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Fun afternoon

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Went to the YMCA for 90 minutes- used some of the machines and got good and tired. Definitely feel it tomorrow. When I signed up, they gave me a $50 gift certificate (as well as waiving the initial fee) so I will hire a personal trainer to get me started on weight lifting. That and cardio are the two areas I need the most work on.

Had a vegetarian burrito for a light dinner (already kinda full from breakfast) and then went over to my other local for two pints of beer. Ran out to the food coop too.

Early morning tomorrow - doing another ham radio emergency drill. I am on my own for this drill in three weeks so want to get another practice session in under my belt.

Surf for a bit...

Staying another day

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Got some stuff to work on here plus a large radio network tomorrow morning. Spending tonight down here and head up to the farm tomorrow.

Slow news day

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Nothing much happening - out for coffee and breakfast.

No eclipse photos this time

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Got a nice view of the eclipse starting but then, the clouds moved in. Bummer...

Out for coffee in a few, breakfast and then up to the farm for a few days.

And that is it for me

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I'll be working with DaVinci Resolve learning it - wonderful application for editing videos. Also watching some YouTube videos. Planning to head up to the farm tomorrow for a couple days of packing.

Spring is coming and I want to get the properties listed for sale.

Back home again

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Had two pints at a local and watched a bit of the football game. Talked with a couple people - nice to socialize for a bit after working at home all day.

Patchy clouds so will be shooting the moon tonight. Surf for a bit first.

Time for dinner

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Kicking back for dinner - heading out for a pint or two to relax after.

Done for the day - very productive

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Paid bills and got a bunch of filing done - seperated my 2018 stuff out so can start 2019 afresh and start with my taxes.

One aspect of tonight's Super Blood Wolf Total Lunar Eclipse is that the tides are much higher than usual. About 10" higher than I have ever seen it here. The sky is pretty cloudy but I am putting a camera with telephoto lens and tripod in the living room in case there is an opening.

Fixing a salad and heating up some of the soup for dinner tonight.

Out the door

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Headiung out for coffee and post office. Probably get some breakfast too.

Working at home today - paperwork and more puttering in the garage. Farm tomorrow for a couple of days.

A long day

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The auction was a lot of fun. Maybe 100 people there and several hundred lots to bid on. The one item I wanted (badly) was also wanted (badly) by someone else. We were the only two people bidding on it and I ran the bids up over $150 and dropped out. He shot me dagger-eyes as I think he was hoping to pick it up for $10 or so. Still, this is an auction and I bid as high as I could afford.

The unit in question was a fairly large krytron switch (here and here) complete with packaging and labels from the Atomic Energy Commission. Krytrons were used a lot in nuclear weapons development. The same table (same vendor) also had a nice directional coupler for antenna tuning ($6) which I will use for my ham radio. I also got a box of really nice leather straps - perfect for knife sheaths ($27).

Planning to be there next Saturday as there is some possible wrought iron for sale - need to bring some acid and a magnifying glass to make sure. The auctioneer was a good one - he and his wife were from a Pennsylvania small town about 50 miles from where I grew up. Fun stuff.

The gun show was a great mix of people and various ordnance. Lots of ammunition for sale and the prices were a lot higher than I would have thought. I was looking for a tactical communications vest but didn't see anything. I upgraded my hand-held radio a couple years ago and it does not fit in my old vest. I tried ordering one online but it doesn't fit well - the weight of the radio makes it hang lop-sided and the nylon strap rubs against my neck - wanted to try something on before I buy it.

Headed to Mt. Vernon to get some stuff at the coop and to the Burlington Costco (about three miles apart) for gas for the van and some other stuff. A burger on the way back down and home for the night.

Out the door - auction

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Bidding on one item, possibly a second. Coffee first.

Nothingburger - wind storm

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No power outages this morning. The maximum wind last night was a 35MPH gust.

Yes, there was the potential for a large blow but thankfully, it did not materialize.

And it's YouTube for 30 minutes or so.

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Early alarm tomorrow. Coffee, breakfast and then 10:00AM auction.

A long day

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Was puttering in the garage and storage locker and filled up another couple of totes for the garage sale. Sorting through the tools I brought down from the farm and realizing that I didn't need that, I didn't need this, etc... Spent a couple of hours staging the sale.

Picked up a couple of things from Hardware Sales (this place is epic!) while there, had dinner at the food coop in Mt. Vernon (great deli) and stopped for a couple of pints on the way home.

Early morning tomorrow - there is an auction starting at 10:00AM with some scientific instrumentation and then the gun show.

Also spent some time going around to the three fitness centers and taking tours. Signed up at the YMCA - a bit more expensive but a lot more facilities and training options. I am out of shape and need to reverse this trend...

Surf for a little bit.

Wind is unsettled and mostly coming out of the East - gusting to about 25. Light rain and 48F

Heading out for the day

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Usual routine - coffee and post office.

Working at home today - paying bills and general paperwork. There is a gun fun show this weekend. Not planning to buy anything but I enjoy the technology and it is always interesting to see what is out there.

Last night's meeting was interesting - good people.

More wind in the offing - Cliff Mass has the details:

Modest Winds Tonight, Stronger Winds Tomorrow Night
After a period of warm, benign weather, storms are now moving towards our region. Tonight a modest, elongated low center is moving northward up our coast, as illustrated by the sea level pressure map at 7 PM tonight

A very mild winter except for the winds.

Silent Night - wind

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This morning, Puget Sound Energy has 1067 accounts without power, all in the South Sound area near Tacoma / Olympia and Snohomish PUD is five just North of Shoreline.

Gusts here got to 35-40 MPH - pretty mild. Still, we are not out of the woods yet - from

Gale Warning for Northern Inland Waters Including The San Juan Islands

Spending tonight down here and then up to the farm for a few days for more packing. Fun times...

Out the door in a few minutes

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Heading out for tonight's meeting.

Wind is picking up - variable direction with gusts to around 15MPH. I will probably head out for a pint or two after the meeting so this is my last post of the day.

Soup for dinner tonight

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Good stuff - even better tomorrow.

Ham radio club meets tonight at one of the local fire stations. These meetings are well run and a lot of fun - some great people live here.

Surf for a bit while eating - so far no real wind but the warning is for 12 hours.

Heading out for the day

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Got onto the island late yesterday - unpacked at the condo and got a bite to eat in Bellingham before driving down.

Nothing much planned for today - putter around in the garage, retrieve some camera stuff from the storage locker and of course, starting it off with the usual coffee and post office routine.

I'll be paying some bills later today and then a meeting of the amateur radio group this evening. Think I'll make some more of the bacon and bean soup for dinner. That stuff is delish...

Forecast calls for rain and we still have that gale warning for later this afternoon.

That is it for me for today

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Done loading up the van. Also got the dumpster super full - it will be emptied tomorrow or Friday.

During the extended pre-Christmas power failure, my freezer thawed out so had to dump about 100 pounds of food. I was up a couple of times as I had a bunch of totes already packed but didn't stay the night. Five days without power.

Heading to Bellingham and then down to the island. Get a bite to eat on the way.

Out for an hour or two

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Coffee, post office and then the store for a while. Spending tonight here and then back to the island for a Thursday meeting.

And that is it for the evening

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Early wakeup this morning and a long day tomorrow.

YouTube for a bit and then to bed.

At the farm

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Stopped for a burger at Hal's Drive In in Sedro Wooley. Drive past there whenever I go from farm to island and finally stopped in tonight. Really good food. A pint of cider at the North Fork - would have stayed for two but there is a guy who comes in from time to time who talks in a really loud voice and just talks about himself. Would not be so bad if his life was not so crashingly boring. He comes into the store and has a very normal speaking voice - I guess he turns up the volume when he gets drunk.

Doing some packing from the equipment barn tomorrow - more totes of tools. Brought the camera up so will take photos of the big equipment if I get the time. Got a nice old South bend lathe, a higher end Grizzly mill (each with a lot of tooling) and a Delta contractors saw with the extended table. Downsizing on these three so selling the originals and buying smaller units.

On the road again - Maple Falls

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Got the van warming up - heading North for two days. Got a meeting down here on Thursday so just a short stay.

Yes, there really is a Maple Falls - a nice small waterfall but the trail to it is not maintained and is very steep and slippery. Usually, we send the curious to Nooksack Falls further up the road. Much more interesting to see.

Got the cart finished - I love welding and working with metal in general.

Having a bowl of the soup and doing some paperwork and then heading to the farm.

Picked up some fresh dog bones yesterday so the pups are very happily crunching away downstairs.

Starting to cool off a bit but the air temp went from 28 to 54 in the span of three hours. Warm front moving in - rain forecast. The garage heater was wonderful - really took the morning's chill away. Was able to work in a sweatshirt and not get my jacket or sweater dirty.


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Got down to 28 last night.

Got the new heater running in the garage - finish off a project there and then head up to Maple Falls for a few days.

Pea Soup

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Woke up a few minutes ago and looked outside - thick fog. From the National Weather Service:


The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued a Dense Fog Advisory, which is in effect until 9 AM PST Tuesday.
* VISIBILITY...A quarter mile or less.
* TIMING...Through 9 AM Tuesday.
* IMPACTS...A reduction in visibility will make travel slower and potentially more difficult.

Heading out for coffee and breakfast in 20 minutes or so. Taking it very easy...

And it is off to YouTube

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Early day tomorrow.

Hard frost

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Lots of low-lying fog driving home tonight but very very clear skies so perfect conditions for black ice on the roads. Took the dogs out for a bit and the back deck is already covered with frost. Air temp is 34 - got up to 53 this afternoon. Do not know what the ground temp is (weather station down here is a cheap one - looking forward to moving the farm station down and getting it set up).

Going to be careful tomorrow when I go out for coffee...

And back home again

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Loaded up the van with some stuff (coolers, older lawnmower and tools) for the sale at the condo and drove to Bellingham. On the island tonight and heading up to Maple Falls tomorrow.

Coming back down, the light was gorgeous so I hit the back roads and took my time driving back. Got two out of three tonight - great light, the geese were in a perfect position but they were just feeding - they were not flying around looking for a place to settle even though it was the proper time of day. Shot some footage anyway and will be processing this through DaVinci Resolve in the next day or two. I am really really liking this software - I will go into more detail in a later post but it really speaks to my workflow and there are some things under the hood that make me smile big-time.

Got a bite to eat on the road, skipped the pints at the local as I want to get an early start tomorrow. Finish the stand for the oven and then get to MF while I still have light to pack.

And that is it for tonight

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YouTube and then bed. The project in the garage needs another five hours to finish (a stand for my heat-treat oven) plus doing some organization.

And I am back

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The soup was fantastic - made enough for another 3-4 servings. Taking it up with me to Maple Falls Tuesday.

Went out to a different local for a couple pints - had a fun discussion with a guy in his early 30's about the environment and nuclear power specifically. He did not know about the newer liquid salt reactors - I may have a convert...

Well that was a bust

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A fun wild goose chase but a bust. There were lots of them in one field but this field was not lined up with the sun the way I wanted. The light was coming in from the side and I want it to come in from the rear so I get the best contrast against the darkening sky.

Oh well - the video is out there, I just have not gotten it yet. A quest if you will.

And it was a gorgeous drive through some very pretty farmlands. The Skagit Valley is a delight.

Time for some dinner...

Heading out - wild goose chase

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Breakfast was good - nothing better than scrambled eggs, bacon and hash brown potatoes. Nice to have some ballast in your belly for a day's work.

Spent the afternoon doing two loads of laundry, working on some stuff in the garage and cleaning up the kitchen area a bit.

Swung by the store and picked up the ingredients for a mirepoix  for tonight's soup. Got that all sauteed and the meat browned and stock and barley in. Should be ready in 90 minutes.

The light is turning out gorgeous so heading out with the video camera hopefully to get some snow geese flying as they settle in for the night.

Out for a little while

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Cofee, post office, breakfast and then back home to do a project.

Nice weather today so will head out later for a wild goose chase if the light looks good.

Beef barley soup for dinner tonight.

Slow news day

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YouTube and then to bed.

Dinner tonight

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Just got back - the local American Legion hall does a really nice roast beef dinner on the second Saturday of each month. Went to the one in December and really liked it. Tonight was really good too.

Portions are huge and wasn't super hungry tonight so got some nice leftovers. I have some pearled barley so will do beef barley soup for dinner tomorrow.

Two pints at my local and then home for the evening.

Well that was fun - internet

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Came back from coffee yesterday to find the internet down. Worked here for a while and then went up to Mt. Vernon for some groceries, a couple of errands and then a bite to eat at the Asian Buffet there - much better than the Bellingham one. More selections plus they have a Mongolian Grill.

Heading out for coffee soon - nice day so planning to take the pups to the off-leash park for a while.

And its YouTube

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Planning to putter around here tomorrow (and maybe Saturday) and then back to the farm for a good slug of time. Finish sorting the equipment barn. Time to get my lazy a** in gear for the final push.

Good meeting

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It was the preparedness group and the guest speaker talked about Hypothermia. Good information for cold weather.

Long term indicators look to have a marked cold snap in about three weeks or so. Jet stream &c...

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