Of course - Elizabeth Warren

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Fake fake fake. A liar too. From Daily Caller:

Warren’s ‘Billionaire Tears’ Mug Is Sold Through A Billionaire-Run Company
A billionaire stands to benefit financially from the sales of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s new “Billionaire Tears” mug.

The $25 mug, which Warren’s presidential campaign introduced Wednesday, is sold through Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company whose founder and CEO, Tobias Lütke, is worth an estimated $2.8 billion.

“Savor a warm, slightly salty beverage of your choice in this union-made mug as you contemplate all the good a wealth tax could do: universal healthcare, student debt cancellation, universal free college, and more,” the mug’s product page states.

If I was going to spend money for a new coffee mug, I would save myself ten dollars and get this one from Amazon


It is neither Best nor Buy. Seems that their CEO has gotten hisself WOKE so there goes the company. From Vox Day:

The new climate for business
Is one where business is rapidly shrinking. Best Buy's CEO takes a very converged position on corporate profits:

"The purpose of a company is not to make money," says Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly, discussing the need for a re-foundation of capitalism. Purposeful leadership is being clear about your purpose as an individual and how it connects to the purpose of the company where you work.

If you can't see the danger in where this is headed, then you really aren't paying attention. What is the purpose of the company where you work if it isn't to make money?  How long do you anticipate working there without making money yourself? And if the purpose isn't to make money, then why do so many companies nevertheless insist on charging money for their goods and services?

Capitalism doesn't need to be refounded, it is something to which we should return. The modern day financialized corpocracy which funnels most profits to the financial institutions, the government, and the pirate class is simply not capitalism by any measure.

By the way, there is a whole conference devoted to business convergence. Look at the pictures on the linked Twitter account. There is literally zero productive business being discussed there.

Speaking truth to power. 130+ interesting comments - a lot along the line where we should just walk into the local BestBuy and ask for free stuff. To charge money for it would not be purposeful.

The last three years of BBY stock prices are actually pretty decent. We will see what happens:


In the fall and winter, winds in the eastern Mediterranean come out of the South. Some Church of Global Warming idiots are capitalizing on this to promote their narrative to the fellow travellers who do not bother to learn any history.
From BoingBoing:

Italy: Venice council flooded after 'NO' vote on climate change measures
Oops. Awkward.

An Italian council was flooded immediately after rejecting new measures to address the climate crisis that threatens to sink the city, and wreak havoc throughout the world.

The regional council of Veneto is situated on Venice's Grand Canal. On Tuesday night, the office flooded for the first time in its history, right after rejecting measures to fight climate change.

Actually very very awkward but not in the manner that they were hoping for. Acqua Alta (High Water) is a annual seasonal event that causes flooding in Venice and the surrounding areas. Been doing this forever. Will continue to keep doing this forever.

Also, even if this did not happen every fall/winter (to varying degrees), the waters of the Mediterranean are not rising. Venice is sinking. Some clickable headlines:

You get the idea - always been sinking. Always will.

Do the global warmists think that we are really that stupid or are they so completely out of talking points that they have to fabricate shit like this to try to win us over. Either way, speaks badly for them.

Good dinner, meeting, beers

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Back home for the night. Surf for a bit and then YouTube

Well... I gave it 40 minutes

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And that car is not unpacking itself. Heading downstairs to unpack, feed the pups and get ready to head out for dinner and the meeting - back in a few hours...

The Numbers

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Most of the current Democrat politicians are horribly innumerate. They promise free shit to keep the votes rolling in but they have zero clue how to pay for all of it. From the Foundation for Economic Education:

Entitlement Liabilities Are a Graver Threat to the Next Generation of Americans Than Climate Change
On January 31, 1940, Miss Ida Fuller received a check for $22.54. She was the first person to retire under the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) scheme, better known as Social Security. At the time of her retirement in 1939, she had paid just $22 in Social Security taxes. Ms. Fuller lived to be 100, cashing over $20,000 worth of Social Security checks.

How Social Security Is Funded
If she had only paid $22.54 in contributions, where did the $20,000 Ms. Fuller received in Social Security payouts come from? It came, as it does now, from the taxpayers of the day. As of 2019, your employer deducts 6.2 percent of your wages up to $132,900 a year, matches this amount, and sends it to the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA deposits this with the Treasury, which spends it and receives Treasury bonds in return. This is the fabled trust fund that guarantees Social Security.

The growing problem:

This is only going to get worse. According to Census Bureau projections, by 2030 each 100 working-age Americans will be supporting 35 retirees, and this could rise to 42 by 2060. Another way to think of this is to calculate the number of retirees each worker must support. In 1946, the burden of one retiree was shared between 42 workers. Today, according to the SSA, roughly three workers cover each retiree’s Social Security and Medicare benefits. By 2030, however, there will be only two workers supporting each retiree.

More at the site. This article doesn't even get into Union Pensions and other entitlements.

Want more free stuff? Better be ready to pay the bill.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

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Looks like things might get real interesting real soon - from The Gateway Pundit:

IT’S HAPPENING… BREAKING: President Trump Meets with AG Bill Barr in Oval Office – Then Delays Departure and Calls in Top Aides and Communication Team
President Donald Trump met with Attorney General William Barr today in the Oval Office.

Earlier this week their were rumblings that the Inspector General’s report was going through the final stages before it is released.

Inspector General Horowitz has been working on the report for over a year.

Planning a trip to Costco tomorrow - maybe pick up some more popcorn.

A paper trail - Ukraine

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Looks like some Ukranians are doing some leaking of their own - from The Federalist Papers:

BREAKING, Leaked Documents Show Tens Of Millions From Ukraine Paid To Kerry, Biden Jr Fund, Report
Documents have been discovered that show cash transfers from a Ukrainian gas company to a slush fund operated by several major Democrats.

The slush fund is reportedly run by former Secretary of State John Kerry, John Kerry Jr., another Kerry family member and Hunter Biden, Michael Coudrey reported.

“Leaked documents from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office indicate complex money transfers from foreign sources into the control of a ‘slush fund’ owned and operated by Devon Archer, John Kerry Senior, John Kerry Junior, Heinz Jr, and Hunter Biden,” he said.

Screen caps and links at the site. Fun watching this all unravel. Could not be happening to a nicer group of people.

Joe Biden - clueless

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From Marc Thiessen writing at the New York Post:

Sorry, Joe: Team Obama refused to arm Ukraine at all
Joe Biden has said that by holding up vital military aid to Ukraine, President Trump “used the power and resources of the United States to pressure a sovereign nation, a partner that is still under direct assault from Russia … to subvert the rule of law.”

That’s rich. The aid in question is lethal military assistance that the Obama-Biden administration refused to give Ukraine.

In 2014, after Russia annexed Crimea and began arming separatists in eastern Ukraine with tanks, armored vehicles and rocket launchers, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko came to Washington to plead for weapons to defend his country. In an impassioned address to a joint session of Congress — with Biden sitting directly behind him — Poroshenko said his country appreciated the nonlethal assistance he was getting, but declared “one cannot win a war with blankets.”

The Obama-Biden administration was unmoved. The Wall Street Journal reported at the time that “President Barack Obama stuck to his refusal to provide weapons or other lethal military gear to Ukraine.” Why?

Team Obama feared that lethal aid would provoke Moscow.

More at the site - if these actions were public knowledge during the Obama administration, he would have been impeached in 2014. The current impeachment hearings are just a distraction to cover up the Obama / Biden / Kerry corruption.

Sweetening the pot - auction

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Drove down to pick up the printers - with tax and buyer's premium, the two were $41 each. Compare to their current list price of $305. Factor in two trips of just under 100 miles each and I still made out like a bandit. I use the one I have a lot and already have several thousand blank labels of various sizes from when I had my office services business in Maple Falls so I am all set there.

What really sweetened the pot was that they were tossing a bunch of stuff into some dumpsters. Picked up some nice electronics, about 20 "brick style" power supplies (use them a lot) as well as some other fun geek doo-dads.

Mitigated the driving by stopping at WinCo on my way back. Picked up some poke, some dried beans and some Portuguese Linguiça Sausage. I am going to cut it up, saute it with some more garlic as well as some tomato paste and add it to the feijoada. Just have ham and bacon in there now - this will add a nice dimension. Also picked up some par-boiled (Minute) rice so serve it with. Have that for dinner tomorrow. Meeting later so going out for a bowl of pasta tonight.

It's time for coffee

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Out for a bit. Heading down to pick up my printers from the auction. Meeting later this evening.

Great quote - Helen Mirren

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Just wonderful - Seattle opioid epidemic

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From Seattle station KOMO:

An opioid more deadly than fentanyl found on Seattle streets
Right in the midst of the opioid crisis, another illicit drug has hit the streets of Seattle. Experts say it's more potent and deadly than other opiods.

The DEA says carfentanil is 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times stronger than fentanyl. It was first detected in Seattle in March. Experts insists its usage is "very rare" in the area, but nonetheless, it's surfaced in the city.

The timing couldn't be worse. Two people in Washington state overdose on opioids each day. In King County, at least three teenagers have died from fentanyl overdoses recently.

"I was like, 'Oh crap!' " said Dr. Caleb Banta-Green when he heard that carfentanil was detected in Seattle.

These opioids - fentanyl and carfentynil are not being prescribed by Doctors - that is not the opioid crisis that we have. These are cheap to make and are coming in from overseas - China and North Korea. It is coming in through our port cities as well as through the borders.

I am ambivalent - there are some real personal tragedies but also, many of the fatalities are people who would find some other way to shuffle off this mortal coil if they didn't have these drugs. At least, this will be a painless way to go.

Now this has to grind their gears a bit

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From the New York Times Best Sellers list - nonfiction:


Only in California

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From ArtNet:

California Is Spending $2.4 Million to Build the World’s Largest Permanent Installation of Climate Change-Themed Art
California’s clean-air agency has commissioned the world’s largest permanent public installation of climate changed-themed art. Large-scale works by Allora & CalzadillaRefik AnadolKameelah Janan RasheedNoé MontesAndrea Polli, and Tomás Saraceno will appear in the common areas of the California Air Resources Board’s new headquarters in Riverside, California, opening in late 2021.

The agency went through 600 applications before it made its selection of “world-class art by artists whose work embraces environmental and equity themes,” said board chair Mary Nichol in a statement. The works themselves will be announced in 2020.

“The conversation about climate change should always include the subject of climate justice,” artist Noe Montes said in an email. The photographer was inspired to apply for the project after witnessing the health problems experienced by residents in the Jordan Downs housing project in South Los Angeles due to air pollution from the logistics industry.

Must be nice to have that kind of dispoasble income. Oh. Wait. The State of California is broke. They can't afford this.

Just for the hell of it I DuckDuckGo'd (much better than that other search engine) this new building and found the press release for their new temple:

CARB unveils design for its new Southern California Headquarters
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) announced today that it has selected the design of its new Southern California headquarters. Located on a 19-acre site near the campus of UC Riverside, the approximately 380,000-square-foot facility will be one of the largest and most advanced vehicle emissions testing and research facilities in the world. It will also be the largest ‘net-zero energy’ structure (producing as much energy as it uses) of its type in the nation.

“This striking design will make CARB’s new Southern California headquarters an immediately recognizable landmark,” said CARB Chair Mary D. Nichols. “It incorporates the highest standards of sustainability in the office and public spaces, and meets the exacting laboratory specifications we need to keep California at the forefront of our world-leading efforts to clean up our air and fight climate change.”

Have you tried driving down there?  I-5 is full of potholes and the large cities are literally shitholes. How about spending the money where it is actually needed (infrastructure) instead of on shiny new toys. Building cost is estimated at $368 Million and these projects always overrun.

Heh - waking up in hell

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From Woodsterman:


So... Stressed... Out...

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Interesting story at The Hill:

Therapy dogs slated to visit Capitol Hill today
Some cuddly canines are coming to the rescue of stressed-out Capitol Hill staffers.

Pet Partners, a therapy animal organization, and the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council are bringing a batch of furry friends to the halls of Congress.

Therapy dogs will be ruff-ing it on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Room 902 of the Hart Senate Office Building and rooms 2043 and 2044 of the Rayburn House Office Building.

“Who better to bring comfort and relief to the hardworking folks on Capitol Hill than a furry group of loving, intuitive, and bipartisan Pet Partners therapy animals?” the groups asked in a news release touting the event.

Well... I guess that when you put all of your hopes for the 2020 election into one basket labeled "impeachment", things are going to get a bit stressed out. Good luck on that.

The impeachment is about covering up the massive corruption in the Obama presidency. From Twitchy:

Twitchy is a Twitter aggregator and Glen Beck went on a massive 40+ tweet outline of what happened over there in 2014 and it is damning for Obama:

Glen Beck:
There are two terms that kept popping up in our research of what was happening between the Left and Ukraine, and they’re used interchangeably. You see them in government documents, aid packages and even by activists rioting in the streets. They are: “Civil Society” and “Open Society”.  These two phrases are used by a global Shadow Government to mold the rest of the world into a Socialist theme park. And it’s all being done in YOUR NAME, but... WITHOUT your consent or vote.

Now, when we were first looking into Ukraine, we were primarily focusing on the timeline AFTER February 2014. We knew the coup had brought forward some new possibilities for the Obama Administration, and that was what we were primarily focused on.  So, how do they do it? By using "Civil & Open Society" groups to instigate violent regime change… oh I’m sorry. They don’t use the term regime change. Sounds too scary! They call it quote: “spontaneous, indigenous popular uprisings."  But still… something seemed incomplete. Why was George Soros funding an NGO in Ukraine ALONGSIDE the Obama Administration. According to TWO former Prosecutor General’s in Ukraine, that NGO - the Anti-Corruption Action Center - was being shielded by the U.S. Government.

I recently did an interview with a former Ukrainian official who was working inside the Prosecutor General’s office. He was actually there when this NGO was organizing street protests to get his boss fired. Watch:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R86awAp4uIw

It is worth remembering that the Ukraine also had a very deep state. The new administration was voted in to get rid of this corruption.

What I have quoted so far represents less than one quarter of what is at Twitchy - a long read but really exposes the corruption present in both countries and how both countries are now rooting it out - much to the dismay of the deep staters. President Obama and George Soros at the heart of it all.

Off to YouTube

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See what the internet faeries have brought for my enjoyment this evening.

Meeting tomorrow.

Victor Davis Hanson on impeachment

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One of America's greatest thinkers. Seriously. From the New York Post:

10 reasons why this impeachment ‘inquiry’ is really a coup
There are at least 10 reasons why the Dem impeachment “inquiry” is really a coup.

1) Impeachment 24/7: The “inquiry,” supposedly prompted by President Trump’s Ukrainian call, is only the most recent coup seeking to overturn the 2016 election.

Usually, the serial futile attempts — with the exception of the Mueller debacle — were characterized by about a month of media hysteria. We remember the voting-machines-fraud hoax, the Logan Act, the Emoluments Clause, the 25th Amendment, the McCabe-Rosenstein faux coup and various Michael Avenatti-Stormy Daniels-Michael Cohen psychodramas. Ukraine, then, isn’t unique, but simply another mini-coup.

2) False whistleblowers: The “whistleblower” is no whistleblower by any common definition of the noun. He has no incriminating documents, no information at all. He doesn’t even have firsthand evidence of wrongdoing.

Instead, the whistleblower relied on secondhand water-cooler gossip about a leaked presidential call. Even his mangled version of the call didn’t match that of official transcribers.

He wasn’t disinterested but had a long history of partisanship. He was a protégé of many of Trump’s most adamant opponents, including Susan Rice, John Brennan and Joe Biden. He did not follow protocol by going first to the inspector general but instead caucused with the staff of Rep. Adam Schiff’s impeachment inquiry. Neither the whistleblower nor his doppelganger, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, was bothered by the activities of the Bidens or by the Obama decision not to arm Ukraine. Their outrage, in other words, was not about Ukraine but over Trump.

3) First-term impeachment: The Clinton and Nixon inquiries were directed at second-term presidencies, when there were no more electoral remedies for alleged wrongdoing. By contrast, Trump is up for election in less than a year. Impeachment, then, seems a partisan exercise in either circumventing a referendum election or in damaging a president seeking re-election.

Seven more - compelling. This is a coup and not any real law enforcement action.

Of course it is UC Berkeley

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From Campus Reform:

Berkeley ‘instructor’: ‘Rural Americans’ are ‘bad people’

    • A graduate student at the University of California-Berkeley took to twitter on Wednesday to express his disdain for rural Americans and those who aren’t “pro-city.”
    • According to his resume, he has taught ten courses at the university over the past several years

A man who identifies himself as an instructor at the University of California-Berkeley publicly proclaimed Wednesday that Americans who live in rural areas are “bad people” who deserve “uncomfortable” lives. 

Jackson Kernion, who describes himself as a Graduate Student Instructor at Berkeley, having taught at least 11 philosophy courses at the university since 2013, took to Twitter Wednesday to explain the academic reasoning behind his distaste for people from rural America, calling those who live in rural areas “bad people who have made bad life decisions.”

Clueless wanker. Of course he teaches there, no legitimate University would have him. Before he hectors us about "bad life decisions", maybe he could tell us how well he is servicing his student debt obligations... Learn to code a**hole.

Today's public impeachment hearing

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The New York Post did it perfectly with their cover:


Another nothingburger owned by the Democrats. They brought this on themselves.

Can't get a break - Errol Morris

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An amazing film maker runs into the WOKE crowd - from Reason:

Oscar-Winner Errol Morris on American Dharma, Steve Bannon, and Cancel Culture
When Errol Morris debuted American Dharma, his documentary about Stephen Bannon, last year at the Venice Film Festival, he received an ovation. But after early reviewers accused the Oscar-winning director of letting the former Breitbart.com head and adviser to President Trump "off the hook," Morris found it impossible to get a distribution deal in the United States.

It was the first time in decades that the acclaimed director of The Thin Blue Line and The Fog of War couldn't get a movie into theaters. "The experience was so damn weird," Morris tells Reason. "People became so angry with me and with the movie, they certainly wanted to deplatform not just Bannon, but they wanted to deplatform me."

But now his film, American Dharma, is finally in theaters.

Nick Gillespie sat down with the 71-year-old Morris, whom Roger Ebert called "as great a filmmaker as Hitchcock or Fellini," for a wide-ranging conversation about the censorious first reactions to his new film, his history with Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, and what he learned—and didn't learn—about Steve Bannon's philosophy. He also talks about why he thinks we're in a golden age of documentary filmmaking, his heated grad-school confrontations with philosopher Thomas Kuhn (detailed in his recent book The Ashtray: Or the Man Who Denied Reality), and Wormwoodhis 2017 Netflix docudrama series about the CIA's notorious MKUltra mind-control program.

Looks like an interesting podcast - Errol Morris is one of my favorite documentarists.

And back home again

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Quiet day. Got a lot accomplished for a day spent idle.

Saw the first Snow Goose of the season - they migrate from Alaska and Russia and spend the winters down in the Puget Sound area. Very photogenic so time for some more wild goose chases.

The auction closed and the only thing I won was the label printers. Was hoping to get the power supply but was outbid by someone who paid more than what it was worth - much older unit and one of the terminals was loose and rattling - not able to test it so pig in a poke.

I was hoping to get the two office printers but someone sniped me on it. The label printers will be great as I am starting to sell stuff on eBay. I already have a shipping label printer but they are expensive ($370 each) and do wear out and break. Good to have a backup unit especially since I am only paying $40 for it. Also great for labelling bulk food containers, storage boxes, etc... at home. Be picking them up tomorrow.

Not just the midwest

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Record cold all over:

7 killed in heavy snowfall in Kashmir valley

Parts of South Island 'snapping back to winter' with 0C morning (New Zealand)
Summer might be 18 days away, but it is feeling like winter never left in some parts of the country.

Road to the Lesachtal free again (Google translate - Austrian)
Because the precipitation has decreased significantly, the road from Kötschach Mauthen to St. Lorenzen in Lesachtal on Wednesday afternoon could be released again. In the Lesachtal there are so far about 70 centimeters of fresh snow, the schools are open again on Thursday.

Snowfall: Several blocked roads (Google translate - Algeria)

Winter heavily attacked in Scandinavia. He sleeps in Norway and Sweden (Google translate - Norwegian)
Winter is waging over Europe over Europe, resulting in heavy snowfall in some countries. In both Eastern Norway and central Sweden, it was snowing heavily on Monday, resulting in numerous collisions on the roads as well as disruption to airport operations.

I wonder where Al Gore is these days...

It's heeeere...

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Arctic cold blast - from Watts Up With That:

Arctic blast has arrived in the eastern US…numerous record low temperatures by early Wednesday


Numerous record low temperatures were set this morning for the day and, in some cases,
the all-time low temperature for November was recorded; map courtesy coolwx.com, NOAA

The strong cold front representing the leading edge of a widespread Arctic air mass passed through the DC-to-Philly-to-NYC corridor early this morning and temperatures have fallen into the 30’s from early day highs. Precipitation is being enhanced in the cold air behind the front as a strong jet streak aloft generates upward motion in the I-95 corridor. As a result, a changeover to snow is likely during the mid-day and early afternoon hours in the immediate DC-to-Philly-to-NYC corridor and this changeover to snow is likely all the way to coastal New Jersey and Delmarva. Some spots could receive small snow accumulations and as temperatures drop to near freezing later in the day, watch for the possibility of “black ice” on some roadways. Precipitation winds down later today and the cold will become the main story with record low temperatures in numerous Mid-Atlantic/NE US locations by early tomorrow. Widespread records were set earlier today from Texas to the Great Lakes with some stations recording their lowest temperature ever for the month of November and we are not even at the halfway point.

I hope the power grid is able to keep up with the demands. More people die from cold than from heat.

More at the site.

Great essay - rage

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From the Z Man - a long read but very thoughtful:

It’s Personal
Something that has been noticeable for a long time now is that the Left is in a perpetual state of rage. The smallest things send them into spasms of anger. They hate Trump and they really hate his voters. They will go rummaging around in the social media history of people, looking for reasons to hate them. It’s not a general all-encompassing hate, like hating the fans of a rival sports team, but a very personal and cruel hate. They want the victim to suffer and they want to enjoy his suffering.

One reason for this, obviously, is that many people attracted to the Left are mentally unstable, so their politics are just a vehicle for their pathology. Many of the Antifa people, for example, have no coherent political thoughts. They just like being crazy on the streets and causing mayhem. This is the type of person who was attracted to the riots that used to follow the big economic summits. There was never any purpose to their rampages, other than the thrill of smashing things and causing mayhem.

Another more important reason for the rage is the nature of leftist politics in our post-national age. Being on the Left no longer means joining a group that has a tangible enemy, against whom the group throws themselves. The days of unionist, socialists and communists operating as collectives are gone. Even the post-modern movements like climate change and sexual politics is atomized. Much of it is backed by the sorts of people the Left used to oppose like rich people and business.

Climate activism:

This is not something anyone is trying to hide. This essay by one of the organizers of the climate activist group Extinction Rebellion explicitly makes this point. He’s not really concerned about the climate. He concedes that there is nothing to be done that is going to change what’s coming. The purpose of his activism is to normalize himself and his sense of self. It’s all about him forcing you to listen to his story and then accepting it and him as something other than strange.

Read the whole thing - explains a lot. Tip of the hat to Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man for the link.

Potential for change

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Wonder how long she will hang on - from St. Louis, MO station KMOV:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses court due to illness
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not on the bench for oral arguments Wednesday due to illness, according to Chief Justice John Roberts.

Roberts announced she was "indisposed due to illness."

A court spokesperson said that Ginsburg was home with a stomach virus and that she is expected to participate in the cases by reading the briefs.

As poor as her health has been in the last ten years, she really blew it by not retiring during Obama's administration. The Dems could have seated a liberal justice then. Now, we run things and the court will be conservative for a long long time.

Not wishing anyone any harm but feeling very happy at this development.

Unusually quiet out there

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Nothing on the internet catches my eye.

Very odd for the middle of the week - usually, there are people running around with their hair on fire for some cause or another... I understand a quiet weekend - slow news cycle. Middle of the week?

Welcome to 1.0 - Brave Browser

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Been using the Brave Browser for the last six months or so and really really like it. A spin-off from Chrome but with a lot of privacy enhancements. It has been fast and very secure.

They just announced Version 1.0 today - they are officially out of Beta test.

Give it a try - I certainly like it.

Yawn - impeachment

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So the House is holding a public impeachment hearing today.

They got nothing - wake me up when it is over. What is next? The Meuller Report was nothing. Now this. What's next?

Bright and early

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Whatever was affecting my sleep seems to have passed. Woke up at my usual time this morning feeling refreshed.

Checked the auction - outbid on a few items but still winning the label printers and the power supply. Four more hours.

Nuke some oatmeal and frozen bluueberries for breakfast, finish the laundry and then out for coffee and the day.

And that is it for tonight - video time

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Nothing much happening out there to catch my eye.

Couple of videos and bed. Doing nothing tomorrow - meeting Thursday.

I think about this all the time too...

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...And I am so glad that it is President Trump. From PJ Media:

Hillary on BBC Radio: 'I Think About What Kind of President I Would Have Been All the Time'

The deep state would have won. President Trump came not a second too late.

As shit keeps getting stranger

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A new state of matter - from Phys Org:

Physics experiment with ultrafast laser pulses produces a previously unseen phase of matter
Adding energy to any material, such as by heating it, almost always makes its structure less orderly. Ice, for example, with its crystalline structure, melts to become liquid water, with no order at all.

But in new experiments by physicists at MIT and elsewhere, the opposite happens: When a pattern called a charge density wave in a certain material is hit with a fast laser pulse, a whole new charge density wave is created—a highly ordered state, instead of the expected disorder. The surprising finding could help to reveal unseen properties in materials of all kinds.

This will open up some areas for exploration. A fun time to be alive.

Interesting meeting

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Can't say very much about it now - early tentative stages. Interesting ideas - long-term planning for the future.

Two beers at my local.

Back home and surf for a bit. Finish the laundry.

Life in the United States

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Pretty good actually - two headlines:

You do not get hired as CEO at Chase if you are stupid and innumerate. Bernie would never make the grade.
Moore is no slouch either:

Stephen Moore is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, an economic consultant with FreedomWorks and a Foxnews.com contributor.

Laissez les bon temps roulez

And I am outbid again

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The laser printers and some packaging materials are now listed for almost what they cost new. Bunch of amateurs out there. Still have the winning bid on the two label printers. Also bidding on a power supply for my ham radio equipment.

Running a couple loads of laundry. Meeting in 90 minutes.

Heh - some one-liners

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From Grouchy Old Cripple:

~ Interviewer: “So, tell me about yourself.” Me: “I’d rather not. I kinda want this job.”

~ I had my patience tested. I’m negative.

~ Age 60 might be the new 40, but 9:00 is new midnight.

A lot more at the site. So true...

Yesterday's transit of Mercury

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Great video from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) (22,000 miles up):

The Transit of Mercury seen from Space from Earth to Sky Calculus on Vimeo.

Cody's Lab shows what really happened:

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