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And the day begins

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Slept in a bit - some "interesting" dreams - hope that I am not becoming a precog. Everyone survived but these were two dreams, one with fire and one with torrential rain and flooding (specifically a downdraft).

Out to get coffee and then time for the bunny suit - working on the music room (AKA the mouse mausoleum). Got a lot of extra bags for my shop vac and will put it outside as I vacuum so as to not blow the fines all around the house - I already have 24 feet of hose for it.

Room is going to be really nice when done - house is turning into a home.

We are heading out to an event this evening - looking forward to it.

Long day today and same for the next few. The contractor is working out really well. Was out after getting supplies for my work this weekend - trying to find some simple tools that neither Lowe's (getting more and more dissapointed with them) and Home Depot (liking them more and more) carried. This one in particular: Trim Puller

We are heading out tomorrow evening to a live reenactment of two old radio shows. Looking forward to that.

Anyway, like it says on the label - tea and bed.

Or make that re-muddle... Got the bedroom walls down to bare studs and ready to tear out the old insulation and install better stuff. The old stuff was from the 1960's - the new stuff has much better properties.

Lunch first, shopping and then bunny suit time.

Up and at 'em

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Another day of demolition and rebuilding. Got my Tyvek bunny suit and my PPE and ready to go to work.

Long day today - up at 5AM

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Been getting to sleep earlier and have given up my usual several glasses of red wine when watching YouTube. Sleeping a lot better for some strange reason and also needing less of it.  Getting a lot more done for some strange reason.

We finished the flooring in the loft - looks gorgeous. The contractor demolished the music room and will do the bedroom tomorrow. I have the weekend to make any changes (upgrading the insulation and adding some wiring stubs so rewiring the house will be a lot easier). He found this little tableau in one corner of the room:



About 40 mouse skeletons - not quite a Rat King but quite the ugghhh factor. Finding lots of mouse poop in the same room. The saving grace is that it shares a wall with the garage and the access panel to the crawl-space under the house is in the garage so these wee beasties probably came in one winter to escape the cold.

L & I got 2/3rds of the upstairs flooring done today - knocking out the rest of it tomorrow. Also tomorrow I have a contractor coming in to do drywall in two rooms. They came highly recomended and their bid was right in the ballpark so try them out on a small job to see how they do. Do they show up on time. Do they clean up after themselves. That kind of thing.

Was up pretty early today so just a quick trot around the internet and then some YouTube videos. Pot of tea and bed.

Off for the day

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Just got back from the storage unit and library and other places. L is fixing some lunch and we are doing flooring today.

Minimal posting if any...

Deception Pass a no-go

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L's gig lasted until well after 1PM and I have a meeting tonight so we went up to the communities of Edison and Bow - gorgeous little places turning into quite the food and arts communities.

Time to wolf down a bowl of lentil soup and head out to the meeting - 6:30 but want to get there a bit early to help set up.

Richmond, VA

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Lots of reports coming in but holding off for 48 hours. Looks to be very very well attended and peaceful but there will probably be some false-flag attempts at disruption by the hard left. Need to get all the facts straight first before posting.

Busy but productive day

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Stuff to do this morning. L has a class in 30 minutes and we are meeting up to head to Deception Pass around noon. It is gorgeous and she has never been there (new to the area). I have a board meeting later tonight.

The fun never ends 🙂

Nothing much happening today

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Slow news day so nothing on the internet.

I am working on the garage and the laundry room today. L is off doing some stuff - meeting for a walk later.

Time for some coffee.

And top of the morning

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Up and at 'em for another day of work on the house. Bear is a bit slow this morning but seems to be fine from his surgery yesterday. Soliciting bids from some drywall people.

That's it - busy day and tired.

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More posting tomorrow.

Done for the day

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L's client had another medical issue so went into the hospital this morning. She headed over there and came back around noon. Picked up some chain link fencing I had ordered and did yet another dump and recycling run.

Bear is now officially a soprano - had him de-nutted this morning. A number of people had expressed interest in having his pups but nobody stepped up and actually made an appointment so I went ahead. He was starting to mark his territory around the house as well as the yard. Do not need that kind of odor. He went in at 8:30 so feeling tired. We took a nice nap earlier but still looking at an early bedtime.


Here he is about two years ago - such a cutie.

Light posting today

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L's birthday was yesterday - 54 orbits around the sun. Went out for Thai food and then an evening of Hawaiian Slack-key guitar music with Keola Beamer & Jeff Peterson. Wonderful stuff.

She is out for a walk now and we will be working on the house some more today.

Got to take care of some emails and fix breakfast.

Offline today

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Celebrating a birthday

A day of rest

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I needed this - took the whole day off. Slept in, ran some errands and basically did nothing.

Met up with L for drinks (coffee-me and tea-her) and some pasteries at the place where we first met.

Back home for now - unloading the van and calling it an early bedtime. L is celebrating her b-day tomorrow so dinner and catching some live music.

Yikes - car prowl

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Had a county sherriff show up at my door. Some goblin went through one of my cars the other night. Took a ham radio and generally made a mess of the vehicle - stuff scattered everywhere.

Radio was programmed with my call sign so it will be interesting if the a--hole actually tries to use it.

Back to bed

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Taking a day of rest - woke up at 6AM, rolled over and napped for a while. Still feeling very sleepy so emailed L and taking a day off. We will get together for a walk later this afternoon.

YouTube and Bed

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What it says on the box. Snow is coming down. A bit tired from working on the house. L has been an amazing help.

Long day tomorrow - our meeting (and presentation) has been canceled due to the snow but there is a lot here that needs my attention. Redoing the flooring in the laundry/pantry room and getting some bids for the drywall.

Working at home today

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L is here helping and hanging out. Going to be putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's presentation: "Photographing your artwork" for the monthly meeting of the local arts group. Shooting some example photos.

We are supposed to get dumped on - already have an inch of snow on the ground and more forecast for later so I do not know if we will even have the meeting. Getting snowbound with L would not be a bad thing...

Getting some quotes for drywall work on the house. Starting to come together.

Up and at 'em

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Got a meeting this morning (local arts group budget planning for 2020) so heading out shortly. Bleagh... Hate meetings...

L is coming over later - we are working on the laundry/pantry room. Love L so this day will not be a total loss 🙂

Back home for the night

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Ran up North for a few errands. Remodeling the laundry/pantry. The previous owners had installed indoor/outdoor carpet with a foam rubber pad. The foam subsequently rotted away to sticky powder. The rug probably felt really nice to walk on for the first year or so but these kinds of pads always rot soon after installation.

Getting it all taken up, sanitizing the floor (this was where my dogs ate and slept) sealing the floor and then laying down some really nice vinyl tile. There are some really good vinyl flooring products these days.  Building a kennel for them and until that is done, they are sleeping in the garage. Got all the stuff for that tonight.

Surf for a bit - meeting tomorrow at 10AM.

An abbreviated walk

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Got back a short while ago. We like to walk for about two hours. Get some sun, be in nature and get to know each other better.

Had some glorious sunshine for about 45 minute and then this dark cloud started moving in. We tried yelling and I threw a rock but to no avail. Started out along a different trail and the wind shifted and we bailed. It was starting to hail when we reached the parking lot. Great timing but we were only out for 80 minutes or so.

Have a meeting tomorrow morning and then she and I are back to working on the house.

And back home again

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Heating up some leftover Indian food for lunch. Meeting up with L at 2PM for a walk. We both have a lot on our plates this week. Meetings, etc...

Indian food

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We had dinner in Mt. Vernon yesterday and went to a new-to-us Indian restaurant: Taste of India Really good food. We both love Indian food so this was a real treat.

Furniture shopping did not turn out that well - the stuff was well made but not that comfortable and they used 100% polyester fabric. Fine for winter but when it is warmer out, cotton is much preferred. Heading down to IKEA in a week or two to check out their sofas - they use a cotton / linen blend. Yeah - not as stain resistant but a lot more comfortable.

Out for the day

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Meeting someone at 11AM to look at something. Coffee, post office and read for a bit after. Working on some paperwork now plus preparing for a presentation I am giving this Wednesday at a meeting.

L is also busy today but we are meeting up later this afternoon.

Weather forecast is for snow today but not seeing it yet - still in the 40's and dry. Famous last words...

Heading over to YouTube for a bit.  L is coming over tomorrow morning to work on a couple of projects and then we are heading out for Thai at the new (to us) restaurant in Mt. Vernon. Heading out to look at some furniture later.

Heading out for a pint or two

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Been a while since I hung out at my local - think I will head out there for a couple hours to socialize.


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Got some vegetables roasting in the oven - heading downstairs to fix some pasta with butter and fresh parsley. Doing a salad as well.

Got nothing this morning

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Quiet on the internet. L is working with her client. I am running some errands and cleaning the laundry room / pantry today.

More spew sometime later - maybe.

It for the night

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Long day - some YouTube before bed. L is working with her client tomorrow all day dammit.

Busy day today

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Worked at the house and then broke early for a dump run, recycling and then up to Mt. Vernon to check out a Thai restaurant that came highly recomended. Really really good. Rachawadee Thai Cafe. They keep funny hours so check the website. We will be going back there. Hey honey - I have to run to Mt. Vernon for a widget? Wanna get some Thai food on the way back? No Brainer...

Fixed some Miso Soup for dinner - we ate lunch around 3PM so not super hungry.

Gorgeous moon tonight

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Was letting the pups out for a bit of a run and noticed a silver incandescence from above. Full is on the 10th but still - the skies are nice and clear. Going to be cold - already down to 33°F. Looking at a hard frost tomorrow morning.

No Port Townsend tomorrow

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Weather forecast is turning iffy - maybe go for a hike around Deception Pass or maybe just hit one of the island parks.

Made some vegetable barley soup for dinner tonight.

Off to work

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Working at home today - L is coming over shortly. Got a nice fire going - warm the place up. Looking at doing a day-trip to Port Townsend tomorrow - supposed to be some nice weather.

And that is it for the evening

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Long day tomorrow so see what is on YouTube for a bit and then to bed.

Put in a solid day

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Did a bunch more work on the house today - lots of progress.

Heading out to library and post office and a bite to eat on the road.

To work

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Enough lollygagging - working on the house today. L is coming over to help.

And that is it

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Tired - long day tomorrow as well. House is looking good in places - lots more work needed.

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