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And that is it for this year

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Watch a couple of videos and go to sleep.  Wake up and see if 2022 is any better.

2021 had its ups and downs.  Lisa's and my decision to live together makes for a major thumbs-up so overall, been very happy with 2021 despite the ongoing deep-state fuckery.

Here's to a happy new year to everyone 😁

Is this policy not racist? New York State

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Gotta love the new Governor - from FOX News:

New York says it will prioritize non-White people in distributing low supply of COVID-19 treatments
The state of New York said it will prioritize non-White people in the distribution of COVID-19 treatments in short supply.

New York’s Department of Health released a document detailing its plan to distribute the treatments, such as monoclonal antibody treatment and antiviral pills.

The plan includes a section on eligibility for the scarce antiviral pills that people must meet to receive the treatment, including a line stating a person needs to have "a medical condition or other factors that increase their risk for severe illness."

#1) - why don't they have enough monoclonal antibody treatments and/or other regimens:  Ivermectin, Supplements (Zinc, Vits D & C, Hydroxychloroquine, Quercetin, etc...)  —and—
#2) - this decision is based on color of skin and not on underlying health.  Racist much?

Great quote - Friedrich Nietzsche

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One way of looking at it - Wuhan Flu

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Just go and read...

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Being recomended from all over the web - Vanderleun specifically:

Everything Is Clear From Up Here

Odd - 45 minutes later - UPDATE

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Temp is up to 30°F from 26° - wobbling all over the place...

Humidity down from the 90%'s to 60% - a front moving in.

UPDATE: And back down to 23°F / 71%RH 90 minutes later

An interesting instrument - the Carnyx

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From the website:

Music experts create replica of Iron Age Celtic horn used in warfare
Musician John Kenny, performed with the Carnyx, at the opening of the European Association of Archaeologists' (EAA) Annual Meeting at the Hunterian museum in Glasgow yesterday (Wed).

The Carnyx, is a wind instrument of the Iron Age Celts, used in warfare between 200 BC and 200 AD.

It was a type of bronze trumpet with an elongated S shape and the bell is styled in the shape of an open-mouthed boar's head.

John, a pioneer in the field of music archaeology, is a Professor at both the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Good Lord - Imagine being a Roman soldier far far from home, going to sleep knowing that tomorrow morning you would be doing battle with a group of semi-mystical Celts.  Imagine waking up and hearing 20 of these eachoing through the woods and fields. A roar of people.  A stamping of feet.

Wondering if one could be made from PVC pipe - tuba mouthpiece, figure out something for the bell...  Hmmm...

Used to subscribe to the Journal of Experimental Musical Instruments for many years.  The internet archive has all 80 copies - fascinating reading.

As the temperature plummets

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Temps have dropped seven degrees in less than one hour.  26°F now, was 33° when I arrived home.  Clear sky all afternoon but some very high clouds starting to form.  Hopefully serve as a blanket and retain some of the day's heat.  Leaving the water running in the bathroom.  Kitchen sink drain is still frozen solid.

Exactly — the vax

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From 90 Miles


And out for the day - usual stuff

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Clear and cold outside - temp at 30°F now and forecast to stay there for the day.

See how the roads are - goals for today are dog walk, coffee and Costco and food coop. Got plenty of staples larded in but running out of fresh greens, blueberries, fruit, etc...

More in a couple of hours.

There is a great shot of Congresswoman AOC enjoying a nice break in Miami with her boyfriend.  They are sitting outside at a table.  Maskless or course.  Masks are for the little people.

The AEA is the teachers union for the Arlington, VA School District and it sent out a two-page press release full of gramatical and spelling errors.  From the New York Post:

Error-riddled Virginia teachers union letter gets roasted on social media
Reading, writing and ratios.

An error-laden letter from a Virginia teachers union calling for more protections against the coronavirus has gone viral on Twitter.

Startled by a slew of linguistic gaffes, an Arlington parent took a correction pen to the piece and posted the aftermath online.

“Hey @VEA4Kids, are you going to send out more of these grammar worksheets over break?” the poster quipped derisively. “My kids and I had a great time spotting errors! Did we find them all?”

Despite the letter only consisting of five paragraphs, the Twitter teacher spotted roughly 20 blunders and highlighted them in green pen.

Heh - pretty bad errors.  And these are the people in charge of teaching our kids.  No wonder our Nation is in such a bad state. The Long March through the Institutions

An excellent post mortem on the collapse and a wonderful web design showing the story from an engineers perspective. Really well done.

From The Miami Herald: House of Cards

Water water everywhere

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Good news on two fronts - curious news on a third.

#1) - the pipes thawed out
#2) - the drain pipe in the kitchen is frozen solid somewhere - was washing the dishes and it started backing up
#3) - no evidence of busted pipes/leaking

Odd that the drain would freeze - it works great in the bathroom and laundry.  Was using both this afternoon.  Did some dishes and the water started backing up in the sink all of a sudden.  My guess is that there is a dip in the drainpipe about 15-20 feet from the sink.  There was a standing puddle of water that collected and I have to wait for it to melt. Guessing the distance as it was a couple gallons of water to fill it up.

That shower was heavenly.  We enjoy such a thin veneer of civilization. Simple pleasures.

After today's phone call, why not - Biden was PWNED - London Daily Mail:

Putin warns Biden sanctions will be a 'colossal mistake' and threatens to SEVER ties: US president urges Russian leader to 'de-escalate' and says West will 'respond decisively' if he 'further invades' Ukraine

    • Both sides threatened consequences if Ukraine crisis is not resolved quickly
    • Biden and Putin talked by telephone for 50 minutes on Thursday afternoon
    • The Russian president said new sanctions would lead to the complete breakdown in relations between Washington and Moscow, said the Kremlin
    • Russia has deployed almost 100,000 troops close to the border with Ukraine
    • Putin says he wants guarantees that Ukraine will not be admitted to NATO
    • Earlier it emerged that a US spy plane had been spotted over eastern Ukraine

Kremlin officials said President Putin warned Joe Biden that new sanctions would lead to a complete breakdown in relations between the two countries, during a 50-minute phone call to discuss the crisis over Ukraine on Thursday.

Both sides have accused the other of provocations while tens of thousands of Russian troops have been moved close to the Ukrainian border.

And both sides used the call to warn of dire consequences if the current impasse over Ukraine is not resolved.

Biden doesn't have a pot to piss in here. Putin can do whatever he wants to and he knows it.  NATO is toothless, our military's top brass are WOKE and spending more time in a circle-jerk than putting boots on the ground.  Russia is allying itself with China and making good use of the remaining three years of this Democrat regime.

The next time we get an adult in the room, we will have a lot of work to do to normalize relations again.
We are being led by idiots.

I really miss him - George Carlin

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This from Dr. Robert Malone — he is the person who developed the basic mRNA Vaccination technology.
He is personally vaccinated but the damage to children is just too great to recommend it.
Video at Rumble - the transcript is available at his Substack page.

Transcript and other reading:  Between the Forceps and the Stone

Papers please - vaccine passes

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An online database — some are worse than others: How Bad is My Batch

Well that was a big bust - water trick

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I was hoping that the air pressure would have broken up the ice "logjam" in the pipes.  No such luck - it did force water out of the heater but it did nothing to get fresh water into the system.

34°F outside now - hoping that it thaws out soon - supposed to get low 40's and rainfall on Sunday.  Camping out on the island.

Halfway tempted to drive up to the farm just for a nice hot shower - only 90 minutes each way...

Quiet news day so far

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Still no water - going to try an idea later this afternoon.  Got a hose bib inside the garage.  Got an air compressor. What would happen if I sent 80+ PSI of air down the pipe. Will it break up the ice?  See what happens...

Snowed about 2" last night - 33°F outside now. Heading out for puppers and coffee - Costco run later this afternoon.  Low on dog food, blueberries, some other staples.

News reports are filtering in:

But then, the story starts to get interesting:

Makes you want to go crawl under a rock somewhere for 30 years.  Come out and deal with whatever is left.  The idiots who are doing this are so far in over their heads, they are beyond stupid.  At least with stupid, there is some innocent level of error. Oops.  My Bad.

This is pure fscking hubris. Look at Me.  I am God.

From Techxodus Wiki:

Social Media and Online Communities
A List of Alternatives for Social Media and Online Community Platforms

There are three main categories for social media alternatives:

    • Centralized - Structured in a way that gives one authority complete control of every aspect over a platform. Big Tech social media companies tend to be shaped this way. The downside to this structure is if the people that run the company happen to be corrupt, you are forced to tolerate their crappy policies.
    • Decentralized - Distributed software service hosted by different groups and individuals rather than being stored at data centers and facilities controlled by one corporation. The software is free and open source which enables anyone to host an instance of that service. Offers an ad-free, algorithm-free, private and transparent experience. You can not only communicate with people within the instance but the entire network. Only exception being instances that are blocked by the admin.
    • Front-End Mirror - A community-hosted (typically also includes an option to self-host) proxy to a big tech site that lets you connect to and browse a big tech site without being subject to tracking or malicious javascript.

Pretty comprehensive.  Some link rot, some really interesting sites.

Aaaand still frozen

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Getting the occasional dribble from the faucets so there is pressure trying to work its way through.  Having lunch now - see what I can do later.

Worst case scenario, it is due to reach 34°F tomorrow and up to 43° with rain on Sunday.

Camping out - into prepping so I am not out of anything.  Got plenty of water for cooking and cleaning as well as food, etc...  An annoyance.  A major major annoyance mostly at myself for not leaving the water running that first night when I knew it was going to reach the teens.  DOH!  I always did that for the farm.  Here?

Looking forward to this new year

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Statistically it has to be better than the last couple.  Been an interesting time, not only for the world but personally.
Take this to heart - from Gary Varvel at 90 Miles:


Got a point there - 31 times in one year

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Pencils out to about once every ten days and that is not counting multi-day visits:


Actions have consequences - New York

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My last post covers the symptom, not the disease.  Here is another symptom - from

Census: New York leads nation in population decline amid Covid-19 pandemic
New York lost more of its population than any state in the nation between July 2020 and July 2021, recording a decline of 1.6% during the year, new U.S. Census Bureau estimates show.

New York’s net loss of 319,020 residents is the largest single-year decline in the state’s history, according to an analysis by the Empire Center for Public Policy, an Albany research organization.

The Census Bureau statistics released Tuesday blamed most of New York’s decline on domestic migration. The state had a net loss of 352,185 residents when accounting for those who moved to and from other states.

Population experts said many of the trends affecting New York and the nation were skewed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Love that last line - were skewed by the Covid-19 pandemic

Actually, the trends were skewed by the State's handling of the pandemic and not by the pandemic itself. People do not like to be micromanaged and nanny-stated. This is toxic and verges on tyranny. The State government spectacularly mishandled the pandemic (Granny Killer Cuomo anyone?), imagine what they are doing to day-to-day life.

Life in the people's soviet of New York

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Just wonderful - the first proposed law has been stricken but all of these others are in committee:

A279A completely tramples federal HIPAA privacy laws

A08398 is going to be an interesting test case for the courts

A822 is not COVID related but you keep hearing about pedophilia among the elites - Jeffery Epstein/Ghislane Maxwell are just the tip of the iceberg here.

There are some very sick bastards in the New York Assembly.  Let us hope that the voters stir out of their slumber next November and vote these bastards out of office.

Lifesaver -

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For working on electronic and computer components - a three-minute introduction:

Main website here: (this is a 300+ page free download)

A little bit more:

Brilliantly done and an invaluable resource.  They are selling tee shirts - buy one of them.
This work deserves our support.

Presented for your edification:

Wonderful satire from Jeff Davis who actually does know what he is talking about.
Big tip of the hat to Eaton Rapids Joe for the link.


And back home - still frozen

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This is getting old.  It is one thing to be camping out in the woods for a week or two.  Another thing to be sleeping in a warm bed but not being able to take a hot shower or run a load of laundry.  The thin veneer of civilization is just that - a thin veneer.

Doing some emails, feed the pups and then feed me. Surf.  Pray for warmer weather. Supposed to get up to 33° in two days (Thursday).  Thursday in Sarasota, Florida is going to be 82° and partly sunny. Giving this some serious thought...

And out for a while

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Dog walk and coffee - pipes are still frozen.  Going to get serious and crawl under the house with a heater when I get back.  Up to 25°F now - we will see...

To top it off, Lisa is having problems with Yahoo Mail - been calling and texting instead but we are both used to email and miss it.

Now this is cute

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Much better than anything Disney did in this universe:

Dangerous to our Democracy

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From 90 Miles:


Still frozen - plus, more snow

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24°F outside now - supposed to get up to 30° but we will see.  Got another tranche of cold weather coming from the arctic so need to get the pipes moving today or it's going to be another 2-3 days without water.  

Yes, I am a prepper and yes, I can be without water for a week or so but that does not mean that I have to like it. Grumble...

Not gonna thaw this evening

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The pipes are still frozen.  It is cloudy tonight so the temps are at 23°F instead of last night's low of 16°F  I do get the occasional gurgle and drip from the faucet but no movement as yet.  Forecast is for 28° tomorrow.  I'll wait until around 2PM and if nothing is happening, I'll crawl under the house and bring some heaters down there.  I hesitate as there is some groundwater and the clearence between the joists and the ground is only 18" in places.  A well-named CRAWL space.  Got some Tyvek bunny suits and I'll dress accordingly.

Nothing else happening - time to surf for a bit and then watch some videos.  Lisa and I are planning our schedules for the next couple of months.  Planning to be moved in together by this summer. Life is good...

The real numbers, the real story

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From JimBob at Arkhaven:


Red State / Blue State

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A two-fer - from Matt Margolis writing at PJ Media:

Nearly 30% of New COVID Cases in America Came From One City
Confirmed cases of COVID-19 are on the rise again due to the omicron variant and its high level of transmissibility. On Dec. 26, 189,714 new cases of COVID-19 were reported. Of those, 54,828 came from New York City. This means that 28.9% of new cases reported for Dec. 26 came from the Big Apple.

“I feel like this story would be framed differently if it were Florida,” noted New York Post columnist Karol Markowitz.

And then there is this screencap from John Cardillo's twitter account:


They lied to you about everything.  Change my mind.

Still frozen - 20° and rising

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But not expected to get much higher than 22° or 23°F - looks like no water for tonight.

Forecast is for a high of 29°F tomorrow - see if that loosens anything.

Have not ventured into the crawl space yet.  Nasty down there.  I'll wait until tomorrow afternoon to suit up and go in.  Got heaters running.

PureBlood 4Ever

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Heading out for a few hours.  Clear skies with some high thin clouds moving in - see how much it warms up. Enough to thaw out the water pipes?  Who knows.

Got a fire going and the faucets are cracked open.  Time will tell.  Sun is up over the hillside so the house should warm up a bit now - see if I need to venture into the crawlspace with a heater.  With emphasis on crawl.  Got about 18" height in places.

Back in 2-3 hours and take it from there...

Boy do I feel dumb - pipes frozen

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Did not even think to leave the water running last night before going to bed.
Woke up and every tap is frozen solid.

I always keep a couple gallons of water on hand (a bit of a prepper) so taking a sponge bath this morning, fixing breakfast and heading out for coffee.  18°F outside now and supposed to reach a balmy 23° this afternoon.  30° tomorrow.  Put on a Tyvek painter's bunny suit this afternoon and venture into the crawlspace with a heater.  See if I can see the problem.

I am used to this happening at the farm - happens couple times/winter up there.  This is the first time in four years here.  DOH!

Here's how you do it - Covid management

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From the website of the Florida Department of Health: Healthier You Florida

COVID-19: Optimize Your Health
Florida’s Innovative Response
Florida’s COVID-19 response includes statewide and grassroots initiatives to educate on prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

It is important to stay apprised of your health through routine physicals, cancer screenings, and by communicating with your health care provider.

And this is what caught my eye:

Optimize your health by getting outside, staying active, and eating foods rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Vaccines continue to be widely available in Florida. For more information on eligibility and to find a vaccine near you, visit:

Talk to your health care provider about how certain supplements or foods containing vitamins and minerals might help boost your immune system, such as:

Yeah - there are some vaccines but it is a matter of personal choice to take it or not.  Instead, let's look at prevention.  Let's look at improving your overall health and let's look at these suppliments that have been proven to help your immune system.

That is how you handle a pandemic...

Vax - early and often

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How the narrative shifts - it simply does not work very well but they can not admit this.
To admit this would damage their credibility beyond repair:

Major party in Valhalla tonight

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One of their own has come home - from the London Daily Mail:

Founder of Seal Team Six dies aged 81: Richard Marcinko was tasked with setting up special forces unit after 1979 Iran hostage crisis, named it 'six' to fool Russian forces and spent 15 months in jail for $100,000 kickback scandal

    • Richard 'Dick' Marcinko, the first commanding officer of SEAL Team Six, died Sunday at age 81
    • The cause of his death remains unknown at this time
    • Marcinko played a 'very unique part in SEAL history, leaving a legacy like no other' and is remembered as the 'premier counterterrorism operator' in the US
    • He was asked to form SEAL Team Six after one of his missions revealed deficiencies in the command structure and the need for a counter-terrorist team
    • He named it SEAL Team Six, despite there only being two SEAL teams, in an effort to fool the Soviet Union into thinking there were more teams
    • Despite his successes, Marcinko was jailed for 15 months after he allegedly conspired with an Arizona arms dealer to receive $100,000 for securing a government handgun contract
    • Marcinko denied the charges, claiming it was a 'witch-hunt' by high ranking Navy officers who he embarrassed by exposing vulnerabilities within their units

The first commanding officer of SEAL Team Six - the US military's vaunted counter-terrorism unit that would hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden - died Sunday at age 81.

Richard 'Dick' Marcinko was tasked with designing the counter-terrorist team after the Iran hostage crisis in 1979.

Marcinko, along with another Navy representative, was on a task force to help free the American hostages in Iran, but were unsuccessful.

The mission, known as Operation Eagle Claw, highlighted deficiencies within the US military command structure and revealed the need for a full-time counter-terrorist team.

Marcinko launched the United States' third SEAL team in August 1980, calling it SEAL Team Six in order to fool the Soviet Union's KGB into thinking there were three other SEAL teams they didn't know about. He commanded the unit until July 1983.

Also an author - military fiction as well as an autobiography and business management.  Quite the life well lived.

Overdue on this one

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Every action has a consequence and one homeowner just found this out the hard way.
From the London Daily Mail:

Hampton's man, 53, is shot dead after gunman broke into his $900,000 home on Christmas Day in targeted attack: Police attempt to calm fears in millionaires' playground of Southampton

    • Steven Byrnes, 53, was found dead at his home on 90 Roses Grove Road in Southampton at about 8.45a.m. Saturday
    • Police made the grim discovery after a 911 call about a nearby burglary
    • Initial reports claimed the killing was random but police in the posh East End town now believe his murder was no accident
    • No immediate arrests have been made. Detectives are asking anyone with information on the shooting to contact the Homicide Squad at 631-852-6392

A man who was found shot to death in his Hamptons home on Christmas Day was the target of a home invasion, police confirmed on Sunday.

Steven Byrnes, 53, was shot dead at the single-family home at 90 Roses Grove Road in Southampton at about 8.45a.m. Saturday, after police made the grim discovery following a 911 call about a nearby burglary.

And this:

'The investigation thus far has demonstrated that the actions here were not random, this was a targeted event,' Southampton Town Police Chief Steven Skrynecki told the Southampton Press.

'We have been getting calls from concerned community members about the fear of lingering.'

Yeah - defund the police?  Fine for the big cities.  Let them do what they want. I don't live there.
All of those "peaceful protests" and everything are just in the big cities.
There is no need for us to worry out here.

How long before the thugs and goblins realize that there are much better pickin's 20 miles outside of town.  The small-town cops are probably pretty well trained and armed but no match for a coordinated attack.  What if ten houses were hit at once. Organized crime would not do this - their capos live out there.  Show some respect.
Low-IQ street thugs with no impulse-control and delusions of grandeur?  Different story.

Time to get my butt in gear and working on some stuff here...

More later.

Probably violates whole sections of NFPA 70 but I bet it would work until they wised up - mice and rats are smart and if they see something killing their brethren, they will learn to avoid it.


And back home for the day

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Here is the Christmas tree at the place where I get my morning cuppa:


The tree is being held up by a stand that I welded for them.  A fun project.  Lots of snow.  It has tapered off quite a bit but still cold (23°F and falling).  The next big front is due on Thursday.  Get the roads nice and clear and whammo - again.

Working on stuff at home.  The new tires I got for my van are working perfectly - very grippy and no skidding (I tried in a parking lot).

Quick surf and then to work.

It could be worse - snow

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Got about two inches down here and it is starting to flurry pretty hard.  North wind and cold.

The friend staying at the farm sent me this photo this morning:


Looking at about 16-20 inches.  Snowbound.

Moving to Florida sounds really good right about now.  I could be sitting in a lawn chair under a palm tree with a nice book, a gentle breeze wafting...

And back to the land of the living

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Whatever I had these last few days has passed - woke up feeling great after seven hours of solid sleep.  Had been sleeping for ten and still waking up tired. No muscle ache or sensitivity to light.  I never lost my sense of smell or taste and never had any sniffles or congestion so doubt it was any Chinese import.  Odd...

27°F outside now and still falling - about two inches of white stuff on the ground.  That is it until this Thursday when all heck is supposed to break loose.  Frigid air?  Meet Pacific Front.  Planning to be snowed in for a couple of days then.

Building up the fire, get the puppers taken care of and get on with my day.

Might even go out for a coffee... Imagine that.

The North Wind

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And right on schedule.  The snow has stopped for now but the wind is picking up out of the North.  Cold.  Gonna be a fun few days.  Throw another log on the fire and pray for Global Warming.

Looks like WA State Senator Patty Murray did not get a visit from Santa this year.
Fairchild Air Base is in Eastern, WA State — From American Military News:

Air Force chooses Florida base for new refueling tankers over Fairchild
The Air Force has chosen MacDill Air Force Base in Florida rather than Fairchild Air Force Base to be home base for it next group of modern refueling tankers.

The Dec. 21 announcement by the Air Force said the decision to locate the next two dozen KC-46A Pegasus aircraft was made after taking into account multiple considerations such as mission, community support, infrastructure, environmental affects and cost.

The decision drew immediate blowback from Washington’s congressional delegation, who had been pushing for Fairchild to be the sixth main operating base for the KC-46A.

“As one of the largest air-refueling tanker bases in the country, Fairchild Air Force Base already possesses the needed capacity and ability to accommodate KC-46A aerial refueling tankers — which make the Air Force’s decision not to house the new KC-46A fleet at Fairchild all the more inexplicable,” said U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, a Democrat.

“I am incredibly disappointed with this decision,” she added. “Let’s not mince words, the Air Force has made the wrong choice.”

Who does she think she is to take a tone of voice like that with our Air Force.  She did not get what she wanted.  OK. Got that.  Time to knuckle down and deliver a better deal next time.  This is not about you.  This is about what is good for your constituency and by extension, Our Nation.

White new years too...

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This from Cliff Mass:

Weather Showtime is Approaching--- And a More Threatening Snow Situation Reveals Itself
Some light snow has fallen around Bellingham and environs in the Fraser River outflow (see below), and modest snow has also fallen to the southeast of the Olympics over portions of the Kitsap Peninsula. Snow has whitened the region above roughly 1000ft, and heavy snow continues to fall in the mountains.

But the real action is ahead, both in cold and snow, and it appears that we have a shot of more extensive lowland snow on Thursday.

The Cold
A modified Arctic front will move through Puget Sound around midnight. Temperatures will plummet with its passage, which will also be accompanied by a dramatic shift in wind direction to the north. Cold air has already started to pour through the Fraser River gap into Northwest Washington, with temperatures dropping into the mid to low 30s, borne by strong northeasterly winds (see map for 11 AM, red numbers are gusts in mph).

And new years?

Finally, the big lowland snow threat in the future.  On Thursday, cold air will be in place and a Pacific front will approach, resulting in precipitation (snow).  The 24-h snowfall ending 4 AM Friday is much more significant for central Puget Sound.   More on this as we get closer.

Time for the Happy happy joy joy song:

Dodging the flakes

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Heading out while the streets are still drivable.  Taking the puppers for a nice long walk in the snow and seeing if any of the coffee places are open.  I do have some good beans stashed in the freezer but... ritual...

Working at home - sorting through stuff.  Build a nice fire and celebrate a quiet Christmas.  Lisa and I have emailed a couple times so far this morning. Opening presents later this afternoon.

Probably going to be snowed in for a day or two - the streets will be plowed but the driveway has quite a slope to it.  Costco was all out of ice melt yesterday for some strange reason.

Back in a couple hours...

Wonderful news - Webb Telescope

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Looks like a flawless launch.  From the London Daily Mail:

'Go Webb, go!': Scientists cheer as Nasa's $10billion James Webb Space Telescope module detaches from rocket and begins one million mile journey into space in bid to break the secrets of Universe's first moments 13.5bn years ago

    • NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has lifted off from European Space Agency's base in French Guiana
    • The $10 billion telescope had already faced months of delays because of the country's rainy season
    • Launch date was set for Christmas Day at 7:20AM ET (12:20 GMT) at European Space Agency's Spaceport
    • Detachment of telescope from the main rocket module minutes after lift-off described as 'the most complex sequence of deployments ever attempted in a single space mission'
    • The space observatory will be in a solar orbit, a million miles away, to give widest ever spectrum view
    • Means that, unlike predecessor Hubble Space Telescope which is 340 miles from the Earth, it can't be serviced if something goes wrong with the observatory

NASA's revolutionary James Webb Space Telescope has begun its one million mile voyage into solar orbit after successful lift off following decades of planning and delays.

Jubilant scientists and engineers shouted 'Go Webb, go!' as the telescope module detached from its rocket and floated off into space far above the earth's surface.

It is hoped that the observatory, a replacement for the 30-year-old Hubble telescope, will by travelling so far out be able to peer back in time 13.5bn years – to a point within a mere 100m years of the big bang.

A successful Christmas Day take off for the $10 billion telescope had been dubbed a 'Christmas miracle' after the project suffered a series of delays in the South American country's rainy season.

But at 7.20am ET (12.20PM GMT) the world's most powerful space telescope, equipped with an Ariane 5 rocket, took off from the European Spaceport facility in French Guiana in magnificent form before blasting skywards over the Atlantic Ocean.

Looks like I got my Christmas present... Was hoping for a sucessful launch.  The Ariane 5 does have a really good track record.

White Christmas - 2021

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Snow is falling hard.  Air temp is 38°F so not sticking but it is due to get a lot colder later this afternoon.

Heading out soon to take the pups for a run and then back home.  Hunkering down for the next couple of days.

This just in...

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I'm fine - the origins of Silent Night

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From 90 Miles:


And that is it for me - Merry Christmas to everyone.

Lisa and I have been emailing back and forth today.  We are planning to move in in a few months so next Christmas will be together. It is so easy being with her - very lucky to have met in 2020 and maintained the connection.  This has turned into something really solid and good.

But the small media outlets have no problem publishing a local "human interest" story.
And what is more "human interest" than heart attacks, clots and strokes. Lots of them.
From the Thousand Oaks, California Conejo Guardian:

More VC Nurses Blow Whistle on ‘Overwhelming’ Numbers of Heart Attacks, Clotting, Strokes
After the Conejo Guardian’s report on alarming trends in Ventura County hospitals, more nurses have come forward to affirm the rise in unexplained heart problems, strokes and blood clotting in local vaccinated patient populations. They also say doctors refuse to consider that these could be adverse reactions to Covid shots.

Sam, a critical care nurse at an ICU in a Ventura County hospital, came forward because, “I’m tired of all the B.S. that’s going on,” he told the Guardian. “It’s crazy how nobody questions anything anymore.”

But it does not fit the narrative:

“One doctor actually questioned the vaccine, but they didn’t mention it in the chart because you can’t prove it,” Sam says.

While hospitals are seeing more myocarditis, an associated side effect of the Covid shots, “Everyone wants to downplay it — ’It’s rare, it’s rare,’” Sam says. “Doctors don’t want to question it. We have these mass vaccinations happening and we’re seeing myocarditis more frequently and nobody wants to raise the red flag. When we discuss the case, they don’t even discuss it. They don’t mention it. They act like they don’t have a reason, that it’s spontaneous.”

Much more at the site - the Doctors are operating in denial.  If they admitted to themselves what they are doing, they would break down. They are complicit in this but they can not own up to it. For their own mental health.

When this breaks, it is going to break big.

Heh - New York Time is so busted

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From The Daily Caller:

New York Court Issues Opinion Siding With Project Veritas Against New York Times
The New York Supreme Court issued an opinion Friday that The New York Times improperly published privileged legal documents belonging to Project Veritas.

Project Veritas is in the midst of a suit against the NYT for defamation, and the paper published a story last month containing internal legal memos in which Project Veritas employees and attorneys discussed the outfit’s journalistic tactics. Project Veritas had argued that the NYT published the documents to harm their opponents in the ongoing litigation.

In November, a judge ruled that the NYT can no longer publish pieces containing internal communications of Project Veritas while the two are engaged in litigation. In Friday’s opinion, Justice Charles Wood wrote that the NYT gathered the Veritas communications through “irregular” means: “The court finds that Project Veritas has met its burden of showing that the subject memoranda were obtained by irregular means, if not both irregular and improper means.”

Scuttlebut is that it was leaked by the FBI from materials they gathered when they raided O'Keefe's home and offices. If this is what happened and, if there is a digital breadcrumb trail, the FBI has some 'splainin to do.

Merry Christmas indeed!

It is way past time

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The James Webb launch

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Live streamed from NASA - tomorrow at 12:20UTC - 10:20AM PDT

More here: Webb Launch

I keep having a very odd feeling about this...  Have for the last year.

Not playing with a full deck - I Agree

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Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is on my No-Go list.  They are welcome to be as woke as their little liberal hearts can be.  I am under no obligation to purchase their product.  Looks like other people are coming to the same decision.  From Reuters:

Illinois bars state pensions from owning Unilever over Israel
An Illinois board overseeing state employee pension funds on Wednesday voted to bar funds from holding Unilever PLC shares due to sales limits by the company's Ben & Jerry's ice cream brand in Israel, joining at least five other U.S. states moving to restrict the stock.

A representative for the Illinois Investment Policy Board said it voted 7-0 at a meeting on Wednesday "to add Unilever to its prohibited entity list," following similar moves by other states including New York and New Jersey.

Good.  Anti-Semitism is not a virtuous corporate value.  Never has been.  Never will.

Feeling better - got coffee

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Was walking the dogs and stopped in to my usual and got some coffee.  Feeling better for it.

At home now doing some more triage - more stuff from the storage unit. More stuff I no longer need - 50-year old correspondence from people no longer with us. Fuel for the fire.  I will always remember these people so nothing is lost in the big picture.

Still under the weather

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Muscle aches.  The sensitivity to light is not as bad now as it was when I woke up. Took some aspirin - worked great yesterday.

Heading out for a dog walk and an errand or two - back home this afternoon.

Raising a little flag

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Makes 'ya think a little bit:


Night Owls

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From 90 Miles:


Heh - ancestry

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This is what real leadership looks like

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A couple of links.  Don Surber on Vladimir Putin's dealings with the Wuhan Flu:

Putin to Biden: no vax mandate

The new leader of the free world is...

Vladimir Putin???

The New York Times reported, "President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia said on Thursday that he had no plans to impose fines or criminally prosecute people hesitant to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, even though Russia has one of the lowest vaccination levels in Europe.

From Vox Day - the Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò reference is to this letter that I posted here: A true Christmas message

The Anti-Globalist Alliance
Knowingly or not, it appears Vladimir Putin and Xi Xinping have responded to Archbishop Vigano’s call for an anti-globalist alliance

This is good news, as the evil Empire That Never Ended is presently based in the United States. The fact that the two strongest free nations are joining forces to oppose it is a positive development, regardless what their motivations might be.

What Vox was refering to was this post at Russia Today - it seems that real leadership is happening in the world.
It is just not happening here.  Wonder why?

Putin names Russia’s number one partner
Despite having had tense relations in the past, Moscow and Beijing are now working together on an unprecedented number of issues, including trade, technology, and defense, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. 

Speaking to journalists as part of his annual press conference, the Russian leader said that he and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping address each other as “friends.”

“We have very trusting relations and it helps us build good business ties as well,” Putin added, noting that Beijing is an “obvious leader” in the global economy and Asia, meaning that it is only natural that Russia develops relations with China in this field.

Putin stated that Russia is “China’s number one partner,” stressing that they work in a lot of areas, including the energy sector, space exploration, and on humanitarian issues. He said that this “brings us closer together.”

“We are cooperating in the field of security. The Chinese Army is equipped to a significant extent with the world’s most advanced weapons systems. We are even developing certain high-tech weapons together,” the Russian leader went on.

He said that there has been nothing like Russia and China’s current relations in history before, and remarked that this serves as a “stabilizing factor” on the world stage.

Excuse me but for some silly reason, I thought that it was the United States who set the standards for world safety and security and economic power and all that good stuff.  We are being eclipsed by a slave-holding communist state and a nation run by an ex-KGB thug?  They are now the good guys?

As a lagniappe - there is this from the Communist Chinese house organ: Global Times

Biden reveals ‘placebo-like’ Omicron plans ahead of bleak Christmas with soaring prices and fears of new variant
Chinese observers say US president's first year in office indicates failure

For many Americans, their dream of a white Christmas this year might turn out to be a black one, with fears of an Omicron storm and inflation reaching a 40-year high despite US President Joe Biden's new Omicron plans, and to some Chinese observers, Biden's "placebo-like" plans reflect his biggest governing feature of inaction, which is likely to make him the first US president who "so failed in the first year in office."

More at the site - quite the list actually. We are being governed by little children with no management or leadership abilities. Whomever shouts the loudest gets to make the rules. Virtue signaling is the order of the day with special brownie-points if you are WOKE or high on the social hierarchy.

Conflict of interest? Bought to you by...

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Wonder how long that account will be active? 3... 2... 1...
The Internet Archive has a copy if it gets taken down.

The Christmas Story

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Tell me something I do not know

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Artificial sweeteners and alcohol are not good for you.
From the Journal of Molecular Nutrition and Food Research

Food and Microbiota Metabolites Associate with Cognitive Decline in Older Subjects: A 12-Year Prospective Study
Diet is considered an important modulator of cognitive decline and dementia, but the available evidence is, however, still fragmented and often inconsistent.

Methods and Results
The article studies the long-term prospective Three-City Cohort, which consists of two separate nested case-control sample sets from different geographic regions (Bordeaux, n = 418; Dijon, n = 424). Cognitive decline is evaluated through five neuropsychological tests (Mini-Mental State Examination, Benton Visual Retention Test, Isaac's Set Test, Trail-Making Test part A, and Trail-Making Test part B). The food-related and microbiota-derived circulating metabolome is studied in participants free of dementia at baseline, by subjecting serum samples to large-scale quantitative metabolomics analysis. A protective association is found between metabolites derived from cocoa, coffee, mushrooms, red wine, the microbial metabolism of polyphenol-rich foods, and cognitive decline, as well as a negative association with metabolites related to unhealthy dietary components, such as artificial sweeteners and alcohol.

These results provide insight into the early metabolic events that are associated with the later risk to develop cognitive decline within the crosstalk between diet, gut microbiota and the endogenous metabolism, which can help identify potential targets for preventive and therapeutic strategies to preserve cognitive health.

Got to love that last line in the Methods and Results:

A protective association is found between metabolites derived from cocoa, coffee, mushrooms, red wine, the microbial metabolism of polyphenol-rich foods, and cognitive decline, as well as a negative association with metabolites related to unhealthy dietary components, such as artificial sweeteners and alcohol.

Polyphenol-rich foods are your basic fruits and veggies.  Bonus points if you go for the colored ones - orange cauliflower instead of white.  Purple sweet potatoes instead of a russet spud. Three cheers for coffee...

Got nuttin'

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Nothing out there catches my eye.

Heading to the grocery store - mad craving for citrus. Working at home today.

Good morning from the infirmiry

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Still feeling crappy - spending the day at home.  Muscle aches, sensitivity to light and a bit of a sore throat. No runny nose or congestion and no headache. Sense of taste and smell are fine.

Hot shower, some aspirin, build a nice fire and piddle around at home today.

And nothing for tonight

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Feeling a bit crappy.  Muscle ache, sensitivity to light.  Sense of taste and smell are fine and there is no congestion or sniffles.  Took some Zinc, Ivermectin, Vit's D & C as well as my usual supplements. Drinking lots of tea.

Take some aspirin and a nice hot shower and crawl into bed in about an hour - videos first.

Two memes for today

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The word of the year - Prikspijt

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From the Gateway Pundit:

‘Prikspijt’ or ‘Vaccination Regret’ Is Voted 2021 Word Of The Year In The Netherlands
‘Prikspijt’, which translates for ‘regretting getting a vaccination,’ was voted the Word of the Year 2021 in the Netherlands after a social media campaign by famous Dutch dictionary-maker, Van Dale.

From December 7 to December 20, 2021, Dutch can vote for the fifteen nominated words for the Word of the Year 2021. The fifteen nominated words were: booster shot, delta variant, breakthrough infection, influencer, sensitivity reader, cave syndrome, intimacy vacuum, meme share, pandemic, prick polarization, sorry, QR society, vaccination booster, wappie sound, and housing protest.

The word ‘prikspijt’ acquired 40,278 votes (82.2%) of the 49,000 votes cast on the Van Dale website. It is followed by housing protest (3.7%) and then wappie sound (3.6%).

Definition of ‘prikspijt’ : ‘a person regrets having been vaccinated against a particular contagious disease’.

Got the shot for Polio when I was a kid.  Get the tetanus jab every ten years or so. Shingles? No brainer.
This one?  No Fscking Way.  Pureblood forever...

Fun fun fun...

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Slept ten hours last night - felt great on waking but now have muscle aches and my eyes are sensitive to the light.  Something is nosing around my immune system.

Hanging out at home for the next couple of days - sense of smell and taste are unaffected so seriously doubt it's the Wuhan Flu.  Still - hanging out and taking it easy.

A slow morning

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Slept ten hours last night - feeling great, just needed the sleep.

Heading out for dog walk and coffee and stuff.  Farm later this afternoon.

And another year comes to a close

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Got a nice fire burning on the hearth.  Set out from bread, salt and water for the wee folk.  Not exactly cookies and milk for Santa - tapping into something a bit older here.

Going to watch some videos and call it a day.  Heading to the farm tomorrow - try to get there and back before the snow flies.

Lest we forget - Bernie Sanders

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A little bit of history - from 1964


Oh. Got it.  You only cancel people who are not fellow travelers.

Losing it - Chicago and Boston

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Doubling down on the tyranny - will the people stand for this?  Some will. Others?

From the Chicago Tribune:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot mandates proof of vaccination for patrons of restaurants, gyms, entertainment venues amid surge of COVID-19 omicron cases
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Tuesday said the city will require all restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues to check the vaccination status of patrons age 5 and older, the latest move taken by her administration to slow COVID-19 as the omicron variant of the virus sweeps the country.

Workers at those businesses do not need to prove they are fully vaccinated, but must wear masks when dealing with customers and provide proof of a weekly negative COVID-19 test. Customers of businesses covered by the order will need to have received two shots of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or a single shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Yeah - Omicron.  That is the one that is easier than a common cold and confers immunity to all other Covid viruses.  I would think that a wise leadership would be promoting Omicron parties. And then there is Boston - new mayor and all that. From The Liberty Daily:

Boston Goes Full-1984 Newspeak With Contradictory Name for Their New Vaxx-Segregation Policy
War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength, and Segregation is Togetherness. That’s the philosophy of the City of Boston as they roll out draconian vaccine mandates for entry into or employment at many of the most popular venues across the city.

Their name for this unambiguous segregation: “Be Together.”

As commentator Tim Pool points out, it’s fascism:

Fascism by another name would go down as easy.  It is the new "virtue signalling" to be scared of the pandemic.  To vax up. to be morally superior and get the extra boosters and clot shots. These fools have such pitiful lives.

A lot of 21's today

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From Power Line:


Log4J hack

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Two good post-mortems on the Log4J vulnerability.
From Bruce Schneier (and read the comments)

On the Log4j Vulnerability
It’s serious:

The range of impacts is so broad because of the nature of the vulnerability itself. Developers use logging frameworks to keep track of what happens in a given application. To exploit Log4Shell, an attacker only needs to get the system to log a strategically crafted string of code. From there they can load arbitrary code on the targeted server and install malware or launch other attacks. Notably, hackers can introduce the snippet in seemingly benign ways, like by sending the string in an email or setting it as an account username.

Threat advisory from Cisco. Cloudflare found it in the wild before it was disclosed. CISA is very    concerned, saying that hundreds of millions of devices are likely affected.

And from Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog:

Log4J and Internet Castles Made of Sand
If you work outside of a tech company, chances are you’ve spent this week primarily concerned with getting ready for Christmas. If you work inside a tech company, there’s a significant chance your company spent much of this week patching a critical vulnerability in an open source Java logging library called Log4J.

Here’s a non-technical explanation of the problem:

It’s a vulnerability that was discovered in a piece of free, open source software called log4j. This software is used by thousands of websites and applications, to perform mundane functions most people don’t think about, such as logging information for use by that website’s developers, for debugging and other purposes.

Every web application needs functionality like this, and as a result, the use of log4j is ubiquitous worldwide. Unfortunately, it turns out log4j has a previously undiscovered security vulnerability where data sent to it through that website — if it contains a special sequence of characters — results in log4j automatically fetching additional software from an external website and running it. If a cyberattacker exploits this, they can make the server that is running log4j run any software they want — including software that can completely take over that server. This is known as a Remote Code Execution (RCE) attack.

To use a technical phrase, this is Really Bad.

Much more at the site.

So many people use open source software but so few pay anything to the contributors or even bother to look at the source code.  An extra pair of eyes would probably have caught this before it was a problem.

Life in the people's republic of Chicago

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They have some of the most draconian gun laws of any city in the USA but still...
From the London Daily Mail:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pleads with AG Merrick Garland to send ATF agents to city after more than 760 murders this year - a 25-year high: Just one year after she proposed CUTTING $80M from police budget

    • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced she has submitted a request to Attorney General Merrick Garland for send more ATF agents for six months
    • She also asked the attorney general for more federal prosecutors and federal marshals to help law enforcement get illegal guns off the streets
    • Chicago is currently facing a 25-year high murder rate, with 767 homicides occurring within the city this year
    • It has also seen shooting incidents increasing 9% over last year and 68% since 2019, with overall violent crimes up 7.5% compared to pre-pandemic levels
    • Law enforcement agents said the mayor's plan was lacking specifics, while community organizers said federal law enforcement should not get involved

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pleaded with Attorney General Merrick Garland on Monday to send Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents to the city for six months after the city reaches a 25-year high in the number of murders.

The woke mayor announced at a news conference in Garfield Park on Monday that she made a formal request to Garland to send ATF agents to Chicago for six months, a well as more federal prosecutors and federal marshals to help get illegal guns off the streets.

This comes after the democrat proposed slashing $80 million from the Chicago Police Department budget in 2020 during 'defund the police' protests.

Defund the police?  Increase in crime.  What did she not understand.  Thin blue line and all that stuff...

Happy Solstice

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Another turn around the Sun.  Officially at 7:59am this morning.  Lighting a fire in the hearth tonight and leaving some treats out for the fey folk.

The days WILL get longer...  Keep telling myself that...

Meanwhile, we look to be in store for a White Christmas - from Cliff Mass:

Major Cold Wave Ahead for the Northwest. A White Christmas is Possible
We are about to experience the coldest weather since last February, with temperatures falling into the lower 20s over the western lowlands, with teens over eastern Washington.

We are about to transition between seasonal "warmth" and upcoming icebox conditions, so start preparing now--the transition is quite certain at this point.

The upper-level pattern today (shown or 10 PM tonight at 500 hPa--about 18,000 ft) shows a very high amplitude wave pattern with a HUGE ridge of high pressure over the eastern Pacific and a deep low off northern CA. The coldest low-level air is now east of the Rockies at this point and temperatures over the Northwest are seasonal.

That is going to change.

Heading to the farm tomorrow for an overnight - back to the island to hole up for the weather.

The latest from Wuhan

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Time to pay the piper - make it hurt

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The media is going to be paying out a lot of money in the next year or two. First, Nathan Phillips and now Kyle.
From FOX News:

Kyle Rittenhouse warns 'media accountability coming soon'
The media could be facing big consequences for the way it covered Kyle Rittenhouse's trial, the 18-year-old indicated on Monday.

"There's going to be some media accountability coming soon," Rittenhouse told Fox News during an interview.

Fox News had asked him whether he thought a trend was developing in which the media was starting to face consequences for its coverage of people like him and Nick Sandmann. Sandmann recently settled with a major network over its coverage of his viral confrontation with protester Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial in 2019.

"Good for him," Rittenhouse said when asked about the settlement.

Rittenhouse's comments came just after he received cheers and applause at the AmericaFest conference in Phoenix, Arizona. He hasn't announced any lawsuits against heavyweights like CNN, which also reached a settlement with Sandmann.

Good.  Sandmann's defamation suits were settled out of court but they were asking in the $250 million range for each outlet (WaPo, CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT, Rolling Stone and Gannett) so Nick is coming out very nicely indeed.

About that Pfizer FOIA data

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The Freedom of Information Act proceeding that was filed against Pfizer?
The one that they said would take them 50+ years to comply?
They released some information and even that contains quite the bombshell.

They knew their vaccine was not ready for prime time.  They knew that it was killing people.
An interview of Alberta, CA  Doctor Daniel Nagase by Melanie Risdon of The Western Standard
From BitChute:

Amazing that nobody at Pfizer stepped up and blew the whistle on this.

More information at the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency
These are the people who filed the initial FOIA request,

Dropping like flies - Democrat incumbents

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We are now up to 23 Democrat Congress-critters who have decided to not run again in 2022.

Wrote about this here and here for starters. Reason is simple really, all about the rice bowl:

...if they bow out now, as undefeated, they will be able to get cushy jobs as lobbyists and 'consultants'.  If they are defeated for reelection, not so much. This is not about how they represent us, this is about what we can do for them - keep them feeding at the trough instead of going out and getting honest employment.

The latest - from Gateway Pundit:

Another House Democrat Retirement Spells Trouble For Pelosi – 23rd Incumbent Dem Won’t Seek Reelection Next Year
Another one…

Another House Democrat will not be seeking reelection in 2022.

Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) will not seek reelection next year.

The latest retirement spells more trouble for Pelosi and the Democrats.

Good riddance.

The 'Stache is still in business

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Regimes may come and go but Special Investigators go on forever.
Special counsel John Durham is chugging right along.  A two-fer:

From The Washington Times:

Lawyer for Steele dossier source has a potential conflict of interest from Clinton ties
The law firm representing the main source for Christopher Steele’s dossier on former President Donald Trump may have a conflict of interest because one of its lawyers worked for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Special counsel John Durham, who is probing the FBI’s actions in launching the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, raised the potential conflict of interest in a court filing over the weekend.

The snag in the proceedings further underscores the intertwined worlds of politics and law in Washington, where Mr. Steele’s unsubstantiated and later debunked opposition research against Mr. Trump became the impetus for an FBI probe.

And Gateway Pundit:

Special Counsel John Durham Investigating Members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign
Special Counsel John Durham is investigating multiple former members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

Last month the FBI arrested Igor Danchenko, a top researcher behind the garbage Steele dossier.

In June 2020 we broke the story that the Primary Sub-Source (PSS) for the Steele dossier was Igor Danchenko – the individual behind most of the made up lies in the Steele dossier.

We know that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the DNC paid for Steele’s junk dossier and paid for work provided by Fusion GPS.

This line kinda jumps out at you:

The Hillary Clinton Campaign and its employees are subject to “matters before the Special Counsel.”

The whole lot of them need to spend some serious time behind bars.  A line needs to be drawn and this level of corruption and dirty tricks needs to stop. No more.  Never again. Make it painful enough and the corruption will stop.

Goings on at La Casa Blanca

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Wonder how many people? From The Liberty Daily:

Circle Back Psaki Won’t Deny There’s a Covid Outbreak in 99%-Vaxxed White House, Which Means There Is One
Rule #1 in White House communications: When you have information that can quash negative reports about the administration, you share it quickly, boldly, and as often as possible.

Rule #2 in White House communications: When you know an unpopular report to be true and unlikely to be properly covered up in the near future, sidestep the question and mitigate damage with separate rhetoric.

Considering that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki abided by Rule #2 when asked about a Covid-19 outbreak among White House staff, it’s a safe bet that there’s an outbreak of Omicron spreading across the executive branch of the federal government. If there wasn’t, she would have denied the report outright.

Instead, she offered a canned response about how the White House is 99% “fully vaccinated” and many have received their booster shots. To anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear, not to mention a brain to compute what all of this means, a White House outbreak tells us the vaccines and booster shots failed miserably at keeping the White House protected from Omicron.

Lots more at the site - screen caps of some tweets and the transcript of the presser.

Might be their mechanism to get Joe out of office.  But Kamala is still firmly ensconced as VP - talk about a disaster waiting in the wings...  I can hear her laugh now.

Heh - not just Florida

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It's ALL Republican-led states - from Breitbart:

Analysis: Republican-led States Lead Democrat-led States in Economic Recovery in November
States with Republican governors and legislatures are leading Americans back to work quicker than those led by Democrats, according to an analysis of the state-by-state unemployment data from the Department of Labor.

The analysis of the Labor Department’s November unemployment data from the Republican National Committee (RNC) research team uncovered that the Republican-led states continued to outperform Democrat-led states in job recovery for 17 of the top 20 states, and the lowest unemployment in 16 of the top 20 states.

“More jobs are being recovered and unemployment is lower in red states,” the RNC research team wrote.

Without interruption from a Democrat-led state, the top 13 states leading in job growth as states across the country continue to end the coronavirus restrictions as Americans get back in the states run by a Republican governor.

This is my surprised face...

A true Christmas message

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From Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

DEAR AMERICAN PEOPLE, DEAR FRIENDS, for two years now, a global coup has been carried out all over the world, planned for some time by an elite group of conspirators enslaved to the interests of international high finance. This coup was made possible by an emergency pandemic that is based on the premise of a virus that has a mortality rate almost analogous to that of any other seasonal flu virus, on the delegitimization and prohibition of effective treatments, and on the distribution of an experimental gene serum which is obviously ineffective, and which also clearly carries with it the danger of serious and even lethal side effects. We all know how much the mainstream media has contributed to supporting the insane pandemic narrative, the interests that are at stake, and the goals of these groups of power: reducing the world population, making those who survive chronically ill, and imposing forms of control that violate the fundamental rights and natural liberties of citizens. And yet, two years after this grotesque farce started, which has claimed more victims than a war and destroyed the social fabric, national economies, and the very foundations of the rule of law, nothing has changed in the policies of Nations and their response to the so-called pandemic.

Last year, when many still had not yet understood the gravity of the looming threat, I was among the first to denounce this coup, and I was promptly singled out as a conspiracy theorist. Today more and more people are opening their eyes and beginning to understand that the emergency pandemic and the “ecological emergency” are part of a criminal plan hatched by the World Economic Forum, the UN, the WHO, and a galaxy of organizations and foundations that are ideologically characterized as clearly anti-human and – this needs to be said clearly – anti-Christian.

One of the elements that unequivocally confirms the criminal nature of the Great Reset is the perfect synchrony with which all the different Nations are acting, demonstrating the existence of a single script under a single direction. And it is disconcerting to see how the lack of treatment, the deliberately wrong treatments that have been given in order to cause more deaths, the decision to impose lockdowns and masks, the conspiratorial silence about the adverse effects of the so-called “vaccines” that are in fact gene serums, and the continuous repetition of culpable errors have all been possible thanks to the complicity of those who govern and the institutions. Political and religious leaders, representatives of the people, scientists and doctors, journalists and those who work in the media have literally betrayed their people, their laws,their Constitutions, and the most basic ethical principles.

The electoral fraud of the 2020 presidential election against President Trump has shown itself to be organic to this global operation, because in order to impose illegitimate restrictions in violation of the principles of law it was necessary to be able to make use of an American President who would support the psycho-pandemic and support its narrative. The Democratic Party, part of the deep state, is carrying out its task as an accomplice of the system, just as the deep church finds in Bergoglio its own propagandist. The recent rulings of the Supreme Court and the autonomous action of some American states – where the vaccination obligation has been declared unconstitutional – give us hope that this criminal plan can collapse and that those responsible will be identified and tried: both in America as well as in the whole world.

How was it possible to arrive at such a betrayal? How have we come to beconsidered enemies by those who govern us, not in support of the common good, but rather to feed a hellish machine of death and slavery?

The answer is now clear: throughout the world, in the name of a perverted concept of freedom, we have progressively erased God from society and laws. We have denied that there is an eternal and transcendent principle, valid for all men of all times, to which the laws of States must conform. We have replaced this absolute principle with the arbitrariness of individuals, with the principle that everyone is his own legislator. In the name of this insane freedom – which is license and libertinage – we have allowed the Law of God and the law of nature to be violated, legitimizing the killing of children in the womb, even up to the very moment of birth; the killing of the sick and the elderly in hospital wards; the destruction of the natural family and of Marriage; we have recognized rights to vice and sin, putting the deviations of individuals before the good of society. In short, we have subverted the entire moral order that constitutes the indispensable basis of the laws and social life of a people. Already in the fourth century B.C., Plato wrote these things in his last work the Laws and identified the cause of the Athenian political crisis precisely in the breaking of the divine order – the cosmos – between these eternal principles and human laws.

These natural moral principles of the Greco-Roman world found their fulfillment in Christianity, which built Western civilization by giving them a supernatural impetus. Christianity is the strongest defense against injustice, the strongest garrison against the oppression of the powerful over the weak, the violent over the peaceful, and the wicked over the good, because Christian morality makes each of us accountable to God and our neighbor for our actions, both as citizens and as rulers. The Son of God, whose Birth we will celebrate in a few days, became Incarnate in time and in history in order to heal an ancient wound, and to restore by Grace the order broken by disobedience. His social Kingship was the generating principle of the ordo Christianus that for two centuries now has been fiercely fought against by Freemasonry: because the Revolution it promotes is chaos; it is disorder; it is infernal rebellion against the divine order so as to impose Satan’s tyranny.

Now, as we see what is happening around us, we understand how mendacious were the promises of progress and freedom made by those who destroyed Christian society, and how deceptive was the prospect of a new Tower of Babel, built not only without regard for God but even in direct opposition to Him. The infernal challenge of the Enemy is repeated over the centuries unchanged, but it is doomed to inexorable failure. Behind this millennial conspiracy, the adversary is always the same, and the only thing that changes are the particular individuals who cooperate with him.

Dear American brothers and sisters! Dear Patriots! this is a crucial moment for the future of the United States of America and of the whole of humanity. But the pandemic emergency, the farce of global warming and the green economy, and the economic crisis deliberately induced by the Great Reset with the complicity of the deep state, are all only the consequence of a much more serious problem, and it is essential to understand it in depth if we want to defeat it. This problem is essentially moral; indeed, it is religious. We must put God back in the first place not only in our personal lives, but also in the life of our society. We must restore to Our Lord Jesus Christ the Crown that the Revolution has torn from Him, and in order for this to happen a true and profound conversion of individuals and of society is necessary. For it is absolutely impossible to hope for the end of this global tyranny if we continue to remove from the Kingdom of Christ the nations that belong to Him and must belong to Him. For this reason, the movement to overturn Roe v. Wade also acquires a very important meaning, since respect for the sacredness of unborn life must be sanctioned by positive law if it is to be a mirror of the Eternal Law.

You are animated by a yearning for justice, and this is a legitimate and good desire. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,” says the Lord (Mt 5:6). But this Justice must be based on the awareness that this is a spiritual battle in which it is necessary to take sides without equivocation and without compromise, holding transcendent and eternal references that even the pagan philosophers glimpsed, and that have found fulfillment in the Revelation of the Son of God, the Divine Master.

My appeal for an Anti-Globalist Alliance – which I renew today – aims precisely to constitute a movement of moral and spiritual rebirth which will inspire the civil, social and political action of those who do not want to be enslaved as slaves to the New World Order. A movement that at the national and local level will be able to find a way to oppose the Great Reset and that coordinates the denunciation of the coup that is currently in progress. Because in the awareness of who our adversary is and what his aims and purposes are, we can disrupt the criminal action he intends to pursue and force him to retreat. In this, the opposition to the pandemic farce and the vaccination obligation must be determined and courageous on the part of each of you.

Yours must therefore be a work of truth, bringing to light the lies and deceptions of the New World Order and their anti-human and antichristic matrix. And in this it is mainly the laity and all people of good will – each in the professional and civil role he holds – who must coordinate and organize together to make a firm but peaceful resistance, so as not to legitimize its violent repression by those who today hold power.

Be proud of your identity as American patriots and of the Faith that must animate your life. Do not allow anyone to make you feel inferior just becauseyou love your homeland, because you are honest at work, because you want to protect your family and raise your children with healthy values, because you respect the elderly, because you protect life from conception to its natural end. Do not be intimidated or seduced by those who propagate a dystopian world in which a faceless power imposes on you contempt for the Law of God, presents sin and vice as licit and desirable, despises righteousness and Morality, destroys the natural family and promotes the worst perversions, plans the death of defenseless and weak creatures, and exploits humanity for its own profit or to preserve power.

Be worthy heirs of the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen, and do not follow those of your Pastors who have betrayed the mandate they have received from Our Lord, who impose iniquitous orders on you or who remain silent before the evidence of an unheard of crime against God and humanity.

May this Holy Christmas illuminate your minds and inflame your hearts before the Infant King who lays in the manger. And just as the choirs of the Angels and the homage of the Magi united with the simple adoration of the Shepherds, so also today your commitment to the moral rebirth of the United States of America –one Nation under God – will have the blessing of Our Lord and will gather those who govern you around you. Amen.

May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.

Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop
18 December 2021

And out the door - dogs, dump and coffee

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Taking the pups for a run, droping off a load of trash and recycling to the dump and then out for coffee.

Working at home today and then doing some photography for a friend this afternoon.

Bitter cold morning - mid 30's but feels much colder. 75% RH is probably the reason. Wanna go somewhere where it is warm.  Wanna lie on the beach all day. Play music all night.  Hang out with Lisa.

Interesting news item - moon rocks

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From Gizmodo:

Vacuum-Sealed Container From 1972 Moon Landing Will Finally Be Opened
Apollo mission planners were really smart. Recognizing that future scientists will have better tools and richer scientific insights, they refrained from opening a portion of the lunar samples returned from the historic Apollo missions. One of these sample containers, after sitting untouched for 50 years, is now set to be opened.

The sample in question was collected by Gene Cernan in 1972. The Apollo 17 astronaut was working in the Taurus-Littrow Valley when he hammered a 28-inch-long (70 cm) tube into the surface, which he did to collect samples of lunar soil and gas. The lower half of this canister was sealed while Cernan was still on the Moon. Back on Earth, the canister was placed in yet another vacuum chamber for good measure. Known as the 73001 Apollo sample container, it remains untouched to this very day.

But the time has come to open this vessel and investigate its precious cargo, according to a European Space Agency press release. The hope is that lunar gases might be present inside, specifically hydrogen, helium, and other light gases. Analysis of these gases could further our understanding of lunar geology and shed new light on how to best store future samples, whether they be gathered on asteroids, the Moon, or Mars.

Wonder if Cernan left any kind of surprise there. An Easter Egg.  Still, this will be an interesting story to follow. Very smart move by the planners.  You think about the changes that computers have made in 50 years.  Analytical chemistry has advanced just as much - what once was several days in the lab and several thousand dollars worth of reagents is now a simple tabletop test for 50¢

Another meme for a Monday morning

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Just for reference - you are here:

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Courage - Senator Joe Manchin

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Finally, someone has the courage to stand up against the narrative and shout: No!
From Breitbart:

White House Turns on Joe Manchin for Killing Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Bill
The White House issued a condemnation of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) on Sunday after the senator said he would not vote for the Build Back Better bill, effectively killing it in its current form.

“If his comments on FOX and written statement indicate an end to that effort, they represent a sudden and inexplicable reversal in his position, and a breach of his commitments to the President and the Senator’s colleagues in the House and Senate,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement released on Sunday after Manchin appeared on Fox News to announce his final position.

Democrats are trying to pass the bill using budget reconciliation, which requires every Senate Democrat to support the measure in order to pass.

Manchin said he was deeply concerned about the bill, which he described as “mammoth” and warned about its effects on the United States economy through inflation and increased debt.

“I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation,” Manchin said on Fox News Sunday. “I just can’t.”

A Democrat with ethics, honor and conviction.  It will be a very long year but the mid-term election will happen in November of 2022 and Senator Manchin will have a lot better company in the Senate if he can hold out until then.  The current crop of Senators and Representatives are do-nothing children who do not represent their constituency and who legislate by sheer volume of voice rather than by ideas and morals.

The 3,100+ comments show that there is a lot of agreement.  The Democrats argument is that Manchin's blocking the bill will hurt American families.  This comment from TSO delivers the clue:

"Blocking cheaper insulin, daycare, etc. . ."
If you really care about these things, pass them as their own unencumbered bill. Otherwise, shut your piehole!

What he said.  There is no reason for any bill to be more than 50-100 pages long and most should be in the 10-20 page range. If you want to make something legal or illegal - come out and say it succinctly and be done with it.  Do not try to lard the kitchen sink into some huge confabulation. 

H.R. 4173 otherwise known as the Dodd Frank bill measured in at 848 pages in length.  It replaced the functional 1933 Glass-Steagall Legislation which essentially did the same thing but financial institutions found loopholes and started acting unethically. Glass-Steagall was 37 pages long.

Michelle Obama - Proverbs 16:18

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Specifically: Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall

From Wayne Dupree:

Rumors Swirl That Michelle Obama is Heading Into an All-New Very Powerful Career
There’s always a lot of buzz going around when it comes to Michelle Obama.

Whether it be about her so-called “run” for the White House, or her move into the entertainment biz, love her or hate her, everyone always wants to know what Michelle is up to.

And she’s a formidable foe. Michelle isn’t a “Hillary,” or a “Kamala.” She’s a much-beloved political figure, and a force to be reckoned with.

And according to the latest rumor mill, Michelle Obama has her eye on becoming the next “Oprah Winfrey.”

Bizpacreview reported that former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have been busy burnishing their cred in the entertainment world since leaving the White House, to include a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix signed in 2018.

Excuse me but Oprah seriously put in her dues before becoming the media sensation that she is today.  You simply do not waltz into her shoes because it is "your turn"   From her entry at Infogalactic:

Winfrey landed a job in radio while still in high school and began co-anchoring the local evening news at the age of 19. Her emotional ad-lib delivery eventually got her transferred to the daytime-talk-show arena, and after boosting a third-rated local Chicago talk show to first place, she launched her own production company and became internationally syndicated.

Winfrey's syndicated television show first aired in 1986 - that is thirty-five years spent honing a craft.  And to think that M. Obama can just walk in?  It will be fun to see the crater - wonder if they will make it a national monument.  Have to decontaminate it though - excessive levels of hubris are still present after all these years.

And out the door - gorgeous morning

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Supposed to stay nice throughout the day.  Working outside and a dump run.

After dog walk and my coffee of course...

Fauxcahontis in the news - Senator Warren

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She is ramping up her war with Elon Musk and losing badly.
From The Daily Wire:

Elon Musk Responds To Elizabeth Warren Spending Thousands On Facebook Ads Attacking Him
Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk responded to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) spending thousands of dollars on Facebook ads attacking him in recent days by saying that the people of Massachusetts deserve “someone better” to represent them in the U.S. Senate.

Musk and Warren began feuding last week after Warren attacked Musk following him being named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. “Let’s change the rigged tax code so The Person of the Year will actually pay taxes and stop freeloading off everyone else,” Warren tweeted along with a news article on how Musk was named Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.”

Musk responded with a torrent of tweets, the first of which stated “Stop projecting!” alongside an op-ed published on Fox News that featured the title: “Elizabeth Warren is a fraud — Her lies about being Native American disqualify her from presidency, Senate.”

“You remind me of when I was a kid and my friend’s angry Mom would just randomly yell at everyone for no reason,” Musk added. “Please don’t call the manager on me, Senator Karen 🙏.”

“And if you opened your eyes for 2 seconds, you would realize I will pay more taxes than any American in history this year,” Musk later added. “Don’t spend it all at once … oh wait you did already.”

Warren responded by spending thousands of dollars on six Facebook ads attacking Musk.

Screen caps of everything at the site.  She is not that bright.  She started it and Elon will finish it. Simple as can be.

Heh - from Pixy Misa:

The BMJ - British Medical Journal - published an expose of dubious experimental controls at a company contracted by Pfizer to assist in testing their Bat Flu vaccine.

Facebook, as is its wont, "fact checked" this.

The BMJ - which has been published since 1840 and is one of the world's leading medical journals gave them both barrels, reloaded, and is standing at the ready with one eyebrow raised.  (BMJ)

Go to the link and read - a brief but though eviscerating of Facebook's "fact checking" and a statement of the truth.

Remember that Facebook went so far as to admit in public that it's fact checking is only (in their terms) constitutes protected opinion

It is the old Section 230 that Facebook hides behind.  If they are a news site, they are legally liable for what they publish. If they are an opinion site, they are in the clear.  Therefore, Facebook's fact checkers can not publish the truth.

Nothing can stop you if you deal with truth instead of narrative.
From Breitbart:

Florida Job Growth Rate 6 Times Faster than the Nation’s
Florida’s job growth rate was six times faster than the country’s as a whole in November, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced on Friday.

“Our job growth rate is six times faster than the rest of the nation because we’ve worked hard to keep Florida open and protect the jobs of individual Floridians,” DeSantis said, attributing the success to pro-freedom policies which have allowed Floridians to continue to work while blue states, many of which existed in extended lockdowns, continue to implement coercive policies, forcing people to choose between their jobs and a shot. DeSantis went on to say:

Because we have protected their livelihoods, Floridians are confident in finding work and operating their own businesses. We will continue to focus on our state’s foundation of freedom to ensure that Florida remains a leader in economic growth and Floridians are able to succeed.

Looks like Florida is a nice place to live these days.

Lisa and I have been thinking about moving...

Moderna - what else do they do?

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Raise gobs of money and promote the hell out of their first and only product - the coof vax.  Never had a product before.  Never passed the litmus test.  Never approved for use in humans - only because of the emergency powers declaration is it being used.

I keep thinking that I am seeing another Theranos - strong-willed person at the top.  A cult of personality.  Gobs of money coming in and no real product going out.  When is Moderna going to blow up and disintegrate.

Modern RNA is where its name comes from - betting on one trick pony years before that pony is able to perform.

What a big coincidence - Italy

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You want to enforce a vax mandate on all security forces?
Whoopsie - sorry about that warehouse - video at Telegram:

Italy, after the mandatory vaccination for all security forces is approved, the military warehouse where the vaccines were stored magically catches fire.

Better watch it - that magic is strong stuff.  Much stronger than any vaccine or virus.

Did it all by himself - no help

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And that's it for news...

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Quiet weekend.  Working at home - I'll surf again in a couple of hours.

Some interesting information coming in from Bloomberg:

Vaccine Data Gaps Point to Millions More in U.S. Who Lack Shots
The U.S. government has over-counted the number of Americans who are at least partly vaccinated against the coronavirus, state officials warn, meaning millions more people are unprotected as the pandemic’s winter surge gathers steam.

Last weekend, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised a bellwether metric -- the share of people 65 and older with at least one shot. The agency reduced the proportion from 99.9%, where it had been capped for weeks, to 95%, without changing its raw shot totals.

The move acknowledged a dynamic state officials have discovered: in collating reams of data on vaccinations, the U.S. has counted too many shots as first doses when they are instead second doses or booster shots.

CDC data show 240 million people with at least one shot, or about 72.5% of the population. But the agency says only 203 million are fully vaccinated, or 61.3%, an 11-percentage-point difference that is far larger than in other developed countries.

I would think that an agency like the Centers for Disease Control would be better with their numbers. Says a lot for wishful thinking and for those people who are uncertain about the hype. Too many people dropping dead after the clot shot for my tastes.

And then, there is this little item from The National Pulse:

New York Legislation Provides for Indefinite Detention of Unvaccinated at Governor’s Whim
On January 5th, 2022, the New York Senate and Assembly will vote on a bill that would, if passed into law, grant permissions to remove and detain cases, contacts, carriers, or anyone suspected of presenting a “significant threat to public health” and remove them from public life on an indefinite basis.

Bill A416 presents a serious risk to the basic liberties of all Americans in the state of New York, including their right to choose whether or not to receive medical treatment and vaccinations related to thus far undetermined contagious diseases.

The bill gives the Governor of New York, his or her delegates – including but not limited to the commissioner and heads of local health departments – the right to remove and detain any individuals or groups of people through issuing a single order. The orders only have to include the individual’s name(s) or “reasonably specific descriptions of the individuals or groups.”

The department can decide to hold a person or group of people in a medical facility or any other they deem appropriate. The language is purposefully vague.

This violates so many laws it is crazy.  I am not expecting this to pass - too many people will be up in arms but for the governor and the state representatives to even think about writing such a bill means that they are nothing more than tyrrants.

I am expecting some interesting showdowns between the new NYC mayor and the new NY governor in the coming year.  Polar opposites.

And back home for now

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Fixing some lunch and taking care of some loose ends.  Got about 10K customers without power but it's mostly in Pierce County - South of Seattle and Tacoma.  Very few outages up here.

Unusually quiet couple of days regarding national news.  Odd...  Surf while I eat - see if anything has happened.

Heading out for the day

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Not as much wind as they were expecting last night - still rainy and blowy this morning.  WA State has about 10K customers without power - mostly on the South end of Puget Sound. No problems up here.

Short dog walk and long coffee this morning - pouring down and not expected to stop for a while.

Stormy weather

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The rain has started - coming down heavy.

Mt. Baker is expecting a significant snowfall this weekend. Great news for the local economy.

Yup - 'tis the season

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And still nothing

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Sheesh but it is quiet out there...

And a quiet news day

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Nothing out there catches my eye.

Running a few errands - back home in an hour or two.

Gale warning downgraded to High Winds starting at 10:00PM - see what happens...

Red skies in the morning

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Sailor take warning - glorious sunrise but gale winds are in the forecast for later.

Heading out for dog walk, coffee and volunteering at the thrift store this morning.

This is so true - Build Back Better

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And let us never fail to remember that the origins of the phrase are rooted in globalism.  Build Back Better is not unique to Joe Biden's regime.  Here, herehere and here just for starters.  If you actually start looking around, you will find it everywhere marxists congregate.  It's their new "buzz word". How they try to sell totalitarianism to the proles - hoping that the proles are too dumb to understand what is really being sold.

And this is a surprise to them?

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Talk about having their heads in the sand.  From FOX News:

Rate at which people stopped moving to California surprised researchers: 'Statewide phenomenon'
The number of people moving to California has significantly dropped since the pandemic started last year, while the number of people fleeing the state continues to rise, according to a new study.

"I guess I was a little bit surprised to see that entrances had fallen so much. It wasn't so much that we saw it in a particular area. For me, the surprise was that this was a statewide phenomenon," co-author of the study from California Police Lab, Evan White, told KCRA.

The study found a 38% decrease in people moving to California at the end of September 2021 compared to the end of March 2020. The study found a 12% increase in residents moving out of state.

White noted that while the spiked exodus from the state is notable, the drop in people moving to the state is "the bigger story."

He said the biggest changes were in the San Francisco Bay Area. There was a 45% decrease in entrances from other states to the Bay Area and a 12% increase in residents leaving for other states.

They are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. If they were genuinely surprised by these numbers, then they are running around clueless and ignorant.  Who put these people in their jobs if they are that incapable.  Symptom of a much larger ailment.

Still nothing - working on stuff

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Busy couple of days.

And out for a couple of hours

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Quiet news day - heading out for a short dog walk (raining), a lingering coffee (reading When Money Dies), getting a Christmas package sent off to Lisa and meeting up with someone at 1:00PM.

More after I get all that done...

Just wow - History Repeating

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Christmas Tree hunt - 2021

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From hickok45:

They seemed to be pretty cool - low administrative overhead and their purpose was noble.
That ended with this heinous decision - from Australia's Pop Topic:

Make-A-Wish Foundation refuse 4-year-old because he’s not vaccinated
Make-A-Wish Foundation refuse terminally ill 4-year-old boy from Staten Island, New York, because he’s not vaccinated.

“I can’t believe these things are actually happening in our country,” New York artist, Scott Lobaido, lashes out at Make-A-Wish Foundation after they refuse his friend’s 4-year-old sick and dying son.

Rocco, the terminally ill 4-year-old boy from Staten Island NY, made a wish to go to Mickey’s House and meet Mickey Mouse in Disney World in Orlando, Florida, with his family but the Make-A-Wish Foundation decided to refuse the child because he was not vaccinated.

A friend of the father, Scott Lobaido, was outraged when he heard the use and used TikTok to reach out to his 65K followers: “I got a text — a message — from a friend of mine here on Staten Island; his 4-year-old kid — his ill 4-year-old kid — was refused by the Make-A-Wish Foundation for his wish because he’s not vaccinated … at 4 years old!”

Scum sucking bastards. Like I said, I will never ever give them anything again.  I do donate to groups like this and have probably given them $500 over the years.  Not one penny more. Ever.

A sterling example - from The Federalist:

During January 6 Hearing, Schiff Doctored Text Messages Between Mark Meadows And Rep. Jim Jordan
Oops, he did it again. After leaking fake Donald Trump, Jr. emails, fabricating the transcript of a 2019 phone call between former President Donald Trump and Ukraine’s president, and lying about his interactions with the so-called whistleblower behind House Democrats’ first impeachment of Trump, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is now running the same con against a fellow lawmaker. During a hearing Monday night on the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, Adam Schiff claimed to have proof that a member of Congress texted former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to instruct former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

Not only did Schiff misrepresent the substance of the text message and its source, he even doctored original text messages, which were obtained and reviewed by The Federalist in their entirety.

One small taste - much more at the site including screen-caps of the offending texts:

Not only did Schiff lie about the substance of the text message and its source, he even doctored the message and graphic that he displayed on screen during his statement. The full text message, which was forwarded to Meadows from Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on the evening of Monday, Jan. 5, was significantly longer than what Schiff read and put on screen, but Schiff erased significant portions of the text and added punctuation where there was none to give the impression that Jordan himself was tersely directing Meadows to give orders to Pence on how to handle the electoral vote certification.

These people are not doing their job.  They were hired to represent us.  We The People and they are failing miserably at this. We are being governed by children who think nothing of lying if it advances their own quest of power.  The people who yell the loudest get to implement what they want.  Children.  They need to be put in Time Out and we need to get some adults in the room stat.

Have to do this for next year - brilliant

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My new wreath:


The mask slips - Joe Biden

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Amazing...  From The Gateway Pundit:

Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: “The Struggle is No Longer About Who Gets to Vote… It’s About Who Gets to Count the Vote” (VIDEO)
Joe Biden Tuesday evening delivered remarks at a holiday celebration for the Democrat National Committee.

Biden put the Republicans on notice: “Now we look at 2022. I want to tell my Republican friends, get ready pal, you’re in for a problem.”

Then Joe Stalin Biden said the quiet part out loud: “The struggle is no longer just who gets to vote, or making it easier for eligible people to vote – it’s who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all!”

Video at the site.  Made the hairs on my arm go up.  This is unreal.

Free stuff? Not so fast there, binky

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All the kiddies who voted for Joe because of student loan forgiveness, guess what.
From Forbes:

Biden Won’t Extend Student Loan Relief And Confirms Student Loan Payments Restart February 1
The Biden administration won’t extend student loan relief and confirmed student loan payments restart February 1, 2022.

Here’s what you need to know.

Student Loans
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed to reporters during a press briefing that the Biden administration won’t extend student loan relief — and the student loan payment pause will end January 31, 2022. (No, Biden won’t extend student loan relief again). Here are some highlights from her comments:

In other words, they do not need to do squat.  They are in power now thanks to your vote. Thanks suckers...
Lenin called these people Useful Idiots.

And here we go again - midwest weather

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Here is a realtime map of lightning strikes as of a few minutes ago:


Looks like the tornadoes were just a warm-up act.

This sort of activity has happened before and it will happen again but it still sucks to be in the middle of it.

And out for the day

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Dump run, dog walk, coffee, food coop, Costco.  Back home in a couple of hours.

Lest we forget

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About that vaccine - reading the numbers

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A two-fer. First — from The Liberty Daily:

New Columbia University “Vaccine” Study Drops Bombshell: VAERS Deaths Undercounted by Factor of 20
Since the beginning of the Covid “vaccine” era, we’ve used the CDC’s VAERS data to illustrate how dangerous the jabs are to people. With nearly a million adverse reactions and approaching 20,000 reported deaths following the Covid injections, it’s clear that we’re well beyond the “rare” occurrences that vaxx-nannies tell us about.

A new study from Columbia University isn’t drawing nearly the attention it deserves. Thankfully, Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology used in most of the Covid shots, noticed the study and broadcast it to his followers on Twitter.

The numbers are at the site. Of course, the mainstream media are not going to report these - they make the narrative look bad.
Second — from Steve Kirsch writing at Substack:

Latest VAERS estimate: 388,000 Americans killed by the COVID vaccines
My estimate of the VAERS under-reporting factor (URF) at 41 was based on anaphylaxis rates reported in the Blumenthal paper published in JAMA.

I have argued that the anaphylaxis rate is an appropriate number to use to (under) estimate deaths because I believed that deaths would be less reported than anaphylaxis to VAERS for two reasons: 1) usually lacks the time proximity to vaccination, 2) the person seeing the death may not know the vaccination status of the victim and may not technically be required to report the death.

There really needs to be an investigation and people need to be put in jail.  This was a naked power grab and all too many civilians died as a direct result.  I am stunned by how many people just went along with the media.  You scratch your head and wonder how people went along with Hitler or Mao or Lenin - we are seeing the same thing happen here and now.

Fauci waffles - blames Delta

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A good question from CNN:

The vaccine IS Delta.  And then, there is this little gem:

Not coming out and saying it but he is certainly dancing around the periphery.

Hospitals are overcrowded - but wait...

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It is not the Wuhan Flu, it is centralized government inefficiency.
From Seattle station KING5 News:

Washington hospitals beyond full but not because of COVID-19 patients
The Washington health care system continues to be strapped for beds, staffing and all-around occupancy as the COVID-19 pandemic heads toward its third year.

But hospital leaders aren’t blaming COVID-19 patients for current occupancy issues, which have several major hospitals at or near 120% occupancy.

And the real reason:

Executive Vice President of the Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) Taya Briley explained the situation during a Monday briefing.

“Our hospitals are bursting at the seams,” she said. “But they're not filled with COVID-19 patients. Remarkably, they are filled with patients who do not need hospital care.”

Briley described the patients that hospitals can’t be moved out of hospitals as those who have “complex, long-term care needs,” for which a facility can’t be found due to staffing shortages.

Additionally, Briley said the process for patients to get evaluated and placed in facilities outside of a hospital by the state’s Medicaid program can take weeks and months.

Also, some of these patients qualify for a post-hospital treatment facility for things like dementia or other mental health needs but they don’t have a family member authorized to consent to their transfer.

Not Covid at all. More at the site. Very rare for this to be reported in the mainstream media.

About that minimum wage

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Another perfect example of liberals doing something that "sounds" good rather than doing something that "does" good.
From Centralia, WA's The Chronicle:

Study From UW Shows the $15 Minimum Wage Did Not Help Income Inequality
A recent study by the University of Washington has shown that Seattle’s $15 minimum wage “did little to offset widening inequality.” This conclusion matches the research done across the United States and work that the Washington Policy Center has done over the last decade on the effect of artificially high, government set, minimum wage policies.

Increasing the minimum wage, through government regulation, destroys jobs, reduces available work hours and causes inflation. Businesses will often relocate away from areas that have high minimum wages creating longer commutes for workers that chose to stay with the employer or elimination of the jobs completely.

Nowhere is the harm imposed by a high minimum wage demonstrated more clearly than in Seattle, where the city council has aggressively increased the minimum wage over the last few years. The rash of restaurant closures and lost jobs can be attributed, in many cases, directly to the additional fiscal cost the minimum wage increases have caused.

The best minimum wage is $0.00.  Employment is not a "right". If you want to be hired, you have to be able to provide a valuable service for your employer.  If you apply yourself and take on more and more responsibility, take classes and learn additional skills, you will have more value to your employer and you will be able to ask them for more money. If you are content to slide through life doing as little as possible, do not expect to make any appreciable money.

Forcing employers to pay inflated wages to their staff will cause the employers to raise the prices of the goods and services they sell.  This may cause them to lose business. They will then have to lay off their staff - starting with the less productive ones.  Those with the lowest value.  Asking for a higher minimum wage will guarantee that you will price yourself out of a job.

I have covered this problem in thinking before here:

Doing something that "sounds" good is a very liberal thing to do.  There is little or no thought put into the program, all that is needed is for it to sound good.  After the fact, there is no accountability. People do not do the basic research to see if this new program is actually doing what it intended to do.  More often than not, it is not addressing the problem and additionally, adding some new layer of confusion and harm.

The liberal reaction when this is brought to light is to expand the offending program.  They could not have made a mistake - after all, they are the brightest and the best.  It must be that the program was just not given enough money or resources. They need to take the failing program and make it bigger so that it can do even more fail.

Not a good time to be an exGovernor

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Ouch! From Bloomberg:

Andrew Cuomo Has to Return $5 Million Book Payment, New York Ethics Panel Says
New York state’s ethics commission voted Tuesday to require former Governor Andrew Cuomo to repay the more than $5 million in compensation he received for a book he wrote in 2020 on his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Joint Commission on Public Ethics voted 11-2 on a resolution requiring Cuomo to repay, within 30 days, all the compensation he earned from sales of his 2020 book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Cuomo, who resigned in August over sexual-harassment allegations, has been criticized for using public resources, including state workers, to write the book. The lucrative book contract increased Cuomo’s net income more than fivefold to $1.5 million in 2020, from just over $280,000 in 2019, according to tax documents.

That's gonna hurt... Could not happen to a nicer sex-pest.

Don Surber puts two and two together:

Elon Musk may be Jack Ma-ed
Note to Elon Musk: Beware, doll, you're about to fall.

And unless you are a musician, you don't want to be like a Rolling Stone.

Time magazine selected Musk as its man of the year. They call it person but I still speak English.

The curse of this award is a bit overstated. Nobody stays up forever. Look at Hitler. Time made him Man of the Year (it still used English then) in 1938.

Seven years later, boom. He put a bullet in his head. As Sinatra sang, "You're riding high in April, shot down in May."

But that was by his own hand. Musk's fate is in the hands of the Deep State.

You see, Musk is Icarus, flying too close to the sun, which in his case is a metaphor for fame. Billionaires around the world know that all their money will not protect them from the government.

And Musk said something very dangerous to say during this regime -- "I am against forcing people to be vaccinated … This is just not something we should do in America. I think we should encourage people to be vaccinated, strongly try to convince them to be vaccinated but not force them to be vaccinated."

Really interesting thought...  People say that it can't happen here but they have their eyes closed and their fingers in their ears.

Business as usual in Portland, Oregon

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Scammers gotta scam - from the London Daily Mail:

Woke Portland city bosses award $12m clean energy contract aimed at boosting racial equity to bankrupt fraudster accused of lying about her prior experience

    • Portland city officials have awarded a nearly $12 million clean energy contract to Diversifying Energy, a nonprofit run by Linda Woodley, 71
    • She has served time in prison over the past 25 years for defrauding energy companies and racked up millions of dollars in liens for unpaid taxes
    • Woodley has also faced accusations of failing to disclose financial records
    • She claims all of that legal trouble goes back to a 1997 conviction for committing tax and bankruptcy fraud and claims that is behind her
    • She also denied claims that she fabricated or exaggerated her proposal by claiming she 'managed' a $30 million energy upgrade program in Los Angeles
    • The program's overseers say they never heard of her
    • Portland city officials now say they will revise how they vet bid proposals

Woke Portland city officials have awarded a nearly $12 million clean energy contract to a nonprofit run by a woman convicted of defrauding energy companies.

According to an investigation by the Oregonian, Linda Woodley, 71, has served time in prison over the past 25 years for defrauding energy companies, and racked up millions of dollars in liens for unpaid federal and state taxes - including a six-figure penalty filed just earlier this year.

She has also faced accusations of failing to disclose financial records, and has been investigated by the IRS.

But Portland city officials awarded her nonprofit organization, Diversifying Energy, a contract worth nearly $12 million earlier this month to purchase, deliver and install portable (h)eat pumps and cooling units inside 15,000 homes and apartments of low-income individuals.

The Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund tapped her for the program, and the City Council unanimously approved the grant - despite concerns from some staff members who were concerned about the nonprofit's high personnel costs and proposed delivery timeline.

Nothing surprising there.  One question?  Why portable?  Betting that if this goes through, the majority of these will go "missing".  Bolt it to the wall - use a mini-split. Who said they had to be portable?

Proceeding as planned - massive inflation

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Inflation destroys the middle class.  Companies like Amazon can weather out a few years of this.  Small businesses can not.  From Breitbart:

Bidenflation: Producer Price Index Rises by Record 9.6%, Worse Than Expected
Prices charged by businesses for goods and services purchased in the U.S. rose 9.6 from a year ago in November, their highest annual pace in records going back nearly 11 years, the Labor Department said Tuesday.

The final demand goods component of the Producer Price Index rose 1.2 percent compared with October. Compared with 12-months earlier, prices are up 14.9 percent. Prices on the services side rose 0.7 percent during the month for a 7.1 percent 12-month increase.

The Producer Price Index, or PPI, measures the average movements of prices received by domestic producers for goods and services sold both in the U.S. and exported. The Consumer Price Index measures prices paid by U.S. households, excluding exports and including imports. Goods and services sold to households and businesses that are their expected end-users are known as “final demand.”

The Cost of Doing Business rises. Business owners must charge more for their products or services.  Customers make do without or buy from Amazon. The small American-owned business fails. The large corporations working with the government step in.  Modern-day Communism is installed and the shades of Lenin and Mao smile from their graves. A small consolation for spending the eternity in Hell - they get to watch us enjoy Hell-on-Earth while they suffer.

The history of Photography

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A wonderful multi-part post - well written. By Roger Cicala writing at DP Review.
The first known photograph was taken in 1827 so this is still a very new technology.

This fragment caught my eye - fun bit of history:

The lenses were generally simple; single concave or convex pieces of glass. These were fine for spectacles but had massive chromatic aberration which was an issue in telescopes and microscopes. Newton had suggested that different types of glass could be combined to counteract ‘chroma’ making an ‘achromatic’ lens. An English inventor, Chester Moore Hall, figured out a way to do this around 1730. He wanted to keep the idea secret, hoping he would have a better telescope than his colleagues. So, he had paid one lensmaker to make an element of crown glass (low refractile glass), another to make a matching element of flint glass (high refractile ‘leaded’ glass), and planned to combine the elements himself.

The two lensmakers Hall contracted with were both rather busy, so each paid a third lensmaker, George Bass, to actually make the two lens elements. Bass noticed how the two elements would fit together and figured out the achromatic nature of the paired lens elements, but he sent the two separate lenses back to the original lensmakers without saying anything. To them at least. He did quietly make some achromatic doublets himself and a few other lensmakers copied them.

Years later, Bass mentioned this achromatic lens to John Dollond, whose son, Peter, was a lensmaker. Our boy John established the sleazy side of lens making, reproducing these lenses and writing a paper in the 1758 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society claiming he had figured it all out himself. Dolland, of course, patented the invention. Bass and about half of England sued Dollond over the patent. The courts agreed Dolland hadn’t discovered the achromat, but because he was the first to state the business application, his patent was upheld. He became quite rich, getting a royalty from every achromatic lens made for several years.

There are five parts out now - a fascinating read:

Fun stuff - I do hope that Roger expands this out into a full book - I would get this in a heartbeat.

What he said - France

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Looks like France has it's own leader - amazing speech from Eric Zemmour

Tip of the hat to Francophile Vanderleun

I do have hope for the future - the people controlling the narrative are seeing their efforts turning to dust in their hands.  Another 10 years and they should be thoroughly discredited and mocked.  Can not happen soon enough...

A little reminder - passports

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From 90 Miles:


Yup - Google

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And back home again

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A good trip up.  Unpack the van, get the dogs fed, dinner fixed and settle in for an evening of surfing.

The lumber mill was fun to look at but did not see anything that I was interested in.  Some things but the prices were already higher than what they were worth.  Amateur hour again...

More in a little while...

And out for the day

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Laptop still acting up a bit.  Odd...  Heading out for coffee and to work at the farm for a bit.

Auction preview this afternoon - a lumber mill.  These places will have a shop for maintaining and repairing saw blades as well as older blades.  Looking at some anvils, blacksmith tools.  The blades themselves are usually a good grade of tool steel - make some nice knives.

Back to the island sometime tonight - short trip.

Some sensibility in Colorado

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From Colorado Public Radio:

Gov. Polis leaves mask mandates to local officials, says the state shouldn’t ‘tell people what to wear’
'The emergency is over,’ according to Governor Jared Polis, who explained on Colorado Matters on Friday that vaccines have changed the COVID-19 landscape, rendering masks useful but not required in the state’s fight against the pandemic.

Wonderful - a liberal politician who makes decisions based on truth and not narrative. Congratulations on his courage standing up to the ninnies.

Chris Wallace edition - from Newsmax:

'Good Riddance' a Top Twitter Trend as Chris Wallace Leaves for CNN
The hashtag #goodriddance is among the top trends Sunday on Twitter as anti-Trump host Chris Wallace announced he is leaving "Fox News Sunday" for CNN's streaming service.

"He'll be controlled by the radical left," then-President Donald Trump said about the prospect  of facing Wallace as moderator in the one and only 2020 presidential debate. "They control him."

Former Trump adviser Steve Cortes tweeted his testy exchange with Wallace after that debate, where Wallace was blasted for "haranguing" Trump and "his incredibly biased performance as debate moderator."

Bad ratings and not a good person at heart.  God riddance indeed...

Odd behavior from Google Chrome

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The right mouse button stopped behaving as it used to on my Chromebook.  Also, I can not open multiple "windows" - instances of Chrome.  Very annoying - do not know if this is a new "feature" embedded into a silent upgrade or whether there is an issue with my hardware.  Highly annoying..

Powered everything down -again- and it seems to work fine now.  Really strange.  I would much rather deal with a bad behavior than an intermittent one. Those drive me up a wall...

And outta here for a day or two

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Packed up and heading North for a few days.

Got the laptop so limited blogging will continue but going to be busy.

Going from bad to worse - Smollett

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Looks like he should have thought a bit more before launching his "hate crime"
From the London Daily Mail:

City of Chicago confirms it WILL sue Jussie Smollett for wasted $130k police investigation into fake hate attack: Nigerian brothers he accused also plan lawsuit

    • The City of Chicago says it will forge on with its lawsuit against actor Jussie Smollett, 39, despite his conviction on five counts of disorderly conduct
    • It's seeking $130,106.15 to cover an overtime tab racked up by dozens of officers tasked with investigating Smollett's claims that he was the victim of an attack
    • On Thursday, Smollett was convicted of faking the attack, and now faces jail as well as career and financial ruin
    • The Osundairo brothers - who Smollett hired to attack him - are also going ahead with their lawsuit against the Empire star's legal team
    • They're seeking undisclosed damages after claiming their careers and reputations were damaged in the high-profile hoax

Embattled actor Jussie Smollett still faces a $130,000 lawsuit from the City of Chicago - and more legal trouble from the brothers he hired to attack him - after he was convicted of staging his own assault in a botched career move.

The former Empire star dominated headlines in January 2019 after he claimed he was victimized in a racist, homophobic attack, but investigators soon determined his story was a hoax.

The Chicago Police Department came to the conclusion after more than two dozen cops spent weeks investigating the bogus story, logging 1,836 overtime hours in the process, a July 2019 legal filing said.

The city was faced with a $130,106.15 overtime tab and has since confirmed that it will press ahead with its lawsuit against Smollett to reclaim the cash. Their chances of a win or settlement are now all but guaranteed in the wake of the star's conviction.

Let's hope that this provides a moment of clarity to anyone else thinking of staging a "hate crime"

Today's moment of Schadenfreude.

Voting with his feet - Chef Gordon Ramsay

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From The Dallas Morning News:

TV chef Gordon Ramsay moved restaurant HQ to Dallas-Fort Worth
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has relocated his North American restaurant headquarters from California to Texas. With the move, the TV host from Hell’s Kitchen hired a team of businesspeople and chefs to dramatically expand his restaurant empire across North America.

In 2022, the team in Las Colinas has plans to open 18 restaurants in cities like Boston, Miami and Chicago. In the next five years, CEO Norman Abdallah says he’ll oversee the debut of 75 company-owned restaurants.

Corporate headquarters is where the corporate taxes are filed.  Looks like the People's Republic of California just lost out on a lot of sweet sweet tax revenue.

About that vax - Middlebury College

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From The College Fix:

Middlebury College declares COVID crackdown despite 99% student vaccination rate
Vermont’s Middlebury College returned to virtual instruction for the rest of the fall semester due to over 30 new reported cases of COVID-19 on campus.

This means all final exams will be administered remotely.

The school sent out a campus-wide announcement the evening of December 9 noting the new cases bring Middlebury’s COVID total to 50. It said contact tracing has been initiated and that all further in-person events have been postponed.

99% vax rate - some with boosters.  Must be really powerful medicine.

Heh - Governor DeSantis does an epic troll

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I love the way the guy thinks. From The Epoch Times:

DeSantis Proposes $8 Million in Budget to Relocate Illegal Immigrants to Delaware, Martha’s Vineyard
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis set $8 million in his 2022–23 budget to transport illegal immigrants out of The Sunshine State.

He proposed the spending in the Freedom First Budget (pdf) to protect against harms resulting from illegal immigration. The spending may include the transportation of unauthorized aliens located within Florida to other states or the District of Columbia.

“In yesterday’s budget, I put in $8 million for us to be able to transport people illegally [in the United States] out of the state of Florida,” he said during a press conference on Friday.

The Republican governor listed Delaware, President Joe Biden’s hometown state, and Martha’s Vineyard, where former President Barack Obama owns a mansion, as potential destinations to relocate the illegal immigrants.

“If you sent [illegal immigrants] to Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard or some of these places, that border would be secure the next day,” he said.

And needless to say:

The White House and The Obama Foundation didn’t respond immediately to requests for comments from The Epoch Times.

The guy is 100% right - if the consequences of their actions were depositied at their personal doorsteps, the border would be slammed shut in 30 seconds or less. These people live in their own little bubble.  They think that they are better than us.  I'll give you a little hint...

DeSantis is demonstrating to the other 49 States what real leadership looks like.

Driving up to the farm later this afternoon - spending a day or two up there.

Fun and games in Los Angeles

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From the Los Angeles CBS affilliate:

‘We Can’t Guarantee Your Safety’: Head Of LAPD’s Police Officers’ Union Warns Tourists Away
With many people feeling Southern California is experiencing a violent crime wave, even prompting the head of the Los Angeles Police Department’s union to warn tourists away, LAPD Chief Michel Moore tried to assure people that crime is not out of control in the city.

“My message to anyone thinking about coming to Los Angeles, especially during the holiday season, is don’t,” Jamie McBride, the head of the LA Police Protective League, the union representing LAPD officers, said in a television interview.

Much more at the site - this is the Democrats end-game.  Bring in federal troops in responce to the "crime wave" and tyranny has been installed.  Get rid of the middle class, small businesses, etc... Get everyone dependent on the federal government and they cement their power.  This can be voted in but it can not be voted out again. Votes have consequences.

Post mortem - Oregon Earthquakes

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Good initial write-up on the quake swarm a couple days ago.  From the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network:

Blanco Fracture Zone swarm: Active, unusual, interesting... but not concerning
As of the writing of this blog (Dec 9, noon), 88 earthquakes have popped off on the Western extent of the Blanco Fracture Zone. Fifteen have been magnitude 5.0 and greater with the two largest events being M5.8. The smallest (reported) earthquake is M3.2 though there surely are many smaller ones, but the seismic stations used to detect and locate the events are 300 miles away on land. At those distances, the ground motions from smaller earthquakes will fall below background noise levels and thus go undetected. The magnitude scale is logarithmic, such that a M5.0 earthquake releases 32 times the amount of energy as a M4.0, so the vast majority of action has been properly detected, characterized and cataloged. Note that while the USGS lists all of the event depths as 10 km, their actual depths are best described as “shallow”. Constraining depths with data from stations far away and for shallow events is very difficult, so 10 km is just a default number given for shallow events with source-station geometries like we have here.

And some history:

How unusual is this? In the history of well-recorded M4.5 and greater earthquakes in this region, which is about five decades long, there have been many other swarms, including in the summer of 2019 when the largest event was a M6.3. However, there has not been as active a swarm as this one in terms of number of moderate sized events (see the figure below).

What defines a “swarm”? It’s a nebulous term that generally means a group of earthquakes close in space and time, depending on the background seismicity and how long a time window you are considering. Those can vary greatly, but in general we talk about swarms as being within a distance of a few rupture lengths of the largest event(s) and lasting a few days in time. What are the rupture lengths of these events? The two M5.8s probably had rupture lengths of a few miles long, which may have seen slip of maybe a foot or so. If these events were on land and you were nearby, 24 magnitude 4.5-5.8 earthquakes within a day would be a lot of shaking! And maybe some cracked streets and foundations and a few broken plates, but probably not collapsed buildings.

More at the site.  There is a lot more number-crunching that needs to be done but this is a great preliminary report.

My personal hope was that this was the Cascadia Subduction Zone letting off some steam.  Not to be:

The slip on these earthquakes are unlikely to have caused significant changes in stress along the Cascadia Subduction Zone 200 km closer to shore, which in the past has produced M9 earthquakes as recently as January 26, 1700. This is true for a few reasons:

So we are still primed and ready and overdue for a big one.  The last time it let loose was in 1700.  These quakes happen about every 300 years.  That would make the next one due in 2000.  Oh. Wait.

A very well researched and fascinating telling of the 1700 quake can be found here:

The orphan tsunami of 1700—Japanese clues to a parent earthquake in North America

I need one of these stickers - Android

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Have a hard time with iOS and really like Android.  'nix from way back so Android (and MS-DOS) fit my way of thinking a lot better than anything from Apple.

Sums it up perfectly:


Crap - huge storm system

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It is not stopping. Carrying on into West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.
Here is the latest from PowerOutageUS:


Meanwhile, on the left side of the Nation, Washington and Oregon are still dealing with outages too - 13,328 and 11,096 respectivly.

Looks like a botched attempt at Arkancide - from the London Daily Mail:

Julian Assange has a stroke in Belmarsh prison: Fiancée blames extreme stress caused by US extradition battle

    • Julian Assange had a stroke in Belmarsh Prison, his fiancee Stella Moris revealed
    • WikiLeaks publisher, 50, is being held on remand in the maximum-security jail
    • It is believed the mini-stroke was triggered by the stress of the US court action
    • Stroke happened at the time of High Court appearance via video link in October

Julian Assange has had a stroke in Belmarsh Prison, his fiancee Stella Moris revealed last night.

The WikiLeaks publisher, 50, who is being held on remand in the maximum-security jail while fighting extradition to America, was left with a drooping right eyelid, memory problems and signs of neurological damage.

He believes the mini-stroke was triggered by the stress of the ongoing US court action against him, and an overall decline in his health as he faces his third Christmas behind bars.

Arkancide?  A long history of it here.  Nothing unique in government circles but the current deep-state has perfected its use to an art form.

Kentucky - tornado damage

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Brandon Clement from WX Chasing shot some footage of the destruction. NPR has it on their YouTube channel:

And out for the day

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Dog walk, coffee and then the thrift store for a couple of hours.

Back home, make some phone calls and get ready for tomorrow's trip to the farm.

More spew in a couple of hours...

Falling in to a trap

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From 90 Miles:


Storms in the midwest - update

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From the New York Post:

Tornadoes rip across 5 states, at least 50 dead
At least 50 people died when tornadoes swept across five states overnight, causing a train to derail and destroying a candle factory in Western Kentucky, tearing the roof off an Amazon warehouse in Illinois and obliterating a nursing home in Arkansas. Officials warned the death toll may rise as daybreak reveals the extent of the damage.

Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses across seven states were also without power as the sun rose to reveal the path of destruction from the storms.

From Associated Press:

Dozens feared dead as tornadoes, storms strike US states
Tornadoes and severe weather caused catastrophic damage across multiple states late Friday, killing at least six people overnight as a storm system tore through a candle factory in Kentucky, an Amazon facility in Illinois and a nursing home in Arkansas. The Kentucky governor said he feared dozens more could be dead.

Gov. Andy Beshear said about 110 people were in the factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, when the tornado hit.

“We believe our death toll from this event will exceed 50 Kentuckians and probably end up 70 to 100,” he said at a news conference Saturday. “It’s very hard, really tough, and we’re praying for each and every one of those families.”

More as I hear about it.  Crap.

Storms in the midwest

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Woke up and it looks like they had a really rough night. A lot more power out all over a wide swath - one for the record books. From PowerOutageUS:   More as I find out about it.  Spent the night listening to the wind here as well - 32K cutomers without power up North in Whatcom County - heading up there tomorrow to work at the farm.

The numbers:

Top Areas by Outages


Not just here - high wind

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Looks like the midwest is getting hit with tornados.

St. Louis, MO station KMOV:

Amazon distribution center collapses in Edwardsville
There is a large emergency response at an Amazon distribution center in Edwardsville.

News 4’s Jenna Rae was on the scene shortly before 9:30 p.m. Friday and saw dozens of first responders arriving to the area. There have been reports that people were inside of the building when the collapse happened.


“He was on the phone with me while it was happening,” she recalled. “The tornado was hitting the back of the building, the trucks were coming in, I told him to jump out the truck and duck. We watched the building go up, stuff hitting the cars, I told him I was on my way.”

From Little Rock, Ak station KARK:

Tornado outbreak leaving path of deadly destruction through Arkansas
An outbreak of storms starting early Friday evening spawned tornadoes that ravaged communities throughout Arkansas and left at least two people dead.

Authorities in the small northeast Arkansas town of Monette issued a state of emergency and told residents to shelter in place.

Lots of power outages in the area. Missouri has 28,362 customers without power, Arkansas has 27,491, Illinois—35,669, Kentucky—18,278 and Tennesee—10,591

Prayers going out to the people and to the first responders.  This is unusual weather for this time of year.

Wind is picking up - right on schedule

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They were saying 7:00PM and bingo.


High Wind Warning from FRI 7:00 PM PST until SAT 4:00 AM PST

WHAT...South winds 35 to 45 mph with gusts up to 60 mph expected.
WHERE...San Juan County, Western Whatcom County, North Coast, Central Coast, Western Skagit County and Admiralty Inlet Area.
WHEN...From 7 PM this evening to 4 AM PST Saturday.
IMPACTS...Damaging winds will blow down trees and power lines. Widespread power outages are expected. Travel will be difficult, especially for high profile vehicles.

Got candles and flashlights out.  This is not my first rodeo. Fortunately, it is out of the South so I am shielded by a large hillside in back of me. No waves crashing on the bulkhead this time.

The cluster of earthquakes off the Oregon coast seems to have quieted down a lot.  Two today but that was it.  Really hope that it was the Subduction Zone relieving some pent-up stress and not a precursor to the next (and overdue) big one.

100% fact checked - the Schiff show

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Jim Jordan lays down the truth:

Here's your problem - science

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So true; climate, covid, so much more...

Quite the return on investment - 1250X

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Donate $400,000+ to the Democrats, get a $500,000,000 government "loan"
From The Washington Free Beacon:

Biden Megadonor Scores $500 Million Federal Loan for Solar Company
A solar energy company owned by a Biden megadonor received a $500 million government loan to build a manufacturing facility in India, the Biden administration announced this week, raising questions about whether the company's political clout played any role in the financing decision.

The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation granted the loan to First Solar, which is owned by billionaire Walmart heir Lukas Walton, to build a solar module plant in India. Walton contributed over $300,000 to President Joe Biden's campaign last year, and over $100,000 to the Democratic National Committee, according to campaign finance records.

And this is not their first rodeo:

The loan also comes nine years after the Obama administration came under fire for approving $3 billion in loan guarantees to the same company—funding that Republican lawmakers alleged the company wasn't qualified to receive.

Must be nice. No accountability - they do not need to show what happened to the $3Bn. Crony capitalism at its most egregious.  Not capitalism, a perversion.

Great website:

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What is says on the box - a listing of 449 fake hate crimes in the USA

Check out Fake Hate Crimes

There is so much racisim in the USA that people have to invent it.

Living in WA State just got more "interesting" - from Seattle station KTTH:

Gov. Inslee stoops to new low, says COVID unvaccinated are domestic terrorists
Governor Jay Inslee says unvaccinated Washingtonians are domestic terrorists. It’s a ridiculous insult that shows just how simple-minded our governor is when facing anyone who doesn’t bend to his will.

Are you an unvaccinated Christian, Muslim, or Jew, resistant to get the COVID vaccine? Inslee says you’re carrying “a time bomb” in your backpack. Does your doctor warn against this vaccine because of your private medical history that Inslee doesn’t understand? You’re a terrorist. No matter the context, Inslee thinks you’re as dangerous as a criminal and he has no regrets.

He may be popular in Seattle but that is the extent of it.  He is politically "credentialed" but has zero leadership or managerial abilities.  We are being "led" by children.

Looks like Facebook was honest this once.  Musta sorta slipped out. From Anthony at Watts Up With That:

BOMBSHELL: In court filing, Facebook admits ‘fact checks’ are nothing more than opinion
Facebook has admitted in a court of law that such fact checks are not factual at all, but merely opinions.

People send me stuff.

As we have previously reported, journalist John Stossel is suing Facebook after Facebook’s ‘fact checkers’ labeled climate change information that Stossel posted as “false and misleading”. In the middle of all this is the nefarious website “Climate Feedback” which has a bunch of climate zealots that write up what they claim are “fact checks” for articles, videos, and news stories they disagree with.

Facebook just blew the “fact check” claim right out of the water in court.

In its response to Stossel’s defamation claim, Facebook responds on Page 2, Line 8 in the court document (download it below) that Facebook cannot be sued for defamation (which is making a false and harmful assertion) because its ‘fact checks’ are mere statements of opinion rather than factual assertions.

Opinions are not subject to defamation claims, while false assertions of fact can be subject to defamation. The quote in Facebook’s complaint is,

The labels themselves are neither false nor defamatory; to the contrary, they constitute protected opinion.”

Heh - they will try to hide this but the cat is out of the bag. The whole court document is available at the site for your perusal.

Hillary who?

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She still around?  This video of her reading her 2016 acceptance speech has been making the rounds.
Found out the context today and it raises a big question.  From Today:

Hillary Clinton chokes up as she reads parts of the victory speech she hoped to deliver in 2016
For the first time, Hillary Clinton is sharing the speech she would have made if she had won the 2016 presidential election.

The former first lady and secretary of state grows emotional in an upcoming MasterClass lesson as she shares the speech that she had hoped to give on Nov. 8, 2016, when she ultimately lost the election to former President Donald Trump.

Clinton's speech is featured in her new talk on the power of resilience for MasterClass, the streaming platform featuring luminaries from all walks of life sharing what they have learned to inspire and teach others.

If she gets that verklempt over something that happened five years, one month and one day ago, she is not resilient and should not be put forward as an example of resilience.

Two views - first, from the London Daily Mail:

Aussies hit back at Americans calling NT quarantine centre a 'concentration camp' by posting photos in bikinis - and pointing out there is 'free wifi, nice food, and aircon'

    • US conspiracy theorists describe Howard Springs as 'concentration camp'
    • Many have likened the facility near Darwin to Nazi death camp, Auschwitz
    • Australians responded by posting pictures of people sunbaking at the camp
    • The official Auschwitz Twitter account described comparisons as 'shameful'

Australians have hit back at Americans who compared the Howard Springs quarantine facility to a 'concentration camp' by posting photos of people in bikinis and activewear who appear to be on a holiday.

But meanwhile, from the Beeb:

Howard Springs: Australia police arrest quarantine escapees
Australian police have arrested three people who broke out of a Covid quarantine compound in the middle of the night.

The Howard Springs centre near Darwin in the Northern Territory is one of Australia's main quarantine facilities for people returning to the country.

Police said the trio scaled a fence to break out of the facility.

Officers found them after a manhunt on Wednesday. All had tested negative to Covid the day before.

So which is it? What is the Ministry of Truth trying to tell us?
This must all be a mistake - after all, Big Brother loves us.

That people have to invent it. It builds up your cred with the chattering class but the problem is that the chattering class are only a few fellow travelers (20% of the whole population) and the rest of the world can see through your shit. From FOX News:

Jussie Smollett convicted of staging hate crime, lying to cops
Jussie Smollett has been found guilty on 5 out of 6 charges in the alleged hate crime hoax trial.

After a contentious week of witness testimony, counsel arguments and deliberation, the jury found Smollett guilty on the first five counts and he was acquitted on a sixth count, of lying to a detective in mid-February, weeks after Smollett said he was attacked.

Smollett was stoic as the jury read the verdict. The actor sat upright and stared straight ahead without showing any real emotion.

Judge Linn said he will order a pre-sentencing investigation and attorneys will meet via conference call to determine a date for pre-sentencing motions

The judge also said the jury will not be speaking to the media today, if they ever choose to. He is also having deputies escort them to their cars.

What did he think by letting this go to trial.  He should have confessed.  Blamed PTSD or something, laid low for six months and then returned to the public eye.  Now, the whole world knows his name and not in a good way. Talk about a CLM...

Recycling old technology - Spot

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Love it:


With a base model selling for about $75K, I seriously doubt that this is a junked unit but the idea is a lot of fun.

FUCK! FEMA has gone woke

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Federal Emergency Management Agency  Created in 1803, they were a bit of a national joke until Hurricane Katrina hit in 2006 and then they went through an amazing reformation and emerged as a very lean and well-run organization.

I am involved in local emergency agencies doing amateur radio and have also been involved in the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for the last ten years or so.  Emergencies are not an "IF" scenario, they are a "WHEN" scenario. FEMA created a series of online training courses which are perfect for amateur responders such as myself as well as for professional police, fire and medical responders looking to up their game.

These training materials in part establish a structure of "Incident Command" - who does what.  The beauty of this is that local civilians can respond to an emergency and when the professionals arrive, the command structure is already in place and they can slot themselves into the situation.  Communications and operational efficiency is enhanced. I also like that amateur radio is considered to be a core component in communications - its use is encouraged.

Because I am involved with them, I get periodic emails.
Got one this morning that made me sick to my stomach.
From the FEMA website:

FEMA Strategic Plan
Building the FEMA our nation needs and deserves.

The 2022-2026 FEMA Strategic Plan outlines a bold vision and three ambitious goals designed to address key challenges the agency faces during a pivotal moment in the field of emergency management.

Wide-ranging and long-term, the goals defined in the plan respond to the changing landscape in which we find ourselves. While some activities in this plan can be quickly realized, some will require efforts through 2026.

The plan outlines three bold, ambitious goals to meet this challenge. These goals position FEMA to address the increasing range and complexity of disasters, support the diversity of communities we serve, and complement the nation’s growing expectations of the emergency management community.

And the goals:

Three Bold, Ambitious Goals
The goals and objectives laid out in the Plan will help ensure success for our agency, emergency management community, and those we serve.

Goal 1: Instill equity as a foundation of emergency management

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo......... Equity has zero place in a disaster.  Equity IS a disaster.
The rest is just as good:

Goal 2: Lead whole of community in climate resilience
Goal 3: Promote and sustain a ready FEMA and prepared nation

Just a fluffy do-nothing word salad. Climate Resilience?  Give me a fscking break.

This is so sad.  FEMA was a shining light of how a government agency should be run.  Now?  It is WOKE and ruined.

And my serum caffine levels are low - heading out to remedy these.  Working at home for the rest of the day.  Kitchen needs decluttering, pay some bills, more sorting.  That kinda stuff...

Just one two this morning.  Quite the cluster of quakes - should be a writeup in a few days analyzing this event.

From The Epoch Times:

FDA Says It Now Needs 75 Years to Fully Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data
The Food and Drug Administration is asking a judge to give it 75 years to produce data concerning the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, up 20 years from a previous request.

The FDA told the court it can work faster than its previously proposed 500-pages-per-month rate, but it also said there are more than 59,000 more pages than mentioned in an earlier filing.

That discovery, and a desire to make sure it can work on other Freedom of Information Act requests at the same time, prompted the fresh request to the judge to allow production of roughly 12,000 pages by Jan. 31, 2022, and 500 pages per month thereafter.

That timeline would take it until at least 2096, Aaron Siri, a lawyer working on the case, wrote in a blog post.

“If you find what you are reading difficult to believe—that is because it is dystopian for the government to give Pfizer billions, mandate Americans to take its product, prohibit Americans from suing for harms, but yet refuse to let Americans see the data underlying its licensure,” Siri said.

With obfuscation like that you know that they are hiding something. Time to cut their funding by 60% and move their offices to North Dakota somewhere. Get them back to their core competencies.

Getting unreal out there.  All in the 4.5 to 5.5 Magnitude range and all around 10KM deep.

Here is the map from right now:


Something is up and I am happy that it is unwinding like this instead of one big one.

What we are dealing with - WA State

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It's not just our governor who is an idiot.  He surrounds himself with idiots - probably helps keep the Dunning–Kruger effect down to a dull roar. Here is but one example - from Seattle station KIRO:

Are new state wildlife commissioners turning their backs on science?
I’m not a hunter, but I recognize the role hunting plays as part of a wildlife management plan.

Fortunately, my buddy Tom Nelson — host of “The Outdoor Line” heard weekends on 710 ESPN Seattle — is much smarter and far more experienced on these issues. That’s why I had to have him on The Dori Monson Show to tell listeners about a case that goes far beyond cougars versus elk.

The 10:49 interview will make your blood boil - the abject stupidity.  One small taste:

The issue involves two new commissioners to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and their response to dwindling numbers of elk due to over-populating, predatory cougars. Studies show 11 of 125 elk calves were recently killed in non-hunting incidents, Nelson told me.

Instead, at least one of new commissioners, Fred Koontz of Duvall, who was appointed by Gov. Jay Inslee, downplayed the number of gruesome elk calf deaths. In a recent public meeting, Koontz called “the socially accepted number” of dead elk “more important than the biological number.”

Emphasis mine.  The whole interview is unreal - our Governor hired this person.

Liberals will not understand this but hunters, fisherman and other outdoor sportsmen are some of the most active conservationists out there.  What's more, they practice real fact-based conservation and do not base their actions on a political narrative.  They do good instead of doing something that SOUNDS good.

And back home again - bunch of stuff

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Got new tires for the van.  The old ones were original and in OK shape but nine years old.  The rubber had hardened and the tread was not as agressive as I wanted.  New tires are a little bit louder but they will not get bogged down in snow or mud.

Power outages all over the place - the wind was well forecast and they had repair crews standing by.  Had to reset some kitchen appliances and restart two computers.

Fixing some brown rice and steamed veggies for dinner tonight - got a 7:00PM meeting for some training.  Quick surf first...

Dodged a bullet - power outages

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I am sheltered by Whidbey Island and it looks like they got the brunt of this morning's wind.
From the Puget Sound Energy outage map:


Reporting 15,738 customers without power.

Poor Joe - just can't get a break

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From the London Daily Mail:

Stop being mean to me: White House holds secret meetings with news organizations to demand better publicity for Biden - as Washington Post columnist claims president is being treated WORSE than Trump

    • The Washington Post on December 3 published an op ed by columnist Dana Milbank entitled: 'The media treats Biden as badly as — or worse than — Trump'
    • The column sparked questions about media coverage of Biden, and on Monday Milbank appeared on CNN to argue that Biden was being treated unfairly
    • On Tuesday evening it emerged that the White House had dispatched a team of three people to speak to newsrooms and encourage more favorable coverage
    • The three - NEC Deputy Directors David Kamin and Bharat Ramamurti, along with Ports Envoy John Porcari - have embarked on a PR campaign, CNN reported
    • Some on social media agreed that coverage of Biden was unfair and the news organizations were just hunting for sensationalism, but others laughed it off

Three senior White House officials have embarked on a campaign to persuade newsroom executives to be more favorable in their coverage of President Joe Biden, according to a report on Tuesday night.

The trio - National Economic Council Deputy Directors David Kamin and Bharat Ramamurti, along with Ports Envoy John Porcari - have been 'briefing major newsrooms over the past week,' according to CNN's media correspondent, Oliver Darcy.

Darcy, in his newsletter, said that their outreach was sparked by concern that Biden was not being treated fairly.

Reporting is not supposed to be "fair" - it is supposed to be accurate.  If a public figure is messing up, they need to be called on it.  Reporters are supposed to — you know — REPORT the news. Not make it, not be the front-line public relations agents. Not promote the accepted narrative.

From the Los Angeles, CA NBC affiliate:

Mom Says Son Vaccinated in Exchange for Pizza at LAUSD Without Her Consent
Maribel Duarte says her 13-year-old son, a student at the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in South LA, brought home a vaccine card after having accepted the COVID-19 vaccine at school.

She says he said yes when someone offered it in exchange for pizza.

"The lady that gave him the shot and signed the paper told my son, 'Please don't say anything. I don't want to get in trouble.'"

Let's hope that this will be an expensive lawsuit - make them think before they overstep again.

Winter is here - snow

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From Seattle station KOMO:

New snow to fall in Cascades, 12-18 inches of snow expected
Wednesday will be a brisk mix of a few showers and some nice sunbreaks. Highs will hit the mid-40s in most spot for most of us.

While we are getting some sunshine in the lowlands, snow will be falling heavily in the Cascades. There is a Winter Storm Warning up for areas above 2000 feet until 10 Thursday morning.

Those areas could see 12 to 18 inches of new snow.

This is great news for skiers and snowboards who can’t wait for the runs to open at our Cascades ski areas. For drivers, it will be a tough go of it across all over our mountain passes. You need to be ready for rapidly changing conditions over the Cascades.

Mt Baker ski area is ready to roll - Snow Report from 12/06

Really wobbly - Oregon Coast

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Woke up to ten more quakes - same area, same strength - 4-5 Magnitude


This is right where the subduction zone is - hoping that this is a series of stress relief quakes and that it is not gearing up for another big one.  To make things interesting, there is a strong wind out of the Northwest raising some really high waves.  Tide is coming in - see what happens.  There is a Coastal Flood Advisory alert.

A bit wobbly - Oregon coast

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UPDATE: Two more - one 5.3 and one 5.5  Good that it is a bunch of smaller quakes.  It could be saving it all up for one big rip.

UPDATE:  Upgraded from 5.7 to 5.8 Mag.

UPDATE:  4:37PM PST  Another one - 5.7 Mag this time.  The Magnitude scale is logarithmic so an increase of one whole number represents a tenfold increase in measured amplitude as measured on a seismogram.

Glad I don't live on the Pacific coast - I am inland and sheltered by a few land masses.
A conscious decision on my part.   From the USGS:


Those red dots are a 5.5 Mag quake - depth is 10km which is about optimal for coupling to the surface.
No tsunami danger at this time.

My concern is the Cascadia Subduction Zone - it experiences a 9 Mag quake every couple hundred years or so — 41 of them so far.  The tsunamis from these events are huge. We are seriously overdue.

Quote of the decade

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Tip 'o the hat to Busted Knuckles:

If you have to be persuaded, lied to, incentivized, coerced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized…If all of this is necessary to gain your compliance ~ You can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest ”
—Ian Watson

Fun in Seattle - bulletproof glass

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From Seattle station KTTH:

Prosecutor wants bulletproof glass to protect from criminals it lets out
The King County Prosecutor’s Office is advocating for bulletproof glass to protect its offices from some of the very criminals it refuses to prosecute. The request came to light in an email memo obtained by the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

One way to avoid this new measure is to better prosecute criminals. But King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg remains uninterested in adopting a tougher-on-crime approach to our most dangerous and prolific offenders.

More at the site - there already have been assaults at the courthouse.

The Prosecutors are the clueless tools of the American Marxists. Of course, they will not get a seat at the table when the deep-state takes over.  They will be lined up against the wall and shot.  Antifa and BLM will take over as the Sturmabteilung.

More pushback - the clot shot

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Good news - from Town Hall:

Two of Cleveland's Biggest Hospital Systems Backtrack on Vaccine Mandate
University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic—two of Cleveland, Ohio’s major healthcare systems—announced last week they have reversed their Covid-19 vaccine mandates for employees.

Talking about the federal court's blocking Biden's vaccine requirement for healthcare workers:

"University Hospitals has been moving to implement the COVID-19 vaccine mandate required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In light of the federal court injunction issued Nov. 30 that temporarily blocks CMS from enforcing the mandate, come Jan. 4, unless there is further legal action, caregivers may continue to provide patient care services regardless of their vaccination status," UH said in a statement.

Good - the vax is not effective. Common sense is.

Eighty years ago today

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And four years later, we liberated Europe, defeated Japan, developed nuclear power and brought economic well-being to the world.  How far we have fallen.

From the London Daily Mail:

'Honestly, I would just can this whole bill': Elon Musk rips Biden's 'Build Back Better' Plan despite its massive subsidies for electric cars

    • Biden's plan includes big subsidies for purchasers and manufacturers of electric cars
    • Musk blasted the legislation despite its subsidies for electric vehicles
    • Purchasers get up to $12,500; manufacturers can get $4,500, but only union shops in the U.S.
    • Musk called to 'get rid of all the subsidies'
    • He also blasted giving 'capital allocation' to the government
    • He has been unloading shares and assets while facing a massive tax bill

Tesla founder Elon Musk tore into President Joe Biden's 'Build Back Better' plan over its tax hit on millionaires and its regulatory framework – even as the plan prepares to provide big subsidies for electric cars.

Musk, who has gone after Democratic tax policies in the past, slammed the proposal in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

'Rules and regulations are immortal,' he said. 'They don't die. The vast majority of rules and regulations live forever ... there's not really an effective garbage collection system for removing rules and regulations, so this hardens the arteries of civilization where you are able to do less and less over time.

Love that last paragraph - so true.  President Trump was very careful about sunsetting two regulations whenever a new one was introduced.  Cuts down the red-tape. And, to be clear:

'I'm literally saying get rid of all subsidies,' he said.

The government actually makes very little money of its own — land and mineral leases and a few other sources.  All monies for subsidies come from our wallets - our tax dollars. So much money is wasted on subsidies that our economy has grown bloated and inefficient. Time to tighten the belt - let the well run businesses thrive and let poorly thought out and poorly run businesses fail.

Forget which one but...  From the New York Post:

Chris Cuomo prepping to sue CNN for more than $18M over contract
Fired CNN host Chris Cuomo is set to sue the network if it balks at paying him at least $18 million to cover what’s left on his contract, sources told The Post on Monday.

Cuomo, 51, has hired lawyers and is preparing to file the lawsuit over the remainder of the four-year contract he signed last year — after a bitter back-and-forth about what the network knew of his secret efforts to aid his embattled brother, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, said sources familiar with the matter.

His contract was reportedly worth $6 million annually, leaving between $18 million and $20 million that he would be owed, sources said, adding that Chris Cuomo would also likely seek damages.

But CNN has “no intention of paying [Chris] Cuomo a penny,” an insider said.

“If he gets a settlement, there would be uproar,” the source added.

No mention of how long he was at CNN but I bet he knows where the bodies are buried.  Discovery is a two-edged sword. A trial would be fun to watch.  Also, CNN is really "leaky" - who knows what might be divulged...

No surprises there - vax

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From Oxford Academic's Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases:

Epidemiology of Acute Myocarditis/Pericarditis in Hong Kong Adolescents Following Comirnaty Vaccination
Age-specific incidence of acute myocarditis/pericarditis in adolescents following Comirnaty vaccination in Asia is lacking. This study aimed to study the clinical characteristics and incidence of acute myocarditis/pericarditis among Hong Kong adolescents following Comirnaty vaccination.

Their numbers and data collection look rock solid.  Their conclusion?

There is a significant increase in the risk of acute myocarditis/pericarditis following Comirnaty vaccination among Chinese male adolescents, especially after the second dose.

It is amazing that people are still pushing these vaccines after all the published deaths and injuries.  Goes against everything a real Doctor stands for.  First do no harm (and here).

'Tis the season - from Pfizer

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Changing parties - Bob Dole

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From America's Newspaper of Record:

Bob Dole Switches To Democrat Party
Former Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole has passed away at 98, marking his transition from a lifelong Republican to a reliable Democrat voter.

"Bob Dole was an American hero and a patriot," said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. "We are grateful for his service to the country, and we welcome him to the Democrat Party as a faithful Democrat voter for the rest of time."

According to sources, Bob Dole has already endorsed every local, state, and federal candidate with a "D" after their name, and will continue to support them via mail-in ballot for the foreseeable future.

Bob Dole's father, Doran Ray Dole, also a proud Democrat supporter, is proud to be joined by his son in voting for Democrats as well.

Bob Dole is survived by his wife Elizabeth, who is expected to endorse the Democrat presidential candidate in the 2032 election.

The best humor has a grain of truth at its core.

From National File:

Kyle Rittenhouse Creates Official Accounts On Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, And Instagram
Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who was acquitted of homicide charges after a jury ruled that he shot three aggressive BLM rioters in self defense in Kenosha last year, has officially joined several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

” To put a stop to all the fake #Kyle Rittenhouse social media accounts. Kyle now has official Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter accounts,” the @Freekyleusa Twitter acoount announced on monday, accompanied by links to the various new accounts.

I wonder when the "fact checkers" will come out of the woodwork.

Rough way to be let go especially given the season but...
From CNN Business: CEO fires 900 employees over Zoom CEO Vishal Garg announced the mortgage company is laying off about 9% of its workforce on a Zoom webinar Wednesday abruptly informing the more than 900 employees on the call they were being terminated just before the holidays.

"If you're on this call, you are part of the unlucky group that is being laid off," Garg said on the call, a recording of which was viewed by CNN Business. "Your employment here is terminated effective immediately."
He then said employees could expect an email from HR detailing benefits and severance.

But this little beacon of light and hope stands out:

Among those fired were the diversity, equity and inclusion recruiting team.

Yay - get rid of the social parasites.  The WOKE serve no function.  If they are allowed to operate, they will corrupt the core competency and damage the business.  They are a feel-good pox and serve no imaginable purpose.

Aaaaand nuttin' this morning

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Quiet out there.  Very very quiet.

Heading out soon for dog walk and coffee.  Spending this afternoon crumping - Lisa's term for sorting through Crap and taking it to the Dump.

More later if anything catches my eye

Archbishop Viganò in the news again

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UPDATE: 12/06/2021 - the website has been restored.  It was overloaded - no demonic forces at work...

He is speaking the truth and the website he was using is now showing this (whole website - not just that page):


Fortunately, the Internet is forever and we have the archive:

Viganò:”those who resist the NWO will have the help and protection of God”
There is a man that in this moment terrifies the hierarchy of the anti-Catholic church of Bergoglio. This man has been the object of tremendous and evil attacks by the mainstream media. They have been trying to smear him and depict him as a criminal or like someone who is putting in great danger to society. This man is Archbishop Viganò. His Excellency has become like a polar star of hope for those Catholics and even non-believers who have thirst for justice and common sense in this upside-down world. Viganò has been speaking calmly but his gentle voice has terrified the powerful people of the world. Viganò has exposed the Great Reset and the plan to destroy mankind. He clearly denounced the infiltration of Freemasonry into society and into the Church.

In other words, Vigano’s guilty is the one of having said the truth like a humble pastor of God. In this interview that His Excellency granted us, he once again tells us in what kind of historical period we are living. He also consoles us by reminding us that being persecuted for loving God and having Faith is the greatest honor that we may have. This is probably why so many people look at this man in this historical period. He’s one of the few pastors that can speak simply to the hearts of the common men. Here you can find his words addressed to any one of us.

A really good and in depth interview - a few quotes:

As I have previously noted, it is typical of any totalitarian regime to seek to delegitimize any and every form of dissent, at first by ridiculing the adversary, making him the object of derision so as to discredit him before the eyes of the public opinion. Then, after delegitimizing the person as pathological, or in need of psychiatric care, suggesting that the adversary is mentally unstable who should be hospitalized in a mental institution. Finally, this process ends with the complete criminalization of all dissenters. In this way, the regime creates the necessary premises to separate all its adversaries from civil society.

And this - talking about the New World Order and vaccines:

The vaccine campaign, lacking any scientific validity, serves first of all as the apparent legitimization for implementing global tracking and controls, today under the pretext of limiting COVID spread (a pretext which is false, because, among other reasons, the vaccinated can still become infected and be contagious). But tomorrow, this campaign aims to expand its reach, extending the “Green Pass” to include information used in a “social credit system” to confront a “green emergency,” which will be likewise false and specious. The “Green Pass” is being conceived as something like the Mark of the Beast mentioned in the Apocalypse of Saint John to allow or forbid people to buy, sell, travel, spend, eat and live.

Secondly, the inoculation of people with an experimental genic serum that provokes a weakening of our natural immune system represents a very grave crime, because it turns ordinary healthy people into chronically ill people, and consequently into customers of the health care companies and private care. This situation hugely inflates the profits of the globalist élite and brings a general impoverishment of the population. Even this aspect, apparently secondary, reveals the subversive character of the “Great Reset,” because the “Great Reset” does not represent only an attack against the health of an individual, but also an attack against the national security of the States, because their armed forces are harmed by the side effects of the vaccine, while the not-vaccinated soldiers are banned from active duty. I think that this is a point not enough considered by those who are analyzing the present crisis, and it shows the malice of those who. Once in power, cooperate for the destruction of nations in order to subjugate them to the New Order.

Much much more at the site - the people pushing this are pure Evil and need to be stopped.  We are close to a turning point.  I have hope but it is a close thing.

And the answer is?

Our Public Health agencies have betrayed our trust by playing partisan politics.
It will take a long time before the average US citizen will believe them again.

61 Ivermectin studies with positive results
299 Hydroxychloroquine studies with positive results

And out the door

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Got some stuff happening later this afternoon so no posting for the next couple hours. Driving down to Bellevue, WA.

Woke up to relatively clear skies and 32°F - hard frost on the ground. Winter is here.

We need this mask - now

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From 90 Miles:


King tides tomorrow

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But missing them - they are coming at night:


Normal range is about -1 to +12 - almost a couple feet on each end. Might be worth going out Monday morning to watch along a tidal flat near the house.

A simple question - spiked proteins

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From 90 Miles:


And please, that is not a tin foil hat.  That is an Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
Highly effective under most conditions.

Talked about the Nuremberg Code a couple of times.  It applies directly to the current crop of experimental mRNA vaccines.
From The Post Millennial:

In the wake of Austria's drastic lockdown of unvaccinated people, EU chief calls for throwing out Nuremberg Code
Ursula Van Der Leyen, the head of the EU commission, told the press on Wednesday that she is in favour of scrapping the long-standing Nuremburg Code and forcing people to get vaccinated against COVID.

"Hey, it's just the Nuremberg code. Only what we learned from the Nazi atrocities, not least those that were medical," sarcastically notes esteemed professor, lecturer and podcaster Dr. Jordan Peterson

To refresh your memory:

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment. The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.

That is line item number one.  Nine more to go.

The power behind the throne is whining

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Ron Klain is the day-to-day power behind our *Resident's administration. From the New York Post:

Biden’s top aide Ron Klain complains press coverage is too negative
He’s the Whine House Chief of Staff.

President Biden’s top aide, Ron Klain, took to Twitter Saturday to decry press coverage of his boss.

The chief of staff — known to insiders as the “Prime Minister” for his outside influence inside the West Wing — shared an opinion essay from the Washington Post arguing that Biden was receiving worse coverage than former President Trump.

Receiving worse coverage for a very good reason.  The Biden regime is doing a much worse job than President Trump ever did.  President Trump was able to get a lot accomplished despite the press being against him 24/7.  *Resident Biden has the press 100% in his pocket and he still can not lead us out of a paper bag.  Every major policy has been fscked up at some deep level.

Just imagine how much better our whole world would be if President Trump had the support of the media.
The missed opportunity is tragic.

We are suffering a plague of little children in business suits who stop up their ears and shriek at the top of their lungs if they hear anything that contradicts the Marxist narrative.

Looks interesting - J Epstein trailer

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Probably will not uncover any new dirt but it will raise people's consciousness about who he was and who he hung out with. Make things very uncomfortable for our ruling elites.

From Seattle station KOMO:

Oregon working to put indoor mask rule in place indefinitely
Oregon is one of only a handful of states that still has an indoor mask mandate, and now the state is working to make that rule permanent.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) convened a Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) on Thursday. The RAC provided feedback on the indoor mask rule. The point of the committee is to suggest what should and shouldn't be included in the ruling and discuss the impact it will have on the public.

The mask rule they currently use is based on an emergency authorization which sunsets after 180 days.  They want their citizens to Respect Their Authoritah! so they can extend it as long as needed they think they can get away with it.

Here is Governor Brown's mask:


This is a joke to them.  They are not serious about leadership.  This is a big game of us versus them and Us is getting really really pissed.  We need some adults in the room now.  Thank you.

Go here and enjoy:

Got 'em - shooter parents

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Timeline from Breitbart:

Police Apprehend Parents Charged in Michigan School Shooting After Manhunt on Detroit’s East Side
UPDATE, 10:45 a.m.: The Crumbleys have been arraigned. Bail was set at $500,000 apiece.

UPDATE, 3:11 a.m.: In a press conference, Detroit Police Chief James White said that the Crumbleys were not armed when they were apprehended hiding in a commercial building in east Detroit, nearly an hour’s drive from their home in Oxford, Michigan. The building was not an abandoned building.

White said that the couple was “aided” in getting into the building, and the person who helped them is known to authorities, and “there is likely to be further charges” for this person.

UPDATE, 2:14 a.m.: The Oakland Country Sheriff’s Office confirmed that they have the Crumbleys in custody.

“Yes, they are both in custody and will be on the way to the Oakland County Jail soon,” said Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe, the Detroit Free Press reports. “Kudos to Detroit PD and all the other agencies that assisted.”

UPDATE, 1:50 a.m.: The Crumbleys have been apprehended on Detroit’s east side after an hours-long manhunt. The police reportedly apprehended the couple in the building on 1111 Bellevue where they were hiding and where their vehicle was discovered, according to the local police scanner.

Good - anyone who gifts a firearm to a fifteen year old boy with developmental issues is not acting for the benefit of humanity.  What did they think was going to happen? What 15 year old needs a pistol.

Just a reminder - carbon

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But the pharma corporations need to make their billions - got to keep the stockholders happy.
From Facui's own National Institutes of Health:

Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread
Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus (SARS-CoV). No effective prophylactic or post-exposure therapy is currently available.

We report, however, that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage. In addition to the well-known functions of chloroquine such as elevations of endosomal pH, the drug appears to interfere with terminal glycosylation of the cellular receptor, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. This may negatively influence the virus-receptor binding and abrogate the infection, with further ramifications by the elevation of vesicular pH, resulting in the inhibition of infection and spread of SARS CoV at clinically admissible concentrations.

So Hydroxychloroquine is a very valid prophylactic against the Wuhan Flu.

This being near the first of the month, I took dose one of my monthly Ivermectin prophylaxis. Another one tomorrow - got the injectable version which can be taken orally as well.  1ml per 100lbs bodyweight. Been completely healthy for the last two years - no coof, no colds, no flu.

There is a version which is formulated for pouring over the back of an animal.  That dose gets absorbed through the skin - use that if you want to not do an injection. The pour-over version is NOT for internal consumption and I am betting that the recorded cases of people getting sick are from idiots swallowing this version instead of the horse paste or the injectable.

From the New York Post:

Oakland County fugitive squad searching for Ethan Crumbley’s parents
Michigan cops,US Marshals and the FBI were on the hunt Friday for the parents of Ethan Crumbley, the Michigan teen who allegedly killed four people and injured another seven when he shot up Oxford High School earlier this week.

Jennifer and James Crumbley were charged with four counts each of involuntary manslaughter on Friday, a rare move by prosecutors who said the parents failed to secure their guns and didn’t respond to their son’s distressing behavior.

Law enforcement officials later said the parents have gone missing, and are now officially considered fugitives.

And it is not just a case of visiting with some friends for a day or two:

Law enforcement sources told CNN that the parents took out $4,000 from an ATM on Friday in Rochester Hills, about 10 to 15 miles from Oxford. They also turned their cellphones off, meaning authorities can’t ping their whereabouts, the source said.

From everything that has been released, it sounds like the kid was trouble for a long long time.  They should have seen this happening and should have limited his access to firearms.  I am wondering how many hours/week little Ethan spent on video games...

A small question of culture:

Not to rub it in or anything but I would love to hear Soy Boi's opinion on Fred Reed's epic rant:
(just an excerpt - the whole thing is wonderful. Fred is talking about a comment from Cornel West)

Blacks may not have the background to grasp the extent of our achievements. Still, permit me a brief and very incomplete list of things white people have done or invented:

Euclidean geometry. Parabolic geometry. Hyperbolic geometry. Projective geometry. Differential geometry. Calculus: Limits, continuity, differentiation, integration. Physical chemistry. Organic chemistry. Biochemistry. Classical mechanics. The indeterminacy principle. The wave equation. The Parthenon. The Anabasis. Air conditioning. Number theory. Romanesque architecture. Gothic architecture. Information theory. Entropy. Enthalpy. Every symphony ever written. Pierre Auguste Renoir. The twelve-tone scale. The mathematics behind it, twelfth root of two and all that. S-p hybrid bonding orbitals. The Bohr-Sommerfeld atom. The purine-pyrimidine structure of the DNA ladder. Single-sideband radio. All other radio. Dentistry. The internal-combustion engine. Turbojets. Turbofans. Doppler beam-sharpening. Penicillin. Airplanes. Surgery. The mammogram. The Pill. The condom. Polio vaccine. The integrated circuit. The computer. Football. Computational fluid dynamics. Tensors. The Constitution. Euripides, Sophocles, Aristophanes, Aeschylus, Homer, Hesiod. Glass. Rubber. Nylon. Roads. Buildings. Elvis. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. (OK, that’s nerve gas, and maybe we didn’t really need it.) Silicone. The automobile. Really weird stuff, like clathrates, Buckyballs, and rotaxanes. The Bible. Bug spray. Diffie-Hellman, public-key cryptography, and RSA. Et cetera.

As a race, Cornel, we are happy for you, for anyone, to enjoy the benefits of our civilization, but that is exactly what it is–our civilization. It has become a global civilization because others among the competent–again, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Koreans–have found it to be in technical matters superior. It came from us. They, I note, do not complain of White Supremacy or White Privilege. They are too busy making computers and money.

Yeah - don't go dissin' out culture all the while you are making full use of it...

Got hit in the fee-fees? Dr. Fauci

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Looks like the good Doctor's poor widdle feewings are hurt. Wonderful. From the London Daily Mail:

Fauci demands Fox punish Lara Logan for comparing him to Nazi 'Angel of Death' Josef Mengele: Hints at legal action as he calls calls the attack 'slanderous' and 'disgusting'

    • Dr. Anthony Fauci criticized Fox Nation host Lara Logan Thursday for her comments comparing him to an infamous Nazi war criminal earlier this week
    • He called the conservative journalist's comparison 'slanderous' and 'disgusting'
    • Logan compared Dr Anthony Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele during on-air discussion on Fox News Primetime Monday
    • Comments were made in the context of Fauci's comments about new COVID-19 variant Omicron
    • Mengele, dubbed 'Angel of Death,' was a doctor at Auschwitz death camp who performed hideous experiments on prisoners

Dr. Anthony Fauci criticized Fox Nation host Lara Logan Thursday for her comments comparing him to an infamous Nazi war criminal earlier this week, calling the conservative journalist's comparison 'slanderous' and 'disgusting.'

Speaking to MSNBC host Chris Haye Thursday night, Fauci called on Fox to take disciplinary action against the journalist - who faced backlash Monday after she compared the chief White House medical adviser to Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor whose hideous experiments on Jewish concentration camp victims during World War II earned him the chilling moniker 'Angel of Death.'

‘It’s an insult to all of the people who suffered and died under the Nazi regime in the concentration camps,’ Fauci, 80, fumed on Hayes' primetime political commentary program All In.

Slanderous?  Fauci is a public figure and Logan's piece was an editorial opinion, not a news report. No way can her words be defined as slander. Hurt his feelings maybe but sticks and stones and all that good stuff.

Maybe Logan's comments were hitting a little too close to home.

See Fauci's research using orphan children as test subjects in the early 2000's (about 200 died and some are buried in a mass grave in an upstate New York state cemetery). Makes his work with the poor beagles look downright humane.

Do not forget that people like Mengele are the reason that the Nuremberg Code was written and why it has been codified into our Federal Statues. And here for some more reading

This is what tyranny looks like - from UnHerd:

Inside Australia’s Covid internment camp
Hayley Hodgson, 26, moved to Darwin from Melbourne to escape the never-ending lockdowns — only to find herself locked up in a Covid Internment Camp without even having the virus.

She’s just returned from a 14-day detention at Howard Springs, the 2000-capacity Covid camp outside Darwin to which regional Covid cases are transported by the authorities. In an exclusive interview with Freddie Sayers, she recounted her experiences.

It all began when a friend of hers tested positive. She recounts how investigators came to her home shortly afterwards, having run the numberplate of her scooter to identify her as a ‘close contact’. They asked if she had done a Covid test, and in the moment she lied and said she had, when she in fact had not yet. This set in train an extraordinary series of events.

Video of the interview at the site

“So then the police officers blocked my driveway,” she says. “I walked out and I said, “what’s going on, are you guys testing me for COVID? What’s happening?” They said, “no, you’re getting taken away. And you have no choice. You’re going to Howard Springs. You either come with us now, and we’ll put you in the back of the divvy van. Or you can have a choice to get a ‘COVID cab’… I just said, “I don’t consent to this. I don’t understand why I can’t just self-isolate at home, like a lot of other people are doing.” And they just said, “we’ve just been told from higher up where to take you. And that’s all that there is.”

Just following orders...  This is going to get worse before it gets better but I am confident that this will blow up in people's faces.  Too much of an overreach. She was there for 14 days and tested negative several times.

And done

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Got everything accomplished.  Took a little longer than planned so some other stuff got pushed off my plate.
Still, happy with the results.

Fix dinner and then surf.

And outta here

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Busy day.

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment. The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.

It applies - especially given the experimental classification of the vax.  What is this text from?

Here: The Nuremberg Code (1947) and there are nine more items listed.

Missed it by —><— that much.  From Breitbart:

U.S. Economy Added Just 210,000 Jobs in November
The U.S. economy added 210,00 jobs in November and the unemployment rate sank to 4.2 percent.

This was a far weaker jobs report than expected. Economists had forecast 545,000 positions added to payrolls and an unemployment rate of 4.5 percent, according to Econoday.

Not a disaster for them - they planned this.  Get everyone on the dole - dependent on the state for food and shelter. They have to eradicate the middle class before they can cement their power.

He speaks for me - the deep state

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Great rant from Glen Beck. Found at Liberty's Torch:

Time to start really pushing back. The Party of Slavery has been in control of D.C. since FDR. They did nothing of any merit then and they are doing nothing of any merit now.  The level of corruption has gotten worse and We The People are no longer being represented.  Time for a change. Now or never.

A palindrome day today

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Today is 12022021

If you do just the single digit for date representation, you get nine consecutive days:

    • December 1, 2021 (12-1-21)
    • December 2, 2021 (12-2-21)
    • December 3, 2021 (12-3-21)
    • December 4, 2021 (12-4-21)
    • December 5, 2021 (12-5-21)
    • December 6, 2021 (12-6-21)
    • December 7, 2021 (12-7-21)
    • December 8, 2021 (12-8-21)
    • December 9, 2021 (12-9-21)

More here: What are Palindrome Days?

A very understandable fear

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So true - Christmas

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A definite step-down in class.  Trashy.


Classic example of trying to put lipstick on a pig

In the media - Omicron

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From Chris Lynch:


No wonder they don't want to release their documents - from Zero Hedge:

Over 42,000 Adverse Reaction Reports Revealed In First Batch Of Pfizer Vax Docs
The FDA's excruciatingly slow release of data related to Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine has already borne fruit, and it's damning despite a trickle of just 500 pages per month out of 329,000 pages - which will take until 2076 to complete.

As first reported by Kyle Beckerthere were a total of 42,086 case reports for adverse reactions (25,379 medically confirmed, 16,707 non-medically confirmed), spanning 158,893 total events.

More than 25,000 of the events were classified as "Nervous system disorders."

Since the vaccine has been publicly administered, there have been over 913,000 reports of adverse events in the OpenVAERS global database.

And, of  course:

Not prudent to have anything out there that looks bad to the current administration regime.

Meanwhile, a solid 50% of our Nation goes about their day believing the mainstream media or simply not caring as long as they get "theirs". Pitiful.

Busy day today

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No posting until much later - got stuff that needs to be done.

Today was busy — tomorrow?

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Even more so. Early night - lots to do...

The guy is off-the-charts smart.  I would love to have dinner with him.
His reaction to Jack Dorsey stepping down from twitter:

Comrade Nikolai Yezhov? Comrade Yezhov to the White Courtesy Telephone please...
More here, here and here for starters

Twitter and Facebook intrigue me a little bit.  All of the other Bond Villians are doing major projects with their money. Rocket ships, philanthropy,, transportation. Jack and Zuck? Nothing that we know of.  Are they just not that into large projects or is their extra—curricular work a sooper sekreet. NSA-grade secret. China-grade secret (without the NSA knowing about it).

Google it - it's a thing (actually, the link goes to DuckDuckGo but it's a thing there too).

From The Lancet:

The epidemiological relevance of the COVID-19-vaccinated population is increasing
High COVID-19 vaccination rates were expected to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in populations by reducing the number of possible sources for transmission and thereby to reduce the burden of COVID-19 disease. Recent data, however, indicate that the epidemiological relevance of COVID-19 vaccinated individuals is increasing.

And the two take-aways:

In Israel a nosocomial outbreak was reported involving 16 healthcare workers, 23 exposed patients and two family members. The source was a fully vaccinated COVID-19 patient. The vaccination rate was 96.2% among all exposed individuals (151 healthcare workers and 97 patients). Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died, the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease.


Many decisionmakers assume that the vaccinated can be excluded as a source of transmission. It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.

No shit Sherlock...  No, the vaccinated are not safe, they are the worst of the worst of the carriers. They are the disease.

Nosocomial?  An infection that is contracted from the environment or staff of a healthcare facility.

One of the most common ways to die - #3 from what I heard if you include both nosocomial and iatrogenic:

"Iatrogenesis (from the Greek for "brought forth by the healer") refers to any effect on a person, resulting from any activity of one or more persons acting as healthcare professionals or promoting products or services as beneficial to health, that does not support a goal of the person affected"

Want to stay healthy? Eat right, monitor your own health and use physicians as a last resort.

Back home again

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Did not get everything done that I wanted to but making good progress.

Fixing some oven-roasted veggies for dinner.

And out the door - very busy day today

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Meetings, dog walks, welding, coffee, oh my...

He asks you to hold his beer and watch this - Gateway Pundit:

Forgotten Monument to Dead Orphans from Fauci’s Torturous and Deadly AIDS Testing Is Located in New York State — HEART-BREAKING PHOTOS
In August Gateway Pundit contributor Cassandra Fairbanks broke the story on Dr. Fauci’s use of taxpayer money to torture beagles in barbaric animal testing. Dr. Fauci funded a study in Tunisia where beagle dogs were eaten alive by parasite-infected flies.

Dr. Fauci also spent over $16 million in taxpayer funds on disturbing “toxic brain injection” experiments on monkeys in 2018.

Dr. Fauci more recently was caught funding gain-of-function research in a Wuhan, China laboratory blamed for the production and leak of the coronavirus.
Fauci lied about his funding of the lab under oath numerous times.

But Dr. Fauci’s sinister work does not stop there.
Fauci has a long history of mass death, barbarism and lies.

Not the thing to be reading early in the morning.  Here are just a few tastes:

The Fauci NIH approved experiments on hundreds of New York City orphans.  Government agencies and pharmaceutical companies used the orphans in deadly AIDS drug trials.


These children were buried in mass graves at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Hawthorne, NY in Westchester County and otherwise forgotten.


Children who refused to take Fauci’s drugs had feeding tubes installed so drug companies could administer the drugs even when the kids fought back.

Much more at the site.  This is the guy who is the director of our National Institute of Health and who pulls down almost a half-million per year as a salary.  Rope.  Tree. Assembly required.

Just one more example of the pure evil that is walking this Earth.
It needs to be rebuked and purged. Sent back to the hell it came from.

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