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A point to remember - July 4th

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From Natural News:

If you cancel your 4th of July plans because the government forces you to, then you’re missing the whole point of Independence Day

They link to this video:

Some excellent questions.

Senator Ted Cruz introduced some new legislation. Doubt that it will pass but the idea is great - from The Daily Caller:

Ted Cruz To Introduce Legislation Holding City Officials Accountable For Injuries From Rioting
Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz will “soon” introduce legislation that will hold city officials financially responsible for damaged property and injuries sustained from rioting.

“Sen. Cruz is working on a legislative proposal that will hold city officials financially responsible for the property damages and personal injuries that result from their decision to allow autonomous zones and/or order officers to stand down in the midst of rioting and looting,” A spokesperson for Cruz’s office told The Daily Caller.

A bit more:

“Sen. Cruz believes that government officials’ first responsibility is to protect the American people. We’ve seen violent rioters take to the streets in Minneapolis, New York City, and Seattle – where they’ve burned businesses and communities to the ground, toppled and defaced statues, and taken the lives of their fellow citizens,” added the Cruz spokesperson.

“Officials in these Democrat-run states are not exempt from that important duty, and they need to be held accountable for the destruction that has been allowed to occur.”

Exactly - let them know that there are responsibilities for their decisions. If they want to enjoy a Summer of Love, let them but they need to know that they will foot the bill. They will not be able to count on bailouts from Uncle Sam. Sending a really good message.

That's my girl

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Lady Liberty


Doubling down on stupid.

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Talk about going full retard. You never go full retard. Period. President Trump trolled the Illinois governor and the Chicago mayor with a well-written letter three days ago. He called them out on their failure of leadership and offered to step in if they needed his help. His letter closed with these two paragraphs:

Unlike previous Administrations of both parties, I am willing to tackle unsolved challenges. If you are willing to put partisanship aside, we can revitalize distressed neighborhoods in Chicago, together. But to succeed, you must establish law and order. The combination of crime, high State and local taxes, and onerous State and local government regulations have caused thousands of Illinoisans to flee to other States. Between 2010 and 2019, Illinois lost more of its population than any other state in the Nation. If you are interested, I am willing to ask members of my Cabinet to meet with you and help devise a plan to make Chicago safe, since a successful formula has escaped both you and your predecessors. My Administration would also welcome the opportunity to engage with you and your colleagues as you develop bipartisan policy recommendations to improve policing and make our great cities safer for all.

Unfortunately, you continue to put your own political interests ahead of the lives, safety, and fortunes of your own citizens. The people of Chicago deserve better.

Mayor Lightfoot tweeted the next day:

She didn't really react until today. From MSN News and the Chicago NBC affiliate:

In New Message, Lightfoot Accuses Trump of Targeting Cities With Female Mayors
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot accused President Donald Trump of targeting Democratic, female mayors in larger U.S. cities with "misogynistic and racist rants" after the president wrote a letter to her on the city's increasing violence.

"What's abundantly clear over this last month in particular, there's some obvious dots to connect as part of his regular rotation of criticisms," Lightfoot said during an unrelated press conference Monday. "He has started attacking and trying to undermine every big city Democratic mayor, especially the women."

Among the female leaders Lightfoot cited in her message were Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta, Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C. and Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle.

Hey Groot - read President Trump's letter again and try to understand it this time. What he was complaining about is your political interests, your failure of leadership and your inability to care for the people and the city that elected you. With this letter, you are deflecting from the problem and trying to hide behind some charge of gender bias when the real problem is piss-poor leadership.

Let's hope the good citizens of the great city of Chicago come to their senses next election day. What a putz.

This guy looks good

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I had been a fan of Loren Culp but Joshua Freed looks to be a lot better - he has more of a grasp of the urban problems that WA State has:

Some great points. More video here. His campaign website here: Freed for Governor

Staying classy - Democrats

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They really have nothing at all to recomend themselves. From The Washington Free Beacon:

House Dems Unanimously Block Resolution Condemning Violence and Rioting
House Democrats unanimously blocked a resolution condemning acts of violence and rioting—including the "deliberate targeting of law enforcement officers"—in the wake of George Floyd's death.

The resolution, which was introduced by Rep. Greg Steube (R., Fla.) late Thursday morning, condemned Floyd's killing at the hands of police, calling it "inconsistent with the values and conduct expected of law enforcement officers." The resolution also supported peaceful protesters, but it noted that protests have been "exploited by violent extremists" carrying out "acts of violence, looting, destruction of business and personal property, and additional loss of life."

Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) spoke in favor of the resolution, arguing that while Floyd's death was "wrong as wrong could be," there is a "big difference between peaceful protest and rioting." Jordan also spoke against defunding the police, calling it "one of the craziest public policy proposals I have ever seen."

And the article closes with this observation:

No House Democrats voted in favor of Steube's resolution. Rep. Justin Amash (I., Mich.) voted with Republicans to support the measure.

A number of Democratic lawmakers have supported the call to defund police following Floyd's killing, including far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D., Mich.). Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) advocated for the dismantling of the Minneapolis Police Department in June, calling it "rotten to the root" and a "cancer."

While major cities across the United States have already proposed or approved slashing police budgets, decades of research indicates that better-funded police departments drive down crime and create social benefit. Officials in New York City, Hartford, Austin, Minneapolis, Baltimore, and Los Angeles have all entertained defunding or abolishing police, despite holding some of the highest violent-crime rates in the nation.

And we wonder why these cities are such third-world shitholes. Democrat leadership is a contradiction in terms.

From the website of the United States Senate:

Civil Rights Act of 1964 - The Senate and Civil Rights: Debate and Filibuster
When the House of Representatives’ civil rights bill, H.R. 7152, became the Senate’s pending business on March 26, 1964, Senator Richard Russell of Georgia pledged that he and his colleagues in the southern bloc would fight the bill to the bitter end. “Despite overwhelming odds,” he proclaimed, “those of us who are opposed to the bill are neither frightened nor dismayed.” The bill’s opponents, Russell declared, would wage a “good fight for constitutional government.”

Anticipating a lengthy filibuster in the Senate, the bill’s proponents honed their strategy. President Johnson urged Majority Leader Mike Mansfield to break the filibuster by holding the Senate in round-the-clock sessions to exhaust the bill’s opponents. Johnson, as Senate majority leader, had successfully employed this tactic in 1960 to pass a civil rights bill.

Mansfield respected the president’s counsel, but he refused to follow his advice. He believed that, in addition to exhausting the Senate’s older members, 24-hour sessions would make a spectacle of the institution. The Senate, he explained to journalists, is not “a circus or a sideshow.” The image of members shuffling to the Senate floor in “bedroom slippers, without neckties, with hair uncombed and pajama tops sticking out” to respond to quorum calls or take roll-call votes was unbecoming to the Senate. Mansfield was determined to uphold the “dignity and decorum” of the institution, “as long as I happen to be leader.”

The upshot - from another page at the same site:

That protracted filibuster, along with the broader debate over the bill, continued through 60 days of debate, until cloture was invoked on June 10, 1964. This marked the first time in its history that the Senate invoked cloture on a civil rights bill. The Senate passed the bill on June 19, 1964, by a vote of 73 to 27.

Sixty days of debate - this is the longest delay of this kind in US history. Nowhere in the record is listed the party affiliation of the dramatis personæ. To make things easy for you, those in favor? Mostly from the Republican Party. Those opposed? Mostly from the Democrat party. The final vote - after many people had changed sides (been bribed with pork), there were six Republicans voting against along with 21 Democrats. These people voted against equal rights for all citizens. The Southern Bloc? Democrat. Senator Byrd - the leading voice against civil rights? Democrat and major member of the KKK. The final tally was 73 for to 27 opposed. They needed a 2/3rds margin so this was a very close thing.

What makes things really interesting is that nowhere in this Senate Website are the party affiliations mentioned. There is no complete roster of the Southern Bloc although there is one photograph showing more than 20 people seated at a table. Not an out-and-out purge down the memory hole, more like a little tidying up. Getting rid of the inconvenient truths...

Is the history of the Democrat Party making some modern-day progressives uncomfortable? Good. They own this.

Also, President Lyndon Baines Johnson was no choir-boy - here is one quote regarding his formation of The Great Society - the program of welfare and government handouts:

These Negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don't move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there'll be no way of stopping them, we'll lose the filibuster and there'll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It'll be Reconstruction all over again.

And after his bills were passed and signed into law? This quote:

I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years

Johnson was also a Democrat but he was a political realist and understood that the Civil Rights Bill had to be passed or there would be hell to pay for everyone.

The Tulsa rally

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Streaming live from Right Side Broadcasting Network:

Their backup YouTube channel is here: RSBN2

Have a feeling that this speech is going to be a real stemwinder. The arena is packed and very orderly.

What were they doing all that time

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Really good question to ask people:


Dodged a bullet there - Tim Kane

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The guy is an idiot - from PJ Media:

Tim Kaine Claims America Invented Slavery; Roman Empire and Egyptian Pharaohs Demand Apology
Tim Kaine (D-Va.) gave a puzzling speech on the floor of Congress today where he claimed that Americans had invented slavery. “The United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody. We created it,” he said, completely seriously.

This claim sent shockwaves of outrage through the recesses of Hell, where Egyptian pharaohs and the emperors of Rome reside. “How dare he take credit for slavery,” said King Tut. “Who the hell does he think built the pyramids? Aliens?”

Diocletian wasn’t any more complimentary. “The Roman methods of torturing slaves are so renowned around the world that millions of people wear the instrument of our torture around their necks as a reminder of the sheer brutality we wrought on the world’s underprivileged. Americans tried hard, but until you feed people to wild animals in front of cheering crowds you haven’t even begun to realize your potential in crimes against humanity.”

Julius Ceasar told reporters, “Those were the days. One time I sold 53,000 citizens of Gaul to traders on the same day. Man, what a windfall that was.”

Satan had to get his two cents in there too and declared, “I am the true creator of slavery. Duh. My specialty is putting people in bondage. It’s like, my whole gig.” Mohammed then piped up, “Not so fast, Beezelbub, my contributions to the history of enslaving people continues to this day,” he grinned. “Boko Haram is kidnapping African children right now!”

Dodging the bullet? Remember, in 2016, he was Hillary's choice for Vice President. Had she won, this moron would be #2 in line for the Oval Office. That gives me the willies. Seriously.

Not just a Presidential birthday (the slice of chocolate cake was delicious)


The coop had it. Ran out of my big jar of Costco popcorn a few weeks ago. Don't always fix it but it's a nice snack if I am looking for something to munch on.
Sounds like I will have to make a big bowl and sit back and watch the show - from PJ Media:

Justice Is Coming: 'As Many as 16-17' Obamagate Criminal Referrals Headed to DOJ
As America reopens from coronavirus lockdowns and protests and riots engulf American cities, Attorney General William Barr is hard at work on Obamagate. According to award-winning journalist Adam Housley, “as many as 16-17” criminal referrals will be headed to the Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign in 2016.

“Criminal referrals have already been sent to the Justice Department and the overall number may reach as many as 16-17 by the end of next week. Investigators are working on additional ones as we speak and some are targeting the Mueller probe and how [retired Gen. Michael Flynn was] investigated,” Housley tweeted.

Perfect timing too - the election is in 148 days. They will need time to ramp up their prosecution but things should be glowing nice and hot when November 3rd rolls around. The media will not be able to gloss this over - not when people start going to jail.

Good news from Legal Insurrection - pushing back against China's expansionism:

India, Australia Sign Military Agreement Amid China’s Rising Aggression
India and Australia inked a series of defense agreements on Thursday aimed at countering Communist China’s growing military aggression in the region. Both countries elevated their ties to a “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership” at a video summit between Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi.

The military logistics pact, signed as part of this partnership, gives the Indian Navy “a strategic access deep into the Indo-Pacific region,” The Times of India newspaper reported. The agreement gives “reciprocal access to each nation’s respective military bases,” Japanese newspaper The Nikkei explained.

The partnership between the two countries comes as Beijing militarizes the South China Sea by building artificial islands equipped with naval harbors, air strips, and military bases. In recent months, Communist China has threatened many of its neighbors, including New Delhi and Canberra. Last week, Chinese troops crossed the Indian border and fortified positions along the Himalayan frontier, reigniting a 60 year-old conflict.

“We are committed to an open, inclusive, prosperous Indo-Pacific and India’s role in that region, our region, will be critical in the years ahead,” Morrison said. Amid China’s growing land grab in the South China Sea, the Australian leader added: “We share an ocean and we share responsibilities for that ocean as well.”

A unified front blocking China's plans. Lesser leaders would do a Neville Chamberlain and try to appease them. This will not work. Never has. Never will.

Heh - the left eats their own

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From Breitbart:

‘Get the F**k Outta Here!’: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Forced to Leave Protest for Refusing to Defund Police
Minneapolis protesters told Mayor Jacob Frey (D) he was no longer welcome to demonstrate against the death of George Floyd — an African-American man who died in police custody in the city — after he refused to commit to defunding its police department.

Footage shared to social media shows a masked Frey, who is under fire from both Republicans and Democrats over his response to protests and violent unrest, telling a crowd of protesters that he believes the city’s police department must undergo “structural reforms” and that a “systemic, racist system needs to be revamped.”

Then, one speaker pressed Frey on whether he would defund the police, asking him: “We have a yes or no question for you. Yes or no, will you commit to defunding the Minneapolis Police Department?

A bit more:

Frey responded “I do not support abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department,” prompting the protester who asked him the question to shout “get the fuck outta here” at him.

Multiple protesters then began to boo Frey loudly and chant “go home Jacob, go home!”

Additional footage shows a downcast Frey then departing the protests amid more booes and chants of “shame!”

Frey did everything right - he failed to realize that you can never reason with a mob. Nothing you do for them will ever be enough. This is shades of the French Revolution or The Dark Knight:

The social justice mob always eats its own. Many of the players know this and hope that they will be the last to be eaten. Senator Pelosi is a perfect example. Hillary too but she is not that smart.


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The National Jobs Numbers were posted today and they are spectacular - from President Trump, a two-fer:

What came to my mind is this: Imagine how many more jobs could have been added. How many more people could be going back to gainful employment. Imagine how many more people would be able to pursue their dreams and support their families if President Trump did not have to fight the constant oppression against him by the one-note Democrats, the Never-Trumpers and the Media.

In SPITE of all that has happened in 2020, we are seeing a resurgance of American Excellence.

Should be a lot of fun

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This year's Democratic National Convention should be quite the s*it show:


This whole election cycle is going down as the most interesting in history.

A great eight minutes

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President Trump's words on the launch of SpaceX's rocket - he addresses the rioting.
Masterful speech - well worth your time to watch:

Maybe I should buy several cases at Costco and scalp them after the election:


From his twitter feed:

And be sure to visit the link - the usual uninformed jackasses are commenting and people are punching back twice as hard. The truth is out there.

To remember with whom we are dealing - compare these two logos:


A good way of looking at it

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An excellent observation on a post at FrontPage - they are talking about California's program of bailing out illegal aliens and how that program is failing. This was in the comments section:

Because the Left does not know how to achieve global equity by raising the bottom up, only by bringing the top down.
That is an excellent observation!

When a leftist discusses economics they love the pie chart. They moan about inequality. They want to decide who gets a piece of what. They assume the pie exists. They ignore the baker who made it. The conservative more often will understand that the production of pie will produce pie every day. The Left wants to loot the bakery.

The Left- wealth exists.
The Right-wealth is created by someone willing to do the work.

If only people understood that socialism does its thing by lowering the standard of living for everyone, (except the new owners of the bakery). The self righteous Socialist feels good about his destruction.

And It doesn't take long before there is no pie for anyone.

Absolutely - this is one of my favorite topics as it is the basic flaw that underlies all of Karl Marx's writings - that the pool of capital is fixed and social inequality is a direct result of this pool being unequally distributed. Marx was unable to see that capital is fungible. It can be created. It can be destroyed. When you look at the foundational planks of Communism and Socialism, they are deeply flawed and based on hand-waving theories that make no sense in the light of day and have zero bearing in reality.

Capital created? A single mom created a multi-billion industry out of thin air.

Capital destroyed? The Bear Stearns bank collapse of 2007-8.  Where were the trucks? Six or seven billion dollars disappeared. Who hauled it away? This was capital being destroyed.

Single mom? Harry Potter

From Breitbart:

America Terminating Relationship with World Health Organization
President Donald Trump on Friday announced at the White House that the United States would terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization.

The president said that Chinese officials failed to report details of the coronavirus properly to the World Health Organization (WHO) and pressured the organization to mislead the world about the its dangers.

“Countless lives have been taken and profound economic hardship has been inflicted all around the globe,” he said.

Trump said that the WHO failed to act on reforms that the United States had demanded, prompting his decision to end America’s role with the organization.

“We have detailed the reforms that it must make and engage with them directly, but they have refused to act,” he said.

Trump said that the United States would use the hundreds of millions previously sent to the WHO to other international aid programs.

It has been ten days since President Trump sent his "Come to Jesus" letter to them. They seem to have not replied to him so, time is up.

I love that we are not stopping foreign aid, we will now be watching where we give it and make sure that it goes where it will do the most good.

Kicking them right in the won-tons...

Obama's Legacy - an analysis

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Some great stuff by one of my favorite writers and historians - Victor Davis Hanson:

The Remains of an Administration
Each day that the Obama administration fades into the past, its wrongdoings manage to wander back into the present.

After years of suppression, all sorts of strange events keep popping up to remind us of what little is left of the Obama years — the Susan Rice memo, Christopher Steele deleting his computer records, FBI-doctored and lost 302s, text messages wiped clean, the bizarre Obama January 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting, the ambush interview of Michael Flynn, the unmasking and leaking of redacted names swept up in reverse-targeting surveillance operations, the administration fraud perpetrated on the FISA courts. The list is so overwhelming and bizarre that it ensures that anything at any time can now appear. And the result keeps reminding Americans of how corrupt were the years between 2009 and 2017 and how untruthful was the coverage of such institutionalized wrongdoing.

Emeritus Barack Obama now and then ventures out to go through the motions of an enfeebled defense for what is becoming an increasingly discredited administration. But his heart is not in it. His mind is elsewhere. His cause is no longer social activism and community organizing, if it ever was, but lucre and the perceived well-earned good life. The arc of his moralizing universe is long, but for the anointed like him, it apparently bends toward the just deserts of riches and material bounty.

First lady forever and bestselling memoirist Michelle Obama sometimes takes a hiatus from making millions to offer a half-hearted progressive warning about the sudden heartlessness of the country — reminiscent of her transitory 2008 warnings about a downright mean country and one of which she had previously not been especially proud.

The remains of the Obama team (Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Comey, Samantha Power) are not offering much of a defense for the Obama years — they are now too busy scrambling to hide their own legal culpability and exposure. The bending arc of the 2009 dream team finally ends in the platitudes of “I can’t remember” and “Not to my knowledge” that will eventually find their way from CNN and MSNBC into the court room.

A wonderful retelling of Obama's ascension and the decline of his legacy. Dr. Hanson is a national treasure.

Joe Biden - a joke

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First of many I would presume - from Grouchy Old Cripple

During a dull DNC dinner, Mrs. Biden leaned over to chat with Chuck Schumer.

“I bought Joe a parrot for his birthday. That bird is so smart, Joe has already taught him to say over two hundred words!”

“Very impressive,” said Chuck, “but, you do realize he just speaks the words. He doesn’t really understand what they all mean.”

“Oh, I know”, replied Mrs. Biden, “but neither does the parrot.”

Talking about Joe Biden - the Babylon Bee:

To Save Time, The Babylon Bee Will Now Just Republish Everything Biden Says Verbatim
The Bible tells us to work smarter, not harder. Or, better yet, don't work at all if you can help it. You can look it up. It's in the Proverbs somewhere.

That's why we're announcing today that we will simply be republishing everything Joe Biden says word for word rather than spending a lot of time and effort writing satire.

We at The Babylon Bee realized we were spending all this time trying to satirize Joe Biden when, frankly, he just can't be satirized. He's doing all the hard work for us with statements like "You ain't black!" and, of gun violence, that "150 million people have been killed since 2007."

Every day is a real grind when we arrive at the sprawling Babylon Bee headquarters, settle in on our throne of Chick-fil-A sandwiches, and boot up the ol' PC to check what Biden said over the past 24 hours. We're tired of trying to out-parody things like "I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to reach in the pool and rub my leg down and watch the hair come back up again" and "Corn Pop was a bad dude."

Like, what do you do with that? Seriously. Go ahead. Try to satirize it. Anything you do just doesn't have that perfect mix of absurdity and reality that makes satire work so effective at communicating truth. So we're throwing in the towel.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Joe Biden for being such a great satirical performance artist. You're the real hero, Joe. The people really need comedy in a time like this, and you're doing a great job. Keep it up!

These things write themselves. Poor Joe is just a puppet for the Deep State. Kind of feel sorry for him - he must be feeling quite adrift.

Great choice for VP - Mike Pence

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President Trump could not have chosen better. Pence is quiet but gets a lot done. Two headlines - they link to the stories:

Absolutely - first link? This is to help the citizens who have been impacted by the government mandated shutdown. This is not a feed trough for slip-and-fall lawyers, ambulance chasers and other scam artists. Businesses should get an honest leg-up without being burdened by extra taxation and bureaucratic tomfoolery.

Second link? China needs to be called out on this. The WHO as well. They seriously screwed up and need to make reparations.

Good choice - Marco Rubio

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He is as straight as they come. From Axios:

McConnell taps Rubio as acting chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced Monday that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) will serve as the acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee while a federal investigation into Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) is ongoing.

The backdrop: Last week, the FBI seized Burr's phone as part of an investigation into stock trades he made shortly before the coronavirus caused global markets to crash. The next day, McConnell announced that Burr would be stepping aside from his role as chairman of the committee during the duration of the investigation.

Really good choice for the job - nobody has any dirt on him and he can not be bullied.

Got a new judge in Texas and he is a plain speaker. An excerpt from Don Surber:

Readers may recall a judge threw Shelley Luther in jail for seven days because she refused to apologize for re-opening her beauty shop -- Salon à la Mode in Dallas -- amid this unconstitutional and ineffective lockdown.

The governor and the Texas Supreme Court sprang her from jail after two days, and Ted Cruz got a haircut. End of story, right?

But Shelley Luther is not the only star in this farce. Blacklock wrote the majority opinion. He made it so simple, even I could understand it.

He began with a quote, "The Constitution is not suspended when the government declares a state of disaster."

Then he crisply explained it.

Blacklock wrote, "All government power in this country, no matter how well-intentioned, derives only from the state and federal constitutions. Government power cannot be exercised in conflict with these constitutions, even in a pandemic.

Blacklock concluded with this:

"Ideally, these debates would play out in the public square, not in courtrooms. No court should relish being asked to question the judgment of government officials who were elected to make difficult decisions in times such as these. However, when constitutional rights are at stake, courts cannot automatically defer to the judgments of other branches of government. When properly called upon, the judicial branch must not shrink from its duty to require the government’s anti-virus orders to comply with the Constitution and the law, no matter the circumstances."

Emphasis mine - just wow. Spot-on perfect. This is what the separation of powers is all about. Yes, a governor can respond to an emergency but once that emergency has passed and once the people in charge have some perspective, decisions must comply with the Constitution.

Nice to see justice prevail. I also like that his decision fit onto a single sheep of paper. Very clear, unequivocal and to the point.


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We really need to re-open.


And it starts

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Fun times ahead:


Hmmmm - RBG

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She is 86 and has been in poor health. From The Supreme Court of the United States:

For Immediate Release
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, last night after experiencing chills and fever earlier in the day. She was initially evaluated at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. before being transferred to Johns Hopkins Hospital for further evaluation and treatment of any possible infection. With intravenous antibiotics and fluids, her symptoms have abated and she expects to be released from the hospital as early as Sunday morning. Further updates will be made when available.

She could have retired during BHOs administration and the Dems would have railroaded through a suitable replacement. Probably counting in Hillary to win. Silly girl - out of touch with We The People.

Heh - a bit of push-back in Michigan

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Looks like half-Whitmer is not going to get her way. From the Flint, Michigan ABC affiliate:

Republicans don't extend State of Emergency, vote to sue Gov. Whitmer instead
Michigan lawmakers did not approve a State of Emergency for the coronavirus pandemic and instead authorized a lawsuit challenging Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's authority.

Whitmer asked the Legislature to approve a 28-day extension of the emergency declaration, which expires Thursday night.

Instead, legislators voted on a package of bills Thursday that would change how the state responds to the coronavirus pandemic. They also voted to approve the lawsuit against Whitmer.

Members of the Republican-led House passed bills that would replace a series of orders issued by Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer with state laws passed through the normal democratic process, according to Speaker Lee Chatfield.

He said Republicans support decisive action to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but Whitmer's "unchecked and undemocratic approach" is not the best way.

“The current status quo relies on one-size-fits-all edicts that unfairly punish millions of people across the state without giving them any recourse or voice in the process," Chatfield said. "The people deserve a better solution, and we can provide it.”

That is going to leave a mark. She has neither the confidence of her constituents nor the confidence of her legislature. She did not lead in a crisis, she folded. People will remember that.

From The Daily Wire:

South Dakota Governor Refused To Implement Stay-At-Home Orders. Her Citizens Throw Her A Parade
South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who has decided to buck the trends around the country and refuse to implement stay-at-home orders in her state, prompted some of her grateful citizens to surprise her with something: a parade.

The parade included numerous vehicles including firetrucks blaring emergency sirens, a pickup hauling a stock trailer, a concrete truck, and even construction equipment, as The Blaze noted.

Noem tweeted, “I am so blessed to serve the people of the great State of South Dakota. You folks made my day!”

Her handling of the Chinese COVID pandemic was absolutly spot on. It is the responsibility of the individual citizen to make their own decisions. Locus of Control again.

On Monday, Noem released the “Back to Normal Plan” for her state. She wrote:

Thanks to a strong commitment and respect for the principle of personal responsibility, South Dakotans have dramatically changed the trajectory of our initial COVID-19 projections. With our hospitalization capacity currently at a manageable level, South Dakotans are asked to the following steps as we look to get back to normal.

In the document, a FAQ  answers various hypothetical questions, including, “Does this mean I no longer have to stay at home?” The document answers, “South Dakota never issued a ‘stay at home’ or ‘shelter in place’ order. South Dakotans are encouraged to use common sense and practice good hygiene and reasonable physical distancing.”

Locus of control? One of the really big differences between liberals and conservatives. Two quite different ways of thinking. Impossible to un-see once you get clued in. Here and here for starters.

Interesting times at the FBI

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Looks like some of the FBI higher-ups are going to be answering some very difficult questions regarding their treatment of President Trump's National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn. Flynn was railroaded and sentenced to jail. He is fighting back and some of the evidence against him has been unsealed. It all ties in to the Russian Collusion hoax the Democrats tried to spring. Nothingburger then, nothingburger now.

Right now, the documents have just been released - waiting for a bit until a legal decision is made before I comment. A bit early now but it looks really good for Flynn.

Going to be some very fun times ahead - November 3rd is 189 days away. Looking forward to a very fun six months. We really need to bring back the pillory. I would travel to Washington DC to laugh at them.

A simple question

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From President Trump's twitter feed:

The man has a point - I have enough issues with how WA State is spenidng my money let alone shipping it off to Illinois, California or New York.

From Breitbart:

Mitch McConnell Floats Creating Bankruptcy Process for U.S. States
Wednesday during Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said he favors allowing states struggling to meet their financial obligations due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic to declare bankruptcy instead of providing a federal bailout.

From the interview:

HUGH HEWITT: I know when you put the CARES Act together, you used the task force, you used some of your best people like Marco Rubio. I have great respect for Lamar Alexander. A lot of the state governments are gonna be smashed up by this. But there is no Chapter 8 in the bankruptcy code. Who are you going to, you know, for states — no states can go bankrupt. Local governments can go bankrupt and reorganize. Who are you going to task to lead the effort on deciding what to do or not to do for the states?

SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL: I think it’s going to be a broad discussion without, you know, throughout the conference. I mean, we all represent states. We all have governors, regardless of party, who would love to have free money. And that’s why I said yesterday we’re going to push the pause button here, because I think this whole business of additional assistance for state and local governments need to be thoroughly evaluated. You raised yourself the important issue of what states have done, many of them have done to themselves with their pension programs. There’s not going to be any desire on the Republican side to bail out state pensions by borrowing money from future generations.

So this is a much bigger conversation than we’ve had providing assistance for small business because the government shut them out, put them down, put them out of business, or assistance to hospitals, which were overwhelmed by the COVID-19 disease. This is a very different decision. These are all taxing authorities, just like we are, and I think that’s why we need to have a fulsome conference-wide discussion among Senate Republicans before we go down this path.

Makes perfect sense - individual states set their parameters for spending. If they spend too much, they need to be responsible for this and not expect a bailout. Let them learn to set a budget and live within it.

Pitch perfect

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Nancy Pelosi is out of touch with reality. President Trump is capitalizing on this - a wonderful juxtaposition and a powerful video:

Next 198 days are going to be interesting and a lot of fun. President Trump is no lightweight. Time for the gloves to come off.

From President Trump's twitter feed:

Looking forward to getting back to work again...

Sending a message - WHO

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His opening statement today:

"Today I am instructing my administration to halt funding of the World Health Organization while a review is conducted to assess the World Health Organization's role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus."

Heh - take their rice bowl away and see what happens. Cue liberal tears in 3... 2... 1...

They are corrupt and they seriously screwed up. They need to be held accountable. No more $1,200/plate fancy dinners in Bali or Switzerland for you. You want our money? You better do your job and be able to account for every penny.
As an individual taxpayer, I have to do this. As a business owner, I have to be able to do this on steroids. What makes them exempt?

From the White House twitter account:

Great news from Vijeta Uniyal writing at  Legal Insurrection:

Netanyahu-Modi Diplomacy: India Ships Hydroxychloroquine to Israel
Lifting a blanket export ban, India has shipped a huge consignment of coronavirus treatment drugs to Israel. New Delhi delivered a five-tonne cargo of medicines including chloroquine, the antiviral drug currently being used in the treatment of Wuhan coronavirus.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, for the move. “Thank you, my dear friend, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, for sending hydroxychloroquine to Israel. All the citizens of Israel thank you!” the Israeli leader tweeted on Friday.

New Delhi had previously banned the export of hydroxychloroquine and other coronavirus-related medicines. India is reportedly the biggest manufacturer of the drug typically used in the treatment of malaria patients.

The Times of Israel news website reported New Delhi’s decision:

A plane from India carrying materials used to make medicines for treating coronavirus patients has arrived in Israel.

The five ton shipment, which the Ynet news site said arrived Tuesday, includes ingredients for the drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, which are used to treat malaria.

This is not about narrative or sound-bites. This is about doing right for the citizens of the world. It's called leadership and it is what adults in positions of authority do. Some people need to take notes...

Who are they going to try to swap in at the last minute? Governor Cuomo or Hillary? From NBC News:

Sanders quitting Democratic race for president, Biden to be party's apparent nominee
Bernie Sanders ended his presidential campaign, he announced on Wednesday, leaving former Vice President Joe Biden as the apparent Democratic presidential nominee.

"I have concluded that this battle for the Democratic nomination will not be successful, and so today I am announcing the suspension of my campaign," Sanders told supporters in a livestream, saying he wished he could provide supporters with "better news" but "I think you know the truth."

"We are now some 300 delegates behind Vice President Biden and the path to victory is virtually impossible," he said. Sanders called Biden "a very decent man who I will work with to move our progressive ideas forward."

President Trump posted this on his twitter account:

That is going to leave a mark. The Democrat party is tearing itself apart. Could not be happening to a nicer bunch of wannabe tyrants.

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