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Comparing apples and...

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From My Pensieve:


A very good point.

From Glen (puppy-blender) Reynolds at Instapundit:

SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “My friend Jay asks a pertinent question. Since we have to have total mail in voting because of the ‘Rona, what other civil rights should be permitted via mail? Can we get guns via mail order again? Why should our citizens be forced to brave illness and death in order to purchase their 2nd Amendment guaranteed arms?”

I posted earlier about the NY State dingbat who is trying to dissolve the NRA.
Atomic Fungus has some observations that have me grinning:

This is going to go over really well, too. At a time when guns are being sold in record numbers, some New York Democrat hack is suing to have the NRA dissolved.

Even if they're successful and get the NRA dissolved, there is absolutely nothing stopping someone from starting a new NRA; but it's hardly necessary, considering how many pro-gun groups there are out there.

The thing is, the NRA is moderate compared to the other groups.

NRA's been around long enough to be a "country club conservative" organization. How hard has the NRA fought to ease legal controls on suppressors? Has the NRA ever lobbied to loosen the regulations on machine guns? What has the NRA done to try to overturn the federal firearms laws that unduly reestrict our rights to keep and bear arms?

...the organization that rises to replace the NRA might not be so moderate.

When I imagine an organization with the money and reach of the NRA that advocates for a complete repeal of the machine gun ban etcetera, I get all tingly.

I think that owning a machine gun would be a lot of fun. I have no reason to buy one but they are very cool technology. Gopher problem anyone?

Now that you mention it...


This is just too easy - like shooting fish in a barrel. From Breitbart:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder
Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago witnessed a 139 percent increase in murder during July 2020 when compared to July 2019.

ABC7 reported there were 105 murders in July 2020, up from “the 44 reported in July 2019.”

Moreover, there were 406 “shooting incidents” in Chicago during the month of July 2020, an increase of 75 percent “from the 232 last July,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Over a longer span of time, murders were up 51 percent from January 1, 2020, through July 31, 2020, compared to murders for the same period of time in 2019, according to the Sun-Times.

Lightfoot blamed Chicago mayhem and bloodshed on gun friendly states during a July 26, 2020, appearance on CNN’s State of the Union.

According to The Hill, Lightfoot told CNN, “Our gun problem is related to the fact that we have too many illegal guns on our streets, 60 percent of which come from states outside of Illinois.”

Actually Mayor Lightfoot, the facts are very pesky here and they do not support your narrative. 

If these neighboring states were playing so fast and loose with their firearms, how come they do not have increased gun violence. Also, California has gun laws that are downright draconian - just as bad as Chicago. They also have neighboring states with very liberal gun laws - why doesn't Los Angeles or San Francisco have as bad a murder problem as Chicago? Hmmmmm???

I guess to Mayor Lightfoot, Black Lives do NOT matter. She may say differently but it sure shows in her actions.

From Legal Insurrection:

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Blames States With ‘Virtually No Gun Control’ For Violence in the City
Ah, yes. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot spewing the Democratic rhetoric on guns to deflect blame on others for the rising shooting and homicide numbers in the city.

Lightfoot claimed Chicago is “being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons.”

Her full quote: “The fact of the matter is, our gun problem is related to the fact that we have too many illegal guns on our street, 60 percent of which, 60 percent of which come from states outside of Illinois. We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons. That is hurting cities like Chicago.”

She forgot this part: “More than two of every five traceable crime guns recovered in Chicago originate with their first point of sale at an Illinois dealer.”

And of course, the quote: "states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons" has a couple of problems. Three in fact.

states that have virtually no gun control - then why do these states not have as bad or worse gun violence problem as Chicago

no background checks - everyone, repeat, everyone who buys a gun in the United States has to fill out a ATF form 4473 and that information is telephoned by the gun seller to the local office of the BATFE for lookup in a database. Only after that is cleared can the gun actually be purchased.

no ban on assault weapons - there is no such thing as an assault weapon. This is a nonsense term coined by the gun-fearing idiots. The "evil black" color of most guns is because the steel is prone to rust and is Parkerized to prevent this. The Parkerizing Process is simple to do, it is cheap, it is effective and it is environmentally benign. And to channel my inner Henry Ford, it comes in any color he wants so long as it is black

This morning's meditation

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From 90 Miles From Tyranny:


Feel much better now.

Meanwhile in Coeur d’Alene

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From the Coeur d’Alene/Post Falls Press:

Armed ‘Patriots’ patrol Coeur d’Alene
Reports and rumors that groups bent on rioting and violence in Coeur d’Alene brought out men and women with guns on Monday determined to stop them if they arrive.

Dan Carson was patrolling Sherman Avenue with an AR-12 semi-automatic 12-gauge across his chest, an AR-15 strapped to his back, two 9mm handguns holstered and a .38 special, too.

“I heard there are some people on the way who shouldn’t be here,” he said early Monday evening.

Carson talking about the death of George Floyd:

“By all means. I’m on their side. I disagree with what happened,” he said. “What I don’t agree with is when you turn to violence, and you start rioting and destroying businesses and hurting people who have nothing to do with anything.

“That’s what I’m here to hopefully prevent,” he said, adding, “I’m not going to be alone. There’s a lot more on the way.”

He was right. Soon, more armed men, self-described as a loosely formed group of patriots, arrived. They took up posts at corners on both sides of Sherman Avenue.

Later, they were joined by hundreds of citizens packing rifles, semi-automatic weapons, handguns, and bows and arrows.

The sidewalks were packed with people walking up and down Sherman Avenue, firearms proudly displayed for all to see.

I love it. This is what We The People looks like - the organised and funded rioters are terrorists and need to be shut down. Coeur d’Alene is a gorgeous little town - been through there a couple times and loved it.

Speaking truth to power:


If I had a 3D printer

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Probably get one sometime but the technology is still improving too quickly to commit.

Great little project though - if I saw a set for sale at a local fun show for $5, I would get a couple:


I had noticed earlier that weed, booze and gun sales are up in the Los Angeles area. At least for ammo, it is not just LA.
On the front page of the site for (really good people - family owned and run):

Due to overwhelming order volume over the past week we are not currently accepting new orders. We are currently 6 to 8 days behind on filling orders and the priority is going to be given to filling existing orders. We will begin to restore inventory later this week once we have a handle on shipping all orders that have been placed so far. In order to aid us in providing faster service, please do not email to ask when your order will ship unless you need to cancel or change the address. UPS will email tracking info the day the order ships and we are working as fast as we possibly can to fill your orders. We have inventory allocated to fill all existing orders, if you have an order in it will be filled.

Nice that they are so busy but it's strange that so many people are panic-buying (hamstern) over something that is about as bad as the generic influenza.

All we need now are lawyers and money and we have the basis for a good song or two.

From Gerard:


Fun times in Virginia - gun control

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Bet that Ralph “Blackface” Northam will be a one-term governor. From Big League Politics:

Virginia Democrats Use State Police to Kick Public Out of Room After Passing ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban in House Committee
After passing an unconstitutional “assault rifle” ban through a House committee, the Virginia state delegation forced onlookers to leave the committee under threat of arrest, essentially stripping them of their 1st Amendment right to petition the government.

The shocking video of law enforcement stomping on the free speech of the people in attendance during the committee hearing can be seen here:

We The People are pissed at this overreach. Going to be interesting in November.

Stupid human - gun hoax

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Some anti-gun moke decided to forge a death threat and release it on the internet. The stupid fool failed to realize that the photo showed the inside of his garage in the reflection on the windshield of his car. Three links - brief excerpts. Much more at the actual posts:

From gun-free zone:

Anti-gun activist Surgeon goes full Smollette/Hogg for victim credit
I have never heard of Joseph Sakran before. Apparently he’s a Trauma Surgeon at Johns Hopkins and an anti-gun activist.

From Bayou Renaissance Man:

Exposing an anti-gun hoax?
Last week Dr. Joseph Sakran alleged, in an article in the Baltimore Sun, that an implied death threat had been placed on his car. On Twitter he provided a picture of the printed threat, and another of it placed beneath a windshield wiper on his car. (He's since deleted the Twitter images.)

And finally, a wonderful bit of snark from author Larry Correia:

I love it. Anti-gun doctor/activist goes Full Smollett with a fake death threat where he went out to his car and found this gun pointing at him pic with a threatening message under his windshield wiper. He posts about it all over twitter in a series of tweets, so all the progressives can tell him how stunning and brave he is.

Except then somebody noticed from the reflection the picture was taken inside a residential garage.

So then his story started to "evolve".  And the piece of paper was left under his windshield at his parent's house days before (but didn't get wet, or wind/sun damaged). Oh, but that was because he saw it, but didn't notice it was a threatening message, and he threw it away, but then thought about the giant gun picture mysteriously left on his car, and got it out of the garbage and realized what it was... (yes, because trauma surgeons at Johns Hopkins are known for their lack of attention to detail)

So THEN he put the death threat back under his wiper to take the picture. Like a reenactment I guess, as one tends to do when receiving death threats.

And now he's taken all the tweets down, claiming that he did so because the local police advised him to do so. Only I just saw where somebody says they contacted the local cops, who said there is no report filed, and they don't advise people to do stuff like that.

Police are probably on the look out for two buffed Nigerian dudes in Maga hats, while I'm assuming the doctor is tossing his ink jet printer into the Baltimore harbor.

Kind of hard to advance a narrative when you do it with outright lies (and are shown to be just not that bright in the process). I would love to hear some of the comments around the operating table.

Object of desire

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Such fun - M134 Minigun:


The Richmond Rally

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Looks like it turned out really well - self policing. A headline:

Only Person Arrested at Virginia Gun Rights Rally Was a Mask-Wearing LGBT Activist

From The Daily Wire:

VA Sheriff: We Will NOT Enforce ‘Unconstitutional’ Gun Control Laws
Attending a pro-Second Amendment rally outside Virginia’s state capitol on Monday, Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughan said he will not be enforcing unconstitutional gun control laws.

“Grayson County Virginia Sheriff Richard Vaughan is here with his deputies. He said he won’t enforce stricter gun laws,” The Virginian-Pilot’s Alissa Skelton reported. “We are here to stand up for the Second Amendment, he said.”

The Democrat Governor is not without sin - from Townhall:

Second Amendment Rally Renews Governor Northam's Blackface, KKK Scandal
One year ago, photos from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's medical school year book surfaced. The photos showed Northam in either black face or full KKK garb. It was also revealed his nickname was "Coonman."

Not good optics in these "woke" times.

I am sure that there will be some good stories coming out in the next day or three - looks like they had a big turnout.

UPDATE at the bottom

Sanctuary cities are just peachy for the progressives. Let all the criminals come to America to live off our labors and tax dollars. Any other kind of sanctuary? Then it becomes strictly nyet tovarisch. From Associated Press:

Official: Gun sanctuary resolutions have ‘no legal effect’
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Resolutions passed by local governments declaring themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” have “no legal effect,” Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring said Friday.

Since Democrats won majorities in the state Senate and House of Delegates in November, more than 100 cities, towns and counties have passed such resolutions, vowing to oppose any new gun laws they believe violate the Second Amendment.

On Friday, Herring issued an advisory opinion on the resolutions. Herring said localities “cannot nullify state laws” and must follow gun violence prevention measures passed by the General Assembly.

Heh - this will be interesting for the state to try to enforce as the local police are very much in favor of maintaining the citizens individual rights of protection. In the original Bill of Rights as it were...

UPDATE: Noticed this - from Law Enforcement Today

National Guardsman: "We will not comply" if ordered by Virginia governor to arrest police, confiscate guns
Editor’s note: In the increased advancement of the infringing on our 2nd Amendment rights, a member of the Virginia National Guard is putting his/her state legislators on notice.

He’s submitted a powerful response to an article we ran recently about lawmakers in that state threatening to call in the Guard to confiscate guns and arrest the cops that refuse to violate then Constitution.

For obvious reasons, the name of this writer has been kept anonymous.

Much more at the site. Sobering reading - lines are being drawn. Law Enforcement Today is not a conspiracy site. It is a respected news aggregator for police/fire/rescue, community service and the miltary.

Chambers Flintlock Machine Gun from the 1700s
Joseph Chambers invented a repeating flintlock weapon in the 1790s, and I think it is appropriate to consider it a "machine gun". The design used a series of superposed charges in one or more barrels, with specially designed bullets that has hollow central tubes through them. This would allow the fire form a detonation charge to transit through a bullet at the rear and set off a subsequent charge. The result was a single trigger pull to use a flintlock action to start an unstoppable series of shots. Chambers made pistol and musket versions, as well as a full-on mounted machine gun.

More information at the YouTube site.

From Presque Isle, Maine station WAGM:

Van Buren man dies at his home, after being shot by homemade security device
During the early evening of Thursday, November 28th, the Van Buren Police Department was dispatched to a residence on St. Francis Avenue, answering a 9-1-1 call from a male reporting that he had been shot. Officer Chandler Madore and the Van Buren Ambulance Service arrived on scene, assisted by the US Border Patrol, and provided emergency medical assistance to the injured man, identified as the homeowner, 65-year-old Ronald Cyr.

While on scene, officers discovered that the front door of the residence had been outfitted with a device designed to fire a handgun, should anyone attempt to enter the door. Other unknown devices were also discovered, alarming investigators to contact the Maine State Police Bomb Squad.

Following an extensive investigation that lasted into the early morning hours by the Maine State Police, the Maine State Police Bomb Squad and the Van Buren Police Department, it was determined that Cyr had been shot as the result of the unintentional discharge of one of his homemade devices.

Should have done a flash-bang - more effective and not lethal. Booby traps are illegal even on private property.

Another righteous shooting

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From the Fort Wayne, IN Journal Gazette:

Man shot during break-in charged
A home invasion turned violent for an intruder after the apartment dweller took aim in the dark and shot him.

Police quickly caught up with Edwin D. Calligan, 23, of the 500 block of Leith Street, after he was driven by his companions to Lutheran ER Statewood.

Due to the serious nature of his wound – a gunshot to the right upper thigh that exited his posterior – Calligan was transported to a regular hospital, court records said.

Calligan was charged Monday with burglary with a deadly weapon, carrying a handgun without a license, residential break-in and criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon.

Calligan entered the apartment at Black Hawk Apartments on the city's northeast side about 4 a.m. March 31 after breaking down the front door, court documents said.

The man who shot him was with his girlfriend when they they heard glass break and realized it was the front door.

The man grabbed his Tactical AR-15 pistol after hearing what he thought were multiple people entering his apartment and took a position on one knee, pointing his firearm toward his bedroom doorway, documents said.

Calligan appeared wearing all black and a mask and came into the doorway pointing a semi-automatic handgun.

Mug shot here:


Got to love the gang tatoos on the face - pure class act.

Some simple gun facts

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From photographer Oleg Volk:


Oleg's comments are worth reading - Britain is in decline. Sad.

Department of righteous shooting

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From the Miami, Florida CBS affiliate:

Miami Man In Van Guns Down AK-47 Wielding Robber Because He Didn’t Want ‘To Go Out Like A Punk’
A 60-Year-old Miami man said he was forced to shoot and kill a gunman who had broken in to his van early Monday morning in an attempt to rob him of his jewelry.

“The guy I killed last night, he put an AK-47 to my damn face,” said Donovan Stewart.

Stewart told CBS4’S Peter D’Oench that he had to act quickly because he was worried about the safety of his 11-year-old son and girlfriend who were in the van with him.

“I am from Kingstontown in Jamaica,” he said, “and I am not going to go out like a punk. So I emptied my Glock in his chest. This man tried to get in my van while I was sleeping and he was surprised to see what I did.”

And the dead goblin? He had robbed a couple other people. Police are investigating.

Pausing until the applause dies down.

From WNPR in Boston - one of the flagship stations for National Public Radio:

Young People Of Color Are The Most Frequent Victims Of Gun Homicides
Overall crime in the United States has been declining since the early 1990s. But the same cannot be said for gun violence, which has seen a slight uptick in recent years. A new report from Boston University found that uptick has been led by an increase in homicides of young people — particularly of young black and Hispanic men.

Gun Violence Is A ‘Complicated Problem’
Researchers at Boston University, led by Dr. Bindu Kalesan, looked at national gun violence data from 1999 to 2016. From 1999 to 2014, gun violence rates stayed steady. But after 2014, there were increases in rates of both fatal and non-fatal firearm related injuries.

The research showed many differences in how gun violence affected communities. For example, the rates of suicide were high for white men, while black men were more likely to be victims of homicide.

Speaking truth to power. Remove black on black gang violence and the United States gun deaths drop down to zilch.

Gun violence is a lot like a fatal airline crash - very public and a profound tradgedy but actually, when you look at the real numbers, not that common...

Interesting data point - mass shootings

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From Real Clear Politics:

Of 27 Deadliest Mass Shooters, 26 of Them Were Fatherless
After all, it is boys and men who are typically to blame for violent acts of aggression. Ergo, testosterone the defining hormone of masculinity must be to blame. But testosterone has been around forever. School shootings have not.

Makes a lot of sense - a stable family produces stable children.

Clueless - guns

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From Yahoo/Lifestyle:

How My Parenting Changed When I Moved My Family to a Place Where Most People Carry Guns
When I became a mom of two in Manhattan, I had already lived in New York City for ten years, in a city with notoriously strict gun laws. Residents with premise permits can only carry a gun outside of their home to a firing range and it must be unloaded and stored in a locked container during travel. Otherwise, guns can’t be taken anywhere, including outside city limits. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment only a few avenues away from Central Park and the only guns I ever saw were in the holsters of officers of the New York Police Department or members of the counterterrorism division who guard high-traffic areas of the busy city. My husband and I definitely did not keep a gun in our home and I never worried whether there were guns in the homes that my children, then ages 3 and 1, visited for playdates. Guns were just not a part of our community’s lifestyle. Even as a kid growing up in Syracuse, New York, my family did not own a gun. No one in my family hunted and I didn’t even own a toy pistol growing up. I never had a reason to learn how to properly hold or shoot a gun. But everything changed in 2016 when my family moved to Texas.

My husband, kids, and I moved into a home in the suburbs outside of Houston with plenty of open yard space, where the kids play with water balloons and make play forts out of our patio chairs. Our neighbors sit outside and chit-chat while kids scoot around or ride bikes together. Of course, I knew before we moved that Texas has very different views on guns than New York City, but I was still surprised to see the huge billboards on the highway for buying guns and ammo. I was shocked to realize you can buy a pair of soccer cleats and a gun in the same store.

Sheesh - she needs to learn about guns before she starts pontificating about them. Go to a gun range and take a class or two. They are a lot of fun. Guns shoot people just as frequently as forks make people fat. The problem is the mental health / criminality of the person holding the gun.

Good guns

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Several people are alive and one goblin is dead because of an "assault rifle". From the New York Post:

Pregnant Florida mom uses AR-15 to kill home intruder
A pregnant woman is credited with saving the lives of her husband and daughter after she used an AR-15 to fatally gun down a home intruder, a report said.

The hero mom sprung into action when two intruders entered the family’s Lithia, Fla. home last week and pistol whipped her husband while violently grabbing their daughter, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The numbers simply do not  lie - more guns = less crime.

An interesting link - guns and lead

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Not the link you are thinking of. From Science Direct:

Association of childhood blood lead levels with firearm violence perpetration and victimization in Milwaukee


    • Blood lead linked to subsequent firearm violence perpetration and victimization.
    • Increasing risks for firearm violence found in each higher category of blood lead.
    • 56% of perpetration (51% victimization) may be attributable to blood lead ≥ 5 μg/dL.

Childhood lead exposure impairs future decision-making and may influence criminal behavior, but its role in future firearm violence is unclear. Using public health, education, and criminal justice datasets linked at the individual level, we studied a population-based cohort of all persons born between June 1, 1986 and December 31, 2003 with a valid blood lead test before age 6 years and stable Milwaukee residency (n = 89,129). We estimated associations with firearm violence perpetration (n = 553) and victimization (n = 983) using logistic regression, adjusting for temporal trends, child sex, race, and neighborhood socioeconomic status. Increasing risks for firearm violence perpetration and victimization were found in each higher category of blood lead compared to the lowest, after adjusting for confounding...

...In Milwaukee, during a period of high lead exposures, childhood levels may have substantially contributed to adult firearm violence. While we cannot definitively conclude causality, the possibility that over half of firearm violence among this sample might be due to lead exposure suggests the potential importance of lead exposure reduction in firearm violence prevention efforts.

Very interesting and very plausible. Tip of the hat to Peter Grant at Bayou Renaissance Man for the link.

Those evil guns

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Gun violence? How about knives, hammers, etc... Some pesky numbers from Law Enforcement Today:

FBI: More people killed with knives, hammers, clubs and even feet than rifles in 2018
It’s the data that the mainstream media tends to bury when it doesn’t fit their agenda.

According to the FBI, more than five times as many people were killed in 2018 by knives, clubs and other cutting instruments than with rifles.

The metrics show that there were a total of 1,515 deaths by knives or other cutting instruments last year. Compare that against 297 people killed by rifles.

It’s a gap that widened significantly over 2017. In that year, the FBI said nearly four times as many people were stabbed to death as killed with rifles. During that year, the number of murders with rifles was around 400.

The article nails it in the first sentence: "fit their agenda"

This is all about taking away people's legitimate Constitutionally protected ability to defend themselves. Tyrants do not want an armed population. Robert A. Heinlein said it best: "An armed society is a polite society."

Get woke, go broke - Colt Firearms

Sorry to see such a venerable business whack their own pee-pee's so harshly. From ABC News:

Colt will stop manufacturing AR-15 assault rifle for consumer market
Venerable gun manufacturer Colt says it will stop producing the AR-15, among other rifles, for the consumer market in the wake of many recent mass shootings in which suspects used the weapon.

"At the end of the day, we believe it is good sense to follow consumer demand and to adjust as market dynamics change," Dennis Veilleux, president and CEO of Colt, said in a statement. "Colt has been a stout supporter of the Second Amendment for over 180 years, remains so, and will continue to provide its customers with the finest quality firearms in the world."

Colt is a privately-held corporation (actually an LLC - interesting...) so we can not track their numbers. They did file for bankruptcy in June 2015. I see this bit of pandering as a really stupid move so I am betting that Mr. Veilleux will be looking for work in 3... 2... 1...

Eugene Stoner's design is absolutely wonderful. He and John Moses Browning are in my pantheon. Superb engineering and superb craftsmanship. There are a few other people that are as just as good but these two names are legend.

Fake news - PolitiFact

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Much loved "independent" "debunking" site proves itself to be just another purveyor of the progressive narrative.
From The Washington Times:

Ted Cruz reminds PolitiFact of prior 'False' ruling on 'Beto wants to take our guns' claim
Sen. Ted Cruz isn’t about to let PolitiFact forget an old “false” ruling in the wake of Beto O’Rourke’s gun control comments Thursday evening.

The Texas Republican reminded the nonprofit group that it rated his claim that Mr. O’Rourke wanted to “take” guns as “false” in March 2018.

“We saw no language authorizing or directing officials to take existing guns,” Politifact wrote at the time.

The Democrat, then vying for the Senate seat held by Mr. Cruz, told the nonprofit that his “intent is for AR-15s not to be sold to the public.”

That changed during this week’s Democratic primary debate hosted by ABC and Univision.

“Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” he said when asked about his endgame regarding gun control laws. “We’re not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore.”

Silly humans, the internet is forever. We remember.

Gun laws - Maine

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A perfect article on why guns lower crime. From American Thinker:

Four years after allowing universal ‘concealed carry’ law, Maine rated the safest state in the nation for crime
Since 2015, residents of the state of Maine have been allowed to carry a concealed firearm without any special permit, and now the results are in: crime has fallen to the point where the state is now rated the safest in the nation from the threat of crime. The Maine Examiner reports:

When Maine passed a “Constitutional Carry” law allowing Maine residents to carry a concealed firearm without any special permit in 2015, opponents of the law forecast a dangerous future for the state. They said the new law would hurt public safety and put Maine kids at risk.

One state representative who opposed the bill went so far as to say it would give Mainers a reason to be afraid every time they went out in public or to work.

Another state representative suggested the law would lead to violent criminals with recent arrests and convictions legally carrying handguns.

Well, there is the narrative and then there are the facts - let's look at them:

The US News &World Report rankings of the safest states has named Maine as the safest state in the nation.

Public safety makes up 50 percent of the Best States for crime & corrections ranking. This subcategory evaluates both the violent crime rate and the property crime rate in each state, as measured by the FBI in 2017. Though some major cities, such as Chicago and Baltimore, have seen drastic increases in homicides in recent years, overall violent crime and property crime rates remain near historic lows.

A higher state ranking indicates a lower crime rate for these metrics. Maine ranks first in the nation for public safety. Fellow New England state Vermont places second in this subcategory, followed by New Hampshire, New Jersey and Idaho.

It keeps bearing out - more guns, less crime.

Selling guns

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From Justin Maloney's Twitter feed:

So true...

Get woke, go broke - Walmart

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It is not like Walmart will actually go broke (shop there regularly myself) but their decision today is nothing but pandering to the vocal minority of gun grabbers. From CNBC:

Walmart plans to dramatically step back from ammunition sales after ‘horrific’ shootings
Walmart said Tuesday it will discontinue all sales of handgun ammunition and sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition that can be used with military-style weapons, following two “horrific” shootings at Walmart stores this summer.

Excuse me but the one horrific shooting in El Paso happened at a Walmart located in a mall managed by the Simon corporation. Simon's published Code of Conduct specifically states:


In other words, a gun-free zone. How did that work out for them. Had one or two people there been armed, the toll from this mentally ill a**hole would have been substantially less than what transpired.

And then, there is this (from the same report):

The biggest retailer in the world also is asking customers at Walmart and Sam’s Club to no longer openly carry firearms in stores, in states where “open carry” is allowed, unless they are authorized law enforcement officers. Open carry legislation is currently on the books in more than 26 states, Dan Bartlett, executive vice president of corporate affairs, said during a call with members of the media.

Walmart said it won’t be changing its policy for customers who have permits for concealed carry. And it will be adding signage to stores in the coming weeks to communicate the updates.

Thank heaven for small favors - they are still allowing permitted concealed carry. What a dumb move. Pandering to a minority while making their stores less safe for us "normals".

More guns, less crime - Beto

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Presidential candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke uncovered a bit of truth and then put the wrong spin on it.
From Breitbart:

Beto O’Rourke: ‘America Has More Guns than Human Beings’
As part of his ongoing push for a forced buyback of certain firearms, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke lamented that “America has more guns than human beings.”

Hey Beto you big dummy. Your numbers are absolutely right - there are more guns in private ownership in the US than US citizens. If guns were the problem, we would all know it. The problem is mental illness but it is not "cool" to institutionalize someone for that so we let them self-medicate and walk around.

A bit of history

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Something to keep in mind:


The author needs to distinguish between its and it is but the facts are still the same...

Great news - guns

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Guns and mental health. From One America News:

Potential Mass Shooting Thwarted In Fla.
Just weeks after two back to back mass shootings rocked the U.S., authorities in Florida stopped a man who bragged about his plans to carry out a horrific attack of his own.

25-year-old Tristan Scott Wix was arrested Friday in the parking lot of a Daytona Beach grocery store. His ex-girlfriend contacted authorities after Wix allegedly sent her alarming text messages, saying he wanted to open fire on a large crowd. He also claimed to already have a target in mind.

After his arrest, Wix told detectives he didn’t have any weapons, but the Volusia County sheriff said that wasn’t the case:

“It was a 22 caliber hunting rifle, and he had 400 rounds of ammunition. So, the mall is right across the street from us. Saturday afternoon walking through the mall with 400 rounds of ammunition just sniping people, by the time police get there, you’re going to have a pretty high body count.”
— Sheriff Mike Chitwood, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Good that the police actually listened and followed through. Another mentally ill person off the streets. Time to reopen the institutions.

Gun violence - some analysis

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Willis Eschenbach is a favorite blogger of mine. He is a great storyteller as well as the owner of a very keen mind with a penchant for mathmatics and anaysis. Here is his take on gun violence in the USA

What’s Behind Gun Murders?
Well, I did this analysis about a year ago, but I hadn’t posted it because I knew that people would call me “RACIST!!” … but what I’m posting are simple facts. Plus at this point I’ve been falsely called a RACIST!! so many times it doesn’t even register any more.

Let me start with a much less contentious bit of analysis. This is the correlation between the rates of gun ownership and the gun murder rate. The short answer is … no relationship.

Just go and read the whole thing.

Chuck the Schmuck - body armor

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Legislation promised in the U.S. Senate would make the legal sale of body armor a “may issue” process signed off on by federal law enforcement.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, announced his legislation on Sunday to require FBI permission before anyone except law enforcement could buy what he termed “sophisticated body armor,” setting a bar that would require a clear purpose, such as an occupational requirement, for the buyer to seek the safety equipment.

“The bottom line here is that the ease by which one can acquire wares of war demands the FBI sets reasonable regulations on who can get it,” said Schumer, who plans to introduce his bill after the current Senate recess.

And, of course, Schumer is just virtue signalling. There are already laws on the books to cover this:

Even if Schumer’s proposal does not make it into law, it is already against the law for criminals to add body armor to their toolkit. Since 2002, it has been illegal under federal law for convicted felons to possess body armor of any sort. This has been prosecuted in U.S. courts even in states that do not criminalize the possession of body armor.

Why don't you start doing your job for your constituents instead of pandering to the progressive elites. How is that wall coming Chuck?

Public shootings - the aftermath

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Actions have consequences - from Reuters:

Targeted in Walmart attack, Hispanics in El Paso flock to firearms classes
More El Paso residents than ever before crowded into a class over the weekend to become certified to carry a concealed gun in public in Texas after this month’s mass shooting at a Walmart store that killed 22 people.

Guadalupe Segovia, 35, was at the class with her two children. She said her military husband had long been pushing for her to get a concealed-carry license, which allows the holder to wear a gun hidden under their clothes or carry it in a purse when they are in public.

Some more:

The vast majority of people at the classes were Hispanic; El Paso is a predominantly Latino city. Police say the accused gunman deliberately attacked Hispanics in the Walmart.

Michael McIntyre, general manager of Gun Central, one of the largest gun shops in El Paso and the host of the class, on Friday said his store tallied double the usual number of sales in the week following the attack, something that did not happen after previous mass shootings in Texas.

Most of the sales were for handguns, which can be strapped to an ankle or shoulder under clothing.

“I have over 50 for this Saturday class and approximately the same amount for the Sunday class, and I normally have approximately seven,” McIntyre said.

“We actually had two people buy guns here who were actually in the Walmart on the day of the shooting. The other people are just saying, ‘Hey, you know I want to be able to protect myself in the event of something going on.’,” he said.

And, it should be remembered that that particular Walmart was in a mall managed by the Simon company and their general policy (for "safety" 'ya know) is that they are all gun free zones. How did that work out for you? Hmmm?

Knife control - London, England

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Talk about stupidity - from USA Today:

After murder rate passes NYC, London Mayor Sadiq Khan calls for sharper knife control
London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a crackdown on knives Sunday in response to the rising levels of violence in London, which recently surpassed New York City's homicide rate for the first time.

"No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife," Khan tweeted. "Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law."

There have been more than 50 homicides in London so far in 2018, and much of the violence is tied to gangs.

Guns are strictly regulated in the United Kingdom and the rising homicide rate in London is directly attributable to a rise in knife-related crimes, with stabbings claiming at least 31 lives to date in 2018. By contrast, New York — which has a population roughly the same size as London — has seen a steady decline in violent crime.

Sheer lunacy and out of touch. I carry a knife all the time and use it several times/day. I am not armed, I am dressed. What is he going to come after next - cricket bats? Will fists become illegal? There is no end.

Heinlein said it best: "An armed society is a polite society." And it is not just England, from Norway:

Norway Mayor Calls for Ban on Machetes Following Brutal Attacks
The mayor of Oslo, Norway is calling for a ban on machetes following a series of brutal attacks in the city using the deadly weapon.

Mayor Raymond Johansen argues that Oslo doesn't have a need for the huge knives because the city doesn't have a jungle, which is where machetes are designed to be used.


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