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This advertisement was posted in the Charlotte Craigslist about a week before the riot:


More at Zero Hedge:

Why Was This 'Crowd Hire' Company Recruiting $25 An Hour 'Political Activists' In Charlotte Last Week?
Trump ignited a political firestorm yesterday during an impromptu press conference in which he said there was "blame on both sides" for the tragic events that occurred in Charlottesville over the weekend.   

Now, the discovery of a craigslist ad posted last Monday, almost a full week before the Charlottesville protests, is raising new questions over whether paid protesters were sourced by a Los Angeles based "public relations firm specializing in innovative events" to serve as agitators in counterprotests.

The ad was posted by a company called "Crowds on Demand" and offered $25 per hour to "actors and photographers" to participate in events in the "Charlotte, NC area."  While the ad didn't explicitly define a role to be filled by its crowd of "actors and photographers" it did ask applicants to comment on whether they were "ok with participating in peaceful protests."

Curious... Whose money paid for this?

Quote of the month

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Black people who were never slaves are fighting white people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by Democrats because Democrats can’t stand their own history anymore.. yet somehow it’s Trump’s fault.
— Jeff Laffite Jones

Quote of the day month

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Being intelligent is not a felony. But most societies evaluate it as at least a misdemeanor.
--Robert A. Heinlein

Just a wonderful payback but I feel sorry for the poor donkey who will be put down. From Morocco World News:

15 Teenagers Treated for Rabies After Engaging in Bestiality with Donkey
Fifteen minors who sexually assaulted a donkey in the small rural town of Sidi Kamel in the communal providence of Sidi Kacem have been treated for rabies infections received from the animal.

The sexually frustrated children and teenagers stayed at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital for one week to receive rabies vaccinations after the animal transmitted the disease to them, explained Moroccan daily Al Akhbar in its August 10 edition.

The incident has put the families of these fifteen young people into distress and horror, reports the daily.

Local authorities have been alerted and search for find anyone else who has “approached” and “admired” the animal closely, in order to limit the risk of rabies spreading among the inhabitants of the region.

The occurrence became the subject of mockery and ridicule among the population of the small town.

I just love that line: "admired the animal closely" - again, it is sad that the donkey will be put down - I love mules and donkeys over horses but still, talk about payback. Rabies is not a disease to be taken lightly - by the time the symptoms manifest, you stand a good chance of being a goner.

Looks like I could have made some big bucks by stockpiling prepper goods and selling them in Detroit. From the Detroit, Michigan CBS affiliate WWJ:

Products Flying Off Shelves At Army Supply Store As Shoppers Prep For ‘World War III’
As the rhetoric ramps up over North Korea and nuclear weapons, the cash registers have been ringing at a local Army Supply store, where some are apparently prepping for a third World War.

Ben Orr, the manager of Joe’s Army Navy in Royal Oak, says he’s been selling a lot of “prepper items” over the past week or so.

“We’ve been very busy. Unusually busy, I’d say,” Orr told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill. “It’s definitely an increase, just in selling all the normal prepper stuff, end of the world stuff. A lot of water prep stuff, food, MREs — the military meals.”

And there’s been a substantial increase in the sale of a particular item they don’t sell much of — a so-called radiation antidote called potassium iodide.

“It actually stops your thyroid from absorbing any radiation. So, it fills your thyroid with iodine, which it normally does anyways,” said Orr. “Your body can’t tell the difference between bad, radioactive iodine and acceptable iodine, so it actually will stop you from getting thyroid cancer.”

This is the same mind-set that led up to a lot of people buying generators and food in the run-up to the Y2K nothing-burger. There were a lot of nice lightly used generators for sale for cheap in the year or two after the "event". It will be interesting to see what is available a few years from now. The key to prepping is slow and steady - you do not have to run out and get everything at once, a couple extra cans of tuna fish or beans when shopping is fine - buy some extra batteries. Have a small radio. Prescriptions, pet food, a book or two and maybe a deck of cards. That sort of stuff...

Just wow - Agents of SHIELD

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Just watched the last episode of Season 4 - there is a Season 5 but it has not started airing yet. Great show - the first couple of episodes are not much to write home about but then the writing kicks into overdrive and it keeps getting better and better (as well as a lot of fun as they make lots of pop-culture references in and outside of the Marvel universe).

Looking forward to Season 5 this fall...

RIP - Haruo Nakajima

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Haruo Nakajima? From the London Daily Mail:

Original Godzilla actor Haruo Nakajima, who played the movie monster, dies from pneumonia aged 88
Haruo Nakajima, the actor who played movie monster Godzilla over two decades of Japanese cinema, died at 88.

The Yamagata, Japan native first wore the famed bodysuit of the movie monster in the 1954 film Godzilla, which was released stateside as Godzilla, King of the Monsters.

Nakajima was featured in movies such as Eagle of the Pacific and Seven Samurai prior to landing the career-defining part, for which he had to don a 100-plus pound suit that was made of concrete.

Here is a nice interview from Great Big Story:

Great quote

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The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
--Dorothy Parker

So wonderfuly true!

Interesting publisher eLand

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Specalising in travel books including reprints of older ones. From their website:

Eland houses an unrivalled collection of books about the world and its societies. The titles explore the magic of our cultures, their humour, their common humanity and their inspiring differences. For the price of a good bottle of wine our travel books offer inspiration for passionate exploration – in the company of authors who really know, and who know how to tell it.

Will have to explore their collection.

Must suppress that which does not fit the narrative. From Breitbart:

MILO: NPR Killed Book Interview ‘Because I Sounded Too Reasonable’
Former Breitbart Senior Editor MILO flew to New York specifically to take part in an extensive interview with NPR about his bestselling book, DANGEROUS. During the July 10 interview, which MILO has provided exclusive footage of, the host stated that the interview would be going live the next day. MILO was then reportedly contacted by an NPR producer that clarified that the interview would be published the following week.

When the interview was still not published, leading MILO to question why it had not gone live, he was reportedly informed that a short version of the interview would be published “sometime in August.”

When asked for comment, MILO said, “It’s perfectly obvious from the constantly shifting deadline from NPR producers and the line of questioning from the host that they were expecting a low-rent troll — someone who would assure the broadcaster’s ossified audience that anyone sympathetic to the President must be a redneck or an idiot.”

“What they got was me: an articulate, New York Times bestselling author in complete command of his material,” he noted. “If America were finally to hear a provocative, intelligent, fabulous but eminently reasonable gay free speech crusader who leans to the Right — yes, I’m still talking about myself — it would be devastating to the Left’s speech codes and dedication to political correctness and identity politics. So NPR did the only thing they could in the circumstances to protect the narrative: they nixed the interview.”

And this is not the first time for NPR:

NPR previously spiked an interview with podcaster Adam Carolla after an attempt to portray the comedian as a racist backfired.

It is certainly within National Public Radio's charter to air what they want to but stories like this really show their bias. Considering that NPR is funded with our tax dollars, they should be more in line with the interests of the general public.

Here is the interview - have not listened to it yet but will later tonight. Also picked up a copy of his book.

Ten rules for life

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Great list from terribleminds:

Everything is dumb right now.

From nose to tail, we have become the dumbest, saddest pig at the county fair. Historians will not refer to this period as THE DARK AGES, but rather, THE DUMB AGES. The greatest question I get, right now, is how to simply persist creating art and staying motivated and creative in this epoch of syphilitic dipshittery, so I thought I’d bop in here and try my hand at answering that.

1. Stop staring at the news and at social media. This is hard, because presently the news is a series of constantly crashing cars right outside your window. One after the next, bang, smash, crash. The symphony of shrieking metal is very, very hard to turn away from. In many eras, the news is only marginally relevant to you on a day to day basis but, to me it seems that ratio is going up, up, up. The healthcare debacle alone affects me, um, rather significantly. If I don’t have access to healthcare via health insurance, then this thing that I do gets a whole lot harder. Just the same, I gotta know to turn away from it. The news is a vampire. It’ll bleed you dry and leave you a desiccated husk on the carpet. You can look at it, but pick your times. Write or make art first, then go and stare into the unswerving gaze of Sauron himself.

2. Writing is an act of resistance. Art is an act of resistance. Shit, just living your life in the maelstrom is resistance. Here’s how you know when something is a act of resistance: would the Shitty People, the Petty Men with Axes, want you to do it? No? Then do it. They want you showing your belly. They want you to stop contributing your ideas. They want you to shut the fuck up. So, don’t. Don’t get sad. Get mad. Get fucking pissed. And then —

3. Put that piss and vinegar into the work. Pour it right in. Glug, glug, splish-splash.

Seven more at the site - rules to live by.

Great quote

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There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
-- Albert Einstein

We lost two biggies

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From the movie and television arena:

I was in my penultimate year at high school in Pittsburgh when Night of the Living Dead was released. An actual movie filmed in Pittsburgh? What an idea and it was a lot of fun to watch - recognised the locations. Single-handedly kicked off the whole zombie meme.

From Alec Jones and Infowars but don't hold that against this - it is great fun and you know that this is just the opening salvo in the meme-wars. Someone, somewhere is a few days from releasing one even funnier.

From The Jerusalem Post:

Just a week and a half before they’re scheduled to perform at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park, English rock band Radiohead continued to battle the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. During the band’s Friday night concert at the TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow, Scotland, several activists raised Palestinian flags as well as a “Radiohead: #canceltelaviv” sign, and held demonstrations outside the venue, causing lead singer Thom Yorke to respond.

According to Consequence of Sound, prior to the band’s performance of “Myxomatosis,” Yorke reportedly exclaimed, “Some f#cking people!” while staring out into the crowd. He was also caught giving the middle finger to the flag wavers.

Great move - mock them until they go away. Those protesters have been indoctrinated with lies about the history of palistine. The real history is fascinating in that the idea of the "Nation" of palestine was a Russian KGB plot involving the first palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat who went to college at Moscow's Patrice Lumumba University for nine years. Russia feared that Israel was going to be a very strong nation and wanted to destabilize them so they could not take over the Middle East and the oil.

Some people indeed.

From the Give The Enough Rope playbook - NBC News:

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Suggests He Makes Up Fake Stories to Mislead Reporters
Maine's controversial Gov. Paul LePage appeared to suggest on Thursday that he makes up fake stories to mislead reporters — before adding that society would be better off without print media in general.

"I just love to sit in my office and make up ways so they'll write these stupid stories because they are just so stupid, it's awful," LePage told local radio station WGAN-AM on Thursday.

"I'm sorry, but I'd tell you the sooner the print press goes away the better society will be," he added.

LePage's office did not immediately respond to request for comment.

LePage, a Republican, also called Maine's media "vile and inaccurate" over reports earlier this week that he planned to take an out-of-state vacation during tense budget negotiations and a state government shutdown.

I love how NBC calls him "controversial" when, in fact, he was elected by a majority of Maine's citizens to administer their State. He was first elected in 2010 (inaugurated in January of 2011) and has won each election since.

"The sooner the print press goes away" - I love it and it is so true. There is a place for local media to serve news and announcements but the majority of the national print media are dying. The New York Times had to rent out eight of their floors in its spiffy new headquarters (opened in 2007) and recently laid off a bunch of editors.

Colin Kaepernick was in the news for refusing to stand for the National Anthem before a game. Now this - from The Gateway Pundit:

Colin Kaepernick Travels ‘Home’ to Ghana to Trash US on Independence Day
The former NFL quarterback, who no one wants to pick up this year for some reason, tweeted out his disgust for America on Independence Day.

Kaepernick: “How can we truly celebrate independence on a day that intentionally robbed our ancestors of theirs? To find my independence I went home.”

Kaepernick released this video on Independence Day. It has over 53,000 likes.

Kaepernick made headlines last year when he attacked police officers, trashed America and praised Marxist tyrant Fidel Castro.

Maybe we should all give Kaepernick a bit of slack - he came from a messed up home environment. From InfoGalactic:

Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Heidi Russo, a 19-year-old woman who was single and destitute at the time. His birth father, an African American, was out of the picture before he was born. Russo placed her son for adoption with Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, a white couple who had two children—son Kyle and daughter Devon—and were looking for a boy after having lost two other sons to heart defects. Kaepernick became the youngest of their three children.

White teenage mom, black baby-daddy who ran away before he was born. Adopted into a loving white family, raised Christian and still practicing. Just not that strong a player and with his anti-American rhetoric, it is no wonder that no major team wants him on their side. At least he hasn't turned Muslim like some of the other disaffected blacks. That would be the ultimate irony as it was the Muslims that sold the blacks into slavery in the first place.

Another video released - CNN

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James O'Keefe just released another undercover video of executives at CNN - from his Project Veritas:

American Pravda Follow-Up: CNN Producer Doubles Down on "Stupid as Sh*t" Comments About Voters
A follow-up to Project Veritas' American Pravda: CNN video again exposes Jimmy Carr, the Associate Producer for CNN's New Day saying he doesn't think he "said anything wrong."

Carr was recently featured in Project Veritas' American Pravda: CNN video series, stating that CNN thinks Trump is "f*cking crazy," that Kellyanne Conway looks like she was "hit with a shovel,' and that the American voters are "stupid as sh*t."

After seeing the first and second Project Veritas video which exposed CNN employees admitting the Russia narrative was "bullsh*t" and a "nothing burger," Carr says he "had a moment of panic." He elaborates:

"[W]e're all going holy sh*t, how is this guy so stupid, he's talking to everyone and telling... Saying X, Y, Z about CNN. Then I went... Well, I talked to a couple of guys at a bar on Friday afternoon and I said things that we wouldn't normally say..."

Heh - this is what our elites think of us. Let us show them a thing or two - emailing their advertisers would be one way. Also, just stop watching. FOX News is already doing much better in the ratings than CNN - there is a reason for this.

So sadly true

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It is sometimes a real boon that there is no cell service out here - the scenery is gorgeous and people need to stop spending so much time glued to their phones. get out and enjoy life!


Fscking hypocrite - from the UK Telegraph:

Greenpeace executive flies 250 miles to work
One of Greenpeace’s most senior executives commutes 250 miles to work by plane, despite the environmental group’s campaign to curb air travel, it has emerged.

Pascal Husting, Greenpeace International’s international programme director, said he began "commuting between Luxembourg and Amsterdam" when he took the job in 2012 and currently made the round trip about twice a month.

The flights, at 250 euros for a round trip, are funded by Greenpeace, despite its campaign to curb "the growth in aviation", which it says "is ruining our chances of stopping dangerous climate change”.

I know that Amsterdam is a gorgeous city but haven't these people ever heard of Skype? Greenpeace started out doing good work but they are now just another large Nongovernmental Organization sucking off the taxpayer teat.

Catch and Release - Eric Clapton

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Not too shabby with a guitar. Pretty darned good with a fly rod too - from Men's Journal:

Eric Clapton Just Caught the Year's Biggest Salmon in Iceland
Rock & roll legend. World-class guitarist. Record-setting angler? Turns out that Eric Clapton, one of the greatest musicians of all time, is just as good with a fly rod as he is a guitar.

Clapton, while on a fly-fishing trip to Iceland last week, landed a 28-pound salmon on the Vatnsdalsá River, setting the record for reeling in the biggest salmon of the summer. The massive fish measured 42.5 inches. Working with Vatnsdalsá guide Sturla Birginsson, Clapton had to run over half a mile downriver after hooking the monster, and spent two and a half hours reeling it in. The local fishing association enforces a strict catch-and-release policy on the Vatnsdalsá River, but Clapton was able to snap a picture of his record-setting catch before setting it back into the river.

Great article - goes into Eric's history with fly fishing and life in general - here is the fish:


The Historical Marker Database

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Great database of historical markers worldwide - lots of search options: The Historical Marker Database

Knew about the sites in Bellingham but did not know about a couple in Whatcom County.

From Hawaii News Now:

'Powerful': Huge crowds welcome Hokulea home from worldwide voyage
In a milestone moment in Hawaii's history, tens of thousands crowded into Magic Island on Saturday to welcome Hokulea home from her unprecedented, three-year voyage around the globe. 

The double-hulled sailing canoe, officially a "state treasure," was greeted with chants and cheers — and its crew members with lei, hugs and tears.

Hokulea sailed into the Ala Wai Boat Harbor about 9:45 p.m., the culmination of a worldwide voyage meant to spread a message of environmental sustainability and caring for Mother Earth.

For many looking on, the moment was nothing less than magical.

"Just being here and feeling the mana that's here, it's something to enjoy which brings tears to my eyes," said Bert Wong, who came to Ala Moana Beach Park to celebrate Hokulea's homecoming -- and to celebrate his son, Kaleo, a Hokulea navigator. "This is so powerful."

Amazing voyage - this will be a part of Hawaiian culture for hundreds of years. Here is the ship's website: HŌKŪLEʻA HOMECOMING

The Wall Street Journal operates behind a draconian paywall but even just the first paragraph or two make for interesting reading:

U.S.’s Latest Target in 1MDB Probe: Leo DiCaprio’s Art, Miranda Kerr’s Jewelry
The Justice Department files lawsuits to seize assets allegedly bought with money stolen from a Malaysian investment fund, including a $250 million yacht
U.S. prosecutors have broadened their effort to seize assets they allege were bought with money stolen in a Malaysian financial scandal, filing lawsuits to claim diamonds given to model Miranda Kerr, movie posters and artwork given to Leonardo DiCaprio, and a megayacht known as the Equanimity.

The suits, filed Thursday by the U.S. Justice Department, are the latest seeking to claim property and other assets linked to alleged fraud at a Malaysian state fund called 1Malaysia Development Bhd., known as 1MDB. Thursday’s suits...

Could not be happening to a nicer guy. Good actor but serious case of Dunning-Kruger for everything else (climate, energy policy, politics, etc...) Shut your mouth and dance, monkey, DANCE!!

Talk about a nasty screed - from Project-Syndicate:

Trump’s Climate-Change Sociopathy
President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement is not just dangerous for the world; it is also sociopathic. Without remorse, Trump is willfully inflicting harm on others. The declaration by Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, that Trump believes in climate change makes matters worse, not better. Trump is knowingly and brazenly jeopardizing the planet.

I'll spare you the drivel and the fake numbers - Sachs closes with this paragraph:

Instead, Trump’s sociopathic behavior, and the corruption and viciousness of those surrounding him, has produced utter disdain for a world nearing the brink of human-made catastrophe. The next human-caused climate disasters should be named Typhoon Donald, Superstorm Ivanka, and Megaflood Jared. The world will not forget.

A typical ad hominem attack with no data to back it up. Plus, Sachs is attacking President Trump's family members - one simply does not do that. This is not civil discourse, this is behaviour I would expect from a six year old child.

Quote of the month

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You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common.
They don't alters their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit the views,
which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.
-- Doctor Who

From Breitbart:

Anti-Donald Trump Play, ‘Building the Wall,’ Shuts Down in NYC After Poor Ticket Sales
An Off-Broadway play that paints an ominous picture of a post-President Trump America is shutting down in New York City after struggling to build an audience in the liberal city.

Building the Wall, written by Tony Award-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan, is closing a month early, the play’s producer Jeffrey Richards told the New York Times. 

There is more at the site including a great photo of the author and actors with a serious case of the sads. Enjoy your bubble folks - it is going to get popped sooner than you expect.

This looks good

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Going to be hard not to see David Suchet but Kenneth Branagh is no slouch:

The current crop of movies

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A great look at living in a bubble - from Quartz:

Movie studios are blaming Rotten Tomatoes for killing movies no one wants to see
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Baywatch were never going to be critical darlings. The former is the fifth film in a franchise that should have been retired years ago, if Hollywood had any mercy at all. And the other is an action-comedy about lifeguards. Enough said. Both movies led the domestic box office to its worst Memorial Day weekend showing in nearly 20 years.

In the fallout, are Hollywood producers blaming the writers? The actors? Themselves? (Of course not.) No, they are reportedly blaming Rotten Tomatoes.

They say the movie-review site, which forces critics to assign either a rotten or fresh tomato to each title when submitting reviews, regardless of the nuances of their critiques, poisoned viewers against the films before they were released. Deadline reported that:

Insiders close to both films blame Rotten Tomatoes, with Pirates 5 and Baywatch respectively earning 32% and 19% Rotten. The critic aggregation site increasingly is slowing down the potential business of popcorn movies. Pirates 5 and Baywatch aren’t built for critics but rather general audiences, and once upon a time these types of films — a family adventure and a raunchy R-rated comedy — were critic-proof. Many of those in the industry severely question how Rotten Tomatoes computes the its ratings, and the fact that these scores run on [the movie-ticket buying site] Fandango (which owns RT) is an even bigger problem.

The studios are out of touch with the American viewer. This attempt at shifting blame shows just how much.

From Variety:

CNN Fires Kathy Griffin From New Year’s Show After Donald Trump Beheading Stunt
CNN has fired Kathy Griffin from their annual New Year’s Eve program, which she cohosted with anchor Anderson Cooper.

The network made the announcement via Twitter Wednesday morning.


Don't let the door hit 'ya where the good Lord split 'ya...

Quote of the month

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From Ol' Remus at the Woodpile Report - talking about kids in college and their safe spaces, micro-agressions, diversity, whatever...

Many of these kids will be Alt-Right in ten years or so. How many depends on how stern a teacher reality is to be.
Said differently, when the host dies and these fatted parasites free-fall into reality, some will have an epiphany, the rest will be eaten alive or just crawl off and die.

Beautifully put.

Busted for a DUI - from TMZ:

TIGER WOODS BUSTED FOR DUI ... 'Arrogant' During Arrest
Tiger Woods has been arrested on DUI charges in Jupiter, Florida.

The golfer was stopped by cops early Monday morning for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He was taken in around 3 AM and released from Palm Beach County Jail at 10:50 AM.
You'll recall ... when Tiger and then wife Elin Nordegren got into their blowout fight back in 2009, he hit a tree while allegedly driving under the influence of Ambien. He was not charged with DUI at the time.

Story developing ...

The guy is only 41 but he looks really rough around the edges - his mug shot:


Makes me wonder about all of his sponsorships - they might forgive one isolated hot mess but a history of them?
From Forbes:

Another Endorsement Earnings Bogey For Tiger Woods With DUI Arrest
A picture is worth a thousand words.

And if that picture happens to be a Tiger Woods mugshot post-DUI arrest, it will almost assuredly cost Tiger Woods millions in current and future endorsement earnings.

According to an ESPN report, Woods was arrested for driving under the influence early Monday near his home in Jupiter, FL. He was released on his own recognizance at 10:50 a.m. ET after spending several hours in jail. He was booked at 7:18 a.m.

Most immediately, my thoughts are:

    • How quickly will companies drop Tiger as a corporate spokesperson?
    • How much money will this cost a guy who has already lost millions in endorsement earnings due to his highly publicized infidelity?
    • Will Nike continue to stand by Tiger?

He recently had back surgery so he is not able to compete on the golf course. I wonder what his financial outlook is like - did he save anything or did it just go out as fast as it came in.

The devil is in the details

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History being rewritten at CNN - from Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch:

CNN rewrites history to claim that Islam was part of America’s founding
“While Muslims were present at America’s founding, Islam — as a coherent, self-conscious religious and political civilization — was not.”

Wait for it...

Yes, and those Muslims who were present at America’s founding were here because other Muslims had sold them to non-Muslims as slaves, either because the Muslim slave traders didn’t realize that they were Muslims, or because they belonged to a sect that the slave traders considered heretical.

Someone does not know their history. It was war with the Muslims that caused our new nation to develop its Navy. I find it laughable when some pompous black person takes a Muslim name or even goes so far as to convert to Islam. His ancestors were rounded up by Muslims, death-marched to the shore by Muslims, and sold by Muslims (about 20% to North America, 70% to South America and the Caribbean). If I was of African decent, I would have nothing whatsoever to do with anyone of Muslim persuasion let alone consider changing my name or faith.

Nick Offerman's Common Sense

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Great set of videos from Vanity Fair:

How to Unite Our Divided Country

How Fake News Changes Us

Just the two so far but this should be a fun series.

Make an example of him - Antifa

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Self-righteous bastards each and every one of them. From San Francisco's East Bay Times:

Bay Area college professor used U-shaped bike lock in beating, police say
A former Diablo Valley College professor was arrested Wednesday in connection with the use of a bike lock in the beating of three people during a rally for President Donald Trump last month, police said Thursday.

Eric Clanton remained in custody in lieu of $200,000 bail at Berkeley Jail on Thursday and is scheduled to be arraigned at 9 a.m. Friday at Oakland’s Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse. He was arrested on three counts of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon that isn’t a firearm and assault causing great bodily injury.

In a statement Thursday, police acknowledged that video of the incident, captured by onlookers and posted on social media, helped them identify Clanton as the suspect behind “several violent assaults” that happened April 15 during the demonstration at Civic Center Park on Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

A bit more:

Conservative websites celebrated the arrest as a victory against so-called anti-fascist groups. Conservative groups of Trump supporters fought with anti-Trump protesters — self-described as anti-fascists or “antifa” — during the rally.

Minor comment - in every case I have read or watched, the conservatives always let the antifa assholes land the first punch. It is a matter of the moral high ground that the Conservatives do not initiate a fight. As soon as that first punch lands though, all bets are off and in most cases, it is the antifa snowflakes who cave in.

Looks like a great movie

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More here: No Safe Spaces

Iceland? Seriously WTF?

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I backpacked through Iceland a long time ago and had a wonderful time - the people were very friendly and really great. Now this - from Frontpage Magazine:

Last Thursday, I gave a lecture on the jihad threat at the Grand Hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland. Shortly thereafter, a young Icelandic Leftist registered his disapproval of what I said by poisoning me.

It happened after the event, when my security chief, the organizers of the event, and Jihad Watch writer Christine Williams, who had also been invited to speak, went with me to a local restaurant to celebrate the success of the evening.

At this crowded Reykjavik establishment, I was quickly recognized. A young Icelander called me by name, shook my hand, and said he was a big fan. Shortly after that, another citizen of that famously genteel and courteous land also called me by name, shook my hand, and said “F**k you.”

We took that marvelous Icelandic greeting as a cue to leave. But the damage had already been done. About fifteen minutes later, when I got back in my hotel room, I began to feel numbness in my face, hands, and feet. I began trembling and vomiting. My heart was racing dangerously. I spent the night in a Reykjavik hospital.

What had happened quickly became clear, and was soon confirmed by a hospital test: one of these local Icelanders who had approached me (probably the one who said he was a big fan, as he was much closer to me than the “F**k you” guy) had dropped drugs into my drink. I wasn’t and am not on any other medication, and so there wasn’t any other explanation of how these things had gotten into my bloodstream.

The restaurant had a video system and they know who it is - and this about the Icelandic media:

I should have seen it coming. After all, my visit had triggered a firestorm of abuse in the Icelandic press, all based on American Leftist talking points. Every story about my visit had the same elements: the notice that the SPLC claims that I purvey “hate speech,” which is a subjective judgment used to shut down dissent from the establishment line; the fact that I am banned from Britain, with no mention of the key detail that I was banned for saying that Islam has doctrines of violence (which is like being banned for saying water is wet) and for the crime of supporting Israel; and the false claim that I incited the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik to kill (in reality, I’m no more responsible for Breivik’s murders than the Beatles are for Charles Manson’s). After the event, one article even featured a big photo of Breivik, but quoted nary a thing I said that evening.

Not a single Icelandic media outlet that ran a story about my coming or about the event itself contacted me for comment, much less for rebuttal to the charges they made against me. One TV station did air an interview with me in which the interviewer refused to believe that I did not feel responsible for the Breivik murders, and asked me about them again and again. 

After the event, articles in the Icelandic press included quotes from the 50 protesters, but none included even a single quotation or description of anything we had actually said. None quoted any of the 500 brave Icelanders who braved the hatred of the politically correct elites to come to the Grand Hotel to hear me and Ms. Williams – a staggeringly large number in a country of 300,000 people. 

How about some tolerance and hospitality

Disgusting. Iceland should be ashamed of themselves.

From autoblog:

Brand-new Ford Fusions used to smuggle marijuana from Mexico
The war on drugs is never ending, with smugglers finding new and creative ways to bring their goods across the border. New 2017 Ford Fusions shipped from Mexico had their spare tires swapped for packages of marijuana, not only making their way to dealer lots but onto the driveway of an 86-year-old Minnesota man. According to Alpha News, more than 1,100 pounds of marijuana were recovered from 22 vehicles, most of which traveled north on the same train car.

The drugs were found between February and March of this year. A contractor for Burlington Northern Sante Fe railroad tipped off authorities after discovering drugs in two cars. The contractor was inspecting the Fusions before loading them onto a transport headed to dealerships. Thirteen other cars, all from the same railcar, had already made their way to dealer lots. Each car had 40 to 60 pounds of marijuana in the trunk. In March, another Minnesota dealer found another seven Fusions packed with drugs.

Somebody slipped up on the recieving end.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Feds nab 1,378 in record gang sweep; 20 came from Michigan
Calling it a record sweep, the federal government announced today the arrests of 1,378 people who were targeted in a six-week-long operation that took down some of the nation's most dangerous gang members, from alleged drug dealers and killers to alleged human smugglers and sex traffickers, the government said.

Of the total arrested, two-thirds were U.S. citizens, one-third were foreign nationals from 21 countries in South and Central America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

A good start - this is a bit like playing whack-a-mole in that for every gang banger taken off the street, another one will show up but still, these are the leading edge of the drug cartels and cutting into their profits is always a good thing. This is unfortunatley a real manifestation of the stupidity of the war on drugs.

Prohibition did not work for alcohol, it only caused crime to spike to high levels. Why should things be any different with drugs. Legalize everything and provide safe clean places for injections. This has not happened so I wonder who is being paid off.

Sending our prayers to England

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From the London Daily Mail:

Queen calls her entire household to 'highly unusual' emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace today but mystery surrounds the reason why
Speculation amongst Buckingham Palace staff was rampant last night as the Queen’s most senior aides called her entire household to an emergency meeting today.

Servants from royal residences across the country have been ordered to London and will be addressed this morning by the Lord Chamberlain, the most senior officer of the Royal Household, as well as Her Majesty’s right-hand man, Private Secretary Sir Christopher Geidt.

Even her longest serving staff were left in the dark about why the meeting was being called but multiple sources said it was ‘highly unusual’ and had sparked fevered talk about an imminent announcement concerning the monarch or her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

I hope that things are well with the Queen and her Husband. The reign of King Charles will be a disaster for England - the man is not fit for the Office.

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