It was a lot of fun helping to teach the CERT class (and we have 21 new CERT trainees) but it was a grueling couple of days. Great class though - everyone should take it.

Heading out for the usual coffee, post office, storage locker, back home for a couple hours (sorting papers and cleaning) and then up to the farm. 

Another day in paradise

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Up early - get some coffee and a bite to eat. Heading back to the farm tomorrow. CERT today too.

And that is it for the night

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Got some stuff to do at the house (sorting papers, organizing the storage locker and cleaning) before the CERT class. YouTube and a glass or three of red wine and that will do me for the evening.

The court watchdog group Judicial Watch just filed an interesting Bar Complaint:

Judicial Watch Files Bar Complaint Against Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyers
Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a complaint to the Board of Professional Responsibility of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals of Debra S. Katz, Lisa J. Banks, and Michael R. Bromwich for violating the rules of professional responsibility in their representation of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee during the hearings on the nomination of the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh.

According to the Judicial Watch complaint, by not informing their client Dr. Ford that Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee offered in a letter to “fly female staff investigators to meet Dr. Ford… in California, or anywhere else, to obtain (her) testimony,” Katz, Banks, and Bromwich violated the following District of Columbia Rules of Professional Conduct:

Rule l.4(a) – A lawyer shall keep a client reasonably informed about the status of a matter and promptly comply with reasonable requests for information.

Rule 1.4(b) – A lawyer shall explain a matter to the extent reasonably necessary to permit the client to make informed decisions regarding the representation.

The Judicial Watch complaint is reprinted below:

Caught up in the heat of the moment and they got stupid. Never get stupid.

President Trump

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Could not have said it any better myself:

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - President Trump

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President Trump's job creation is ten times what Obama's was. And that data has been sampled to minimize the effects of the 2008 recession. From Don Surber:

Trump grows manufacturing 10 times as fast as Obama did
Obama's infamous Magic Wand Putdown of billionaire CEO Donald John Trump should cement Obama's place in history. He was a socialist who had no understanding of or interest in capitalism.

He sneered at the idea that manufacturing had a future in the United States of America.

Now that President Trump has got the economy going again, Obama and his lackeys want credit.

But President Trump was the fellow who the day after election eschewed a post-campaign vacation. Instead, he did what he likes to do best: work. He called business leaders and foreign investors. Upon taking office, he cut regulations and taxes.

The result is manufacturing -- the engine that built America's economy into the greatest in the world -- is back.

Don is referring to a study by Chuck DeVore, vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation who published his results in this article at Forbes. Don again:

DeVore wrote, "In the first 21 months of the Trump presidency, nonfarm employment grew by a seasonally adjusted 2.6%. In the same period, manufacturing employment grew by 3.1%, reversing the trend under Obama when overall employment grew faster than employment in the manufacturing sector."

Compare that to the 0.3% growth in the final days of Obama.

And the sampling to minimize the recession:

DeVore is fair. He lopped off the first 14 months when Obama was president because the economy was in a cyclical tailspin.

He looked at just the last 21 months of Obama's 96 month presidency so no crying foul about how Barry inherited the mess from GW Bush. If Obama was going to do something tangible, it should have manifested by then.

On the island

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Finally got to Camano - had a large load to the condo today and am starting to set things up. It was a great help to have the Estate Sale people do the first sale as I am copying some of their techniques - people flow, where to have the cash register, etc... Got the cash register programmed and Square set up on my phone so I can take credit cards. Looking at middle of November - should be a lot of fun.

Also stopped at the hospital to visit a good friend. Gary was exiting his driveway and some bozo was passing on a blind curve. Gary's options were to T-Bone the bad driver or to veer off into a ditch. The ditch would have been fine except for a dead tree sticking out of the ditch. It totalled his truck and he broke his sternum on the steering wheel - came to within a few millimeters of killing him. Bursting his heart.

The next sale is Technology, Music, Photography, Tesla, Electronics, etc...

Feels really really good to be shedding this load - so many half-finished projects. Participating in a CERT training class this weekend and back to the farm Monday.

Up and at 'em

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Early start to this day - coffee, post office and store and then back to the farm to finish packing up the van.

Got a hard frost on the windshield - waiting for the van to warm up a bit...

Of course...

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From the excellent Foundation for Economic Education:

Poverty in the U.S. Was Plummeting—Until Lyndon Johnson Declared War On It
One of the more elementary observations about economics is that a nation’s prosperity is determined in part by the quantity and quality of labor and capital. These “factors of production” are combined to generate national income.

I frequently grouse that punitive tax policies discourage capital. There’s less incentive to invest, after all, if the government imposes extra layers of tax on income that is saved and invested.

Bad tax laws also discourage labor. High marginal tax rates penalize people for being productive, and this can be especially counterproductive for entrepreneurship and innovation.

The author (Daniel J. Mitchell) then goes on to quote this from an article in the Wall Street Journal by John Early and Phil Gramm:

During the 20 years before the War on Poverty was funded, the portion of the nation living in poverty had dropped to 14.7% from 32.1%. Since 1966, the first year with a significant increase in antipoverty spending, the poverty rate reported by the Census Bureau has been virtually unchanged…Transfers targeted to low-income families increased in real dollars from an average of $3,070 per person in 1965 to $34,093 in 2016…Transfers now constitute 84.2% of the disposable income of the poorest quintile of American households and 57.8% of the disposable income of lower-middle-income households. These payments also make up 27.5% of America’s total disposable income.

Much more at the site - another perfect example of the good effect of free-market forces as well as the propensity for Democrats to do somethign that SOUNDS good instead of something that DOES good.

Back home again

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Went out for dinner and ran into three friends and had a wonderful conversation. One of them was just back from Iceland. I spent two wonderful months backpacking through there in Autumn of 1974 and it was great to see Amy's photos of their trip. I would love to go back there for a couple of weeks sometime. I read the English language The Reykjavik Grapevine weekly.

Tired - packing the van some more tomorrow and then to the condo and down to the island. Participating in a CERT training class Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Time for some red wine and YouTube videos. Spent a fun hour meeting this morning with some of the instructors at the local college welding program. I want to get my WABO Certification and they offer a really nice program.

The caravan keeps coming

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From Yahoo/Reuters:

More Honduran migrants seek to join U.S.-bound group in Guatemala
More Honduran migrants tried to join a caravan of several thousand trekking through Guatemala on Wednesday, defying calls by authorities not to make the journey after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to cut off regional aid in reprisal.

The caravan has been growing steadily since it left the violent Honduran city of San Pedro Sula on Saturday. The migrants hope to reach Mexico and then cross its northern border with the United States, to seek refuge from endemic violence and poverty in Central America.

Several thousand people are now part of the caravan, according to a Reuters witness traveling with the group in Guatemala, where men women and children on foot and riding in trucks filled a road on their long journey to Mexico.

What is not being talked about is who is organizing this caravan. There has to be serious money behind moving and feeding and housing thousands of people. What organization is doing this and who is bankrolling it. This is straight out of the Cloward-Piven playbook:

The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of "a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty"

Shades of Rahm Emanuel

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

The progressives see that they are losing - President Trump has undone all the advances that they made through President Obama. They are now trying to collapse the system prior to the mid-term elections.

Good news - FBI and leaked documents

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From Minneapolis, Mn station KSTP:

Former Minnesota FBI Agent Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison for Leaking Documents
Terry James Albury, a former FBI agent in Minnesota, was sentenced to four years in prison with an additional three years of supervised release on Thursday in U.S. District Court in Saint Paul.

Albury admitted that he leaked documents to a reporter from The Intercept, an online news publication.

He worked as an FBI Special Agent at the field office in Minneapolis at the time of the disclosure in 2016-2017. He was also working as a liaison with the Department of Customs and Border Protection at MSP International Airport during that same time period.

"I sincerely wanted to make a difference a difference and never wanted to put anyone in danger," Albury told Judge Wilhelmina Wright before she handed down the sentence.

He had to have known that he was breaking the law. He needs to serve his sentence as a reminder to others - too much leaking going on.

Things are heating up in Washington

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From Bloomberg:

Kelly, Bolton Get in Profane Shouting Match Outside the Oval Office
President Donald Trump’s chief of staff and his national security adviser engaged in a profanity-laced argument outside the Oval Office on Thursday, according to three people familiar with the episode.

The chief of staff, John Kelly, and the national security adviser, John Bolton, fought over immigration and border crossings, including the performance of the Homeland Security Department under Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, one person familiar with the matter said. She was at the White House for meetings on Thursday but not present for the argument, the person said.

Bolton criticized DHS, and Kelly defended Nielsen, a former deputy whom he supported to replace him at the department. Trump sided with Bolton, the person said, which may once again stir speculation that Kelly will soon depart the White House.

Trump has lately expressed fury about a large group of migrants who are traveling from Honduras toward the U.S. border. He vowed Thursday to deploy the military and shut down the Mexican border unless the migrants are turned back.

The clash is an indication that tension is flaring in the White House 19 days before midterm elections in which Republican control of Congress is at stake. The shouting match was so intense that other White House aides worried one of the two men might immediately resign. Neither of the men is resigning, the people said.

Yikes - these are two people who we do not want to lose.

At the farm for a day

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Making use of this gorgeous weather - hauling another load of totes into the condo tomorrow. Working on the garage tonight.

On the road again

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Loaded up the van with more stuff for the sale - heading out for coffee, post office, storage unit (more stuff for the sale there too) and then the Bellingham condo and spending tonight at the farm. Back down to the island for the CERT training this weekend.

Of course - Seattle

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From My Northwest:

New low: Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant blasts Paul Allen
Not even 24 hours since the news of his death and Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant blasted Paul Allen for being rich.

You can read what she wrote at the link above. Talk about being an ungracious harridan. Paul Allan had more humanity in one atom of his body than 1,000 Kshama Sawant's could ever aspire to.

Fun stuff - robotic music

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All the sounds come from mechanical robots - not something I would want to listen to while driving up to the farm but four minutes of it are a lot of fun.

From Moritz Simon Geist

Making Techno with Music Robots
New sounds from the future! Robotic Electronic Music is played with only music robots, mechanics and physical sound devices. Its not a single instrument, its a full concept. I developed a lot of DIY futuristic music robots in the last years (like my big MR-808 Drum robot). beeing both a classically traines musician and a robotics engineer, I am creating a futuristic way of playing electronic music, to give a tangible body back to electronic music.

From the London Daily Mail:

Hungary's far-right Prime Minister bans gender studies at university because it is 'an ideology not a science'
A prestigious Hungarian university on Tuesday blasted a government decree that prohibits gender studies courses as a 'major infringement' on academic freedom.

The decree, signed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban and in force since Saturday, dropped the subject from a list of masters degree programs entitled to official accreditation and financial support.

Institutions are also now barred from launching new courses in the discipline, although students who have already begun courses may complete their studies, according to the decree.

Of course the University is going to "Blast the government decree" - this takes money away from them.

Identity Politics is all the rage these days - hopefully, people will wake up to the fact that this is divisive and fosters racism and separatism and does not unify people. It is a failed philosophical construct. The sooner its practitioners are defunded, the better we will all be.

Great Senator Warren meme

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Swiped from Bayou Renaissance Man

Still on the island

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Got everything done (paying bills, cleaning, sorting through old paperwork) and it was time for dinner - spending the night here, meeting with someone in Mt. Vernon tomorrow morning so back to the farm Wednesday afternoon sometime. Back down for the weekend - participating in a CERT training excercise with the group down here - was involved with them in Whatcom County and did a lot of training up there. Good people - a lot of them are preppers and ham radio operators. There is a lot of overlap.

Surf for a bit and then to bed. Gorgeous weather today.

Another day in paradise

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Heading out shortly for another busy day - coffee, post office, storage locker, back home to do some cleaning and then to the farm for more packing.

Yikes - falsifying medial data

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This guy should face some serious time behind bars - from The New York Times:

Harvard Calls for Retraction of Dozens of Studies by Noted Cardiologist
A prominent cardiologist formerly at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston fabricated or falsified data in 31 published studies that should be retracted, officials at the institutions have concluded.

The cardiologist, Dr. Piero Anversa, produced research suggesting that damaged heart muscle could be regenerated with stem cells, a type of cell that can transform itself into a variety of other cells.

Although other laboratories could not reproduce his findings, the work led to the formation of start-up companies to develop new treatments for heart attacks and stroke, and inspired a clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health.

“A couple of papers may be alarming, but 31 additional papers in question is almost unheard-of,” said Benoit Bruneau, associate director of cardiovascular research at the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco. “It is a lab’s almost entire body of work, and therefore almost an entire field of research, put into question.”

These are people's lives he was messing with. Not like he was just fudging some tree-ring data or something. Odd that his grad students didn't pipe up.

Robot moonwalk

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The people at Boston Dynamics are making some amazing robots. Here is Spot dancing to Uptown Funk:

On the island for the day

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Brought some stuff down to the storage locker and also taking some things back for the garage sale. A bunch of older digital still and video cameras, some more tools, etc... 

Cleaning up and getting my copy machine up and connected to the network so I can print flyers for the sales. 11X17 in color is nice and visible and I still have my laminating machine from my business so rain will not faze them.

Out for dinner in about 90 minutes.

Another wonderful undercover video from James O'Keefe and Project Veritas shows the Senator's hidden agenda:

And I am on the road

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Early day today. Van in for oil change and then down to the island for the day. Back to the farm on Wednesday.

Cool news on the nuclear front

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A two-fer - this first one will have wonderful trickle-down effect for small towns and towns in very remote areas. From the Nuclear Energy Institute:

Micro-Reactors Could Power Remote Military Bases Within a Decade
With more than 70 advanced nuclear reactor projects in various stages of development in the United States alone, there is exciting growth in this field. “Micro-reactors” are one class of these innovative technologies, whose particular attributes hold out special promise to the nation’s largest energy user—the United States military.

Working closely with the reactor vendors and with relevant offices at the U.S. departments of Defense (DOD) and Energy (DOE), the Nuclear Energy Institute this week published a road map laying out the actions needed to ensure the successful deployment of a first-of-a-kind micro-reactor at a domestic defense installation by the end of 2027.

A bit more:

In contrast with the large nuclear reactors in operation all over the world that have a generating capacity of about 1,000 megawatts-electric (MWe), micro-reactors are typically less than 10 MWe in size. These smaller reactor designs are well-suited for transportation to and installation at remote military bases, where they can provide both electricity and heat for years at a time without refueling. They are capable of operating independently of external electricity grids that could be vulnerable to threats, natural and otherwise, in areas where DOD bases operate.

Micro-reactors are thus capable of providing the resilient energy the military needs, providing primary power under normal and emergency conditions and enhancing DOD’s range of operations, endurance, agility and mission assurance.

The key thing here is that the fully fueled core inside of its containment vessel and radioactive shielding is small enough that it can be trucked to the site or flown in on a cargo plane. The cores are not refueled in the field, they are returned to the manufacturer for processing so the on-site maintenance is basically nil.

Second - two excellent postings. From Neutron Bytes:

INL’s Rita Baranwal Nominated to be DOE A/Sec of Nuclear Energy
The Idaho Falls Post Register reported this week that Rita Barta the head of the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has been nominated to serve as the U.S. Department of Energy’s assistant secretary for nuclear energy.

The White House announced the nomination of Rita Baranwal, who heads GAIN, which DOE created in 2015 to support nuclear startups and help universities, industries and other private groups get nuclear technology to the market more quickly. GAIN is managed by Idaho National Laboratory.

Previously, Baranwal was director of technology development and application at Westinghouse. She was a manager in materials technology at Bechtel Bettis. She led research and development in nuclear fuels materials for U.S. naval reactors.

Two very solid and competent postings. We need people like this to advance the next generation of nuclear power. The designs we are using now were first scribbled onto a cocktail napkin over 60 years ago. Time for some more modern designs.

Senator Warren's $1 Million challenge

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President Trump once spoke about how he would give Senator Warren's favorite charity $1,000,000 if she took a DNA test and it came back positive. The conditions for this test were very specific. Now that a genetic scientist has found traces of North American genetic stock in Senator Warren, she is asking for President trump to pony up the cash.

Only problem is that our President outlined some very specific conditions for the test and these have not been met. Despite what the media is saying, you can watch what he said for yourself:


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Doing stir-fried bok choy for dinner instead of tacos. Want to do them while they are still fresh. Steam and then saute with ginger (already ground up) and garlic (same) and toasted sesame oil. Delicious over rice. Friday's farmers market was the last one for this season - I will miss it.

Do some more work in the garage after dinner.

Back to work - equipment barn

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Heading out to the equipment barn for another couple of hours. Starting to make a dent...

Heh - from Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr.

Cherokee Nation responds to Senator Warren’s DNA test
Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. issued the following statement Monday in response to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test claiming Native Heritage:

"A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship. Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person’s ancestors were indigenous to North or South America," Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. said. "Sovereign tribal nations set their own legal requirements for citizenship, and while DNA tests can be used to determine lineage, such as paternity to an individual, it is not evidence for tribal affiliation. Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, whose ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is proven. Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage."

That will leave a mark... Couldn't have happened to a more deserving hypocrite.

Very cool - President Trump

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He signed a great piece of legislation - from CNBC:

Trump signs ‘right-to-try’ allowing gravely ill patients to bypass FDA for experimental medicines
President Donald Trump signed the controversial “right-to-try” bill into law on Wednesday, which bypasses drug regulators to give gravely ill patients access to experimental medicines.

The legislation allows patients with life-threatening conditions to ask drugmakers for medicines that have cleared some testing but still haven’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Previously, patients would need to ask the FDA for access to experimental treatments.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had been major supporters of passing the measure, which proponents say gives patients hope they would not otherwise have. Last week the House of Representatives approved the bill, the same version the Senate passed in August.

Wonderful - if someone is at the end of their rope, they deserve to be able to try experimental medication. I certainly would want this option.

Deferred maintenance in California

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California has serious cash-flow problems. Many of the wealthy taxpayers are leaving the state all the while that CA is providing more and more "social services" to its indigent population. I-5 is a joke.

Looks like the electric utility is showing signs of deferred maintenance too - from Utility Dive:

In a first, PG&E cuts power to 60,000 to prevent wildfires during wind storm

    • Pacific Gas & Electric cut off electricity service to nearly 60,000 people on Sunday in a new attempt to prevent wildfires across Northern California service area during high winds and dry conditions.
    • The National Weather Service on Saturday issued a Red Flag Warning for the region, cautioning of extreme risk of wildfires due to low humidity and winds reaching above 50 miles per hour. High winds can cause power lines to come into contact with vegetation, igniting fires.
    • PG&E lines were found responsible for 16 fires last year and California lawmakers passed wildfire liability protections for utilities this summer after PG&E warned that fire costs could force it into bankruptcy or reorganization.

Geee Mr. Wizard - if PG&E had bothered to maintain these lines - clearing vegetation - they would not have had to do that. Sounds like classic California planning to me. A big problem is that the management has no accountability. If they are caught in flagrante delicto, they are just moved to another position - frequently with a promotion.

Talk about fast - from Phys-Org:

World's fastest camera freezes time at 10 trillion frames per second
What happens when a new technology is so precise that it operates on a scale beyond our characterization capabilities? For example, the lasers used at INRS produce ultrashort pulses in the femtosecond range (10-15 s), which is far too short to visualize. Although some measurements are possible, nothing beats a clear image, says INRS professor and ultrafast imaging specialist Jinyang Liang. He and his colleagues, led by Caltech's Lihong Wang, have developed what they call T-CUP: the world's fastest camera, capable of capturing 10 trillion (1013) frames per second. This new camera literally makes it possible to freeze time to see phenomena—and even light—in extremely slow motion.

Doc Edgerton? From Infogalactic:

Harold Eugene Edgerton
Harold Eugene Edgerton also known as Papa Flash (April 6, 1903 – January 4, 1990) was a professor of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is largely credited with transforming the stroboscope from an obscure laboratory instrument into a common device. He also was deeply involved with the development of sonar and deep-sea photography, and his equipment was used by Jacques Cousteau in searches for shipwrecks and even the Loch Ness monster.

His memorial website at MIT is worth checking out if you are at all interested in high-speed photography. Some amazing images.

Back to the farm - loading up some more

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Break for a quick snack - another gorgeous day so spending the time loading totes.

Tested my Square account for the first time - worked with my phone and a reciept printer I had. Needed a special cable but that was $7 from Amazon.

Tacos for dinner and an early day tomorrow - getting the van in for an oil change at 10AM

Another day, another 30 totes

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I have more than I realized. The piles are neverending. Heading out for coffee and checking in at the store and then in to the condo for another load.

Got a bunch of stuff from the garage tossed last night - feels good!

Time to hit the garage

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Working out there until I feel tired. Got a lot done but so much more to do. Neverending at times.

'Tis the season - Thriller

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Great '30's Jazz cover of Michael Jackson's Thriller by Postmodern Jukebox featuring Wayne Brady:

Illegal immigrants in the news again

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Looks like they are being registered to vote in California - from The Sacramento Bee:

Non-citizens may have been added to voter rolls, DMV says
An internal audit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles released Monday shows about 1,500 customers may have been improperly registered to vote.

“Approximately 1,500 customers may have been registered to vote in error,” the DMV wrote in a letter Monday to the Secretary of State’s Office. “This error has been corrected and is separate from the processing error we notified you about in writing on September 5.” Non-citizens are among the affected customers, according to Jessica Gonzalez, a DMV spokeswoman.

In early September, the DMV revealed it sent 23,000 erroneous voter registrations. These additional 1,500 errors occurred when DMV technicians processed customer requests at field offices to change voter eligibility responses on driver license applications.

The people who work at the DMV are not elected and have zero accountability to the citizens of California. I am betting that the numbers are much much higher.

Living inside Hillary's brain

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David Catron writing at Spectator:

Neither she nor her party can be trusted with power anymore
Many Americans have been wondering when the Democrats are finally going to calm down and accept the will of the voters as expressed in the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton provided the answer Tuesday afternoon — never. She clearly believes that Republican control of Congress or the Presidency is, by definition, illegitimate and must be resisted by any means necessary. During an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour she said, “[Y]ou cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.” She went on to say that “civility can start again” when the Democrats regain control of the government.

She declared, in other words, that the peaceful transfer of power which has long been the hallmark of our system of government now applies only when her side wins and that she won’t stop stoking unrest until the “deplorables” learn their place: “But until then,” she said, “the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.” By “strength” she means “violence,” as experienced by Republicans Steve Scalise and Rand Paul. The last time leading Democrats utilized such irresponsible language was in 1860, when their refusal to accept the result of an election caused a war that got 600,000 Americans killed.

If this analogy seems over the top, consider that she has been employing this kind of rhetoric for nearly two years and has worked her minions into such a demented state that the Senate had to be converted into an armed camp last week to guarantee the safety of Republicans carrying out what should have been a dignified and sedate process — the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice.

David goes on to cite examples of this Democratic civility towards their other members. Example after example after example. All of them need to go sit in the corner for a ten year time-out while the adults in the room get our Nation and economy back into order.

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