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Farm sale closes in two weeks.  18 days.

Still a good bit of stuff to do.

Minimal posting for a few days.

Break time...

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Working at the farm today. Breaking for a late lunch/early dinner/main meal of the day...

Had the 50th Annual Ski to Sea Race pass through town this morning - the road bicycle leg.


Not too many racers at 10AM but there were about 600 teams that signed up and so far, 474 teams have completed the course.

At the apartment for a meal and to take care of some stuff - back to the farm later...

Yesterday's server problem was traced to some networking issues but I could not find why.
Later last evening, the UPS feeding the downstairs network switch started beeping indicating a fault condition.  Ah Ha!!!
Backup unit installed and everything is running just fine (knocking on wood).

Was at coffee this morning when I got a text that the file server for our Point of Sale system was throwing hairballs.

Got the 50th anniversary of the Ski to Sea relay race coming through town tomorrow morning.
Did ham radio for the event for about ten years - there would be spotters for the road bicycles about five miles out and they would call out the bib numbers.  I would receive, confirm the numbers and then announce them over the PA system so the canoe racers could get ready to hand off.  I would also monitor EMS frequencies for any problems along the course.

A very fun community - a great event for people-watching.
Looking forward to getting involved in similar operations after I move

Working at the farm this morning.  Break for coffee in a couple of hours.

Getting a new dumpster delivered tomorrow - #7 and this is a big 20 yard unit, not the little ones you see outside of businesses. Winnowing out the crap.

More later tonight.

All work and no play...

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At the farm again today.

Minimal posting until this evening...

Working at the farm today

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Lunch break - quick errand to the local library and then back to the farm again.

House inspector is coming tomorrow.  Everything should check out OK.

Sigh... Not yet — Soros

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From Gateway Pundit:

92-Year-Old George Soros Denies Rumor that He’s Dead: “I Am Alive and Healthy”
George Soros, a billionaire Democrat mega-donor who financed coups here in the country and abroad, denied the rumors about his death this morning.

Oh well...

He is going to be in for quite the surprise when he passes over...

Strictly at the rumor stage right now but there is word that he had a fatal heart attack.

He is high on Satan's list - probably has a Concierge demon waiting just for him at the gates.

Heading South for the day

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There is an annual Ham Radio convention and flea market this morning.

Heading down in a few minutes.  Back later this afternoon.

Another day at the farm

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Good weather so heading up early - break later for coffee.

And that is it for me tonight

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Busy couple of days.  Good weather finally kicked in so doing the final push to get packed and on the road to NC

Farm sale closes in five weeks.  Working at getting the place cleaned up and ready to turn over to the new owner.

Another day at the farm

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Looks like decent weather for today - spring is kicking in finally.

Long wet winter.

Minimal posting until tonight.

And nuttin' today

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Busy working at the farm.  Tired so early bedtime.

Minimal posting for today and the next couple too.

Back to work...

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Lunch is over.  Paperwork done.

Back to the farm - more work to be done.

Another busy day today

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Looks to be beautiful.  New owner takes posession of the farm in less than six weeks...

Get my a** in gear and move out...

Busy couple of days

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Got some really nice weather here so been busy packing up and getting ready for the move.

Minimal posting for the next couple of days...

And out the door

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Begins another week of labors - getting close to the big move.

Got someone helping me at the farm this week.

Gotta jet...

Nothing this morning

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Went out to a showing of Nefarious last night.  Definitely one for the big screen.

Excellent and timely movie.

Slept in this morning - off to work I go.  More later...

Spaced on the domain registration and the email they had on file was a very old one.

Fixed now...

And another day in paradise

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Cold, rainy and miserable...

Heading out for coffee and then to the farm.  Got my friend finishing off the drywall.

The potential new owners are going to do another walkthrough this afternoon.

More later...

And out again - farm

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Got someone helping me.  Makes a big difference.

More later this evening.

And out the door - busy day

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Today is 4/20 day.  Yesterday was Bicycle Day.  Partial solar eclipse. NASA Satellite crashing to Earth somewhere.

Starship got off the pad but went Ka-Boom on seperation.
The key thing is that the booster is the most powerful rocket motor ever launched.
Three times the power of the Saturn 5 that launched the Apollo moon landings.

Earth Day is in two days - also Lenin's Birthday (appropriate)

Another day at the farm

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Rainy and cold - working indoors.  Coffee first.

Closer to moving.  Looking forward to it.

Slow news day

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Meeting some people.  Busy day.

More later...

Fun and games at the farm

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Selling a couple utility trailers on Craigslist and realized that I need to get my end of the paperwork...

Heading in to town to take care of that.  After coffee of course - priorities...

Got a serious offer for the farm and it is the daughter of the couple I bought it from.  Keeping the homestead in the family.

Things seem to be falling into place - the universe is smiling

Back to work

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Knee is hurting.  Not good...

Back to work - meeting someone at 3PM for the farm sale.

More later

Aaaand down for the count

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Another long day in a long string. Final push to get everything ready for my move.

Did a nice milestone today so taking tomorrow a bit easier.

Don't get cocky kid...  Time to get some shut-eye

And outta here

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Long day today through Wednesday.

Have a buyer for my farmhouse.  Of course, this came just as I leased the place to some people for a year thinking that the real estate market was moribund. Life is interesting...

More posting this evening.

To sleep, perchance...

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Feeling sleepy tonight.  Slept in this morning. Have a very busy two days ahead of me.

Going to take a couple melatonin and turn in early


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Conspiracy or not?  Supposedly photographed at President Trump's arraignment in NYC
Obvious signs of processing but the basic shape is "off" to say the least...


Found some photos while packing yesterday.
Here I am with my first car - a real Jeep CJ-5 - loved that thing and had it for a long time.

I'm about 19 or 20 - forget exactly when this was taken:


It's true...

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Feeling much better now - back to my usual self


Lunch is over

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Back to work 😁

Another busy day today

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Minimal posting until later this evening...

Yet another busy day

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Cleaning out the farmhouse - got renters moving in one week from today.

Still lots to do...

More posting later this evening.

And off to work...

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Late start today - minimal posting until much later this evening.

Back to work

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Break is over.
Should be done this weekend..

Day 2 - working on stuff...

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Nothing much today either.  Maybe later in the afternoon...

Long day today

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Working on stuff...

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