usual quirky self. Spirit is strong and positive - happy.

Life is interesting and good.

Fact check: TRUE

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I thought it had to be organised - from the United States Department of Justice:

Justice Department Announces Takedown of Nationwide Catalytic Converter Theft Ring
Federal, state, and local law enforcement partners from across the United States executed a nationwide, coordinated takedown today of leaders and associates of a national network of thieves, dealers, and processors for their roles in conspiracies involving stolen catalytic converters sold to a metal refinery for tens of millions of dollars.

Arrests, searches, and seizures took place in California, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia. In total, 21 individuals in five states have been arrested and/or charged for their roles in the conspiracy.

The 21 defendants are charged in two separate indictments that were unsealed today in the Eastern District of California and the Northern District of Oklahoma following extensive law enforcement arrest and search operations. In addition to the indictments, over 32 search warrants were executed, and law enforcement seized millions of dollars in assets, including homes, bank accounts, cash, and luxury vehicles.

Over $500 Million cash.  Lucrative.

Minimal posting today

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Been a bit of a dry spell for posting - lots of stuff going on behind the scenes.

Maybe later this evening...

Thou shalt break them

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Just wow - from Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Link The quality of their audio is superb. Be sure to check out their other videos - you will not be disappointed if you love the music of that era.

Left unsupervised - climate warriors

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Eloquently stated - I am waiting for the upcoming elections to restore some adults to the room.
Looks like the problem is worldwide - from Quillette:

Moral Toddlers Making a Mess
Film writer Sonny Bunch once argued that radical environmentalists make great super-villains because they are unshakably convinced of the rightness of their cause, and just as unshakably determined to make everybody’s lives worse. If we take that observation and scale it down from Marvel movie to farce, we get the latest environmentalist protest trend, which feeds green fanatics’ sense of self-righteousness while alienating just about everyone else.

In a recent attack, members of a group that calls itself Just Stop Oil threw mashed potatoes at a Monet painting hanging in a Potsdam, Germany museum. Other members of the group threw tomato soup at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and before that it was cake at the Mona Lisa. In the UK, activists have been pouring milk on supermarket floors to protest the supposedly dire environmental impact of the dairy industry, and to agitate for a “plant-based future.” Others have blocked traffic on major British and US roads by sitting down in front of traffic and, in some cases, gluing their hands to the roadway. Earlier this month, a protester sprayed paint over the walls of a car dealership. And in an especially hilarious episode—well, I’m just going to quote the news report, because otherwise you won’t believe me: “Climate protesters who glued themselves to the floor of a Volkswagen showroom in Germany need to use the toilet—but now complain the company has refused to provide the group with ‘a bowl to urinate and defecate’ in.”

Anyone who’s ever been a parent will recognize these actions: throwing food, spilling milk, smearing paint on the walls, sitting on the ground and refusing to move. Add in the inability to properly dispose of one’s bodily waste, and the pattern is complete. This is the behavior of toddlers.

Exactly.  The author then goes on a meditation on Immanuel Kant’s 1785 Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals  A good read and a good insight into the "minds" of these people. Some really good comments as well.


The Pelosi affair

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I was calling for 48 hours so the dust could settle but now?  We will never know.
They are playing coverup.  From the London Daily Mail:

'If a glass smashed, an alarm went off!' Nancy Pelosi's former neighbor questions why invasion triggered no warning as she recalls fleets of SUVs at the mansion 24/7, window alarms and even her computers scrambled by Speaker's monitoring devices

    • Marjorie Campbell, 66, was Nancy Pelosi's neighbor for 10 years on Broadway Street in San Francisco, California
    • Campbell tells she remembers fleets of black SUVS surrounding the Speaker's mansion 24/7
    • She also recalls her computers getting scrambled by alleged security measures to protect the nation's Number Three
    • 'Everybody in the neighborhood had alarms on our windows,' the former neighbor said. 'So if glass smashed, an alarm went off'
    • On Monday, authorities announced formal charges against David DePape, the man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer

From The Republic Brief:

Pelosi Reportedly Refuses To Hand Over Home Security Footage
One of the most bizarre details about the Paul Pelosi attack is that there is no security footage being released to the general public, and the left is trying to pretend that it is no big deal and that everyone should just move along.

More from 90 Miles  (lots of links) 

And then, there is the "third person" that just disappeared (Don Surber)
That was then:


And this is now:


Looks like we will never know what really happened.  Like we care but still...

A word to the wise - voting

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