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Great quote - Helen Mirren

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Now this has to grind their gears a bit

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From the New York Times Best Sellers list - nonfiction:


Can't get a break - Errol Morris

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An amazing film maker runs into the WOKE crowd - from Reason:

Oscar-Winner Errol Morris on American Dharma, Steve Bannon, and Cancel Culture
When Errol Morris debuted American Dharma, his documentary about Stephen Bannon, last year at the Venice Film Festival, he received an ovation. But after early reviewers accused the Oscar-winning director of letting the former head and adviser to President Trump "off the hook," Morris found it impossible to get a distribution deal in the United States.

It was the first time in decades that the acclaimed director of The Thin Blue Line and The Fog of War couldn't get a movie into theaters. "The experience was so damn weird," Morris tells Reason. "People became so angry with me and with the movie, they certainly wanted to deplatform not just Bannon, but they wanted to deplatform me."

But now his film, American Dharma, is finally in theaters.

Nick Gillespie sat down with the 71-year-old Morris, whom Roger Ebert called "as great a filmmaker as Hitchcock or Fellini," for a wide-ranging conversation about the censorious first reactions to his new film, his history with Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, and what he learned—and didn't learn—about Steve Bannon's philosophy. He also talks about why he thinks we're in a golden age of documentary filmmaking, his heated grad-school confrontations with philosopher Thomas Kuhn (detailed in his recent book The Ashtray: Or the Man Who Denied Reality), and Wormwoodhis 2017 Netflix docudrama series about the CIA's notorious MKUltra mind-control program.

Looks like an interesting podcast - Errol Morris is one of my favorite documentarists.

Life in Los Angeles

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Talk about a shit-show - from The New York Post:

Homeless man hurls bucket of diarrhea at woman near Hollywood Walk of Fame
A homeless man dumped a bucket of “hot” diarrhea on a Los Angeles woman near the Hollywood Walk of Fame — an unprovoked attack that’s left her with PTSD,  she said this week.

Heidi Van Tassel said she was about to drive home from a Thai restaurant near the famed tourist area in April when the alleged assailant, Jere Blessings, dragged her out of her vehicle, news station NBC4 reported.

He pulled her into the middle of the street, where he dumped a bucket of feces over her head, she said.

“It was diarrhea. Hot liquid,” Van Tassel told NBC4. “I was soaked, and it was coming off my eyelashes and into my eyes.”

The Democrats own this problem. They created it, they need to assume the responsibility for their policy failures.

A bit more about Muslim incest...

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...and it's effect on society. Nobel Laureates by religion. The only concrete lists I could find were for Christians of various Denominations, Jews of various, and Muslims. From Infogalactic:

Christian Nobel laureates by denomination (1901 - 2000) - total of 425 (65.4% of the Laureates)

List of Jewish Nobel laureates (no years cited): Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 850 individuals, of whom at least 20% were Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population (or 1 in every 500 people).

List of Muslim Nobel laureates (cuts off at 2015): Muslims make up over 23% of the world's population. And as of 2015, twelve Nobel Prize winners have been Muslims. More than half of the twelve Muslim Nobel laureates were awarded the prize in the 21st century. Seven of the twelve winners have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, including a controversial award to Yasser Arafat. The recipient of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics, Abdus Salam, was a member of the Ahmadiyya community of Pakistan. Aziz Sancar is the second Turkish Nobel laureate and the first Muslim to be awarded Nobel prize in the field of molecular biology in 2015.

Some of the numbers are a bit wonky (drawn from different sources and different ranges of years) but the overall trend is very prominent. Data don't lie.

From all fin next level:

1500 Year Experiment on Effects of Inbreeding

Healthy unrelated parents have an estimated chance of two to four per cent of having a child with a genetic disease, developmental problem or congenital defect. In contrast, in consanguineous marriages the risk is five to seven per cent, depending on the degree of the relationship between the parents and their ethnicity. __ Source

For almost 1500 years, Islam has allowed first cousin marriages. The result of this policy is clear across the middle east, North Africa, and in other parts of the world where Muslims practice inbred marriages.

A Danish news outlet titled Jyllands-Posten released information in 2009 concerning the astonishing rate of stillbirths, physical deformities, and various mental diseases caused by the ever-imminent incest-filled landscape in the Muslim world, concluding that Pakistani, Turkish and Somali women are twice as likely to experience complications during childbirth. Nearly 70% of Pakistanis are the product of inbreeding in Islam, mostly due to the Muslim tradition of marrying cousins via choice or arrangement. BBC also released a study, revealing that approximately 55% of Pakistani immigrants in Britain were married to a first cousin and that Pakistani-British were “at least 13 times likely to than the general population to have children with recessive genetic disorders.” __

Much more at the site and a lot of hard data to back up the cultural acceptance of incest and birth defects. What this has caused is an overall "dumbing down" of islamic culture and a "smartening up" of european culture due to the Church prohibiting consanguineous marriage.

The islamists are showing no sign of changing this policy so we get to watch them slowly fade away. Sad really as they once had a very strong and vibrant culture. Much much more at the site - very thought provoking and explains a lot.

From The Federalist:

Mississippi Food Stamp Work Requirements Save State Taxpayers $93 Million Every Year
Reinstating work requirements for food stamp recipients in Mississippi reduced enrollment and led to higher wages among those weaned off government dependency, finds a new study released on Friday from the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA).

The study from the Florida-based think tank found that after Mississippi reinstated work requirements for food stamps for able-bodied, childless adult recipients, the program saw a 72 percent decline in recipients among this group, saving Mississippi taxpayers almost $93 million each year after the measures were put in place in 2016.

The authors also found that those who benefited from the dignity of working instead of taking welfare flourished across 716 different industries and saw wages double in just one year off of government assistance.

Nothing wrong with a social safety net - shit happens out there. It needs to be temporary though - not a lifestyle.

A big yawn - anti-Trump book

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Some schmo wrote a book and it is not selling well - from The Washington Free Beacon:

Mark Halperin’s New Anti-Trump Book Barely Sells 500 Copies
Disgraced former MSNBC analyst Mark Halperin’s book How to Beat Trump: America's Top Political Strategists On What It Will Take sold 502 copies during its first week, according to NPD BookScan's Wednesday report.

Not many Americans purchased Halperin's book this week despite the description on Amazon that claims, "more than 100 million anxious Americans want to know: how can Donald Trump be beaten in 2020 and evicted from the White House?"

Just six reviews of the book have been posted to Amazon, one of which is titled "Write what you know, Mark." In it, user Ball Student wrote, "He'd be better off avoiding speculation and sticking to areas he has extensive experience in: groping female employees."

ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Mark Halperin? Didn't he used to be famous or something?

Quote of the week

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So true:

"The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it."
--H.L. Mencken

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Nigeria's Oscar Entry 'Lionheart' Disqualified for Predominantly English Dialogue
Nigeria's entry for the international feature film Oscar category was disqualified on Monday because it contained too much English dialogue, leading to backlash from its filmmaker, Nigerian actor-director Genevieve Nnaji, as well as from fellow helmer Ava DuVernay.

Lionheart is Nigeria's first-ever submission to the Academy Awards. Nnaji stars alongside Peter Edochie and Nkem Owoh in the film, which she also co-wrote with her producing partner Chinny Onwugbenu. Lionheart premiered at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival and was acquired by Netflix for worldwide distribution.

According to the Academy's rules for the international feature film category, "an international film is defined as a feature-length motion picture (defined as over 40 minutes) produced outside the United States of America with a predominantly non-English dialogue track." Lionheart has just under 12 minutes of dialogue that is in the Igbo language native to Southeastern Nigeria, while the rest of the 94-minute pic is in English. The film is not excluded from entering other Oscar categories, including consideration for best picture. 

From the CIA World Factbook for Nigeria (excellent resource for any nation by the way):


So with over 500 indigenous languages, they standardized on English as their official language.
Smart move Academy. Fact checking anyone?

From World Net Daily:

Gag order in case of 7-year-old 'transgender' triggers alarm
A family advocate is protesting gag orders by judges in family disputes, citing the Texas case in which a father challenged his ex-wife's forced gender "transition" of their 7-year-old boy.

Judge Kim Cooks imposed a gag order on Jeffrey Younger and Anne Georgulas after ruling "joint conservatorship" of their son, James.

The Mom:

James Younger's mother had been making him wear dresses, paint his nails and telling him he's a girl since he was 3 years old.

She's also been taking him to a "gender clinic."

Her plans for the boy, whom she calls Luna, include drugs and even surgery.

I have not seen it mentioned  but this sounds like a classic case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy

Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP or MbP) is a behaviour pattern in which a caregiver fabricates, exaggerates, or induces mental or physical health problems in those who are in their care, usually to gain attention or sympathy from others. With deception at its core, this behaviour is an elusive, potentially lethal, and frequently misunderstood form of child abuse or medical neglect that has been difficult to define, detect, and confirm.

Signs and symptoms
In Munchausen syndrome by proxy, an adult caregiver makes a child appear mentally or physically ill or impaired by either fabricating symptoms or actually causing harm to the child, in order to gain the attention of medical providers and others. In order to perpetuate the medical relationship, the caregiver systematically misrepresents symptoms, fabricates signs, manipulates laboratory tests, or even purposely harms the child (e.g. by poisoning, suffocation, infection, physical injury). Studies have shown a mortality rate of between 6% and 10% of MSbP victims, making it perhaps the most lethal form of abuse.

A review found the average age of the person affected at diagnosis was 4 years; slightly over half of were aged 24 months or younger, and 75% were under six years old. The average duration from onset of symptoms to diagnosis was 22 months.

That sure seems to fit the story. The problem is not the child or father, it is the mentally ill mother.

An interesting bit of history

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British legal wigs:

No mention of cost but if they take several weeks to manufacture, I would suspect more than a few thousand bucks.

The time change

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Maggie's Farm is there:

Busy, cold night
Busy, cold night at Stonehenge as they move the rocks back an hour


Maggie's is a daily read for me.

The crazy is strong in England

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From the London Daily Mail:

Birth coach is 'hounded out' of industry charity Doula UK after transgender activists branded her Facebook message claiming only women can have babies 'offensive'
A birth coach has been ‘ostracised’ by her professional organisation after transgender activists branded as offensive a Facebook post in which she said that only women can have babies.

Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, 45, was forced to stand down as spokesperson for Doula UK and has since resigned altogether from the national organisation for birth coaches. Her exit comes after transgender rights activists triggered an investigation in which Doula UK concluded her message breached its equality and diversity guidelines.

They did not expel the mother- of-four, who has been a doula – who provide continuous support during pregnancy – for six years, but threatened to suspend her unless she deleted the post.

Let us look at some numbers.

The 2010 census puts the population of homosexuals at around 3.8% of the general population. Since homosexuality is at heart a biological issue, I am assuming that this number is pretty consistent through the world's population.

Figure the percentage of extreme activists to be maybe one tenth of this number or 0.38% or so. Four people in a population of one thousand. And I am being generous. The gay people I know are quiet and just want to be left alone with their sweeties so let's bump that down one more order of magnitude - make it 0.038% of the US population.

In a population of ten thousand people, there will be 3.8 extreme activists. Why do these people get all the attention? How do they get away with imposing their ideas on innocent people. How do they get away with imposing their "culture" on the other 9,996.2 of us?

Screw them - this is a big planet and they need to adapt to us, not the other way around. Don't like it? S.T.F.U.

Great quote

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"A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both."
--Dwight D. Eisenhower

I will take a raincheck on my jetpack but I would love a flying car. From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Blade Runner was set in November, 2019. Here's what it and other movies got right and wrong about the 'future'
Look at the person sitting to the left of you. Now look at the person sitting to the right of you. Is either of them wearing a high-collared full-length trench coat or a wide-shouldered black boxy blazer?

If the answer is "no," you've just discovered one of the things 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner got wrong about the "future".

Because that future is right now — today, in fact. The Harrison Ford film, based on the Philip K Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, is set in November, 2019.

The Ridley Scott classic tells the story of Rick Deckard (Ford), a world-weary cop whose job it is to hunt down and "retire" replicants — robots that are so human-like they've started believing they should be left alone to live their lives like everyone else.

We can now officially say the fashion of Blade Runner, inspired by 1980s punkish elements and the noir films of the '40s and '50s, is not what people are wearing in 2019.

More at the site. Great movie. Great soundtrack too.

From Breitbart:

Michelle Obama: ‘Afraid’ White Folks Were Running from Us — ‘And You’re Still Running’
On Tuesday at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, former first lady Michelle Obama accused “white folks” of running from “us,” while recounting her childhood on the South Side of Chicago.

Discussing “white flight” in Chicago neighborhoods, Obama said, “As families like ours — upstanding families like ours who were doing everything we were supposed to do and better. As we moved in, white folks moved out because they were afraid of what our family represented.”

She continued, “I want to remind white folks that y’all were running from us. This family, with all the values that you read about, you were running from us. And you’re still running because we’re no different than the immigrant families that are moving in, the families in Pilsen. The families that are coming from other places to try and do better. But because we can so easily wash over who we really were — because of the color of our skin, because of the texture of our hair — that’s what divides countries, the artificial things.”

Two words come to mind. Bull and Shit. M is only seeing the narrative. Cultural diversity is good.

She is not seeing the increase in crime - much of it violent. She is not seeing the increase of drug use. She is not seeing the gangs. She is not seeing the run-down properties. I could go on but you get my drift.

Trick or Treat

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Of course - Elizabeth Warren

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Hypocrites. All of them. The Daily Caller:

Elizabeth Warren Pledges To Crack Down On School Choice, Despite Sending Her Own Son To Elite Private School
Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is pledging to crack down on school choice if elected, despite the fact that she sent her own son to an elite private school, publicly available records show.

The 2020 presidential candidate’s public education plan would ban for-profit charter schools — a proposal first backed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — and eliminate government incentives for opening new non-profit charter schools, even though Warren has praised charter schools in the past.

“To keep our traditional public school systems strong, we must resist efforts to divert public funds out of traditional public schools,” Warren stated in her plan.

And her son (the data is from 1987)

Warren has pledged to reduce education options for families, but she chose to send her son Alexander to Kirby Hall, an elite private school near Austin. Tuition for Kirby Hall’s lower and middle schools — kindergarten through eighth grade — is $14,995 for the 2019-2020 school year. A year of high school costs $17,875.

Kirby Hall’s 1987 yearbook lists Alexander Warren among the school’s fifth-graders. Yearbook photos show Kirby Hall’s Alexander Warren is the same Alexander Warren seen in old family photos with his now-famous mother.

Rules for thee but not for me.

He is 100% correct you know

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From The Daily Wire:

Kanye West Claims Democrats Have ‘Brainwashed’ Blacks

Read the whole thing and then come back here and try to change my mind.

It is way past time to leave the Democratic plantation.

Changing the definition

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You don't actually have to get sober, you can just change the definition to fit your own lifestyle. From The Cut:

What Does It Mean to Be ‘Cali Sober’?
Recently, I saw a conversation between a few women I follow on Twitter about Fiona Apple, who was profiled by Vulture last month. In the course of her interview, Apple mentions that she’s stopped drinking, but has started smoking more weed instead: “Alcohol helped me for a while, but I don’t drink anymore,” she says. “Now it’s just pot, pot, pot.” This was the part of the interview the women were discussing. “Fiona Apple: Cali sober??” one wrote.

The term “Cali sober” here refers to people who don’t drink but do smoke weed, though internet definitions vary slightly: Urban Dictionary says it means people who drink and smoke weed but don’t do other drugs; an essay by journalist Michelle Lhooq uses it to refer to her decision to smoke weed and do psychedelics, but not drink. While the term is new to me, the behavior it describes is not: this is more or less how I operate. I’m not sober, but I rarely drink, and when I do, I usually have a single glass of wine. In my early 30s I’ve discovered that when I’m looking to unwind after a stressful week, or having a movie night with friends, I’d much rather smoke weed than drink a few beers. As a result, I haven’t been hungover in years. I also sleep better, and my anxiety (for which I also take daily Prozac, and go to therapy) is more manageable. But I also feel guilty about smoking, likely because I grew up believing that all drugs are bad, and that taking them makes you a worse person. Alcohol is, of course, also a drug, but everyone does that — at least, until they don’t.

Cali Sober? Smashed out of your gourd but it's OK - just part of my hedonistic lifestyle.

So true - quote of the day

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"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing."
--Albert Einstein

A couple stories from People Magazine

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Tip of the hat to Don Surber. The good:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Most Over-the-Top Gifts and Gestures
In addition to gifting Kim some “amazing bags“, Kanye donated $1 million to four different prison reform organizations close to Kim’s heart (including #cut50, where she is reading the law in an apprenticeship) for her birthday. “This makes my heart so happy!” Kim tweeted. 

Don reminds us:

Kanye made a million-dollar donation to four prison reform organizations. Her late father was a criminal defense lawyer and she wants to follow his path. She worked with President Donald John Trump to get clemency for a grandmother serving life over a drug deal. She had served 21 years.

Kim and Kanye lobbied for a bipartisan bill to allow parole for federal inmates.

This week, Kanye said he will move his shoe factories to America. We shall see.

The bad:

Judge Refuses to Remove Brad Pitt From Lawsuit Over Hurricane Katrina Victims' Deteriorating Homes
Brad Pitt will remain a defendant in the lawsuit that claims his charitable foundation Make It Right built inadequate housing for Hurricane Katrina victims.

The Times-Picayune reports that Civil District Court Judge Rachael Johnson ruled that Pitt would remain a defendant in a September 2018 lawsuit — in which Pitt and his foundation were sued by homeowners who claimed the homes Make It Right built for them were seriously faulty and deteriorating at a rapid pace — in a decision made last week.

In doing so, Johnson denied Pitt’s November 2018 request to dismiss him from the lawsuit, in which he claimed he had no personal involvement, instead suing the executive architect of the houses, John Williams, on behalf of Make It Right.

Pitt has enough star-power and pull to shame the contractors into doing right. Instead, he is trying to weasel out of his part of the deal and do this behind the scenes hoping that people will forget. He paid to have these built. He should have had "his people" check to see that they were being built. Corruption in New Orleans? Knock me down with a feather.

A big yawn - supposed magic

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A bunch of false magicians and they do not realize what they are getting themselves in for. Karma is a bitch when you practice Wicca for evil. From the Christian Broadcasting Network:

Tonight at 11:59 Thousands Will Gather for a 'Binding Spell' Against Trump, Here's How You Can Pray
As if battling the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry against him wasn't enough, President Donald Trump will next have to face a "binding spell" cast by "thousands" of witches late Friday night.

As Halloween approaches in a few days, several media outlets are reporting witches who oppose President Trump are planning to cast a "binding spell" on his administration. Such reports of witchcraft being used against the President are nothing new. Witches have been trying to cast spells against Trump since his inauguration in 2017.

Scheduled for Oct. 25 at 11:59 pm, these self-proclaimed "witches" are planning to conduct a ritual which is meant to "bind," but not harm the President unlike a "curse" or a "hex." These witches believe they are doing something positive for the entire country by not allowing President Trump to cause harm to the US by his actions.

Heh - I have known people who were practicioners of Wicca and who were quite effective. Binding is not direct harm but it is still a "bad" kind of spell and the energy will come back at the people trying to manifest it. They have in their hearts that Orange Man Bad and that will taint their energies opening themselves up to karma.

Ringleader - of course:


Quote of the day

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"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."
--General George S. Patton

Heh - so true...

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Found on the intarwebs:


Academia on parade

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Not a pretty sight - from The Gateway Pundit:

Here We Go… Angry Gender Studies Professor Blames Trump for Black Women Being Obese
A 2012 study published in Common Health magazine reported, “No population in the United States has a higher obesity rate than African American women, four out of five of whom are overweight or obese, according to a 2012 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Obviously, there is no correlation between obesity, black women and Trump.


But it doesn’t matter.

Rutgers gender studies professor, Brittany Cooper, when speaking to a group of black women on Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Black Women OWN the Conversation,” made the claim that it was President Trump who was making black women fat.

What is needed here is a sense of self-reliance and self-education. What is not needed is the culture of dependency that the Obama administration promoted. You are responsible for your own food decisions, your own education, your own life. Nothing more and nothing less.

Vox Day said it best:

In academia there is no difference between academia and the real world; in the real world there is.

The. Most. Terrifying. Pumpkin. Ever.

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Found over at BoingBoing:


Political correctness gone crazy

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A n***er person of color using the word n***er gets fired for using that word - from

Black Madison school staffer appeals firing for repeating student's racial slur
A black security guard who was fired from West High School after telling a student who called him the N-word not to use the slur — and repeated the word itself — is appealing his termination, saying the district’s zero-tolerance policy toward such language by staff ignores crucial context.

Messages of support flooded Marlon Anderson’s Facebook page after he posted a brief description of the incident Wednesday. Anderson had worked for the Madison School District for 11 years.

“I had no idea I was going to be terminated, because I didn’t understand that zero tolerance meant there is no context attached to the word,” Anderson told the Wisconsin State Journal. “I need the district to answer the question of how can a black man lose his job for telling a student to not call him the N-word.”

Words fail. I can only offer this:

'Tis the season - haunted house

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A haunted house for liberals - from the Babylon Bee:

Haunted House For Progressives Just Normal Conservative Man's Home Containing Bibles, Guns, And A Copy Of The Constitution
PORTLAND, OR—It's that time of year where houses, churches, and businesses around the neighborhood begin opening up their haunted houses for those seeking a good fright.

One haunted house in Portland is promising progressives the scariest experience of all: a tour of a regular conservative guy's home. The home contains a sizable collection of guns, several Bibles, a few American flags, some pictures of Ronald Reagan, and of course, a copy of the Constitution.

"I can't look!" screamed one progressive as he opened one door and saw a hunting rifle. "Ahhhhh!!!" He ran from the house screaming, taking shelter in a nearby yoga studio.

The haunted house's owner, Bob Larson, told reporters he saw an opportunity to make a little bit of cash and ran with it. "I didn't really even change anything," he said, shrugging, as he turned Fox News up to full blast to add a spooky atmosphere and started cleaning one of his handguns. "I just sit here and watch my favorite Fox News hosts and they all walk through the house, screaming in fright."

No progressive has currently made it through more than a few rooms in the house, as they usually run screaming or dive out a window in their hurry to get away.

In the haunted house's scariest room, the attic, there's a copy of the Constitution hanging on the wall. As guests slowly approach the frightening document, a hidden speaker begins reading it out loud in the voice of George W. Bush. One progressive died on the spot of a heart attack.

Larson's haunted house did give one of his entrepreneurial progressive neighbors an idea, however, and the liberal has opened a haunted house for conservatives that's just a gay person standing there doing nothing.

The Bee is a satire website but they are quickly morphing into the Nation's news source of record.

I love it - Redneck Margarita machine

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How to git scientistcally ignant:

So true

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"When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have been committed in the name of rebellion."
--Charles Percy Snow

Yikes - Eagles tickets

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Tickets for the Eagles tour went on sale today and talk about nosebleed territory.

The cheapest seats were $300 each. Decent floor seats went for $1,230.50 on up and don't ask about VIP seats.

Was toying with the idea of going down for the show. They were one of my favorite bands and it would be fun to see the (almost) original lineup. Not at those prices.

More inclined to go to this event anyway - seriously considering attending next year:

If you thought last year was awesome, hold on to your hats! This year will be bigger and better in every way. The event will take place at the Texas Early Days Tractor and Engine Association Show Grounds in Temple, TX (at 1717 Eberhardt Rd). Covering 58 acres of history, it’s the perfect location to celebrate old skills brought back to life… blacksmithing, woodworking, campfire cooking, metal casting, welding, printing press operation, pottery, leathercrafting, antique tool restoration and operation, hundreds of operational antique tractors, engines, and equipment, beekeeping, and so much more! 

Happy Columbus Day

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I refuse to celebrate anything else and here is why - from the New York Post:

Columbus Day haters are missing the entire point of the holiday
So long, Christopher Columbus. You’ve been canceled.

Some 60 cities and states have stopped celebrating Columbus Day, in many cases replacing it with Indigenous Peoples Day. There’s no doubt Columbus — and the conquistadors who followed — enslaved and slaughtered on a mass scale. But Columbus didn’t bring cruelty to peaceful, benign peoples. The indigenous people were also cruel to one another.

Iroquois Indians were famous for their practice of torturing enemies to death over a period of days. The Kwakiutl Indians in the Pacific Northwest practiced cannibalism. A mass grave dating to the 14th century, in what is now South Dakota, turned up 500 murdered, dismembered and scalped bodies of men, women and children. Many tribes scalped their victims alive.

Ritual child sacrifice was common among the Mayans, the Aztecs and many other peoples. The Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan contains the remains of 42 children around age 6 who were murdered to appease the god who made the rains fall. Because the tears of children were required to prime the pump, some of the kids’ fingernails were torn off to make them cry.

The Incas would drug little girls with alcohol and coca leaves, then freeze them, then mummify them. In a spot that today is right across the Mississippi River from St. Louis was a burial site where scores of teen girls were ritually sacrificed. There is a theory that poor people and slaves captured in war were literally fed to rich Aztecs because protein was so scarce. In the 15th century, life was cruel. Columbus didn’t invent cruelty in the Americas.

Hey, but we’re only thinking of the good things done by indigenous peoples, right? But that’s exactly the point of Columbus Day, to celebrate the good stuff.

The arrival of Columbus in America kicked off an era of rapid technological advancement and cultural ferment. While the clash of civilizations was bloody, celebrating Columbus Day is not a salute to conquest. Columbus is simply a handy symbol for all of the energy Italians and other Europeans brought to the Americas. That’s why the fifth-oldest university in the US, the capital of Ohio, a province in Canada, a traffic circle at the southwest corner of Central Park, a country in South America, one of the big five Hollywood studios, one of the four TV networks (the C in CBS), the vice-presidential anthem and, oh yeah, the seat of the federal government are all named in honor of Chris.

All the people trying to re-write history are pitifully ignorant of it. They are only concerned with reinforcing the current narrative and not any actual scholarship.

Trump better for gays than Democrats

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Great article by gay activist Joshua Herr. From The Federalist:

Donald Trump Has Done Far More For Gay People Than The Stonewall Democrats
There is no easier way to make the left mad than being a gay Republican. This time, it’s the Stonewall Democratic Club that’s up in arms.

Stonewall is a group of LGBT Democrats who purport to champion “equality for all.” You wouldn’t know this from their record.

Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) during his first term. These acts outlawed gay marriage and military service for openly LGBT soldiers, respectively. It took 20 years to undo that codified discrimination. But Stonewall endorsed Clinton for reelection in 1996 anyway.

Barack Obama ran for president in 2008 opposing gay marriage. Stonewall endorsed him nonetheless. From 2008 to 2010, although Democrats controlled both the White House and Congress, Obama did nothing to advance LGBT equality. Stonewall endorsed him again in 2012.

Pesky facts - Joshua continues and cites several examples of the disparity of thought between the Stonewalls and the Log Cabin Gays.

Prepared in California

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Not surprised. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Batteries, ice and booze: Flustered residents scramble to prepare for PG&E shut-off
Halfway through the workday Tuesday, Sarah Weld panicked.

With a widespread power outage looking more and more likely, she realized the flashlights at her home in the Oakland hills would be useless without batteries. So she bought batteries on her lunch break.

But once at home, she learned that PG&E had confirmed widespread blackouts would hit some time Wednesday morning and knew she was woefully unprepared for days without power. Despite living along an earthquake fault and within a half block of where the 1991 Oakland conflagration destroyed the whole neighborhood, Weld didn’t have a comprehensive emergency kit ready to go.

Maybe this will be a wake-up call to people. A bit more:

The pace of business at Crown Liquors on Moraga Avenue in Montclair village was unusually brisk Tuesday evening.

“We must have sold over 200 bags of ice today,” said Paul Vasconcelos, long-time employee of the store. “People are loading up on ice and water and booze. They’re going a little crazy, know what I mean?”

Depends on what you mean by "being prepared"

Words to live by

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You tell them Lisa:


Journalism - it has come to this

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They have beclowned themselves so much that they have become irrelavent. From ABC News:

Washington’s Newseum to close by year’s end
A museum dedicated to journalism and the First Amendment is set to close its doors near the National Mall by the end of the year.

WTOP-FM reports the Newseum announced its impending closure Tuesday, citing yearslong financial issues. A company statement says that despite more than 11 years of service and nearly 10 million visitors, continued operations have proved to be unsustainable.

From ten years ago - Commentary Magazine of May, 2008:

The News Mausoleum
The Newseum, a dazzling edifice of glass, marble, and steel that recently opened in Washington after seven years of planning and construction at a cost of $475 million, sits directly across Pennsylvania Avenue from the National Gallery of Art and cater-corner from the National Archives. Though the location was not chosen for this reason, it suggests that the subject matter of the Newseum (a blend of “news” and “museum”) is as crucial to America and the West as the masterpieces hanging in the National Gallery and the foundational documents of the United States preserved within the Archives.

Its president, Peter Prichard, told me as he showed me around the almost-finished Newseum a few months ago that the purpose of the institution is the celebration of free speech. A 50-ton, 74-ft.-high slab of yellow Tennessee marble hangs from the front of the building; on it are etched the 45 words of the First Amendment. There could indeed be no nobler cause, but the Newseum addresses it primarily by inference. The slogan adorning its press kit gives the real game away: “Newseum. Where the News Comes to Life.”

This half-billion-dollar enterprise is not really a tribute to an important idea or a celebration of a basic human freedom. It is, rather, the news industry’s tribute to itself. And it is a tribute on a scale that would have gladdened the heart of Ramses II. The original Newseum, which opened in 1997, was a modest facility housed in the USA Today building across the Potomac from Washington in Rosslyn, Virginia. The current iteration, conceived by the Freedom Forum, a non-profit organization with a $700-million endowment courtesy of a huge block of Gannett Company stock, has been graced with eye-opening donations from almost every major-media corporation in America.

They did show the occasional spark of liberty but were chastised by the Social Justice Warriors and they caved.
From PJ Media of August 4th, 2018:

Reporters Shocked at MAGA Hats, 'Fake News' T-Shirts Sold at Newseum: 'Insult to Journalists!'
The Newseum is a fascinating place to visit if you're ever in D.C. It's like a history of history -- a collection of exhibits on the media that celebrates and honors the role of the press in American history.

So, what are they doing selling MAGA hats and T-shirts that say "You Are Very Fake News" in the gift shop of this hallowed place?

One reporter was shocked, shocked, I say, to see the offending chapeau on display.

Much more at that site. David Burge said it best:

Very interesting - groupmuse

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We were talking about music this evening and one of tonight's diners mentioned groupmuse

From their website:

We all crave shared experiences with real people, in real life, offline
Groupmuse is a platform enabling communities to come together around great art; an online social network that connects young classical musicians to local audiences through concert house parties. Share the great masterpieces of music with old and new friends — in your living room and throughout your city. Because art is better with your friends. Because music can't hear itself. Because we need to feel together. Groupmuse. Be Alive.

Groupmuse’s origins can be traced back to the Allston apartment of pianist Cristian Budu, in 2010. There, musicians from New England Conservatory would gather for chamber music house parties that would rattle the rafters with the sweet sounds of Brahms late into the night. Groupmuse founder Sam Bodkin was lucky enough to be invited to these concerts, refined the idea while working for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and put on the first groupmuse in January of 2013.

Every week, the Groupmuse platform brings hundreds of new listeners to classical music. With over 1000 events in the last year, we’ve been featured in TIME, the Guardian, the Boston Globe, NPR, and many others. It’s always free to host a groupmuse and we can adapt to any size space. Just set the number of guests you’d like to have over, reserve some spots for your friends, and our platform connects you to area musicians. Our new program, Groupmuse at Work, provides an exciting opportunity to infuse any company’s culture with the great masterpieces of art. Like all groupmuses, these experiences are characterized by warmth, depth, and inspiration. They help employees engage and bond as only profound and shared experiences can.

It doesn't list any events for the island or Bellingham but the Seattle listings look really interesting. Great idea!

Hitting too close to the truth

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I have read other things that Ronan Farrow has written and I like his work. He is liberal but in a classical sense and he is no stranger to factual reporting. He does not pander to the narrative like so many of his "colleagues". I have a reservation at the library for his upcoming book:  Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators

From the Amazon listing:

In 2017, a routine network television investigation led Ronan Farrow to a story only whispered about: one of Hollywood's most powerful producers was a predator, protected by fear, wealth, and a conspiracy of silence. As Farrow drew closer to the truth, shadowy operatives, from high-priced lawyers to elite war-hardened spies, mounted a secret campaign of intimidation, threatening his career, following his every move, and weaponizing an account of abuse in his own family.

All the while, Farrow and his producer faced a degree of resistance they could not explain -- until now. And a trail of clues revealed corruption and cover-ups from Hollywood to Washington and beyond.

This is the untold story of the exotic tactics of surveillance and intimidation deployed by wealthy and connected men to threaten journalists, evade accountability, and silence victims of abuse. And it's the story of the women who risked everything to expose the truth and spark a global movement.

Well, they are still at it. From The Daily Beast:

Former National Enquirer Editor Threatens Booksellers Over Ronan Farrow Exposé
Former top National Enquirer editor Dylan Howard is using high-powered law firms that practice in Britain, Ireland, Australia, and the United States in an attempt to quash Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow’s much-anticipated exposé Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators.

According to two knowledgeable sources, Howard—in an extraordinary step for a journalist who otherwise claims to favor the free flow of information—has retained the services of New York’s Kravet & Vogel, Sydney-based McLachlan Thorpe Partners, and the London-based Tweed law firm in an apparent campaign to suppress Farrow’s book, which is scheduled for publication on Oct. 15.

In addition to threatening Farrow and his publisher, Hachette, with a potential libel suit for an unreleased book that they have yet to read, Howard’s legal team has taken the unusual step of also warning booksellers that plan to stock Catch and Kill.

They must be running scared - what other secrets do they have in hiding...

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