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And sweet dreams

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Nothing much on the internet today. Worked on the ham radio setup a bit more this evening. Planning to be on the air Monday for our local network. Got a dedicated computer booting both Windows and Linux to handle various digital communications modes as well as HRD for my HF tranciever - excellent software. Still need to build some antennas for HF work - looking at building a magnetic loop as well as a couple of dipoles for now (I love my place but I do not have the real-estate for a large antenna farm). Purchase a big vertical sometime this fall - just in time for the winter storms...

Was feeling napish all day - an artifact of the sleepytime tea I had last night so held off until now to go to sleep. Try to get back to a normal sleep schedule. The rain stopped in the afternoon and it is actually rather nice out albeit a bit cool and overcast. Forecast is 10% for precip tomorrow but back to 40% for Saturday - the rainy weekend curse.

Grocery deliveries and farmer's market tomorrow.

Watch a few videos and then to sleep.

Van update

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Was outside checking and the coolant reserve tank is only about an inch or two down from the top line. Nothing jumped out at me from the engine compartment so will monitor closely and see what happens. Googled the year and the engine model and no major failure mode on any of the Ford forums either. An anomaly for now.

Just wonderful - the van

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Was leaving the coffeehouse and noticed a largish puddle on the ground under the front of the van. It smelled a bit like radiator fluid and as I was driving home, the engine came up to temp much quicker than normal. It did not overheat but I only had three miles to drive. Going to dive under the hood later this afternoon. Had a similar problem with a 2008 Ford truck - the van is 2012. Only 45K miles though so this is a bit early to be having engine problems - hoping it is just a hose.

A couple of things caught my eye but nothing enough to write about.

Back to work for an hour or two and then some go-juice.

Slept like a log

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Been sleeping 8-9 hours a night for the last couple days. Feel fine, just sleeping a lot.

Doing the Bellingham run Saturday. Working around the house this morning, out for coffee and stuff in about an hour and then back home to work more.

Cool rainy day with more in the forecast. The year without summer?

A quiet day on teh intarwebs

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Got the second coat on the tabletop and it is now dry enough to handle. Moving it indoors and that is it for the night.

Full day tomorrow - quick run to Bellingham, a Craigslist deal in the afternoon and working on the ham radio setup (got some parts tonight from Home Depot). Forecast went from 80% precip down to 70% but still looks cold and wet - clouding over now.

Nothing much happening on the internets - some video and then to bed. Making some sleepytime tea.

Back home - back out again

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Done with the deliveries and heading back out to get some things at Home Depot and some Thai food for dinner tonight.

Turned into a nice day but 80% chance of precip is in the works for tomorrow so making hay while the sun shines. Finish off a tabletop when I get back home - sand and a second coat of poly.

Quick surf first...

Out for the next couple of hours

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Looking for a new washing machine - the old one is out of warranty. Coffee, etc...  Grocery deliveries this afternoon.

Spent the morning working on the music room and some stuff on my ham radio area.

And out for a while

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Errands, coffee first, the usual stuff...

And back to gray

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100% overcast and light rainfall. Bleagh.

Doing a ham radio net in about an hour - I usually use the station at the local fire hall but they are still locked down so operating from home.

Heading out to the laundromat and coffee, etc... after. Cristobal the new cat is still really shy - he is hiding somewhere but he does come out and is very friendly when he does. Zero problem with Bear. He is getting used to this household on his terms and I am totally OK with that.

Well... Summer was nice

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Nice day today but starting to cloud over.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow. Just wunnerful...

In 'n Out

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My favorite burger place - also, my activities right now. Back home from grocery deliveries and was thinking about Chinese takeout all afternoon. Heading up North to get some Ho Fun. This year has been No Fun so need something to balance it out every so often.

And out for a little while

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Dump run, coffee, sit and read for a bit.

Washing machine is not working correctly so will gather a bunch of stuff and hang out at the laundromat tomorrow. The machine is not much more than one year old so should be under warranty.

The fun never stops...

And that is it for now

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Feeling a bit sleepy and nothing much happening out there.

Got a pot of tea - no beer for me for a while. Full day tomorrow so getting an early night.

Gorgeous sunset and tomorrow is forecast for decent weather. See what happens. Grocery deliveries, dump run, bills and paperwork and laundry. Got a ham radio network (the Western Washington one I participate in every couple of weeks - we rotate) on Tuesday and the place we usually use (a firehall) is still on lockdown so operating from home.

YouTube and bed.

Getting on with the day

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Woke up as usual around 6:30 but rolled right over and slept in for a couple more hours. A bit hung-over - had more than a few beers last night. More than I have drunk since fall of last year. Why I used to do this is beyond my comprehension.

Gorgeous day - a few clouds but sunny and warm. Working outside after coffee and stuff.

Roaring back

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The neighbors displays were pretty large the last two years.

This year, they are gargantuan.  I only know of one municipal display (about 20 miles South of here) - I used to see bits of the Whidbey Island and Anacortes municipal displays. They are silent this year but the personal ones? Ho. Li. Crap. All over and huge. Eleven o'clock and no sign of slowing down.

Doing the grocery deliveries for the last couple months, I have gotten to know the people at the local store really well. They know about my own store in Maple Falls and we trade grocery stories from time to time. Heard from one of the floor managers that yesterday was their biggest day ever.

People are tired of this bullshit. They want to go back to living their lives and they are fed up with being "minded". There is nothing wrong with our Nation that a good dose of chemicals in the gene pool would not fix.

Someone has some fun toys out there. There are fireworks going off all the time now but every so often, there is more of a very large and low   ___CRUMP___   rather than a bang.

Played with explosives in my childhood (still have all ten fingers!) and this is a lot more substantial than any M-80. Lower pitched too so guessing something homemade with black powder or some slow-burning blasting explosive. Came from neither a fireworks stand nor the Tribal lands.

Title? Marvin the Martian of course.

Yard sale was a lot of fun

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Hung out with a new person to the island - she was working for Jack. We have a lot of common interests - music and metalworking. A fun 20-minute conversation.

Picked up a 1950's style Dazor fluorescent desk lamp. Perfect for my electronics bench - I will re-wire with LED bulbs.


The photo is not mine - eBay listing. They usualy go for around $150+ and I paid $15 so happy with the deal. Do not care if it works as I am relamping it anyway. These were THE desk lamps to have when growing up. My Dad taught Physics and everyone at the department had them. I had one on my desk at home - did many an hour of homework under that light. Dazor is still in business.

Turned into a really nice day - lots of puffy white clouds in the sky. Temps in the 70's and the forecast for tomorrow is more of the same. Lots of people playing in the water - a neighbor one house away from me had even more people pull up so tonight is going to be a big party. The neighbor a few hundred yards further to the East is the one who buys several $K worth of fireworks every year so looking forward to a fun display. Sit outside on my deck chair and watch.

The Founding of our nation was something very very rare and special.  President Reagan had it right:


Back in a couple hours. Cat is back in the bathroom - he and Bear are getting along great.

Out the door shortly

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My friend's yard sale starts this morning.

Turning into a nice day - sun is shining, some clouds but not the oppressive gray pall hanging over everything.

Watched President Trump deliver an amazing speech last night - great idea to visit Mt. Rushmore. The crybabies are fixated on ignoring our history and tearing down statues. President Trump gives them a yuuuge finger in front of the biggest statues we have. Troll level: EPIC

Snap crackle pop

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Got the cat tree assembled. Cristobal is perched on it surveying his domain. Fitting in very well so far.

Dinner was good - feel like a beer or two but do not feel like going out for it. Reading at the coffee house this morning was enough socalization for one day.

An artist friend of mine is doing a major downsize this weekend - heading over to his place tomorrow morning to see what he has. Not many tools but he has interesting and eclectic tastes so it should be fun just to wander around.

Firecrackers going off. Even more boats moored out in the bay and more cars parked along the road. Lots of people in the area. The grocery store was jammed when I went there at 3:45 to get the cat tree.

And got the day off

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No deliveries for me today. Spent a good bit of time at the farmer's market talking with some friends and hanging out in general.

Heading over to pick up the cat tree - put that together this evening. Going to do some ham and bean soup for dinner - a cold and miserable day, perfect for soup.

And out for a while

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Cristobal is out of the bathroom - he is spending most of his time in there but the door is now open and he is free to wander the house. The cat tree came in yesterday so picking it up today and will assemble it - the puppy is big so it should provide some fun. Or, he will show zero interest in it and have a world of fun playing with the empty box. Either way...

Heading out for coffee and to read for a little while - grocery deliveries this afternoon.

Rainy day - dull gray overcast and intermittent showers. It would be really nice to get some decent weather this summer. I was driving through some of the Skagit Valley farmland yesterday and the corn was only about 6" high. The saying is that it needs to be "Knee High by the Fourth of July" - that is at least a month away what with current cool and cloudiness (not just here: Iowa, Michigan). This Low Solar Output/Global Cooling is getting to be a real drag. Thinking about getting another cord of wood delivered for this winter.

The hordes are descending

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Our Nation's Birthday (yes, it was voted by Congress today, the 2nd, but it was not ratified and signed until the 4th). Many of the neighbors are having friends camp over for the long weekend - lots of boats anchored out in the bay and many cars and campers parked along the road. The liquor distributor was at our local grocery story filling up the beer cave - much business this weekend.

Fireworks are starting to be lit off - should be a fun weekend.

Having a beer or three and watching some video.

A productive day

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Had a good run to Bellingham - getting the condo ready to list.

Letting Cristobal out later this evening. Cute cat - really warming up to me.

Baked potato with some steamed veggies and a salad for dinner. I do eat healthy every so often...

And up to Bellingham today

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Running up there for a couple of errands and to work on some stuff at the condo.

Cristobal is getting more settled in - he is a sweet little cat, really glad I was able to get him from the shelter. Still keeping him in the bathroom for today - I will want to be there when he runs around the house. Bear and he met this morning for a little while - sniffed at each other but zero agression or fear.

Crappy gray skies - drizzling a little bit. Forecast for the 4th is for partly sunny which will be nice. From the water, I can see two places where they set off a lot of fireworks so will be on my deck watching. The homeowners must be spending thousands of dollars on this - quite the displays.

And, let me be the first to say that Ghislaine Maxwell did NOT kill herself.

Happy Canada Day

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Happy birthday to our beloved neighbors to the North

Found this on the internet:


Thai food was delicious as usual and I had a Zoom meeting after but the organizer forgot to let everyone know the password. DOH!

Back home now - feeling unusually sleepy so early evening.

Unusual tide pattern on Friday - we usually have two cycles per day - grand and minor. Friday is different:


Included Thursday's forecast so you can see the minor cycles - Friday is about a foot higher for both high and low. There is a penumbral eclipse Saturday so the moon's gravitational force is at an extreme.

Surf for a bit and have a beer or two - sleep well.

It was advertised as a bunch of aluminum decking:


I TIG weld so this would have been perfect for some garden beds as well as anything else my little black heart desired but, I got there, and it turned out to be weathered vinyl extrusions. Very old and very brittle. Not aluminum.  Oh well - it was an honest mistake on their part so no bad feelings but quite the bummer. Quite a lot - would have been a very nice haul...

Finished grocery deliveries early - work here for a bit, bug the cat and then out for some Thai food.

And out the door for a while

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Checking out a Craigslist deal and then coffee

Grocery deliveries later this afternoon.

And dinnertime

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Got some ahi steak thawing out - time to make a marinade and start the rice cooker.

Stopped by the farmer's market this afternoon and got some fresh fava beans and fixings for a salad.

Got nothing for now

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Doing laundry this morning.

I am still keeping Cristobal in the bathroom - he is settling in and now likes to be held and brushed (blowing his coat right now). I'll let him out for a bit later this afternoon. Was pricing cat trees and I am in the wrong business - these things are super overpriced for what you get. Turns out that Amazon has some really nice ones under their Amazon Basics line - got one on order. $80 - about 1/2 what the pet stores charge:


Still planning to rename him but waiting for his true personality to show before I decide.

Overcast this morning - sun peeking through but still cool and cloudy. Working here for a bit more and then out for coffee, sit and read for a while and then back home. The library has resumed loaning books so reading one and have a couple of others in the pipeline. Funny how the simple stuff is really missed when it is gone.

Some of the bushes outside need pruning - take care of these this afternoon.

And back again - stuffed

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Stuffed with buckwheat soba yesterday, stuffed with spaghetti Bolognese tonight. Been craving carbs for the pasta couple of days.

Surf for a bit and then to bed.

Out for dinner

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Don't feel like cooking so heading out for a bowl of pasta at a local pizzaria.

Back in a little while...  Turned into a nice day but the latest forecast has a Small Craft Advisory and rain. Lots more rain.

Well - so much for the sunshine...

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Yesterday's forecast was for sunshine. Today started out clear - gorgeous sunrise - but it clouded over and is now just another dull gray day with temps in the 50's.

Heading out for coffee and to run a few errands.

Cristobal is being more perky - he came out from his spot when I came in and didn't fuss at all when I picked him up. Getting used to his new home. Sweet critter, just a little shy and uncertain. I know nothing of his history - he is a few years old.

And that is it for me for tonight

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Feel a good food coma coming on - the noodles were perfect. Needed more cabbage and the daikon was a bit too "woody" but everything else was spot on. Ate too much - I figured I would make enough for a second meal. Silly boy. Ate it all.

Cristobal is comfortable - no cries of discontent and he does not try to race for the door when I come in to say hi. Give him one more day and then let him out into the house.

Cleared up today - nice warm day and tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous. Grocery deliveries in the afternoon and working at home tomorrow morning. Lots of people out on the water this evening. I need to get a mooring buoy so I can get my boat out and working...

Watch some video and then an early bedtime.

And break for dinner

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Was planning to get my ham radio set up in time for tomorrow's radio network but it was so nice outside that I worked out there and in the garage all afternoon. I'll continue to use the hand-held unit as I have been doing.

Checked in on Cristobal several times and he seems to be settling in just fine - food eaten, litter used. I'll keep him in the room for another day and then let him explore the house.

Fixing some cold ramen for dinner - BBQ pork, some vegies, an egg - spice it up a bit. Made some Sichuan hot pepper oil (from the actual peppercorns) a while ago and a few drops of that adds a wonderful flavor. Little bit of shredded cabbage and some pico de gallo on top. In the mid 70's so perfect.

And home again

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Cristobal is chilling in the second bathroom. I do not use it so he is set up with litter, food and water. He and Bear met - I was holding him but the two sniffed each other and seemed friendly.

Cristobal is a good cat name but I will probably rename him once he shows his deep personality - Merlin comes to mind but we will see (and this is Merlin the falcon, not the wizard nor the rotary airplane or rocket engines) Appeals to the Celt in me.

I will visit him every couple of hours but will keep him there for a day or two until he knows this is a safe place. Then, let him explore.

Turned into a gorgeous day so working outside for a bit.

Quiet Sunday so far

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Nothing much on the internet - heading out for coffee and to pick up some cat food. Already have a litter pan ready to go. Interviewing at 1PM this afternoon. It will be good to have a second source of chaos around here again.

Woke up to overcast this morning but the clouds are starting to thin and the sun is peeking out at times - supposed to be sunny tomorrow and then back to overcast (sigh).

We are going to get a summer here aren't we? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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