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A fun day

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Lisa is back at her place.  Fun day working on stuff around the house.

And to work

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We are working on the house today.  Took yesterday off and worked on her new van.

Time for breakfast first.

Minimal posting.

Life is really good.


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Lisa took this yesterday while we were driving to look at her new van:


My two best friends.

A four car "family"

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The van was really sweet - a 2000 Chevy Astro Van for $4,200 - only 130K miles which was the primary selling point. Very clean, a couple of small details to fix but 98% solid and a good driver. I used to drive an Astro starting in 1998 and loved it so was already familiar. This was Lisa's purchase - her negotiation, her money, her decision. I was along for the ride as the "Car Guy" - a lot of fun. Bear approves.

She is coming back over in an hour or so - fix some dinner and hang out. Life is good 😊

Up and at 'em - a "new" car

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We are up early to look at a van.  L's current van is old and tired - looks like a nice one for sale about an hour away so making a day trip of it.

And that is it for me

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Slow news day - watch some video and then to sleep.

Lisa is coming over tomorrow - looking forward to it.


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Yesterday, Lisa was very cautious and asked me if I had ever heard of the "Deep State".

I think that she is a keeper.  We had a lot of fun over that. She is at her house tonight - getting together tomorrow.

A really sweet woman - turning into a very dear friend.

And a new day

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Working with Lisa is a lot of fun.  Couple of quick posts before we start back up.

A fun day

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Lisa is coming over in a couple of hours to work with me laying the flooring in the living room. Slowly getting the house in order.  It will be a lot of fun working with her - been really nice so far.

The rain that was forecast is here and with it, a good bit of wind. The gale warning is still in effect.  T-storms tomorrow.

Quick surf and some last minute picking up.

Quick break for dinner and then...

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Lisa took the day off and headed to Bellingham - turned out to be a classic gorgeous Fall day so perfect timing.

Nuking some pasta leftovers for dinner - stopped at the farmer's market and got some salad fixings.

Got rain in the forecast for tomorrow - t-storms Thursday so looking forward to that.
Update on the gale warning here: National Weather Service twitter account.
Forecast for 0.5 to 1" on the island with up to 1.5" in the highlands. Possible river flooding in a day or two.

And back to work

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No rest for the weary 😁

To work - dump run, coffee, storage unit

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Lisa is coming over tomorrow to work with me putting down the flooring in the living room so getting ready for that today. Picked up some really nice hand-scraped hickory engineered flooring and it has been sitting here acclimating for the last three months. Nice and dimensionally stable. It will be a lot of fun to see how we work together - cooking together was a joy. A voyage of discovery.

Turning into a nice day - got some precip moving in for a few days tomorrow with t-storms for Thursday. And then, there is this bundle of joy:

Gale Warning from WED 6:00 AM PDT until WED 6:00 PM PDT
WHAT...Southeast winds 25 to 35 kt.
WHERE...East Entrance U. S. Waters Strait Of Juan De Fuca, Northern Inland Waters Including The San Juan Islands and Admiralty Inlet.
WHEN...From 6 AM to 6 PM PDT Wednesday.
IMPACTS...Strong winds will cause hazardous seas which could capsize or damage vessels and reduce visibility.


A Gale Warning means winds of 34 to 47 knots are imminent or occurring. Operating a vessel in gale conditions requires experience and properly equipped vessels. It is highly recommended that mariners without the proper experience seek safe harbor prior to the onset of gale conditions.

The fun never stops around here. Now? To work...

And to work

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Lisa is coming over here for dinner tonight so making sure the house looks really good for her. We met less than ten days ago but have really hit it off.

New Years Eve

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I totally agree with this:


A wonderful afternoon

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Had a wonderful walk with Lisa and my dog Bear along the shoreline. We have been having a wonderful time together and hard to believe that we have only known each other for one week.

See what happens.

Out the door for an hour or so

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Heading out for coffee.  Meeting up with Lisa at 2:30 to hang out.

A nice quiet day.

And that's it for tonight

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Some YouTube and bed. Raining and the sound is making me drowsy - as much as I missed the summer, listening to the rain is really nice.

Awww - got an email

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L sent this to me.  The previous owner of the house grew roses and she likes them:


Hard to believe that we have known each other for only four days.

Well dagnabit - farmer's market

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Went to the farmer's market and it had been called due to the smoke. Had some business at the library and the bank (all at the same location) so not a wasted trip. Picked up the latest edition of my ham radio magazine at my mailbox. Having some left-over Indian food from yesterday's lunch for dinner. L is going to join me doing the grocery deliveries tomorrow afternoon and we will pick up my PA loudspeakers and then head up to Mt. Vernon for Thai food.

Had some nice sunshine this morning - L and I sat outside for coffee, I brought Bear along. Got cloudy again and now the sun is completley hidden. Visibility is just about one mile with more in the forecast.

Quick surf before dinner.

And back home again

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Met up with L for coffee and we had a nice two hour chat talking about everything. Get along very well - feels very easy.

Back home to do the last of the paperwork and declutter the house a bit - having her over for dinner on the weekend.

Tired tonight

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So heading over to YouTube and then to bed.  Started raining this afternoon so feeling downright sleepy. The beginning of winter always does that to me. A time to turn inward.

Need to hustle my buns on the outside projects though - have a drainage problem here and want to put in some French Drains before the rains return in force.

A delightful day

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We get along wonderfully - very similar energy.  We left a bit early in the day so had lunch instead of dinner. Spent seven hours together running errands and driving around and talking.

Interesting to see what happens. Kind of scary that we are so similar in likes and dislikes.

Heading out soon

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Lisa and I are heading North to run a few errands. Having dinner out so minimal posting today.

Woke up to less than a mile visibility. The sun is trying to burn through but no avail. Cliff Mass offers no words of encouragment with this morning's post:

Much More Pessimistic Air Quality Outlook and Model Problems
Things are looking far more pessimistic this morning, with considerably less improvement in western WA and OR air quality than expected yesterday.

And these problems are highlighting issues with our modeling systems and ability to observe/simulation smoke in the lower atmosphere. Paradoxically, such problems are what modelers like me live for, providing opportunities to learn and improve our systems.

Air quality has not improved overnight, as shown by the summary at 4 AM this morning from the excellent Washington State Dept of Ecology WASMOKE site. Hazardous air over Puget Sound, the Willamette Valley, and parts of Eastern WA.

We did have rain in the forecast for later this week but that is no longer the case. It IS 2020 after all...

Two morning memes

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Caught my eye:



And breaking for dinner

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Salad and some rice and bok choy with sesame oil and oyster sauce. No protein except for the nuts and seeds on the salad but simple and tasty.

Life is good

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L and I are heading up north for a daytrip tomorrow. It is still early but this is turning into something really nice.


Socked in this morning

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Woke up around 7:00AM as usual. Really socked in - Some of the boats in the bay are hard to see - visibility about 200 yards. More of same in the forecast for the next couple of days.

Doing some paperwork this morning, some stuff for the arts group (upcoming board meeting) and laundry. Heading out for coffee in a little bit - quick surf first.

And nothing catches my eye

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Time for YouTube...

Wonderful time tonight

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We really hit it off - Lisa is a dear. So much in common. Spending Monday together - she needs to run some errands so I will be driving and showing her some of my favorite places as well as what she needs to accomplish.

Dinner was good too - these people

Surf for a bit, some videos and then to bed... Got the space heater kicked on - downright cold. 56°F outside. Fall is coming (if not already here).

And back to work.

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Hot date at 4:30 so busy here.

And back - lunch break

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Cleaning up the car - pulling out dog hair and general clutter.

The smoke is actually more cloud than smoke - the smoke particles are serving as nucleation sites so it is really foggy. Salmon-colored fog but fog non the less. Put on a jacket when I left the house this morning. Definitly cool in the air.

And the dump is open

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Opens at 9:30 so heading out. Clean house and car later today - coffee run later but a quick one.

Smoke is burning off a little bit - rain forecast for Wednesday and Thursday

Back in a bit.

Super foggy this morning

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Visibility is down to less than one mile. No apprecialble smell so it is not down to ground level (thank God).

Quick shower and then clean house for a bit. Vacuum out the car in a while. Dump run this morning on the way to coffee.

Want to do a thorough cleaning of my car tomorrow - driving Lisa to the farm for dinner and don't want to have dog hair all over. Needs work. Dump run tomorrow too.

Time for some videos and an early bedtime.

Once more into the breech

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Was sitting in the coffee shop reading and started talking with a really interesting lady - artist, loves food. I am taking her to the farm supper tomorrow evening - hot date! Life continues to amaze and delight.

Nothing much else to report - went shopping. Harbor Freight had some nice coupon sales so nabbed these, picked up some necessities at Walmart, the wholesale grocery story, the tortilla place and the coop. Farmer's market was nice - got some of the last of the strawberries and blueberries.

Never got to the dump - tomorrow for sure...

Quick surf and fix dinner.

And it's coffee time - quiet day

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Puttered around here, did a load of laundry. Time for some go-juice and to sit and read for a while.

Farmer's market later this afternoon - planning a run to Harbor Freight, Costco and Walmart for some household stuff. Might even get around to that dump run - the van is full.

Very smoky - cannot see Whidbey Island about five miles away across the water. Not much odor though - still pretty high up. Farm supper tomorrow evening so looking forward to that. Good people, good food.

FEMA just announced some new training materials that look really good: Organizations Preparing for Emergency Needs (OPEN)  This will dovetail right into the CERT programs as well as the local ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) and various preparedness groups around here. Skills can get rusty if you do not keep training. I love doing the amateur radio drills - lots of fun and when something happens, I know that I am ready to deal with it. Not IF, WHEN

Tacos were yummy

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Flank steak came out perfect.  Did not sear it as I did not feel like starting up the grill but I have enough left over for a couple more meals - maybe I'll do it then.

Surf for a little bit - feeling very mellow from this afternoon's massage. A beer sounds really good right now.

Back home - feeling like a cooked noodle

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My massage person was able to get me in for 90 minutes this afternoon. Needless to say, I did manage to get coffee and pick up the library book but everything else on my agenda for today has been deferred to tomorrow or the weekend or whenever.

Tacos for dinner, a couple of beers and then an early bedtime - sleep in tomorrow.
She really worked me over this time 🙂

And out the door for a bit

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Going to call and schedule a massage. Dump run.

Forecast is for it to be pretty hot so just planning to putter around the house. Got some overdue paperwork to take care of. Bathroom needs cleaning too. Maybe even surprize myself and do a load or two of laundry. Got some flank steak in the sous-vide cooker - tacos tonight for dinner. Yummy.

Coffee first... Got the latest Clive Cussler book waiting for me at the library (right next to the coffee place).

M. A. G. A. - the song

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RickyRebel did a great parody of the Village People's Y. M. C. A. hit song. It went viral.

Here he is talking about this, reading some of the tweets and death threats from liberals. Got a smart head on his shoulders.

One of the comments summed it up perfectly: This guy is still more manly than the lefty soy boys

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