A quiet day in Seattle

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Hanging out here at home. Trish and I are going to take her dog out for a long walk later this afternoon. Also shopping for tomorrows dinner - Costco does a nice half-turkey in a pan with dressing and gravy for $30 - pop in the oven for two hours and it is done. Having the dressing in the pan means that it comes up to safe temperature while cooking - inside the bird it seldom does. I am also doing Fondant Potatoes and oven roasted Brussels sprouts and parsnips.

More later...

How the mighty are falling - Pixar

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Seems to be a day for posts with two headlines. These are both from The Hollywood Reporter, about 30 minutes apart:

John Lasseter Taking Leave of Absence From Pixar Amid "Missteps"

John Lasseter's Pattern of Alleged Misconduct Detailed by Disney/Pixar Insiders

One take-away from the second link:

Rashida Jones is still credited as a writer on Toy Story 4, the next installment in the beloved franchise. But, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter, the actress and her writing partner at the time, Will McCormack, left the project early on after John Lasseter, the acclaimed head of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation, made an unwanted advance.

Shame really - Pixar brought CGI to mainstream film-making and Lasseter was one of the pioneers.

Heh - two hacks

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Links to the stories below:

Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People

Sacramento Regional Transit Systems Hit By Hacker

The Sacramento crack didn't release any user information but the moke deleted 30 million files and demanded ransom. Now we get to see just how good their IT department's backup system is :)


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The trip to the UW Surplus store was successful - as this was the last Tuesday of the month, everything was 50% off listed price so the place was packed. Still, I got two nice older DELL keyboards (back when they used to have the clickey key action) (50¢ each), three huge iron woks (about 20" in diameter - $1.50 each. Great metal for art projects!), a cute little chem lab alcohol light (a buck) and  a nice small monitor for my radio room.

Most smaller monitors are older monitors and subsequently have a lower resolution. This means that I cannot show as much on a screen but the full-sized monitors of today take up way too much real-estate on my desk (trying to keep everything within hands reach). The one I have now is 1024 X 768 - this new one is 1920 X 1200 so just under three times more dots on the screen. Much better. Oh yeah, that was only $5.00...

Took the dogs for a quick scramble at the dog park (it was raining pretty heavily), picked up our Thanksgiving dinner from Costco and then home

Off for coffee and the day

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Heading out to the Allegro and then to the UW Surplus store - open to the public on Tuesday's

Stop at Costco and then run the dogs out at the off-leash park if it is not raining too hard and then back home. T has the last of a couple of very long days today so we will have five days together without her having to work.

Waiting for the big one - earthquake

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Staring down the barrel - part two. From the The University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences:

Seafloor Sediments Appear to Enhance Earthquake and Tsunami Danger in Pacific Northwest
The Cascadia Subduction Zone off the coast of the Pacific Northwest has all the ingredients for making powerful earthquakes—and according to the geological record, the region is due for its next “big one.”

A new study led by The University of Texas at Austin has found that the occurrence of these big, destructive quakes and associated devastating tsunamis may be linked to compact sediments along large portions of the subduction zone. In particular, they found that big, destructive quakes may have a better chance of occurring offshore of Washington and northern Oregon than farther south along the subduction zone—although any large quake would impact the surrounding area.

“We observed very compact sediments offshore of Washington and northern Oregon that could support earthquake rupture over a long distance and close to the trench, which increases both earthquake and tsunami hazards,” said lead author Shuoshuo Han, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG). UTIG is a research unit of the Jackson School of Geosciences.

Just wonderful - until now, the thought was that the most damage would be off the Oregon and California coast. This region produces a large earthquake every 300-500 years. The last one was in 1700 - 317 years ago.

Waiting for the big one - weather

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Staring down the barrel of a very large storm system - from the National Weather Service (excerpted):

Flood Watch
National Weather Service Seattle WA
359 AM PST Tue Nov 21 2017

... ... ...

Portions of northwest Washington and west central Washington,
including the following counties, in northwest Washington,
Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Mason, Skagit, and Whatcom.
In west central Washington, King, Lewis, Pierce, Snohomish,
and Thurston.

From local weather guru Cliff Mass:

Warm Temperature Records Will Fall As A Strong Atmospheric River Hits the Pacific Northwest
The next 48-hr will be stunning in a number of ways: very heavy precipitation in the mountains, river flooding, and temperatures that will reach record levels.

And the forecasts:

Add them all together for the 72h total ending 4 PM Turkey Day.  Much of the mountains get 5-10 inches, with a few places in the Olympics getting more.  Expect flooding on a number of rivers. And  yes, our snow will do some serious melting.

But what really will be amazing will be the temperatures.  Here are the forecasts from the National Weather Service SREF ensemble for Seattle...many of the members will reach into the LOWER 60s on Wednesday....probably breaking the daily record.

Spent two hours yesterday on a ladder cleaning leaves out our house's gutters - talk about perfect timing!

Looks like things are shifting over there - from Israel's Daily Sabah:

Israel welcomes Saudi mufti's pro-Israel remarks, invites him to visit the country
An Israeli minister on Monday welcomed remarks by a mufti of Saudi Arabia that Palestinian resistance group Hamas is a terror organization.

"We congratulate Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, as well as the head of Ulema (Islamic scholars) for his fatwa forbidding the fight against the Jews and forbidding to kill them," Israeli Communications Minister Ayoub Kara wrote on his official Twitter account.

The minister also welcomed the mufti's remarks in which he considered Hamas a terror organization, adding "I invite the mufti to visit Israel; he will be welcomed with a high level of respect."

A Fatwa is a religious dictate - for the religious head of Saudi Arabia to issue a Fatwa against fighting Jewish people and forbidding the killing of them is a major sea-change in policy. Saudi Arabia has long been a sponsor of state terrorism and they funded the Palestinian "people" (Hashamite Jordanians).

Our new tax reform - something is rotten

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This is really bad news - planning to write an email to my Representatives. From The New York Times:

The House Just Voted to Bankrupt Graduate Students
Republicans in the House of Representatives have just passed a tax bill that would devastate graduate research in the United States. Hidden in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a repeal of Section 117(d)(5) of the current tax code, a provision that is vital to all students who pursue master’s degrees or doctorates and are not independently wealthy.

I’m a graduate student at M.I.T., where I study the neurological basis of mental health disorders. My peers and I work between 40 and 80 hours a week as classroom teachers and laboratory researchers, and in return, our universities provide us with a tuition waiver for school. For M.I.T. students, this waiver keeps us from having to pay a tuition bill of about $50,000 every year — a staggering amount, but one that is similar to the fees at many other colleges and universities. No money from the tuition waivers actually ends up in our pockets, so under Section 117(d)(5), it isn’t counted as taxable income.

But under the House’s tax bill, our waivers will be taxed. This means that M.I.T. graduate students would be responsible for paying taxes on an $80,000 annual salary, when we actually earn $33,000 a year. That’s an increase of our tax burden by at least $10,000 annually.

Trish's son is in Graduate School for his PhD. - he just emailed us with this bit of news. This is what happens when laws are written by committees who have no personal responsibility for their actions - all they are interested in doing is bringing pork back to their district so they can keep being re-elected. Time for Congressional term limits - 12 years and you are out.

This basic research is what brought us the cell phone, computers, modern medicines and technology, the ability to live an additional 30 years in good health, weather forecasting, etc... The actions of  these 435 people have crippled our academic advancement. Let us hope that President Trump does not sign the bill when it appears on his desk.

Congratulations Alec Steele

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Alec is an English YouTube star - an excellent blacksmith. He just celebrated his 20th birthday and his YouTube account just got its 500,000th subscriber.

Alec is an inspiration to me - he is always trying out new techniques and his eye for design is a delight.

Nothing much today

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Quiet day - mostly at home. Took a nice long walk (couple miles) in the afternoon and then Trish dropped Emma off at school.

Back home - T has two very busy days ahead. I am watching YouTube videos.

A quiet morning

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Trish is doing paperwork and I am surfing - heading out for brunch in a few minutes.

And that is it for the evening...

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Took care of some things in town today - errands, returning some stuff and had dinner out.

Back home - T is doing some emails for her work and I am surfing. Taking a break to watch an episode or two of Game of Thrones and then to bed.

Crap - Argentinian submarine is missing

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From The Guardian:

Argentina's navy searches for missing submarine with 44 crew on board
Argentina’s navy has launched a huge search-and-rescue operation for a military submarine with 44 crew members that has been missing off the coast of Patagonia for more than two days.

The last radio contact with the San Juan submarine was on Wednesday, when it was 430km off the coast of the southern province of Chubut, in the area of San Jorge bay, a naval spokesman said on Friday.

Local media reports claimed the submarine had been located 70 metres down in waters 300km east of the Patagonian coastal city of Puerto Madryn by the International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liason Office. The media reports have not been officially confirmed and came as Argentina’s president, Mauricio Macri, tweeted that: “We are committed to using all the national and international resources that are necessary to find the Argentinean Navy’s submarine San Juan as soon as possible.”

Sending prayers out to the poor sailors and their families.

What with all of the sex scandals coming out (Bill Clinton anyone?) one politician thought that they could win by disclosing his history at the start. Guess not. From FOX News:

Dem candidate faces resignation calls after boasting of 'hayloft' romp, sex with 50 women
Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill O’Neill is facing calls from his rivals to resign from the state Supreme Court after he boasted, unprovoked, in a viral Facebook post this week that he’s had sexual relationships with at least 50 women in his life.

More at the site including screen-caps of the original Facebook posts. Disgusting. It is one thing to have done this (consensual of course), it is another thing entirly to shout it to the rooftops and to identify some of the parties involved.

That the guy is a Judge makes this even more bizarre - he should understand his position of trust in the community and let that guide his actions, not elevate him above the common man.

North Korea - an interesting look inside

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Don Surber found an interesting article at The Guardian and has these observations:

North Korea is in no shape to fight a war
Novelist Thomas Wictor made the case that the soldier who defected from North Korea shows that North Korea is in no shape to fight any war.

The soldier was malnourished and riddled with parasites.

He is among the nation's elite soldiers.

As he fled on foot through the demilitarized zone, his comrades shot more than 40 rounds, but were unable to kill him.

That either is poor marksmanship, or lack of will.

Likely both.

From the Guardian:
Dozens of flesh-coloured parasites, one of which was 27cm (11 inches) long, were found in the man’s digestive tract during life-saving operations, according to the lead surgeon, Lee Cook-jong.

“In my over-20-year-long career as a surgeon, I have only seen something like this in a textbook,” Lee said.

The parasites, along with kernels of corn in his stomach, appear to confirm what many experts and defectors have said about the food and hygiene situation for many North Koreans.

Don had this to comment:

This is communism. People starve. Leaders fatten.

So true - show me one communist or socialist regime where the leaders lived frugally. Even Castro's Cuba had it's secret million dollar mansions and yachts even while Fidel lived on a soldiers salary.

Off to Seattle for a few days

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Heading down South to Seattle for a bit. Got the laptop so blogging will continue as usual.

the puppets. From The Silicon Graybeard:


Crap - RIP Dik Mik

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From metal website Louder than War:

Dik Mik : Hawkind keyboard legend RIP
We are sad to report the death of the legendary Dik Mik who was the keyboard warrior in the classic Hawkwind and whose swooshes of noise not only opened up new constellations of sound but made him inaverdently one of the key musicians of his time. A harbinger of future eletronic based music it would be fair to argue that DikMik was a pioneeer of not only industrial music like Throbbing Gristle but also much electronic music from Aphex Twin and beyond.

He is also remembered as a genuine character, part of the heart and soul of the classic Hawkind chaos and the man who brought his mate Lemmy into the band because he needed a speed buddy – stuff like that is part of rock lore and we love the stories of the pair’s madness but we just want to thank the cosmic warrior for creating a whole new way of -playing music which is often overlooked…

A true innovator - he laid the foundation for several distinct genres of electronic and synthesizer music.

Back home after a long day

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Heading down South tomorrow so ran into Bellingham to take care of a few things today.

Time to surf the net - early bedtime though - long day tomorrow.

Good news - sanctuary cities

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Playtime is over - time to get back in line. From the Washington Examiner:

Justice Department gives 29 'sanctuary' cities, states until Dec. 8 to prove compliance with immigration law
The Department of Justice on Wednesday told Illinois, Oregon, and Vermont and 26 "sanctuary" cities and counties around the country that they were found to have "laws, policies or practices” that violate federal immigration laws, and that failure to demonstrate compliance by early December could mean reduced federal grants.

The new jurisdictions range across the nation, and include big cities like Seattle and Los Angeles, as well as smaller ones like Lawrence, Mass.

The department warned the 29 jurisdictions in separate letters that in order to continue receiving public safety grants under the Justice Department's Edward Bryne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program, the jurisdictions must prove compliance with Section 1373 of 8 U.S. Code by Dec. 8.

“I urge all jurisdictions found to be potentially out of compliance in this preliminary review to reconsider their policies that undermine the safety of their residents. We urge jurisdictions to not only comply with Section 1373, but also to establish sensible and effective partnerships to properly process criminal aliens,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a statement.

Good - if you want to virtue signal, do it on your own dime. Don't expressly violate federal law and then expect to suck on the federal teat. For an example of what we are talking about, here are a few headlines for the last week:

All of these stories are from the past eight days - just a cursory scan of the news media. All of the protagonists are here illegally.

Senator Al Franken - sex sandal

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These stories are coming out of the woodwork - great! Drain the swamps. From Leeann Tweeden writing at Culver City, CA radio station KABC:

Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent, And There’s Nothing Funny About It
In December of 2006, I embarked on my ninth USO Tour to entertain our troops, my eighth to the Middle East since the 9/11 attacks. My father served in Vietnam and my then-boyfriend (and now husband, Chris) is a pilot in the Air Force, so bringing a ‘little piece of home’ to servicemembers stationed far away from their families was both my passion and my privilege.

Also on the trip were country music artists Darryl Worley, Mark Wills, Keni Thomas, and some cheerleaders from the Dallas Cowboys. The headliner was comedian and now-senator, Al Franken.

Franken had written some skits for the show and brought props and costumes to go along with them. Like many USO shows before and since, the skits were full of sexual innuendo geared toward a young, male audience.

As a TV host and sports broadcaster, as well as a model familiar to the audience from the covers of FHM, Maxim and Playboy, I was only expecting to emcee and introduce the acts, but Franken said he had written a part for me that he thought would be funny, and I agreed to play along.

Much more at the site including a photograph. Senator Franken is so fscking busted. Time to step down... The London Daily Mail also has the story with some more photographs. It's almost always Liberals for some strange reason.

Another day at the farm

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Was planning to head down to Seattle today but Trish is very busy so we will rendevous tomorrow morning instead.

Coffee, store and working at home for the rest of the day.

This will be interesting to follow - from PJ Media:

Ex-Google Executive Registers First Church of AI With IRS
A former executive at Google has filed paperwork with the IRS to establish an official religion of technology. This religion doesn't just worship scientific progress, but artificial intelligence itself, with the goal of creating a godhead.

The new church of AI will aim "to develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead [to] contribute to the betterment of society," according to IRS documents.

The non-profit religious organization would be called "Way of the Future" (WOTF). According to the website (wayofthefuture.church), the movement is "about creating a peaceful and respectful transition of who is in charge of the planet from people to people + 'machines.'"

Website is here: Way of the Future (WOTF) Couldn't be any crazier than the L. Ron Hubbard organization.

From Associated Press:

China sending envoy to North Korea following Trump visit
Following President Donald Trump’s visit to Beijing, China said Wednesday that it would send a high-level special envoy to North Korea amid an extended chill in relations between the neighbors over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and missile programs.

Song Tao, the head of China’s ruling Communist Party’s International Department, will travel to Pyongyang on Friday to report on outcomes of the party’s national congress held last month, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Xinhua said Song, as president and party leader Xi Jinping’s special envoy, would carry out a “visit” in addition to delivering his report, but gave no details about his itinerary or meetings. It also made no mention of Trump’s trip to Beijing or the North’s weapons programs, although Trump has repeatedly called on Beijing to do more to use its influence to pressure Pyongyang into altering its behavior.

China's International Department is their equivalent to our State Department and they are sending the top honcho. Now that is sending a message.

President Trump on his Asian trip

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A bit long but a great speech:

Transcript here: Remarks by President Trump on His Trip to Asia

Trey Gowdy meets Jeff Sessions

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Great give and take - I would not want to be on the receiving end of Mr. Gowdy's inquiry.

Not just Senator McCain

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From The Hill:

Graham wants names of lawmakers accused of harassment
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is urging that the names of lawmakers accused of sexually harassing their colleagues are revealed.

“Name them,” Graham told reporters Wednesday. “Just get it out. Lay it out. Change the rules so people can come to work without being harassed. Those who do these things need to be held accountable.”

His comments came after a number of female lawmakers have come forward with stories of harassment directed at them and staffers by male members of Congress.

Drain the swamp.

But we have photos of it! From the Beeb:

Russia posts video game screenshot as 'proof' of US helping IS
Russia's Ministry of Defense has posted what it called "irrefutable proof" of the US aiding so-called Islamic State - but one of the images was actually taken from a video game.

The ministry claimed the image showed an IS convoy leaving a Syrian town last week aided by US forces.

Instead, it came from the smartphone game AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron.


Potentially good news from Africa

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From Associated Press:

After 37 years, rule of Zimbabwe’s Mugabe appears to be over
Zimbabwe’s military was in control of the capital and the state broadcaster on Wednesday and was holding President Robert Mugabe and his wife under house arrest in what appeared to be a coup against the 93-year-old Mugabe, the world’s oldest head of state.

The military was at pains, however, to emphasize it had not staged a military takeover, but was instead starting a process to restore Zimbabwe’s democracy.

Still, the military appeared to have brought an end to Mugabe’s long, 37-year reign in what the army’s supporters praised as a “bloodless correction.” South Africa and other neighboring countries were sending in leaders to negotiate with Mugabe and the generals to encourage the transition.

Good news if someone in the military doesn't try to grab the reigns for themselves. Zimbabwe used to be the bread-basket of Africa - very wealthy and it exported food. Now its economy is broken and it has to beg for scraps. One US dollar is worth 361,900 Zimbabwean dollars.

Minimal posting today

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Working on some stuff around here - heading to Seattle tomorrow for a while. T's birthday.

Did a quick surf and nothing much happening on the internet.

Late start to the day

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Woke up around 8:00AM and rolled over and went back to sleep again for another couple of hours.

Feeling great, just needed the extra sleep for some reason...

And now they are coming after the toons!

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Tip of the hat to Vanderleun:


Dropping like flies - Senator John McCain

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Now this - from US News & World Report:

McCain Denies Allegations of a Relationship with Iseman
It was Sen. John McCain's split-screen nightmare: he and his wife on one side of the television screen this morning denying an unsavory relationship; a photo of a young, attractive female lobbyist in a shimmering gold party gown on the other.

It was an all-too-familiar tableau—the chastened politician, the supportive spouse, questions raised, allegations denied.

"I have never done anything to betray the public trust," a somber McCain said during a press conference in Toledo, Ohio, just hours after a front-page New York Times story linked the 71-year-old Arizona senator and GOP presidential front-runner to lobbyist Vicki Iseman, 40. The newspaper, quoting former McCain aide John Weaver, reported that during his 2000 run for president, the senator's aides had warned her to stay away from him. And it detailed actions by the senator that benefited Iseman's client.

It was a story that much of Washington had been expecting for the past several months. The Times had been investigating McCain's relationship with Iseman so aggressively that the senator had called the newspaper's editor, Bill Keller ("not to dissuade him," McCain said this morning, just to encourage the paper to wrap it up), and had hired high-powered lawyer Bob Bennett to represent him.

Draining the swamp - one venal and corrupt person at a time. McCain is a RINO of the highest order - it is good that he is being pilloried. Not that much of a war hero either if you look up his involvement with the USS Forrestal fire.

Good meeting

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Pretty well attended - the speaker tonight was a local guy who does a lot of digital processing with amateur radio. His YouTube channel is pretty interesting: Budd Churchward

Great news - Mt. Baker is opening

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From the Mt. Baker Ski Area website:

IT'S HAPPENING!!! This storm is bringing us the goods, with 6 inches of new snow falling last night and up to 15" of new snow expected for tomorrow. Our current base at Heather Meadows is 33 inches, so with the additional snow we are able to set an official OPENING DAY THURSDAY NOV. 16th! We will have both base areas open on Thursday with all 3 lodges open and six chairlifts operating to start the day: chairs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7. We are hoping to open chairs 6 and/or 8 later in the day on opening day, but will have to wait to see how the snow and conditions progress.

It's currently 30 degrees and snowing at the mountain. Temperatures are dropping right now, and it looks like conditions could be pretty darned awesome for opening day. Our crew will be out on the mountain at all hours today and tomorrow, prepping everything for opening. Stay tuned here for continued updates, and we'll see you on the mountain Thursday!

A lot of people are looking forward to a wonderful season - lots of fresh snow up there!

From the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI)

Competitive Enterprise Institute Sues State Department Again Over Paris Climate Agreement Records
Today the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) filed its second lawsuit against the State Department to obtain illegally withheld documents related to the 2015 Paris climate agreement. In October 2017, CEI submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for emails of two State Department officers involved in the Obama administration’s maneuvering to circumvent the Senate in order to join the Paris agreement, Trigg Talley and Alexandra Costello.

Trigg Talley and Alexandra Costello were both members of the State Department when the decision was made to avoid characterizing the Paris agreement as a treaty. Talley is presently in Bonn at the Paris treaty talks as Director of the Office of Global Change at State Department. Costello was a State Department Capitol Hill liaison during the Obama administration tasked with managing relations between the Senate and the administration.

The Obama administration cut the Senate out of the treaty process in order to join the Paris agreement. Documents obtained under a previous FOIA production show Costello correspondence with a lawyer for Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker. In response to an August 2014 New York Times report about Obama’s plan to circumvent the Senate, the lawyer said this news “indicate[s] a disturbing contempt for the Senate’s constitutional rights and responsibilities.” Yet, Chairman Corker never publicly opposed Obama’s circumvention of the Senate. CEI seeks to learn just why this silence occurred.

The deep-state is being drained step by step. I hope that they are successful in their suit. The Obama administration directly contradicted the US Constitution by making the Paris Agreement a Treaty - bypassing the mandatory Senate approval. Unwinding Obama's legacy step by step.

Just beautiful - iron filings

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I'll never look at them the same away again:

From German photographer Roman De Giuli website / about the video

Venezuela - the end-game of socialism

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They just crossed a big threshold - from CNN:

Venezuela just defaulted, moving deeper into crisis
Venezuela, a nation spiraling into a humanitarian crisis, has missed a debt payment. It could soon face grim consequences.

The South American country defaulted on its debt, according to a statement issued Monday night by S&P Global Ratings. The agency said the 30-day grace period had expired for a payment that was due in October.

A debt default risks setting off a dangerous series of events that could exacerbate Venezuela's food and medical shortages.

If enough holders of a particular bond demand full and immediate repayment, it can prompt investors across all Venezuelan bonds to demand the same thing. Since Venezuela doesn't have the money to pay all its bondholders right now, investors would then be entitled to seize the country's assets -- primarily barrels of oil -- outside its borders.

And the root cause of Venezuela's problems?

But experts say the socialist Venezuelan regime that has been in power since 1999 bears the brunt of the blame. It fixed -- or froze -- prices on everything from a cup of coffee to a tank of gas in an effort to make goods more affordable for the masses. For years, Venezuelan leaders also fixed the exchange rate for their currency, the bolivar.

Those moves were among the driving forces behind the food shortages. Farmers couldn't sell at low prices without going out of business because their cost of production was much higher. Importers also couldn't afford to ship in food, knowing they would have to sell at much lower prices than what they paid for at the port.

When food shortages grew worse, an illegal black market emerged where venders sold basic foods at vastly higher prices than the government's artificially low prices. Inflation soared, making the bolivar almost worthless.

The really sad thing is that Venezuela used to be the bread-basket of South America. It has a great climate, lots of arable land and it used to export food to the rest of the world. It was taking in so much money that the people elected a government that promised free shit and the people kept demanding more and more free shit until all the money was spent. On the way down the drain, the Venezuelan government cannibalized its own economic sector to pay for the free shit. They stopped maintaining roads, water and electrical systems and nationalized various industries so the whole nation's infrastructure is crumbling.

When anyone suggests that a centralized world government is a good idea or that socialism or progressivism is a good idea, this is the end result of what they are talking about. Always has been, always will be.

Out for a while

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Coffee, post office, store and then back home.

Meeting later this evening so doing a run into Bellingham for that.

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