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What a narcissist - President Obama

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This is unbelievable - from Breitbart:

Obama Suggests Trump Has ‘Racism’ and ‘Mommy Issues’
Former President Obama suggested that President Trump is not solving the world’s problems because he has “racism” and “mommy issues.”

Obama, who famously wrote an entire autobiography called Dreams from My Father as a means to work through his lifelong daddy issues, is certain we can solve all the world’s problems — “climate change, education, agriculture and so on” — quite easily because they are “not nearly as complicated as they are made out to be.”

A bit more:

The Daily Mail first reported the former president’s remarks from the Obama Foundation in Chicago on Monday and added that there was another dig at Trump:

And in another dig at Trump on Monday, Obama suggested the US was a better place before he was sworn into office.

In a conversation with author Dave Eggers, Obama also repeated his belief that if you could choose a time and place to be born, you would choose the US.

But he amended that thought and said: “You’d choose now – or maybe two years ago.”

There is no record of Eggers asking Obama why it would be so easy to fix the world and not the former president’s hometown of Chicago, where Obama spent more than a decade working as a community activist and legislator. Democrats have enjoyed unrivaled control of that city for decades. It is a place where nothing is stopping them from realizing their political goals, and, as a result, Chicago is a nearly bankrupt war zone.

Clueless and out of touch. Jimmy Carter is really happy now - Obama kicked him out of the running for the worst president.

Another day in paradise

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Heading out for coffee, post office, dump run and then up to the farm.

Frost on the ground but not as hard as before and the sky is overcast - got some weather moving in.

Over to YouTube

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Heading over for 45 minutes of video or so - see what has been posted today. Been watching welding stuff, ham radio and other electronics and some music (how to, not MTV).

Cleaned out the Augean driveway

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It was three full barrow loads and a partial fourth - done and stacked. Looks great. Have a fire going and it raised the room temp to 62°F - it is 51°F and falling so the fireplace is nice and efficient for heating the house. Until I get the foundation leveled and repaired, I am holding off on any other infrastructure work so the mini-splits will have to wait for another couple of months. There is a nice electric hydronic heating system but when I ran it on very low setting for a month, I was rewarded with a utility bill of more than $400. Heat pumps are the way to go!

Heading out for a couple of errands, a bite to eat and then back home for the night - driving up to the farm tomorrow after coffee, post office and dump run.

Classical reference in the title: Augean

Back to the farm today tomorrow

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The weather is so gorgeous here that I am spending one more day here - Lord knows I have enough projects to do.

Taking a lunch break (hummus sandwich and diet coke) and finishing off the firewood - about four more wheelbarrow loads to go. Got a nice fire going so the house is warm enough to paint the file cabinet (badly scratched and some rust) The fireplace has a huge masonry structure around it so once that heats up, it will radiate heat for a long long time. The back wall of it is one wall of the bedroom so it will be nice and cozy. That wall has sheetrock on it but tempted to peek behind and see what is there - brick would be gorgeous, cinder block not so much.

Supposed to be quite the storm moving in later this week - Thanksgiving will be a day of wind and rain.

Back to the farm today

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Heading out for coffee, post office and breakfast and then back home to do a couple hours work - trip to the dump, putting the log racks together and stacking the last of the firewood, painting a used filing cabinet I bought the other day and some paperwork.

Heading up to the farm later this afternoon for a couple of days sorting and packing.

And there is nothing on the internet

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YouTube for an hour or two and then an early bedtime. Picked up two more log racks at the farm store in town so spending tomorrow putting them together and finishing off stacking the firewood. Dump run too.

And off to dinner

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Still have a bunch more firewood to stack - filled up two log racks so swinging by the farm store to get another - keeps the wood off the ground and makes it dry out faster. Looks way better too.

Farm tomorrow...

Another day on the island

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Heading out for coffee and then back home to clean the house, do a dump run and finish the firewood stacking.

Maybe head to the farm today if I get everything else done but probably head out tomorrow afternoon.

Gorgeous weather - clear skies. Hard frost on the ground this morning.

Nothing happening on the internet for now.

And it is YouTube

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Heading up to the farm tomorrow for another round of packing totes and toting them in to Bellingham.

Back from dinner

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A plate of tacos. Good food for a cold night. They make their own sauces so especially tasty.

Long day today - no geese though

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Had enough stuff down here to take to the condo so loaded up the van and headed North after coffee and post office. Needed to stop at Hardware Sales so that made for an afternoon. Drove South on I-5 and took the HWY 20 exit to drive into Burlington to get some stuff from the welding store. Took the back roads and traffic was really bad - slow. This was around 2:00PM or so.

Turns out, getting off I-5 was a smart move - from Seattle's KOMO News:

6 hurt in massive 23-vehicle pileup near Mt. Vernon
A massive Saturday morning pileup involving nearly two dozen vehicles injured several people and clogged traffic on I-5 near Mount Vernon.

The crash happened near northbound exit 224, just south of the scene of the fatal shooting that occurred earlier Saturday morning.

Trooper Mark Francis with the Washington State Patrol said 23 vehicles -- including a semi-truck -- were involved in the crash. The investigation is in its early stages, but it appears a semi carrying 80,000 pounds of gravel was heading southbound when it crossed the median and started the pileup.

Bobby Grace and Peter Franssen were sitting in traffic when they saw a semi heading "way too fast" in the southbound lane.

"It was bumper to bumper traffic, and then all the sudden it was like the semi just flew over the whole median and there was dirt everywhere," Grace said. "So much dirt, it was like a sand storm. It was astonishing. I can't believe it happened."

More at the site - glad I got off the freeway when I did. Anyway, to get back on to I-5 I had to go over an overpass and I saw that traffic was flowing freely in both directions so I got on and drove down a couple of exits to Mt. Vernon and got onto Beaver Marsh Road. I was there at the same time as last Thursday when I saw all the Snow Geese but where there were several hundred birds all flying around, there were only about 20 already settled in for the evening. The light was incredible but there were so few birds, I did not even stop to take a still photo.

Stopped at the library to return a book and request a couple more (reading the Nathaniel Drinkwater series) and now home. Heading out for dinner in a few moments.

Nature did throw me a bone - when I went outside into the back yard, there was the cutest family of three otters playing about 15 feet off the shoreline. They were looking at me and the dogs but went back to getting dinner - there is a fairly large shellfish bed off my back porch. Going to have to keep one of my cameras by the back door for such events.

A gorgeous day on the island

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Woke up to a hard frost on the ground and clear blue skies. Looks like I am on for a wild goose chase later today. We start to get good light around 3:00PM which is when the snow geese start to look for nesting spots for the night. Will be driving up to the Skagit River flats with my video camera - should be fun and a nice break from all the moving.

Heading out for coffee and post office now - a trip to the dump is on for today as well as finishing stacking the firewood and building the stand for my belt grinder.

And it's YouTube

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More posting tomorrow...

Back from dinner

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Very clear night - very cold. Down to 39° and dropping. Sure to be hard frost on the ground tomorrow morning. Weather Channel has it down to 33°.

Nice and clear tomorrow for the wild goose chase. Driving up to the farm for a few days tomorrow after filming.

Back home - no wild goose chase today

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Woke up to diffuse cloudy sky with a miserable flat light. Not what I want for photography so ran a few errands and did some work around the house.

The clouds burned off about an hour ago with gorgeous warm directional light but it is a bit too late to go shooting geese today - by the time I got up to the Skagit flats, they would already be bedded down for the night - I want to film them swarming around as they settle into their nesting areas.

These conditions were forecast yesterday so I was expecting them - tomorrow is forecast to be clear so will finish stacking the firewood, head up to the flats around 2:00PM or so and then wait for the good light.

Coming up on my new (to me) van's 30K service - I used to own them and drove them a lot when I lived on the East coast. They are very easy to maintain so will be doing this service myself instead of paying the dealership a lot of money. I will have them do the big one at 60K miles but I can do the intermetidate ones for about 1/3rd the cost and it only takes an hour.

Surf for a bit and then out for Mexican.

Heading out for the day

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Coffee and post office and then get some breakfast - planning to finish stacking the firewood and want a little ballast in my belly.

Got some paperwork to do and also do some more work on the stand for my new belt grinder. Got the design figured out so time to start cutting and welding.

Last night's meeting was a good one - tired so went right to bed when I got home.

Time for dinner and a meeting

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Back in a couple of hours...

Back home again

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One of my errands took me to the town of Mt. Vernon and I had some extra time so I drove home via the back roads through the Skagit flats to Conroy. The Snow Geese are starting to arrive from their summering grounds in the Russian arctic. Around 3:00PM or so (when I was there) they start looking for a roosting spot - dug out my video camera and have the batteries charging up as it was gorgeous with the reflections of the sunlight off their wings. Would make a nice video with the right light which we maybe will get tomorrow and definitely Saturday.

I was watching them flying and thinking that this was a lot like what storm chasers go through when trying to get the pest photography of the storms. Realized that when I do this, I will be going on a wild goose chase...

Heading out in a few minutes for dinner - Ham radio meeting at 7:00PM tonight.

Heading out for coffee and some errands

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Back in a couple of hours.

And it is off to YouTube

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Watch for a little bit and then to bed. Long day tomorrow with some errands, working here (finishing off the stand for the belt grinder and making a rack for my ladder (bolt to the outside of the house).

Aaaand, I am on the island

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Had a couple of totes with tools for the island so headed down here after dinner. Got a meeting tomorrow and have some things to do while I am down. Back to the farm for the weekend.

Hitting the road

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Heading in to Bellingham with a full van. Back in a couple of hours - will probably get a bite in town.

Packing up and heading out

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Taking a quick break from loading totes - cold and wet. Probably do just one load in today - do another load tomorrow when I head to the island tomorrow for the meeting.

A new day at the farm

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Heading out for coffee and then back to the farm to load up for the first run into Bellingham. Raining heavily - warm. Over a half inch of precip with more on the way.

Got nuffin'

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Nothing on the web caught my eye - time for another jar or two of red wine and some YouTube videos.

Back home again - fun outing

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That was fun. Had two pints of excellent hard cider and ran into a couple people I have not seen for many months (a year?) - got caught up.

Feeling sleepy - surf for a bit, some videos and then an early bedtime. Want to get two trips in to the condo tomorrow. Planning to return to Camano Thursday afternoon for an evening meeting. Rain has been forecast for the next three days and it is starting to come down hard.

Dinner was good

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Done for the day - heading out for a pint or two of cider and then back home. Got enough totes packed for two trips to the condo tomorrow.

Taking a break for now

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Getting dinner on the stove (rice and beans with ham) - surf for a bit and then head back out. Got about 20 totes ready to go.

Done with lunch

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Time to get to work...

Slept like a log - finishing off breakfast, heading out for coffee and then spending the day packing totes to take to the condo in Bellingham.

Back at the farm for a few days

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Had dinner on the road, stopped off at a local for two pints of cider and now at the farm.

Sleepy from my early morning so just a quick surf and then a couple of YouTubes - packing tomorrow.

Paperwork done - back to work

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An hour or two of moving firewood and then up to the farm.

Breaking for lunch

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Can of soup and a dinner roll - do a bit of paperwork, shift some more firewood (the pile is getting smaller) and then head up to the farm around 3:00PM or so.

Up earlier than usual

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Usually wake up around 8:30AM. My eyes popped open about 30 minutes ago so getting a two hour start to the day.

Get a bite to eat, stack some more firewood (almost done) and then head up to the farm for a few days of packing.

And it is off to YouTube

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Up at the farm for a few days tomorrow. Back down for a meeting Thursday.

Nothing much on the web - Florida will be interesting to follow.

Sky is very clear - would not be surprised to find a hard frost on the ground tomorrow morning.

Done with the day

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Heading up to the farm tomorrow morning for a few days.

Surf and then to bed.

Good meeting - time for YouTube

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Planning meeting for an excercise. Tired - long day so watching a few welding and radio videos and then to bed.

Got a social event tomorrow afternoon and then heading back to the farm - there for a few days. Been slacking off and need to get the last of the stuff moved to the condo for the tool garage sale.

160 miles later...

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I am back. Got the wheelbarrow and will finish the firewood pile tomorrow. Got a meeting tonight so heading to the grocery store and post office and then having a can of soup and a dinner roll for dinner.

Costco makes some really nice "artisan" rolls so I freeze them, microwave them for two minutes and pop them in the toaster oven for five and they are really good. Just the right amount.

Points North

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Heading out soon - stopping for coffee and then to the farm, condo, Hardware Sales (an amazing place) and back to the island. Meeting tonight and an event tomorrow afternoon.

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