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Just wonderful - the caravan

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Just what we need here, an activist Judge who ignores our Constitution - from The Washington Times:

Judge blocks Trump asylum changes: Caravan can demand protections even after illegal entry
A federal judge blocked President Trump’s new asylum crackdown policy early Tuesday, ruling that federal law allows anyone — including illegal immigrants who jumped the border — to demand protections once they reach U.S. soil.

The decision is a major dent to the administration’s efforts to derail the migrant caravan camped out on the U.S.-Mexico border, undercutting Homeland Security’s efforts to funnel those people to the legal border crossings.

Under U.S. District Judge Jon S. Tigar’s ruling, they can demand asylum no matter how they enter, and even if they don’t have a real claim, which the administration fears will restore the enticement to attempt to sneak in.

Let's check InfoGalactic - Jon S. Tigar:

Federal judicial service
On June 11, 2012, President Obama nominated Tigar to be a judge on the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, taking the seat vacated by Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong, who took senior status on March 23, 2012.

Thought so. Of course, this ruling will be overturned by a higher court. Justice Tigar is just virtue signalling but this will take time and right now, we need to move quickly to stem the flood. Besides, the Judicial branch of the government has no say over matters of national security.

Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demonstrates her understanding of the structure of our Federal Government in this short video from a conference call:

The three BRANCHES are Legislative, Executive and Judicial - quite a fundamental error on her part.

Looks like California's senators are trying to get their own judges appointed. From The Washington Times:

Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris push White House for deal on judicial nominees
Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, both members of the Judiciary Committee, called on the White House Monday to make a deal to fill court vacancies.

The two California senators asked Pat Cipollone, tapped to be the acting White House counsel in October, to broker a deal over three 9th Circuit Court of Appeals positions.

“While we continue to oppose the slate of nominees the White House put forward on October 10, we remain hopeful that you will work with us to reach a bipartisan agreement in a timely manner,” they wrote.

They offered accepting Judge James Rogan, a Trump pick, as long as their choice — Judge Lucy Koh — is also confirmed. They also proposed that each party select a nominee from the other’s list to confirm.

'Scuse me but that is not constitutional. It is the job of the President to nominate a person for a Judicial post and the Senate votes to confirm by a simple majority. That is the way it is done.  The 9th Circuit Court is the most liberal and has had quite the history of having their judgments overturned by a subsequent Supreme Court hearing (over 75%). President Trump is trying to appoint Justices who will follow the letter of the law and the liberals are running around with their hair on fire.

She is gone - from Florida's Sun Sentinal (lots of pop-up advertising):

Brenda Snipes submits resignation as Broward elections supervisor
Just hours after finishing a tumultuous election recount, Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes submitted her resignation, ending a 15-year tenure full of botched elections, legal disputes and blistering criticism.

And a bit more:

Norris-Weeks said she saw an early draft of the letter. In the version she saw, she said Snipes, 75, expressed a desire to spend more time with her family.

Emphasis mine - more like wanting to avoid prosecution. They should charge her anyway - what she did for fair and open elections is detestable. She was taking home about $150K/year for just showing up and being incompetent.

Ding dong...

From Breitbart:

Broward’s Brenda Snipes Searches Her Office for Over 2,000 ‘Missing’ Ballots
Embattled Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes is personally overseeing the search within her headquarters here for purportedly missing ballots to account for the 2,040-vote discrepancy in the number of votes cast in her county during the Midterm Elections.

The discrepancy came in the difference of total votes registered from the initial machine count and the results from the machine recount numbers reported earlier today.

Ms. Snipes is either the living embodiment of Hanlon's Razor or highly corrupt - either way, she needs to be removed from her office and if the latter,  jailed.

Hanlon's Razor? From InfoGalactic:

Hanlon's razor is the following aphorism"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity". It recommends a way of eliminating unlikely explanations for a phenomenon (a philosophical razor).

A logistic mistake - the caravan

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I would not want them camped out in my back yard either - from Monica Showalter writing at American Thinker:

That one little thing the caravan organizers got caught flatfooted on...
Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the open-borders group that organized the migrant caravan, has had an easy time of it, racking up propaganda victory after propaganda victory as its group snaked through Mexico.

They put the tiny number of women and children in the group up front for the news cameras with the media obliging them to create the perception that the entire group was just women and children fleeing gangs instead of largely military-aged unemployed young men.

They brazenly waved the Honduran, Guatemalan, Mexican and Salvadoran flags in a bid to signal they aren't looking for 'mercy' from the U.S., they consider entering the U.S. a matter of right as nationals of those countries.

They busted down the gates of Mexico's southern border to signal to the world that Mexico's efforts to enforce its own border are utterly useless.

They kept the group together when there were signs it was splitting apart, the better to retain their power of numbers in order to make demands.

They got the Mexican authorities to feed, house, bed, medicate, and escort them throughout their journey to the U.S. border, signalling their clout over that sovereign nation. And it helped that like revolutionaries swimming among fishes, as Mao used to say, they got the Mexican locals to offer aid as well in the hopes that the group would continue on their way away from them.

The list goes on. Arriving in Tijuana, they hopped the border fence and danced around in plain view of U.S. lawmen, daring them to stop them, presumably through opening fire, and then when they didn't, they racked up another propaganda victory by exposing U.S. powerlessness to stop them. After that, they hopped back into Mexico with no consequences.

There's just one thing they didn't calculate for: The rage of Tijuana's locals, whose anger is growing at the prospect of migrants camping out all over their city streets and neighborhoods, bringing crime, garbage, homeless encampments and disorder. Here's a screengrab from KGTV and you can see the whole confrontation at this link here:


Tijuana is a pretty orderly and prosperous place in Mexico, much more so than Mexico's impoverished south (where Mexico's government cordially invited the migrants to settle), and the prospect of caravan migrants setting up camps for months in TJ as they await to be processed for their fake asylum claims into the U.S, is bringing about the same reaction you'd expect to see from the Rancho Bernardo or La Jolla areas of San Diego, were the thousands of migrants to set up camp there instead.

Heh - sucks to be you Pueblo Sin Fronteras - you spent everyone's money (Paging Mr. George Soros - Mr. Soros to the White Courtesy Phone please) organizing this caravan but you have no exit strategy. Now, the lives and well being of several thousand people are at risk and the ball is in your court.

Creepy porn lawyer in the news

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Michael Avenatti is not having a very good couple of months. I wrote about his last couple of problems - domestic violence arrest and several judgments against him for over $4.8 million dollars: Creepy porn lawyer arrested for domestic violence

Now, this little bit from the Los Angeles Times:

Judge affirms order evicting Michael Avenatti’s law practice from office in Newport Beach
Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for adult film actress Stormy Daniels, lost a last-ditch appeal Friday to block the eviction of his law practice from its Newport Beach offices.

In a brief hearing at Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana, Judge Robert J. Moss affirmed his Oct. 22nd order that Avenatti and his staff vacate their ocean-view suite in a building across from the Fashion Island mall. He ordered them to leave by Monday.

Avenatti’s longtime law firm, Eagan Avenatti, skipped $213,254 in rent payments due over four months, leading the landlord, the Irvine Co., to sue for eviction.

After the landlord won the case last month at a one-hour trial that Avenatti skipped, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office posted a notice at the law office ordering the firm to vacate the premises by 6 a.m. on Nov. 1.

Avenatti requested a reprieve that won him a delay until Friday’s hearing, which he also did not attend.

He knew the gravity of what was happening and still blew off the two hearings? What a bozo.
Tip of the hat to Don Surber for the link to this wonderful story.

This is my surprised face - The Caravan

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A filmmaker has embedded with the caravan of supposed refugee families and discovered the truth - from Legal Insurrection:

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz: The Caravan is ‘Highly Organized,’ ‘Paid for by a Number of Organizations’
Filmmaker Ami Horowitz traveled to Mexico and mingled inside the caravan headed to America. He revealed his findings to Tucker Carlson (emphasis mine):

“What we do know is this thing cost millions and millions of dollars. The mainstream media, and there are so many layers [of] onions to peel back, it’s hard to know where to begin. One of the lies the fake news if you will, media is trying to propagate is the fact that all this weird organic thing and all the water and the food and medicine, all dropped from … manna from heaven. It’s bologna. It’s all highly organized. It’s paid for by a number of organizations, we don’t know exactly where the money is coming from.”

A bit more:

The Daily Wire provided a transcript (emphasis mine):

“The caravan is a giant group of people that emanated, for the most part, in Honduras and are heading up to the U.S.,” Horowitz explains. “A lot has been said about this caravan, so I decided to go down, check it out for myself, and figure out what is the reality versus the fiction.”

Horowitz took his crew down to the base camp for the caravan in the southern state of Oaxaca, which he describes as “an area of Mexico which is riddled with narco-crime and cursed with extreme poverty.”

“Despite the framing of the caravan as being full of women and children, the reality on the ground is quite different. Approximately 90 to 95% of the migrants are male,” notes Horowitz, over footage of rows and rows of men.


“There’s a massive logistical effort underway, akin to moving an army,” he explains, over footage of all of the manpower and resources required to keep the caravan operational. “And it’s clearly costing someone millions of dollars for transportation, food, water, medicine and services that are being provided for members of the caravan.”

It’s a supply chain that’s being delivered by an army of trucks, which are all necessary to keep this enormous group moving forward,” he continues over video of trucks filled with supplies and transport vehicles crammed with migrant men.

This is classic Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm and collapse the system and in the ensuing turmoil, try to take it over and install your own apparatchiks. The greasy fingerprints of the deep state are all over this.

From Lifezette:

Hillary Must Answer Key Email Questions, Federal Judge Orders
A federal judge ordered former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to answer five questions she has avoided for years about her use of a private email server to conduct official U.S. diplomatic business.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan on Wednesday gave Clinton 30 days to respond under oath to five questions.

These questions were all put to her nearly four years ago in a lawsuit filed by the nonprofit government watchdog Judicial Watch.

The five questions are:

    1. Who decided to create the system?
    2. When was it created?
    3. Why was it created?
    4. Who set it up?
    5. When did it become operational?

This will be interesting to follow - District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan was originally a Reagan appointee (1984). A small start but a good one.

Great quote about Progressives

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Progressivism is weaponized infantilism. It’s like giving a tantrum-throwing toddler access to the levers of social and political power. Nothing but lunacy and sadism will follow.

This was a fragment of something I saw on the web - no idea who originally said it but it certainly nails it.

Can't get no respect - Occasional-Cortex

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Heh - from The American Mirror:

OCASIO-CORTEZ: They’re mistaking me for an intern!
New York Democratic Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be a big hit with the media and younger crowd, but she’s not receiving any special treatment on Capitol Hill.

The 29-year-old socialist is in Washington, D.C., this week for orientation. She and other newly elected officials are touring the Capitol building, meeting with lawmakers, and learning the ins and outs of Congress.

So far, Ocasio-Cortez has stormed the office of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for a protest, complained that everyone is confusing her an intern or spouse, and was captured in a photo standing alone and being excluded from a conversation between several older Democrats.

On Wednesday, a photo of Ocasio-Cortez standing all by herself like a child waiting for her parents to finish talking scorched across Twitter.

Prior to that, the socialist complained that she keeps being mistaken for an “intern or spouse” while touring Capitol Hill.

Just because she is the media darling, she still has to work hard - being an elected official is all about grabbing as much power as you can. She has gone to the District thinking that she will advance by the force of her Marxist ideas. It will be interesting to see if she matures any...

This from North Carolina State University:

NC State Education Adds Ph.D. Program Specialization in Social Justice Education
The NC State College of Education has added a Doctorate of Philosophy in Teacher Education and Learning Sciences with an emphasis in Social Justice Education that will prepare scholars to serve and lead in championing educational success for all. Applications are now being accepted for this specialization area, which will enroll its first students in Fall 2019. The deadline to apply is Dec. 1, 2018.

“The goal of the program is to help educators recognize and disrupt systems of oppression by helping to foster and create equitable learning environments,” said Jessica DeCuir-Gunby, a professor of educational psychology and Director of Graduate Programs for the Teacher Education and Learning Sciences Department.

The Ph.D. in Social Justice Education Program will be housed in the Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences, and its core faculty will come from a variety of focus areas within the field of education, including educational psychology, literacy education, multicultural studies, social studies, English Language Arts education and special education. Their research focuses on social justice teacher education, multicultural education and literacy, education and immigration, and diversity and equity in schools and communities.

Talk about useless. A waste of money and the only place that these graduates will find employment is in the academic sector. Needless to say, for every hundred graduates, there will be one job opening. For the other 99, you can start practicing this: "Would you like fries with that happy meal?"

From CNN:

Michael Avenatti arrested on suspicion of domestic violence
Attorney Michael Avenatti has been placed under arrest on suspicion of felony domestic violence and was booked early Wednesday evening.

Los Angeles Police Department officer Jeff Lee said the domestic violence report was taken on Tuesday in West Los Angeles and the arrest was made Wednesday.

"We can confirm that today LAPD Detectives arrested Michael Avenatti on suspicion of domestic violence. This is an ongoing investigation and we will provide more details as they become available," the LAPD Twitter account posted Wednesday.

In other news, from CNN for October 23rd, 2018:

Michael Avenatti is ordered to pay $4.8 million to former law partner
Michael Avenatti's week is off to a bad start, at least in court.

On Monday, a California judge hit Avenatti with a $4.85 million judgment for failure to pay the debt owed to his former Newport Beach law partner, a court representative told CNN.

The order stems from an agreement that allowed Avenatti's law firm, Eagan Avenatti, out of bankruptcy in 2017. As part of the agreement, Eagan Avenatti LLP agreed to a settlement with his former non-equity partner Jason Frank's law firm and the IRS.

The firm agreed it would pay $4.85 million in two installments. If a payment was missed, that amount would balloon to $10 million.

And then there is this from Business Insider of October 15th, 2018:

Trump scores a 'total victory' after federal judge dismisses Stormy Daniels' lawsuit and orders her to pay his legal fees
President Donald Trump's attorneys scored a victory in court when a federal judge dismissed adult film actress Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit against Trump on First Amendment grounds and ordered her to pay Trump's legal fees.

"No amount of spin or commentary by Stormy Daniels or her lawyer, [Michael] Avenatti, can truthfully characterize today's ruling in any way other than total victory for President Trump and total defeat for Stormy Daniels," Charles Harder, an attorney for Trump, said in a statement to Business Insider.

Looks like Mr. Avenatti is having a hard couple of months. Hope he is enjoying his fifteen minutes because he is going to be "Who?" in another six or eight months.

Heh - interesting bit of history from the Canada Free Press:

CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed 2016 Wildfire Management Bill While CA Burned
Every governor has signed regretful legislation, or made a disastrous pardon he or she would like a chance to re-do. California’s whacky outgoing Democrat governor has spent the last eight years trying to convince the people of California that we are to blame for droughts, wildfires and “extreme weather,” and that climate change is an existential threat to the California way of life. Showing no regrets, Gov. Jerry Brown calls the people “freeloaders,” and “deniers,” and has mocked our “little green lawns.” Brown even spitefully signed legislation subjecting every man, woman and child to 50 gallons of water a day in the near future… despite the state’s 189,454 miles of rivers, and that large body of water California sits on.

Last year, as California residents were burned out of their towns, homes, neighborhoods, schols, hospitals and businesses, Gov. Jerry Brown was jetting around the world spouting climate change propaganda, and calling the fires California’s “new normal.” Gov. Brown had many chances to sincerely and realistically address California’s increasing wildfires since his election in 2011, but instead chose to play politics, placing his new friends at the United Nations over the people of California.

What many do not know, is that California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bipartisan wildfire management bill in 2016, despite unanimous passage by the Legislature, 75-0 in the Assembly and 39-0 in the Senate. SB 1463 would have given local governments more say in fire-prevention efforts through the Public Utilities Commission proceeding making maps of fire hazard areas around utility lines. In a gross display of politics, this is especially pertinent given that Cal Fire and the state’s media are now blaming the largest utility in the state for the latest wildfires.

Details details... These piddling details are getting in the way of my Great and Powerful agenda.

More 'fun' from Florida

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I really hope that President Trump and our new temporary A.G. move to squash this - from Zero Hedge:

Provisional Ballot Boxes Discovered Inside AVIS Rental Car At Ft. Lauderdale Airport
Provisional ballot boxes from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office were reportedly discovered in the back of an AVIS rental car at Fort Lauderdale Airport on Sunday night, as first reported by investigative journalist Laura Loomer.

Attorney and Broward GOP State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli says he received a call from an AVIS employee informing him of the found ballot boxes after sheriff's deputies were initially unwilling to investigate. Approximately 20 minutes after receiving the tip, however, a heavy police presence arrived and blocked off traffic to the airport, and a bomb threat was announced.

So the popo are complicit in this corruption. Lots more at the site - photos, video, links to other stories of corruption and vote tampering. These people need to be facing serious jail time - ten years at the minimum.

I find it ironic that the Democrats have nothing to offer us Normals so they have to use free stuff to win the low-information voter and cheat to block the informed majority.

Illegals in the news - sanctuary county

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Heartwarming story from The Washington Times:

'Sanctuary' refuses to take blame after triple homicide, says ICE responsible for illegal immigrant
An illegal immigrant released by a “sanctuary city” county in New Jersey was charged last week with a triple homicide halfway across the country in Missouri, authorities said Friday.

Luis Rodrigo Perez stands accused of being the gunman in a shooting rampage last week that claimed the lives of two men and one woman at two homes.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it had tried to deport Perez after he was arrested on domestic violence charges in Middlesex County, New Jersey, last year.

But the county, which has a noncooperation policy with ICE, refused to alert federal agents when it released Perez in February, ICE said.

“Had ICE’s detainer request in December 2017 been honored by Middlesex County Jail, Luis Rodrigo Perez would have been placed in deportation proceedings and likely sent home to his country — and three innocent people might be alive today,” said Corey Price, acting ICE executive associate director.

Horrible enough that three people are now dead by this goblin. Even worse that he had already been arrested on domestic violence charges. The New Jersey police knew this but they still failed to allert ICE.

And of course, the local government and the media do not hold anyone accountable for their actions. I really despise progressives with their self-deluded thought processes and failure to make a stand, call a spade a spade. We are not getting the brightest and the best from these countries - they flood into our Nation and immediately go on welfare - our tax dollars are paying for this.

President Trump being Presidential

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The wildfire problem we have is not one of climate change, it is very poor forest management by the individual states. The policies have been to stop fires at all costs which results in an overgrowth of the fire load (available fuel) so when conditions are right, you get a huge conflagration instead of frequent small forest fires.

We had a major Mene Mene Tekel Parsin message in the fires at Yellowstone National Park 30 years ago but some state "management" bureaucrats have not learned from this.

Enter President Donald John Trump - from the Wall Street Journal:

Trump Threatens Funding to California Over Wildfires
President Trump blamed the California wildfires on poor forest management, and threatened to cut off funding to the state unless stewardship of forests improved.

“There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor,” the president tweeted from Paris, where he is attending a 100-year commemoration of the end of World War I.

“Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests,” the president added. “Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!”

California is a beacon to homeless people, professional grifters and economic migrants (legal or not). California's infrastructure is rotten. I spoke to someone a few days ago who had driven up from Los Angeles and I-5 is in horrible shape. It was in horrible shape ten years ago when Jen and I drove down there. They spend so much money on stuff that sounds good but they spend no money on stuff that does good.

Time to wean them off the teat and get them standing on their own two feet. Let them set their own priorities for spending and take responsibility for their own decisions good and bad. Ownership is a very powerful force for reason and logic.

Great idea - Speaker of the House

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From Chris Lynch:

In a show of bipartisanship new House Speaker (assuming that happens) Nancy Pelosi should throw Hillary Clinton to the wolves over the email server investigation. I think this would secretly please many people on the Left who just want Hillary to go away and it would make Pelosi look evenhanded in any moves against Trump regarding the Mueller Investigation. Just saying... 

Broward County in the news

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Heh - two headlines

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Seems that the voting process in Broward County, Florida has had a several-decades long history of failure.
From the Washington Examiner:

Broward County's election division is a national disgrace: A history
We are now three days beyond the election, and votes have yet to be counted in Broward County, Fla. Election officials in the South Florida county are still discovering and still counting ballots that could determine who becomes governor and who the state sends to the Senate. They won't say how many votes are left, even though the law requires it.

But there is little reason for confidence in the outcomes, because Broward has long been a national disgrace. Voting is the hallmark of democracy, and Broward, because of the way it has practiced elections for the last two decades, is the picture of incompetence.

This Florida story starts with hanging chads and butterfly ballots and a Supreme Court ruling stopping a recount and ending the presidential election between then-Texas Governor George W. Bush and then-Vice President Al Gore. Heavily Democratic then, as it is now, Broward was 1 of 4 counties where the Gore campaign requested a hand recount of disputed ballots.

The iconic picture of Judge Robert Rosenberg intently studying a punch-card ballot through a magnifying glass defined the fiasco. It unsurprisingly came from Broward. This mess would continue for more than a month, until the Supreme Court mercifully ended it with its decision in Bush v. Gore.

And that episode, which plagued more than just Broward, seems tame compared to what kept coming next. Miriam Oliphant, the City Link paper would note at the time, was “a rising political star” when she was elected Broward County Supervisor of Elections in 2001. Two years later, Oliphant would be walked off of government property by sheriff’s deputies.

This excerpt is just scratching the surface - a long history of cronyism, vote manipulation and outright fraud. Time for some sunlight...

Democrat victory

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Say hello to  TX state Representative Ron Reynolds - from Austin, TX station KXAN:

Texas House member wins re-election from a jail cell
A re-election celebration is underway in Pod 2 of the Montgomery County Jail after inmate number 232573 claimed victory in Texas House District 27. That inmate is known as Rep. Ron Reynolds, D-Missouri City, to the people on the outside.

Reynolds was unopposed in the race for District 27 and the latest vote totals show Reynolds garnered 47,305 votes in Tuesday's election.

Reynolds was booked into the county jail on Sept. 7. He's serving a year-long sentence after a 2015 conviction on five misdemeanor counts of using a middleman to chase ambulances in order to solicit clients for Reynolds’ law firm.

After the 2015 conviction, a county judge handed down the jail sentence to the sitting lawmaker, but Reynolds spent the last three years appealing the conviction. Reynolds’ law license was suspended on May 2, 2016.

Reynolds is also one of many Texas lawmakers, judges and attorneys owing ethics fines totalling $1.3 Mil.

Breaking up the deep state in Florida

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From the Miami, Fl CBS affiliate:

Judge Rules In Gov. Scott’s Favor In Broward Elections Records Request
A Broward judge has ruled in favor of Gov. Rick Scott and says Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes must “allow immediate” viewing and copying of records that have been requested.

The judge added that it must be completed by 7 p.m.

The lawsuit in Broward filed against Snipes claimed that her office was withholding crucial voter information and has blocked access to the office. At the emergency hearing on Friday, Scott’s lawyers said this was a “simple” case about access to Broward ballots. It’s not about how votes are counted or inspecting ballots.

“This information Supervisor of Elections should have already compiled and saved,” he added, “It should take 10 minutes to do.”

Snipes' position is a political appointment - she was not elected. In fact, she was appointed in 2003 by !Jeb¡ This is just plain partisan obstructionism.

Obama's legacy

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Another of his toys is being taken away - initial stages for now but this is great to hear. From Forbes:

Newly Unsealed Documents Show Top FDIC Officials Running Operation Choke Point
Last week brought new revelations regarding Operation Choke Point, the Obama administration’s effort to freeze politically disfavored businesses out of the financial system. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.), who helped lead a multi-year effort to shut the program down, highlighted some of theses newest findings and pointed out that stopping Operation Choke Point is not a partisan issue.

Luetkemeyer’s legislation to prevent a redo of Choke Point – The Financial Institution Customer Protection Act of 2017 – overwhelmingly passed the House, with only two nay votes. Operation Choke Point was an egregious affront to the rule of law, so it is good to see that so many lawmakers want to prevent a repeat.

For those unfamiliar, Choke Point consisted of bureaucrats in several independent federal agencies taking it upon themselves to shut legal businesses – such as payday lenders and firearms dealers – out of the banking system. Given the nature of the U.S. regulatory framework, this operation was easy to pull off.

Officials at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), for instance, simply had to inform the banks they were overseeing that the government considered certain types of their customers “high risk.” The mere implication of a threat was enough to pressure banks into closing accounts, because no U.S. bank wants anything to do with extra audits or investigations from their regulator, much less additional operating restrictions or civil and criminal charges.

Banks are incredibly sensitive to any type of pressure from federal regulators, and they know that the regulators have enormous discretion. The new revelations are quite scary because they show exactly what federal regulators can do with that discretion – even to law-abiding citizens.

Slowly but surely, the deep state is undone. Wonderful news.

Voter fraud - Florida

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Expect nothing less from the Democrats - from FOX News:

GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott files bombshell lawsuits accusing Dem Florida election officials of trying to 'steal the election'
Accusing Democrats of conducting a coordinated effort to "steal" elections in a campaign of possibly "rampant fraud," Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott filed explosive lawsuits late Thursday against the top election officials in two heavily Democratic counties, as they continue to report new votes and three major races in the state appear headed for recounts.

In their lawsuit against Broward County, Scott and the National Republican Senatorial Committeee (NRSC) allege that officials there are hiding critical information about the number of votes cast and counted. And in a parallel suit against Palm Beach County, Scott and the NRSC charge that the election supervisor there illegally used her own judgment to determine voter intent when reviewing damaged absentee ballots, while refusing to allow witnesses to monitor the process.

"I will not stand idly by while unethical liberals try to steal an election," Scott, who is currently Florida's governor, said at a press conference outside the Governor's Mansion, as he slammed potential "rampant fraud" in the race.

And the outcome of this will be interesting to say the least:

Also late Thursday, President Trump announced on Twitter that "Law Enforcement is looking into another big corruption scandal having to do with Election Fraud in #Broward and Palm Beach." He did not elaborate.

Democratic meddling in the election process is well documented. This from 2016:

In 2016, Brenda Snipes’ office posted election results half an hour before polls closed – a violation of election law," Scott said. "That same year, her office was sued for leaving amendments off of ballots. In 2014, Brenda Snipes’ fellow Democrats accused her of individual and systemic breakdowns that made it difficult for voters to cast regular ballots. All Floridians should be concerned about that.

Much more at the site. Democrats have nothing to offer - that is why they have to cheat to get elected. Ideas so great they have to be mandatory.

Larry King talks about CNN

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The money quote: "CNN stopped doing news a long time ago"

From Zero Hedge:

Heh - do not mess with President Trump

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From The Hill:

White House yanks press pass from CNN's Acosta
The White House on Wednesday suspended the press credentials of CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta after he engaged in a heated back-and-forth with President Trump.

The move is a dramatic escalation of Trump's ongoing battle with the news media and comes one day after the president's party lost control of the House.

In a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders justified the decision by claiming that Acosta became physical with a young female intern during his exchange with Trump.

Trump at a Wednesday news conference grew frustrated with Acosta's line of questioning about a migrant caravan and cut him off by saying “OK, that's enough.”

That's when a White House intern approached Acosta and tried to take the microphone out of his hand. The CNN reporter said “pardon me, ma'am” and refused to let go of the mic. Acosta's hand appeared to brush the intern's arm during the exchange. The woman then crouched down and away from Acosta.

“President Trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and his administration,” Sanders said. “We will, however, never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern. This conduct is absolutely unacceptable.”

That is what happens when you let agenda drive your actions instead of intellegence. You get caught up in the heat of the moment. Good that Trump had the balls to call Acosta on it and to kick him out.

The Georgia governors race

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Getting interesting. A three-fer:

From The Daily Caller:

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, a Republican running for governor, is opening an investigation into the state’s Democratic Party for allegedly attempting to hack the state’s voter registration system.

Kemp’s office made the announcement in a Sunday morning news release but did not provide any details on why it is investigating the Democratic Party for the failed hacking. The party is being probed for engaging in a possible cyber-crime.

Kemp's opponent in the race is Stacey Abrams - from The Federalist:

Georgia’s Democratic Candidate For Governor Calls For Banning AR-15s
In an interview on “The View” Tuesday morning, Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate for Georgia governor, called for AR-15 rifles to be banned.

When asked if she supports banning AR-15-style rifles, Abrams said civilians should be banned from using them.

“I do not believe like weapons of mass destruction like the AR-15 belong in civilian hands,” she said. “I think it should be prohibited from civilian use. I have shot an AR-15, and I think you probably have too, and while it’s an amazing amount of power, it also is an amazing amount of destruction, and there is very little that can be done to protect vulnerable communities when the AR-15 is present.”

AR-15s are the most popular gun in America. When asked if she supports confiscating weapons already in the hands of civilians, Abrams dodged the question and repeated talking points about wanting to ban “assault weapons.”

Meanwhile - she has some interesting people campaigning for her. The Daily Caller again:

Members of the Black Panther Party marched through the city of Atlanta, strapped with assault rifles and brandishing Stacey Abrams campaign signs.

In a video posted on the group’s Facebook page on Saturday, members of the Black Panther Party are seen marching through the West End neighborhood of Atlanta in support of Stacey Abrams gubernatorial campaign. As they marched, the Black Panthers carried assault rifles and continually shouted slogans such as “black power” and “power to the people.”

Nice to have the support of a known racist and anti-semetic group who has no problem with active voter intimidation.

What if - political correctness

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Two people I really like talking about a wonderful "what if"

Wipe out the whole political correctness movement in a few days - what a wonderful world that would be...

Hat tip Vanderleun - go and read the rest of his post.

Does not surprise me - the Caravan

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Looks like the Democrats are allowing anyone to join their little political farce. From the Washington Examiner:

DHS: Caravan migrants from 20 countries, include 270 convicted criminals
The Department of Homeland Security claimed Thursday people from at least 20 countries make up the two caravan groups, not just citizens of Guatemala and Honduras.

In a release called "Myth vs. Fact: Caravan," the department also states more than 270 people in the caravans are either known gang members or have criminal backgrounds.

DHS did not cite its sources for the information and a department spokesperson said that information is law enforcement sensitive.

Yeah - it's called protecting your sources. They probably have any number of embeds in that group. Who is funding this? Moving several thousand people over a long distance is a very large logistic problem requiring lots of planning and money.

This is not grass roots, it is pure astroturf.

An interesting idea from Musings from the Chiefio:

A Modest Suggestion: Fixing Honduras et. al.
We are being told that the Governments and economics of Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador are so horrible, that the citizens must flee murder, violence and more. They must flee to the USA.

The reasonable question to then ask is “Why don’t they fix their governments?”. This is met with statements that they have not the power to do so.

OK, let’s run with that.

Clearly any “fix” must come from outside, then. The USA doesn’t need to be perpetually occupying Central America, so is there an alternative?

Why, yes!

Turns out all those countries were at one time part of Mexico. They speak the same languages, eat similar foods. It’s a natural match. We just need to let Mexico restore them to The Mexican Empire.

To quote from the above link with comments from The Chiefio:

In 1822, Mexico annexed the Federal Republic of Central America, which includes present-day Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and part of Chiapas.

They’ve done it before, they can just do it again!

We can get rid of a half dozen embassies, and lots of “Aid” payments.

Those States would be getting better governments (even if not as good as ours) and we’d get fewer “caravans”. “Win-Win”. Problem solved. Then all those poor Honduran’s and Guatemalan’s can get jobs in Mexican factories making Fords & Chevys and such…

Makes perfect sense. Costa Rica actually has a functional government so they might not want to buy in to this plan but all the other nations would benefit greatly.

Barry shows off his thin skin

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From FOX News:

WATCH: Protesters Interrupt Obama as He Stumps for Gillum, Nelson in Florida
Former President Barack Obama was interrupted by protesters as he rallied for Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) and Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in Miami on Friday.

Obama was speaking about the importance of Tuesday's midterm elections, saying America is at a "crossroads," when he was interrupted by a man who began yelling and blowing a whistle.

As the protester was escorted out, the audience drowned him out with chants of "bring it home!"

Not to mention that cantidate Gillum is facing some legal issues (clickable headlines):

FBI investigation looms over Gillum campaign in Florida

Gillum failed to disclose more than $400K in mortgage debts

State Attorney to Investigate Andrew Gillum Illegal Email Scandal

Corruption probe looms over Democrat’s historic campaign for Florida governor

From FOX News:

Migrants traveling to US sue Trump, government; claim violation of constitutional rights
A dozen migrants traveling by foot from Honduras to the U.S. to seek asylum filed a class-action lawsuit Thursday against President Trump, the Department of Homeland Security and others, claiming a violation of their due process under the Fifth Amendment.

The Fifth Amendment states that, "no person… shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law."

Yeah - the Fifth Amendment says that and a lot more - packs quite a lot into one paragraph:

Amendment V
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

But (wait for it) it applies only to Citizens of the United States. It does not apply to Citizens of another Nation. The left is flinging poo whenever and wherever they can trying to stay in the public eye. They have nothing to offer so they do things like pay for a big caravan.

Got another one - Project Veritas

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James O'Keefe is doing wonderful work. His latest from Project Veritas:

“Nobody needs to know” Beto Campaign Appears to Illegally Spend Funds on Supplies for Caravan Aliens, Campaign Manager Says “Don’t Worry”
Project Veritas Action Fund has released undercover video from current Congressman and US Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke’s campaign. The video exposes how his campaign staff appear to be illegally using campaign resources to buy supplies and help transport Honduran aliens. This is the eighth undercover video report Project Veritas has released in a series revealing secrets and lies from political campaigns in 2018.

Said James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas Action:

“Charity and helping your fellow man are things we applaud at Project Veritas Action. The problem is, you can’t break the law when you do it.”

“Don’t ever repeat this”
Featured in this report are campaign staffers who work on Congressman O’Rourke’s US Senate campaign discussing how they use campaign resources to help Honduran aliens and transport them to airports and bus stations. Said Dominic Chacon and AnaPaula Themann, who work on O’Rourke’s campaign:

Chacon: “The Hondurans, yeah… I’m going to go get some food right now, like just some stuff to drop off…”

Themann: “How did they get through?”

Chacon: “Well I think they accepted them as like asylum-seekers… So, I’m going to get some groceries and some blankets…”

Themann: “Don’t ever repeat this and stuff but like if we just say that we’re buying food for a campaign event, like the Halloween events…”

Chacon: “That’s not a horrible idea, but I didn’t hear anything. Umm, we can wait until tomorrow for that.”

Themann: “Well that’s exactly the food we need. And I will just mark it as, I do have dozens of block walkers.”

That is 100% illegal. Of course, the elites of the deep state do not see that. They are doing whatever they can do to remain in power and they are attempting a Cloward-Piven collapse of the system to do so.

Beto is worth millions and his wife's family are big-time developers. His father in law is worth over a billion. He is painting himself as a man of the people when in fact, he is a member of the 1%.

The Caravan

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Chartered buses:

Heh - CNN in the ratings

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CNN is a perfect example of Fake News and viewers know this. From The Daily Caller:

Fox News marked its 5th consecutive month as the most-watched cable network in primetime during the month of October, beating its competitors’ combined primetime viewership.

Fox also notched its 28th consecutive month as the number one network in total day ratings, according to Nielsen Media Research.


Fox: 1,685,000

MSNBC: 909,000

CNN: 689,000

MSNBC and CNN combined: 1,598,000


Fox: 2,829,000

MSNBC: 1,575,000

CNN: 931,00

MSNBC and CNN combined: 2,506,000

The numbers do not lie. A bit more:

CNN was by far the least competitive cable news network in October, finishing 9th in primetime behind Fox Sports 1, The Hallmark Channel, and Home and Garden Television. CNN finished 7th in total day behind Nickelodeon and Hallmark.

CNN caters to a small audience of "true believers" - they are a joke to us normals.

A moment of silence

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The ever classy liberals:

Six little words

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That the open borders/illegal immigrant people seem to gloss over. They point to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States to state that it is constitutional for a child born in the USA to be a citizen even though their parents are in the country illegally.

A simple read of that amendment tells  completely different story:

Amendment XIV
Section 1.
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

The six words that I have highlighted state that the parents must be subject to the jurisdiction thereof (ie: the laws of the United States). In other words, the parents need to be lawful citizens of the USA for this section to hold true.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the convoy - we will have about 6,000 troops at the crossings. It is not like this has not happened before - from The Smithsonian:

The U.S. Government Turned Away Thousands of Jewish Refugees, Fearing That They Were Nazi Spies


World War II prompted the largest displacement of human beings the world has ever seen—although today's refugee crisis is starting to approach its unprecedented scale. But even with millions of European Jews displaced from their homes, the United States had a poor track record offering asylum. Most notoriously, in June 1939, the German ocean liner St. Louis and its 937 passengers, almost all Jewish, were turned away from the port of Miami, forcing the ship to return to Europe; more than a quarter died in the Holocaust.

If that was what was waiting for these people in their homeland then sure, let them in. But, I think not. The convoy is pure politics by the Democrats. Crash the system so they can step in and install their own government. How do you move 10,000 people. Provide footwear, food, sanitation, medicine. This is not grass roots - major forces are doing this under cover. 10,000 people spontaneously get up and march? If you believe that, I have a nice bridge in New York City that you might be interested in buying. A little old but it is a classic.

Always research their history - from Breitbart:

Andrew Gillum Fought U.S. ‘Genocide,’ ‘Colonialism’ Through 2017 as Youth Director of Extremist Org
Florida gubernatorial candidate and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum served as the director of a radical youth training organization whose mission was to challenge U.S. “predatory capitalism,” abolish the prison system, fight a “spiritual resistance” battle against “Christian hegemony,” redefine the meaning of “borders” while aiding “undocumented” aliens, and enact the “collective liberation” of “communities of color” amid what it described as the scourge of “white supremacy.”

Gillum’s group accused the U.S. of being a “colonialist” power perpetrating “structural violence” and “continued genocide.” It claimed conservatives in the U.S. judicial system were “justifying white supremacist policing practices.”

All of that extremist rhetoric and more was posted on the official “issues” sections of the organization’s website while Gillum not only served as its active director, but while his picture, position and bio were brandished on the same site on the “staff” page.

Heh - don't forget that the internet is forever. The above link is to the internet archive. Anything posted on the web gets backed up there so you can delete your website but it will still live on forever. Seems like he was trying to sanitize his radical roots and forgot the most basic law of the internet - it is forever. A report on this from the mainstream media. Don't hold your breath.

Venezuela in one chart

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It will be very interesting to compare the next couple years of Brazil with Venezuela - Mark Perry sums it up in one excellent chart at the American Enterprise Institute:

The collapse of Venezuela’s socialism in one chart


The chart above shows the collapse of oil production in socialist Venezuela, the country with the world’s largest oil reserves, that is accompanying the overall economic collapse there. A decade ago, the Bakken oil fields in western North Dakota were producing an insignificant amount of crude oil — only 132,000 barrels per day, while at the same time Venezuela was producing 2.5 million barrels per day, or about half of America’s 5 million barrels per day.

Fast forward ten years to today through the US Shale Revolution fueled by revolutionary Made-in-the-USA capitalist technologies, and the economic collapse in socialist Venezuela and we now find that the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota have produced more crude oil than Venezuela for the last two months of production data (August and September). A pretty amazing turnaround in a decade that just one of America’s oil fields in one state is now out-producing the country sitting on the largest oil reserves in the world — Venezuela has about 300 billion barrels, or more than 8 times America’s reserves of about 36.5 billion barrels. And with America’s daily oil production reaching record levels of 11 million barrels recently, Venezuela’s daily production of only 1.2 million barrels is now less than 11% of US crude output.

And what is most tragic about the socialist meltdown in Venezuela is not the collapse of oil production, but the collapse of the human spirit there and the tragic toll it’s taking on the Venezuelan people, many of whom are becoming so hopeless that suicide seems like the best solution. See the Bloomberg article “Suicides Surge in a Hopeless Venezuela: The desperate act is becoming ordinary in a population plagued by hyperinflation, hunger and mass emigration.”

Once a wonderful vibrant nation with great fishing, agriculture and the worlds largest known petroleum reserves (still is). Brought to her knees by a failed political ideology - socialism has never worked when it has been tried. There will always be a wealthy elite who control the government handouts to keep the proles in their place. Panem et Circenses

Nicolas Maduro is personally worth about $2 billion. Hugo Chavez' daughter Maria has about $4 billion in the bank.

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