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Did breakfast for the group - about 30 meals (some people went through the line more than once). Time to crank the air conditioning, pop open a beer and kick back for a little bit - got a water board meeting tonight. Left over Chinese food for dinner. Deal with the trailer tomorrow...

Once more unto the breech

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Heading out to serve breakfast to a bunch of hungry ham radio operators. Dinner was a lot of fun and people really liked the food.

Got a water board meeting tonight - retirement sure is busy. Haven't worked this hard since I can remember... At least my schedule is clear until July 11th - that whole week is nutz.

A quick run-around on the internet

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and nothing really catches my eye. Heading over to YouTube for a bit and then an early bedtime - physically tired.

Back home again - fun and games

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I packed the trailer and hooked it up to the truck and we proceeded to head out to the field day. Ran over a bump in the road and the receiver popped off the ball and the trailer was dragged for a few yards by the safety chains. The lift on the hitch was folded over and the truck tire jack was not able to lift the trailer fork high enough to get it reattached.

Fortunately, a passing neighbor gave Lulu and run down to the store where she got the store truck, drove it back to me and I drove it to the house to pick up a mechanics jack. Came back and got everything fixed. Ran about 90 minutes late with everything though - people were getting hungry and it take a good 45 minutes to get set up and up to temp. Everyone really liked the food so that was a lot of fun.

Back home - doing the same thing tomorrow morning - breakfast at 9:00AM - hash browns, bacon and scrambled eggs. Using the potato starch trick to get nice and fluffy eggs.

Coffee and Dry Ice

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Heading out for coffee and to pick up some more dry ice in town. The refrigeration cooler was out of dry ice (I only put a little bit in just to cool it down) but was still a very safe 20 degrees. Still a lot in the freezer cooler but will need to top it off later. Do not want a bunch of sick hams out there...

Gorgeous day - got down to 43.9°F last night and already 78.3°F this morning.

Surf for a bit over breakfast.

All packed up and ready to roll

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Forgot to go to the bank today - need to get change for people's $5.00 dinners but I can swipe some from the store tomorrow. Got the last of the hotel pans and cutlery in the dishwasher. Short trip in to town to get some more dry ice and I will be ready to get cooking.

Great group of people and last years Field Day was a lot of fun - looking forward to this one.

Back to work

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Had dinner, watched two episodes of Agents of Shield and now finishing loading up the trailer for tomorrows event.

Planning to get up a bit earlier to pick up some more dry ice - cooling down the coolers has evaporated (actually sublimed) much of what I was able to buy today. Need to keep things frosty...

Summer is here

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Got up to 83.7°F this afternoon. Got some clouds moving in next Wednesday but it is sunny for the next two weeks.

Packing up the trailer tonight. I may need to run into town tomorrow morning as I was only able to get 20 pounds of dry ice - a couple of supermarkets carry blocks so I will get some of these. I get mine from a welding supply place - much cheaper but they had a lot of people wanting it - first nice weekend out here.

Time for a cold beer and some dinner - minimal posting tonight as I will be packing up the trailer for tomorrow.

Only one day until Field Day (PDF). I am doing the food so heading out to get 20 pounds of dry ice, the burgers and hot dogs, etc...

That is it for the night

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Long day tomorrow - switching the shopping run from Saturday to Friday (tomorrow) as my dry-ice vendor just started closing on Saturdays - glad I checked!

Picked up all the dry goods today (condiments, place settings, soft drinks, bottled water, etc...) and will pick up the frozen and wet goods tomorrow (burgers, hot dogs, chopped onions, corn, baked beans, etc...)

YouTube and then bedtime.

Great news - Artist Point

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It is under three miles but the final stretch of highway to Artist Point makes a huge difference in the sheer numbers of people that come out to our bucolic bit of paradise. There was one year where it never opened and summer business (summer is the best of the four seasons - where we make our money) was off by about 14%. From the Washington Department of Transportation:

Thanks to extra effort by crews, Artist Point opening on June 29 – earlier than expected
State Route 542/Mount Baker Highway to Artist Point will reopen by 5 p.m. Thursday, June 29 – thanks to hard-working crews putting in seven-day weeks on the seasonal stretch of highway.

Without willingness of the Washington State Department of Transportation crews to work the long weeks, this opening would still be weeks away. Dozens of feet of snow fell on this stretch of highway over the winter months. While there were a few sunny days, weather conditions in the last month have been challenging. The maintenance team spent most days working in thick fog, rain and even snow to clear the final 2.7 miles of Mount Baker Highway.

“The last time I saw this much snow was in 1999, when we couldn’t even open the road,” said WSDOT Maintenance Supervisor, Bill Joyce. “We had a lot of snow this year too, but the real challenge was the wind which created drifts more than 70 feet deep in some areas.”

In time for the 4th of July holiday - sweet!!!

Doing a quick run for the store - one of our deliveries was missing part of our milk order so stopping at the dairy. Also doing the dry shopping for this weekend's dinner and breakfast (buns, condiments, etc...)

Back home to work on a project and then out for a 6:30 meeting in Ferndale - an emergeny preparedness group is forming out there.

Friday, I will be working at home most of the day and will bring the trailer to the Field Day site and park it there.

Back in a couple hours...

Mmmmm - hamburgers

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Came out really well - cooked them with my small propane grill which runs around 700°F so developed a nice sear while staying juicy on the inside. Had some meat left over so formed a long skinny patty which I cut into pieces for the pups - a dog burger. Very much appreciated. A good meal with which to start the summer.

Burgers tonight

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It cooled off a bit today but we are still doing hamburgers tonight - a good dinner to kick off the summer finally getting here. Mixing up the meat now so it can rest in the fridge for an hour or two.

Wishing everyone a great Solstice

Fun and games - PDF software

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Just got back from the store as I had to fax a permit application to the county. Their website has a PDF with user fillable AcroForm fields. I filled them out, saved the file and attached it to an email. The county employee received the email, opened it and was looking at a blank form. I tried this a second time with the same effect. It is odd as I pasted a GIF of my signature and that came through just fine but no form entries.

I did the same exact thing successfully last year for the event and it worked just fine - this year? Not so much. I am using the very wonderful free PDF software from Foxit Software - looks like something changed on their end.

As I was leaving the store, I mentioned that the ones and zeros did not work so I had to nail it to the church door.

Nothing this morning

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Taking care of a couple of things. Heading out for coffee, pay some bills and get some ethanol-free gasoline and back home again.

Weather started off cloudy this morning but is clearing and supposed to be sunny and hot for this weekend.

Back home again - long day

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Drove just under 100 miles today - got everything taken care of though. Spending tomorrow at home paying bills and doing a couple of projects including loading the trailer with the portable kitchen.

Thursday is mostly at home - meeting at 6:00PM in Ferndale (same location as tonight's meeting) and then Friday, I park the trailer at the Field Day site and then do the shopping for Saturday's dinner and Sunday's breakfast.

Meeting tonight was fun - some of the participants at last Saturday's Digital Mobile Radio session showed up - always good to get new blood in the group. Had a Club Sandwich for dinner.

Had some showers in town but nothing that registered out here - got a special weather statement for this weekend:

Temperatures are forecast to climb well above normal this weekend. At this time, it appears that the warmest day will be Saturday on the coast and on Sunday over the interior. Highs on Saturday are forecast to climb into the 80s on the coast, away from the ocean. Expect temperatures to soar into the mid 80s to mid 90s across much of the interior on Sunday.

Perfect weather for field day.

Surf for a bit, check YouTube and then to bed.

The Mount Baker Amateur Radio club's Digital Group meets tonight so heading in for that. Need to get new tabs for one of my trailers, pick up a few things at Hardware Sales and Costco and retrieve three folding tables from the condo. Get a quick bite to eat in town before the meeting. Busy day today.

Back late tonight.

YouTube time!

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Been liking closing out my day with an hour or so of videos on all sorts of subjects. Good dream fodder and learning a lot of stuff. Blacksmithing, welding (TIG), music, tools, electronics, etc...

Pot roast came out wonderful

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Couple episodes of Agents of Shield - the writing just keeps getting better and better.

Long day tomorrow - the first big push to preparing for this weekend's catering event. Looking forward to it though - great group of people and last year was a lot of fun.

Jimmy is due out sometime late this evening. Feed him and get him doing some yard work tomorrow...

Fixing dinner

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Making pot roast and a salad for dinner tonight. I get the pre-cooked ones from Costco that are just meat in a bag. Put this in a pot with some baby potatoes, carrots, onions and celery and simmer for an hour. Lulu's nephew Jimmy may be is coming out to work at the farm for a few days and the kid has an appetite on him so doing a double batch.

Starting to gather stuff for the food service for this weekend's Field Day (PDF)

Off to town and a milk run

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Heading out for the usual coffee, store and town. Swinging by a dairy on the way home - sold out of milk last weekend. And this is supposed to be our slow season. Summer is our best season but it doesn't really start until school lets out, the weather warms up and Artist Point gets plowed clear.

Back around 3:00 or so - doing pot roast tonight.

And it's YouTube time

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Had Costco chicken for dinner with a pot of rice and some stir-fried bok choi - watched two episodes of Agents of Shield. Still a bit tired so calling it an early night.

Total accumulation is just a smudge over a tenth inch of the wet stuff.

Need to run into town tomorrow - get the food permits in for this coming weekend's field day and pay some bills.

Back home again - rain

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Been raining lightly off and on - got much less than a tenth of the wet stuff. Lulu is on her way out for a nice long stay.

Another day, another 2¢

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Woke up around 6:00AM but went back to bed after a while - still tired from yesterday so slept for another couple of hours. Heading out to coffee and then a quick run in to town for food.

Nothing happening out on the web today. Very quiet.

Low clouds and overcast but no rain.

And that's it for the night

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Really tired so switching over to YouTube for a bit and then up to bed.

Back home again - part deux

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Went out for Prime Rib at a local roadhouse. Good and the pups will be very happy when I dish out their dog food in a few minuts. Right now, they are rumbling around the pasture.

Very tired with the early alarm clock so surf for a bit and then upstairs.

Back home again

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Good training session - Blaine is on the border with Canada and is about 30 miles from Bellingham. They have their own emergency communications group and today's exercise was a chance for our two groups to meet and greet as well as do some training on digital communications. A lot of fun and learned a lot.

Fixing lunch

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Getting ready for class tomorrow - making a sandwich for lunch and packing a couple cans of Mountain Dew Throwback - original formula and made with real cane sugar. Still cutting back on my carbs but some things are exempt.

Home alone

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Lulu is feeling under the weather so she is staying back another day or so. Hardware Sales is having their annual sale tomorrow and Saturday so heading in tomorrow morning for that and then have training all day Saturday.

Picked up a Costco chicken for dinner tonight - got some rice cooking. Had about 0.3" of precip today with more forecast for the next day or two. Wet.

Time for coffee &c...

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Got a meeting with someone at the store in an hour - coffee first. Heading in to town for a short run after that.

Lulu is coming out later today.

Say goodbye - Bellingham Herald

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I used to read this newspaper on a regular basis but this morning, they flipped the switch and implemented a draconian paywall.

Looks like I am not reading them any more (nor viewing the advertising they serve with each article).

Back home - meeting and dinner #2

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Meeting was fairly short - still a bit hungry so headed up to Glacier for a burger and a couple of pints.

Surf for a bit and see what the YouTube Fairies have brought.

Wish I didn't have to go but I am needed there - in the middle of some projects here. Oh well...

Back around 8:30 or so

Back home again

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Fixed the issue with the tenant and now back home again. Raining lightly so working indoors for now - meeting later today. Training session all day Saturday.

Working at home today

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The usual - coffee and then back home with a stop at the store. One of the tenants in my building is reporting a slow drain so taking some Draino with me - NaOH to the rescue.

Back home again - fun meeting

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Tonight's presentation was on slinky antennas - yes, the toy slinky that we all grew up with and can be purchased at Walmart for five bucks. Coils of conductive materials have very useful properties in electronics and making an antenna out of a coil of wire allows for the antenna to be a lot physically shorter than if it was made from straight wire.

Antennas are tuned to a specific length for the frequencies you want to work and some of these can be quite long - two-hundred and sixty feet for one commonly used 'band'. Using a slinky allows this to be shortened to 30 feet for the same frequencies (80 meters).

Here are some links to slinky antennas: Here, here, here, and here. Lots more on Google

Trash day tomorrow so loading up the bin and wheeling it out to the curb.

Fixing breakfast at the farm

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I love to cook - liking this guy's idea of a breakfast smoothie:

Coffee and in to town

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Got the critters taken care of so heading out for coffee and then a run in to town - picking up some stuff and a ham radio meeting tonight. Quick tour around the intarwebs first.

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