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No love from Craigslist

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They rejected my offers. They were hoping to recover their costs. This is used equipment we are talking about and no way to tell if it has been "Bubba'd" or not. The air compressor was especially egregious - it looked to be in great shape so I offered 80% of today's list. They said no - it was worth more than that. Over a year old. Zero documentation regarding oil changes (just as important as with car engines - a sure way to blow things up if you do not do them).

Busy day today

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Did some food shopping, more work on the antenna (need to bring my tall extension ladder down from the farm) and getting a large tub ready for planting. I have chives, mint and horseradish all of which are very invasive. Putting them into a medium-size horse watering tub (20 gallons) and that will keep them happy but in their place.

Meeting tomorrow and then farmer's market. Farm Wednesday.

A quiet day today

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Nothing catches my eye on the internet. Heading out for coffee, drop a book off at the library and then home to work on some stuff - finishing off the WSPR antenna. Been reading Dewey Lambdin's series featuring Alan Lewrie. Very chronological so you will want to start with The King's Coat. A lot of fun.

Saw an interesting sale on Craigslist and will be emailing them a bid for some tools. I think that they want too much for their stuff but will see if they accept my offers. Nice small metal lathe and engine hoist. Really nice air compressor. The guy was really trying to up-sell me, telling me how new everything was and how little use it had received all the while there was a lot of accumulated dust and dirt. All boils down to how much he wants to sell his stuff for.

And that is it...

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Nothing else on the internet catches my eye. Couple of YouTube videos and then to bed. Been rotating my sleep patterns to get up a bit early - more sunlight to do stuff.

Put the telescope back

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Got high cirrus clouds developing. Latest forecast is for Tuesday beginning a stretch of cloudy with 10% chance of precip. Cirrus is usually a good "omen" for precip in 48+ hours so yeah. Oh well...

Get out the telescope

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Looks like it might be dead-nuts clear tonight. Will put the telescope outside before I leave for dinner so it can come to thermal equilibrium as the air cools. It is unexpected here that I have much better seeing than at the farm. The conurbation of Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey, Maple Ridge and Mission was just too bright for good seeing.

Done for the day

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Heading out for some pasta and a couple beers.

Day turned out gorgeous and the next couple are supposed to be just as nice. Will get the WSPR antenna connected (need to drive and wire the ground rod and run some coax. Cheating and using some crimp-on PL-259's

Another day in paradise

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Supposed to be nice and sunny the next couple of days. Working on the yard and putting up my WSPR antenna.

Dinner was really nice yesterday - new friend on the island.

Puttering around at home for a bit and then out for coffee. Up to the farm for a few days this week.

Out for the day - coffee &c

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Heading out for a little bit and then back home to do yard work and some stuff.

Going out for dinner later - a new friend.

Meeting tonight

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Getting dinner - ham radio meeting at 7:00PM. Picking up stuff for a craigslist deal tomorrow morning and having dinner with a friend tomorrow night.

And that is it for my day

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Had a bite to eat and then one beer - feeling very sleepy. It was not the first Tuesday of the month so very simple radio network. Reception was really good - minimal static. Sometimes it is almost unintelligible - we are communicating throughout Western Washington and the net control is South of Tacoma near Fort Lewis (Camp Murray)

Time for a bit of YouTube and then to bed. Cleaning house tomorrow - laundry and vacuum. Radio meeting Thursday and then up to the farm for a few days.

Up and at 'em

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Heading out in a few minutes - coffee, post office and then to the Fire & Rescue building for today's radio net.

Fun stuff and really great people.

And I am outta here

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Got to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow early.

And back home again

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Burrito, a couple beers, some reading and I am a happy camper. Back home with an early bedtime - emergency radio network tomorrow morning. Surf for a bit first.

Back to work

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Working from home today - bills and paperwork. Had a late lunch and getting back to work.

A fun day - Highland Games

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Went up there this afternoon and had a wonderful time. The sheep dog trials were a blast - the battery on my video camera was flat and the charger and spares are still up at the farm so no videos. Here are a couple of examples from the 2008 Portland, OR Highland Games:

Jen had an Australian Kelpie and a couple of times, we took him down to Ewe-topia near Fort Lewis south of Seattle. Buster loved it but he was a bit too old to really start training.

Anyway, hung out there for a bit, got a bite to eat and my nightly two pints so back home. Surf, videos, then bed. Supposed to be attending a meeting either tomorrow or Tuesday. Radio network Tuesday morning.

Time for YouTube

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Got a meeting sometime Monday or Tuesday (four people - haven't coordinated yet) as well as the Emergency Communications drill Tuesday morning so staying down here for a couple more days.

Feeling sleepy so watch a video or three and head to bed.

Fun day today

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The air show was a lot of fun. This is not the big Arlington Fly-In in mid-August - planning to attend that as well.

Here are a few photos:



20190713-air03.jpgSaw this bumper sticker. It would be nice for Local and State politics as well:

20190713-air04.jpgThe Highland Games were a lot of fun as well - planning on going there tomorrow as they are doing a major sheep-herding competition. It is a real treat watching the dogs and the sheep. Bringing my video camera.

20190713-hg01.jpgBurrito and a couple of beers for dinner and back home again.

Recieved a network tap today ($20 from Amazon) so will be looking at just what the cellular local hot-spot is doing with my network. I had been looking at some software to analyze the traffic - so far have darkstat Observium and  Nagios installed on one of my Linux boxen but really looking at WireShark - there is a windows version as well as the Linux so will try both flavors and see what happens.

Outta here for the day

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Coffee, post office, dropping off two books at the library and then heading North for the Port of Skagit's Community Aviation Day. This is in conjunction with the Heritage Museum of Flight that I had visited last May. Then, it is off to the Highland Games for a couple hours celebrating my Celtic roots.

Highland Games tomorrow. Also bill paying, yardwork, laundry - all the fun stuff...

Sticky island syndrome again

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Did another productive run to Bellingham but did not get to the farm. Too much stuff happening here.

Slept right through a minor earthquake - it was at 2:51AM this morning. Felt all over the island.

Where'd the day go?

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Hit the ground running this morning and finally back at home. Good meeting. Got a quick grocery run down to WinCo in Marysville. They have some really nice frozen Ahi Tuna steaks and got two of them for dinner tomorrow but one (or both) of the dogs have discovered that plastic wrapped stuff can sometimes contain tasty snacks and when I went to unpack the car, I found the two wrappers but no tuna. Dang...

Heading up to the farm tomorrow. Spend the night and then down for the Highland Games on Saturday - 25th Annual.

My tuesday occasional emergency communications network is on the 16th so spending the weekend down here.

And that is it for tonight


Work on the WSPR antenna tomorrow - got the Balun built and most of the box to house it. Meeting of the prep group tomorrow evening.

And back to the island

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Spent a couple hours in Bellingham doing stuff and now back to the island. I have a meeting tomorrow evening so staying down for that and then up to the farm for another load.

Youtube and bed

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Farm tomorrow - supposed to be raining quite a bit.

Done with lunch

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Heading out for a bit - metal store and Costco

And that is it for the evening

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Running a couple errands tomorrow and up to the farm Tuesday or Wednesday. Scheduling some work to be done on the island home.

Fixing yet another batch of hummingbird nectar. Running low on the second 40 pound bag of Costco sugar - the buggers are drinking me out of house and home. I love them. Also getting some crows hanging around - put out some peanuts and a dish of water for them. The are getting somewhat acclimated to the pups and me being out in the yard.

Heading out

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Dinner and a couple of beers. Back in a couple hours.

Out for coffee &c...

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Was planning to go to Bellingham Monday but went up yesterday instead - having something printed and it was ready so combined a bunch of errands into one nice trip. Raining off and on so a pleasant drive through farm country.

Getting a bite to eat this morning and then doing a dump run.

Ka-Boom indeed

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Several tens of thousands of dollars were spent on fireworks in my neighborhood last night. There were a couple houses that really did it up and I was sitting on the deck right in the middle of it. Better than some municipal shows - longer too. Some houses were still going strong at 11PM. 'Murrica!!!!!!!!!

Wet July so far

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That front is starting to move in - the air felt particularly gravid this afternoon.

No updates on Cliff Mass' post yesterday - we will see...

Getting pretty loud out there

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Still light but lots of fireworks being set off. Going to get a beer and sit outside for a while.

YouTube after that and then bedtime - got a lot on my plate for tomorrow.

Earth shattering Ka-Boom

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Lots of fireworks going off and it is not even dusk yet. My neighborhood has a lot of older beach houses interspersed with the occasional mansion. It will be interesting to see what fireworks are let off tonight.

The pups are fine - I used to shoot regularly at the farm so they are very blasé...

And back again

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Took a while for them to cut the metal - they were busy. Building a rolling shop table for one of my grinders.

Picked up a couple music CDs at the library and burning those at this moment. Stopped by the butchers and picked up a nice bag of bones so the pups are gnawing away downstairs. Happy dogs.

Heading out for a bite once the disks are burned - Mexican. Got a hankering for some Carne Assada.

Surf for a bit while the disks burn.

Back in a couple

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Heading out to my metal supplier and running a few errands. Back this afternoon.

Overcast and rainy again today. Good. It was getting dry and this will cut down on potential wildfires.

Network problems

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Been up and down like a yo-yo

Going to try something otherwise it's time for a book.

Overcast and rainy

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Spending the day indoors. Laundry and paying bills. Raining outside.

Heading out in a little bit - there is a nice farmer's market today from 3PM to 7PM. Have stuff to pick up at the library and need a run to the hardware store and gas station. There is one close to the house that sells ethanol-free gas - use it for my yard implements.

Interesting company - Olsa Tools

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They came up in an Amazon reccomendation email. Their product line is tool organization and storage components. Looks really good - check out Olsa Tools. And yes, they are carried by Amazon. Two thumbs up!

Sort of like FastCap which I blogged about in 2016

Out for coffee, &c

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Heading out for an hour or so - coffee, library, county offices, get a haircut, etc...

Overcast and supposed to rain today - great news as it is very dry and the Glorious Fourth is rapidly approaching. Keep the chance of fire down.

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