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Busy day today - frustration

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I am doing some stuff that needs a special kind of authentication. I talked to the people on the phone this morning, got what I understood was the needed paperwork and drove out to Bellingham to meet them at 2PM. Turns out they needed a different piece of paper so I had to drive back home, grab it off my desk and then turn around and head back to Bellingham - 30 miles each way. Got done with them at 4:30 and then a mad dash to the Post Office to get it in the mail by 5:00PM.. The OTC cold medicines are great but they siphon off about 30% of my mental abilities.

Trish is in Seattle and she had quite the day of running around as well - Mercury must be in retrograde or something...

Because of this cold, I was craving some hot and sour soup so stopped off at a local Chinese place and had a big bowl. Yummy!

Time to surf for a bit and then some YouTube videos...

Still feeling cruddy

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This @#$% cold will not go away - meeting with someone in Bellingham at 2:00PM and then back to the farm for the rest of the weekend.

Doing my civic duty next week - got a summons for Jury Duty. Should be interesting.

Home from town

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Been getting a lot done in these last two weeks.

Home again - time to open a bottle of wine, surf for a bit and then enjoy an early bedtime. Woke up way too early this morning but did not go back to bed - riding this one out trying to reset my sleep schedule. This cold really played havoc with my sleeping.

Off to town

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Couple of projects and then a bite to eat.

Back later this evening...

Another day in paradise

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Made it through the night without losing power - had a solid inch of rainfall though after the winds quieted down. Forecast calls for showers for the next week or so.

That was fun

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About 50 people there tonight - the Wednesday music seems to be catching on.

Wind is really picking up outside so may lose power.

Out for a few hours

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Live music at my local - back in a while...

Aaaaand it is off to YouTube-land

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Lots of little stuff on the internets but nothing that catches my eye.

Another day in paradise

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Another day of 10+ hours of sleep interrupted with an hour or two of wakefulness. Still feeling crappy with sore throat and body aches and fever but these are getting milder so hope is on the horizon. I really miss not waking up at eight or nine. The good news is that I am not living in an Underslept State - from National Public Radio:

Sleep Scientist Warns Against Walking Through Life 'In An Underslept State'
The National Sleep Foundation recommends an average of eight hours of sleep per night for adults, but sleep scientist Matthew Walker says that too many people are falling short of the mark.

"Human beings are the only species that deliberately deprive themselves of sleep for no apparent gain," Walker says. "Many people walk through their lives in an underslept state, not realizing it."

Walker is the director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He points out that lack of sleep — defined as six hours or fewer — can have serious consequences. Sleep deficiency is associated with problems in concentration, memory and the immune system, and may even shorten life span.

An interesting article.

Spent the day in town

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Decided against working at home - went in to Bellingham and worked on a couple projects there. Paying for my sins and my body is aching and feeling very very tired.

Planning to stay up until 10:00PM to try to resume a normal sleep schedule  - see how that goes. Surf for a bit and then the Tube of You...

Feeling better this morning

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Still sleeping for 12 hours but woke up feeling better this morning. Sore throat and body aches but none of the congestion I had yesterday.

Coffee and then back home - taking it easy for the next couple of days.

And that is it for the evening

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Just fixed some spaghetti for dinner - screw the carbs, I want some comfort food!

Still feeling a bit under the weather so taking it easy tonight and getting an early bedtime. Enjoy a bowl of pasta, watch some YouTube videos and a glass or two of red wine.

Gorgeous day today

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Warm and cloudless - heading out for coffee and then working at home. Planning to open the windows and doors and let the place air out for a bit.

Also woke up with a bit of a cold - low fever and coughing. Now muscle aches so planning on taking it easy the next couple of days.

Back home again - productive day

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Decided to head into Bellingham and work at the condo for a bit. Did some major triage on two of my Mom's filing cabinets - took about a hundred pounds of paper to the recyycling station. Found, mixed in with bank statements, bills and cancelled checks from around the 1980's some photos, a couple $20 bills, a paper my Mom wrote from the 1940's while she was an undergrad in Chemistry and some other memoribilia.  Fun trip down memory lane.

Back home - see if there is anything of interest on the internet and head over to YouTube for a while.

Heavy weather

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Rain is coming down - woke up to snow on the ground but most of it is forecast to be above 3,000 feet. About 0.4" accumulation so far.

Out for coffee and working on some stuff at the farm today.

UPDATE: Just got this email from the Department of Transportation

I-90 Snoqualmie Pass is closed again EB at MP 45 due to collisions. It's currently snowing with ice, slush and snow on the roadway.

Would not want to be heading over the passes today - any place over 3,000 feet altitude is getting hammered.


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No posting tonight - working on some other stuff...

Back from dinner

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Did not feel like cooking tonight and getting pretty tired of the soup.

Time to surf and check out YouTube for the evening.

Farm blogging

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Back at the farm for the day - done with town.

Nothing much happening on the internet - digitizing some albums but taking longer than expected. The digitizing process is realtime but it takes time to trim the files and convert them to MP3.

Probably head out for dinner tonight - did a lentil and ham soup a couple of days ago but getting pretty tired of it by now.

Dealership blogging

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Sitting at the Ford dealership in Bellingham getting an oil change and new filters.

Nothing much happening on the internets except for the Russian Election/Collusion/Fusion GPS Story and that will be another couple of months years before that story is finally told.

Working at home today

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Busting out a couple of projects today as well as digitizing some record albums for a friend. Fun music - all from the 80's

Raining off and on since morning - about 0.4" accumulation in 24 hours.

Nothing much on the internets

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Going to head over to YouTube and see who posted what foolishness today...

Off to town

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Heading into Bellingham today to run a few errands. Coffee first.

More posting later this evening.

A quiet day

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Out for coffee, meeting with someone and coming back home to unpack the PA and video equipment from yesterday's memorial service.

Rain is falling with about 0.4" accumulation in the last 48 hours - Winter Weather Advisory for snowfall above 3,500 feet.

More later...

Off to YouTube and an early evening

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Did not sleep well last night so taking an early bedtime - watch some YouTube videos and head upstairs to sleep.

Unpack the truck tomorrow and work on a couple of projects.

Nice memorial service

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I have never seen the venue with that many people in it - people had to park on the street. Well over 200. Kurt was much loved in this community. Trish drove up - wonderful to see her and introduce her to some of my friends.

Heading out for Mexican food and then home to work on some projects.

And I am out of here

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Finishing off loading the PA system and video projector into the truck and then heading out for coffee.

Kurt's memorial service is at 1:00PM today - a sad time for the community.

More later this evening.

Walking around naked

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Forgot my new phone this morning and I felt naked the entire day. Since there is no cell service where I live, I had been using a cheap Wal-Mart burner but recently upgraded to a Motorola Play Android device and love it. Could have used it several times today for non-phone tasks.

Another day at the farm

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Woke up to water - finally, the pipes have thawed enough so there is running water. Only a trickle for now but better than nothing.

Still no water

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Got up to 37.2 degrees today but the pipes are still frozen. Now at 36.0°F so cooling down for the day. Still hopeful but not holding my breath. Showered at the store but I would love to wash some dishes and cook dinner.

About halfway through scanning Kurt's photos for the memorial service - downloading some music too - Grateful Dead

Another day in...

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Still no water this morning but it is forecast to get into the 40's so there is hope that the pipes will thaw.

Going out for coffee and then spending the day scanning photos for Kurt's memorial service on Saturday. Spending tomorrow doing the buying run - this was his job at the store so I will be having to notify the vendors if they ask where he is. Sad duty...

Thinking back over the last ten years or so and there has been a death of someone close to me about every other year - way too many for such a small community.

Still no water at the farm. Forecast is for temps in the 40's for tomorrow but we will see. My farm lies in the shadow of two large mountains so it runs cooler than the rest of this area. Thank God I have the store so I can take a shower there when I need.

Did a quick run into town for some banking and to buy something at the local hardware store plus the obligatory Costco shopping experience. Had dinner at a nearby town - fish and chips.

Got food to the pups - time to surf for a bit. Setting up my photo scanner for Kurt's memorial service - still can not process the fact that he is gone.

Another day in paradise

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Still no water - temp outside is 22.5°F. Doing a sponge bath with bottled water and taking a shower at the store later. The joys of country living...

Heading out for coffee and then scanning some photos for Saturday's memorial service. Still having a hard time processing the fact that I will not see Kurt again - way too young to go.

Back at the farm for a week or so

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Pulled in an hour ago - emailed Trish, took care of the dogs and cat, downloaded and riffled through about 200+ emails and now starting to surf.

The power is back on but still no water. The pipes did unfreeze sometime - I had a nice burst of pressure when I turned the tap but it only lasted for a gallon or so. Supposed to get about 40°F tomorrow so keeping my fingers crossed.

Meeting with my manager tomorrow to scan some photos for her husband's memorial service on Saturday. We are shutting down the store that day.

More posting later.

Heading to the farm today

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Memorial service for my friend on Saturday. Trish is back to work tomorrow so she and daughter and dog are heading up to the Mt. pass for some snow-time.

More posting later tonight.

T and I had a nice small gathering of friends to usher in the new year last night.

Woke up to a phone call from one of my managers telling me that her husband had passed away from the Flu. He was younger than me - they were in Connecticut visiting with his parents over the holidays. They had the flu and he caught it.

I will be driving up there tomorrow for a week or two

Lazy day

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Nothing planned for today - got some friends coming over later this evening for some music and food and general welcoming in of 2018.

2017 has been an interesting year - some very very good and some very very bad. Let us hope that 2018 is skewed more towards the good side - looking forward to it!

And it strikes close to home

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The power is out at home - went out this early morning just before midnight. No ETA on restoration. Ahhh - the joys of country living.

The joys of country life

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Still no water - outside air temp is 32.5°F but the pipes are still frozen.

Heading in to town for a meeting. Taking a nice long hot shower at the store first...

Harbinger of spring

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It is below freezing, the snow is coming down, the farm's water pipes are frozen solid but spring is coming.

Got my first seed catalog in the mail today!

These people - wonderful stuff: Kitazawa Seed Company  In business since 1917 so they must be doing something right...

Ho ho ho

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From The Bellingham Herald:

Winter storm warning issued – icy conditions possible Thursday
A weather system that meteorologists thought would bring rain to the area has worsened, prompting a winter storm warning for lowland Whatcom County.

Snow, ice and freezing rain are forecast for lowland and coastal areas such as Bellingham, Ferndale, Blaine, Lynden and Point Roberts, according to a National Weather Service statement issued Wednesday morning.

Some 1 to 3 inches of snow is possible Wednesday night and Thursday morning, changing to freezing rain on Thursday morning. The warning is in effect from 6 p.m. Wednesday to noon Thursday.

It is snowing now - looks like my pipes will remain frozen for the while...

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