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Heh - parallels in fiction?

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Wore a mask? [CHECK]
Instituted a quarantine? [CHECK]
Cancelled sporting events? [CHECK]
Root of the problem was bat? [CHECK]

But we have all been liberated. The city now belongs to us. Our leader told us this.

News you can use - Chris Rock

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A blast from the past - broadcast sometime on or before 2007 - dated but timeless:

Tip of the hat to Grouchy Old Cripple for the link.

Black Lives Matter - a three-fer

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From around the web:




Kind of hard to argue with the last one. Numbers are numbers and they do not lie. Narrative on the other hand...

Heh - brutal - Colin Kaepernick

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From My Pensieve - a fun site

And here we go - Ghislaine Maxwell

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Of course she has an insurance policy - from the London Daily Mail:

'She has copies of everything Epstein had.' Ghislaine Maxwell 'has secret stash of pedophile's sex tapes' that could implicate world's most powerful and 'will try to use them to save herself'
Ghislaine Maxwell has a secret stash of Jeffrey Epstein's twisted sex tapes and will use the footage as an insurance policy to save herself, a former friend exclusively revealed to

Maxwell, 58, was arrested at her hideout in Bradford, New Hampshire last Thursday. She was charged with six federal crimes, including enticement of minors, sex trafficking and perjury.

A bit more - the brains of the outfit:

Maxwell's former friend explained: 'Ghislaine has always been as cunning as they come. She wasn't going to be with Epstein all those years and not have some insurance.

'The secret stash of sex tapes I believe Ghislaine has squirreled away could end up being her get out of jail card if the authorities are willing to trade. She has copies of everything Epstein had. They could implicate some twisted movers and shakers.'

They added: 'If Ghislaine goes down, she's going to take the whole damn lot of them with her.'

Heh... Somewhere out there is a server with an encrypted file. All that is needed is the URL and the passkey and everyone has it - the genie will be out of the bottle.

A tale of two cities

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Very true:


From Peter

There must be no outdoor Fourth of July celebrations. Some drone footage from Los Angeles last night:

Looks like We The People are speaking back pretty loudly. I love it.

Shades of The Picture of Dorian Gray. These people have become so corrupted internally, so morally bankrupt, that it manifests to the rest of the world:


It is like this creature; this thing;  was only half-formed in the womb but managed to survive. They would not last 15 minutes in the real world without their constant support system around them. The Nation of Eloi.

When people talk about draining the swamp, they are being literal. Absolutely 100% literal - the swamp.

Not holding my breath

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A really lovely idea but...


From the Washington Examiner:

Sixty arrested in Seattle as protesters feud with police after demise of CHOP
Protesters continue to clash with law enforcement in Seattle days after the Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone was dismantled.

Police said they arrested 10 people between Thursday night and Friday morning for property destruction, assault, harassment, and failure to disperse. The Seattle Police Department also reported bottles, rocks, and fireworks being thrown at officers. All those who were arrested were booked into the King County Jail.

Local law enforcement officials began clearing out the area early Wednesday after Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an executive order mandating that people vacate due to violence and public safety issues. Since then, more than 60 arrests have been made, according to KING-TV, a local NBC affiliate.

One of the arrests on Thursday was of a prominent protester from the CHOP zone who led police in a high-speed chase. Police say the man was wanted for a felony.

More at the site - lots of links to various stories about kiddies behaving poorly. They need to go back to their mommies basement and crawl back under their Darth Vader blankie. They are failing as adults.

From Summit News:

Victim’s Attorney: Ghislaine Maxwell Could Reveal ‘Bigger Names’ Involved in Epstein Pedo Network as Part of Plea Deal
Victim’s attorney Lisa Bloom says that Ghislaine Maxwell could reveal a “bigger name” involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile network in order to secure a plea deal.

Appearing on UK radio show LBC, Bloom stated, “I’m sure that Ghislaine’s attorneys will try to make a deal where she speaks out about a bigger name to get reduced charges for herself.”

That was my immediate thought when I heard of her arrest. She has the resources to totally disappear - she came in because she was offered a deal. This is going to be fun if she doesn't suicide first. Poor Ghislaine - it was all too much for her.

From no less a reputable media outlet than the New York Times:

What Do You Do When Extremism Comes for the Hawaiian Shirt?
It’s one of the most discussed street styles of the spring: tactical body armor, customized assault rifles, maybe a sidearm and helmet, paired with the languid floral patterns of a Hawaiian shirt.

While it’s not uncommon to see heavily armed white men toting military-grade gear on American streets, the addition of the Hawaiian shirt is a new twist. It turned up in February at gun rights rallies in Virginia and Kentucky, then in late April at coronavirus lockdown protests in Michigan and Texas.

Think of the shirts as a campy kind of uniform, but for members of extremist groups who adhere to the idea of the “boogaloo” — or, a second civil war in the United States. If that sounds silly to you, consider that these groups settled on the Hawaiian shirt thanks to a string of message board in-jokes.

These morons are seeing conspiracies in everything these days. No way in hell am I getting rid of my 19 shirts (just counted them) just to satisfy some snot-nosed child. Got some classic old ones.

Speaking truth to power

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From Swedish citizen Alexander Bard:

Heh - most of the replies are in Swedish but the English language ones are a good mix of agreeing with the numbers and crying racism.

One can not argue with the numbers though. It is a problem that they need to face at some point and these current "peaceful protests" are not doing the cause any good at all.

That poor sucker - doomed

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From Busted Knuckles - I love the expression on her face. That poor groom is done for:


Entitlement writ plain. At least she is honest about showing her emotions.

The religion of peace

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High up there in my pantheon of graphic design. From the New York Times:

Milton Glaser, Master Designer of ‘I ♥ NY’ Logo, Is Dead at 91
Milton Glaser, a graphic designer who changed the vocabulary of American visual culture in the 1960s and ’70s with his brightly colored, extroverted posters, magazines, book covers and record sleeves, notably his 1967 poster of Bob Dylan with psychedelic hair and his “I ♥ NY” logo, died on Friday, his 91st birthday, in Manhattan.

His wife and only immediate survivor, Shirley Glaser, said the cause was a stroke. He also had renal failure.

Mr. Glaser brought wit, whimsy, narrative and skilled drawing to commercial art at a time when advertising was dominated by the severe strictures of modernism on one hand and the cozy realism of magazines like The Saturday Evening Post on the other.

Much more at the site - 91 is a good run. This guy was amazing.

The rest of 2020 - a bingo card

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Gerard has it:


And the fun never stops.

Friends don't let friends...

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Season is open - antifa

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Time for a bit of varmint hunting:

Tip of the hat to Vanderleun who reminds us that there is no bag limit.

A blast from past (2008) - Iowahawk

Tip of the hat to Chris Lynch for the reminder.

The Bubba Wallace story

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Hoax - plain and simple. Knew it when it first surfaced. This meme sums it up perfectly:


Captain Obvious? Paging Captain Obvious - to the White Courtesy Phone please.

A quote on fairness

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Great observation:

'Fair' is one of the most dangerous concepts in politics. Since no two people are likely to agree on what is ‘fair,’ this means that there must be some third party with power…to impose its will. The road to despotism is paved with ‘fairness’.
— Thomas Sowell

A good question

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Six months into 2020 - what is in our future:


Meanwhile, in flyover country

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An interesting story - a comment left at Instapundit:

Signs and portents of a metastasizing low-trust society.

Took the fams out to the Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga today, so we could buy some stuff for Annual Big-Ass Camping Trip. Bass Pro Shop had an enormous line out front -- easily a hundred people. I would ordinarily not stand in a line that long, but we drove a long way to get there, so we shrugged and found the back of the thing. Almost immediately, we started saying, "This can't really be the line just to get into the store," and finally the woman in front of us decided she would go check.

She went to the entrance, came back, pointed at the massive line, and said, "You don't have to wait to get into the store -- this is just the line for firearms."

Funny how autonomous zones, blue flu, and talk of defunding the police leads to massive lines for guns.

Afterward, we circled around to the back side of the Angeles Crest Highway, out by Wrightwood, so we could have a long drive home through the woods. As we passed Buckhorn Campground -- fifty miles of mountain road out of Los Angeles -- I was quite surprised to see the gate open, because I had just looked at the Forest Service website a couple days ago and saw that Buckhorn was still closed. So we drove through the gate and all around the campground: completely full, to the tune of fifty-plus campsites. Then we got home, and I went online to see when the Forest Service had opened it.

They haven't.

But now, in addition to the emphatic notice on the website that Buckhorn is closed, there's also a warning that it's a crime to cut open the gates to federal campgrounds, and the people who are doing it had better knock it off.

The illusion of government control is but a thin veneer. It is only effective if you agree to be bound to it.

Memory lane - the Brothers Gibb

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More popularly known as the BeeGees - from 1956


The Daily Timewaster of course...

From The Mind Unleashed:

New Reading of Mayan Calendar Suggests That the End of the World is This Weekend
2020 has really been one hell of a year. Not only have we seen a global pandemic that’s showing little signs of losing steam, but we’ve also seen social unrest, people’s livelihoods vanish into thin air, a tanking economy, plagues of locusts, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and massive firestorms.

If you think that we might be heading fast toward Armageddon, who can blame you?

But according to some conspiracy theorists on Twitter, the Mayan prophecy about a cataclysmic end of the world that supposedly would bring the world to a crashing halt on Dec. 21, 2012, was actually misinterpreted – instead, the calendar theorizers suggest, the Mayan doomsday will supposedly happen this week or next.

The difference between the Julian and Gregorian calanders - they counted the dates wrong. Supposed to be raining anyway so not like the EOTW is going to spoil anything.

And then, there is always this list: List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events

Two stories from CNN

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The first is from 2016 poo-poohing Hillary's frequent loss of balance and facial seizures, the second is considering that President Trump's health is failing because he walks slowly.

Doctor: What Clinton's stumble tells us

Why the Donald Trump-West Point ramp story actually matters

CNN is the house organ of the Democratic Party. Their job is to push and preserve the narrative.

Wise words

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So true and yet not many people realize this:


The media covers whomever shouts the loudest, not who speaks the truth.

I want that shirt

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Been cutting way back on buying novelty tee-shirts but will make an exception for this one.
Found over at Bayou Renaissance Man


Subvert the dominant paradigm

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Wonderful to see some pushback to these toddler tyrants - from National File:

BLM Protester In Ohio Told ‘This Ain’t Seattle’ And ‘We Don’t Put Up With Your Sh*t Here’
A Black Lives Matter protest that descended on the small rural town of Bethel, Ohio this week was met by over 700 mostly peaceful counter-protesters affiliated with motorcycle clubs and “Back the Blue” groups.

This is a really good number to think about:

Black Lives Matter protests throughout the country were cited as the impetus for the massive turnout amongst counter-protesters on Sunday. Protests that have devolved into violent race riots in Minnesota, New York, Georgia, and Illinois have seen countless instances of property damage, robbery, and politically motivated assault.

The death toll from the 2020 riots has exceeded the total number of unarmed black people killed by police in 2019, despite police brutality often being cited as justification for the violence by rioters

Emphasis mine.

Heh - more of these stories please!  I love it. Tell them that No means No. I am looking forward to July 4th - should be interesting to say the least. A couple videos at the site.

A perfect model citizen

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New York City used to have a low crime rate under Mayor Guilani and even under Mayor Cuomo.
Warren Wilhelm Jr. Bill de Blasio has reversed their good work and turned the city into a stinking shithole.
From the New York Post:

Brute accused of shoving elderly NYC woman has been arrested over 100 times
A career criminal with more than 100 arrests to his name was busted for cruelly shoving a 92-year-old woman into a Manhattan fire hydrant — leaving his victim too scared to walk alone in her own neighborhood.

The injured elder, a Bronx native named Geraldine, spoke to The Post on Tuesday after cops arrested convicted sex offender Rashid Brimmage, 31, and charged him with attacking her.

And the choirboy in question:

The frequent offender has now been arrested 103 times since 2005 for petty crimes and sex offenses, sources said.

The creep was convicted of sexual misconduct in 2012, then arrested for two sex offenses in 2014, police sources said.

And this:

At the time of Friday’s attack, Brimmage had three open criminal cases in the city, according to court records.

Just wonderful. At the risk of being labeled raacissss or something, Mr. Brimmage is not melanin-challenged. There are a lot of people blaming Caucasians for their problems. How about you clean your own house first before you start throwing stones. Just sayin'

Politically correct - mug shots

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This is downright funny - from Florida's Tampa Bay Times:

Tampa Bay Times drops mugshot galleries
The Tampa Bay Times effective today will no longer publish the mugshot galleries of those arrested around parts of Tampa Bay.

The galleries, which had been accessible on the homepage, included photos of every person arrested in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Manatee counties.

Several news organizations have discontinued such galleries amid criticism that they disproportionately show black and brown faces. The arrest information is publicly available on law enforcement websites.

“The galleries lack context and further negative stereotypes,” said Mark Katches, executive editor of the Times. “We think the data is an important resource that our newsroom will continue to analyze and watch carefully, but the galleries alone serve little journalistic purpose.”

So rather than address the problem (black children not growing up with a strong family structure), they memory-hole the outcome as it doesn't fit the narrative.

They should practice what they preach - from BizPac Review:

‘Light that man on fire’: Man in MAGA hat, toting US flag is punished for existing in Seattle’s new CHOP zone
A Trump-supporter carrying a U.S. flag triggered leftists as he walked through Seattle’s Capitol Hill Organized Protest Zone.

Wearing a signature Trump “Make America Great” cap and carrying a large pole with the American flag, the man was repeatedly verbally attacked and had his property taken as radicals occupying the downtown area let him know he was not welcome. One set of whining women berated him for “traumatizing” them.

All the non-conformists look and sound alike. They are living on the Democrat plantation - thinking what they want you to think, saying what they want you to say, doing what they want you to do. Preserve the narrative above all.

Tearing down our culture

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134 years of pre-existing history tossed in the trashcan - Quaker Oats. From Today:

Aunt Jemima to remove image from packaging and rename brand
The breakfast brand Aunt Jemima is removing its logo and will be renamed amid public outcry that the branding perpetuated a racist stereotype, its parent company said Wednesday.

Quaker Oats said in a statement that the longtime brand will remove the controversial image of Aunt Jemima from its line of maple syrups, pancake mixes and other foods starting at the end of 2020, while the name change will happen at a later date.

“We recognize Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype," Kristin Kroepfl, vice president and chief marketing officer of Quaker Foods North America, said in a statement to NBC News. "While work has been done over the years to update the brand in a manner intended to be appropriate and respectful, we realize those changes are not enough.”

Not enough? Nothing is enough for the social justice warriors. Once you yield, they will keep pushing until you are destroyed. In a situation like this, people need to punch back twice as hard. Now more than ever. The Aunt Jemima website is still here - time to screen-cap it before it goes away down the memory hole.

A good quote - socialism

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Socialism is the bane of the Dunning-Kruger intelligentsia:

"Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it."
--Thomas Sowell

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men"
-Frederick Douglass

Illusion versus reality

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Great tweet from Scott Adams:

Be sure to visit the tweet and read the follow-up comments - spot on.

Separated at birth

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This is downright uncanny:


Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an amazing American writer of horror fiction.
The other guy? Computers or something I think.


Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.
--George Orwell

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