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How low they have fallen - Forbes

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I remember reading my Dad's copies of Forbes Magazine while growing up and loved how Malcom was always rubbing his success in people's faces. His private Boeing 727 (named Capitalist Tool), the yachts, the art collections. Capitalism is boss...  Segue to today - from The Washington Free Beacon:

China Could Use Forbes To Push Communist Propaganda, Senators Warn
A Chinese-controlled firm's bid to buy the Forbes media company poses a national security threat and would allow the Chinese Communist Party to push its propaganda by using one of the most recognizable American brand names, according to a group of Republican senators.

"Forbes is a recognizable American brand with immense propaganda value to the CCP," Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Bill Hagerty (Tenn.), Ted Cruz (Texas), and Bill Cassidy (La.) wrote on May 24 to the Treasury Department, demanding the Biden administration launch an investigation into the proposed purchase. "The CCP's direction of Forbes' editorial content and business operations, or its access to Forbes' financial and personal research, could present a serious national security threat to the United States."

Forbes announced in August that it was preparing to be acquired by Magnum Opus Acquisition Limited, which is "controlled by the Chinese Communist Party," according to the senators.

The senators are pressing Treasury secretary Janet Yellen, in her role as chairwoman of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, to open an investigation into the proposed purchase, which would subject Forbes to China's strict government oversight.

I get it - the economy is global these days and I certainly have a lot of Chinesium toys around here but allowing the communists to control a major US Media outlet - especially a financial one?  That is a bit much.

Let's hope this gets bumped to a higher court - the evidence is solid.
From Breitbart:

Michael Sussmann Acquitted; Trial Revealed Clinton Role in Russia ‘Collusion’ Hoax
Former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was acquitted Tuesday of lying to the FBI when he fed it false information about supposed “collusion” between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Sussmann gave the FBI data that had been produced by researchers working with the campaign and that purported to link Trump to Russia via Alfa Bank. The accusation was soon found to be groundless, but was part of the overall “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory that the Clinton campaign used to smear Trump during the campaign and after his victory.

Sussmann was accused of presenting himself to the FBI as a concerned citizen, when he was working for Clinton. The jury included up to three donors to Hillary Clinton, and the Obama-appointed judge narrowly limited prosecutors’ evidence.

The defense argued that even if Sussmann was found to have given the FBI inaccurate information about his motivations, the lie was immaterial to the investigation that followed. Durham argued that the FBI protected Sussman’s sources as a result of the alleged lie, and that investigators would not have pursued the Alfa Bank tip had they known the source of the data.

Observers agreed that the evidence against Sussmann was convincing, but that he might prevail based on “jury nullification” — an effort by the jury to reject the charges, regardless of guilt, because of their political sympathies with the defendant.

The judge in this case is a Obama appointee.  Much more at the site and over 1,900 comments.

And outta here

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Quiet news day.  Heading out for coffee and to the storage barn to look for some paperwork.

Bringing the trailer to the house this afternoon - recycling a bunch of scrap metal.

All about the branding

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A good question to ask people

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Where the money is - pharma

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Dilbert was on point today:


Remember, the "k" is silent in Monkeypox

From Cliff Mass:

Bad News. Clouds will Obscure the Meteors for Most of Washington State
I am disappointed. It looks like clouds will make viewing of the meteor shower tonight impossible for most residents in Washington State.

The lastest visible satellite image shows lots of clouds over the region. But the real threats are the clouds stretching from the WA Cascade to the east. High clouds that are moving westward over towards western WA. There are lower clouds over NW Oregon...they will evaporate around sunset.

The very latest NOAA/NWS HRRR forecast of clouds at 10 PM tonight (the time of max meteors) shows 100% clouds (blue colors) over much of Washington.

Oh well...  I'll be up anyway - got the camera charged up and tripod out and ready.  See what happens.

From Sharyl Attkisson:

The head of Facebook's fake science fact check group, Science Feedback, is 'hiding in Paris, terrified of appearing in court'
Emmanuel Vincent is a hunted man.

On June 24, an officer of the French Ministry of the Interior, acting under the terms of the Hague Convention, summoned him to a police station and served him papers to appear in court for posting false and misleading statements in his role as president of Science Feedback, a Facebook fact checking service.

On top of this, the beleaguered nonprofit has weathered multiple critiques for posting politicized, biased opinions that call themselves “fact checks”—including a Wall Street Journal editorial that called out Science Feedback for attacking Johns Hopkins physician-researcher Marty Makary, after he wrote an essay predicting the arrival of Covid-19 herd immunity.

“This is counter-opinion masquerading as fact checking,” the Wall Street Journal wrote, noting that Dr. Makary never made a factual claim; he had made a prediction based on his analysis of available evidence.

If you’re interested in falling down a science rabbit hole, feel free to read what Dr. Makary wrote and how Science Feedback responded. But here’s the thing, you don’t need a PhD in epidemiology to understand that when experts analyze studies and make predictions they might be wrong.

Good - they masqurade their narrative as "settled science"  Punch back twice as hard.  These are just children.  Bullies who have media access.  They are not independent and their "facts" come from the credentialed elite, not actual science.  Climate change?  Go outside with a thermometer and let me know what you find out...

Out for a while

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Getting some things done - coffee first...  Got my priorities after all

A reminder and a little dig:

Senator Pelosi - have your husband call our office will you?

Of course - education

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Department of Education needs to be disbanded.  They do nothing. 
And let's get the number of admin staff down to one per 30 teachers while we are at it.
The states need to be the ones in charge:

Case in point - this graph from page #2 of this report: State Education Trends — Academic Performance and Spending over the Past 40 Years


Supply-chain woes

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And things just get crazier and crazier - from Freight Waves:

Rash of parts thefts is leaving Freightliner trucks inoperable
A rash of thefts of semiconductor-loaded powertrain control modules from parked Freightliner and Western Star trucks is turning the tractors into oversize paperweights. Daimler Truck North America is going after the bad guys but has few leads.

The rip-offs of common powertrain control module 4 units relate to the ongoing shortage of microchips. Harvesting and reprogramming the modules allow them to work in other trucks, Daimler said.

List for these modules is about $1,400. Black market is about $8K It bricks the truck when stolen.

The older designs are looking more and more desirable...  Maybe we will return to sanity. One of these days...

Texas shooting - a timeline

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Still too early to know exactly what happened but...  If 1/10th of what I am reading (from usually reliable sources) is true, heads need to roll.  Literally.  Rope. Tree.

These people acknowledged the risks when they applied for the job.

Whoopsie - a bit of a problem

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Speaker Pelosi is a notorious drunk (Senator Boxwine).
Looks like her hubby is cut from the same cloth. From TMZ:

Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, was arrested this weekend for DUI ... TMZ has learned.

The House Speaker's spouse was arrested just before midnight Saturday night in Napa County, and then booked hours later into jail on two counts -- driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 or higher ... both misdemeanors.

No booking photos of course. Swept under the rug in 3... 2.

This has been known for a while but they are now getting the timing narrowed down.
From Sky & Telescope:

Will there be a new meteor shower on the night of May 30–31?
There’s only one way to find out.
Meteor observing can be relaxing and enjoyable — and potentially dramatic. Yet the only equipment needed for serious meteor watching is your eyes and a modest amount of patience. Most of the annual meteor showers are fairly predictable, but the main attraction is that it’s impossible to predict what you will see. Occasionally you might be surprised by a dazzling fireball or the brilliant flash of a bolide.

During the overnight hours of May 30–31 things might turn exciting.

In the fall of 1995, Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (SW3) fractured into several pieces and left a trail of fragments in its wake. Should the Earth encounter this stream of debris, a sudden outburst of meteors might erupt, ranking with some of our richest annual displays (Geminids and Perseids). There’s even a small chance that something extraordinary — perhaps a full-scale storm of meteors — might take place.

Or perhaps, visually, nothing at all will happen.


The shower likely will last only a few hours. As to when it should reach its peak, for those in the Pacific Time Zone this should be around 10 p.m. on May 30th; for those in the Eastern Time Zone that translates to about 1 a.m. on May 31st. Sadly, for the Pacific Northwest, the twilight sky will probably be too bright, precluding a view of any possible display.

I'll be watching and have my camera set up.  Might be specatcular.  Might not...

Got to buff up Biden's image - can't have any inconvenient people hanging around.
From Breitbart:

Many Border Patrol Agents, Cops Who Responded to Uvalde School Shooting Uninvited from Biden Event
Biden administration officials uninvited many of the Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement officers who responded to the Robb Elementary School shooting from a meeting with the president scheduled for Sunday in Uvalde. Despite the event being planned for a large open-space facility, administration officials cited space as a reason for the retracted invitations.

Law Enforcement officers who responded to the Uvalde school shooting at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday morning received an invitation to meet with President Biden during his planned visit to Uvalde on Sunday afternoon. According to a senior Customs and Border Protection source, the officers received the invitation late last week. Many had accepted and were scheduled to attend the private address from the president. Most are now being informed they are no longer invited.

Can't showcase independent people.  The Border Patrol agents bypassed the local law authorities and dealt with the problem.  The local law authorities were frozen in place.  Can't have the citizens see that the government officials are ineffective.  Can't have the citizens see that independent thought and action will save lives.  Doesn't fit the narrative.

Answer: YES - next question? FBI

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From Headline USA:

Did FBI Steal 9 Tons of Buried Civil War Treasure from Remote Pa. Site?
A scientific analysis commissioned by the FBI shortly before agents went digging for buried treasure suggested that a huge quantity of gold could be below the surface, according to newly released government documents and photos that deepen the mystery of the 2018 excavation in remote western Pennsylvania.

The report, by a geophysicist who performed microgravity testing at the site, hinted at an underground object with a mass of up to 9 tons and a density consistent with gold. The FBI used the consultant’s work to obtain a warrant to seize the gold — if there was any to be found.

The government has long claimed its dig was a bust. But a father-son pair of treasure hunters who spent years hunting for the fabled Civil War-era gold — and who led agents to the woodland site, hoping for a finder’s fee — suspect the FBI double-crossed them and made off with a cache that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

More at the site.  Lots of evidence points to the FBI finding the treasure and spending several days digging it up.  If the site was a dry hole, they would not have spent the time and would not have excluded the original finders or the news media. Simple as that.

Again, they need to have their funding cut by 80% and their headquarters moved to Adak, Alaska

The People's Republic of Chicago of course - from the Chicago FOX News affiliate:

5 seriously hurt, including 16-year-old girl, after fight breaks out on West Side
Five people were shot in Chicago's West Garfield Park neighborhood Sunday morning.

The shooting occurred in the 800 block of South Karlov.

At about 1:32 a.m., the victims were standing on the sidewalk with a group of people when a fight broke out, police said.

No mention but I am seriously betting that it was black on black violence.  That guarantees that this will never be reported by any of the mainstream media.  Does not fit the narrative.

A little list - our rights

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Their jab was a real shit-show.  Some data on miscarraiges coming out that looks really bad.
The class-action lawsuits will be interesting.  I did not get the jab - I know enough biology to not like what they were doing with the vax and their testing was a joke. 
But it's an emergency doncha know...


They need to have their funding cut by 80% and their headquarters moved to Adak, Alaska

From CBS - when something like this hits the mainstream media, you know that people are wondering...

Family: FBI knew Oklahoma bomb plot suspect is schizophrenic
The family of a man accused of attempting to detonate what he believed was an explosives-laden van outside an Oklahoma bank says he is a paranoid schizophrenic and that the FBI knew it.

Clifford and Melonie Varnell, of Sayre, Oklahoma, issued a statement late Tuesday that questions the tactics undercover FBI agents used to arrest 23-year-old Jerry Drake Varnell. He was taken into custody early Saturday for the alleged plot to detonate a vehicle bomb in an alley adjacent to BancFirst in downtown Oklahoma City.

Varnell, who lives with his mother and stepfather in Sayre, about 130 miles west of Oklahoma City, is jobless due to his schizophrenia and does not have the resources to carry out such an act alone, according to the family's statement.

The story is five years old (Augst 2017) but still, puts a new meaning on OK GROOMER

Crap like this is soooo far outside the scope of the FBIs charter.  Whomever thought this was a good idea needs to be spending the rest of their life breaking rocks in a chain gang.

And...... Got nuttin' today

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Nothing catches my eye out there.  Heading out for the usual coffee.  Got a bunch of stuff to drop off at the thrift store - used to work there so it will be fun to see the people. Back to the house and pack pack pack...

UPDATE: 13:46 and still nuttin...  Getting a lot done though

Looks like some people really messed up on both of them. Too early to know all the details but...
From The Buffalo News:

Authorities investigating if retired federal agent knew of Buffalo mass shooting plans in advance
Law enforcement officers are investigating whether a retired federal agent had about 30 minutes advance notice of a white supremacist's plans to murder Black people at a Buffalo supermarket, two law enforcement officials told The Buffalo News.

Authorities believe the former agent – believed to be from Texas – was one of at least six individuals who regularly communicated with accused gunman Payton Gendron in an online chat room where racist hatred was discussed, the two officials said.

The two law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the investigation stated these individuals were invited by Gendron to read about his mass shooting plans and the target location about 30 minutes before Gendron killed 10 people at Tops Markets on Jefferson Avenue on May 14.

And from FOX News

Texas authorities respond to question of why didn’t police engage shooter immediately
Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw said Friday, when asked why police at Robb Elementary School didn’t engage the shooter immediately, said “the on-scene commander at the time believed that it had transitioned from an active shooter to a barricaded subject.”

“A decision was made on the scene – I wasn’t there -- that this was a barricaded subject situation, there was time to retrieve the keys and wait for a tactical team with the equipment to go ahead and breach the door and take on the subject,” he continued. “At that point, that was the decision, that was the thought process.”

Yeah - all the while 911 calls were coming in from the students inside the school.
Neither of these were handled well at all.

And another day of moving

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Overcast with rain in the forecast - perfect day for boxing up crap and getting it out of the house.

Not that much more to do. Need to list some items on Craigslist...

More posting later today — for now? Coffee...

Got all the big stuff out of the house - easy and makes a big difference.

It is the myriad of little things that really takes the time to box up and move out.

Making good progress but about two weeks behind from where I was wanting to be a couple months ago...

From Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man:

One might think O'Rourke's "outrage" was genuine, until one learns that he had seat-warmers keeping chairs open for him so that he and his party could get close to the stage without security noticing until it was too late, and had photographers and reporters standing by to record his "outrage" for posterity (and for use in his election campaign).

I'm going to use O'Rourke's and Obama's comments as a litmus test for the forthcoming elections.  Any candidate who approves of them, or echoes them, is not worth my attention or my vote.  Anyone who approves of such utter lack of class and compassion is nothing more or less than a waste of oxygen, IMHO.

More at the site.  Obama did not hesitate to tap-dance on the victim's graves for political gain either. A tragedy like this really highlights who the a**holes are.

A connection - SSRI and shootings

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Interesting connection being made at Red State:

Could SSRI Antidepressants Be One of the Causes Behind These Mass Shootings?
Mass shootings in the United States have increased dramatically over the last few decades. Those trying to explain the phenomenon have blamed gun laws, social media, white nationalism, extremist politics, pandemic policies—the list goes on. But what if there’s another factor at work here?

Guess what else has soared in the last few decades? The use of anti-depression medication, especially SSRIs. It was in 1987 that the first selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, commonly known as an SSRI, was developed and it quickly became the standard. You’ve probably heard its name–Prozac. Other SSRIs were soon produced, and SSRIs are now the most prescribed antidepressant in the US.

But this medication has some side effects:

But there’s another side to these drugs, one that must be taken into account. Read the potential side effects that the FDA requires to be printed on the label of every antidepressant:

Anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, aggressiveness, impulsivity, akathisia, hypomania, and mania have been reported in adult and pediatric patients being treated with antidepressants for major depressive disorder as well as for indications, both psychiatric and nonpsychiatric.

Lots more at the site - this could be a major contributing factor.  Lots of other contributing factors too - broken families, social media, marijuana use.

Shithole cities - Chicago

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Democrat run since...  Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.  From the Chicago, IL FOX affiliate:

Chicago police believe man pointed gun at FOX 32 crew during a live report in River North
A frightening situation unfolded Wednesday morning while our FOX 32 colleagues were live on the air.

And a bit more:

Around 7 a.m., at the corner of Clark and Hubbard, while our reporter was in the middle of a live report about Chicago gun violence, a man walked up and pointed what appeared to be a firearm at our crew. 

Emphasis mine. That says it all. Hey Jackass has the numbers:

Year To Date
Shot & Killed: 213
Shot & Wounded: 941
Total Shot: 1154
Total Homicides: 236

A true worker's paradise. A utopia. It has to be - we say that it is so.

One reason of many - from Law Enforcement Today:

Bellevue Deputy Mayor: Cops can’t pursue criminals in Washington State… and the criminals know it
By Jared Nieuwenhuis, Deputy Mayor, City of Bellevue.

LET Editor note: The opinions expressed by the author are his own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the entire Bellevue City Council. But they darn well should.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that failure to enforce the law, or more precisely, preventing officers from enforcing it, results in higher crime rates.

This is exactly what has happened in King County and surrounding counties due to the flurry of police reforms, passed by the legislature, in 2021. Since those laws went into effect, there has been a massive surge in crime and gun violence across our state.

Vehicle thefts are up 99% in March 2022 compared with March of the previous year and are up 88% year-to-date, according to data compiled by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC). Between January and March of 2021, 6,692 cars were stolen in Washington.

Yeah - it IS that bad.

As the Texas Sho - UPDATE

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Photo floating around of the "texas shooter" cross-dressing.

Different person - looks similar but not the shooter.

Tip of the hat to Todd Starnes for this link:
O'Rourke interrupted Abbott's press conference and tried to push the gun-grabbing agenda.

Gov. Abbott RESPONDS to Beto: Focus on Hurting Families, Not Yourself
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott gave an impassioned response to Beto O’Rourke disrupting the press conference on the tragic mass school shooting in Uvalde.

Twitchy has Beto's downfall in full living color.  Cinerama.  He is toast.

Beto O’Rourke totally earns the ‘sick son of a b*tch’ label when he interrupts Greg Abbott’s Uvalde presser to grandstand and grave-dance

This is what happens when you have a very rich dad and you lead a sheltered life.
Entitlement of any kind is a very ugly thing.  It is poison.

Stocking up on essentials

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Written about it before (here):

I hold to what I have said earlier - BillG is not that smart.  He is competitive as all hell and he has a cutthroat business sense.  Neither of these are bad things at all and they have served him very well. BillG started with a very simple idea and purchased the core for MS-DOS and the core for Windows and built these up into a world standard.  I am typing this on a Windows machine and have zero problem with using it or with BillG's success. He put in thousands of sleepless nights building MSFT into what it is today.

That being said, he is not that smart.  I am betting that he read Isaac Asimov's Foundation series as a kid and he pictures himself to be another Hari Seldon.  Unfortunately, Seldon is a fictional character and although Isaac let him be wrong a few times, these were never catastrophic - they were more literary devices to accentuate the Hero's Journey of the tale.

There is a saying that: "In theory, there is no difference between theory and the real world. In the real world, there is." I bet that in BillG's mind, he does not see the distinction.  He patterns himself after a fictional character in a fictional story and is expecting everything to work out just peachy.  He needs to get the fsck off the world stage, hang out with his family and stop trying to meddle with the rest of us.  He is not that smart and he only messes up when he tries.

And this latest from Steve Bannon's War Room:

Bill Gates Wants ‘Global Government’ To Institute International Lockdowns
Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute talks to Steve Bannon about Bill Gates presentation at the World Economic Forum.

“He’s not an intellectual. He’s actually, I’m sorry, a powerful but extremely stupid man, who knows nothing about cell biology. I sent that clip to a bunch of scientists connected with Brownstone and they were mortified. You know, like, ‘Why are these people running the world instead of people who actually understand cell biology and viruses.”

Ten minute video at the site - worth watching. These people are not leading us.
They are playing God with our lives and with our health

Back to the island

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Good meeting - covered a lot in 90 minutes.  Short and sweet.

Usual routine tomorrow - quick surf, a video or two and then to sleep...

Busy day today

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Load up some more stuff in the van, heading out for coffee, get the trailer and drive to the farm to unload.
Store staff meeting at 6PM and then back to the island.  Whew.

Minimal posting today

At Davos

Not exactly business-friendly

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The transmogrification is nearing completion. He once was a driven software entrepreneur, he is now a sociopathic delusional "savior" with a God Complex.  He thinks he knows how to manage us better than we do.  He is so out of touch it is pathetic.

From Breitbart:

Bill Gates Poured Millions into Dark Money Fund Attacking Elon Musk
Research exclusively shared with Breitbart News identifies hundreds of millions of dollars flowing from Bill Gates’ foundation to 11 of the 26 organizations that signed an open letter last month urging Twitter advertisers to boycott the company if Elon Musk restores free speech on the platform.

Breitbart News’ report, based on research and analysis from the newly-formed Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO), analyzed public filings to trace hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions from the letter signatories back to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In total, 11 of the 26 anti-Musk organizations received funding from a Gates-backed entity.

Yeah - he is not able to get us to follow his ideas by the virtue of their clarity and intelligence and wisdom.
Instead, he has to control the narrative, control the environment, control the media to "nudge" us.

I can not think of a better definition of tyrant.  All tyrants started out with the best of intentions.

Looks like history is rhyming again.  From Life News:

Nancy Pelosi Defies Her Catholic Bishop, Receives Communion
In defiance of her own Archbishop’s decision to deny her communion because of her aggressive promotion of abortion, new reports indicate Nancy Pelosi received communion yesterday at a liberal Catholic church in Washington.

As LifeNews reported, Cordileone said he formally notified U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week that she can no longer be allowed communion because she is no longer in communion with the Catholic Church by virtue of her repeatedly promoting abortion. Cordileone, who serves Pelosi’s home district of San Francisco, said he informed the congresswoman of his decision Thursday after repeated attempts to speak with her about the “grave evil” that she is supporting.

Just days later, Pelosi is already in violation of the communion restriction.

A good article - lots more at the site.  Pelosi is truly evil - case in point:

Among other things, Pelosi  wants to force taxpayers to pay for elective abortions and force nuns who serve the poor and elderly to cover contraception that may cause abortions in their employee health plans. Once, she even called late-term abortions “sacred ground.”

Title? Here: Turbulent priest  It will be interesting to see if Archbishop Gregory is called to task.

Final push to get the house cleared out and on the market.  Busy doesn't begin to cover it...

That did not age well - gas prices

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This tweet from Ron Klain - White House chief of staff and one of Biden's handlers
From December 8th, 2021 - five months and 15 days ago:

This level of being out of touch would be laughable if it was not so painful for all of us

Big publicity over 70,000 pounds of baby formula being airlifted into the US-of-A.  Not that it will find its way to store shelves but, this is actually a very small quantity.

There are 4,756 Walmart stores in the USA as of 2020.  14.7 pounds per store if evenly distributed...

That went quickly - 49 years

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Chris Lynch points to this article at Wired:

May 22, 1973: Enter Ethernet
Bob Metcalfe's originating ethernet memo included this rough schematic rendering. Bob Metcalfe of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center writes a memo outlining how to connect the think tank's new personal computers to a shared printer. The memo puts forth the basic properties of -- and names -- ethernet.

Much more at the site. Had it all - distributed, IP over telephone, the precursor to WiFi.
Smart cookie...

From The Gateway Pundit:

This Is Weird: Globalist Group NTI Predicted Likelihood of MonkeyPox Outbreak in Their November 2021 Report
Back in November 2021, partnered with the Munich Security Conference to conduct a tabletop exercise on reducing high-consequence biological threats. According to the concluding report, the exercise examined gaps in national and international biosecurity and pandemic preparedness architectures—exploring opportunities to improve prevention and response capabilities for high-consequence biological events.

Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) is a globalist security organization focused on reducing nuclear and biological threats imperiling humanity.

What is interesting is that on Page 10 of the 2021 NTI report the discussion moves to a possible Monkeypox outbreak. This was half a year before the current international outbreak of the virus.

Much more at the site including screen-caps of the NTI report. Not weird at all - they had it in the wings.  Get the earth's population down and under control so that the elites can manage them.  Like cattle. I do not think so...

And I'll leave you with this:

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Stormy weather - power outages

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Go hand in hand.  A guilty pleasure is watching the national power outage website.
Tonight was above and beyond:


Checking the lightning site offers an explanation:


32 years ago today

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Let's Dance - some good music back then...

Some wince-worthy headlines - click for the full story:

And these are from such mainstream media sources as CNN, Yahoo, CBS and Bloomberg - not exactly right-wing extremist conspiracy sites. These were lovingly selected and curated by Don Surber who offers this post mortem:

What has happened to Hillary is old and a loser. Gone are the days when she could show up at a 9/11 ceremony drunk and have the media cover it up by calling it pneumonia.

The world has changed on her. It has been 16 years since she won an election. Her glory days were not that glorious. She was a cuckolded first lady and her accomplishments in presidential elections was losing to Obama and Trump.

Plus, Biden's imbecility does not help her. The media senses a disturbance in The Force. The November election could be a wipeout for Democrats. A return of President Trump is in the offing.

Good riddance.  She will probably never be convicted - the deep-state takes care of their own.  She will retire from the public stage "to spend more time with her grandchildren"  She has enough money salted away from the Clinton Global Foundation slush-fund to be comfortable. Spend the rest of her life drinking box wine and fulminating about what could have been.  A fitting end to a life of corruption and evil.

Our new epidemic - monkeypox

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Pronounce it with a silent "k" and you get the general idea...

The great reset - from the Beeb:

Sri Lanka defaults on debt for first time in its history
Sri Lanka has defaulted on its debt for the first time in its history as the country struggles with its worst financial crisis in more than 70 years.

A 30-day grace period to come up with $78m (£63m) of unpaid debt interest payments expired on Wednesday.

The governor of the South Asian nation's central bank said the country was now in a "pre-emptive default".

Later on Thursday, two of the world's biggest credit rating agencies also said Sri Lanka had defaulted.

This is by design.  Their organic farm fiasco.  The globalists are doing a classic Cloward-Piven Strategy
Overwhelm the system, crash it and in the ensuing chaos, install their own central communist government.

Story broke a couple months before the 2020 election but the media could not be bothered to cover it.  Disinformation. The New York Times owned up to the truth two months ago. Now? From FOX News:

Hunter Biden saga: NBC News joins NYT, WaPo, Politico in verifying laptop dismissed as Russian disinfo in 2020
NBC News is the latest legacy news organization to offer delayed legitimacy to the Hunter Biden scandal after downplaying the revelations from his laptop during the 2020 presidential election.

NBC published a story Thursday headlined, "Analysis of Hunter Biden's hard drive shows he, his firm took in about $11 million from 2013 to 2018, spent it fast," citing documents showing the fortune he made while working for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, as well as through his business ties to a Chinese energy company. It also aired a package about the story Wednesday on "NBC Nightly News," its flagship evening program.

The report also highlighted some of Hunter Biden's expenditures showing he "spent more than $200,000 per month from October 2017 through February 2018 on luxury hotel rooms, Porsche payments, dental work and cash withdrawals."

All the while, he was selling access to The Big Guy and delivering 10% of the take (as well as paying most of the family "bills")

Brings the question, why now? What are they looking to distract people from.
What is the magician's right hand doing now that the audience's focus is on his left...

Next? WH Press Secretary change?

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The current one is a hot mess.  A diversity hire at best. Credentialed but not educated.
From the London Daily Mail:

'I don't have any personnel announcements ... and certainly not about me': Pentagon spokesman John Kirby smoothly pats down questions about his rumored move to a top communications position in Biden's White House

    • John Kirby fended off questions about his future at the Pentagon on Friday
    • 'I don't have any personnel announcements to make,' he told reporters
    • He is reported to be moving to the White House to take up a senior role
    • He previously served as State Department press secretary under Obama
    • Details emerged after Karine Jean-Pierre became White House press secretary

Breath of fresh air.  At least he can string a few words together extemporaneously.

A screen cap of some of Elon's tweets from today
Tip 'o the hat to Sundance at Conservative Treehouse:


There will be blood.  I love it.

Be sure to wear your patch

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Standing up to evil - good news

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This will hopefully wake her up out of her alcoholic stupor:

From Forbes magazine - November 23rd, 2020:

Here’s What You Need To Know About AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine
Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca and its partner Oxford University released preliminary results from its phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trials on Monday, which found that the company’s vaccine, which uses a genetically modified cold virus, is up to 90% effective. This makes AstraZeneca the third to announce preliminary data from its phase 3 trials, after Moderna and Pfizer released results from their phase 3 trials earlier this month. Both Moderna and Pfizer, whose vaccines use an mRNA platform, found their vaccines to be about 95% effective. The AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine showed a somewhat lower efficacy, but is less expensive and poses fewer issues involved in distribution and administration.

A bit more:

The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine is a chimpanzee adenovirus-vectored vaccine. This means that the company took a virus that normally infects chimpanzees, and genetically modified to avoid any possible disease consequences in people. This modified virus carries a portion of the Covid-19 coronavirus called the “spike protein.” When the vaccine is delivered into human cells, it triggers an immune response against the spike protein, producing antibodies and memory cells that will be able to recognize the virus that causes Covid-19.  

So we already know that vaccinated people have weaker immune systems and that the majority of coof cases are in people who have recieved more than one jab. Now this? Monkeypox anyone?

From Visit Iceland

And, the making of:

Spent two months backpacking through there in 1974 - gorgeous place, really nice people. On my bucket list to return.

But of course - monkeypox

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From the RAIR Foundation:

Rare Monkeypox Virus Arrives, Just as Gates and WHO 'Predicted' - Vaccines 'Miraculously' Ready
The extremely rare monkeypox virus is rising in Europe, reports Nine for News. Dozens of cases have been reported in Spain and Portugal, and the number of infections in Britain has increased to seven. The first case has also been reported in the United States and Sweden.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expressed concern Tuesday about an unusual outbreak of Monkeypox in the U.K., suggesting there appears to be some undetected transmission of the virus there and warning of the possibility that the outbreak could spread beyond the U.K. borders.

But not to worry — SCIENCE!

The FDA approved the vaccine in September 2019, just before corona. The U.S. government has purchased 13 million of these vaccines. Publicist and lawyer Sietske Bergsma responds: “Monkeypox in the newspaper in the morning, a vaccine in the afternoon. Love science!”

Then there is another remarkable thing. G7 health ministers will soon be training in Germany on a ‘dangerous’ virus outbreak. This time the smallpox virus, the older brother of Monkeypox. “But luckily, the FDA is already ready to save us with a vaccine against smallpox,” writes emeritus professor Wouter Keller.

This is not a coincidence, this is not a natural occurrence.  This is by design.  This is being done by people who want to rule us - a one-world government.

Better known as Vangelis.  From The Guardian:

Vangelis, composer of Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner soundtracks, dies aged 79
Vangelis, the Greek composer and musician whose synth-driven work brought huge drama to film soundtracks including Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire, has died aged 79. His representatives said he died in hospital in France where he was being treated.

Born Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou in 1943, Vangelis won an Oscar for his 1981 Chariots of Fire soundtrack. Its uplifting piano motif became world-renowned, and reached No 1 in the US charts, as did the accompanying soundtrack album.

Self taught and he developed his own system of notation.  Here is one of my favorite videos - he sits down and does a five minute full orchestral composition:

One of a kind - he will be missed.  Here is his last interview.

Elon's latest acquisition

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Been hankering for some of them.  Pure sugar bombs but craving that acid bite and intense artifical orange flavor - besides, I need my minimum daily requirement of Yellow #6.

Was at Tractor Supply last week, saw their candy display and lo and behold.  Picked up a bag and they were horrible - nothing like what I remembered them being.  Checked my local grocery store and they did not carry them.  Was at another grocery store and they had some house brand - got a bag and they were overly sweet (if that is even possible) with a really bad bitter aftertaste.

I remembered that the brand I liked was Brach's - they have a website but do not list the orange slices (they have Manderin Orange slices but not the original).  Checked on Amazon and they carried Brach's Orange Slices but were charging $21.21 for a 22oz. container. 1.38 pounds.  This is in line with the little bags I was looking for - couple ounces for a couple of bucks but jeezzzzz...  $21 plus sales tax to satisfy a minor jones?  Nope.

What is up?

Candace Owens has been busy:

From her site:

On the 2-year anniversary of the George Floyd death – and the radical, worldwide repercussions – Candace Owens takes her bold lens to the people and places that ignited the violent, racially-divided aftermath. She goes beyond the 8 minutes and 46 seconds of film to expose the truth behind The Greatest Lie Ever Told.

That would come in handy

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All he needs is a white cat to stroke:


Davos 2022 is coming up soon - target rich environment if you know what I mean...
Just sayin'

House is emptying out.  Long haul but it is happening. Be really nice when we are all settled in North Carolina.  Nothing happening on the web this morning - monkeypox seems to be the new AIDS. Sexually transmitted among gay men. Wonder if Fauci is going to try to monopolize this epidemic too.  Heading to the farm next Tuesday with another load.

More in a couple of hours...

They had it restored in 45 minutes - there is a big substation nearby so something happened that brought that crashing down.  Hit the big RESET button and everything came back up again.

Funny as the lead story for our local fish-wrap was this:

PUD plans second high-voltage line to Camano
Power outages on Camano Island could become less frequent.

The Snohomish PUD is proposing to build a long-planned and long-awaited second high-voltage transmission line to Camano, adding redundancy that should increase power reliability, the utility said.

The PUD wants to build a new 5.3-mile overhead line from the North Stanwood substation to the North Camano substation. Afterward, it also plans to rebuild the existing 2.7-mile overhead line.

But the North Stanwood substation was what went down so this would not have affected it at all.  There were 4,500 customers without power in the Stanwood area as well as the 10K poor sods on this blighted island.. Vancouver Island has about 40K outages, Lower Mainland 6.5K  Seattle and Tacoma areas are showing about 10K

Joe is not having a good day

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Very obvious green-screen in back. Also, the data on hurricanes shows a marked decline in both frequency and strength over the last 50 years. Katrina was more a case of bad management and poorly maintained infrastructure than intensity of storm - remember, it was a CAT3 when it made landfall.

People talk about the damage being so much more expensive - that is because fools are building waterfront properties in the path.  Didn't to do that earlier — had more sense.

Explained in three minutes - no other explanation:

Any US Non-profit corporation has to submit an IRS Form 990 as part of their tax filings.
The London Daily Mail takes a look:

Black Lives Matter spent $1.2M lobbying Congress: Pushed for Trump's IMPEACHMENT over Jan. 6, tried to abolish the DEA and end life sentences, bombshell tax filings show

    • Tax filings released Tuesday show BLM's finances from July 2020 to June 2021
    • The group spend more than $1.2 million lobbying members of Congress
    • Among the issues it pushed was impeaching Donald Trump a second time
    • The filings show that BLM ended the fiscal year with $42 million in net assets
    • Group spent more than $37 million of the $90 million it received in donations
    • Group invested $32 million in stocks to build an endowment to fund its future
    • Filings also confirm lavish spending on real estate in Los Angeles and Toronto
    • Patrisse Cullors was group's only voting director and held no board meetings
    • Cullors later stepped down amid allegations of financial improprieties
    • She has denied the claims and insists that all the group's spending was proper

Much more at the site.  Out and out theft. Prison time for all...

Big difference between being WOKE and waking up and smelling the Cappucino. Walt Disney Corp. seems to be transitioning from the former to the latter.  From Don Surber:

Disney moving 2,000 jobs TO Florida
Led by Ron DeSantis, Republicans stood up to Disney, the world's largest entertainment conglomerate (ABC, ESPN and half of Hollywood are among its holdings). Disney threatened to stop donating to Republicans if they dared pass the Don't Groom Kids law.

Florida is stainding up to this activist bullshit.  What is Disney doing?

In fact, instead of pulling jobs from Florida, Disney is adding to its work force in the Sunshine State.

The Orlando Business Journal reported, "California-based The Walt Disney Co. has had a major presence in Florida since the 1960s when the early stages of Walt Disney World were under development.

"The company should make the move to Lake Nona by late 2024, according to information shared on job postings. The Walt Disney Co. has confirmed it will relocate about 2,000 jobs from its California headquarters to Lake Nona, a master-planned community in southeast Orlando."

Are they looking at moving the corporate headquarters?  That would make a lot of sense with this move being a trial run. Being WOKE is bad for business.

Going dark - big winds

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So far, nothing much down here beyond this morning's blow but it must be howling up North. 25K people out in Canada and about 3.7K in our county.

The overcast is breaking up and sun is shining.  We will see what happens...

Doing some paperwork and then more packing...

Picking up — storm

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Wind from the South - definitely going to be a blow today.

Waiting for the power to go out - the trees are all leafed out and this is the first big storm.  Lots of extra wind resistance.

Canada is reporting about 5K customers without power.

Surf, shower and out to work - moving more stuff today.

Check it out: Truth Social

The registration process did not work with the Brave Browser but it worked fine with MS Edge and I am using Brave for reading posts - works fine so far.

Still no Android app. iOS or Desktop for now...

The ocean is looking very oily - something is moving in.  From Cliff Mass:

A Winter Storm is Approaching: In May!
This May we are experiencing winter-like levels of precipitation, winter-like increases in the snowpack, and record-breaking cool temperatures.

The only thing missing is a winter-like Pacific storm, with deep low pressure and strong winds.

Well, it won't be missing tomorrow: a strong Pacific cyclone will make landfall on the British Columbia coast and gusty, damaging winds could batter the coast and Northwest Washington.

Even Puget Sound country will get a piece of it.

The low center will be making landfall on northern Vancouver Island at about 8 AM tomorrow (Wednesday), as shown by the predicted sea level pressure map at that time (see below).

The worst of it is going to hit to the North but still — the fun never stops... From

Gale Warning
From Wed 5 am until 5 pm PDT


WHAT...South winds 25 to 35 kt.

Out of the south so my house will be protected but still - going to be a fun blow.

Don Surber has a great post-mortem of events at Walt Disney Corp:

Virtue signaling cost Disney $89 billion

Go and read his post for the whole train-wreck. An object lesson.

New press secretary is avoiding the question - no understanding of the question so deflect, deflect, deflect...

From these people: Gravity

Certainly has a good read on things:


Power went out yesterday morning.  Internet service went out too.
Power was restored in about an hour - a tree fell across the power line.

Internet was still out around 9:00AM - called and they told me that it would be back on by 11:00AM
Called a little after 11:30 or so and they told me that it would be back on by 1:30PM
Called around 2:00PM  and they told me that it would be back on by 3:00PM
Called around 3:00PM and they told me that it would be back on by 6:00PM
6:30PM? 8:30PM
8:30PM? 10:30PM

I spent a nice evening watching a movie and reading.

This morning?
Called around 7:30AM  and they told me that it would be back on by 10:30AM
Called around 10:30AM  and they told me that it would be back on by 1:00PM

Went out to run a few errands and now?  1:00PM and it's up.

I would much rather have honest bad news than continual lies. If I knew that it was going to be out for 24+ hours, I would have brougt my laptop to the local library.

WAVE has a local office in the next town over and I went there and they said that there was no communication between the technicians and the people who handle customer support.

Really piss-poor customer service.

News you can use — April

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Do they know anything outside of their carefully structured narrative?

Cognitive dissonance is fun to watch - I know that they cherry-picked for the trailer but I love how some people just shut him off. They could not process the truth themselves so they could not listen to it. Must preserve the narrative...

A few clips:

Someone has a problem with race. I do not think it is President Trump. An obsession?

Trevor Loudon from August 2021:

The good news is that Trevor #1) - recorded this in August of 2021 and #2) - cites the "blue wave" happening in Virginia. This is before the landmark November election that saw a Republican governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. There is hope.

Better be sure that Lisa and I will be working hard to stop this. We need representation, not tyrrany.

We the People and all that good stuff.  Not some central elites living in a bubble.

Biden Email website

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The site is being responsive now - it gives you the option of downloading all of the 128,755 emails.
But wait, there's more...

This is the work of the Marco Polo group which is it's own wonderful rabbit hole. 
Lots of stuff to see there, very well presented and organised.

BillG — a good editorial

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From Mark Dolan at Britain's GBNews

This is by design, not by accident:


Not just *Resident Biden

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We need to remember that this is being driven by the New WORLD Order.
Some headlines:

And I could go on for quite some time...

This is not "bad luck"   This is planned.  The elite want to cut the worlds population — the better to "save" and "nudge" those of us who remain into proper behaviour. They have been telling us for the last thirty years what their plans are.  Anyone who tried publicizing these plans has been branded a conspiracy theorist.

And my day begins

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Coffee shop opens at 9:00AM on Sunday so heading out a bit late. Got the van loaded up with another bunch of boxes for the barn.

Raining lightly - nothing new...  More later today.

Swamped - bidenlaptopemails

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Needless to say, their server is melting down under load this morning but: is real and it is spectacular.  128,775 of them (so far), indexed and searchable.

Made me smile

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Escher? Maurits Cornelis Escher  Amazing work

In Canada but wanna bet it's happening here too:

East coasters will see the whole thing - it will be underway for those of us on the west coast.
From Sky & Telescope:

You can't do better for an astronomical event than a total lunar eclipse. It's visible to city and rural residents alike across half the planet, requires no special equipment, lasts for hours and is guaranteed to happen. How many other celestial shows offer this kind of ease and certainty? About the only thing that can get in the way are clouds. And for that, you can check current cloud maps to find the nearest clear skies. More about that in a moment.

On Sunday night–Monday morning May 15–16, the Moon will undergo a total eclipse widely visible across the Americas, Europe, and Africa. From the East Coast partial eclipse begins about two hours after sunset, an hour after sunset for the Midwest, and near sunset for the mountain states.

Farther west along the West Coast, the moon will rise fully immersed in Earth's shadow. While that may make it sketchy to see at first, as the sky darkens, dramatic views of a highly reddened Moon near the horizon will make for stirring photographic possibilities. In the Eastern Hemisphere, European and African observers will witness the eclipse in the early morning hours and at dawn.

Visibility chart and times at the site.

A fun morning was had

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The usual coffee but left early and went to this event: SCARC ANNUAL HAM RADIO SWAPMEET

Ran into about 20 people I knew - both from here as well as from at the farm.  I was a lot more active in the club up there. Lots of stuff for sale - some interesting things but nothing that I needed.


I am wanting to build a magnetic loop antenna so looking for some vacuum-variable capacitors as well as some 1" or larger diameter flexible hardline coax for the loop. Left empty-handed but happy.

20220514-food.jpgTip of the hat to Ann Barnhardt

Great news for England from Russia Today:

Over 90,000 civil servants in UK may get the axe
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday ordered cabinet ministers to significantly reduce departmental staffing levels in a push to lower government spending. According to media reports, the PM has set out plans to terminate up to 90,000 civil servants, which is equivalent to a fifth of Whitehall.

Johnson told the Daily Mail that reducing the headcount would generate savings that could be deployed to help the general public. “We have got to cut the cost of government to reduce the cost of living,” he said. “Every pound the government pre-empts from the taxpayer is money they can spend on their own priorities, on their own lives.”

Johnson has ordered ministers to prepare proposals for job cuts for their departments within a month.

I love that this has to start within the month - no dilly-dallying...

BillG — ahead of the curve

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From tech site Motherboard/Vice:

San Francisco Police Are Using Driverless Cars as Mobile Surveillance Cameras
For the last five years, driverless car companies have been testing their vehicles on public roads. These vehicles constantly roam neighborhoods while laden with a variety of sensors including video cameras capturing everything going on around them in order to operate safely and analyze instances where they don't.

While the companies themselves, such as Alphabet’s Waymo and General Motors’ Cruise, tout the potential transportation benefits their services may one day offer, they don’t publicize another use case, one that is far less hypothetical: Mobile surveillance cameras for police departments.

“Autonomous vehicles are recording their surroundings continuously and have the potential to help with investigative leads,” says a San Francisco Police department training document obtained by Motherboard via a public records request. “Investigations has already done this several times.”

And this is the tip of the iceberg:

“Law enforcement agencies already have access to automated license plate readers, geofence warrants, Ring Doorbell footage, as well as the ability to purchase location data. This practice will extend the reach of an already pervasive web of surveillance.”

And, of course:

SPFD did not respond to a Motherboard email asking for more details on when and how often it sought footage from AVs.

Light posting for a while more

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Doing a big push to get the Island house emptied out and my things back to the farm.
Needless to say, time is of the essence so not as much time for blogging.

Lisa and I are moving to North Carolina this August - lots to do before then...

mic drop: Thomas Sowell quote

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Coming into line with reality

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Never stop remembering that the WOKE crowd are a very small minority with very loud voices.
Bullies. Activists. But I repeat myself...

From Variety:

Netflix Updates Corporate Culture Memo, Adding Anti-Censorship Section and a Vow to ‘Spend Our Members’ Money Wisely’
Netflix loves to tout its culture of avoiding rules and minimizing corporate red tape. But of course, the company does have operating guidelines, famously detailed in the Netflix Culture document posted on its website. Co-founder Reed Hastings even wrote a 2020 book elaborating on the principles, titled “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention.”

Now Netflix is publishing an update to its corporate culture memo for the first time in nearly five years, a copy of which Variety obtained exclusively ahead of its release Thursday. The last major update was in 2017, when it distilled Hastings’ original 125-slide presentation from 2009 (which has been viewed more than 21 million times).

A bit more:

“Not everyone will like — or agree with — everything on our service,” the Artistic Expression section continues. “While every title is different, we approach them based on the same set of principles: we support the artistic expression of the creators we choose to work with; we program for a diversity of audiences and tastes; and we let viewers decide what’s appropriate for them, versus having Netflix censor specific artists or voices.”

The section concludes, “As employees we support the principle that Netflix offers a diversity of stories, even if we find some titles counter to our own personal values. Depending on your role, you may need to work on titles you perceive to be harmful. If you’d find it hard to support our content breadth, Netflix may not be the best place for you.”

On the belt-tightening front, in the “Valued Behaviors” section (previously called “Real Values”), there’s a new entry under the “Judgment” heading: “You spend our members’ money wisely.”

In other words - don't do a series on sexualizing little girls and expect the other 99.999% (ie: those people who pay our wages) to be happy. They might cancel their subscriptions and we will all be out of work.

Sad that they had to issue a memo to effect the change - this should be basic common sense and morality.  Still, glad that they are feeling the heat...

A lot of people follow the narrative.  Hard not to do when every media outlet is pushing the same buzzwords 24/7.  You can see this back a few years ago when Build Back Better was the buzzword of the day (here, here, here and here for starters). The "fact" that white cops are murdering unarmed black dindus "innocents" is another narrative being pushed by people who want to balkanize and divide us. Of course, anyone who speaks the truth must be silenced.  Don't want the proles to think for themselves. From the London Daily Mail:

White Thomson Reuters data scientist says he was FIRED from $350k role by woke bullies for sharing data showing cops kill more unarmed white people than black people - and claiming BLM contributed to deaths of thousands

    • Thomson Reuters' former director of data science Zac Kriegman claimed he was fired after sharing his research on race and police killings with colleagues
    • Kriegman posted stats showing cops in the US killed more unarmed white people than black people since 2015
    • He said he was ridiculed and bullied by colleagues, and when he asked leadership for help, his post was taken down and he was fired
    • Kriegman said he wanted his research to spark a conversation amongst reporters at the company's newswire service about how to cover the issue
    • He's the latest person to claim they faced hostility from a woke mob running rampant in the workplace

A former director of data science at Thomson Reuters said he was fired for sharing research on the company's internal social media platform that showed police killed more unarmed white people than black people and that the Black Lives Matter movement allegedly caused the deaths of thousands.

Zac Kriegman, who worked at Thomson Reuters for six years before being fired last summer, claimed he was let go from his $350,000 job because he stood against the company's reporting conventions on BLM in order to dispel what the 'false narrative' that black people were the largest victim of police violence.

In a piece first published on Bari Weiss's Substack, Common Sense, Kriegman said he shared with collogues concerns that reports saying unarmed black people are killed by police at a disproportionately higher rate than their white counterparts was not accurate.

The Washington Post, which has led the effort to document fatal police shootings, found that police had killed 3,024 white people and 1,596 black people since 2015.

The findings highlight that black people were disproportionately affected by the shootings as they make up only 13 percent of the U.S. population, but Kriegman said the rhetoric was incomplete and when he tried proving it, he said he received backlash from fellow white co-workers.

'I was publicly derided as a 'troll,' 'confused,' 'laughable,' and 'not worth engaging with or even attempting to have an intelligent conversation' with,' Kriegman wrote.

Yeah - it really is that simple.  That cut and dried.  If you do not hew to the narrative, you will be run over.  You will be made a non-person. Eliminated.  Your voice will be silenced. This is what communists do. They have nothing to offer.  Nobody will vote for them so the  have to lie and cheat to gain and hold onto their power.

Much more at the site - they site a couple other examples of this.
What you read in the mainstream media is NOT what is happening.
It is propaganda from the state.

From the Los Angeles, CA NBC affiliate:

SoCal Edison Reports ‘Circuit Activity' Close to Start of Laguna Niguel Fire
Southern California Edison says it has notified state utility regulators that "circuit activity" was detected at about the same time a brush fire started in the hills above the Orange County coast and quickly burned uphill into a neighborhood.

The Coastal Fire was reported around 2:45 p.m. Wednesday in Aliso Woods Canyon near Laguna Niguel. Fanned by ocean winds, flames tore through thick brush in the canyon and climbed over the top of the ridgeline and cast wind-strewn embers onto homes.

When will they learn to stop blowing taxpayer money on solar and wind - these are both will-'o'-the-wisp ephemera that are not baseload generation. Spend your money on rebuilding the infrastructure.  I know that is sexy - it looks good to the proles but that needs to be the icing on the cake. Something you do after everything else has been taken care of.

Another round of lawsuits (here for starters) will be in order this fall - this fire is just the beginning...

Hard to see what with the red curtain of blood clouding my vision - Washington Examiner:

Illegal migrants first to get ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula
The nationwide shortage of baby formula that has sent mothers desperately rushing from store to store has evaded one lucky group: illegal immigrants detained by Border Patrol.

According to videos posted by a Florida lawmaker, the Biden administration has been shipping “pallets” of baby formula to migrant holding facilities.

“They are sending pallets, pallets of baby formula to the border,” said Republican Rep. Kat Cammack in one of two online postings yesterday. “Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula,” she added, holding a photo of empty shelves where the formula would be.

Much more at the site - videos, photos.  This is happening now.

What gets me is that Engaget is a mainstream liberal tech website.  They reported on this story?
From Engaget:

ICE 'now operates as a domestic surveillance agency,' think tank says
Although it's supposed to be restricted by surveillance rules at local, state and federal levels, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has built up a mass surveillance system that includes details on almost all US residents, according to a report from a major think tank. Researchers from Georgetown Law's Center on Privacy and Technology said ICE "now operates as a domestic surveillance agency" and that it was able to bypass regulations in part by purchasing databases from private companies.

"Since its founding in 2003, ICE has not only been building its own capacity to use surveillance to carry out deportations but has also played a key role in the federal government’s larger push to amass as much information as possible about all of our lives," the report's authors state. "By reaching into the digital records of state and local governments and buying databases with billions of data points from private companies, ICE has created a surveillance infrastructure that enables it to pull detailed dossiers on nearly anyone, seemingly at any time."

The researchers spent two years looking into ICE to put together the extensive report, which is called "American Dragnet: Data-Driven Deportation in the 21st Century." They obtained information by filing hundreds of freedom of information requests and scouring more than 100,000 contracts and procurement records.

How about they go back to doing their chartered job and keep this nation safe from illegals.  Time for them to either be disbanded or to be relocated to Ranchitos Las Lomas, Texas and have their budget cut by 90%. All of our tax dollars being wasted on crap like this.

And off the rails again - dementia:

Elder abuse. He doesn't have a clue where he is.

I do love that we are living rent-free inside his head

In two headlines:

Jordan Peterson Resigns Tenured Professor Position at U. Toronto, Citing Destructive Diversity and Inclusion Policies

Ralston College is honored to announce the appointment of Dr Jordan B. Peterson as its Chancellor

Ralson College is new - 2006  From their about page:

Ralston College is a revival and a reinvention of the traditional university. It is a fellowship dedicated to humanistic inquiry for anyone, anywhere, who seeks the truth with courage.

Ralston College is the answer to… what, exactly? It is no secret that the integrity of higher education, in the United States and elsewhere, has become questionable—not least because most colleges and universities are no longer places where freedom of inquiry, and the freedom of speech on which free inquiry depends, are protected, let alone celebrated. Nevertheless, our vocation is not critique, but to show another way.

A classical liberal-arts college.  Wonderful.  The campus is in Savannah, Georgia - a gorgeous old city.

Lazy day - trip to the dump

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Slept in this morning.  Have not taken a day off in several weeks. Working today but took the morning off.

Got a bunch of cruft sitting outside so loading up the van and taking these items off to spend some quality time in dumpster-camp (trip to the landfill included at no extra cost!!!)

Sitting down to lunch and a quick surf...

From the New York Post:

Tourists at Sandals resort where 3 Americans died complained of ‘strong odor’ of insecticides
Tourists at the Sandals resort in the Bahamas where three Americans mysteriously died last week have been complaining about the intense smell of bug repellant, according to a new report.

Multiple guests at the Grand Exuma resort told NBC News about the “strong odor” of insecticides, which the Bahamian authorities are now investigating, according to the network.

While the reports remain inconclusive, it’s a strong new lead in the bizarre deaths given the potential lethality of the chemicals.

In 2016, the parent company of pest control company Terminix settled for $87 million with an American family poisoned by an insecticide while on a Caribbean vacation.

The father of the Delaware family was left paralyzed after the company was fumigating the property below their rental villa with the banned substance methyl bromide, according to CBS News.

They were originally saying that it was leaking refrigerant from the HVAC systems.  These either use a harmless Fluorocarbon or Ammonia which has such a pungent odor that people would be clawing their way out of the building well before any toxic level built up. Heads will roll.

Vaccine poster boy catches covid

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BillG has the Wuhan Flu — Liberty Daily:

Chief Depopulationist and Vaccine-Pushing Prince of Darkness Bill Gates Has Symptomatic Covid-19
What’s happening to the radical left lately? From a slew of Democrat politicians to progressive vaxx-nannies of the highest levels, the “fully-vaccinated and extremely boosted” elites are dropping like flies to Covid-19. Bill Gates is the latest Neo-Marxist to catch the disease.

Gates wrote in a series of tweets:

“I’ve tested positive for COVID. I’ve tested positive for COVID. I’m experiencing mild symptoms and am following the experts’ advice by isolating until I’m healthy again. The Gates Foundation is coming together today for the first time in two years, and I am lucky to be on Teams to see everyone and thank them for their hard work. We will continue working with partners and do all we can to ensure none of us have to deal with a pandemic again.”

Of course, he chose to turn replies off on the Tweets because he knew we would decimate him.

I have a problem with the author's use of the word "decimate" but yeah...  Schadenfreude.
Of course he would turn the replies off.  99.999% of Bullies are really Cowards trying to compensate.

Up to the farm today

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Outta here for the day - heading to the farm to drop a big load off to the conex boxes.

House here is emptying out nicely - gettin' it done.

Some posting late tonight... Maybe...

A long thread but worth reading - from pro-birth:
A synthesis in three parts:

Part #1) — from here:


Part #2) — from here:

You know why they had to say “20 years ago”? Until 2005, if you couldn’t pay off your student loan debt, you could declare bankruptcy and your student loans would be nullified. (Your credit rating would take a hit which would take about a decade to recover, but that’s not such a big deal.) In 2005, Congress passed a law which made student loan debt no longer dischargeable in bankruptcy — actually a minor provision, mostly the bill was to make it easier for credit card issuers (who wrote the bill’s text) to harass clients who were in bankruptcy. The Senator who sponsored that bill?
Joe Fucking Biden, the asshole the Democrats united to nominate instead of Bernie Sanders.


Part #3) - from the site:

Psst. Hey. Y’all want to know why they did this?

Why they will never forgive student loan debt?

Why they want you to have debt you can’t pay back?

Student loan asset-backed securities.
Remember mortgage-backed securities from the 2008 financial crisis?

Hedge funds and banks had put everything into MBSs, incentivizing lenders to give out mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them in order to inflate the amount of MBSs available to invest in. Corrupt credit rating agencies rated these securities higher than they should have, artificially propping up a teetering Jenga tower. When people started getting foreclosed on because they couldn’t afford their mortgages, the tower eventually came crumbling down - but not before the big Wall Street investors - including the execs from the various banks and hedge funds - got out of their positions, leaving the banks and hedge funds themselves holding the bag and destroying people’s savings and pensions.

The trouble with MBSs, you see, is that people can be foreclosed on. Before MBSs, this was pretty rare, because lenders had no incentive to lend to those who couldn’t afford it. When MBSs became popular for investors, lenders now had that incentive.

Now we have Student Loan Asset-Backed Securities, or SLABS. These securities, like MBSs, are an investment in the loan and the repayment of that loan as an asset. Only now these securities are much safer - because you can no longer declare bankruptcy on those loans. There is no asset (like a house) that can be taken away - can a bank repossess your education?

So instead, the asset behind a SLABS is not your education, but your lifetime of work. YOU are the asset behind SLABS.
Worst part? So much of Wall Street now relies on SLABS for their balance sheets that if anything were done to disrupt this system, the crash we would see would be certainly worse than 2008, possibly worse than 1929.

This Jenga tower got far too tall, and SLABS are the key foundational piece on which everything else relies.

Just wonderful...  If Putin has an itchy trigger finger on his cans of sunlight, I could not think of a better target for an airburst than Washington, D.C.  Keep the museums, just irradiate the people and bring the grid down for a couple years. A clean slate.

From Sundance:

Sunday Talks, Lockheed Martin CEO Says Business Booming Under Biden Administration, Expecting Increased Conflict in Europe, North Korea, Iran and Taiwan
This is one of those interviews that will likely not gain much attention; however, if you listen carefully to how Lockheed Martin CEO James Taiclet describes the need for expanded operations throughout their facilities you get a good perspective on the scale of anticipated foreign intervention by the crew behind Joe Biden.

Joe Biden recently traveled to Alabama to thank Taiclet and his company for increasing production of Javelin missiles. In this interview the weapons manufacturing CEO states the timeline to increase production is a few years and he anticipates the Ukraine conflict will be ongoing throughout.

Additionally, due to the Biden foreign policy James Taiclet happily anticipates conflicts beyond Ukraine, in Tiawan, Iran and North Korea. The CBS stenographer Margaret Brennan doesn’t even pause as she asks questions about how fast more of these wonderful bombs and missiles can be made available. Not a moment of reflection amid the gleeful war drums. Quite remarkable.

Time to get some adults in the room - now.  The current regime are corrupt fools.

Social movement?  More like mental illness. From the Washington Examiner:

Trans woman sentenced for sexually assaulting and forcing daughter into child porn
Marina Volz, a transgender woman from New Jersey, was sentenced to 25 years in state prison after forcing a young girl into child pornography.

Volz, 31, went to Oregon in December 2018 to get custody of the girl, Volz's now 7-year-old biological daughter, with the intention of bringing her to New Jersey to be sexually assaulted and filmed, the acting Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office said.

But but but - gimme maahhh rightsssss...

Rope, tree. Some assembly required.

You can run but... Got them

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Good news - from Washington Examiner:

Ten-day manhunt for Alabama inmate and corrections officer ends with police chase
A pair of fugitives, including an inmate who escaped prison in Alabama and a female corrections officer who helped him, have been captured after a 10-day manhunt ended in a police pursuit by vehicle, according to authorities.

The inmate, Casey White, is in custody, and Vicky White, who was an assistant director of corrections at the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office, has been taken to the hospital after a police chase in Evansville, Indiana, resulted in a crash, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told reporters Monday.

Feel a little bit sorry for her - she was used:

Days prior to the pair's escape, Vicky White had closed on the sale of her home for just over $95,000 and withdrew approximately $90,000 in cash from multiple banks.

Only a little bit though - she knew what she was doing.  He was originally sentenced to 75 years in prison - nasty piece of work.

Punching back against WOKE

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Good - from 90 Miles



From Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man


The mid-term elections are only six months away. People on both sides have been collecting ammunition and the first shots are being fired.  Looks like the Conservatives have a doozy with this one.  From the Gateway Pundit:

NOTE TO STACEY ABRAMS – FIND A GOOD LAWYER: True the Vote Announces They Are Releasing Addresses of ALL Ballot Trafficking Stash Houses
The virtual premiere for the movie ‘2000 Mules’ was held last night live from Las Vegas.

In the film, Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote provide answers and evidence on the stolen 2020 Election. The explosive documentary was released on Tuesday at select theaters across the nation.

According to the evidence discussed in the movie, if you factor in just the Mule ballot traffickers: Trump won with 305 electoral votes. That does not even count all the other fraud that occurred during the election like the mysterious ballot drops at 3 in the morning or the questionable machines.

Time to lawyer up:

The movie discusses the Democrat-linked stash houses but does not mention any names or locations.

Last night Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips announced they will be releasing ALL of the addresses of the ballot stash houses.

Stacey Abrams may want to find a good lawyer.

Heh - 1,300+ comments - a fun read.  Going to be hard for them to spin this.

Wise words - good things

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Always worked for me:


I was looking for a specific Ronald Reagan quote and found this one:

The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would steal them away

So so true...

They are genuinely miserable people - unhappy about everything. H.L. Menken summed it up with this aphorism:

Puritanism.—The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy

Happy Mother's Day


And got nothing this morning

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Quiet news day. California is running out of electricity AGAIN.

Also, plastic recycling is now being known as the scam that it always has been
Penn & Teller were on this eighteen years ago:

Recycling aluminum is a good thing. Everything else? Once a scam, always a scam.
A lot of money is being spent on these programs with zero benefit.
There is very little demand for recycled glass, plastic or paper pulp.

Was talking about this with someone over coffee and they had not thought about looking at this metric. I checked today and there is a 222% difference in the rental price for a 10' box truck from Los Angeles, CA driving to Austin, TX depending on which direction you are going.



From $2,842 to $1,280 - quite the difference. 

The rates have not changed very much though.  Back in August of 2020, I checked the rates between San Francisco and Butte, Montana.  Then, it was $2,187 and $583 depending on direction.  Now? It is $2,800 and $875 - couple hundred bucks higher.  I would have expected a lot more.

Seattle Times:

Garbage is piled so high, Snohomish County dumps need to close before trash combusts
Snohomish County has a smelly 45-foot-tall problem that could go up in flames.

Two Snohomish County transfer stations are almost at capacity as the amount of garbage has reached unprecedented levels due to supply chain issues, said Snohomish County Public Works Director Kelly Snyder.

Up in flames?

As garbage sits, it decomposes and heats up. If enough heat is generated, a fire could quickly spread through the pile and damage the facility. The cores of the piles are already 130 degrees, Snyder said, and the Southwest transfer station has already had a close call with a small fire about a week ago.

“Our quick-acting staff were able to get it down off the pile, spread it out, and the fire was put out very quickly,” Snyder said.

A 24-hour “fire watch” has been instituted for about 10 days, she said, and workers are vigilantly monitoring the heat of the piles while also keeping an eye out for smoke and flames.

If they wanted to be green, they could be composting the garbage.  Run pipes through each layer and circulate water to extract the heat.  They could also capture the methane and CO gasses that come out and use them to run generators.

This place: Jackson County Green Energy Park is about 60 miles from where we will be living in North Carolina.  They have a landfill and run a glass studio, a blacksmith forge and a pottery studio all from the decomposition gasses.  Want to talk about green energy?  That is a perfect example of green energy.

Great post from Don Surber:

PR firm goes from Woke to Nope
Judd Legum's headline did not do the story justice. It said, "PR giant advising corporate clients to stay silent on abortion rights."

The PR company -- Zeno -- is not just a giant but a Woke Giant. Its clientele includes other Woke Giants such as Coke, Netflix and Starbucks.

You remember Coke, right? It is that bottled fizzy water company that exhorted its employees to "try to be less white," a corporate racism that Florida banned last month.
49 other states should follow suit.

Zeno is woke. Kevin McCauley profiled the company in March, writing:

Zeno Shoots for Higher Purpose
Zeno Group scored a 39.9% surge in 2021 revenues to $118.9M as it captured 85 major new business wins and its Top Ten clients hiked spending about 40%.

"Never more so than over the last year, when global forces required businesses to think and act differently, Zeno fully demonstrated what's known to be true — companies that embody a higher purpose are stronger and more impactful, inside and out," said CEO Barby Siegel.

Beyond growing its revenues base, Zeno wants to be measured for making a positive impact on people's lives.

But then, a scant six weeks later:

6 weeks later, Zeno junked all that Marxist marketing and told CEOs to STFU about social issues.

The new buzz phrase is try to be less woke. The PR firm is advising CEOs of their right to remain silent on abortion.

Legum reported that Zeno's Katie Cwayna sent an email to the Woke, saying, "Do not take a stance you cannot reverse, especially when the decision is not final. This topic is a textbook 50/50 issue. Subjects that divide the country can sometimes be no-win situations for companies because regardless of what they do they will alienate at least 15% to 30% of their stakeholders… Do not assume that all of your employees, customers or investors share your view."

Heh - reading the writing on the wall.  WOKE was a flash in the pan by a very loud and very small minority of people who tried to control the narrative. Coke's position made me stop buying their product and switch to Pepsi. Wake up and smell the cappucino...

This tweet:

The gentleman is Chet Hanks - son of actor Tom Hanks.
The interviewer is comedian and writer Ziwerekoru “Ziwe” Fumudoh.
The term mic drop comes to mind.

Oh Joy... H5N1

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From the Washington State Department of Agriculture:

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS) have confirmed the detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) – also known as bird flu – in a non-commercial backyard flock in Pacific County.

The flock owners reported sick birds and an increased rate of mortality. Samples taken on May 4 were tested for the presence of H5N1 avian influenza virus in the flock on May 5 by state and federal labs. This is the first detection of the virus in Washington state in 2022. There are no detections in commercial poultry in the state.

This is not something people can catch — yet.  Next pandemic waiting in the wings?

From Reuters - tip of the hat to Don Surber for the link:

California says it needs more power to keep the lights on
California energy officials on Friday issued a sober forecast for the state's electrical grid, saying it lacks sufficient capacity to keep the lights on this summer and beyond if heatwaves, wildfires or other extreme events take their toll.

The update from leaders from three state agencies and the office of Governor Gavin Newsom comes in response to a string of challenges with the ambitious transition away from fossil fuels, including rolling blackouts during a summer heat wave in 2020.

California has among the most aggressive climate change policies in the world, including a goal of producing all of its electricity from carbon-free sources by 2045.

In an online briefing with reporters, the officials forecast a potential shortfall of 1,700 megawatts this year, a number that could go as high as 5,000 MW if the grid is taxed by multiple challenges that reduce available power while sending demand soaring, state officials said during an online briefing with reporters.

Nice idea?  Practical? Nope.

Must be nice to be able to spend and spend and spend and know that the taxpayers will still keep electing you into office. Must be a nice gig.  In a well-run business, Newsom would be out on his ear after his first review period.

From the Vancouver Times:

VP of Pfizer arrested after #pfizerdocuments get released
Rady Johnson, the executive Vice President of Pfizer, has been arrested at his home and charged with multiple counts of fraud by federal agents. He was taken into custody and is awaiting a bail hearing. This comes as 1,000s of classified documents from Pfizer were released, showing the true risks of the experimental vaccine.

Nothing beyond this - as they say: developing

So true - the Thinker

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And Boeing moves GHQ yet again

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They started in Seattle but moved their Global Headquarters to Chicago as Seattle is turning into a shithole city and the costs of doing business in WA State are climbing out of control (one of my primary reasons for moving to N.C.). They jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, moving to Chicago, Illinois - probably got a nice sweetheart deal on taxes. Now? Beetlejuice's worker's paradise has gotten to be too much and they are on the move again.  This time? Virginia. Republican governor. Kick-ass Lieutenant Governor.  Cheap taxes and close enough to the swamp but not too close.

From Boeing:

Boeing Names Northern Virginia Office Its Global Headquarters; Establishes Research & Technology Hub
Boeing [NYSE: BA] announced today that its Arlington, Virginia campus just outside Washington, D.C. will serve as the company's global headquarters. The aerospace and defense firm's employees in the region support various corporate functions and specialize in advanced airplane development and autonomous systems. In addition to designating Northern Virginia as its new headquarters, Boeing plans to develop a research & technology hub in the area to harness and attract engineering and technical capabilities.

"We are excited to build on our foundation here in Northern Virginia. The region makes strategic sense for our global headquarters given its proximity to our customers and stakeholders, and its access to world-class engineering and technical talent," said Boeing President and Chief Executive Officer Dave Calhoun.

Boeing will maintain a significant presence at its Chicago location and surrounding region.

"We greatly appreciate our continuing relationships in Chicago and throughout Illinois. We look forward to maintaining a strong presence in the city and the state," said Calhoun.

"We also want to especially thank Governor Youngkin for his partnership, and Senator Warner for his support as we worked through the process."

Heh - "continuing relationships in Chicago and throughout Illinois"  Yeah - they still have factories and maintain offices there but that is not the headquarters of the business.  Boeing will not pay its business taxes to Chicago any more.

Good move and smart for their shareholders.

Couple of interesting things in the news:

A very good question - Jeff?

Sweet Schadenfreude at Washington Examiner:

Meghan McCain’s Bad Republican book flops too
Two new books featuring Washington political royalty debuted as huge flops, suggesting there is limited interest in anything beyond a focus on presidential politics.

The latest failure is Meghan McCain’s memoir, Bad Republican, released April 26.

According to an NPD BookScan provided to Secrets, it sold just 244 copies in the first few days.

Great news from the Gateway Pundit:

Huge Win: Georgia Judge Rules Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is Qualified for Reelection
A Georgia judge ruled on Friday that Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) is qualified to run for reelection after a liberal organization has filed a lawsuit seeking to ban Rep. Greene from re-election.

State Judge Charles Beaudrot dismissed the lawsuit saying the “challengers have produced insufficient evidence to show that Rep. Greene ‘engaged’ in that insurrection after she took the oath of office on January 3, 2021.”

“The burden of proof in this matter is on Challengers. Challengers have failed to prove their case by a preponderance of the evidence. The evidence in this matter is insufficient to establish that Rep. Greene, having “previously taken an oath as a member of Congress . . . to support the Constitution of the United States . . . engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or [gave] aid or comfort to the enemies thereof” under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Therefore, the Court holds that Respondent is qualified to be a candidate for Representative for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District,” Judge Beaudrot said in a 19-page recommendation.

I wish he worked for us - smart cookie. Slay News:

James Carville Mocks Own Party: “All Democrats do is sit around and talk about veganism and pronouns”
Democratic strategist James Carville went on CNN’s “OutFront” and mocked the Democrats for being weak. Carville was speaking in response to the bombshell SCOTUS leak that means the end of Roe v Wade.

More at the site. Finally, just got turned on to Robert Finley:

Good stuff - I love the blues.

Back to work...

Posting later this evening. Much to do...

Busy but productive.

Ran into this tool - looks interesting.  Ventoy

Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files.
With ventoy, you don't need to format the disk over and over, you just need to copy the ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files to the USB drive and boot them directly.
You can copy many files at a time and ventoy will give you a boot menu to select them (screenshot).
You can also browse ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files in local disks and boot them.
x86 Legacy BIOS, IA32 UEFI, x86_64 UEFI, ARM64 UEFI and MIPS64EL UEFI are supported in the same way.
Most types of OS supported (Windows/WinPE/Linux/ChromeOS/Unix/VMware/Xen...)

Perfect for a diagnostic and repair tool. I have a couple but they are linux based.
Nice to have one specific to Windows.  Give it a try in a while.

A distinction between the two

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Barbie gets a surprise

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Betting some really good stories. If I were in my 20's, I might sign up.
Always had a bit of the cloak and dagger spirit to me.

Working on stuff here.  No posting until much later today...

Had a thought (uh oh):  They are putting some very tall and very strong fencing around the Supreme Court building.  All this over the leak of a draft?  I am betting that there will be a Court decision striking Roe v. Wade either today or next Monday.

Elon is going to drain the swamp - from Kyle Becker:

‘I’m on the Warpath!’ Elon Musk Expected to Axe Twitter’s Censorship Team, Become CEO After He Takes Full Control
Billionaire tech entrepreneuer Elon Musk is “on the warpath.”

Musk is now “expected to serve as a temporary CEO of Twitter for a few months after he completes his $44 billion takeover of the social media company,” according to CNBC’s David Faber.

The Tesla founder and CEO has the Woke establishment in full meltdown, even reportedly bringing the Big Tech platform’s Trump-banning chief counsel Vijaya Gadde to tears. She’s now expected to be axed.

Musk, known for his cryptic tweets, alluded to shaking up the leadership team; of course, he did it with a meme.

Good - the children have been running the kindergarten for too long. Time for some adults in the room.

The people I know are up to around 100 food plants now - I had published their list when it was at 88 a few hours ago.  Some really good (and horrifying) research.  And then, there are the bees.  From the London Daily Mail:

Millions of honeybees are left to bake to death in Delta Airlines cargo crate after shipment bound for Alaska was diverted and left on hot tarmac in Atlanta

    • About 5 million honeybees bound for Alaska last weekend got waylaid when Delta Air Lines routed them through Atlanta instead
    • Two hundred crates of bees were supposed to make their way to Alaska aboard Delta Air Lines flights from Sacramento to Seattle and then on to Anchorage
    • Most of the bees died after being left for hours in crates on the ground during hot weather in Georgia
    • The bees, which were worth $48,000, were to be used to pollinate apple orchards and nurseries in Alaska, where they are not native
    • About 20 Atlanta beekeepers came to rescue those which had survived which numbered in the thousands - although millions of others died

Delta's response:

Delta called it an 'unfortunate situation.'

In an emailed statement, Delta spokeswoman Catherine Morrow said the airline 'was made aware of the shipment situation ... and quickly engaged the appropriate internal teams to assess the situation. We have taken immediate action to implement new measures to ensure events of this nature do not occur in the future.'

Unreal.  99% this is a case of Hanlon's Razor and not malicious action but still...

Hanlon's razor is the following aphorism: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity".

From Daily Wire:

Leftist Groups Direct Protestors To Descend Upon Supreme Court Justices’ Homes
Activist groups are directing angry abortion protestors to the homes of “six extremist” Supreme Court justices amid swelling abortion protests in major cities around the country.

What are they thinking?  That the adults will listen to them?

They are acting like they are two years old and just had a toy taken away.

Got a lot done and it is time to kick back and surf for a little bit.

There are a couple people doing some research - the numbers do not add up. 88 at last count...
Import into your favorite spreadsheet for better formatting - comma-seperated values (.CSV)
Other people are piling on and searching - this is just the tip of the iceberg:


A heads up - class v/s culture

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So true - the Deep State needs to FOAD:


Final push for emptying out the house and put it on the market.

Coffee and then work.

Finally - from Yahoo:

Indiana's attorney general sues Black Lives Matter over its use of donations
An attorney general has launched the most aggressive legal action against Black Lives Matter yet.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita filed a lawsuit against activist group Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLM) on Thursday. The suit is Rokita's latest move in his investigation of the group's finances and use of donations.

"I filed a lawsuit against the Black Lives Matter organization to protect Hoosiers from this house of cards," Rokita said of the suit on social media. "BLM has concerning patterns of behavior [and] we’ll do what it takes to get to the bottom of it on behalf of generous Hoosiers who have donated to them."

If they actually did what they said they were doing, there would be zero problem. Instead, the top people are using BLM as a personal piggy-bank for their own enrichment. It's a grift and not a charity.

From the New York Post:

Repairman who revealed Hunter Biden laptop sues Schiff, CNN, Politico and the Daily Beast
The Delaware computer repairman who blew the whistle on Hunter Biden’s laptop filed a multimillion-dollar defamation suit Tuesday against Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, CNN, the Daily Beast and Politico, saying they falsely accused him of peddling Russian disinformation.

The former shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, decided to fight back after losing his business and being harassed for 18 months by Big Tech, the media and Delaware locals in President Biden’s home state.

“After fighting to reveal the truth, all I want now is for the rest of the country to know that there was a collective and orchestrated effort by social and mainstream media to block a real story with real consequences for the nation,” the 45-year-old Mac Isaac told The Post.

“This was collusion led by 51 former pillars in the intelligence community and backed by words and actions of a politically motivated DOJ and FBI,” he continued. “I want this lawsuit to reveal that collusion and more importantly, who gave the marching orders.”

Discovery will be fun on this one.  Schiff is an evil weasel. A liar. He is in good company with this lawsuit.

The memo leaked in the late-afternoon / evening and there was a crowd protesting outside the Supreme Court building that night with pre-printed signs.  Don't those take a day or two to make?  How long did the libs know that this was going to happen?


Another busy day - a big push

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Getting the place emptied out.

More spew later this evening...

Reprogramming the NPCs

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I find it interesting that conservatives can clearly see how liberals arrive at their opinions, how they think and how they rationalize their decisions.  Liberals are, in turn, dumbfounded when trying to explain how conservatives think. They can not conceive how we view the world.  Big big difference.

I also have to say, this gets people's minds off Ukraine - the center for global money laundering.

Pepper's Ghost - up to date

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Pepper's Ghost is a classical stage illusion and Joshua Ellingson has been having a lot of fun bringing it into the 21st century.

More info on how it's done and how to do it yourself:

His channel has a lot of fun projects.  Just subscribed.


Favorite drink?  Liberal tears - chilled and served in a champagne flute:

Abortion "rights" are a matter for the State only - the Court ruling has zero bearing on its legality.

These are children and the real world is too much for them so they only deal in simple narratives.

They do what they are told to do, think what they are told to think, say what they are told to say.
They are slaves on the liberal plantation.

Everyone is carrying it.  Roe v. Wade might be repealed. Good.  It is a matter of states rights - the Federal government has no business regulating or funding it.   The leaker? Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz has his ideas:

And of course, let us not forget that the documentary on the 2020 election fraud is being released today and Wednesday the 4th.  They need something to distract from that.  Funny though, I checked for WA State and all of the theaters listed are all sold out. Have to watch online.

Thinking about it and this comes to mind. But, this is not the main event — the libs are just getting started.

Two memes for today

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Minimal posting until much later

So true - clouds

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Mike Lindell sells really good pillows (I have a couple of them - they seriously rock) and is a conservative gadfly.
His Twitter account was permanently suspended on January 26th, 2021.

Now that Twitter is owned by someone with First Amendment leanings, he signed up again and guess what...
From Based Underground:

Mike Lindell Suspended From Twitter Two Hours After Announcing New Account
It will take time before Elon Musk is able to bring stability and reduce censorship at Twitter. We’re not talking about buying a new phone. He’s spending tens of billions of dollars to buy Twitter. As fast as he and his team usually work, it will likely be months before we see real change on the platform.

Some are already returning to the platform in hopes that in these early stages of Musk’s purchase that changes may already be happening. We know that the company halted source code edits so disgruntled employees cannot lash out by changing the platform itself. But apparently, the same draconian measures for censoring conservatives is still in effect as Mike Lindell’s new account has been permanently banned two hours after he announced its launch.

Looks like the rats are still in the granary.

The other 10% have entitlement issues — one new meme and next, an older one:



The New York Times published an egregious front-page hit piece on him.  They didn't really cover anything factual - more suited to the opinion page and not above the fold on Page One.  They were pandering to their base - the liberals in the bubble.  The Narrative.
Tucker's reply?  Mockery is a very potent weapon:

Noam Chomsky is a Professor of Linguistics at MIT and a long-time leftist.
Now this is interesting - looks like he has seen the truth:

Tulsi Gabbard noticed some interesting timing:

Slow morning - slept in

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Woke up and rolled right over for another 45 minutes.  Luxurious.

Had a small (3.6Mag) quake about 30 miles North of here - about two hours ago. Neither I nor the dogs noticed anything.

Coffee and then back to work - trying to be out of here in 15 days. Want to list the place on May 20th. A lot to do but it is manageble.

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