Did not get to sleep until 3:00AM last night - nothing happening, just not sleepy.

Worked my butt off today and feeling nice and sleepy so heading upstairs to bed in a bit.

The Roku box is awesome - only had a few times when the streaming could not keep up. The box gracefully degraded to a lower resolution rather than stuttering - there is some nice software lurking inside...

DirecTV - sorry. At $90/month, you are gone from my house. Also, you were unresponsive to my requests for new channels and limited me to specific channels while giving others for which I had zero interest a free ride. I am already getting broadband and Amazon Prime for my business so instead of movies and some shows for $90/month, I get more with Lulu's $8/month Netflix (streaming only - no DVD delivery) and my $99/year Amazon Prime. Bad business model, no donut.

Shopping run tomorrow.

Working at the farm

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Forecast was for a 40% chance of rain but it was cool and overcast all day - perfect day for shoveling shit.

Literally - got the critter barn almost all mucked out and there is a pile of poop and straw compost about eight feet tall outside the garden. Not for this year - still a bit hot with ammonia - but it will be amazing next.

Horse and Mule are in their paddock giving us stink-eye. The fence there is electrified.

Lulu just fixed a late lunch - some sandwiches and soup for us - have dinner (spaghetti) in two hours or so.

Got a lot done today...

From Space News:

20-year-old Military Weather Satellite Apparently Exploded in Orbit
A 20-year-old military weather satellite apparently exploded in orbit Feb. 3 following what the U.S. Air Force described as a sudden temperature spike.

The “catastrophic event” produced 43 pieces of space debris, according to Air Force Space Command, which disclosed the loss of the satellite Feb. 27 in response to questions from SpaceNews.

More at the site - the satellite had reached its end of life and was not really contributing any usable data.

What better target for someone to say: Look what we can do and aren't you glad we hit an old military satellite instead of a shiny new one...

Well crap - what fence line

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We walked the fence line and it is totally porous - horse and llama tracks and poop on either side.

Time to call in some professionals and get a tall barbed wire fence put in around the property - there are parts that are inaccessible so those will not be fenced but the main 20 acre pasture - hell yeah...

Trying to fix what is there would be like trying to use JB Weld to fix the Titanic - not going to happen...

Lulu is outside planting tulips and I ducked in for the key to Buttercup - she needs a load of topsoil.

Very clever - beehive innovation

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Check it out:

They are running an IndieGoGo campaign and have raised $3,843,708 of their $70K goal with 36 days remaining.

More information at their website: Honeyflow - absolutely brilliant idea!

Anyone want a horse and a mule?

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Got a call 45 minutes ago from a neighbor - our pair of escape artists took themselves for another walkabout tonight. Jimmy and I drove over, spotted the pair of miscreants in someone's yard and I walked them home.

Locking them into the paddock for a day or two while we go over the fence line inch by inch.

For sale cheap!

Lurching into the 21st century

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Lulu does Netflix and I have Amazon Prime which features loads of videos online.

Picked up a Roku box at Costco and just hooked it up. Very tempting to ditch the DirecTV altogether.

A perfect tribute to Leonard Nimoy

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From NASA Astronaut Terry W. Virts' twitter account:



Don't fence me in!

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Ran a length of electric fence tape along the tops of the fence posts - see if that keeps them in for a while. They have 30 acres to play with.

I need to go to the feed store this weekend so I'll pick up a roll of wire fencing and rebuild the weak areas.

About those animal farts

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Big news when it was first published but nothing in the mainstream media when it is found to be false.

From Montana's The Missoulian:

Prof debunks flatulence as major cause of global warming
There’s been quite a stink over farting, belching farm animals ruining the planet, and professor Frank Mitloehner wants to clear the air.

Mitloehner, an air quality specialist at the University of California-Davis has been on a one-man mission debunking misconceptions about livestock and climate change.

On Monday, he spoke to the Montana Farm Bureau Federation in Billings about how methane gas from livestock was misidentified as the bigger greenhouse gas source than airplanes, trains and automobiles combined. Mitloehner is not a climate change denier, but said agriculture is getting a bad rap.

“What this is about is that certain regions of the world show more climate extremes. The question is how much of that climate changes that we see is caused by human activity,” Mitloehner said.

In 2006, the United Nations concluded that the livestock industry was a big contributor to climate change.

In its report “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” the U.N. concluded that livestock were contributing 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases — allegedly more than the entire world’s transpiration. The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change used the report to forecast that Himalayan glaciers might vanish within 25 years.

Agenda and not science.

Horse fun

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Got a call this morning that someone had seen my horses out on the road again.

Came downstairs to find them by their feed trough patiently waiting for brekkies.

Went out for coffee and they are still in the pasture munching away on the new grass.

Heading out in a few minutes to do some fencing...

Any orbit. Any time.

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Got to love that tagline. Pure swagger and 100% deliverable in a year or three...

Shades of The Right Stuff.

The latest from Paul Allen:


Biggest aircraft ever... Website here.

The original Ronald McDonald

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That ain't no happy meal - fscking clowns...

A fun day - horses

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Went into town today to do some banking and pick up a few odds and ends in town.

Drove home this afternoon and there was an unknown car parked outside the gate of my driveway. A guy walks up from my house and tells me that he saw my horse and mule walking down the road. He stands there chatting so I finally told him bluntly that the sooner he pulled out of my driveway, the sooner I could drive up to my house and grab some treats and the bridles.

He finally takes the hint and I am gathering the stuff when my phone rings. It is a family a bit up the road - they also have horses and my two miscreants were over there for a visit. Drove over, walked them back and then picked up my truck.

Time to walk the fence line tomorrow - supposed to be decent weather so this will not suck...

I was seriously thinking of getting a bite to eat in town - glad I didn't.

Really hope that this is not a new version of the Llama Ddrama of 2011-2012 (here, here, here, here and here)

What we lost through the FCC

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Great piece from John Fund at National Review:

Comrades for Net Neutrality
Today’s vote by a bitterly divided Federal Communications Commission that the Internet should be regulated as a public utility is the culmination of a decade-long battle by the Left. Using money from George Soros and liberal foundations that totaled at least $196 million, radical activists finally succeeded in ramming through “net neutrality,” or the idea that all data should be transmitted equally over the Internet. The final push involved unprecedented political pressure exerted by the Obama White House on FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, head of an ostensibly independent regulatory body.

“Net neutrality’s goal is to empower the federal government to ration and apportion Internet bandwidth as it sees fit, and to thereby control the Internet’s content,” says Phil Kerpen, an anti-net-neutrality activist from the group American Commitment.

The courts have previously ruled the FCC’s efforts to impose “net neutrality” out of bounds, so the battle isn’t over. But for now, the FCC has granted itself enormous power to micromanage the largely unrestrained Internet.

A bit more - McChesney is one of the architects:

In essence, what McChesney and his followers want is an Unfree Press — a media world that promotes their values. “To cast things in neo-Marxist terms that they could appreciate, they want to take control of the information means of production,” says Adam Therier of the blog TechLiberation.

A lot more at the site - John outlines the people who promoted this monstrosity. Their cabal is incestuous as hell. This is so unreal that you almost want to make an Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie to keep the voices out... This is like Obamacare for the Internet. The rich don't care, the poor get their free shit and us people in the middle get taxed to death.

From CNS News/Associated Press:

Investigators Find 32,000 Lois Lerner Emails in IRS Probe
Investigators said Thursday they have recovered 32,000 emails related to a former IRS official at the heart of the agency's tea party scandal.

A bit more:

Camus said it took investigators two weeks to locate the computer tapes that contained Lerner's emails. He said it took technicians about four months to find Lerner's emails on the tapes.

Ohhh THOSE emails

An interesting little list

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Connections anyone?

From an email:

  • ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
  • CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
  • ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney.
  • ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary.
  • ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.
  • CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides
  • NBC General Counsel Kimberley D. Harris served as White House Deputy Counsel and Deputy Assistant to the President.

Wonder how many more connections there are? I know that the proposed new Attorney General was college roommates with Eric Holder's wife to be.

VideoLAN 2.2.0

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My favorite app for viewing DVDs - the best out there.

They just released a major upgrade - version 2.2.0

Website is here, download link is here

In Memoriam - Leonard Nimoy

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From an email:


Awww crap - RIP Leonard Nimoy

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Met him in Seattle when he was on tour for his photography book Shekhina

From the New York Times:

Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83
Leonard Nimoy, the sonorous, gaunt-faced actor who won a worshipful global following as Mr. Spock, the resolutely logical human-alien first officer of the Starship Enterprise in the television and movie juggernaut “Star Trek,” died on Friday morning at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. He was 83.

His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Mr. Nimoy announced that he had the disease last year, attributing it to years of smoking, a habit he had given up three decades earlier. He had been hospitalized earlier in the week.

His artistic pursuits — poetry, photography and music in addition to acting — ranged far beyond the United Federation of Planets, but it was as Mr. Spock that Mr. Nimoy became a folk hero, bringing to life one of the most indelible characters of the last half century: a cerebral, unflappable, pointy-eared Vulcan with a signature salute and blessing: “Live long and prosper” (from the Vulcan “Dif-tor heh smusma”).

Muuch more at the site. Memory Alpha also has a nice obituary.

People - do not smoke excessivly.

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