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Nothing much happening today...

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Slow news day.  Did a run into Bellingham to get some staples and take care of a few things.

Quick surf and then working at the farm tomorrow.

Slow news day

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Breaking for lunch - nothing much happening out there (that our minders want us to know about anyway)

Try again later this evening...

Slow news day

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Breaking for lunch - nothing much happening out there.

The Arizona election was obviously corrupt but the Dems are trying to bull their way through and get it certified.

There is an interesting petition before the Supreme Court that could have a bearing on the 2020 election.

Biden's Nuke Waste person has admitted to stealing a woman's piece of luggage at an airport. Turns out that is a felony with a couple years prison time.  Wonder if the rules apply to him as "it" is a member of the protected class.

Back to work - more this evening...

Taking care of a few things down there today.  Back this evening.

UPDATE: And back again - long day but a fun one.  Saw a bunch of friends.
Quick surf and to sleep...

Another day, another box packed

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Making slow progress but progress nontheless

Coffee first...

Winter storm warning for this afternoon - major snowfall above 2500 feet.  Maple Falls is around 800.  Great for the skiers.

No wonder we haven't been contacted

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And that is it for today

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Busy day - packing and brought a couple cartons of paperwork to go through here this evening. Mindless work while I do other things.

Time to call it quits, watch a video or three and get some sleep...

And the week begins

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Heading to the farm to pack for the move.  Coffee first - the beans are calling my name...

Another photo

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Lisa and me taken by a friend:


Truly gorgeous country down there - too bad it is overrun with the mentally ill and the power hungry.

And back to my home away from home

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Time to take a nice long hot shower, unpack, do some laundry and surf.

Get back to packing tomorrow...

Almost back to the farm

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Got on a roll today and put in about eight hours of driving from Rerdding, CA all the way through Oregon and North to Burlington, WA (North of Seattle and Everett)  I am about 90 minutes away from the farm and the store but needed to stop driving and get some sleep.  Since I have been away for a while, I will need to shop at the food coop and Costco anyway so do that tomorrow.

The usual spew will resume tomorrow or Monday.

Got nothing tonight

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Planning to be back sometime Sunday afternoon - posting will resume after then.

Nothing much catches my eye tonight...

Redding, California

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Done with my visit and on my way back to Maple Falls.

Lisa and I are closer than ever.  So happy that we met - can't wait until we live together in North Carolina.


In Arcata tonight

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Arrived in Eureka, stopped at Costco for gas ($5.49), got some munchies at the food coop and drove back up to Arcata to look for a place to stay.  Downtown Arcata is a lot of fun - old buildings and fun shops.  Humboldt State University is there so a lot of that culture as well - music and art.

Unfortunately, it has been discovered by the homeless  - could not find a motel that looked safe within walking distance of the downtown.  About five miles out of town in a Motel 6.  It's in a shopping mall so no homeless people there. People talk about the Zombie apocalypse.  It's here only it's bad life decisions amplified by bad drugs — not the undead.

And down the coast highway

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Getting a bite to eat in town and then heading South along the Coastal highway 101 to Eureka, CA.  Looks like perfect weather - lots of sunshine in the forecast.

Meeting up with Lisa tomorrow - so good to see her again.  We email several times/day but not the same...

The mountain passes looked a bit dicey so decided to head West over to the coast and down Highway 101. Spending the night in a wonderful old motel - in continuous operation since 1938 - owned by one family until 2019 and now owned by another.  Small and "quaint" rooms but perfect condition and well maintained.

Very good Hawai'ian restaurant next door - broke da mouth.  

Surf for a while - heading down the coast to Eureka tomorrow.

And on the road again

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Points South - aiming for Redding, CA tonight - see how the weather on the passes is this morning...

Might sidestep and take 199 out of Grants Pass to the coast and 101.

Salem Oregon for the night

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Traffic was slow through Seattle (expected) and glacially slow through Tacoma (not expected)  Averaged around 30MPH through the entire stretch. OK between the two but I have not seen Tacoma traffic be so bad.  No accidents listed on the DOT website.

Also, noticed a lot fewer trucks than usual.  Lots of Amazon rigs and the usual speciality trucks (car carriers, heavy equipment trailers, etc...) but not that many LTL and independent or owner-operator trucks.

Surf a little bit and then to sleep...

And I am outta here

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Taking ten days off - driving down to see Lisa for a week in Mendocino.

It will be a nice break plus get to spend some face-time with my sweetie.

I'll have the laptop with me but posting will be limited...

Thank you for your service

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Today is just one day.  We need to remember the people who put their lives on the line every day.  They are the reason we have the freedoms that we do have.

Thank you.

At the car spa

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Taking the new (to me) Expedition in for an inspection.  Oil change and general checkout.  Driving down to see Lisa tomorrow so want to make sure I can get over the passes.

So far, so good...

A good day - worked at the farm

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Got a bunch of stuff done.  Fun welding project for some friends.  Packing.

Back to the apartment at the store - listening to the election returns and turned it off.  Quelle surprise - the Democrats are cheating. The deep-state wins again...

Brought another tranche of paperwork home with me - sorting that.  Tossing most of it but still have to go through everything.

The beans are calling my name

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And I must answer - coffee and then to the farm to work.

We will not know anything about the election until much later tonight if that.
Our votes have to be "counted" ever so carefully...

The only question is "how much"

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Election day - there will be cheating.

It will be interesting to see how many are caught and prosecuted.

Dropped mine off at the County ballot box last week.

And out for the day

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Snowing lightly and showing signs of sticking.  Joy...  The forecast was for rain and for the snow to be above 2,000 feet elevation.

Oh well - life as it is in the Pacific Northwet. We deal.  Heading out at the end of the week for a trip down to Mendocino, CA to visit with Lisa.

Coffee first...

Woke up to snowfall but it was not sticking.

Now it is.  Accumulation is forecast to be in the 4" range - we will see... Colder weather on the horizon.

Back to work - the sooner I finish packing, the sooner I can get to a warmer climate - Murphy, NC is in the 70's today.

UPDATE:  Photo from the farm - Black Mountain  4,458' elevation


Break time

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Working on stuff here - slow news day.  The Pelosi story keeps shifting around - NBC had one but then they deleted it. How about the truth?  We would love to know the truth... It would help to restore the media's credibility.  I don't think that anything can restore the Pelosi's credibility but they could try.  Remember Paul's DUI - how that story kept shifting around and it finally faded away.

Nothing else catches my eye...  I thought that the run-up to elections was supposed to have all sorts of strange news, "pseudo-events", and other media creations to dazzle us and to keep us voting for the party in power.  What we are getting now is downright boring.

This is interesting but not surprising - from MarketWatch:

Apple now valued at more than Amazon, Alphabet and Meta — combined
Apple Inc. shares have held up far better than those of its Big Tech peers over the past month, and that’s helped the company to a staggering feat: The smartphone giant is now worth more than Alphabet Inc., Inc. and Meta Platforms Inc. combined.

Alphabet is Google's parent corporation.  Tim Cook is exactly the CEO that is needed during these times.  Boring.  No flash.  Keep your head down and focus on your core competencies.  Advance but do not innovate. Do not diversify.

Well that's done with for a year

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Back to whatever passes for normal - heading out for a late coffee and then to work at the farm.

Raining heavy this morning - supposed to be snow at 4,000 elevation.  We will see...

And that is it for today - 72nd birthday

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Nice quiet day - perfect.

Sleeping in tomorrow for a bit and then back to work packing the conex boxes and getting them ready to ship to North Carolina. Really looking forward to the move.  Love it here but the top-down WA State government is a bit much and showing no signs of retreat.

They are touting the Respiratory Syncytial Virus outbreak as being the next pandemic when, from what I can see, this is the direct result of everyone isolating and masking.  People's immune systems have gotten weak and flaccid.  The body's immune system needs to be challanged continually at a low level so that it is able to respond to a high-level viral or bacterial attack.

Spend two years in a bubble and you are going to be knocked flat by the next simple rhinovirus that comes along.


See you all tomorrow...

Lazy day - slow news

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Nothing much happening here, nothing much happening out there either.

Slow news day - heading up to the farm in 30 minutes or so.  Doing laundry.  Fun stuff...

72 years today

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Celebrating my birthday today - heading out for coffee and then to the farm to work.  Just another day for me.

Been a long and fun ride and looking forward to another 20-30 years at least.  Body has been knocked around a bit but everything is still working great.  Brain is its usual quirky self. Spirit is strong and positive - happy.

Life is interesting and good.

Minimal posting today

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Been a bit of a dry spell for posting - lots of stuff going on behind the scenes.

Maybe later this evening...

Minimal posting today too

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Working on stuff and generally feeling lazy.  Getting stuff done but...

Minimal posting today

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Working on some stuff...

19 years ago today - Hello World

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Posted this:


Been a long ride - since then, I moved from Seattle to the farm, from the farm to Camano Island and then back to the farm in preparation for moving to North Carolina.  Two divorces.  Lost both my Mom and Dad - buried them. Digging them up and bringing their ashes with me to NC.  Discovered that I love Blacksmithing and am doing that now.  Still doing a lot of photography and music and playing with electronics and computers (RaspberryPi and Arduino).   I will be turning 72 in a week (11/03) - no sign of slowing down. Having too much fun 😁

Here's to the next 20 years - see what they bring!!!

And that is it for the night

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Nothing catches my eye out there.

Almost feel sorry for Fetterman - the guy is a meat puppet.  His handlers should have the grace to let him retire and not go through this election cycle.

See what tomorrow brings...

Minimal posting today

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Working on stuff...

Rain has been falling lightly and steadily for the entire day - less than half an inch but slowly and consistent.  Just what is needed - settles in to the parched ground and does not just splash and run off.

Did some shopping down there - stocked up on veggies and such for the next week.  Surf for a little bit, unwind and that is my evening.  Back to packing tomorrow...

And I am outta here - Camano

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Doing another trip down to Camano island.  Couple of things to take care of there.

Back later this afternoon...

Sigh - plan B

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WordPress does have the ability to import a MovableType website but the code only works with much earlier versions of each.  The last revision of the import code was seven years ago.

My Blogiversary is on the 27th of this month (19 years) so I will continue to post here until then.
I will then archive this as a static site and continue on the new WordPress site.
See you over there in about a week...

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