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Funny thing about retirement.  Spent much of the day at the Condo boxing up the penultimate load of my Mom and Dad's papers. One more file cabinet to go. Sorting them on the island - have a bay window with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Keeps me in a nice head-space when dealing with the mounds of paper.

Got all sorts of mundane stuff from 1960's on up and nestled in them are the occasional letter from someone famous or cool photo or $100 bill so I need to be methodical.

Got some good tunes playing, a nice view to look at and taking my time. Start putting some of this on eBay next.

And that is it for the night

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YouTube and bed. Took a couple Benedril to cut the itching from the skin infection so feeling nice and drowsy.

On the island for a few days

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Brought down another load of Mom's papers to go through. The Estate Sale went really well with about 95% of the items selling. No word on the final tally but looking forward to a nice fat check in a few days.

The staph infection came roaring back two days ago - spend this afternoon at the walk-in clinic for another course of antibiotics. Stronger and longer this time. Been dealing with this since the end of July and this is just going on too long.

See what the internet faeries have to offer tonight...

Aaaand it is off to the Tube of You...

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That is it for tonight - tired and busy day tomorrow

Spending a day or two at the farm

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Boxing stuff up and loading the van - getting ready for a trip to the island. The Ham Radio group has a meeting this Wednesday so planning to be there for that.

More spew this evening - heading into Bellingham.

The internet is empty

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Just the usual rhetoric and fake news. Time for some videos - see if anyone posted any more content.

At the farm for the evening

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Driving into Bellingham to clean up with the estate sale people (it went really well) and then spending the next few days up here boxing stuff up to take to the island. The new (to me) van drives like a... truck but it is solid, in great shape and will serve me well for this move.

Surf for a bit and then to bed. Been driving a lot these last couple of months - 15K miles - it all adds up.

On the road today

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Usual routine - coffee, post office, dump, the condo to check on the remains of the Estate Sale and then to Maple Falls for a few days. More boxing and maybe a few runs down to Camano with the new van.

Busy day today

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Spent it getting ready to install laminate flooring in the DaveCave and getting a new air filter for the van - bunch of other stuff too. Library, groceries, some stuff at WalMart - that kind of thing.

Had a burrito and a beer for dinner and now home for the night - heading up to the Estate Sale tomorrow afternoon to see what is left.

And that is it for today

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Estate sale is going well - tired so watching some video and then early bedtime.

Lots of people

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Went to the Estate Sale this morning when it opened at 10AM. My Mom and Dad's condo is in an over-55 housing development. I never saw so many cars in there - their condo was packed with people hauling stuff out. The sale is going to run for two more days - see what is left...

Ran some errands, got a fresh oil change in the new (to me) van and back on the island getting ready to lay some laminate flooring in the new DaveCave (the attic over the garage where I have been camping out).

I got nothin'

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Nothing happening out in the real world. Tired today - woke up early, was busy and busy day tomorrow too.

YouTube and then bed.

Solving the "trailer problem"

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A few months ago, I purchased a nice aluminum flatbed trailer to help with the construction and moving. Unfortunately, about a week after I bought it, I was on the freeway with it unloaded and it suddenly went into uncontrolled oscillation and decoupled from my car. Thank God that there were some County Police who were already on the scene - pulling over a suspected DUI. They directed traffic and got me on my way (they also issued a citation). No one was hurt, no damage was done to any vehicle.

This really soured me on trailers but the Highlander does not have a lot of cargo space and it was taking me three trips for every single trailer trip. I Googled around and a local dealership had a used Ford (I love Fords) Econoline E250 for sale - 2012 with 23K miles on it. Perfect condition. I picked it up today - bare bones tradesman's van - perfect for what I need.

Since it was used, I will use it for the six months or so and then sell it for what I paid for it. WIN/WIN

Oh yes, I got it for a steal - it had been on the lot for a while and they were very happy to move it. Even negotiated them down a couple $K. From my 20's to 40's, I had always had a van so this is a kind-of fun return to my mis-spent youth...

On island - big day tomorrow

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Tomorrow is the first day of the Estate Sale - went there today and it looks gorgeous. The person in charge did a wonderful job of staging it. Planning to go to the opening day tomorrow and snoop :)

Off for the day

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Coffee, post office, store and then to Bellingham to preview the estate sale. Meeting on Camano island later tonight.

Nothing much happening in the real world - Florence is now a CAT2 hurricane but still a very powerful storm so prayers going out to the people in the Carolinas.

More spew this afternoon.

That is it for me for this evening.

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Full day tomorrow and then the estate sale. Watch a bit of YouTube and then to bed.

Back at the farm for a few days

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The estate sale is this weekend - Friday through Sunday - so want to be around for that.

Packing up more stuff for a later tool sale at the condo which I will be doing myself. Shedding a lot of the hoard. Keeping the stuff that is relevant to me and ditching the stuff that was "interesting" but that I never did anything with. Feels wonderful.

Quiet morning

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Nothing much happening in the real world. Heading out for coffee and post office and then to the pharmacy and to Bellingham to get an oil change on the Highlander (love that car!) The Estate sale is Friday, Saturday and Sunday so spending the time in Bellingham for that. Getting rid of my Mom and Dad's stuff as well as a lot of my own horde. Feels good!

More spew later tonight.

And YouTube it is...

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That's all folks...

Saw my MD and really like him - reminds me a lot of Dr. Gregory House (from the TV show) before he had the infarction in his leg and got cynical. Very sharp - in his 30's and very smart. Good clinic too - a lot more resources than the first one I went to. In the words of our President: Everett Clinic? You're Fired!

Planning to switch to him as my Primary Care Provider. Never really liked the PCP I had in Sumas - nice to get some who is a go-getter.

Out the door

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Going out for coffee, post office, the dump and then a Dr's appointment. Quiet day - seventeen years ago today, an event happened that cleared the scales from my eyes and changed me from a Seattle liberal to a strong libertarian.

The idea that we need to understand and forgive those people who committed this heinous act was what pierced my self-imposed veil of willful stupidity. These barbarians (in every sense of the word) declared war on us a long time ago - they say this in public but we continue to fail to act, to allow them entry into our Nation illegally.

Thank God that we now have a President and an administration with the balls to push back.

Down on the island for a day

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Dr's appt tomorrow (persistant staph skin infection) and then heading up to Bellingham to get the Toyota in for an oil change. Got a bite on the road and bellying up to the computer for an hour or so of surfing and the Tube of You.

Planetary K Index is still fairly high - great chance of Aurora if the skies would ever clear up.

Aaaand - I got nuffin'

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Not much catches my eye. Tired, heading over for a bit of YouTube and then to bed. Got a lot of boxes to shift and driving to do tomorrow and Tuesday and Wednesday and...

You get my drift.

Another long day

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Drove about 300 miles today and hauled a lot of furniture to the estate sale.

Full belly - time to open a bottle of red wine and surf for a bit...

Back to the island

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The ocean keeps drawing me here. Should have moved here 15 years ago. Love it.

Took another load of my parent's  personal papers and photographs from the Condo down to here to sort through and toss. Lots of telephone bills, household paperwork and the occasional $20 bill or $100 or stock certificate scattered within. Taking the time to go through everything.

Heading back to the farm to borrow the store van - the person running the estate sale nearly passed out when I told her that I was bringing six of the original Space Needle restaurant chairs. No use to me - they are actually very uncomfortable to sit in (don't want the customers lingering over their overpriced bad meals) and not my style when it comes to design.

Surf for a bit and then to bed.

That's all folks!

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Heading over to YouTube for a while - longish day tomorrow.

Got a bite to eat and turned around and headed back to the island home. Kind of late in the day and the Island Emergency Service people are doing an open house tomorrow from 10AM to 2PM so going to that, meeting more of the people and volunteering there.

Surf for a bit and then Youtube and to bed.

Heading out - points North

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There is a big farmer's market here from 2 to 6PM - heading out to catch that and then up to Maple Falls for a few days.

More spew later.

Another day of fun and games

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Heading out to load up some garbage in the car, get coffee, post office, dump and visit the county office to ask about a groundwater issue and then return a library book.

Island life is pretty wonderful as all of these are within two miles of each other and about three miles from my home.

And that is it for me for tonight

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Drove a bit over 300 miles today - shuttling vehicles and running errands. Plus meeting with some people and scheduling appointments. Busy and no signs of relief.

It is all going to a good situation though so there are zero complaints (a few grumbles but no complaints).

YouTube and bed.

Another day, another 100 boxes

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Driving back up to the farm to return the store van so it can be used on Friday's shopping run. Spending today dealing with building permits and groundwater issues and then boxing up more stuff. After the van gets back tomorrow, I will load it up again with some furniture including six of the original Space Needle restaurant chairs from the Worlds Fair. Bringing those into the estate sale.

Feels wonderful getting rid of this stuff - can not believe I had been holding on to so much for so long.

And that is it for tonight

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Had a meeting earlier this evening. Dinner and a run to the storage locker and it was a full day. Back to the farm tomorrow.

On the island again

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Took the store van and brought my big printer down from the farm - the thing weighs 134 pounds and is 35" wide by 30" deep so it was fun getting it through a narrow doorway. I was planning on bringing my color copier too but there was no room in the van - time to borrow a trailer.

Time for a little break (ice cold diet coke - it's warm out today) and then load up the van with stuff to go into the storage locker.

Aaaand that is it for me tonight

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A couple of YouTubes and then bed. Long day tomorrow. Starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel but not sure if that is the sun or an oncoming train.

Another day, another pile of boxes

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Out the door heading for coffee, post office and then to the condo.

Be really glad when all this is over...

Time for the Tube of You and a little recreational surfing.

Fun at the farm

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Came home to find that my kitchen fridge was at room temperature. Cleaning it out and will do an overmight defrost to see if that helps. The thing is only a few years old. Very annoyed. Not buying Kitchen Aid again.

Dinner time

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Fixing dinner - Bok Choi sauted with toasted sesame oil, crushed ginger, garlic and some oyster sauce. Served over rice. Yummy!

And that is it for the evening

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Very early start to the day tomorrow so watching a couple YouTube videos and head to an early bedtime...

Back on the island

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Put in about 10 hours today sorting crap at the condo. Brought another load of things down to the storage unit on the island. Heading back up to the condo tomorrow early AM to meet with the people staging the sale.

It is so good to be getting rid of all of these accumulations. Ran into a new term the other day: Swedish Death Cleaning. Here is a good article in Country Living:

Everything You Need to Know About 'Swedish Death Cleaning'
You may already know about hygge and lagom — two popular lifestyle trends coined and popularized by the Scandinavians, but have you heard of döstädning?

Döstädning, which means "death cleaning" in English, is a new method of downsizing and organizing from the Swedish author and artist Margareta Magnusson. The approach is designed as an easy way for folks over 50 to purge their homes and organize their possessions in hopes that their children won't be overburdened by their belongings once they pass away, according to The Chronicle. Sure, it sounds morbid, but it's actually a pretty smart idea.

Death cleaning isn't about getting rid of all your stuff, but rather streamlining your life so you're only holding onto what makes you happy. "Death cleaning is not about dusting or mopping up," Magnusson told The Chronicle. "It is about a permanent form of organization that makes your everyday life run more smoothly."

Sounds good to me - should have done this years ago...Number two in line for this book at my local library.

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