The triumvirate at tomorrows debate

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I do not know if they will actually show up but it would be wonderful to see the expression on Crooked Hillary's face to see them at tomorrows debate. Three different stories at three different website:

Gennifer Flowers ‘agrees’ to sit front row at first debate

PAULA JONES Wants to Join GENNIFER FLOWERS in Front Row at Presidential Debate

Juanita Broaddrick would confront Hillary if Trump invited her to debate

I would love to see Crooked Hillary's face explode

I am liking President Trump more and more

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From Israel's English news service Haaretz:

Trump Tells Netanyahu: If Elected, U.S. Would Recognize Undivided Jerusalem as Israel's Capital
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for an hour and 20 minutes on Sunday at Trump Tower in Manhattan. He will meet with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton later Sunday, at 6:30 P.M. EST (1:30 A.M Israel time).

According to a Trump campaign press release, Trump told Netanyahu that if elected, "a Trump administration would finally accept the long-standing Congressional mandate to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel."

The Trump campaign statement said during the meeting, "Trump agreed that the military assistance provided to Israel and missile defense cooperation with Israel are an excellent investment for America," amid the backdrop of speculation that Trump would support cutting U.S. military aid to Israel.

Trump told Netanyahu that if elected, "there will be extraordinary strategic, technological, military and intelligence cooperation between the two countries." Trump added that Israel is a "vital partner of the United States in the global war against radical Islamic terrorism." The two also discussed the nuclear deal with Iran and the fight against ISIS.

The two also "discussed at length Israel's successful experience with a security fence that helped secure its borders." The Republican candidate declared several times throughout the campaign that he will build a fence on the U.S.-Mexico border and force Mexico to pay for it.

Great news. Israel is one of our best friends and strongest allies in the war against Islamist terror.

Looks like a fun read

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Check out: The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama

From the blurb:

As Barack Obama's presidential failures keep adding up, remembering them all can be a challenge. Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan have compiled everything you need to know about the presidency of Barack Obama (so far) into one book. Now you can easily find all the information that was ignored by the media and that Barack Obama would like you to forget.

Did Barack Obama really save this country from another Great Depression? Did he really improve our country's image around the world, or unite America? What about the new era of post-partisanship and government transparency? Did he really expand health coverage while lowering costs and cutting taxes?

The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama compiles 200 inconvenient truths about Obama's presidency--the facts that will shape his legacy: His real record on the economy; the disaster that is Obamacare; his shocking abuses of taxpayer dollars; his bitterly divisive style of governing; his shameless usurping of the Constitution; his scandals and cover ups; his policy failures at home and abroad; the unprecedented expansion of government power... and more.

All of these facts are now at your fingertips in a single source. The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama is your ultimate guide to Obama's real record - the record he'd like history to forget.

Customer reviews are uniformly pretty good - from what they say, the book is well researched and has lots of links to corroborating data. I like links to corroborating data! Added to my library queue...

RIP - Arnold Palmer

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From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Golf legend, Latrobe native Arnold Palmer dies at 87
Jack Nicklaus will never forget the first time he saw Arnold Palmer.

He was on the golf course at Sylvania (Ohio) Country Club, practicing and getting ready for the 1954 Ohio Amateur. Nicklaus was only 14 at the time, one of the youngest players in the field.

When it started to rain, Nicklaus decided to go to the clubhouse. Nobody else was on the course. But, as he passed the practice range, one player was there, hitting balls in the downpour.

“I had no idea who it was and I watched this guy, he looked like Popeye hitting these drilling 9‑irons that were going about 12 feet high,” Nicklaus said. “I said, you know, look at this guy, man, this guy’s strong. Boy, can he hit. He’d really drill it.

“So I watched him for about 20 minutes or so and then I walked in the clubhouse and said, ‘Who in the world is that out on the practice tee? I said, that guy looks some kind of strong.’ He says, ‘Oh, that’s our defending champion, Arnold Palmer.’”

That was the first time Nicklaus had ever seen the man who would become his chief rival and long-time friend.

I grew up in Pittsburgh - Palmer was a class act - a real Gentleman's gentleman.

New nukes in China

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China is doing some wonderful work with nuclear power - from Neutron Bytes:

China comes calling for CANDU
The Montreal, Canada, based engineering and construction giant SNC-Lavalin, which five years ago, bought AECL’s reactor division from the government, has a new joint venture with China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC) and Shanghai Electric Co.

The immediate results of the agreement will be the creation of two nuclear reactor design centers, one in China and the other in Canada. The design centers will collaborate to complete the Advanced Fuel CANDU Reactor (AFCR). It is expected that the first two units will be then built in China and then the reactor will offered via export to global markets.

It is not LFTR but CANDU is an excellent design from many standpoints:

What is CANDU?
CANDU stands for CANada Deuterium Uranium, because it was invented in Canada, uses deuterium oxide (also known as heavy water) as a moderator, and uranium as a fuel.

CANDU reactors are unique in that they use natural, unenriched uranium as a fuel; with some modification, they can also use enriched uranium, mixed fuels, and even thorium. Thus, CANDU reactors are ideally suited for using spent fuel from light water nuclear reactors, or downblended uranium from decommissioned nuclear weapons, as fuel, helping to reduce global arsenals.

They still use high-pressure water to cool the core which leads to potential steam explosion if there is a breach in the pressure vessel. Running on unenriched Uranium is a big plus - the energy densities are not as high so recovery from an incident is not as immediate a concern. The fact that it can run with Thorium or other reactor waste is a bonus.

Off to meeting

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I tend to run them pretty fast so it should only be about 20 minutes for the actual business and another ten for town gossip. Back home in time for the Sunday radio network.

Back in a few...

One down and one to go

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Staff meeting was good - fine tuning operations for the food trailer. Bank accounts, etc... It will run as a part of my grocery store but I want to keep things seperate so we can see what our cash flow is like. A bit more work for everyone but I like to see the numbers.

Grabing a late lunch / early dinner and then water board meeting at 6:00PM and emergency communications radio network at 7:00PM

Turned into a gorgeous day - temps in the mid 60's and sunny with more forecast. Planetary K Index is pretty high so there may be some aurora. See if it is clear tonight.

Got a couple largish (4.5 and 5.0) quakes off the Cali/Oregon coast - shallow too:


Harbinger or just the earth adjusting its undies...

A fun use of technology

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Someone wrote a program to take a Texas Instruments calculator and use it to make music - check out HoustonTracker:

About HoustonTracker 2
HoustonTracker 2 is a music editor/sequencer for the Texas Instruments TI-82, TI-83/82STATS, and TI-83+/84+/SE. It allows you to compose and play multi-channel 1-bit music directly on your TI graphic calculator.

The Staten Island Ferry Disaster

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Just ran into a nice memorial website for this terrible marine disaster: Staten Island Ferry Disaster Memorial Museum

From their about page:

It was close to 4am on the quiet morning of November 22, 1963 when the Steam Ferry Cornelius G. Kolff vanished without a trace. On its way with nearly 400 hundred people, mostly on their way to work, the disappearance of the Cornelius G. Kolff remains both one of New York’s most horrific maritime tragedies and perhaps its most intriguing mystery. Eye witness accounts describe “large tentacles” which “pulled” the ferry beneath the surface only a short distance from its destination at Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan.

Nobody on board survived and only small pieces of wreckage have been found…strangely with large “suction cup-shaped” marks on them. The only logical conclusion scientists and officials could point to was that the boat had been attacked by a massive octopus, roughly half the size of the ship. Adding to the tragedy, is that this disaster went almost completely unnoticed by the public as later that day another, more “newsworthy” tragedy would befall the nation when beloved President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated.  The Staten Island Ferry Disaster Museum hopes to correct this oversight by preserving the memory of those lost in this tragedy and educating the public about the truth behind the only known giant octopus-ferry attack in the tri-state area.

They erected a nice monument near the site of the sinking:


And yes, this is a work of satire.

Retirement is such bucolic bliss - nothing to do at all... Staff meeting after I get my coffee and then a water board meeting tonight - ham radio network after that.

The new iPhone 7 headphone jack

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I can not believe that some people are actually falling for this. From TechRax

He is having way too much fun - check out his other videos.

Die Antwoord

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I love their music - this is a funny video where a bunch of older citizens view (and comment) on their music videos:

Some get it, some do not.

Designed to lift boats - the elevator cab weighs 15,500 tons and rises 370 feet:

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you

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Hope not - from Popular Mechanics:

China Confirms Its Space Station Is Falling Back to Earth
In a press conference on Wednesday, Chinese officials appear to have confirmed what many observers have long suspected: that China is no longer in control of its space station.

China's Tiangong-1 space station has been orbiting the planet for about 5 years now, but recently it was decommissioned and the Chinese astronauts returned to the surface. In a press conference last week, China announced that the space station would be falling back to earth at some point in late 2017.

Normally, a decommissioned satellite or space station would be retired by forcing it to burn up in the atmosphere. This type of burn is controlled, and most satellite re-entries are scheduled to burn up over the ocean to avoid endangering people. However, it seems that China's space agency is not sure exactly when Tiangong-1 will re-enter the atmosphere, which implies that the station has been damaged somehow and China is no longer able to control it.

This is important because it means Tiangong-1 won't be able to burn up in a controlled manner. All we know is it will burn up at some point in late 2017, but it is impossible to predict exactly when or where. This means that there is a chance debris from the falling spacecraft could strike a populated area.

The odds of it hitting any population centers is very minimal (our impact on the globe is miniscule despite what the enviros would have you believe) but you never know. Where's Sandra Bullock when you need her?

Democrats voting in Colorado

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Good that this is being done but we need to do a complete clean sweep - this is downright fraud. From the Denver, CO CBS affiliate:

CBS4 Investigation Finds Dead Voters Casting Ballots In Colorado
A CBS4 investigation has found multiple cases of dead men and women voting in Colorado months and in some cases years after their deaths, a revelation that calls into question safeguards designed to prevent such occurrences.

“We do believe there were several instances of potential vote fraud that occurred,” said Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams after reviewing the CBS4 findings. “It shows there is the potential for fraud.”

Potential vote fraud - hell, a deceased person's ballot was filed. That is vote fraud plain and simple. Obama used a lot of fraud to get re-elected in 2012 - there is even a website that catalogs the instances.

Time to clean house and get some adults in the room...

Trump trumps the press

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Great reaction - from Don Surber:

Trump just rolled the press
So Camp Clinton thought it was clever, and invited Mark Cuban to sit in the front row of Monday's debate. Trump smiled and invited Gennifer Flowers.

Not Monica Lewinsky. Not Paula Jones. Gennifer Flowers. The first two names are familiar to today's twenty-somethings. Not Miss Flowers. So the Hill was forced to explain:

Bill Clinton testified under oath in 1998 that he had a sexual affair with Flowers.

Check and mate.

Never try to out-Trump the man.

Heh - this is turning into a fun election. Absolute worst case scenario, we have four years of chaos. I am thinking that President Trump will go down as one of our best ones.

From Seattle station KIRO:

Suspect in custody after Burlington, Wash. mall shooting that left 5 dead
A suspected gunman was found and taken into custody Saturday night at about 6:30 p.m. after a deadly shooting in a Washington state mall. Authorities say the motive for the slaying is unknown.

Good - still no word on motive or background. The 48 hour rule still holds true.

UPDATE: They released his name: Arcan Cetin He is Turkish. Tyler Durdin at Zero Hedge went a screen-capped a bunch of photos of him playing around with guns - the social media accounts will probably go away really soon but the images are archived here: Washington Mall Shooter Caught: Suspect Is 20 Year Old Turk

Busy day today

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Thought I had a meeting about Mt. Baker being an active volcano but that is next Thursday. Our local Chamber of Commerce had its annual general meeting tonight so I showed up to that instead.

Picked up some Chinese food in town (needed to get a part to fix the store van) and sitting down to a very late dinner...

Crap - another public shooting

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This time in my back yard - from the Everett, WA Daily Herald:

Police say 4 shot dead at Skagit County mall; shooter at large
Authorities say four people have been fatally shot at a mall in Skagit County and that the shooter has not been apprehended.

The Washington State Patrol said on Twitter that four people were killed Friday evening in a Macy’s store at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, about 65 miles north of Seattle.

Sgt. Mark Francis says authorities are searching for a Hispanic male wearing a black shirt who was last seen walking toward I-5 from the mall.

Another example of the 48-hour rule - we will not get any real information for another day or so. Mall website is here: Cascade Mall

The damn thing is that this feeds right into the hands of the people who want to take our guns away. It is not legal firearm owners that are the problem, it is the criminals and the mentally ill who commit these acts and taking guns away will not hinder either. The lawmaker's intent is not a valid reason. The road to Hell is paved with these.

Found this graphic at Maggie's Farm:


Nothing like a dose of the truth to put matters into perspective. As Denny so succinctly puts it:

Black Lives Matter. A hate group solely designed to rile up black people into rioting and the destruction of property. One black dude was shot in Charlotte by a black cop and the black community goes on a rampage. What’s really funny is that 70% of the rioters arrested have out of state IDs. These riots have obviously been organized by Black Lives Matter. Meanwhile 545 people have been murdered in Chicago so far this year, most of them black. Where is Black Lives Matter? For that matter, where is the NAACP? Where is Prez Hussein? Where is the Congressional Black Caucus? Where are Jesse Hymietown Jackson and Al Tawana Brawley Crown Heights Riots Freddie’s Fashion Mart Arson Greek homos Sharpton? Black Lives Matter is a professional hate group. They are assholes.

Black Lives Matter and George Soros

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The whole Black Lives Matter movement is founded on so many lies it is pathetic. Recent events in Charlotte, North Caroline show this to be evident.

Their narrative? Keith Scott was shot by cops during a traffic stop. Keith was holding a book in his hand and was unarmed.

The truth: Keith had a police record. The cops were looking for someone who committed a robbery. Keith got out of his car holding a gun in his hand and would not drop it when the Police Officer  asked him to. The Police Officer then fired in self-defense. The Police Officer was black.

Now, the city of Charlotte has been besieged by riots for the last couple of evenings. A bit more truth from Zero Hedge:

Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs
Confirming what many had suspected when viewing the sudden and intense collapse into anrchy that occurred in Charlotte this week, Todd Walther, spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police told CNN's Erin Burnett:

"This is not Charlotte that's out here. These are outside entities that are coming in and causing these problems. These are not protesters, these are criminals."

"We've got the instigators that are coming in from the outside. They were coming in on buses from out of state. If you go back and look at some of the arrests that were made last night. I can about say probably 70% of those had out-of-state IDs. They're not coming from Charlotte."

As shocking as this statement is, it should not be a total surprise. 18 months ago, as the riots flared in Ferguson, there was one man pulling the strings of this 'domestic false flag'... George Soros. In an apparent effort to  "keep the media’s attention on the city and to widen the scope of the incident to focus on interrelated causes — not just the overpolicing and racial discrimination narratives that were highlighted by the news media in August," liberal billionaire George Soros donated $33million to social justice organizations which helped turn events in Ferguson from a local protest into a national flashpoint.

More on Soros' philanthropy at The Gateway Pundit:

Leaked George Soros Memo: $650,000 to Black Lives Matter – Here’s a Partial List
On Saturday the mysterious DC Leaks website posted hacked documents from George Soros’s Open Society.

The documents included information on operations in Latin America, Eurasia, Asia, the US, Europe and the World Bank.

One document revealed Soros paid $650,000 to the Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist movement.

His sociopathy was evident even in childhood - here is a transcript of an interview he did with Steve Croft at 60 minutes on December 20, 1998:

  • KROFT: You're a Hungarian Jew…
  • Mr. SOROS: Mm-hmm.
  • KROFT: …who escaped the Holocaust…
  • Mr. SOROS: Mm-hmm.
  • KROFT: …by–by posing as a Christian.
  • Mr. SOROS: Right.
  • KROFT: And you watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps.
  • Mr. SOROS: Right. I was 14 years old. And I would say that that's when my character was made.
  • KROFT: In what way?
  • Mr. SOROS: That one should think ahead. One should understand and–and anticipate events and when–when one is threatened. It was a tremendous threat of evil. I mean, it was a–a very personal experience of evil.
  • KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.
  • Mr. SOROS: Yes. Yes.
  • KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
  • Mr. SOROS: Yes. That's right. Yes.
  • KROFT: I mean, that's–that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?
  • Mr. SOROS: Not–not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don't–you don't see the connection. But it was–it created no–no problem at all.
  • KROFT: No feeling of guilt?
  • Mr. SOROS: No.
  • KROFT: For example that, 'I'm Jewish and here I am, watching these people go. I could just as easily be there. I should be there.' None of that?
  • Mr. SOROS: Well, of course I c–I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn't be there, because that was–well, actually, in a funny way, it's just like in markets–that if I weren't there–of course, I wasn't doing it, but somebody else would–would–would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the–whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the–I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.

And this is the man who is funding all Progressives, funding Hillary and funding all of the Social Justice Warriors, all of Black Lives Matter. This is not justice - these poor deluded fools rioting in the streets have been bought and paid for by the sickest of the 0.01% that anyone can imagine.

Back from town - trailer stuff

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Transferred the title today - new plates. Had dinner at the roadhouse and it was really good - Beef Burgundy over nice large noodles - perfect for this weather.

Meeting tomorrow - our County Council is getting a bit too "nanny-statist" for my liking. Because we live on the slope of an active volcano, they are trying to limit the number of people that can live, work, play up here. As if Mt. Baker is just going to suddenly pop-off and blow up.

Mt. St. Helens did that back in 1980 but the eruption was preceded by over two months of earthquakes, magma and gas venting, harmonic tremors.

The issue is not anything that we will be affected with but if I want to sell the store or the farm, the new buyer will have a lot more restrictions on what they can do so this will directly impact the property values all the while our property taxes are going up. Time to remind the council that we elected them and they are in their position to represent us. We are not their minions. Spending some time tomorrow surfing for data to back up a couple of talking points...

Off to a meeting

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Been working at home this morning - meeting with the credit card people to get a terminal for the food trailer today.

Back home after that. Nice fall day - low 50's and overcast. Hard to believe that Summer is gone - Spring took so long to finish.

From Bloomberg:

How New Nuclear Could Lift Renewables at a Third of Hinkley Cost
A former chief scientist for one of the world’s biggest consumer-goods companies says he can make nuclear power cheaper and safer and wants $30 million so that he can prove it.

After working 25 years at Unilever Plc, Ian Scott came out of retirement in 2013 to found Moltex Energy LLP. Three years later, the biochemist says he’s come up with an atomic-reactor design that produces more power for less money than standard pressured-water unit like the ones planned at Hinkley Point in Somerset, England.

“The Stable Salt Reactor is a U.K.-developed technology that can produce electricity at a third of the Hinkley-C strike price,” Scott said in an interview at Bloomberg’s office in London. “It can store energy at grid scale -- catalyzing the further rollout of renewables -- and can be powered by the country’s existing nuclear waste.”

A bit more:

Scott figures $30 million will buy his design the time it needs to win first-stage regulatory approval. The Moltex reactor builds off molten-salt technologies developed at the U.S. Oak Ridge National Laboratory that were abandoned because they couldn’t be used militarily.

Thorium does not go Ka-Boom so the military was not interested. The industry did not want to support two different fuel refining processes so they went with Uranium.

The website is here: Moltex Energy. I do not like that they are using zirconium metal in the fuel rods - this adds risk to the design. The traditional LFTR reactor is walk-away safe. This design is a lot safer than the current pressurized units but not as good as it could get.

Two good videos:

An expensive load of pipe

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From somewhere in Russia:

Happy Fall Equinox

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The seasons are definitely rolling along - been getting quite cold at night. Starting to see Autumn colors on the trees. Not quite as ready for Winter as I would like but doing OK

Dinner is good

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Costco sells 'Mediterranean Style' chicken breast meat on skewers seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. Pulled a couple of these out of the freezer and popped then into the toaster oven for 20 minutes and a slice of pita bread for the last five minutes. Meanwhile, I took a can of garbanzo beans, drained them and mashed them up with some salt, olive oil and the juice of one lemon - portioned these out on some lettuce leaves. Yummy!

Made sure to pull an extra skewer for Grace to have a treat after I am done.

Back home - had a big lunch in town so not super hungry. Time to raid the fridge and see what is there for dinner.

Needing to switch to more of a morning schedule so not staying up quite as late last few days.

Got the personal checks back from the printer so I'll start paying bills with them tomorrow - using GnuCash for a few weeks now and really liking it. Much faster and lighter than QuickBooks but it still does everything I need and it is built around double-entry which I want - keeps me honest :-)

Another day

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Another stack of paperwork... Heading out for coffee and back to the store office to sign the bills of sale for the trailer and food business this morning. Then, start to fill out the Health Department application. Got a nice email from the head person there that they like my ideas and that I am ready to fill out the application so hoping that it should go well.

Will be calling our electrical utility to get power installed. Fun fun fun...

Utterly clueless - the Good Food Institute

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But a good strong sense of entitlement - from The Orange County Register:

Petition chides In-N-Out for not offering a meatless meal
Irvine-based In-N-Out Burger is the target of a petition that demands the fast-food burger institution add a meat-free meal to its menu.

Launched last week on, the petition by Washington D.C.-based Good Food Institute said the burger chain has been “letting its fans down by failing to serve anything that would satisfy a burger-loving customer who wants a healthy, humane, and sustainable option.”

Good Food Institute is a fledgling nonprofit that supports the use of healthier and sustainable food supplies. It specifically supports a food supply that shifts away from animal agriculture.

Though the group faults In-N-Out for not offering a vegetarian option, most In-N-Out fans know that anyone can custom order a meat-free burger with cheese, essentially a grilled cheese sandwich.

A spokeswoman for Good Food said a “cheese slathered bun” is not a healthy solution for vegan eaters.

“I don’t think that satisfies people’s desire for a full entree,” Emily Byrd, a spokeswoman for Good Food Institute, said Monday in a phone interview.

Where to start... There is a good reason why the Good Food Institute (Institute?) is a "fledgling" organization. They pick very stupid battles.

So I am going to turn around and petition some of the Bellingham vegetarian restaurants to serve animal protein. I do not know if there are any halal restaurants in Bellingham but there are lots in Vancouver, BC and Seattle and I will petition them to carry non-halal animal protein in their dishes? (And honestly, looking at the process of halal slaughtering, I would never ever wish that on any critter anywhere - it is barbarian and painful.)

This is just a perfect example of childish virtue signaling. Something I would expect from a normal six year old but not from someone running an Institute. Institutes are supposed to be about advanced education, enlightenment and learning. These spoiled prats are just whiny attention-seekers - look how politically correct I am.

Puerto Rico is a gorgeous Caribbean island and an unincorporated U.S. territory. Been there a couple of times and always had a great time - nice people and gorgeous scenery. Unfortunately, their economy is in the terlit because of some bad decisions from their government. Maintenance on utilities has been deferred for way longer than it should have been. Case in point - from Miami, Florida station WSVN:

Puerto Rico hit with island-wide blackout after fire erupts
A big fire erupted at an electricity plant that powers most of Puerto Rico on Wednesday, causing a blackout that swept across the U.S. territory of 3.5 million people.

The Electric Power Authority said two transmission lines of 230,000 volts each failed. Executive Director Javier Quintana told reporters that he expected most power to be restored by Thursday morning.

Puerto Rico’s fire department said it had extinguished the blaze at the southern power plant, which serves a majority of customers on the island.

A bit more - Garcia is Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla:

“I assume complete responsibility,” Garcia said of the outage. “Everyone knows that the company’s maintenance problems began decades ago.”

The power company is struggling with a $9 billion debt that it hopes to restructure as it faces numerous corruption allegations. Company officials have said they are seeking more revenue to update what they say is outdated equipment.

Garcia, however, said that no amount of money or maintenance would have prevented the fire.

Nice for him to fall on his sword but I call bullshit - stuff like this does not happen out of the blue. There are always smaller incidents - oil leaks, failures during periodic tests, smaller outages and since none of these cause a catastrophe, it is easy to sweep them under the rug and say everything is fine. The problem is that these are an escalating chain of problems that will end up as what just happened today.

Don't forget that it is electricity that runs the water treatment plants, the traffic lights, the radio stations and a host of other needed services. Time to look into getting a ham radio license and getting on the air... $100 in hardware and another $300 for a couple of solar panels, deep cycle batteries and a good inverter.

Hillary's favorite pizza

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Swiped from Denny

Great call - shows that he has people who understand the real nature of the internet. From Reuters:

Trump opposes plan for U.S. to cede internet oversight
U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump opposes a long-planned transition of oversight of the internet's technical management from the U.S. government to a global community of stakeholders, his campaign said in a statement on Wednesday.

Congress should block the handover, scheduled to occur on Oct. 1, "or internet freedom will be lost for good, since there will be no way to make it great again once it is lost," Stephen Miller, national policy director for the Trump campaign, said in a statement.

Good - one of the things that makes the internet so robust is that, at its heart, it was designed to route around damage. Initially, hardware was pretty fragile so if a router somewhere went down, the other routers in the network would see this and route packets of data through a longer chain to get the packets from Point A to Point B. It would not be as efficient and would take longer but the packets would get through unharmed. This has extended into a much larger scope thanks to the hacker ethic. If some entity attempts censorship, traffic will route around the censors and get to its intended destination. The internet today is basically the wild wild west where anything goes and we are far better off for it.

To allow an independent non-governmental body of bureaucrats to control the internet would throttle it - drain it of its life force, steal its mojo. Of course, the one-world-government people are frothing at the mouth over the opportunity for control:

Technical experts have said those claims are baseless, and that a delay will backfire by undermining U.S. credibility in future international negotiations over internet standards and security.

Bull. Fscking. Shit. I know of no higher-level network admin who thinks this is a good idea. The only people coming up with this nanny-state claptrap are the bureaucrats.

On this decision alone, Trump gets my vote.

Speaking truth to power:

The article talks about the end of arctic ice as we know it. A perfect setup as the article is from November 2nd, 1922.

More at The Daily Caller.

A short message about preparedness

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When the big one hits:


Studying for the Technician exam takes about 10-15 hours and an online exam can be found here: QRZ

When you register (it is free and they do not give out your email to anyone), it keeps track of what questions you get and which ones you do not. Your sample tests are adjusted accordingly. Hardware costs about $100 for a good entry-level setup.

We got a trailer

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Needs some work but she has great bones and has all the necessary equipment and permitting - just have to get everything transferred. Here I am outside of the store:


Off to pick up the food trailer

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Got down to 35.8°F last night - woke up to a light frost on the grass still in shadow. Winter is coming.

Getting coffee and picking up the food trailer and then heading into town. This will be an interesting adventure - run it for one year and see how it goes. Worst case scenario, I sell it and recoup my money. Best case scenario, I sell it and buy a larger one.

Pick up the food trailer tomorrow morning and then head into town for my last foot doctor appointment. This had been a recurring condition and my primary physician always prescribed 'safe' stuff to knock it down but I always felt a bit of 'heat' under the surface of my skin and sure enough, in a month or two it would break out again. The treatment I got from these people killed it in two weeks.

Picked up a cashiers check today for the trailer - things look good, hoping to open in about a month for weekend lunch service and then grow on that. Now that school is back in session, business will be slow until Mt. Baker opens for skiing and then things take off. It will be good to have a slow start - time to ramp up and get the bugs worked out. Developing a good menu and have restored a bunch of recipes for the soups I made while managing the bakery off the old bakery computer (now controlling a bunch of radios in my radio room).

Back home for the night

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It was a very fun meeting - one of the people from this group made a presentation at my Emergency Communications group two weeks ago and it was a lot of fun. Came here tonight for the first time and struck the mother lode of radio geekness. They are working with APRS and proceeded to demo a couple of the modes of operation - you can send short emails, link it to a weather station for on-air weather conditions, tie in a GPS to do position tracking. Lots of stuff and the newer adapters are built around the Raspberry Pi so I already have a lot of familiarity with the platform.

There was a guy from the local SAR (Search and Rescue) who had some equipment of his own and who is building an amazing setup in his truck.

Here are a couple of links to the various bits of hardware and software demonstrated tonight: APRSDroidWeather Monkey APRSMobilinkd TNC2, UDRC-II and Dire Wolf The thing that really gets me is that because all of the signal processing is now being done in software, the complex filter circuits are not needed and these units have much better performance but cost a fraction of what the old-school ones used to cost - $70 instead of $450.

Looks like there are now four meetings per month that I will be attending regularly.

Barry on those pesky populists

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From Breitbart:

At United Nations, Globalist Obama Condemns ‘Crude Populism’ Sweeping the Planet
In his speech to the United Nations, President Barack Obama defended the increased globalization of the world’s nations, condemning the wave of populist nationalism that was growing in the world in response.

Obama says globalization will continue growing rapidly, signaling the unstoppable march of progress. But he warned that nations who allow the wealthy to enjoy the benefits of globalism face challenges from their populace. Those people, he noted, were falling prey to an “alternative” narrative, propagated to fuel opposition.

“Alternative visions of the world have pressed forward, both in the wealthiest countries and in the poorest,” he said. “Religious fundamentalism. The politics of ethnicity or tribe or sect. Aggressive nationalism. A crude populism. Sometimes from the far left but more often from the far right.”

Quite the fancy words from a community organizer. Hey Barry - STFU and please leave the public stage. Your fifteen minutes are long gone. Sheesh - talk about being clueless. There are 4,000+ comments at Breitbart - makes for a fun read.

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