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Great news about the USA

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Was worried for a little bit - now I am very reassured.
From America's Newspaper of Record:

President Informs Nation He's Doing Great Job
President Biden addressed an increasingly divided nation Tuesday morning to remind everyone that he's doing a great job.

"Look, here's the deal. I'm doing a great job," he said, tears welling up in his eyes. "I'm a hard worker. Always have been since I got my start driving mack trucks through the deep coal mines of Scranton, Pennsylvania."

The president gave his address from a replica of the Oval Office because the actual president, VP Kamala Harris, was busy signing executive orders in Biden's name, say sources. The larger set allowed for the use of a large teleprompter that Biden's failing eyesight could still make out.

"I promise you I'll always be straight with you, Jackie Chan," Biden told the American public. "Not a joke. Not sure what that word is. Pass. End of speech."

The televised address disrupted normal TV programming, but Neilsen ratings confirm viewers quickly turned off their sets once they saw the president come into view.

More at the site - good to know...

Stilton gets it - voting

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More at the site: Poop or Consequences

From Gateway Pundit:

Brazil Military Kills “Red Command” Cartel Leaders, Prepares Take Over
In an unusual step for the military, the Army has invaded favelas of Rio de Janeiro and killed top leaders of the Comando Vermelho (Red Command) drug cartel, which supports the Communist criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Observers take this to indicate the beginning of a federal military intervention. The drug gangs were the only ones to celebrate the alleged election victory by criminal Lula Oct. 30, firing automatic weapons in the air in the favelas. President Bolsonaro cracked down hard on the Brazilian drug gangs.

“The heads of drug trafficking of Morro do Juramento and Juramentinho, identified as Rodrigo Barbosa Marinho, known as Rolinha or Titio Rolinha, and Hevelton Nascimento Júnior, the “Bad Boy”, respectively, were killed during a Military Police operation in Vicente de Carvalho on Thursday (1st). Three other suspects died in the action and one, who was also injured, is imprisoned in custody in the hospital” O Dia reports.

The drug cartels are the armed wing of the Communists. Comando Vermelho controls parts of Rio de Janeiro and was formed 1979 as an alliance between cartels and Communists. If they are eliminated, the risk 0f a civil war will be significantly reduced.

Good - get the dark money out of politics and restore the rightfully elected President.
The Brazilian people voted for President Bolsonaro, they deserve his leadership.
The protests are massive but narry a peep from our Fake Media:

A bit of a slip - crazy Uncle Joe

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From Baseball Crank Dan McLaughlin:

2024 is not that far away...

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From 90 Miles


So true - electoral map

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From Chris Lynch:


Truth - a list of people

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Thanks RINOs.  Mitch McConnell - this is on you.
You controlled the funding for candidates and withheld it for Trump supporters.

Time to drown my sorrows in a cup of coffee and get on with my day.

Fun and games in Arizona (and Texas)

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From the Post Millennial:

Maricopa County election officials try to reassure voters amid reports that 'nothing is working'
As Arizonans continue to run into issues in Maricopa County while trying to vote, Maricopa County officials gave an update, saying they’re trying to fix ongoing issues with their tabulators "as quickly as possible."

The update from officials comes as more reports of malfunctioning voting machines emerge in the Arizona county. One poll worker was seen telling a voter that "nothing is working for the last half hour," and reiterated the statements made by county officials.

"malfunctioning" - yeah.  And I have a bridge in Brooklyn, New York you might be interested in purchasing.

UPDATE - link to this tweet from Gateway Pundit:

UPDATE II - America's Newspaper of Record reports:

Fox News Calls Arizona For Stacey Abrams
In a shocking turn of events, data analysts at Fox News have called the gubernatorial race in Arizona for Stacey Abrams.

"Yes, we are aware that Stacey Abrams isn't even running in Arizona, but we have top analysts working on this and the data does not lie," said Fox News polling expert Arnon Mishkin. "Stacey Abrams is your new governor. The election is over. You can all go home now. Goodnight!"

Poll workers were reporting pandemonium at several key voting locations as voting machines mysteriously stopped working, but the chaos immediately subsided after they announced that Abrams had won so there was no need to vote.

"Whew! I thought I was going to have to wait in line all day for them to fix the machines, but then Fox News called the election! What a relief!" said one local voter who asked not to be named. "Thanks, Fox News!"

At publishing time, Fox had also revealed that Joe Biden had been elected governor of Georgia.

Bringing in the hired guns - Marc Elias

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Marc Elias? Hillary's lawyer.  From the Post Millennial:

Fetterman campaign just hired lawyer Marc Elias
Following a lawsuit filed by the John Fetterman campaign on Monday regarding the counting of undated ballots, it has been revealed that the campaign has enlisted the help of the Elias Law Group to carry out the lawsuit. Founder Marc Elias was an attorney with the Hilary Clinton campaign.

On November 1, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled that mail-in ballots sent in without the required date on the outer envelope must not be counted, following a lawsuit from the Republican National Committee (RNC). The Fetterman campaign brought suit to have those ballots counted, despite that being in violation of Pennsylvania state law.

Again, the Dems have nothing to run on that we want so they have to cheat.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day

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“Remember, remember the Fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.”

We could use a few thousand pounds of gunpowder in the basement of the Capitol building these days.

Clean house and start over again.

A word to the wise - voting

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Pitch perfect:


Fetterman in one meme

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This sums it up perfectly - from Ann Barnhardt:


It's just a simple question Senator

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Hoo boy...  From Breitbart:

Herschel Walker: If Raphael Warnock ‘Can’t Hold the Oath that He Gave to Our Heavenly Father, Do You Think He’s Going to Hold the Oath He’s Given to You?’
Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee running to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate, asked host Alex Marlow on Wednesday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast how Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) can uphold his constitutional oath of office if he is unable to uphold his oath to God.

Marlow invited Walker’s remarks on reports of Warnock’s church’s attempts to evict tenants in 2021 as the senator collected a $174,000 U.S. Senate salary, a $120,000 pastoral salary, and an additional $7,417 monthly housing allowance from the church.

Walker replied, “If he can’t hold to the oath that he gave to our Heavenly Father, do you think he’s going to hold the oath he’s given to you?”

Senator?  The floor is yours.  You were asked a question?

1,500+ comments at the site...

Well crap - I had high hopes - Britain

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From Just The News:

Liz Truss announces resignation as British prime minister
U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss announced her resignation on Thursday after less than two months in office.

She replaced former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in September.

Her resignation comes amid heightened economic stress in the U.K. following Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

"I came into office at a time of great economic and international instability," she said during her resignation speech Thursday in front of 10 Downing Street.

"Given the situation, I cannot deliver the mandates on which I was elected by the Conservative Party," Truss said.

Same as here - too much partisan infighting between the various factions.  She is the adult trying to get a bunch of children to agree on things.  Unfortunately, this is not a dictatorship - she can't have a few of the MPs publicly flogged until they wake up to reality.

A perfect Democrat cantidate

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Just the way Obama and the other deep-state goblins like them;
not that smart and easily controlled:


She is smart - figured she would see the light:

$475 Million - from Bloomberg:

Trump Sues CNN for Defamation, Saying Network Fears He’ll Run in 2024
Former President Donald Trump sued CNN for defamation, accusing the network of smearing him -- including with frequent comparisons to Adolf Hitler -- to undermine a potential run for re-election in 2024.

CNN has tainted Trump’s image by using “ever-more scandalous” labels to describe him in broadcasts, including “racist,” “Russian lackey,” and “insurrectionist,” culminating in false comparisons to the late Nazi leader, according to a suit filed Monday in federal court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Comparing Trump to “arguably the most heinous figure in modern history” is evidence that CNN had “actual malice” toward him -- the required threshold for proving defamation against a public figure, Trump’s lawyers claim.

Trump, who has long clashed with CNN over its reports on his behavior and policies, is seeking at least $475 million in damages.

Heh - go for it.  He would not do this if he did not think he would win.  In the bag as it were...

Italy's new Prime Minister - the media

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Don Surber has a wonderful roundup of the reporting:

Italy elects first woman PM. Misogynist media hates her
The Pacific is a parody account on Twitter. It was spot on about Italians electing Giorgia Meloni as their prime minister on Sunday.

The American media treats as a goddess any other first woman PM in Europe. The press is OK with women politicians provided they know their place. The media only accepts socialists. It also helps if the woman turns a blind eye to her husband's adultery. Hillary was the Duchess of these Doormats.

But Meloni refuses to fit that mold. She wants to put Italy First. She wants a nation whose death rate exceeds its birth rate to procreate again.

Meloni heads the conservative Brothers of Italy party. I give them props for not changing that to Siblings of Italy.

CNN reported, "Giorgia Meloni set to be Italy's most far-right prime minister since Mussolini -- exit poll."'

That's right. CNN mentioned Mussolini in its headline. Not until Paragraph 4 in the story did it mention that, oh by the way, she is the nation's first woman PM.

And it gets better from there.  Shows once again that things have not gotten so horrible in such a short time, it is just now we see things as they really are.  The veils have dropped and we see these tyrants and their enablers in their true glory.

And it's official - Italy

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From Breitbart:

Italy’s Move to the Right Shakes Europe’s Political Elites as Giorgia Meloni Readies to Govern
Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy party that won the most votes in Italy’s national election, was preparing to be the country’s first woman premier on Monday. The center-right coalition leader is bound for office declaring “We defend God, country, and family” built on opposition to gender ideology and the LGBT lobby alongside support for strong borders and an end to limitless mass migration.

Meloni sounded a moderate, unifying tone in a victory speech that noted Italians had finally been able to clearly determine who they wanted to govern and the direction they wished to go in defiance of establishment elites.

“Italians have sent a clear message in favour of a right-wing government led by Brothers of Italy,” she told reporters in Rome, holding up a sign saying “Thank you Italy.”

All of which has sent much of Europe into a gasping, political tail spin.

Good - the Europeans are living in a bubble. Their "leaders" are elite fops who do not represent the citizens.  They are credentialed, not educated.  They are idiots when it comes to the actual mechanics of governance.  Good riddance.

Not official yet but from the exit polling, it looks like Italy has elected Giorgia Meloni

Solidly nationalist and conservative.  God, Family, etc...  The good stuff...

But the people... They love me...

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Not so much Nancy - from FOX News:

Nancy Pelosi booed during surprise appearance at NYC music festival
Attendees of a music festival in New York City Saturday night appeared to boo House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she made a surprise appearance at the event.

Pelosi, wearing a white pantsuit with a matching scarf, took to the stage of NYC’s Global Citizen music festival where she was booed by those in the audience, videos on social media appear to show.

Video of the event at the site.  The booing was pretty obvious.
Go back to your gin-soaked bubble Nancy.  We The People have no use for you.


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This is 100% true:


Speaking truth to power

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I really miss her being on TV regularly:



In fact, there used to be a website about this very phenonomon: "arkancide" (Clinton's being from Arkansas and all)  Looks like the domain expired but here is a copy at the Internet Archive.

A powerful message

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Speaking truth to power...

Kari looks really good - smart and on top of the issues.

Betting that a lot of people will be watching voting integrity this time around.
The Dems got away with a massive cheat in 2020, now people know what to look for.

The affidavit is out and the reductions are unreal. Orange man bad and that is all they had.

Waiting for the leak in 3... 2... 1...

A bit of a slip - AGAIN?

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Tonight's meme

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From The New York Post:

Nancy Pelosi’s husband buys millions in computer-chip stocks before big subsidy vote
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband purchased up to $5 million in stock options on a computer-chip company ahead of a vote on legislation next week that would deliver billions of dollars in subsidies to boost the chip-manufacturing industry, new financial disclosures show.

Paul Pelosi purchased on June 17, 20,000 shares of Nvidia, a top semiconductor company, worth between $1 million and $5 million, the Daily Caller reported, citing disclosure reports filed by the House speaker.

Senators are expected to convene as early as Tuesday to vote on a bipartisan competition bill to set aside $52 billion to boost domestic semiconductor manufacturing and give tax credits for production, Reuters reported.

Martha Stuart went to prison for insider trading of ImClone Stock.  Shouldn't the Speaker of the House, the #2 person in line for the Presidency, be held to a higher standard?  An entertainer; a television and media personality is one thing.  A person who represents We The People is something a lot more serious. That position carries a lot more responsibility.

An excerpt of his July 7th, 2022 speech to the State Duma leaders and party faction heads
From The Kremlin:

To reiterate, even in the countries that are still satellites of the United States, there is a growing understanding that their ruling elites’ blind obedience to their overlord, as a rule, does not necessarily coincide with their national interests, and most often simply and even radically contradicts them. Eventually, everyone will have to face this growing sentiment in society.

Today, these ruling elites are raising the degree to which they manipulate the public consciousness right before our eyes. The ruling classes of the Western countries, which are supranational and globalist in nature, realised that their policies are increasingly detached from reality, common sense and the truth, and they have started resorting to openly despotic methods.

The West, which once declared such principles of democracy as freedom of speech, pluralism and respect for dissenting opinions, has now degenerated into the opposite: totalitarianism. This includes censorship, media bans, and the arbitrary treatment of journalists and public figures.

These kinds of prohibitions have been extended not only to the information space, but also to politics, culture, education, and art – to all spheres of public life in the Western countries. And, they are imposing this on the world; they are trying to impose this model, a model of totalitarian liberalism, including the notorious cancel culture of widespread bans.

However, the truth and reality is that the people in most of these countries do not want this life or this future, and really do not want the formal semblance of sovereignty, they want substantive, real sovereignty and are simply tired of kneeling, of humiliating themselves before those who consider themselves exceptional, and of serving their interests even to their own detriment.

Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield. Well, what can I say? Let them try. We have already heard a lot about the West wanting to fight us ”to the last Ukrainian.“ This is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, but that seems to be where it is going. But everyone should know that, by and large, we have not started anything in earnest yet.

At the same time, we are not rejecting peace talks, but those who are rejecting them should know that the longer it goes on, the harder it will be for them to negotiate with us.

Just a taste - Putin speaks the truth.  Much more at the site.

Watch.  You will be better for it.

Getting a little bit ahead of himself???  From Sundance:

Biden Leaves Town and California Governor Gavin Newsom Shows up at the White House
Democrats are historically known for the optics of their politics.  With that in mind, is it coincidental that California Governor Gavin Newsom, one of the leading people that leftists want to see run in 2024, shows up to tour the White House the day after Joe Biden leaves town?

Gavin Newsom is turning California into Somalia, so it would make sense for him to be the next one in line to continue the chaos.

Considering what he has done to California, he would be a perfect fit to take over.

So true:


Of course - she didn't get her way

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Another liberal/RINO acting like a spoiled child — from CNS News:

Pam Bondi: Cassidy Hutchinson 'Very Upset' She Didn't Get a Job With Trump Team in Palm Beach
President Donald Trump says he personally rejected Cassidy Hutchinson for a job with his post-presidency team in Palm Beach, Florida.

And former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, a Trump supporter, backed up Trump's statement in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday night.

Bondi said she had two conversations with Hutchinson, who "loved President Trump" and was "very upset" she was turned down for a job in Florida.


"Then her contemporaries told the president that she could not be trusted. She was a leaker when she was in the White House. And She didn't get to go to palm beach.

Yup - a backstabber.  Not anything that President Trump (or anyone) needs.
President Trump's statement:

I hardly know who this person, Cassidy Hutchinson, is, other than I heard very negative things about her (a total phony and 'leaker'), and when she requested to go with certain others of the team to Florida after my having served a full term in office, I personally turned her request down. Why did she want to go with us if she felt we were so terrible? I understand that she was very upset and angry that I didn't want her to go, or be a member of the team. She is bad news.

'Nuf said...

By way of Dinesh D'Sousa at Truth Social - quite the blast:


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