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Jeff Greenfield? From Infogalactic:

He served as media commentator for CBS News from 1979 to 1983 and as political and media analyst for ABC News from 1983 to 1997, often appearing on the Nightline program. He served as a senior analyst at CNN from 1998 to 2007. On May 1, 2007, Greenfield returned to CBS News, where he served as a senior political correspondent until April 2011. He currently hosts PBS's "Need To Know" and also does political commentary on NBC Nightly News.

So he is deeply embedded in the Mainstream Media. From his twitter feed:

General James Mad-Dog Mattis had similar thoughts - from the Washington Examiner:

'Ignoring reality': Biden got it wrong on Iraq, Mattis says
Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis doesn’t recite any of his conversations with President Trump in his upcoming book (much to the consternation of Washington journalists). But he does detail an evening with someone else who might be on the presidential ballot in 2020: Joe Biden, who was “ignoring reality” in Iraq, he says.

In Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead, co-written with Bing West and set to be published Tuesday, Mattis expounds on the lessons learned in his more than 40 years in the Marine Corps. His career culminated in three years as the head of U.S. Central Command, overseeing military operations in the Middle East and Central Asia from 2010 to 2013. That meant Mattis was in charge of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as war raged in both countries.

His meeting with Biden:

The general’s assessment fell on deaf ears.

“Vice President Biden and his assistants listened politely. But as we spoke, I sensed I was making no headway in convincing the administration officials not to support Maliki. It was like talking to people who lived in wooden houses but saw no need for a fire department,” Mattis writes.

“I liked the Vice President,” Mattis writes, even after Biden teased him: “Know why you’re at CENTCOM?” Biden asked him. “Because no one else was dumb enough to take the job.”

“I found him an admirable and amiable man. But he was past the point where he was willing to entertain a ‘good idea.’ He didn’t want to hear more; he wanted our forces out of Iraq. Whatever path led there fastest, he favored,” Mattis writes. “He exuded the confidence of a man whose mind was made up, perhaps even indifferent to considering the consequences were he judging the situation incorrectly.”

And the consequences of Biden's error:

Mattis’ warnings proved prescient, as Maliki, free of American influence, went after Sunni politicians and districts, alienating a third of the country. “Iraq slipped back into escalating violence. It was like watching a car wreck in slow motion,” Mattis writes. A Sunni revolt and a weak Iraqi Army allowed al Qaeda-aligned terrorists to return in 2014, calling themselves the Islamic State.

“It would take many years and tens of thousands of casualties, plus untold misery for millions of innocents, to break ISIS’s geographic hold,” Mattis writes. “All of this was predicted — and preventable.”

That administration was clueless and under their reign, the deep state increased its hold over our Government. So glad that President Trump is in office and will be for another five years.

The Schiff hits the fan

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From FOX News:

135 House Republicans co-sponsor resolution to censure Schiff over 'parody' reading of Trump-Zelensky call
A motion to censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for his “parody” reading of President Trump’s July phone call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky during a hearing last month is gaining steam with House Republicans, as Fox News has learned 135 lawmakers have now signed on as co-sponsors.

The Dems do have the majority in the House of Representatives and with 435 total members, 135 is not a majority but still, it represents 31% which is enough to get people to notice. Sends a message.

I love it - Redneck Margarita machine

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How to git scientistcally ignant:

That was then, this is now

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Two Presidents and their dealings with Libya. First CNN from June 20th, 2018

Seven years after Obama's 'worst mistake,' Libya killing is rampant
Years after then President Barack Obama made what he has described as his worst mistake by not adequately planning for the fall of Moammar Gadhafi in 2011, Libya remains in chaos. In the past seven years, four nations have conducted air strikes in Libya and hundreds of civilians have died in those strikes.

As the protests of the Arab Spring swept through Libya, Gadhafi mounted a war of attrition against his own people describing those who were protesting his rule as "rats."

The Obama administration helped steer a UN resolution to take military action to protect Libyan civilians, which resulted in a US-led NATO intervention in Libya. Gadhafi was eventually killed by rebels.

So President Obama basically took out Gadhafi and did not think far enough ahead to understand the consequences of his actions. Typical feckless moron. Gadhafi may not have been a real friend of America and he was a dictator but he was good to his people and ran a capitalist economy. He was not an idiot. Arabs respect power and when a strong leader is deposed without someone to take over, Katie bar the door.

President Trump? From CBS News:

Trump sends $50 million in emergency financial assistance to Syria
Donald Trump announced Saturday night that the U.S. will send $50 million in stabilization assistance to Syria. The money, according to the Office of the Press Secretary, is to "protect persecuted ethnic and religious minorities and advance human rights."

"This funding will provide emergency financial assistance to Syrian human rights defenders, civil society organizations and reconciliation efforts directly supporting ethnic and religious minority victims of the conflict," the statement reads.

"We hope regional and international partners will continue their contributions as well," the statement continues. "Ensuring the freedom and safety of ethnic and religious minorities remains a top priority for this Administration."

Classic Art of the Deal negotiation. Here is a nice juicy carrot. We still have our stick and will use it if we do not like what we see but in the meantime, here is another nice juicy carrot. And $50 million is chump change compared to the cost of our military involvement. From Forbes, March 28th, 2011:

The Real Cost Of U.S. In Libya? Two Billion Dollars Per Day.
The one thing most experts seem to agree on about the current coalition air campaign in Libya is that it won't cost much. A leading think tank estimated the price-tag for patrolling Libyan air space at $30-100 million per week, while the Navy's top budget official described Libyan air operations as falling within the "normal operating cycle" of his department. Rear Admiral Joseph Mulloy told trade publication Inside the Navy on March 21, "The incremental cost of use of the Navy and Marine Corps is low, because we're already funded and we are trained and worked up." He went on, "We don't have to pay extra to be there." As a result of such fiscal reassurances, Congress has focused mainly on the goals of the operation and what precedents military action might create, rather than the cost.

The Two Billion Dollars Per Day in the title refers to the sunk cost of the infrastructure used over there.

So true

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"When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have been committed in the name of rebellion."
--Charles Percy Snow

First of the cyclones moving through

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Gusting up to 30MPH. No rain yet but it is coming.

On the road to censorship - Twitter

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From Tech Crunch:

Twitter says it will restrict users from retweeting world leaders who break its rules
Twitter said it will restrict how users can interact with tweets from world leaders who break its rules.

The social media giant said it will not allow users to like, reply, share or retweet the offending tweets, but instead will let users quote-tweet to allow ordinary users to express their opinions.

The company said the move will help its users stay informed about global affairs, but while balancing the need to keep the site’s rules in check.

Geee wizz - which world leader could they be thinking of? Screen caps of the announcements at Tech Crunch.

Ray LaMontagne

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Someone turned me on to his work - there is a streaming channel of his music at YouTube. Good stuff - singer/songwriter.

He is on tour now but the Seattle show is sold out dammit. Here is his website: Ray LaMontagne

This is great fun:

Part 2: CNN Leadership and Staffers Reveal True Sentiments; Network Picks Favorites Among Democratic Candidates on Eve of Debate

    • CNN Senior Justice Correspondent Evan Perez Says, ‘Joe Biden Has a Problem’ Because of his Son’s Foreign Business Dealings; “It Looks Bad. It Smells Bad.”
    • CNN President Jeff Zucker Pushes Kamala Harris’ Demand to Take Down Trump’s Twitter Account; “I Think it’s a Good Segment…Not Going to Happen, But it’s a Good Talking – it’s a Good Segment.”
    • Zucker on Harris: “She is Also Retooling Her Struggling Campaign.”
    • CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra Says Network is Less Fair to Andrew Yang and Amy Klobuchar, “They’re Pro-Top Contenders.”
    • Sierra: “I Think They Like Warren a Lot” “…They Don’t Like Tulsi Gabbard”
    • CNN Media Coordinator Nick Neville Says “People Would Change the Channel” if Network Broadcasted a Biden Rally.
    • CNN VP and Political Director David Chalian Believes That Andrew Yang Will Not Become the Democratic Nominee for President.
    • CNN Insider Cary Poarch: “I Actually Came to CNN a Registered Democrat. I Campaigned and Voted for Bernie in the Primaries of the 16’ election;” “…All That I Thought I Knew and Hoped to be at CNN Was False.”
    • Poarch: “It’s an Unwritten Rule That if You Are Center, Center Right, or Heaven Forbid, Full Right Republican Trump Supporter, Then You Are Not Welcome at CNN.”
    • Insider Cary Poarch Wants ‘Free and Fair Election’ and Not ‘Some Ideology Shoved Down My Throat;’ Wants CNN to ‘Get Back to the Facts and Get Back to Reporting the News.’

On Monday, October 14, 2019 Project Veritas released Part 1 of a series of recordings provided by a brave CNN Insider who blew the whistle on rampant bias at the network. The story, with substantial social media attention and cable news coverage, to include a tweet from President Trump, provides video footage highlighting the personal vendetta of CNN President Jeff Zucker against POTUS, as well as evidence of bias across the network. CNN Insider Cary Poarch further detailed his concerns against the network on national television last night.

In Part 2 of our #ExposeCNN series, Poarch exposes candid opinions and unguarded comments from various employees and executives including CNN President Jeff Zucker, CNN Vice President and Political Director David Chalian, and CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra.

This is wonderful - nothing like some sunlight to disinfect the tools of the deep state. Expose them for what they are - statist democrat apparatchiks with cameras and microphones.

California power line problems

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With all of their preemptive blackouts, this still happened - from One America News:

Power Lines Suspected Of Igniting The Saddleridge Fire In Calif.
Authorities believe a power line is to blame for last week’s deadly wildfire in California. According to an official statement Monday, power lines are suspected of igniting the the Saddleridge Fire in Los Angeles County. The blaze, which was 44 percent contained as of Monday, has been blamed for two deaths as well as the destruction of 17 homes and structures.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the fire started in a 50-by-70 foot perimeter beneath a high voltage transmission tower on October 10th. The utility company which owns that tower, Southern California Edison, confirmed its systems were impacted at the time it reportedly started.

The article talks a bit about this fire and others and then closes with these two paragraphs:

Power lines belonging to the state’s largest utility company, Pacific Gas and Electric, has been blamed for several deadly wildfires in the past. One of these fires includes last year’s Paradise Fire, which is now considered the states most destructive in history. This particular wildfire resulted in 85 deaths. The company has been forced to file for bankruptcy because of this after it was forced to pay victims damages.

Meanwhile, it remains unclear what will happen to Southern California Edison if they are found guilty of starting the blaze in Los Angeles.

All of the money that they sunk into various alt.energy scams - they should have been maintaining their infrastructure.

California's infrastructure - highways

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The voters agreed to increase gasoline taxes (already the highest in the nation) so that the monies can be used to fix their crumbling highways. Not so fast. From American Thinker:

California's Gavin Newsom decides state's big, voter-approved gas tax won't be for repairing highways after all
Last November, Democrats hailed California voters' rejection of Proposition 6, a law to scrap the state's 2017 massive gas taxes.  They crowed that Californians were glad to pay five bucks at the pump when the rest of the U.S. average was half that.  Big reason?  Because $3 billion of those takings would save the state's tumbledown highways and go to repair roads and bridges.  The rejection came after a voters showed strong signs of wanting to get rid of the tax until a barrage of television ads ran, warning that any vote to repeal the gas tax would mean the state's decrepit highways and bridges would go wanting for repair funds:

A vote to repeal the gas tax would leave our highways wastelands! Highway apocalypse if this gas-tax repeal went through! Saving the whales became saving the highways, and as shriller and shriller ads ran, voter sentiment shifted, and the tax was voted to remain.

Not so fast buster...

Welp. Turns out the tax wasn't about repairing roads and highways after all.  On Sept. 20, in a little noted maneuver, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order to divert the tax cash away from crumbling highway repair to greenie political pet projects instead.  To heck with the highways; it was time to save the Earth.

All the money is being put into rail projects. The voters got suckered. The 2020 elections should be interesting...

From Cliff Mass:

The Meteorological Switch is About to Be Turned On
It is not unusual for the first few weeks of October to be relatively dry and sunny in the Northwest.

But quite typically, something happens during the third week of the month.. The jet stream sags south, storms--lined up in the Pacific-- make their way into the region.

20191015-cm.jpgA series of Pacific cyclones and fronts are lining up to visit us

And this year will be no different, with the first of a line of systems reaching our shores Wednesday morning. It is going to be wet, so get your rain gear ready.

Glad I got the outside buttoned up - doing a little more work today but mostly done.

This sums it up - the news media

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Spot on:



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From National Public Radio:

'Not One Drop Of Blood': Cattle Mysteriously Mutilated In Oregon
In the early morning light, dust from hooves creates a fog at Silvies Valley Ranch in remote eastern Oregon. Cowboys whistle and talk low to their eager herding dogs. They're moving the cattle from one vast, sage-studded range to another.

Five young purebred bulls mysteriously showed up dead on the ranch this past summer, drained of blood and with body parts precisely removed.

The ranch's vice president, Colby Marshall, drives his truck down a U.S. Forest Service road.

"Then we'll get out and take a little walk to where one of the bulls was found. And the carcass is still there," Marshall says.

Coming upon one of the dead bulls is an eerie scene. The forest is hot and still, apart from a raven's repeating caw. The bull looks like a giant, deflated plush toy. It smells. Weirdly, there are no signs of buzzards, coyotes or other scavengers. His red coat is as shiny as if he were going to the fair, but he's bloodless and his tongue and genitals have been surgically cut out.

And not just this one instance:

Two years ago and 200 miles south, near New Princeton, Ore., one of Andie Davies' cows was also found cut up and bloodless.

She and her husband drove concentric circles around the corpse, but they never found any tracks.

And in this dusty country, "everything you do leaves tracks," Davies says.

Back in the 1980s, one of Terry Anderson's mother cows was mysteriously killed overnight. Standing at his ranch near Pendleton, Ore., Anderson points to the exact spot where he found her on top of a mountain.

He remembers his cow lying dead, her udder removed with something razor sharp.


Something actually funny from SNL

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Stopped watching them decades ago but this caught my eye:

The coming ice age

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A couple of headlines:

And then, there is this:

There is no climate emergency
A global network of 500 scientists and professionals has prepared this urgent message. Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific. Scientists should openly address the uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real benefits as well as the imagined costs of adaptation to global warming, and the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of mitigation.

Natural as well as anthropogenic factors cause warming
The geological archive reveals that Earth’s climate has varied as long as the planet has existed, with natural cold and warm phases. The Little Ice Age ended as recently as 1850. Therefore, it is no surprise that we now are experiencing a period of warming. Only very few peer-reviewed papers even go so far as to say that recent warming is chiefly anthropogenic..

Warming is far slower than predicted
The world has warmed at less than half the originally-predicted rate, and at less than half the rate to be expected on the basis of net anthropogenic forcing and radiative imbalance. It tells us that we are far from understanding climate change.

Climate policy relies on inadequate models
Climate models have many shortcomings and are not remotely plausible as policy tools. Moreover, they most likely exaggerate the effect of greenhouse gases such as CO2. In addition, they ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial.

CO2 is plant food, the basis of all life on Earth
CO2 is not a pollutant. It is essential to all life on Earth. Photosynthesis is a blessing. More CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth: additional CO2 in the air has promoted growth in global plant biomass. It is also good for agriculture, increasing the yields of crops worldwide.

Global warming has not increased natural disasters
There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent. However, CO2 mitigation measures are as damaging as they are costly. For instance, wind turbines kill birds and insects, and palm-oil plantations destroy the biodiversity of the rainforests.

Speaking truth to power.

The things that are taboo

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Wonderful essay by Francis W. Porretto:

Expressing The Obvious Amid Cries Of Rage And Dismay
I wrote, some years ago:

In our modern lexicon, a taboo is a legally or socially enforced prohibition against speaking openly of certain things: usually, particular topics considered offensive by a politically privileged group....One must ask why some subjects are tabooed. The answer is simple, but enormously daunting: to speak of it is to invite inquiry, which threatens the perquisites of the group behind the taboo.

The most important examples relevant to contemporary American life pertain to groups that have been accorded “victim status.” Such groups sometimes wangle privileges from the law. Others are granted a degree of forbearance for antisocial or illegal behavior that persons outside the group would not receive. In either case, the rest of us are enjoined by social mechanisms – usually denunciation as an “–ist” – from speaking of the privilege and its consequences.

Much much more at the site - go and read the whole thing. Only a few comments but they are really worth reading as well. Our currrent society is adrift - we accept bad behaviour as normal because we are afraid to call people to task.

Solar power - California

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Hey Honey I said. Let's get solar power I said. It will be a good thing I said. Oh. Wait.  From Bloomberg:

Californians Learning That Solar Panels Don’t Work in Blackouts
Californians have embraced rooftop solar panels more than anyone in the U.S., but many are learning the hard way the systems won’t keep the lights on during blackouts.

That’s because most panels are designed to supply power to the grid -- not directly to houses. During the heat of the day, solar systems can crank out more juice than a home can handle. Conversely, they don’t produce power at all at night.

So systems are tied into the grid, and the vast majority aren’t working this week as PG&E Corp. cuts power to much of Northern California to prevent wildfires.

So you spend $20,000 or more on a solar installation, get $40 off each months' power bill and a couple K-bucks deductible on your taxes for that year when the system is installed. Alternative Energy - Right Baby?

Problem is that the installers also get some sweet kickbacks from the government so they will sell you the largest system that you can afford. What they are not selling you is the local storage required to hold the energy when the power grid is down. That is another $20K at least - at the very minimum. $40K for something that will last more than a week of normal use (refrigeration, computers and lighting and HVAC).

Grids go down - not if, when. Plan accordingly. Also, preparedness is your own personal responsibility. The people involved in emergency services are going to have their hands full taking care of legitimate cases (handicapped, elderly, ill and injured) to deal with the dumb fuckheads who do not assume the responsibility for the well being of themselves and their families.

Yikes - Eagles tickets

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Tickets for the Eagles tour went on sale today and talk about nosebleed territory.

The cheapest seats were $300 each. Decent floor seats went for $1,230.50 on up and don't ask about VIP seats.

Was toying with the idea of going down for the show. They were one of my favorite bands and it would be fun to see the (almost) original lineup. Not at those prices.

More inclined to go to this event anyway - seriously considering attending next year:

If you thought last year was awesome, hold on to your hats! This year will be bigger and better in every way. The event will take place at the Texas Early Days Tractor and Engine Association Show Grounds in Temple, TX (at 1717 Eberhardt Rd). Covering 58 acres of history, it’s the perfect location to celebrate old skills brought back to life… blacksmithing, woodworking, campfire cooking, metal casting, welding, printing press operation, pottery, leathercrafting, antique tool restoration and operation, hundreds of operational antique tractors, engines, and equipment, beekeeping, and so much more! 

Ronan Farrow's new book is out

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And making waves - from the Washington Examiner:

NBC’s culture of corruption and sexual abuse may be even worse than anyone thought
Shockingly, NBC's investigation of NBC showing there is no evidence of a “culture of sexual harassment” at NBC may not have been so thorough as the network would have you believe.

MSNBC president Phil Griffin, for example, grew so comfortable in whatever culture produced disgraced former host Matt Lauer that he once touted photos of NBC star Maria Menounos’ vagina during a meeting with colleagues, according to journalist Ronan Farrow.

Farrow reports in his forthcoming book, Catch & Kill:

Four colleagues said Griffin was known for making lewd or crass remarks in work emails. In one meeting I'd be in after the television personality Maria Menounos's vagina had been photographed in a bathing suit wardrobe malfunction, Griffin waved around a printed page bearing a zoomed-in image, smirking.

"Would you look at that? Not bad, not bad," Griffin reportedly remarked.

Remember: This is the president of a major cable news network. He reportedly said this of an NBC employee's vagina in a meeting with other NBC employees. That Griffin apparently felt comfortable enough to do something like this in front of colleagues should tell you a little something about how Lauer was able to get away with his alleged sexual depredations for as long as he did.

Got the book on hold at the library - I have read his other stuff and really like it. He is liberal but is not afraid to tell the whole story and is an excellent researcher.

Tracking space debris - Leo Labs

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From Tech Crunch:

Leo Labs and its high-fidelity space radar track orbital debris better than ever — from New Zealand
Ask anyone in the space business and they’ll tell you that orbital debris is a serious problem that will only get worse, but dealing with it is as much an opportunity as it is a problem. Leo Labs is building a global network of radar arrays that can track smaller debris than we can today, and with better precision — and the first of its new installations is about to start operations in New Zealand.

There are some 12,000 known debris objects in low Earth orbit, many of which are tracked by the U.S. Air Force and partners. But they only track debris down to 10 centimeters across — meaning in reality there may be hundreds of thousands of objects up there, just as potentially destructive to a satellite but totally unknown.

And the Leo in their name stands for Low Earth Orbit - their mission statement:

LeoLabs’ mission is to secure commercial operations in low Earth orbit (LEO). As the LEO ecosystem around our planet gets more congested, the risk of collisions rises, and the need to map the orbits of spacecraft, satellites and space debris grows with every launch. Meanwhile, new generations of commercial spacecraft, such as small and cube satellites, are causing a dramatic increase in imaging, communications and human spaceflight prospects.

LeoLabs was founded to address these risks today. With a worldwide network of ground-based, phased-array radars that enable high resolution data on objects in LEO, LeoLabs is uniquely equipped to offer foundational mapping data and services to mitigate the risks of collisions. These services include rapid orbit determination, early operational support, and ongoing orbit awareness. LeoLabs is a venture-funded company based in Menlo Park, CA, and provides its services to commercial satellite operators, government regulatory and space agencies, and satellite management services firms.

This is much better than waiting for NASA to do it - Leo Labs will do a high-tech lean and cheap implementation. NASA is pure bureaucratic bloat. They are not nimble any more. It was good to have the government funding the moon launches but privatizing space is the way to go. Weyland-Yutani anyone?

Seventy-two years later

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Chuck Yeager:

And now? We have to cage a ride from the Russians when we want to visit the International Space Station.

From John Nolte writing at Breitbart:

Nolte: Woketard Film Critics Hit Hardest as ‘Joker’ Breaks Box Office Records
This might seem difficult to believe, but the American people appear to have no respect whatsoever for the elites who attempted to shame and scare them from seeing director Todd Phillips’ Joker.

After its second weekend in release, there is just no question Joker is a legitimate pop culture phenomenon. Although it cost just $55 million to produce (add another $35 million or so for promotion), the same movie that was sentenced to a lonely, twitching death at the hands of a thousand left-wing hot takes, is well into profit.


All of this success is even more amazing when you remember Joker is a very, very, very dark, R-rated movie with no super-heroics, no catharsis, just an unrelenting (and glorious) sense of dread and grimness. In tone and payoff, Joker is much closer to a Last House on the Left (1972) or Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986) than it is to any comic book movie, including Zack Snyder’s Watchmen (2009).

Nevertheless, thus far, according to Box Office MojoJoker has enjoyed the best October opening weekend in history, the second best-ever Fall opening (It: Chapter One is number one), the fourth best opening weekend for an R-rated movie ever, and the numero uno largest second weekend October haul ever, crushing second place Gravity’s $43 million.

And the Media:

Of the 50 so-called  “top” critics at Rotten Tomatoes, more than 50 percent panned Joker. Of all critics, only 68 percent gave it a positive review, compared to 90 percent of the audience. But those numbers don’t even take into account the mind-numbing number of hot takes and “straight” news articles that condemned the movie as racist, as “dangerous” and “problematic,” as something that would encourage the whiteness in problematic Trump supporters to violently lash out against a world that uses words like “whiteness” and “problematic.”

When it came to Joker, the elite media were in full sabotage mode. Everything possible was done to cancel and blacklist the movie in the crib, and those the media could not shame into staying home, the media instead tried to terrorize with the assurance Joker would result in shooting massacres in movie theaters across the nation. (Fake news alert: despite the media’s best efforts, this did not happen).

Doesn't fit the narrative so we must destroy it.

Project Veritas - CNN

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The first tranche of media has been released and it shows their prejudice against the Orange Man.

PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS

Cary Poarch, Who Works at CNN’s Washington DC Bureau, Says: “I Decided to Wear a Hidden Camera…to Expose the Bias”

    • Records Zucker’s 9AM Daily Rundown Calls
    • Zucker Emphatically States Fox News is “Beyond Destructive for America”
    • Zucker to Staffers: “Impeachment is the Story,” Ignore Other Stories
    • Employees Ordered by Zuckerto ‘Knock Off’ Their Friendliness Towards Lindsey Graham
    • Nick Neville, CNN Media Coordinator: “Jeff Zucker…has a Personal Vendetta Against Trump,” “…Then You Get on the 9AM Call and the Big Boss, Jeff Zucker, F**king Tells What to Do”
    • Neville: It’s About ‘Ratings,’ “…It’s, Like, They Pulled Names Out of a Hat and It’s Like We’re Watching the Gameshow Network”
    • CNN Floor Manager Mike Brevna: “It’s the Trump Network, Dog…They Sold Themselves to The Devil”
    • Brevna Recalls Colleagues ‘Sobbing,’ And Says The “Office Was Like a Funeral” After Trump Election Victory
    • CNN Media Coordinator, Christian Sierra, Confesses CNN Prepares ‘Softball Interviews’for Democrats Compared to Republicans, and Suggests “Anti-Trump Crusade” After 2016 Election
    • Top Network Executive David Chalian Says Republicans are ‘Delusional, Defiant, or Silent’ With Regards to Trump’s Impeachment Story
    • CNN Floor Director Hiram Gonzalez: “…We Created This Monster…Media Created the Trump Monster”

Quite a set of bullet points for Day 1 - more:

A brave CNN insider came to Project Veritas to expose anti-Trump bias at the cable giant. Cary Poarch, who works at CNN’s Washington D.C. Bureau, tells Project Veritas “I decided to wear a hidden camera…to expose the bias running rampant” at the network. Poarch documented CNN’s bias for months; recording undercover footage of numerous long-term employees, some of which talk about Jeff Zucker’s anti-Trump agenda. In the video are Nick Neville, Christian Sierra, Hiram Gonzalez, David Chalian, and Mike Brevna. These employee’s positions range from media coordinator to high-ranking executives. I decided to secretly record the 9:00am rundown call meetings with senior management and executives, says Poarch. In the recordings, Zucker details his expectations for CNN’s coverage and very matter-of-factly states “impeachment is the story.”

Have they no concern with their public trust? They are just democrat operatives, not journalists.

President Trump was right - FOX News

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And it was the New York Post that called them on it - from Trump's twitter feed:

From the New York Post:

Fox News pollster Braun Research misrepresented impeachment poll: analysis
The poll released last week by Fox News that claimed most Americans favor the impeachment of President Trump underrepresented Republican and independent voters, The Post has found.

The poll said 51% of voters were in favor of Trump’s impeachment and removal from office, while 40% did not want him impeached.

Bad methodology = bad numbers but hey - they have the proper narrative:

Princeton, New Jersey, pollster Braun Research, which conducted the survey, noted 48% of its respondents were Democrats. But the actual breakdown of party affiliation is 31% Democrat, 29% Republican and 38% independent, according to Gallup.

A poll weighted for party affiliation would have concluded that 44.9% favored impeachment and 44.4% opposed it, a Post analysis has concluded.

FAKE NEWS - pants on fire.

Politico is reasonably accurate but they have a pronounced progressive bias. Occasionally, they actually report on the issue at hand. From Politico:

Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire
Donald Trump wasn’t the only presidential candidate whose campaign was boosted by officials of a former Soviet bloc country.

Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers, a Politico investigation found.

Sunlight is a wonderful disinfectant.

The taxpayers speak - higher education

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Good news from USA Today:

States are cutting university budgets. Taxpayers aren't interested in funding campus kooks
Times are bad for higher education, and higher educators are beginning to notice it. But the industry’s problems are mostly of its own making.

The latest "cri de coeur" comes from University of North Dakota’s Sheila Liming, who writes, “My University is Dying; And soon yours will be, too.”

She notes: “Starting in 2016, our state university system endured three successive rounds of annual budget cuts, with average 10-percent reductions resulting in a loss of more than a third of the system’s overall funding. Additional cuts, even, were on the table this past year. And while our state legislators ultimately avoided taking yet one more stab at the dismembered body of higher education, there has been no discussion of restoring any of those funds.”

And a bit more:

The ultimate reason for the cuts is that taxpayers in many states no longer think higher education is worth the money.

Faculty members, and the administrators who are the real power in universities nowadays, dismiss this as ignorant anti-intellectualism. But is it?

Exactly - we read the stories about the craziness on campus; the little entitled snowflakes and we realize that it is our tax dollars that is subsidizing this. No more classes for lesbian underwater basket weaving. I would cut any program with the word "studies" in the description. Put the money into the trade schools - much better spent and a better return.

Fake News - ABC

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Looks like the American Broadcasting Company got caught - from Gizmodo:

ABC News Broadcasts Fake Syria Bombing Video That's Actually From a Kentucky Military Show in 2017
ABC News aired a video on Sunday that host Tom Llamas said depicted a Turkish attack in northern Syria against Kurdish civilians. Turkey is indeed pushing into Syria and slaughtering Kurds along the way, but the video ABC News played last night is from a military gun demonstration in Kentucky that was published to YouTube in 2017.

“This video, right here, appearing to show Turkey’s military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town,” Llamas said on the October 13 broadcast as the video played.

But the explosions in the video are identical to explosions seen in a video titled, “Knob Creek night shoot 2017.” Knob Creek Gun Range, in the town of West Point, Kentucky, hosts a biannual event called the “Military Gun Shoot & Military Gun Show” where weapons are fired at night. Members of the public can come and see the show for a fee in April and October.

Gizmodo saved a copy of the ABC news report (ABC has taken it down) and spliced it with a copy of the Knob Creek night shoot. Identical footage:

Anything to preserve and promote the narrative. Orange Man Bad.

Happy Columbus Day

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I refuse to celebrate anything else and here is why - from the New York Post:

Columbus Day haters are missing the entire point of the holiday
So long, Christopher Columbus. You’ve been canceled.

Some 60 cities and states have stopped celebrating Columbus Day, in many cases replacing it with Indigenous Peoples Day. There’s no doubt Columbus — and the conquistadors who followed — enslaved and slaughtered on a mass scale. But Columbus didn’t bring cruelty to peaceful, benign peoples. The indigenous people were also cruel to one another.

Iroquois Indians were famous for their practice of torturing enemies to death over a period of days. The Kwakiutl Indians in the Pacific Northwest practiced cannibalism. A mass grave dating to the 14th century, in what is now South Dakota, turned up 500 murdered, dismembered and scalped bodies of men, women and children. Many tribes scalped their victims alive.

Ritual child sacrifice was common among the Mayans, the Aztecs and many other peoples. The Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan contains the remains of 42 children around age 6 who were murdered to appease the god who made the rains fall. Because the tears of children were required to prime the pump, some of the kids’ fingernails were torn off to make them cry.

The Incas would drug little girls with alcohol and coca leaves, then freeze them, then mummify them. In a spot that today is right across the Mississippi River from St. Louis was a burial site where scores of teen girls were ritually sacrificed. There is a theory that poor people and slaves captured in war were literally fed to rich Aztecs because protein was so scarce. In the 15th century, life was cruel. Columbus didn’t invent cruelty in the Americas.

Hey, but we’re only thinking of the good things done by indigenous peoples, right? But that’s exactly the point of Columbus Day, to celebrate the good stuff.

The arrival of Columbus in America kicked off an era of rapid technological advancement and cultural ferment. While the clash of civilizations was bloody, celebrating Columbus Day is not a salute to conquest. Columbus is simply a handy symbol for all of the energy Italians and other Europeans brought to the Americas. That’s why the fifth-oldest university in the US, the capital of Ohio, a province in Canada, a traffic circle at the southwest corner of Central Park, a country in South America, one of the big five Hollywood studios, one of the four TV networks (the C in CBS), the vice-presidential anthem and, oh yeah, the seat of the federal government are all named in honor of Chris.

All the people trying to re-write history are pitifully ignorant of it. They are only concerned with reinforcing the current narrative and not any actual scholarship.

Nothing but the best - from VOX Day

Nothing works anymore: construction edition
Forget bridges, highways, and high-speed trains. Major US cities can't even build simple buildings without drama anymore:

A large portion of a Hard Rock Hotel under construction in New Orleans collapsed Saturday morning, killing at least two people and injuring 20 others, authorities said. The building bordering the city's historic French Quarter is considered unstable and officials said further collapse is possible.

Three people were initially reported missing, though one has since been found, according to the New Orleans Fire Department. Authorities said no one on the ground was injured in the collapse.

According to Mayor LaToya Cantrell, 112 people were in the building at the time of collapse. Though the search for those missing was suspended for the evening, Cantrell confirmed that rescuers found two bodies but were unable to retrieve them.

VFM Bear said it best: it's the indoor plumbing that I'm going to miss the most.

Import the Third World, become the Third World. This really isn't that hard. Ain't immigration and diversity grand?

So it turns out the guy behind the collapsed Hard Rock hotel, Praveen Kailas was previously convicted of ripping off the state, and was allegedly cutting corners by employing unqualified labor.

A sad state of affairs - people not doing their jobs. Giving work to the lowest bidder. Be sure to read the comments - some other harrowing stories.

Very good news - nuclear

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From Bloomberg:

INSIGHT: NELA—A Big, Bipartisan Opportunity for Nuclear Power
Nuclear science is hard, and most Americans don’t realize how close our country is to losing the skills and experience needed to engineer, construct, and operate nuclear reactors—something that will have deleterious effects on national security, electricity reliability, and the climate.

On Sept. 20, Three Mile Island shuttered for good after decades of service providing power to customers across Pennsylvania. The generator’s closure underscores a grim fact: Our nuclear fleet is aging rapidly and struggling to remain competitive even as the demand for clean renewable energy continues to climb. Without investment in education, research and development, and reactor design, America risks falling behind in this critical area.

Very true - what is to be done:

Stop America’s Nuclear Bran Drain
Without better technology and legislative action, utilities are unlikely to invest in nuclear power. It is past time for Congress to take action to stop America’s nuclear brain drain.

The Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA), sponsored by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) in the Senate with a House companion by Rep. Elaine Luria (D-Va.), is a bipartisan proposal to support the continued development of American advanced nuclear technologies by boosting investment in research and development, fuel security, and workforce development.

This legislation addresses the short, middle, and long-term needs of the nuclear generation industry over the next decade. It would establish goals that align federal lab and private-sector efforts to help accelerate nuclear power generation, while also supporting research and development to ensure the safety and reliability necessary to license new, state-of-the-art concepts.

This still does not address the building of new technology reactors (LFTR anyone?). These designs are walk-away safe and much cheaper to build. Still, a wonderful start and they are recognizing that this problem exists.

Nothin' out there

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Been a quiet weekend web-wise.

YouTube and bed. The beers were nice and cold and wet.

From Mark Simone:

The List Of 120 Years Of Climate Scares By Scientists
Scientists seeking funding and journalists seeking an audience agree: panic sells.

“Global cooling is going to kills us all!” “No, wait: global warming is going to kill us all!”

Here's the list - an amazing chronology of the last 120 years of scare-mongering on climate.

      • 1895 - Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again – New York Times, February 1895
      • 1902 - “Disappearing Glaciers…deteriorating slowly, with a persistency that means their final annihilation…scientific fact…surely disappearing.” – Los Angeles Times
      • 1912 - Prof. Schmidt Warns Us of an Encroaching Ice Age – New York Times, October 1912
      • 1923 - “Scientist says Arctic ice will wipe out Canada” – Professor Gregory of Yale University, American representative to the Pan-Pacific Science Congress, – Chicago Tribune
      • 1923 - “The discoveries of changes in the sun’s heat and the southward advance of glaciers in recent years have given rise to conjectures of the possible advent of a new ice age” – Washington Post
      • 1924 - MacMillan Reports Signs of New Ice Age – New York Times, Sept 18, 1924
      • 1929 - “Most geologists think the world is growing warmer, and that it will continue to get warmer” – Los Angeles Times, in Is another ice age coming?
      • 1932 - “If these things be true, it is evident, therefore that we must be just teetering on an ice age” – The Atlantic magazine, This Cold, Cold World
      • 1933 - America in Longest Warm Spell Since 1776; Temperature Line Records a 25-Year Rise – New York Times, March 27th, 1933
      • 1933 – “…wide-spread and persistent tendency toward warmer weather…Is our climate changing?” – Federal Weather Bureau “Monthly Weather Review.”
      • 1938 - Global warming, caused by man heating the planet with carbon dioxide, “is likely to prove beneficial to mankind in several ways, besides the provision of heat and power.”– Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
      • 1938 - “Experts puzzle over 20 year mercury rise…Chicago is in the front rank of thousands of cities throughout the world which have been affected by a mysterious trend toward warmer climate in the last two decades” – Chicago Tribune
      • 1939 - “Gaffers who claim that winters were harder when they were boys are quite right… weather men have no doubt that the world at least for the time being is growing warmer” – Washington Post

Lot's more at the site. Panic sells newspapers and politicians love a good crisis - lets them grab power before the useful idiots realize that they are being sold out by their masters.

A couple of beers sounds really good

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Dinner at home, time for a pint or two. Early bedtime - lots to do tomorrow.

Trump better for gays than Democrats

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Great article by gay activist Joshua Herr. From The Federalist:

Donald Trump Has Done Far More For Gay People Than The Stonewall Democrats
There is no easier way to make the left mad than being a gay Republican. This time, it’s the Stonewall Democratic Club that’s up in arms.

Stonewall is a group of LGBT Democrats who purport to champion “equality for all.” You wouldn’t know this from their record.

Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) during his first term. These acts outlawed gay marriage and military service for openly LGBT soldiers, respectively. It took 20 years to undo that codified discrimination. But Stonewall endorsed Clinton for reelection in 1996 anyway.

Barack Obama ran for president in 2008 opposing gay marriage. Stonewall endorsed him nonetheless. From 2008 to 2010, although Democrats controlled both the White House and Congress, Obama did nothing to advance LGBT equality. Stonewall endorsed him again in 2012.

Pesky facts - Joshua continues and cites several examples of the disparity of thought between the Stonewalls and the Log Cabin Gays.

Truth hurts - Joe Biden

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From The Daily Wire:

Biden Sends Letter Excoriating New York Times For Unfavorable Coverage. NYT Responds.
On Wednesday, the Biden campaign sent a letter excoriating The New York Times for daring to provide coverage that is unfavorable to former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden. The campaign also sent letters to enormous news disseminators Facebook and Twitter for allowing ads that highlight Biden’s shady dealings with Ukraine.

In the letter to the Times essentially trying to bully the newspaper into only publishing favorable coverage on the powerful Democrat, the Biden campaign complains that President Donald Trump is the real threat to a free press.

And The Times:

The Times responded on Thursday to Biden, defending its reporting.

“Our coverage of the Biden campaign and Hunter Biden has been fair and accurate,” a spokesperson said in a statement to CNN. “[The Times] will continue to cover Joe Biden with the same tough and fair standards we apply to every candidate in the race and we’re happy to sit down with Biden advisers anytime to discuss news coverage.”

Tsk tsk - they were not toeing the Democrat party line and must be called to task for it. Promote the narrative.

Truth hurts - Ilhan Omar

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From her twitter account:

Looking at her record, I would consider that to be a very fair assessment. And your point is?

Yikes: bad code = bad science

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From Motherboard:

A Code Glitch May Have Caused Errors In More Than 100 Published Studies
Scientists in Hawaiʻi have uncovered a glitch in a piece of code that could have yielded incorrect results in over 100 published studies that cited the original paper.

The glitch caused results of a common chemistry computation to vary depending on the operating system used, causing discrepancies among Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. The researchers published the revelation and a debugged version of the script, which amounts to roughly 1,000 lines of code, on Tuesday in the journal Organic Letters.

“This simple glitch in the original script calls into question the conclusions of a significant number of papers on a wide range of topics in a way that cannot be easily resolved from published information because the operating system is rarely mentioned,” the new paper reads. “Authors who used these scripts should certainly double-check their results and any relevant conclusions using the modified scripts in the [supplementary information].”

Makes you wonder just how many other papers out there are citing buggy code. If it says what you want it to say, the tendency is not to give it another glance. Stunningly bad coding practice.

James O'Keefe got his start in 2009 by using undercover video to show the corruption at ACORN - a massive, unaccountable taxpayer-subsidized group that the Obama Administration was using to conduct the Census, register voters and sign people up for government programs. At its height ACORN had over 500,000 members and more than 1,200 chapters in over 100 U.S. cities.

He released the videos that him and a partner made in the Baltimore, Md office and the immediate response was that it was just that office that was corrupt - the rest of the organization was just fine. Nothing to see. Keep moving.

And then, James released the videos from Washington D.C., New York City, San Bernardino, San Diego, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The upshot was that ACORN was defunded and went out of business.

James' organization - Project Veritas - released this little news item:

On the Eve of the CNN Insider blowing the whistle on his own network…
This week, a CNN insider will blow the whistle and through Project Veritas will release dozens of recordings made of officials at the highest levels of CNN, revealing a political agenda, bias and misconduct hidden from public view.

This series of tapes — which we think will be the biggest story of the year for Project Veritas — blends two extraordinary series of events; a brave insider secretly recording at work and a hard-hitting piece of hidden camera muckraking into one of the supposed “most trusted names in news.”

A major aspect of this story is the heroic actions of an insider.

By far, the most often asked question (and most important) is “What can I do?” There is a new genre of answer—you can wear a hidden camera and blow the whistle on your employer through Project Veritas. This new movement, which we are calling “Be Brave. Do Something” is enabling citizens to become catalysts for reform. It is the modern incarnation of what Jack Anderson once described as “the sirens of Greek mythology, who, by their seductive singing, enticed unknowing wayfarers to abandon the cramped boredom of safe passage for a hazardous try at strange excitements and gratifications.”

This will be fun to see. One thing I like is that he releases the five to fifteen minute long edited videos but, to refute claims that these have been cherry picked, he also releases the entire roll from that session. It is all there if you want to see things in context.

Fun stuff - he has also done Google, Pinterest and Facebook as well as other political organizations.

Nothing going on

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Quick surf and things are very quiet out there.

Heading out for a bit - working at home today.

Pandering to the masses - Biden

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Hunter this time - he is resigning from the Chinese board position but the media is strangely silent as to if he is selling his shares in the company. From Breitbart:

Hunter Biden Leaves China Board as Trump Attacks Hit Home
Hunter Biden is walking away from the board of a Chinese-backed private equity company as part of a public pledge to disavow all foreign work if his father, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, gains the presidency in 2020.

Joe Biden’s second son made his move after a month of pushing by U.S. President Donald Trump who has publicly highlighted the perceived – and real – conflicts of interest represented by Biden’s work in Asia.

A statement released on his behalf by his legal counsel George Mesires said his relationship with the management company of a private equity fund that’s backed by Chinese state-owned entities will end within weeks.

The 49-year-old doesn’t state whether he will be divesting from BHR (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company. The company was set up in 2013 to invest Chinese capital outside of China.

Instead the young Biden pledged he wouldn’t work for any foreign-owned companies or serve on their boards during a potential Biden administration.

And we all know what the prospects are for a potential Biden admnistration

Well dang - The Eagles

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They reunited with Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Vince Gill and Glenn's son Deacon Fry and are touring. One of their sets will be the Hotel California album with a full choir.

The tour is only visiting these six cities: Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Thinking seriously about a trip to Texas... No word on ticket pricing - they go on sale in two days.

House Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted a bunch of questions regarding the whistleblower:

Go to the link above and read them all. These need to be answered.

And another record gets shattered. From The New York Times:

Eliud Kipchoge Breaks Two-Hour Marathon Barrier
On a misty Saturday morning in Vienna, on a course specially chosen for speed, in an athletic spectacle of historic proportions, Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya ran 26.2 miles in a once-inconceivable time of 1 hour 59 minutes 40 seconds.

In becoming the first person to cover the marathon distance in less than two hours, Kipchoge, 34, achieved a sports milestone granted almost mythical status in the running world, breaking through a temporal barrier that many would have deemed untouchable only a few years ago.

Kipchoge, an eight-time major marathon winner and three-time Olympic medalist, pounded his chest twice as he crossed the finish line in Vienna’s leafy Prater Park, where the majority of the run had unfolded on a long straightaway of recently paved road, with roundabouts on either end.


For all its magnitude, the accomplishment will be regarded largely as a symbolic one. The eye-popping time, which was 10 seconds quicker than the 1:59:50 time Kipchoge and his team had set out to achieve, will not be officially recognized as a world record because it was not run under open marathon conditions and because it featured a dense rotation of professional pacesetters.

Bet that will be taken care of the next time he tries to run. He was running an average of 4.6 minute miles - amazing performance. 13.1 miles per hour. That is about my speed on my electronic bicycle on level ground - he was doing this while running.

Unreal - this would be tossed out by any intelligent group of people. From the New York Daily News:

Dental hygienist labeled sexual abuser and stripped of license because he slept with a patient — to whom he is married
The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario stripped a hygienist of his license and labeled him a sex offender because he had a sexual relationship with a client. It didn’t matter that the client was his wife.

Alexandru Tanase, of Guelph, confessed to cleaning the teeth of Sandi Mullins when on several occasions between April 2015 and August 2016, according to the Canada’s CTV news. They were engaged when the treatments started and are now married.

Despite fighting the case over the past three years, Tanase said he was stripped of his license last month. He was reportedly outed by a tipster who was a social media photo of Mullins flashing her pearly whites following a cleaning by Tanase, who is pictured by her side.

Like I said - unreal...

Don Surber nails it

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Impossible to excerpt - here is his post in its entiriety:

USA must save a 3rd World nation
Last month, American missionaries went to clean up a village in a Third World nation. The volunteers picked up 50 tons of garbage in this backward land. Nowhere is the gap between the rich and the poor greater. The poor live in tents, while the rich reside in the most expensive houses in the world.

The poor face typhoid and other debilitating diseases that were eliminated in civilized nations. People poop in the street for lack of indoor plumbing.

Instead of meeting the basic sanitation needs of its cities, the corrupt, one-party government squanders billions on an unneeded high-speed train. It will never be built but contracts are awarded to political insiders for work that will never be done. Because of this corruption, President Donald John Trump wants to curtail U.S. aid to the land.

Elsewhere in this nation state, electricity is a luxury as the power has been cut off to hundreds of thousands of citizens in preparation for a natural disaster.

What is maddening is this land has the world's fifth largest economy. It could easily take care of its needs without outsiders coming in to save them out of pity.

And sadly, the 50 tons of trash are small compared to the 22 million pounds of trash in one pile alone.

Something must be done to save this land from itself. Taking over this backward Third World nation would be easy. We already have troops stationed there. Its army consists of a national guard and police.

But that would mean spending trillions on another foray into nation building.

California sadly has very little hope.

It wasn't always that way.

So true and so sad - the end-game of socialism and liberalism. Always happens and always will.

Roast beef at the legion hall

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Tonight was the roast beef dinner at the American Legion hall. $18 for a big plate of prime rib, vegies and cake.

Sat next to a delightful couple from Australia who were on vacation. They were house (and pet) sitting through the worldwide Trusted Housesitters program. Very clever idea - the house and pet owners as well as the wanna-be sitters each pay $100/year to join the program and then they have a background check. There is an online database that links them up and there is no charge for the visits. Part of the $100 covers insurance for emergency vet care, etc...

President Trump talks to Hunter Biden

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Someone finally had the guts to say it out loud - from Mark Dice:

Classic Trump

Win / Win - China

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President Trump and the Chinese announced the first tranche of a set of trade agreements that are very favorable to both the USA and to China - a true win/win situation. From President Trump's twitter feed:

From John Hinderacker writing at Powerline:

What the Democrats fear most is happening: President Trump and his negotiating team are reaching wide-ranging agreements with China that will be a huge boon to the United States.

In an Oval Office press conference yesterday, President Trump and China’s Vice Premier announced a Phase 1 set of agreements that will be documented over the next several weeks. The video of the press conference is embedded below; Trump’s performance was masterful. His many years of experience as a negotiator shine through.

The Phase 1 agreement covers several important topics, including agricultural sales. China has agreed to ramp up its purchases of agricultural products to $40-$50 billion–three times the previous peak–over the next two years. Trump joked that farmers will need to buy more land and work overtime. That means, I think, that Democrats can say goodbye to hopes that tariffs would be the issue that could win votes in rural America.

The agreement also opens up China’s financial services markets to American companies, covers currency manipulation, and addresses some aspects of intellectual property and technology transfer agreements. Phase 2 negotiations will begin immediately.

In view of the Phase 1 agreement, new tariffs scheduled to go into effect on October 15 have been canceled. Further tariff increases are scheduled for December 15, but Trump and Steven Mnuchin, who participated in the press conference, emphasized that there is plenty of time to reach a Phase 2 agreement that would nullify those increases. Phase 2 could be the final agreement, or, if there are still open issues, there could be a Phase 3.

More at the site. Sounds well thought out, beneficial to the interests of the United States and beneficial to the interests of the Chinese as well. A skillful negotiation. President Trump is doing what we elected him to do - unlike some of the other creatures of the deep-state swamp.

Modern designs*** of fission reactors can deliver cheap reliable electricity with zero carbon output. We need to build more of them. Fusion reactors are even more promising but for the last 50 years, they have always been 10-20 years in the future. This might have changed. From Popular Mechanics:

The Navy's Patent for a Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is Wild
Scientists have longed to create the perfect energy source. Ideally, that source would eventually replace greenhouse gas-spewing fossil fuels, power cars, boats, and planes, and send spacecraft to remote parts of the universe. So far, nuclear fusion energy has seemed like the most likely option to help us reach those goals.

The big problem? It’s difficult to harness, and we’re nowhere near producing it at the scales we need in order to cause a seismic shift in energy policy. That's why teams of researchers across the world are racing to improve our understanding of this reaction.

Now, the U.S. Navy has jumped into the game by filing a patent for a compact fusion reactor, according to exclusive reporting by  The War Zone.

Developing a viable source of nuclear fusion energy—the same reaction that powers the sun—has long been seemingly unattainable. The patent for the device was reportedly filed on March 22, 2019, and published late last month. This technology, by all accounts, is a long shot. But it would completely revolutionize how we power our world.

Fusion reactors have been around for a long time but they have never put out more energy than is required to operate them. If the Navy is able to run at over-unity, this is a gamechanger.

Interesting bit of information, the most practical fusion reactor is the Farnsworth Fusor invented by Philo Farnsworth. If that name is familiar, it is because Philo is also the inventor of the first practical design for television transmission and reception. The system we use today is the logical outgrowth of Philo's work.

Although the Fusor is useless for power generation, it is used a lot of hospital radioisotope generation.

*** All of the bad fission reactor designs: Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Windscale - these were all first sketched out onto cocktail napkins over 60 years ago. Modern designs have none of the failure modes.

Heh - used to be the Gore Effect

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Now it's the Swedish Brat effect - from Tony Heller:

Which is why this scam has morphed from being called Global Warming to being called Climate Change.

More on the Gore Effect:

Gore Effect
The Gore Effect is an informal and satirical term which alleges a causal relationship between unseasonable cold weather phenomena and global warming activism, with particular emphasis on events attended by former Vice President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Al Gore. Usage started when a speech of Al Gore on a global warming rally held in New York City met extremely cold winter weather in January 2004 and according Andrew Bolt after another Gore speech took place on a strikingly cold day in Boston in the same year.

Liberty and power

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Our forefathers knew best:

"Liberty may be endangered by the abuse of liberty, but also by the abuse of power...The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted."
--James Madison

Out for a little bit - coffee etc.

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Back in an hour or three. A couple of errands and farmer's market at 2PM

Great news - President Trump

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He signed a couple of executive orders - from Reason:

Trump's New Executive Orders To Restrain the Administrative State
President Donald Trump just announced two executive orders to rein in unlawful administrative state action.

The first order declares that its goal is "to ensure that Americans are subject to only those binding rules imposed through duly enacted statutes or through regulations lawfully promulgated under them, and that Americans have fair notice of their obligations."

The second complements the first, promising that Americans will not "be subjected to a civil administrative enforcement action or adjudication absent prior public notice of both the enforcing agency's jurisdiction over particular conduct and the legal standards applicable to that conduct."

Excellent, well thought out and very overdue. The administrative state is making rulings that have the same effect as laws passed by Congress. Legislation by bureaucrat is not constitutional and needs to be stopped.

From Investment Watch:

More Democratic graft and corruption: Three years after LA tax payers approve $1.2 billion for homeless housing, not a single unit built yet. “…higher-than-expected costs…such as consultants and financing…comprise up to 40% of the cost…”
Having made a deep financial commitment to create housing for some of its 27,000 unsheltered homeless people, Los Angeles is falling short in building new apartments to take thousands of people off the streets, a new study finds.

Nearly three years after city voters approved a $1.2 billion construction program over 10 years, the city has yet to see the first building completed. Average per-apartment costs have zoomed more than $100,000 past prior predictions, the study by city Controller Ron Galperin finds.

Los Angeles has had Republican mayors as late as 2001 but they have been as corrupt as the Democrats.

And that is it for me for tonight

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Didn't stop for any beers - meeting ran a bit late. Want to get up early again tomorrow - rain is due to come in Saturday (10% chance) and Sunday (20%).

YouTube and then to bed.

The Kurds

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The Kurds in four headlines - clickable

Trump’s Betrayal of the Kurds May Be the Dumbest Move of His Presidency - October 10th, 2019

Obama Betrays the Kurds - Sept. 30th, 2014

Bush betrays the Kurds - October 19th, 2007

US abandoned us, say Kurds - Sept. 4th, 1996 - Bill Clinton's presidency

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. -- George Santayana

You are what you eat

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An interesting look at the link between depression and diet - from scientific journal PLOS | ONE:

A brief diet intervention can reduce symptoms of depression in young adults – A randomised controlled trial
There is strong epidemiological evidence that poor diet is associated with depression. The reverse has also been shown, namely that eating a healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables, fish and lean meat, is associated with reduced risk of depression. To date, only one randomised controlled trial (RCT) has been conducted with elevated depression symptoms being an inclusion criterion, with results showing that a diet intervention can reduce clinical levels of depression. No such RCTs have been performed in young adults. Young adults with elevated levels of depression symptoms and who habitually consume a poor diet were randomly allocated to a brief 3-week diet intervention (Diet Group) or a habitual diet control group (Control Group). The primary and secondary outcome measures assessed at baseline and after the intervention included symptoms of depression (Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale; CESD-R; and Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale– 21 depression subscale; DASS-21-D), current mood (Profile of Mood States), self-efficacy (New General Self-Efficacy Scale) and memory (Hopkins Verbal Learning Test). Diet compliance was measured via self-report questionnaires and spectrophotometry. One-hundred-and-one individuals were enrolled in the study and randomly assigned to the Diet Group or the Control Group. Upon completion of the study, there was complete data for 38 individuals in each group. There was good compliance with the diet intervention recommendations assessed using self-report and spectrophotometry. The Diet group had significantly lower self-reported depression symptoms than the Control Group on the CESD-R (p = 0.007, Cohen’s d = 0.65) and DASS-21 depression subscale (p = 0.002, Cohen’s d = 0.75) controlling for baseline scores on these scales. Reduced DASS-21 depression subscale scores were maintained on follow up phone call 3 months later (p = .009). These results are the first to show that young adults with elevated depression symptoms can engage in and adhere to a diet intervention, and that this can reduce symptoms of depression. The findings provide justification for future research into the duration of these benefits, the impacts of varying diet composition, and their biological basis.

Looks like they were very thorough. No mention in the abstract as to what the two diets were but the Mediterranean diet is well known for being very healthful.

People's passwords

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Seems like the gurus are just as bad as us mere mortals when it comes to password security. From BoingBoing:

Computer historians crack passwords of Unix's early pioneers
Early versions of the free/open Unix variant BSD came with password files that included hashed passwords for such Unix luminaries as Dennis Ritchie, Stephen R. Bourne, Eric Schmidt, Brian W. Kernighan and Stuart Feldman.

Leah Neukirchen recovered an BSD version 3 source tree and posted about it on the Unix Heritage Society mailing list, revealing that she was able to crack many of the weak passwords used by the equally weak hashing algorithm from those bygone days.

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie's was "dmac", Bourne's was "bourne", Schmidt's was "wendy!!!" (his wife's name), Feldman's was "axlotl", and Kernighan's was "/.,/.,".

Four more passwords were cracked by Arthur Krewat: Özalp Babaoğlu's was "12ucdort", Howard Katseff's was "graduat;", Tom London's was "..pnn521", Bob Fabry's was "561cml.." and Ken Thompson's was "p/q2-q4!" (chess notation for a common opening move).

Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie were the people who codified the C Programming Language which was what Unix was written in and became the default programming language for all other operating systems and computers.

Derp - keys in car

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Dinner was wonderful. Went out to my work van and discovered that the dogs hit the door lock button and I was locked out. I had put the keys in a cup-holder in the dash. Saves digging them out of my pockets and never had a problem before.

I tried calling my insurance company (their roadside service option is one third what AAA costs) but their automation tried to download a service request form to my phone and I was in a pocket of poor cell service with no internet available. As luck would have it, the place I had dinner was right across the street from where I bought the van. Called them and they sent someone over right away. Amazing service - I was very happy with them at the time of purchase and still very happy. Happy with the van too. Mission Motors

CERT meeting was really good - great group of people. Not as big as the Bellingham chapter but some people who have been involved with emergency services and amateur radio for a long long time. We were invited to participate in a drill involving the police and fire a few months ago (I was not able to attend) - this is the first time that we were allowed to participate in the Emergency Operations Center.

High clouds and warmer - forecast for partly cloudy tomorrow. FInish off the outside.

Surf for a bit.

Back in a couple of hours.

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A big plate of Carne Asada is calling me. CERT meeting after. We are doing a big drill in November so this is just a refresh of what we will try to accomplish.

From FOX News:

UN sounds alarm on cash crisis, warns it may default on bills by month’s end
The United Nations is facing its worst cash crisis in nearly a decade and is warning that it may be unable to pay its bills by the end of the month, while urging member states to pay their contributions to the world body immediately.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wrote to member states this week, saying that as of the end of September, they have only paid 70 percent of budget contributions, compared with 78 percent at this time last year.

“The Organization runs the risk of depleting its liquidity reserves by the end of the month and defaulting on payments to staff and vendors,” a statement by Guterres spokesman Stephane Dujarric said.

Although there are a few programs I like that they run, the other 99% is worthless. President Trump tweeted:

The UN occupies some prime real-estate in Manhattan. They should be moved out to some place like Geneva or France or Zimbabwe. They could use Robert Mugable's palace - he is not around to use it any more.

I would love to see President Trump take over the property after he leaves office in 2024 and turn it into another Trump Tower. That would be wonderful.

Julián Castro - Pander Bear

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He did not do this for humanity, he did it for a photo-op. And to pander to his base. From the Los Angeles Times:

‘There’s no asylum for anyone.’ LGBTQ, disabled asylum seekers cross border with Julián Castro, but not for long
Presidential candidate Julián Castro on Monday escorted a group of asylum seekers across the border bridge to his native Texas from Mexico, where they had been sent under the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Walking across the bridge with Castro were eight gay and lesbian asylum seekers from Cuba, Guatemala and Honduras, as well as a deaf Salvadoran woman and her three relatives. All had earlier tried to cross here with a lawyer after being returned to Mexico to await court hearings, and all had been sent back by U.S. Customs officers. Some had already waited four months.

They had already crossed into the states, applied for asylum and then were returned to Mexico to wait as their application was processed. The legal agreement is that Mexico would house and feed the asylum-seekers until the applications were processed and either accepted or rejected. Castro is breaking the law for a photo-op.

To think that there are people out there that think he would make a good president. Disgusting.

No pleasing people - from Townhall:

Critics Aghast As Trump Keeps Word About No More Wars
Donald Trump came into office promising to not start any new wars and to get us out of the old ones our feckless elite had dragged us into, and now that he’s doing it in Syria the usual suspects are outraged. How dare he actually deliver on his promise not to have anymore of our precious warriors shipped home in boxes after getting killed on battlefields we can’t even pronounce, while refereeing conflicts that began long before America was a thing, in campaigns without any kind of coherent objective?

Conservatives like me still think of ourselves as hawks, but after hard experience we have learned to be hawkish only where America’s interests are directly at stake. We’re not doves. We’re just not going to spill our troops’ blood when we do not absolutely have to. The elite may not like our attitude, but then it’s generally not the elite that ends up having to bury its sons, daughters, husbands and wives. We do.

I generally like the Kurds. I generally dislike the Turks. But they’ve been killing each other for a long time and no one has yet offered a sufficient reason why America should stick its troops in the crossfire between them. We hear words like “betrayal” tossed around, often by people whose track record re: honor is (charitably) lacking, but that assumes America had a say in this latest round ramping up. If the Turks are intent on invading, a firm “No” from the Oval office is not going to stop a battalion of Leopard tanks. If you want to stop them, you have to be prepared to stop them. That means war, and the president – along with millions of us – say “No thanks.”

Yeah - I am siding with President Trump on this one. Afghanistan has chewed up every single nation that tried to intervene. Some groups of people have been perpetually at war with one another and no outside show of force will change this fact.

This harkens back to our entry into the Vietnam war which we took over after the French retreated.

Another gorgeous day in paradise

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Taking a break from working outside - pretty much done for the day. Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy but no rain. Finish off then.

Drove to Costco to get some wire shelves for the pantry area. I buy beans etc. in 25 pound bags which nicely fill a 5 Gallon food-service bucket with a Gamma Lid. Things were getting a bit disorganized with just stacking so now I will have a place for everything. I also am using 2 Gallon buckets for items I use in smaller quantities - salt, TVP, pasta, instant refried beans, etc...

It was nice this afternoon to drive through the farmlands and see the seasonal changes. The corn has been harvested but the stalks were left standing. Now these are being cut for silage for the dairy farms. A lot of fun to see the raptors perched on nearby power lines - cutting the corn deprives the rodents of protective cover. A real feast day for the birds.

Lots of migrating birds are moving into the area. Too early for the snow geese but more birds than usual. This place is incredible for birds - something I want to know more about.

Surf for a bit. Dinner and then the CERT meeting.

It's coffee time

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Did some work outside this morning and now out for coffee and some errands.

Nice weather today - did not get the frost I was expecting. Temps only got down to 34°F.

The Amazon river basin - a catastrophe

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Not really - people do not realize how big this planet really is. Some numbers from Vox Day:

The clearing of the Amazon
The Amazon rainforest is disappearing, or so we're told:

An area of Amazon rainforest roughly the size of a football pitch is now being cleared every single minute, according to satellite data. The rate of losses has accelerated as Brazil's new right-wing president favours development over conservation.

Okay, so let's walk through the math.

    • Amazon rainforest = 5,500,000 square kilometers
    • Football pitch (max) = 120 meters x 90 meters = 10,800 meters
    • Square kilometers of Amazon cleared every single minute = .0108
    • Minutes until Amazon is entirely cleared = 509,259,259 minutes
    • Number of minutes in a year = 525,600
    • Years remaining to Amazon rainforest = 968

So, clearly not a problem for anyone living today, unlike immigration. And, as it happens, this reported clearance rate is actually very good news for those of us who are both ecologically conscious and numerate, as it means the rate of rainforest clearance has declined by 98 percent since 2013.

The first global, high-resolution, satellite analysis of global deforestation revealed that since 2000 an area equal to 50 football pitches has been destroyed every minute. The total loss is 10 times the area of the UK, with only a third being replaced by natural and planted reforestation, and the destruction is accelerating in the tropics.

So, if  .18 square kilometers are being replaced by natural and planted reforestation every minute and .0108 is being cleared, the Amazon will last a lot longer than 968 more years. Indeed, it appears that it is actually growing.

Numbers and not narrative. Chicken Little is a respected scientist in our current society. Sad.

Done for the night

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Tired from working outside all day. Early bedtime - planning to work outside all day tomorrow and want an early start.

CERT drills tomorrow evening.

From Fast Company:

Tesla owners in California get a warning to charge their cars before the power goes out
Pacific General & Electric (PG&E) is cutting power across large swaths of Northern California, including the Bay Area, in a drastic bid to prevent wildfires.

Now Tesla is warning people that before they settle into their outage outrage, they should really charge up their electric cars.

You see, electric cars are great options—except when there is no way to power them up. To be as proactive as PG&E, after hearing the news of the impending power cut, Tesla jumped into action, sending out an in-car alert to the dashboard display warning owners to charge their vehicles fully ahead of the outage.

I love my electric bicycle and use it several times/week but it is not my primary transportation and I would never have a electric vehicle as my primary transportation without an alternative way to keep it charged (solar panels are useless unless you put in a large array).

Besides, your average Tesla owner is charging their vehicle with coal. Supplies about 70% of US power.

The Dems want to impeach President Trump over a telephone call for which we have the transcript and there is nothing impeachable there. Turns out that the Dems are trying to deflect attention from Joe Biden and his family and their own dealings with the Ukrainians. Now the Ukrainians have released their own documents and guess what?

From Gateway Pundit:

BREAKING: Burisma Holdings Paid Joe Biden $900,000 For Lobbying Activities: Ukrainian MP
Former Vice President Joe Biden was personally paid $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Holdings, according to Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach.

Derkach publicized the documents at a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine agency Wednesday as he said the records, “describe the mechanism of getting money by Biden Sr.”

“This was the transfer of Burisma Group’s funds for lobbying activities, as investigators believe, personally to Joe Biden through a lobbying company. Funds in the amount of $900,000 were transferred to the U.S.-based company Rosemont Seneca Partners, which according to open sources, in particular, the New York Times, is affiliated with Biden. The payment reference was payment for consultative services,” Derkach said.

He also publicized sums that were transferred to Burisma Group representatives, in particular Hunter Biden, a son of the former U.S. vice president.

Big bowl of popcorn. Sit back and watch what happens.

Gorgeous day today - clear skies

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Nice colors for the sunset too - Red Skies at Night, Sailor's Delight.

Clear skies tonight too - it is 48°F now and would not be surprised to get a soft frost tomorrow morning. Perfect timing for the work I am doing on the lawn - the cold and short daylight will make the grass go dormant. Give the cover crop a better chance to take over.

Was out of dog food so quick run up to Costco. Home for the evening. Having a couple glasses of red wine while I surf - no beer tonight.

Done with lunch

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Back to work - getting the yard ready for planting. I had let the grass grow wild to develop a good root thatch. Cutting it down and saving the clippings to mulch (bringing a couple bales of old hay down from the farm and saving coffee grounds from my morning coffee place). Laying down burlap (recycled coffee sacks I get for free) and then overseeding it with a cover crop.

The Deep State - 6 minute video

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Retired CIA Station Chief Brad Johnson on the current coup attempt against our President. From RAIR Foundation:

The CIA is in deep. Their actions are treasonous. The next year will be a lot of fun.

Those evil guns

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Gun violence? How about knives, hammers, etc... Some pesky numbers from Law Enforcement Today:

FBI: More people killed with knives, hammers, clubs and even feet than rifles in 2018
It’s the data that the mainstream media tends to bury when it doesn’t fit their agenda.

According to the FBI, more than five times as many people were killed in 2018 by knives, clubs and other cutting instruments than with rifles.

The metrics show that there were a total of 1,515 deaths by knives or other cutting instruments last year. Compare that against 297 people killed by rifles.

It’s a gap that widened significantly over 2017. In that year, the FBI said nearly four times as many people were stabbed to death as killed with rifles. During that year, the number of murders with rifles was around 400.

The article nails it in the first sentence: "fit their agenda"

This is all about taking away people's legitimate Constitutionally protected ability to defend themselves. Tyrants do not want an armed population. Robert A. Heinlein said it best: "An armed society is a polite society."

Prepared in California

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Not surprised. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Batteries, ice and booze: Flustered residents scramble to prepare for PG&E shut-off
Halfway through the workday Tuesday, Sarah Weld panicked.

With a widespread power outage looking more and more likely, she realized the flashlights at her home in the Oakland hills would be useless without batteries. So she bought batteries on her lunch break.

But once at home, she learned that PG&E had confirmed widespread blackouts would hit some time Wednesday morning and knew she was woefully unprepared for days without power. Despite living along an earthquake fault and within a half block of where the 1991 Oakland conflagration destroyed the whole neighborhood, Weld didn’t have a comprehensive emergency kit ready to go.

Maybe this will be a wake-up call to people. A bit more:

The pace of business at Crown Liquors on Moraga Avenue in Montclair village was unusually brisk Tuesday evening.

“We must have sold over 200 bags of ice today,” said Paul Vasconcelos, long-time employee of the store. “People are loading up on ice and water and booze. They’re going a little crazy, know what I mean?”

Depends on what you mean by "being prepared"

From the US Department of Justice:

Drexel University to Pay $189,062 to Resolve Potential False Claims Liability
United States Attorney William M. McSwain announced that Drexel University has agreed to pay the United States $189,062 to resolve potential liability under the False Claims Act for a former professor’s use of grant funds towards “gentlemen’s clubs” and other improper purchases.

For ten years, the head of Drexel’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Chikaodinaka D. Nwankpa, submitted improper charges against federal grants. The majority of the charges were made to gentlemen’s clubs and sports bars in the Philadelphia area.

The government’s investigation began in 2017 after Drexel voluntarily disclosed the improper charges to eight federal grants for energy and naval technology related research that it received from the Department of the Navy, the Department of Energy, and the National Science Foundation. After an internal audit in 2017, Drexel discovered that between July 2007 through April 2017, Dr. Nwankpa submitted improper charges against the federal grants for items such as personal iTunes purchases and for “goods and services” provided by Cheerleaders, Club Risque, and Tacony Club.

I m always amazed at people like this - they will be found out. Just a matter of time. They act as though they can keep running this scam forever - no exit strategy.

Wheels within wheels - this is fascinating. From Ace of Spades:

Allegation: Harvey Weinstein Blackmailed NBC Into Killing the Story On Him By Threatening to Reveal the Story of... Matt Lauer And He Brought In Hillary Clinton, Too
And they didn't stop there.

They brought in the Lauer blackmail file to pressure NBC.

Weinstein had become increasingly alarmed about a story that Ronan Farrow -- then a correspondent for NBC News and most famous for being the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen --was vigorously pursuing about the powerful producer's long-rumored sexual predations. Weinstein had worked to suppress variations of that story for decades, and he was desperate for it to stay secret. But Farrow (along with a team at The New York Times) was closing in. Weinstein wanted to bully NBC News into killing the story. He needed leverage.

Howard pulled out several thick manila envelopes and laid out their contents on the table. The men huddled for hours, strategizing quietly. Weinstein had found a pressure point: Matt Lauer.

"Weinstein made it known to the network that he was aware of Lauer's behavior and capable of revealing it," Farrow writes in his long-awaited new book,

They also brought in their big gun: Hilary Clinton, who pressured NBC on behalf of her mega-donor.

Weinstein also attempted to leverage his long-term relationship with Hillary Clinton to pressure Farrow, he writes. In summer 2017, while Farrow was trying to lock down an interview with Clinton for his foreign policy book -- while also still working on the Weinstein story -- he received a call from Clinton's publicist, Nick Merrill, who told him that the "big story" Farrow was working on was a "concern for us."


Instapundit quotes John Nolte pointing out that Merrill was Hillary's longtime publicist, and would not likely have placed such a call except at her direct instruction.

Such a rotten group of people. To think that they want to lead us, to entertain us. To keep us down. I look at them with contempt. They are venal and corrupt.

As liberal heads start exploding

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The outrage I tell you... Yawn... From FOX News:

Feds open California land to oil, gas drilling, aiming to strengthen energy independence
The federal government has opened hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands in California for oil and gas drilling as part of a broader effort to strengthen energy independence.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued its final decision Friday, allowing oil and gas leases on plots mostly in the Central Valley and parts of the Central Coast.

The 725,000 acres of public land in Central California had been off-limits to oil and gas drilling since 2013.

Another shred of Barry's "legacy" in the dumpster where it belongs.

Gorgeous crisp fall day

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And there are two more forecast. Last day of the big farmer's market is this Friday so it will go out with a bang.

Happy October 9th

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From History.com:

Che Guevara is executed
On October 9, 1967, socialist revolutionary and guerilla leader Che Guevara, age 39, is killed by the Bolivian army. The U.S.-military-backed Bolivian forces captured Guevara on October 8 while battling his band of guerillas in Bolivia and assassinated him the following day. His hands were cut off as proof of death and his body was buried in an unmarked grave. In 1997, Guevara’s remains were found and sent back to Cuba, where they were reburied in a ceremony attended by President Fidel Castro and thousands of Cubans.

A nasty piece of work. He liked killing people. Good riddance to bad trash.

Hillary - clueless

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From Breitbart:

Hillary Clinton: ‘No Evidence’ that Joe, Hunter Biden ‘Did Anything Wrong’
Appearing Tuesday on PBS NewsHour, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, against allegations of corruption in China and Ukraine, claiming there is “no evidence” that the pair “did anything wrong.”

Delusional - and some people want this harpy running our nation?

This explains so much - economics

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Just the headline tells the entire story. From the Washington Examiner:

Two French economists from Berkeley advise Warren and Sanders on wealth tax
Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have the same two outside advisers to thank for shaping their wealth tax proposals: University of California, Berkeley economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman.

Each Democratic presidential candidate wants to tackle wealth inequality by raising trillions of dollars in revenue from taxing the wealth — in addition to the income — of millionaires and billionaires, an idea that is backed up by research from Saez and Zucman.

There are competing explanations for the rise in inequality. Those on one side argue that wealth concentration is natural as a result of globalization, technology gains, and economic growth, which give enormous rewards to the smartest, innovative, and most hardworking people. Drastically increasing tax rates, they say, would discourage innovation and hurt the economy.

The other camp sees rising inequality as unfair, immoral, and a threat to society.

Ahhhh - Karl Marx's big fuckup. Marx thought that the pool of money was fixed and that the worlds problems came from an unequal distribution. Stupid stupid stupid. Money is fungible. It can be created. It can be destroyed. Look at the Bear Stearns collapse of 2008 - many billions of dollars lost into thin air. Where were the trucks? The money vanished. Look at the case of this British woman - created a multi-billion dollar enterprise out of thin air. Money was created.

And of course, the fruit does not fall far from the tree:

Saez, 46, and Zucman, 32, are both originally from France and have each worked in the past with Thomas Piketty, the famous French economist whose research on wealth and income inequality made him a best-selling author. By using new sources of data, such as individual tax records, Piketty reshaped the debate about inequality and wealth taxes. Piketty's central argument in his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, published in 2013, is that inequality is a central feature of capitalism and, if not checked, could rise inexorably.

In the United States, Saez and Zucman have assumed the mantle of leading exponents of Piketty-style economic policies. The pair have researched tax havens, the government’s lack of taxation of wealth, and how those factors affect wealth distribution overall.

Classic case of GIGO - Garbage in, garbage out. Failed Marxist theories, failed practical analyses.

From CNS News:

Trump Awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Former AG Edwin Meese
President Donald Trump presented former Attorney General Edwin Meese with the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday, calling him “an absolute titan of American law and a heroic defender of the American Constitution.”

“Perhaps Ed’s greatest contribution to American law has been his unwavering advocacy to the legal principle that judges must adhere to the original meaning of the Constitution, setting aside their own personal and political views,” Trump said.

“Through the decades, Ed has been one of the most eloquent champions for following the Constitution as written. To ensure fidelity to our founding documents, Ed supported the growth of the Federalist Society and worked to confirm supremely qualified judges, including the late, great Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, whose son just became the secretary of Labor,” he said.

A great man and a true constitutionalist.

Buying gasoline

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From satire site The Babylon Bee:

New Law Requires You To Listen To Greta Thunberg Lecture Before Purchasing Gasoline


A series of new bills working their way through state legislatures in New York, California, Oregon, Hawaii, and several other progressive states will require you to listen to a Greta Thunberg lecture before purchasing gasoline.

Motorists will be required to watch a 20-minute lecture by the 16-year-old climate activist before they purchase gallons and gallons of harmful fossil fuels.

"We want to make sure drivers are informed," said California Governor Gavin Newsom, who says he will sign the bill into law. "So we are having them get lectured by a 16-year-old so they will have all the facts before they do something rash like put gasoline in their cars to go to work."

Once the driver has listened to Thunberg's entire lecture, they will be prompted to complete a quick, fifteen-question quiz to show they understand how horrible they are for driving a car. Drivers who get at least 80% will then be allowed to refuel their vehicles. As they refuel, the screen will simply play a clip of Thunberg saying, "How dare you!" over and over again.

The law will not apply to celebrities purchasing jet fuel.

It saddens me to know that there are some people out there who think that this is a wonderful idea and needs to be imposed on us at the soonest possible moment.

Paying for electricity

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You think that with all the deferred maintenance and decaying infrastructure issues that California is having, they probably have really cheap electricity costs. Not the case. They are the fifth most expensive state for power with Hawaii, Alaska and the People's Republics of Connecticut and Massachusetts leading the way. Hi and Ak are understandable given their remoteness but sheesh. Take some of that money and spend it on maintenance for cryin' out loud...

A good website for the numbers: The Choose Energy Rate Report

WA state is the cheapest at 9.72 cents per kWh (July 2019 data for all states), Hawaii is 31.42 and California is 19.96.

We are blessed with a lot of hydroelectricity. All of the expensive states are either remote or shoveling $$$ down the alt.energy rathole with little to show for it. Nuclear anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Fun times - California winds

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I had posted a link to Cliff Mass talking about the forecast windstorms in California. A reader commented with a link to an excellent checklist for preparedness. From the San Francisco CBS affiliate:

Bay Area Power Outage Survival Guide
We all take the modern convenience of electricity for granted until the lights go out.

And for as many as 250,000 Bay Area residents those light may be going out as early as Wednesday morning. A wind advisory and red flag warning have Pacific Gas & Electric officials considering cutting the power to about 250,000 Bay Area customers as a safety precaution. The utility estimates total of 800,000 customers in Northern and Central California will have their power shut off.

And those outages may last for several days so now is the time to get prepared.

Here are some tips to help you and your family survive a power outage.

    • Sign up for PG&E alerts so you can be quickly informed if a power outage is about to begin in your neighborhood. It is also a good idea to sign up for alerts with your county.
    • On Tuesday evening before going to bed, make sure to have all your electronic devices fully charged.
    • Fill up your gas tank on your way home from work — most gas pumps are electronic and will not work in an outage.
    • Stop by the ATM and withdraw cash — grocery store cash registers are electrically powered.
    • Stock up on seven days of food, water, and flashlights and batteries. If you are still using old incandescent bulbs, this might be a good time to upgrade. LED bulbs last much longer.
    • If you have an automatic garage door opener make sure you know how to disengage it and open the door manually.
    • If you have solar panels, they will not power your house. Only those with a home battery or special converter can get power from their panels.
    • Prepare yourself for slow driving — traffic lights will not be functioning in the neighborhood impacted by the power outage.
    • Be a good neighbor — if you have elderly or infirm neighbors check on their well being
    • If you use a generator — make sure it is at least 20 feet from your home with the engine exhaust directed away from windows and doors.
    • Talk with your building manager if you live or work in a building that has elevators or electronic key card access to understand how they will deal with a possible multi-day outage.
    • Break out your earthquake survival kit to use.

A well thought-out list and a lot more at the site including a list of things to buy now before the stores get wiped out.

This is one situation where an amateur radio license would be a very good thing. Most cell sites have backup power for only three to five days. You can get a decent basic setup for well under $100 and it is an enjoyable hobby as well as a life-saver in an emergency situation. Whenever I travel to a new city, I will have looked up the local frequencies and can call out for driving directions or restaurant recomendations.

Downright nippy tonight

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Temps down to 43°F now and windy - 15-20MPH. Got the heaters turned on and will get the heat pump running tomorrow. Forecast to be in the 30's later tonight. No doubt. Dug the down comforter out and have that on the bed. Getting into serious winter mode really fast this year.

Class tomorrow and thursday

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Our local CERT chapter is doing some advanced training Thursday - we are doing a Field Training Exercise in November so I will be heading to the farm a few days later. I will have to miss the Preparedness Group but that program is something I can skip.

CERT training is really valuable - it's intensive but worth your time for when the big one hits. Here is the main website.

Library and beers

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Soup for dinner. Pick up some books at the library and check the post office. Skipping the beers tonight - tired from getting up so early.

Working on the website for my new blacksmith domain. Using the United States Web Design System

Corn maze

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A popular thing up here is a corn maze - a field of corn with a maze cut into it. I love this sign:


Good Lord no - make it stop - Hillary

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Informal poll but still - from Predict It:


Drive a stake into its heart.


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Not surprising at all - from Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes Journal

Dog ownership associated with longer life, especially among heart attack and stroke survivors
Dog ownership may be associated with longer life and better cardiovascular outcomes, especially for heart attack and stroke survivors who live alone, according to a new study and a separate meta-analysis published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, a journal of the American Heart Association.

“The findings in these two well-done studies and analyses build upon prior studies and the conclusions of the 2013 AHA Scientific Statement ‘Pet Ownership and Cardiovascular Risk’ that dog ownership is associated with reductions in factors that contribute to cardiac risk and to cardiovascular events,” said Glenn N. Levine, M.D., chair of the writing group of the American Heart Association’s scientific statement on pet ownership. “Further, these two studies provide good, quality data indicating dog ownership is associated with reduced cardiac and all-cause mortality. While these non-randomized studies cannot ‘prove’ that adopting or owning a dog directly leads to reduced mortality, these robust findings are certainly at least suggestive of this.”

Makes perfect sense to me. My pups bring me joy. Always been a dog person although cats are a lot of fun (so are llamas, horses, goats, etc...)

Good - taking the ball and going home

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The White House made it official - from Politico:

White House vows to block ‘illegitimate’ impeachment effort
The White House signaled Tuesday that it will block any cooperation with the House’s impeachment inquiry, calling Democrats’ effort “illegitimate” and “dangerous.”

In a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the three committee chairs leading the impeachment probe, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone all but declared that the Trump administration will refuse to engage with a process it considers to be “constitutionally invalid.”

“Given that your inquiry lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation, any pretense of fairness, or even the most elementary due process protections, the executive branch cannot be expected to participate in it,” Cipollone wrote.

Taking them to the woodshed. They have nothing. Nothing with Russia, nothing with the Ukraine. They do not have the votes to pass an impeachment. This is all just theater. Look at what I did.

Time for the voters to step up and clean the house (and the senate).

Any way they can

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This is downright unreal - from PJ Media:

Extortion: Minneapolis Mayor Tries to Shut Down Trump Rally With 'Outrageous' Security Fee
Minneapolis's liberal mayor, Jacob Frey, has demanded $530,000 in security costs for a Trump campaign rally this Thursday — 26 times the cost of security for a 2009 Obama rally. In violation of its contract, the Target Center threatened to cancel the rally unless the campaign forks over the cash.

"This is an outrageous abuse of power by a liberal mayor trying to deny the rights of his own city’s residents just because he hates the President," Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement. "People want to hear from their President, and no mayor looking to beef up his resume for a run for higher office should stand in the way."

College campuses have imposed outrageous security costs as a pretext to shut down controversial speakers, often conservatives. In 2018, the University of Wisconsin tried to charge its College Republicans club $17,000 in security fees for a rally. The College Republicans sued, claiming a violation of their First Amendment free speech rights, and the college settled, paying the club $122,500 in legal fees.

The Trump campaign alleged that Frey "is abusing the power of his office and attempting to extort President Trump’s re-election campaign by conjuring a phony and outlandish bill for security in an effort to block a scheduled Keep America Great rally. Democrat Mayor Frey is using the bogus security charges to pressure the Target Center, site of the contracted October 10, 2019 rally, into preventing Minnesota residents from exercising their First Amendment rights in support of President Trump."

Vote the bastards out. 2020 is not that far away.

Karl Marx - not so warm and fuzzy

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Liberals love him because of his ideas about socialism. He never worked a day in his life, was the entitled child of rich parents and he never owned up to the idea that his philosophy is toxic to civilization and only useful as a tool for enterprising tyrants to seize power.

In my 20's, I seriously tried reading him and some of the other commies (Gramsci, Lukács, etc...) and found their writing turgid, incomprehensible and fuzzy. I think that the big joke is that liberals only pretend to understand his writings - sort of an in joke to them.

Wonder what the progressive culture will say about his blatant racism? Some clickable headlines:

Useful idiots - all of them.

I posted about this video October 2nd

Nice to find out that it was just a misunderstanding.

This video is 44 minutes long but they get into the meat of the issues early on:

The deep state at work. From The Federalist:

Intel Community IG Stonewalling Congress On Backdated Whistleblower Rule Changes
In tense testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) on Friday, the inspector general for federal spy agencies refused to disclose why his office backdated secret changes to key whistleblower forms and rules in the wake of an anti-Trump whistleblower complaint filed in August, sources told The Federalist.

As The Federalist reported and the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) confirmed, the spy watchdog secretly changed its whistleblower forms and internal rules in September to eliminate a requirement that whistleblowers provide first-hand evidence to support any allegations of wrongdoing. In a press release last week, the ICIG confessed that it changed its rules in response to an anti-Trump complaint filed on August 12. That complaint, which was declassified and released by President Donald Trump in September, was based entirely on second-hand information, much of which was shown to be false following the declassification and release of a telephone conversation between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community inspector general, told HPSCI lawmakers during a committee oversight hearing on Friday that the whistleblower forms and rules changes were made in September, even though the new forms and guidance, which were not uploaded to the ICIG’s website until September 24, state that they were changed in August. Despite having a full week to come up with explanations for his office’s decisions to secretly change its forms to eliminate the requirement for first-hand evidence and to backdate those changes to August, Atkinson refused to provide any explanation to lawmakers baffled by his behavior.

Emphasis mine - they were hoping to get away with this changing of the rules. Their objective is not Security and Intelligence gathering. Their objective is to push the narrative: Orange Man Bad and to succor those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome

Back for the day

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The drill was uneventful (this is a good thing) and then drove up to Bellingham for a couple errands. Picked up a used  extension tube for my camera - it was for sale (gently used) at my favorite photo shop. This will move the focus of any lens forward so I can take close-ups of things. Already have one but two gives me more magnification. At $10 it was a zero-brainer.

Very muscular weather on the way back down - many convective cells and bursts of rain and hail.

The realtime lightning map shows some t-storm activity south of here - Tacoma / Olympia area. It was really windy last evening around 11PM - lost power at 11:30 for a while. Not much rain but a lot of wind - gusts here to 40MPH which is saying something as I am shielded to the south by a substantial hillside. You can see the effects of last night's rain in the foothills from the Stillaguamish River flow - peaked at over 750% of average:


Supposed to be over and done with - latest forecast shows Wed, Thur and Friday to be sunny. We will see how that goes. Got a class tomorrow morning but will probably head to the farm for a few days to do some more testing on the no water problem and to pack some more shit up.

That is worthy of a Nobel Prize if this works for humans - from Stanford University:

In human cells and mice, a cure for the common cold, Stanford-UCSF study reports
Temporarily disabling a single protein inside our cells might be able to protect us from the common cold and other viral diseases, according to a study led by researchers at Stanford University and University of California-San Francisco.

The findings were made in human cell cultures and in mice.

“Our grandmas have always been asking us, ‘If you’re so smart, why haven’t you come up with a cure for the common cold?’”said Jan Carette, PhD, associate professor of microbiology and immunology. “Now we have a new way to do that.”

The approach of targeting proteins in our own cells also worked to stop viruses associated with asthma, encephalitis and polio.

Fun time to be alive...

Busted. From The Washington Free Beacon:

County Records Contradict Warren’s Claim She Was Fired Over Pregnancy
The Riverdale Board of Education approved a second-year teaching contract for a young Elizabeth Warren, documents show, contradicting the Democratic presidential candidate’s repeated claims that she was asked not to return to teaching after a single year because she was "visibly pregnant."

Minutes of an April 21, 1971, Riverdale Board of Education meeting obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show that the board voted unanimously on a motion to extend Warren a "2nd year" contract for a two-days-per-week teaching job. That job is similar to the one she held the previous year, her first year of teaching. Minutes from a board meeting held two months later, on June 16, 1971, indicate that Warren’s resignation was "accepted with regret."

Warren's claim that she was dismissed after her first year of teaching because she was pregnant has become a cornerstone of her stump speeches. She has used it to both explain her jump from teaching into the legal world as well as to showcase the difficulties that women face in the workplace. The principal of the school she worked at in the early 1970s, Warren has said, "showed [her] the door" at the end of the school year because she was "visibly pregnant."

And lest you try to call this fake news, the Beacon has links to the two county documents (and screen-caps) as well as video of Warren. Pants on fire...

From Buffalo, New York's The Buffalo Chronicle:

Trudeau is rumored to be in talks with an accusor to suppress an explosive sex scandal
Less than two weeks ahead of federal elections that have already been looking conclusively grim for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, rumors of an explosive sex scandal are percolating at the highest echelons of Canada’s media establishment.

Ottawa’s longest-tenured political observers had been expecting a career-ending expose in Saturday’s edition of The Globe and Mail — but that story never came. Sources are now telling The Chronicle that Trudeau is in private talks with the principal source of that piece to suppress explosive sex allegations that, if made public, would likely force Trudeau to resign his office.

Trudeau’s accuser is said to be a former student at West Point Grey Academy and the daughter of a wealthy Canadian businessman. Sources tell The Chronicle that she is being represented by counsel and is being offered monetary compensation in exchange for a pending, but not yet signed, non-disclosure agreement.

And a bit more:

Trudeau worked as a substitute teacher at the private school from 1999 until an abrupt and poorly explained departure in June of 2001.  At the time of his departure he hired his father’s lawfirm, Heenan Blaikie, to represent him in the matter.  The firm issued a bizarre statement that denied that Trudeau was leaving his part-time position in order to pursue public speaking opportunities. He was 29 years old.

Even if Trudeau cashes this person out, there will be others. There are always others.

Early evening

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Doing the Western Washington emergency radio network tomorrow morning. Been doing this once/month for about a year. Lots of fun and a great drill for when the feces actually hit the air mover. All of Western Washington is linked with a fairly comprehensive radio network and there are a lot of licensed operaters out there capable of taking over when the cell phone network stops working (most cell towers have about three days of backup power should the grid go down).

Surf for a bit first...

Forecast calls for rain

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Got rain for the next couple of days. Piddling down now - less than 0.2" for the last 24 hours but we can certainly see the effects of it - the Stilly watershed is getting very wet:


Expecting more tomorrow and then two days of sunshine. Winter is here.

Classical blues reference in the post title.

Fun Toy - The Apprehension Engine

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From the YouTube website:

What happens when a horror movie composer and a guitar maker join forces? They create the world’s most disturbing musical instrument. Affectionately known as "The Apprehension Engine," this one-of-a-kind instrument was commissioned by movie composer Mark Korven. Korven wanted to create spooky noises in a more acoustic and original way—but the right instrument didn't exist. So his friend, guitar maker Tony Duggan-Smith, went deep into his workshop and assembled what has to be the spookiest instrument on Earth.

Check it out:

Did a little DuckDuckGo'ing and it turns out that you can buy one of these: The Apprehension Engine

Mark's website is here: Mark Korven - lots more video of The Apprehension Engine there.

The deep state is a good thing

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According to New York Times columnist James B. Stewart - from News Busters:

NYT Columnist Admits Deep State Exists...To Protect Us From Trump
Appearing on NBC’s Today show on Monday, New York Times columnist James B. Stewart hawked his new book, Deep State, by hailing bureaucrats undermining the Trump administration as noble public servants “protecting the Constitution” and the American people from the President. He denounced any criticism of the “deep state” as “very dangerous.”

“The disclosure of a second whistleblower with firsthand knowledge of President Trump’s phone call with the leader of Ukraine has led to new accusations by the President that the so-called ‘deep state’ is seeking to undermine his presidency,” co-host Savannah Guthrie declared as she introduced Stewart. She then asked her guest: “And his central allegation is that there are people inside these government agencies actively working against him. What did you find?”

They hate Trump because President Trump is making their machinations visible to We The People.

And we have whistleblower number three

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From Scott Adams:

Sounds absolutely credible to me.

An apology - sort of

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Heh - comedy gold from the creators of South Park. From media site Decider:

‘South Park’ Creators Mock Chinese Government Following Series Ban: “We Too Love Money More Than Freedom”
South Park‘s Matt Stone and Trey Parker are sorry. Kind of. Following last week’s (October 2) blistering takedown of China’s human right violations and Hollywood’s complicity in them, the Comedy Central show was scrubbed from the Chinese internet. In true South Park fashion Stone and Parker begged for forgiveness in a statement claiming that they too “love money more than freedom and democracy.”

A recurring joke throughout Season 23’s “Band in China” revolved around Winnie-the-Pooh. The fictional Disney bear that was banned by Chinese censors after bloggers repeatedly compared the bear to President Xi Jinping. As expected, that led to South Park literally and graphically murdering the honey-loving bear at the end of its latest episode. And that didn’t go well.

In response to the savage episode that heavily criticized the Chinese government for its censorship practices, said government deleted almost every South Park episode, clip, social media account, and even fan pages from the country’s internet. According to The Hollywood Reporter, all mentions of the show have been erased from China’s Twitter-like social media service Weibo as well as the streaming service Youku.

Here is their tweet:

The $15 minimum wage

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As expected, it is killing jobs - from the New York Post:

As predicted, the $15 wage is killing jobs all across the city
Just as predicted, the $15 minimum wage is killing vulnerable city small businesses, with the low-margin restaurant industry one of the hardest-hit as it also faces a separate mandatory wage hike for tipped staffers.

In Sunday’s Post, Jennifer Gould Keil reported on the death of Gabriela’s Restaurant and Tequila Bar — closing after 25 years. It struggled all year to find a way out, gradually laying off most non-tipped employees, including some chefs, only to find that quality suffered and customers fled. Owners Liz and Nat Milner finally hung it up.

Other eateries share the pain. In an August survey of its members, the NYC Hospitality Alliance found more than three-quarters have had to cut employee hours, more than a third eliminated jobs last year and half plan to cut staff this year.

“It’s death by a thousand cuts,” the Hospitality Alliance’s Andrew Rigie told The Post, since “there’s only so many times you can increase the price of a burger and a bowl of pasta.”

The unions are the ones pushing this - not only does it kill the small businesses, union saleries are indexed to the minimum wage so an increase means a jump in wages for union employees as well.

Wonderful rant by Kurt Schlichter

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From Town Hall - the first two paragraphs:

Liberals Hate Free Speech When We Presume To Use It
I have a confession to make: I hate the pseudo-conservative scribblings of David French with the same kind of smoldering loathing I reserve for foot fungus, movies about spunky young women who triumph over the patriarchy, and the music of Maroon 5. With rare exceptions explicable due only to the vagaries of chance, I hate his prose, his premises, his conclusions and his insufferable fussiness. I contend that his writings are fit only to be served up to traitors and terrorists at Gitmo to wring out confessions, and the only thing I enjoy about his terrible, terrible views is that they validate my longstanding negative impression of Army JAGs. But it has never occurred to me that David French should be barred from writing whatever the hell he pleases.

The whole idea that, simply because his opinions make me long for the joyous peace of death, he should be in any way prevented from sharing them with those people who inexplicably wish to endure them, and those unfortunate enough to stumble upon them unawares, is utterly foreign to me and to all actual conservatives. Censorship, to us, is both alien and appalling, like an Oberlin College feminist hot oil twerk-off.

Heh - go and read the whole thing. He is on a roll.

A missing flag - Apple

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From Emojipedia:

Apple Hides Taiwan Flag in Hong Kong
iPhone users in Hong Kong have noticed a change in the latest version of iOS: the 🇹🇼 Flag for Taiwan emoji is missing.

Previously restricted on Chinese iOS devices, all other regions of the world have continued to enjoy access to all flags in the iOS emoji font, until now.

The change, first discovered by iOS Developer Hiraku Wang, means that users with an iOS device region set to Hong Kong will see one less flag on the emoji keyboard than if the region is set to anywhere else in the world (other than China mainland, which also hides this flag).

So Apple kowtows to a totalitarian state.

True dat

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So true:


Punch back twice as hard

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Heh - from Yahoo News:

Giuliani's answer to impeachment inquiry: Sue Schiff
President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, says he is working with outside lawyers to prepare lawsuits against prominent Democrats such as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of California and Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Giuliani’s remarks about his legal plans were made over the weekend in a series of calls with Yahoo News, amid cable news appearances in which he continued to aggressively defend the president. That defense was blunted by news of an additional whistleblower who would reportedly corroborate how Trump allegedly pressured the new Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, into investigating Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, a 2020 presidential candidate.

Pure political theater - it will be interesting to see if Schiff understands that the discovery process can be a bitch.
Schiff et. al. have nothing - they are trying to jumpstart this impeachment effort but do not have anything substantive.

Again, pushing narrative over the truth...

Out for a while

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Coffee &c. Raining lightly so plans of yard work are scotched. Figure something else to do but coffee, post office, library first. Probably sort some more crap. Another dump run in the offing.

Done! Next?

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Are these people really that self-important? From PJ Media:

Cory Booker: 'If You Come After Joe Biden, You're Going to Have to Deal with Me'

He will not know what hit him.

Artist Point road closed

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Snowfall - last year it closed on the 28th, this year on the 7th. Earlier than usual. From the Dept. of Transportation:

Autumn snow and ice close SR 542 to Artist Point
Snow and icy conditions are forecasted on State Route 542/Mount Baker Highway and crews have closed the final 2.7 miles of the highway to vehicle traffic. The gate will remain closed until next year.

Washington State Department of Transportation maintenance crews remove snow and ice from SR 542 during the winter but this final stretch, known as the Road to Artist Point, is narrow with sharp curves and steep slopes. WSDOT closes it to vehicle traffic each winter season for the safety, while at the same time a portion of the road becomes part of Mt. Baker Ski Area’s terrain.

The earliest recorded closure was on September 27, 2007. It usually closes much later in October / November.

See you all tomorrow!

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That's it for me.

That is going to leave a mark

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Great tweet from Steve Guest:

Good article at The Rolling Stone

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Interesting to see some of the usually leftist publications actually doing their jobs and delivering the actual story.
From Matt Taibbi writing at The Rolling Stone:

The ‘Whistleblower’ Probably Isn’t
Start with the initial headline, in the story the Washington Post “broke” on September 18th:


The unnamed person at the center of this story sure didn’t sound like a whistleblower. Our intelligence community wouldn’t wipe its ass with a real whistleblower.

Americans who’ve blown the whistle over serious offenses by the federal government either spend the rest of their lives overseas, like Edward Snowden, end up in jail, like Chelsea Manning, get arrested and ruined financially, like former NSA official Thomas Drake, have their homes raided by FBI like disabled NSA vet William Binney, or get charged with espionage like ex-CIA exposer-of-torture John Kiriakou. It’s an insult to all of these people, and the suffering they’ve weathered, to frame the ballcarrier in the Beltway’s latest partisan power contest as a whistleblower.

A lot more at the site - some great investigative reporting and putting two and two together. Kudos to the Stone for publishing this article and not pandering to the prevailing Orange Man Bad narrative

Cute routine - Avner the Eccentric

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Some basic prestidigitation but well presented - the guy is a natural comic. His website: Avner the Eccentric

California is in for some fun times

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From Cliff Mass:

Major Potential for Strong Winds and Wildfires in Northern California
Later this week there is the potential for strong Diablo winds over northern California;  winds of sufficient strength to pose a major wildfire threat.

Currently, a far weaker wind event is occurring over northern California--as a result the power utility (PG&E) has shut off power to roughly ten thousand customers, including those near Paradise and Chico, CA.

The sea level pressure pattern this morning (8AM) shows high pressure pushing into the Northwest and southeastward into the intermountain region.  This high pressure is associated with cold air (green colors) in the interior.  Note the lower pressure and warm air over the CA coastal zone.    The result of this pattern is a large pressure gradient over the Sierra Nevada and northern CA that produce strong wind. (Winds accelerate from high to low pressure near terrain).

Sucks to be them. But it gets worse:

But today's minor blow is nothing compared to what will happen on Wednesday and Thursday.

By 5 AM on Wednesday, very cold, dense air, associated with high sea level pressure, will surge into the Pacific Northwest (see below).   Yes...that will bring more snow to the Cascades and Rockies.

At the leading edge of the cold air, there will be a large pressure difference (gradient) the produces strong winds.      The image below for 5 AM shows an intense pressure gradient over northern California.   But it will get stronger and move south.

Cliff has the weather maps - looks like we will get some of it here in the pacific northwet but California is going to get creamed but good.

Polar opposites - dinner

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Last night was a delightful vegetarian multi-course feast and some good red wine.

Tonight was a huge chunk of pot roast and mashed potatoes at a nearby restaurant and then two pints of beer at my favorite biker bar.

Both were delicious in their own rights - I'm flexible like that...

Up a bit early tomorrow - going to be a nice day and want to get the yard buttoned up for the winter.

Don't feel like minestrone for dinner tonight. Heading out to run a couple of errands, get a bite on the road and swing by my local for my usual two pints.

More in a couple of hours.

From the Experimental Aircraft Association:

An Inside Look at Microsoft’s Newest Flight Simulator
There’s no way I can write about the return of Flight Simulator without sharing just a little bit of my own story for context, as there are deep intersections. Not only did I start using version 1.0 of the product when I was about 12 years old (nearly 40 years ago, if you must know), but I worked on it at Microsoft for more than 10 years before it was canceled in 2009. The shutdown was a blow not just to those of us who relied on the product to pay our mortgages, but to millions of pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world.

In the Meantime
The last major release was Flight Simulator X (FSX) in 2006, followed by an expansion pack the following year. After the shutdown, variations of the product lived on here and there, including the enterprise edition, which Lockheed Martin now develops and publishes as Prepar3D, and a version that was licensed by Dovetail Games in the United Kingdom and sold on the Steam marketplace. Dovetail pursued further development with a product called Flight Sim World, and Microsoft itself briefly returned to the genre in 2012 with a limited product called Flight. But it was the community of hardcore simmers and add-on developers who truly kept the product alive for the past 10 years. Then, in May of 2019, Microsoft surprised almost everybody with a bombshell announcement: Flight Simulator, the oldest franchise in Microsoft’s history (Windows and Office weren’t even a gleam in Bill’s eye back then), is coming back in a big way, first to the PC, then to the Xbox console.

Very very cool - I generally do not like computer games. Never have. That being said, I have spent a lot of time on flight simulator even buying a good joystick to enhance my flights. Looking forward to this upgrade.

A lot more at the site - positively drool-worthy

Our changing weather - the middle east

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From Gulf News:

Heavy rain hits Dubai and Sharjah
Dubai: Heavy to moderate rain hit most areas of the UAE on Wednesday.

Early showers greeted Dubai and Sharjah commuters, delaying some from reaching offices on time. The extension of a low pressure coming from the eastern UAE also brought heavy rain associated with thunder and lightning over Al Ain at around 8am on Wednesday, according to the UAE Met office.

Fujairah and adjoining areas also had wet weather at around 5am while Abu Dhabi, Khalifa City and adjoining areas reported rain at 4am.

No numbers on the actual amount of precip but any rain is a rarity - this is a desert we are talking about. Cold and rain - a result of our quiet sun.

From Slashdot reader hackingbear:

Alibaba's OceanBase Tops TPC-C Benchmark, Doubling That of Oracle Database
The TPC organization reported on October 5 that OceanBase, an open-source relational database from Ant Financial, a business unit of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, has topped the TPC-C benchmark, more than doubling the score achieved by Oracle Corp. which had held the world record for the past 9 years. OceanBase v2.2 Enterprise Edition with Partitioning scored at 60,880,800, while Oracle Database 11g R2 Enterprise Edition w/RAC and Partitioning achieved 30,249,688.TPC Benchmark C is industrial standard OLTP benchmark, measuring on-line transactions per minute (tpmC).

Yikes - a free and open source database running on a free and open source operating system trounces an expensive database running on a kind-of expensive operating system. Tony Stark Larry Ellison is going to have a melt-down and yes, there is a link: here, here, here and here.

The thing that I really love is that the database software is at version 0.4 - they have not even released 1.0 and already it is kicking serious ass.

Heh - aliens

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From satire site The Beaverton:

Alien civilization blocks humanity after receiving unsolicited nudes


 Immediately regretting opening the strange message attached to an oblong metallic object marked “PIONEER” found floating in space, a distant alien civilization blocked all of humanity on Thursday, remarking that unsolicited nude photos – especially ones from inferior bi-pedal species – are super gross. “Ugh, why would they think I would want to see that?” asked Klaxthon using telepathic communication the tri-gendered crew of their spaceship, adding that the dangly thing on the between one of the figure’s lower tentacles makes them want to shed their first three inner digestive mucus layers. “Like, why? So gross!”  “At least not right away. If I wanted to see it, I’d ask first. But just cold like that? Disgusting!” they added. At press time, SETI radio observatories report a “very thirsty” message from a different alien civilization asking if we could “host.”

A cool find - archeology

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From Science Alert:

Nearly 100 Mysterious Amphorae Have Been Recovered From an Ancient Roman Shipwreck
Archaeologists have recovered a rare and tantalizing treasure off the coast of Mallorca in Spain. Not gold or jewels, but 93 jug-like terracotta vessels called amphorae from a Roman ship that sank 1,700 years ago.

Most of these beautiful jugs are still intact and sealed, which means there's a very good chance their contents were preserved, too.

The shipwreck was found just 50 metres (164 feet) from the shore, after local resident Felix Alarcón spotted pottery shards on the seafloor in July.

Because it was so close to the popular Playa de Palma beach resort and the tourist town of Can Pastilla, the Spanish government enlisted the Balearic Institute of Maritime Archaeology Studies (IBEAM) for an emergency excavation.

Their work revealed a relatively small seafaring vessel, just 10 metres (33 feet) long and 5 metres (16 feet) wide, with the amphorae carefully stowed in the hold. It was likely a merchant ship, transporting goods between the Iberian Peninsula and Rome; Mallorca is en route between the two.

Love it - hidden in plain sight.

A fun afternoon

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The Pumpkin fest was small but a lot of fun - four pictures:


I would guess maybe 150 people in attendance. It was their third year running this and Sunday is an off day for public events on the island. Most things are on Saturday and yesterday was crappy weather for the first part of the day.


Recognized this - some friends of mine have quite the collection of military vehicles. Five-ton towing a commissary trailer.


Some good music - a local blues band


The obligatory pumpkin carving. Really good work.

All in all, a fun couple of hours. Looking forward to this growing over the next year or so. The trebuchet was a bit of a bust - small arm and not that much distance.

From Jalopnik:

How China Built Some Of The World’s Most Versatile Vehicles Around A $150 Engine
Back in 2015, I visited China and found myself enamored by a vehicle so simple that it didn’t even have a hood to cover its single-cylinder diesel engine. That basic motor, which can be cranked by hand, is a part of what I later found to be one of the most incredible modular vehicle architectures I’d ever seen.


At the time, I didn’t know what this thing was, all I knew was that it was the first stock, street-legal vehicle I’d ever seen with a completely exposed engine, and it steered kind of funny. Also, it was everywhere, working on farms, hauling dirt at construction sites, and popping around the city carrying cargo. Everywhere I turned, I saw a tiny diesel engine hanging off the front of various types of vehicles, so I had to learn more.

Completely modular - here are three photos and a video:




Shades of the old-school Lister engines which are still being manufactured in places like India and East Asia.

Cheap to buy, economical to run. Completely modular and extensible. What's not to love...

Words to live by

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You tell them Lisa:


Nothing much on the internets

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Heading out in a little while to visit the pumpkin festival. Did not go yesterday as it was raining too hard.

Working at home today - another dump run and some paperwork. Making some more nectar for the hummingbirds.

Got the emergency radio network on Tuesday, a class on Wednesday. 

Journalism - it has come to this

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They have beclowned themselves so much that they have become irrelavent. From ABC News:

Washington’s Newseum to close by year’s end
A museum dedicated to journalism and the First Amendment is set to close its doors near the National Mall by the end of the year.

WTOP-FM reports the Newseum announced its impending closure Tuesday, citing yearslong financial issues. A company statement says that despite more than 11 years of service and nearly 10 million visitors, continued operations have proved to be unsustainable.

From ten years ago - Commentary Magazine of May, 2008:

The News Mausoleum
The Newseum, a dazzling edifice of glass, marble, and steel that recently opened in Washington after seven years of planning and construction at a cost of $475 million, sits directly across Pennsylvania Avenue from the National Gallery of Art and cater-corner from the National Archives. Though the location was not chosen for this reason, it suggests that the subject matter of the Newseum (a blend of “news” and “museum”) is as crucial to America and the West as the masterpieces hanging in the National Gallery and the foundational documents of the United States preserved within the Archives.

Its president, Peter Prichard, told me as he showed me around the almost-finished Newseum a few months ago that the purpose of the institution is the celebration of free speech. A 50-ton, 74-ft.-high slab of yellow Tennessee marble hangs from the front of the building; on it are etched the 45 words of the First Amendment. There could indeed be no nobler cause, but the Newseum addresses it primarily by inference. The slogan adorning its press kit gives the real game away: “Newseum. Where the News Comes to Life.”

This half-billion-dollar enterprise is not really a tribute to an important idea or a celebration of a basic human freedom. It is, rather, the news industry’s tribute to itself. And it is a tribute on a scale that would have gladdened the heart of Ramses II. The original Newseum, which opened in 1997, was a modest facility housed in the USA Today building across the Potomac from Washington in Rosslyn, Virginia. The current iteration, conceived by the Freedom Forum, a non-profit organization with a $700-million endowment courtesy of a huge block of Gannett Company stock, has been graced with eye-opening donations from almost every major-media corporation in America.

They did show the occasional spark of liberty but were chastised by the Social Justice Warriors and they caved.
From PJ Media of August 4th, 2018:

Reporters Shocked at MAGA Hats, 'Fake News' T-Shirts Sold at Newseum: 'Insult to Journalists!'
The Newseum is a fascinating place to visit if you're ever in D.C. It's like a history of history -- a collection of exhibits on the media that celebrates and honors the role of the press in American history.

So, what are they doing selling MAGA hats and T-shirts that say "You Are Very Fake News" in the gift shop of this hallowed place?

One reporter was shocked, shocked, I say, to see the offending chapeau on display.

Much more at that site. David Burge said it best:

That is it for tonight

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YouTube for a bit, another glass of red wine and then to sleep. In a very nice food coma so feeling deliciously drowsy.

San Francisco in the news - from Market Watch:

This 57-year-old said ‘screw this’ to San Francisco — and retired to ‘delightful’ Albuquerque, where she slashed her expenses by 70%
When Roberta Reinstein moved to the Bay Area roughly 30 years ago to go to law school, it felt to her like a different place than it does now.

“It was possible for a student to live there…it was filled with artists,” she says. But Reinstein, 57, watched as real-estate prices skyrocketed (in just the past decade or so, home values have nearly doubled, according to Zillow) and many artists and less wealthy people had to move out. Nowadays, “San Francisco is only for the wealthy — the super wealthy — unless you’re willing to live with five roommates,” she jokes.

A bit more:

Though it’s perhaps best known for its annual hot-air balloon festival and being the setting for AMC’s hit show “Breaking Bad”, ABQ — which has a population of roughly 550,000 — has a lot more going for it than that. “Albuquerque is a delightful, quirky hidden gem,” says Reinstein.

It’s an artsy spot — there are hundreds of galleries and art studios; monthly art crawls, and a robust performing-arts scene — and a city where outdoor enthusiasts flock to. That’s helped along by the miles of hiking and biking trails in the adjacent Sandia and Manzano Mountains, as well as the roughly 300 days of sunshine. (Though January average lows are in the mid-20s, and July highs hit the low 90s.) And Reinstein tells MarketWatch she loves that it’s a diverse city with its own unique cuisine and celebrations.

Yeah - a nice small-ish city. I enjoyed my time there. Went there to visit the Trinity Site and take in some of the nuclear museums.

Very interesting - groupmuse

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We were talking about music this evening and one of tonight's diners mentioned groupmuse

From their website:

We all crave shared experiences with real people, in real life, offline
Groupmuse is a platform enabling communities to come together around great art; an online social network that connects young classical musicians to local audiences through concert house parties. Share the great masterpieces of music with old and new friends — in your living room and throughout your city. Because art is better with your friends. Because music can't hear itself. Because we need to feel together. Groupmuse. Be Alive.

Groupmuse’s origins can be traced back to the Allston apartment of pianist Cristian Budu, in 2010. There, musicians from New England Conservatory would gather for chamber music house parties that would rattle the rafters with the sweet sounds of Brahms late into the night. Groupmuse founder Sam Bodkin was lucky enough to be invited to these concerts, refined the idea while working for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and put on the first groupmuse in January of 2013.

Every week, the Groupmuse platform brings hundreds of new listeners to classical music. With over 1000 events in the last year, we’ve been featured in TIME, the Guardian, the Boston Globe, NPR, and many others. It’s always free to host a groupmuse and we can adapt to any size space. Just set the number of guests you’d like to have over, reserve some spots for your friends, and our platform connects you to area musicians. Our new program, Groupmuse at Work, provides an exciting opportunity to infuse any company’s culture with the great masterpieces of art. Like all groupmuses, these experiences are characterized by warmth, depth, and inspiration. They help employees engage and bond as only profound and shared experiences can.

It doesn't list any events for the island or Bellingham but the Seattle listings look really interesting. Great idea!

Tonight's dinner

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Turned out to be a glorious day after all. It was raining in the morning so the people at the farm had set the tables up inside - a change of venue. The house is very "live" acoustically so it got pretty loud but the dinner was incredible and the other people were a lot of fun to talk with. About 35 tonight. The menu:

    • Appetizer: Nijiseike Asian Pears with goat cheese (from their own goats) and a beet and ginger sauerkraut.
    • Salad with Kale, Mustard, Lemon Sorrel, Fennel, Licorice Mint, Orange Mint, Nasturtiums with roasted hazelnuts and three Apples: King, Stardew and Crab
    • Winter Squash curry - rice coconut milk and garden vegetables
    • Homemade Linguini - three colors with Egg, Nettle and Beet pasta served with olive oil, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, sproting broccoli, red pepper and cherry tomatoes.
    • Pumpkin Crunch with freshly made whipped cream.

Talk about yummy - I love sauerkraut and the combination of flavors with the shredded beets and ginger was incredible. I have two gallons of kraut fermenting in the fridge made from the  Filderkraut cabbages I bought from a local farmstand. Going to have to put up a gallon of this stuff too - wonderful taste. The nettle pasta was delicious too. Great flavor.

DId not stop off for a beer on my way home - feeling very mellow from the dinner and company and didn't feel like sitting in a bar. Pop open a nice bottle of wine and have some of that instead.

Out for the day

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Coffee, post office, Costco and then out to the last farm dinner of the season. Some wonderful people.

Back this evening.

Of course - Ukraine

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Did not see this coming but makes perfect sense - from Patrick Howley:

They are all guilty as charged. The deep state at work. Corruption.

News from the climate wars - 2004

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The Guardian from February 22nd, 2004:

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us
Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters..

A secret report, suppressed by US defence chiefs and obtained by The Observer, warns that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a 'Siberian' climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world.

The document predicts that abrupt climate change could bring the planet to the edge of anarchy as countries develop a nuclear threat to defend and secure dwindling food, water and energy supplies. The threat to global stability vastly eclipses that of terrorism, say the few experts privy to its contents.

'Disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life,' concludes the Pentagon analysis. 'Once again, warfare would define human life.'

The findings will prove humiliating to the Bush administration, which has repeatedly denied that climate change even exists. Experts said that they will also make unsettling reading for a President who has insisted national defence is a priority.

The report was commissioned by influential Pentagon defence adviser Andrew Marshall, who has held considerable sway on US military thinking over the past three decades. He was the man behind a sweeping recent review aimed at transforming the American military under Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Much more at the site - pure comedy gold. The very idea of anthropogenic global warming is abject bullshit. Yes, we have been going through a warming trend - started in 1914, got going in the 1960's and is slowing down to a stop now. But Earth has been going through periods of warming and cooling for as long as we can tell from geologic record. This is nothing new and the idea that humans are causing a catastrophe is pure fscking hubris. This planet is bigger than we are. A lot bigger.

If the sea levels are going to rise so precipitously and so fast, why did ex-President Obama spend $14 Million dollars on a beachfront mansion in Martha's Vineyard?

Get woke, go broke - New York Times

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Heh - people are not buying the fake news any more. From the Washington Examiner:

New York Times Kavanaugh book bombs, just 3,120 sold, Amazon rank #6,795
The latest book on Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a critical biography from two New York Times reporters that made new sexual assault charges that were immediately undermined, has suffered an epic sales crash, according to publishing insiders.

Expected to sell at least 10,000-12,000 in the first two weeks and propel The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation onto the newspaper’s bestseller hardcover list, it has sold about a third of that in the first two weeks.

A publishing source provided the latest BookScan numbers, which can account for about 80% of sales. That number is 3,120. “If you add in ebooks — they may have sold a total of 4,000. That's one of the most epic bombs in political publishing over the past decade,” said the source.

By comparison, another Kavanaugh book, Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court, which details the Democratic war on the Trump nominee, has sold 60,000 books and a total of 100,000 copies since its July 9 debut. It was written by Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino and published by Regnery.

Liberal narrative? Yawn... SO over that...

Wow - been that long?  From The Guardian:

Monty Python at 50: a half-century of silly walks, edible props and dead parrots
In a memo sent in 1969, the BBC head of comedy seems to have lost his sense of humour. “Please will you have a word with the writers?” said Michael Mills. “I haven’t reacted to the funny titles that have appeared on the scripts so far. I hoped that they would cease of their own accord.”

The titles that irritated him included “Bunn Wackett Buzzard Stubble and Boot”, apparently a spoof legal firm, which came to be shortened to Bunwackett. The show, meanwhile, had the working title The Circus. Now, though, Mills had had enough: “The time has come when we must stop having peculiar titles and settle on one overall title … Please would you have words with them and try to produce something palatable?”

Following this intervention, a title was finally agreed upon: Monty Python’s Flying Circus. And on 19 September 1969, BBC North sent an invitation to journalists to go on location for the filming of the show at the Cow and Calf pub on Ilkley Moor. They were promised “crazy antics” and “the first opportunity to see this new-style brand of late-night nutty comedy in action, and all its writer-stars: John Cleese, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman and Michael Palin.” (As would often be the case, the animator Terry Gilliam was omitted, though he played many on-screen roles, and his brutal cartoons were the show’s signature innovation.)

This memo and press release are among the documentation relating to the premiere, exactly 50 years ago, of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Until exhumed by a researcher, the creative entrails of old BBC shows are buried in pink folders, hole-punched and tied with green bootlaces. Now, a rare peek inside the binders has uncovered all the secrets of the Pythons’ earliest days.

A good look into the history of some of the funniest people in the world.

Great obituary at the New York Times:

James Robinson, 79, Dies; Filled an Ambulance Gap in Brooklyn
When a 7-year-old girl was hit by a car one day in 1988 in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, it took more than 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. When it did, her uncle, James Robinson Jr., climbed in for the ride to the hospital.

The ambulance was equipped with lifesaving equipment, he said, but “the attendant didn’t even know how to turn on the oxygen.” His niece, Cynthia Lomax, died along the way.

The incident prompted Mr. Robinson to start a volunteer ambulance corps in Bedford-Stuyvesant that has answered calls ever since, cutting response times to only a few minutes. The group, one of more than 30 volunteer emergency service agencies in New York City today and one of nearly that many certified to give basic life support, has also trained more than 1,000 emergency medical technicians.

Mr. Robinson, who was known as Rocky, died on Friday at 79. The cause was heart failure, said a son, Antoine Robinson.

See a need and fill it. This is so antithetical to what the liberals think should happen. They want top-down big government running everything. Little do they know that the best way to handle things are bottom up - neighbors, community groups, township, city, county, state and only then -- federal. Local action simply works best, wastes less money and accomplishes better things. Liberals hate that. Witness the amateur radio stupidity in California.

Quite the tweet

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President Trump is embracing the concept of "Punch back twice as hard". Witness:

Shades of Sean Connery in The Untouchables - The Chicago Way

And this is Quid Pro Joe's son

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Just wow - from the New York Post:

Hunter Biden started dating brother’s widow right after crack binge
Hunter Biden began dating his brother’s widow while recovering from a week spent buying crack from a homeless encampment in Los Angeles, according to a new report.

In a candid New Yorker interview with Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden’s troubled son, the 49-year-old lawyer explained the origins of his affair with brother Beau’s widow, Hallie, and the rock-bottom drug binge that came beforehand.

Hunter — who had already moved out of his marital home with estranged wife Kathleen over his failure to stay sober — says he became close with Hallie after a 2016 trip with her to the Hamptons and began spending most nights at her house while “sharing a very specific grief” over Beau’s 2015 death.

Much much more - talk about trainwreck. Talk about moral rectitude and lack thereof.

Fake News in pictures

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From Gerard who says:

ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and NPR all replaced the crossed-out words in the official transcript with a single ellipsis (…) as if President Trump merely paused for a moment.

The transcript:


Slept in - wonderful

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Woke up around 7AM but went back to sleep for another two hours.

Heading out in a little bit for the usual morning routine - working at home today. Farmer's market later this afternoon and then the last of the farm dinners tomorrow. Got a pumpkin festival tomorrow day so checking that out. Launching pumpkins with a trebuchet - sounds like fun!

Emergency communications net on Tuesday so staying on island through then - up to the farm for another couple of loads after that.

That is it

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Minnestrone was delish and made enough for four or five additional meals. No salad as the farmstand was out of lettuce and didn't feel like going to the supermarket. The two beers were cold and wet and talked with some friends there.

Long day so calling it a short night - see what is on YouTube and then to bed.

Interesting development - Hydrogen

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From Popular Mechanics:

Ditching Platinum for the Ocean Could Make Hydrogen Cheap
Hydrogen packs a powerful punch—that's why it's so often used in rocket fuel. It's also the most abundant element in the universe. One of the things that holds back its widespread adoption as an energy source, however, is that on Earth, hydrogen typically combines with other elements. Getting hydrogen often means either extracting or producing it, both of which can be expensive.

But now, scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have found a pairing of minerals that surpasses other precious metal materials when it comes to producing hydrogen.

This is just in the laboratory for now with no word if it can scale to industrial volumes but an interesting development.

The FORTH programming language

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I used to do a lot of work in FORTH - loved it. Here is one programmers reminiscences. From Proper Fixation:

This is from 2010 - ran into it looking for something else. Have always had a soft spot for interesting programming languages - currently having to learn Python (everyone uses it because everyone uses it) but really love Lua

My history with Forth & stack machines

My VLSI tools take a chip from conception through testing. Perhaps 500 lines of source code. Cadence, Mentor Graphics do the same, more or less. With how much source/object code?
– Chuck Moore, the inventor of Forth

This is a personal account of my experience implementing and using the Forth programming language and the stack machine architecture. "Implementing and using" – in that order, pretty much; a somewhat typical order, as will become apparent.

It will also become clear why, having defined the instruction set of a processor designed to run Forth that went into production, I don't consider myself a competent Forth programmer (now is the time to warn that my understanding of Forth is just that – my own understanding; wouldn't count on it too much.)

Why the epigraph about Chuck Moore's VLSI tools? Because Forth is very radical. Black Square kind of radical. An approach to programming seemingly leaving out most if not all of programming:

…Forth does it differently. There is no syntax, no redundancy, no typing. There are no errors that can be detected. …there are no parentheses. No indentation. No hooks, no compatibility. …No files. No operating system.

Much more at the site - actually a really good definition of the language.

Interested? Check out pFORTH

Just wonderful - Ebola outbreak

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This time in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - from the World Health Organization:

Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo
The Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo continues this week with 20 new confirmed cases reported in North Kivu and Ituri provinces from 25 September to 1 October 2019, versus 29 in the previous week. This decrease in the number of cases should be interpreted with caution, as operational and security challenges in certain health zones make it difficult to undertake case detection and response functions. With over half (55%) of cases in the past week coming from Mambasa and Mandima Health Zones, there is a clear shift in the hot spots of the outbreak from high density, urban settings, such as Butembo, Katwa, and Beni, to more rural areas with a lower population density. This results in a change in the transmission dynamics, with more community-based transmission and less possible transmission in healthcare facilities. Conversely, this may introduce new issues in terms of accessibility and logistical challenges to reach affected villages, especially as we enter the rainy season.

In Mambasa Health Zone, delays in raising EVD awareness and involving the community and civil society in the response have led to community mistrust. To strengthen the participation of local communities in the response, WHO is working with the community, civil society, and partners in Mambasa Health Zone to engage women’s groups and enhance community-based surveillance. While in Lwemba, within Mandima Health Zone, poor EVD awareness compounded with armed conflict has led to heightened tensions between local communities and Ebola response teams. This has resulted in difficulties in investigating community deaths. Therefore, it is likely that the number of cases and community deaths in this area is under reported.

Emphasis mine - community mistrust? More like tribalism and ignorance. I would take these numbers and multiply them by at least 50. This is spreading out.

Out for a little while

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Dropping some stuff at the library, the post office and getting some greens for a salad from a local farm stand. Farmer's market tomorrow but want some lettuce for tonight.

Soup is making the whole house smell delicious.

From local station WKYT:

Deputies: Intoxicated Mt. Sterling man arrested after trying to smoke gravel
A Mt. Sterling man is behind bars after authorities say he was staggering along a highway while trying to smoke gravel.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office announced 52-year-old Kenelm Davidson was arrested Wednesday after deputies received a complaint of a man being intoxicated on U.S. 421.

Deputies say they saw Davidson staggering in a parking lot when they arrived, and he was trying to smoke gravel.

Davidson was charged with public intoxication of a controlled substance.

He just wanted to get a little stone-d...

What a sleezeball

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From the Beeb:

Gandhi's ashes stolen and photo defaced on 150th birthday
Thieves stole some of Mahatma Gandhi's remains on what would have been his 150th birthday, police say.

The ashes were taken from a memorial in central India, where they had been kept since 1948 - the year of Gandhi's assassination by a Hindu extremist.

The thieves also scrawled "traitor" in green paint across photographs of the independence leader.

Some Hindu hardliners view Gandhi as a traitor for his advocacy of Hindu-Muslim unity.

This is despite Gandhi being a devout Hindu himself.

One of my favorite quotes is this:

Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look back upon the Act depriving the whole nation of arms as the blackest.
--Mohandas K. Gandhi

He knew what people who look at the facts know - more guns, less crime.

Hitting too close to the truth

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I have read other things that Ronan Farrow has written and I like his work. He is liberal but in a classical sense and he is no stranger to factual reporting. He does not pander to the narrative like so many of his "colleagues". I have a reservation at the library for his upcoming book:  Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators

From the Amazon listing:

In 2017, a routine network television investigation led Ronan Farrow to a story only whispered about: one of Hollywood's most powerful producers was a predator, protected by fear, wealth, and a conspiracy of silence. As Farrow drew closer to the truth, shadowy operatives, from high-priced lawyers to elite war-hardened spies, mounted a secret campaign of intimidation, threatening his career, following his every move, and weaponizing an account of abuse in his own family.

All the while, Farrow and his producer faced a degree of resistance they could not explain -- until now. And a trail of clues revealed corruption and cover-ups from Hollywood to Washington and beyond.

This is the untold story of the exotic tactics of surveillance and intimidation deployed by wealthy and connected men to threaten journalists, evade accountability, and silence victims of abuse. And it's the story of the women who risked everything to expose the truth and spark a global movement.

Well, they are still at it. From The Daily Beast:

Former National Enquirer Editor Threatens Booksellers Over Ronan Farrow Exposé
Former top National Enquirer editor Dylan Howard is using high-powered law firms that practice in Britain, Ireland, Australia, and the United States in an attempt to quash Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow’s much-anticipated exposé Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators.

According to two knowledgeable sources, Howard—in an extraordinary step for a journalist who otherwise claims to favor the free flow of information—has retained the services of New York’s Kravet & Vogel, Sydney-based McLachlan Thorpe Partners, and the London-based Tweed law firm in an apparent campaign to suppress Farrow’s book, which is scheduled for publication on Oct. 15.

In addition to threatening Farrow and his publisher, Hachette, with a potential libel suit for an unreleased book that they have yet to read, Howard’s legal team has taken the unusual step of also warning booksellers that plan to stock Catch and Kill.

They must be running scared - what other secrets do they have in hiding...

Now this is a grinding disk

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Actually, looks like a diamond saw (slots along the circumference) for cutting concrete (using a much larger machine).
Still... A fun prank.


Islam in the news

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From the New York Post:

Paris knife attacker who killed 4 in police headquarters had converted to Islam: report
The deranged employee who stabbed four people to death — including three cops — inside a Paris police headquarters had converted to Islam 18 months ago, according to a report.

The unidentified 45-year-old IT worker attacked three members of the police force’s intelligence division Thursday inside two different offices on the first floor, then went into a stairwell and assaulted two women, French TV station BFMTV reported.

The man, who fatally injured four people before he was gunned down, had converted to Islam a year and a half ago.

Still, police are not treating the attack as a terrorist act, saying the employee appears to have been feuding with supervisors.

Of course they will not treat the attack as a terrorist act. The politicians would have to own up to the fact that Islam is at heart a 9th century barbaric culture (literally - this is where we get the term barbaric). Couple this with the unimpeded immigration from those countries and into France (multiculturalism). The fact that France has draconian gun laws just means that the goblin switched to using a knife.

Here is a list of all the Islamist attacks in the last 30 days. During this time period, there were 109 Islamic attacks in 20 countries, in which 542 people were killed and 644 injured.

Heh - climate experts

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Latest project from Clint Eastwood:

Down the memory hole

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Inconvenient truths must be eliminated. From The Blaze:

Rosie O'Donnell deletes Twitter poll that failed to show support for impeachment
Liberal actress Rosie O'Donnell was forced to delete her poll on Twitter meant to show that there was support for the impeachment of President Donald Trump after it said the opposite.

I doubt very much that she was 'forced'. It just happened to not fit the narrative. Here is a screen-cap:


The communists did this a lot - someone became inconvenient, they got disappeared.

And back again

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Got the car taken care of - every 5,000 miles.

The dealership is near the Marysville WinCo grocery store and they carry Poke. Got a half-pound of it and having it for lunch. Yum.

Surf for a bit and then work around the house. Finally getting around to making the minnestrone soup for dinner tonight.

Out the door - car maintenence

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35K mile checkup for the Highlander. Happy with it with a couple major exceptions. More later.

Whoops - Nature retracts a paper

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Nature is one of the top scientific journals out there. Their papers are gold standard. Some schadenfreude from Phys.org:

Journal 'Nature' retracts ocean-warming study
The journal Nature retracted a study published last year that found oceans were warming at an alarming rate due to climate change.

The prestigious scientific journal issued the formal notice this week for the paper published Oct. 31, 2018, by researchers at the University of California, San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

They released a statement published on the journal's website that read in part:

"Shortly after publication, arising from comments from Nicholas Lewis, we realized that our reported uncertainties were underestimated owing to our treatment of certain systematic errors as random errors.

"Despite the revised uncertainties, our method remains valid and provides an estimate of ocean warming that is independent of the ocean data underpinning other approaches."

Activists pushing the narrative and using the output from bogus computer models as backup. These mokes must have never heard of Project Argo - 3,800+ floats deployed throughout the ocean for the last 20 years. They provide a continuous measurement of ocean temperatures. What warming...

Scripps Institution of Oceanography should be ashamed of themselves for falling for this political bullshit.

I had always thought that using Ethanol in our gasoline was a profoundly stupid idea. It seems that President Trump feels the same way. From Eric Peters Autos:

The Corn Lobby vs. Orange Man
The corn lobby – which benignly styles itself The National Corn Growers Association – is upset with the Orange Man for – as CNN puts it – “reducing demand” for its crops.

What he’s actually done is reduce the mandate for them by granting waivers to refineries which would otherwise by forced by a federal law called the Renewable Fuels Standard or RFS to douse the gas they make with ethanol – which is made (in the United States) using mostly  . . . corn.

Almost all of the “gas” sold in the United States actually contains 10 percent ethanol (E10) because of the regs that require, not because American motorists want it. If they did want it, there would be no need for the mandate.

Ethanol is a less efficient fuel - fewer calories per gallon so substituting it for gasoline lowers your mileage. Plus, distilling it takes more energy than it produces on combustion. It also absorbs water vapor from the atmosphere and this can cause corrosion if it sits in a dormant engine for any length of time.

At the farm, I would get about two years out of a lawn mower or other small engine. I take pains to maintain my tools properly so this was eye-opening. Switch to using ethanol-free gasoline and the engines are still running fine.

Putting this in our gasoline is just stupid and poorly thought out politics. Glad to see it ending.

Today's strip was also good:


He is on a real roll with the parody inversion - this mirrors what is happening in the media so closely.

Looking forward to the next week...

Our quiet sun

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The low activity of our sun has many consequences - not just cooler weather. From Spaceweather:

Solar Minimum is underway, and it's a deep one. Sunspot counts suggest it is one of the deepest minima of the past century. The sun's magnetic field has become weak, allowing extra cosmic rays into the solar system. Neutron monitors at the Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory in Oulu, Finland, show that cosmic rays are percentage points away from a Space Age record:


And the mainstream media?

* * * crickets * * *

More people die from cold than from heat - people need to know but... It does not fit the narrative.

Unreal - California and Amateur Radio

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MAJOR UPDATE - see this post for the full story.

Ms. Pisi needs to get a clue - she is legislating by executive fiat. She was not elected.

In WA State, the Department of Emergency Services and the various county agencies love amateur radio operators. We are trained and are often the "last mile" in communications.

According to the comments at the video's home page, some other states are suffering from the same stupidity.

Much later

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Good meeting - I did not get the vote I had hoped for but the voting was fair and the reasoning for both sides were well expressed.

Got a 9:00AM car appointment tomorrow so no surf for me. Straight to bed after a glass or two of wine and a a couple of YouTube videos.

Back much later.

Heh - hits bottom. Keeps digging.

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Jussie Smollett needs to STFU - from The Blaze:

Jussie Smollett doesn't like being compared to sixth grader who lied about white boys cutting off her dreadlocks. Not one bit.
Jussie Smollett put himself back in the spotlight by blasting a social media post that compared the former “Empire" actor to a black girl who admitted Monday to lying about white boys attacking her and cutting off her dreadlocks.

Smollett — who denied he orchestrated a racist, anti-gay attack against himself in January despite Chicago police arresting him and charging him with felony disorderly conduct for filing a false police report — responded to an Instagram post Monday from celebrity gossip outfit "The Shade Room."

'Jussie really is a trendsetter'
In the post, Derrick Jaxn — a social media guru who also is black — noted below a photo of the girl who lied about her cut dreadlocks that "Jussie really is a trendsetter."

Jussie's fifteen are over. Very very over.

So true

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About that plastic in the oceans

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Chinese cargo ships - from Agence France-Presse:

Ocean plastic waste probably comes from ships, report says
Most of the plastic bottles washing up on the rocky shores of Inaccessible Island, aptly named for its sheer cliffs rising from the middle of the South Atlantic, probably come from Chinese merchant ships, a study published Monday said.

The study offers fresh evidence that the vast garbage patches floating in the middle of oceans, which have sparked much consumer hand-wringing in recent years, are less the product of people dumping single-use plastics in waterways or on land, than they are the result of merchant marine vessels tossing their waste overboard by the ton.

The authors of the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, or PNAS, collected thousands of pieces of waste during visits to the tiny island in 1984, 2009 and again in 2018.

The island is located roughly midway between Argentina and South Africa in the South Atlantic gyre, a vast whirlpool of currents that has created what has come to be known as an oceanic garbage patch.

While initial inspections of the trash washing up on the island showed labels indicating it had come from South America, some 2,000 miles (3,000 kilometers) to the west, by 2018 three-quarters of the garbage appeared to originate from Asia, mostly China.

Many of the plastic bottles had been crushed with their tops screwed on tight, as is customary on board ships to save space, said report author Peter Ryan, director of the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Around 90 percent of the bottles found had been produced in the previous two years, ruling out the possibility that they had been carried by ocean currents over the vast distance from Asia, which would normally take three to five years.

Since the number of Asian fishing vessels has remained stable since the 1990s, while the number of Asian -- and in particular, Chinese -- cargo vessels has vastly increased in the Atlantic, the researchers concluded that the bottles must come from merchant vessels, which toss them overboard rather than dumping them as trash at ports.

"It's inescapable that it's from ships, and it's not coming from land," Ryan told AFP.

Nice that someone is finally doing the basic research on the problem instead of just deploying theory after theory (it's the straws being handed out in restaurants).

From Jason Easley who embeds this clip of President Trump talking about the whistleblower scandal:

President Trump references the New York Times:

Schiff, House Intel Chairman, Got Early Account of Whistle-Blower’s Accusations
The Democratic head of the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, learned about the outlines of a C.I.A. officer’s concerns that President Trump had abused his power days before the officer filed a whistle-blower complaint, according to a spokesman and current and former American officials.

The early account by the future whistle-blower shows how determined he was to make known his allegations that Mr. Trump asked Ukraine’s government to interfere on his behalf in the 2020 election. It also explains how Mr. Schiff knew to press for the complaint when the Trump administration initially blocked lawmakers from seeing it.

I can see why but dagnabbit...

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Sounds like a great system and an amazing resource - from the WA State Department of Transportation:

It's no fluke: Washington State Ferries implements Whale Report Alert System
Washington State Ferries has initiated use of a whale alert app and web-based system this week that will provide ferry captains more accurate and updated location information for southern resident orcas and other whales throughout Puget Sound. Access to Ocean Wise’s Whale Report Alert System (WRAS) is only granted to the commercial maritime operators such as ferries, ships and tugs. It is not available for public use or for whale watch operators.

The WRAS relies on real-time sightings, reported by members of the public via Ocean Wise’s WhaleReport smartphone application, to inform commercial mariners of whale presence. The system is expected to provide ferry captains and other commercial mariners with better information about large marine mammal locations in the vicinity of their vessels so ferry captains can make decisions to change course or reduce speed to avoid disturbing or colliding with marine mammals.

Each alert also supplies other pertinent details such as the species observed, the direction of whale travel, the time of the report and the number of whales in the group. This desktop interface allows watch standers at WSF’s operations centers to monitor the location of whale sightings relative to fleet vessel positions and relay whale presence information to captains as required.

Emphasis mine - I can see why the use is restricted. The poor whales would be buzzed 24/7 by people wanting to see the cute critters. Still, it would be nice to get an email if something is spotted off Camano Island. I would love that.

Nice day - cool and slightly overcast but no precip in the forecast. Working in the garage.

Been writing up a script for tonight's meeting - should be fun. I have owned several business as well as been a test lab manager at MSFT for five years so I can run a pretty decent meeting. Robert's Rules of Order and all that stuff...

Today's Dilbert cartoon:


True dat - impeachment

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From President Trump's Twitter account:

I do not think that the Democrats know what they are getting into.

Bernie has problems

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From Associated Press:

Sanders has heart procedure, cancels campaign events for now
Bernie Sanders’ campaign said Wednesday that the Democratic presidential candidate had a heart procedure for a blocked artery and was canceling events and appearances “until further notice.”

The 78-year-old Sanders was in Las Vegas when, according to a campaign statement, he experienced chest discomfort during a campaign event Tuesday and sought medical evaluation. Two stents were “successfully inserted” and that Sanders “is conversing and in good spirits,” according to the campaign.

Heart attack? No - just a "cardiac event". Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving along...

Where were Hillary's henchmen when this appened...

Out for a while

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Coffee and a couple of errands - surf a bit first.

Should be an interesting meeting tonight.

A history lesson for some snowflakes:


Awww cute - cake

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From Canadian baker Kake by Darci:


29 more photos at Bored Panda

Sounds about right

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From President Trump's twitter account:

I can not argue with that.

Oh what a tangled web we weave

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Interesting item from Zero Hedge:

Dead Deutsche Banker's Son Peddled Trump Financial "Dirt" To The Highest Bidder - Which Adam Schiff Promptly Subpoenaed
A trove of insider Deutsche Bank documents was subpoenaed by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) after a bizarre series of events involving Moby.

Val Broeksmit, stepson of top Deutche Bank executive Bill Broeksmit - who committed suicide in January 2014 in the wake of several banking scandals he had overseen, had been trying to sell or distribute information from the German bank which he obtained after his father's death, which may have contained information on Donald Trump, according to the New York Times

Mr. Broeksmit’s late father, Bill, had been a senior executive there, and his son possessed a cache of confidential bank documents that provided a tantalizing glimpse of its internal workings. Some of the documents were password-protected, and there was no telling what secrets they held or how explosive they could be.

Federal and state authorities were swarming around Deutsche Bank. Some of the scrutiny centered on the lender’s two-decade relationship with President Trump and his family. Other areas of focus grew out of Deutsche Bank’s long history of criminal misconduct: manipulating markets, evading taxes, bribing foreign officials, violating international sanctions, defrauding customers, laundering money for Russian billionaires. -NYT

Broeksmit was eventually introduced to Schiff through the musician Moby (Schiff's "friend and neighbor" who said the CIA asked him to help spread dirt on Trump and Russia - h/t @LeicaLexus). When Schiff refused to pay for the materials, the lawmaker instead issued a subpoena for them. 

Mr. Schiff’s investigators badly wanted the secret Deutsche files. Mr. Broeksmit tried to extract money from them — he pushed to be hired as a consultant to the committee — but that was a nonstarter. An investigator, Daniel Goldman, appealed to his sense of patriotism and pride. “Imagine a scenario where some of the material that you have can actually provide the seed that we can then use to blow open everything that [Trump] has been hiding,” Mr. Goldman told Mr. Broeksmit in a recorded phone call. “In some respects, you — and your father vicariously through you — will go down in American history as a hero and as the person who really broke open an incredibly corrupt president and administration.” (Mr. Broeksmit wouldn’t budge; eventually, Mr. Schiff subpoenaed him.) -NYT

All of that said, it's clear that the information is of low value as it relates to Trump for two reasons. First, Schiff has them - yet is pushing for impeachment based on a phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky in regards to investigating former VP Joe Biden. 

Second, Fusion GPS paid Broeksmit $1,000 to give the documents to a reporter for the Financial Times on New Year's Eve, 2016 - so they've been in the Trump resistance's arsenal for more than three years without seeing the light of day.

A lot more at the site. These people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to find anything, ANYTHING that will rid them of that horrible Orange Man. Fun to see. Been eating a lot of popcorn.

Conflicting messages from North Korea

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From Reuters:

N.Korea conducts another projectile launch after announcing U.S. talks
North Korea carried out another projectile launch on Wednesday, the South Korean military and Japan's Coast Guard said, a day after North Korea announced it will hold working-level talks with the United States at the weekend.

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said North Korea fired an unidentified projectile on Wednesday morning from around Wonsan, in southeast Kangwon province, towards the sea to the east.

Japan's Coast Guard said in a statement North Korea had launched what appeared to be a missile and urged vessels to pay attention to further information and not to approach any debris.

Fat-boy Kim really needs to decide what he wants for his nation's people. He talked about a McDonalds Restaurant in other communications. This is not the way to get one.

Never got to the minnestrone

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Went to the Farmer's Market, had a nice conversation with some of the people. Really good music this time - their music varies in style and quality but it is a lot of fun. Last market of the season for this location. The Friday market still has two more sessions to run. Not as many vendors but a lot of customers - the people who have my favorite farm were pretty much sold out after one hour. They are doing the last farm supper next Saturday so staying down here for that.

Meeting tomorrow. This is the group that voted me Vice President (boy are they in for a surprise). There is an issue that the board voted on two weeks ago that is contentious to a few parties and they are raising a stink. Fortunately, the bylaws provide for a general quorum vote to decide and I think it will go in our favor. This association has been in operation for a long time - 20th anniversary in fact and from what I gather, people let things slide from time to time. The President and I are looking at putting an end to this. If it is not covered in the bylaws, either amend the bylaws or don't do it.

Finished with the market and decided I wanted Chinese food so went out for that. The beans will keep until tomorrow.

What it says on the box.

Put some cannelloni beans on to soak yesterday so it's minestrone soup for dinner tonight. Thaw out some baguette pieces in the toaster oven to go along with it.

Renewable resources - wind

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The dirty side to wind power - they don't last forever. Quite a short lifetime actually. From the Cowboy State Daily:

Wind turbine blades being disposed of in Casper landfill
The Casper landfill will soon be the home of more than 1,000 decommissioned wind turbine blades and motor housing units.

According to Cindie Langston, solid waste manager for the Casper Regional Landfill, the materials will be deposited in an area of the landfill designed to hold construction and demolition material.

CRL is one of the few landfills with the proper permits and certifications to accept the decommissioned turbine materials.

The turbine disposal project, which started this summer, is slated to continue until the spring of 2020, bringing the CRL estimated revenue of $675,485. Such “special waste projects” bring in about $800,000 a year, which helps keep CRL rates low, Langston said.


The turbines last about 20 years and are then completely taken down - no option to rebuild. Not exactly renewable.

Another Biden in the news

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China this time - from the Washington Examiner:

Hunter Biden tied to China firm with questionable dealings
A high-ranking Chinese businessman was charged by the Justice Department with global corruption and bribery in 2017, and the first call he made after his arrest was to Vice President Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, who thinks the call was meant for Joe’s son, Hunter.

Patrick Ho, the lieutenant to the founder of the multibillion-dollar Chinese conglomerate CEFC China Energy, was indicted under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the Southern District of New York for his role in a global money laundering and bribery scheme aimed at government officials in Africa. The Justice Department also accused Ho of helping with Iranian sanctions evasion and working to use the Chinese company’s connections to sell weaponry to Chad, Libya, and Qatar.

Ho immediately tried reaching out to the younger Biden for help because that summer, as investigators circled, Hunter agreed to represent Ho as part of Hunter’s efforts to work out a liquefied natural gas deal worth tens of millions of dollars with CEFC China Energy’s leader Ye Jianming.

The vice president’s financier brother said he was surprised by the call from Ho but told the Chinese businessman how to get in touch with his nephew.

“There is nothing else I have to say,” James Biden told the New York Times in 2018. “I don’t want to be dragged into this anymore.”

James seems to be the only honest Biden.

Of course they fired him

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From Yahoo News:

Trump tweeted ‘billions of dollars’ would be saved on military contracts. Then the Pentagon fired the official doing that.
In December 2016, just a few weeks before moving into the White House, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that once he was in office, “billions of dollars can and will be saved on military (and other) purchases.”

Presidential candidates often campaign for or against defense spending, but Trump was perhaps the first to promise that his business acumen — an image bolstered by his bestselling book “The Art of the Deal” — would enable him to shave billions of dollars off costly weapons, like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, estimated to top $1 trillion.

Meet Shay Assad, the Pentagon’s pricing director:

“When you get somebody who is the president of the United States who understands precisely what you do for a living and understands how it’s actually done, it becomes a pretty rewarding thing to do, especially when someone at the top is world-class himself in terms of negotiating,” Shay Assad, the Pentagon’s pricing director, told attendees at a conference held by McAleese and Credit Suisse in March 2017, just two months after Trump’s inauguration.

Assad had already built a reputation as the Department of Defense’s toughest contract negotiator, having spent more than a decade battling defense companies on behalf of taxpayers, trying to get the prices down on skyrocketing weapons costs. Over the course of his career, he has been decorated with a panoply of awards from the Pentagon for his work, and praised for saving the government billions of dollars. A 2016 Politico profile described Assad, known for his dogged campaigns to force defense industry companies to justify their costs, as “the most hated man in the Pentagon.”

And of course:

Yet within two years of Trump’s entrance into the White House, Assad would find himself removed from his job, and his efforts to save money and recover hundreds of millions of dollars in potentially fraudulent spending tabled.

His treatment, he contends, was the direct result of his attempts to save the Pentagon money and identify potential contract fraud, which brought him into conflict with the Pentagon’s top weapons buyer. It was a conflict that ended dramatically, he says, when shortly after he emailed senior Pentagon officials about potential fraud, details about his travel records and his demotion were published in the press.

People in the Pentagon were not getting their sweet kickbacks so they euchred him out.

Gee - if only we could use DDT

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We had a serious problem with DDT - it was so effective that we were - literally - marinating the planet in it. We need to bring back it's use on a limited and careful basis. Why? Mosquitoes kill more human beings than any other cause of death.

From USA Today:

Deadly EEE: Parts of nation see worst outbreak of brain-swelling, mosquito virus in more than a half-century
Patricia Alice "Pat" Shaw, of East Lyme, Connecticut, loved the outdoors. She walked her dogs three times a day. She often sat by the backyard swimming pool at her home, surrounded by woods.

The walks, the pool, the woods – any of those pleasures may have led to the mosquito bite that killed her weeks later on Sept. 19.

A bit more:

This year, Massachusetts is experiencing its largest EEE outbreak since 1956. The virus is typically spread through bites from infected mosquitoes, which are more likely to be carriers near wetlands or sitting water. While people of any age can die from EEE, the victims this year have primarily been the young or old.

There is no cure for EEE. A vaccine developed by the military exists for the virus, but it is not commercially available because the side effects are considered too severe. Although EEE can be treated, about 80% of survivors are left with some level of permanent neurological damage.

Nasty stuff. A perfect example of why we need to return to using DDT on a controlled basis.

Typical of the left - from Real Clear Politics:

Kamala Harris: Trump's Twitter Account Should Be Suspended
Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), a Democratic presidential candidate, said the privilege of using Twitter should be taken away from President Trump because he is using the platform in an "irresponsible" way. Harris, in an interview with CNN host Anderson Cooper, called for "other mechanisms" to make sure Trump's words don't harm anyone.

They have nothing to offer us.

More on Fauxcahontas

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On September 27th, I noted this from CNBC

Wall Street Democratic donors warn the party: We’ll sit out, or back Trump, if you nominate Elizabeth Warren
Democratic donors on Wall Street and in big business are preparing to sit out the presidential campaign fundraising cycle — or even back President Donald Trump — if Sen. Elizabeth Warren wins the party’s nomination.

Now this from The Verge::

On October 1st, The Verge published text and audio from recent internal meetings at Facebook where CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered tough questions from employees who are concerned about the company’s future. In two July meetings, Zuckerberg rallied his employees against critics, competitors, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, among others.

Big business does not like Elizabeth Warren. Let her sink. Who do the Democrats have left? Anyone? Bueller?

Got nothing this morning

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Nothing happening out there - the dems are still clamoring for impeachment to which I say Bring It On. Make them testify in public. The swamp water is receding and things are starting to show.

Coffee, post office and library and then back home to work on some stuff. I was expecting a mild frost this morning - it was absolutley clear last night with great seeing. Stars were out with a vengance. Slightly overcast today with rain to come on Thursday.

Got a meeting tomorrow and the last Farmer's Market of the season this afternoon.

Something happening at the Naval Air Station - lots of jets in the air yesterday and today.

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