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Back home again for a while

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Heading out later today for some errands and to meet up with L. Quick lunch and surf...

And out for a little while

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Dump run and then to the storage locker to see what video they have.  My unit was robbed over the weekend so need to see if they can catch any license plates or faces.  Calling the popo this morning as well.

Coffee, mailbox and then a run to Bellingham to load up more crap in the van.  To take to one of my storage units. So it can be robbed? Sheesh.  What gets me is that the crooks only got $100 or so for what will be at least $3,000 of tools to replace.  Start totaling it up this morning...


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Time to sleep - took care of a mountain of paperwork this afternoon and now, thanks to the bozos who broke into my storage unit, I have even more to deal with tomorrow.  Was planning on sleeping in but no rest for the wicked...

And that is it for the night

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Finished dinner, cleaned up the kitchen and surfed for a bit.  Lots of political speculation out there but nothing concrete. Spending tomorrow and Wednesday dealing with local issues - police report, meeting prep, trying to find an available licensed electrician.

I would love to see our President let a Military Tribunal step in, reset every State's voting laws to those enumerated by the constitution and hold a second election sometime in February or March but I do not know what will happen and it is useless to speculate. We are living through an historic time to be sure.

Out for a little bit - and back again

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Did a metric ton of paperwork today. Epic.

Glad I went out.  Went to one of my storage units and discovered that sometime between this morning and 5:00PM, someone broke into another one of my units.  Stole $3K worth of tools and my PA system. Spending tomorrow dealing with the local police department as well as the storage unit people.

Looks like 2021 is turning into another wonderful year.  Took a look at 2020's accomplishments and then said: "Hold my beer and watch this"

And out the door

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Got to return the trailer before 10:00AM - running a bit late...

And gone to ground

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For tonight anyway, got some shelving put up in the new storage unit - a 10X20 became available so closing down two 5X10 units and concentrating a lot of stuff into that one. Lots of papers to go through. 99% toss and 1% incredible keepsakes and they are all comingled. Lots of stuff to keep me occupied through the next couple winter months...

Do not feel like cooking tonight but have some fresh pasta and will make a primavera sauce for dinner tonight and for the next couple of nights to follow. Clean out the fridge and it's filling.  Using some soy protein to add nutrition.

More later

A pause that refreshes...

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Home for a few minutes - loading up some shelving for the storage unit.  Done two trips to Bellingham today. Plumb tuckered out.

Back home around 5:00PM or so - dinner for the pups and me, kick back for a little bit and then to bed. Spending tomorrow working for a local arts group - we have a big meeting this Wednesday so getting the agenda ready. Lots of stuff to go over. If we still have a nation.

Have not been looking at the news - figure there will be plenty of time to clap my hands with glee or fulminate about the next four years when I am back home and fed.

I have the trailer for one more day so making two trips up to Bellingham. Get the last of the furniture down to the storage unit.

Out the door shortly.  Nothing caught my eye on the internet - lots of theories but nothing concrete.

And I am outta here

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Some videos and some sleep.  In that order.  Dogs have been fed and played with, I have been fed. Long day tomorrow.

Nothing on the internet to speak of once you apply the 48-hour rule. We will see in a few days.

And back home.

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Not six days on the road, more like five hours but a long haul nonetheless.  Display fixtures to Mt. Baker, furniture to the storage unit, trailer back to Bellingham for more moving tomorrow morning.

Time to fix dinner, surf and crash.

Been a busy couple of weeks.  Next two weeks will be busy as well.

More spew in a couple of hours...

Back home for the night

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Farm tomorrow, not Sunday. Bellingham Sunday.

Picked up some more chicken from the local grocery store - have some oven roasted veggies left over from last night. Dinner is ready to roll.

Feed the pups, run the microwave for a few minutes and then surf while I eat. The fun never stops around here...

My work day begins - Rev. II

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Pick up the trailer at 3:00 PM. Drive to thrift store to pick up gondola shelf unit.  Up to Bellingham tomorrow morning to get furniture, back down to storage unit.  Farm on Sunday.

A moving experience...

And another long day begins

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Out the door for a dog walk, get some coffee and pick up some new books from the library.  Bank. Working at home today - weather is nice so working a bit on the drainage as well as the garage.

Out around 3PM to pick up a rental trailer - get something from the local thrift store (a large "gondola shelf" unit for the store) - doing a run to the farm sometime this weekend. Drop it off up there and pick up some more crap to take back home. The fun never stops...

More spew in two hours or so...

And that's it

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Some video.  Some sleep. Get up and do it again. Renting a trailer this weekend to move furniture from Bellingham down to the storage unit (these are all pieces I want to keep - sold the rest) as well as do a load or two from the farm. L is busy with her new schedule - we text a couple times/day and are planning to spend some quality time together soon but we are both working a lot.

And that's it for the night

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Did some good work today.  Happy with what I did.  Picked up a chicken for dinner, make some gravy and roast some veggies for a side. Also filled up the propane tank for the garage heater.  Been working on a diesel heater but have not installed it yet - need to put the exhaust pipe through the wall of the house.  Got the sheet metal on order for that.

Quick surf and then dinnertime.

And I am outta here

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Walk the pups, coffee, deliver some groceries, work in the storage unit and then back home to clean house.  Full day.

More spew in a couple of hours...

Recovering from the storm

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Power was restored here about 3:00 AM - still about 10,000 households without in the local area. 1,150 in Western Washington (this is down from over 400K - great work!!!), Oregon is at 221 and BC Hydro at around 3,000.

Quite the storm.  The rain was forecast perfectly. The wind caught them by surprise.

Take a nice hot shower, a quick trot around the internet and get on with my day.

Just lost power

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The wind has been picking up a lot in the last two hours.  Power has been bumping but it went out for good a few moments ago.

Shutting down everything - time to batten down the hatches. Showing 39,779 outages for Snohomish, 284,693 for Puget Sound Electric, 25,749 in Oregon and over 60K for BC Hydro.

This is big and it is coming from the North - a concern with the ocean.  Got King Tides happening this morning and tomorrow.

And back home again.

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Her schedule has been increased from two days/week (she just started there) to five. Nice dinner (we both like to cook) but back home as we both have early days tomorrow. Sweet lady.

And I am outta here.

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Run a few errands (Costco, food coop, etc...) and then meet up with L.

An then picking up something - busy day today.

Meeting up with L later today.

And time for a few videos

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Decompress a bit.  Some things materialized on the island that needed my immediate attention.  Nothing bad, just another squeaky wheel. Fortunately, I do not need to be out of the condo in Bellingham for another 2-3 weeks.  They are not closing until end of February so that is a load off.

Ham radio emergency drill tomorrow morning - good stuff. Stay trained and learn new things. This one is at a local Yacht Club so I get to sit and watch the rain on the ocean and talk to people all over Western Washington.

Feeling downright sleepy. Of course, L is a night owl.

And "stuck" on the island

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Some things came up that needed attention.  Taking care of a squeeky wheel.  Got a ham radio network tomorrow morning which will be fun.  Doing it remote which will be even funner than doing it at home. Bellingham tomorrow. Dinner with L. after.

True words

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From Old NFO who has a bunch more at his site:

I’m getting tired of being part of a major historical event. 

Up early

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Solid seven hours and feeling fine so not going back to bed. Guess I am a morning person now.

Quick surf and then to Bellingham again. See if I can get in two trips.

And a long day tomorrow.

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Time to watch some video. Another full day in Bellingham on the horizon.

And back again - good work was done

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First storage unit is getting full. Second one is ready. Should be zero problem finishing by Thursday. L. is coming over for dinner here Friday so we will celebrate.

From what I gathered, the Nation of Pakistan also lost power recently - some curious things happening around the world.  Will look around and see what I find.

Heading North for another load from the condo. Getting things cleared out.  Feels good.

No posting until much later today.

Some strange things happening in the Vatican today - power blackouts, gunfire. The beginning of the end of the New World Order?  One can only hope.  And Pray.

A full van and a productive day

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Cleared out a lot from Bellingham - brought a full van back to the storage units. Empty van now.


The Foreman is just visible to the right - note the ears.  Checkin' everything out.  The Shop Steward is asleep on the passenger's seat.

Got another couple of days and that will be it - closing the door on another bit of personal history.

Time to fix dinner and surf.

Deleting Facebook. Deleting Twitter.

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Was never a very active user but joined to keep track of other people.

Deleting both today. Moving to Rumble, Gab and Parler and a few others - links soon.

Why?  Here is one reason - President Trump's twitter account:


And yes, it is retractive to all of his prior tweets: here, here, here, here, here for just a few.

And, looks like they got L. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell too:



Fascist scum. The only good news is that they will be coming after Twitter and the like next.  The left always eats its own - look at Mao's purge of the teachers and professionals.

Back home for the night

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Fun times were had, work was done, lunch was good and Bellingham was explored.

Sweet woman.  We get along well.

Out the door for several hours

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Bellingham again.  L. is meeting me there and we are going to have lunch, work a little bit and then go and discover the city.  She is not only new to the Nation (lived here three years) but also new to this area.  Fun times.  Love playing tour guide.  Getting the last of the lunch fixings packed and heading out.

Time for some escapism...

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Watch some videos and an early bed.

Heading to Bellingham and meeting L. there tomorrow.  Fix some lunch, work a bit and then check out
the City Of Subdued Excitement.

So true - 2021

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A few good things - one very wonderful one in particular ( L. ) but overall? There was a serious automobile accident last weekend that claimed the life of the driver and seriously injured the daughter of a good friend.  Having to process that...


And of course:


The deep-state may be taking over but

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Local life goes on.  Heading up to Bellingham today and tomorrow to do some maintenance and repairs on the condo before the new owners take possession.  I will be joined tomorrow by my new friend L.  She came over from Mainland China a few years ago so our conversations have been lamenting the state of America.  She fled socialism and communism to come here and what happens?

Back early this evening.

Fun times. Done for the evening, dogs run, kitchen cleaned, food put away.

Making a pot of tea and settling in for a night of surfing.  Bellingham tomorrow morning - pressure washing (supposed to be a nice day) and a load to the storage units.

Back home again.

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What a stinking shit-show today.  The rioting.  It will be interesting to see who these people really were.  (hint: Antifa under false-flag)

Got a big meeting later this evening so preparing for that.  More later tonight.

Out the door - take two

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Got some paperwork done. Heading North for a few hours.

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