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Busy day - in the dumps

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Did a dump run this morning after my coffee and now the truck is full again. Dead carpet, floor tiles, cardboard for recycling. Basically gutting the house and starting over again.

Heading out for dinner - surf for a bit when I get home.

An odd dinner

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Drove about 20 miles North to eat at the Hong Kong restaurant in Mt. Vernon. It had gotten good reviews and was awarded the Best of Skagit County for 13 years so I figured it would be decent.

Very strange - started off with a cup of Hot and Sour soup and it was delicious. Nice and pungent and flavorful with lots of bits of stuff in the soup. Really tasty. Next time I catch a cold, I am driving there just to have a big bowl of it.

I then had their Ginger Beef and was a big letdown! The meat was good but it should have been called Onion Beef - loads of white onion in there - semi-raw. The ginger was dried powdered ginger so I would get the occasional flavor but no slices of fresh ginger root that makes the dish what it is.

And that is it for the night

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Filing my taxes tonight - spent some time today getting all the papers organized. Also installed some track lighting in the new DaveCave - the existing lighting was one ceiling fixture at the top of the stairs and one naked 100 Watt bulb hanging by some zip cord - not code by any stretch of the imagination. Now I have nice LED lighting - dimmable too although I do not have the dimmer installed yet.

Should only take an hour so I will surf for a bit after that - YouTube too.
See if anything interesting crawls out from under a rock...

Sweet dreams

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Tired and heading over to YouTube for 30 minutes or so.

Working at home all day tomorrow so more posting then.

Long day today

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Witnessed the baptism of one of T's relatives this morning. Really nice ceremony and I liked the music. Turns out the organ was built by one of my favorite builders.

Up on the island for a few days - taxes, bookwork, dump runs and scheduling surveyers and engineers. Now the fun begins!

On the road again

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Driving down to Seattle for a few days.

YouTube time

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Watching more videos on welding and such.

Driving down to Seattle for a few days tomorrow.

A quiet day

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Nothing much happening in my neck of the woods - nothing major in the world. Glad to see Paul Ryan resigning - he has done more harm to conservative principles than most people realize. A weak leader at the time when we need strength and conviction.

Heading out for coffee soon and getting on with the day...

And I got nothin'

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Surfed the web and nothing out there catches my eye. Off to YouTube for a while and then an early bedtime - feeling downright sleepy.

Long day today

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Back from the farm - spent a couple of hours loading up some things I needed - tools, a couple maps, a bit more radio stuff, etc... Did a dump run this morning too - peeling up a bunch of old linoleum floor tile. That stuff is heavy!

And that is it for the night

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Went out for dinner, surfed a bit and didn't see anything that caught my eye.

Heading over to YouTube land for a while and an early bedtime.

Time for dinner

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Dropping a couple books at the library and then out for a bite to eat somewhere.

More posting this evening.

On the road again

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Heading out for coffee and post office (recurring theme around here) and then south to Costco and Lowe's.

Painting and building out the space for my amateur radio equipment.

Damnable frogs

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There is a largish wet area across the street from the house and the spring frogs are out in force.

Sounds wonderful now but I am planning to go to bed in an hour or so. Very loud and persistent.

Island life

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Nothing much this morning - coffee, post office and then back home to continue tearing up old carpet, ripping out the paneling and general demolition and mayhem. Fun stuff!

More posting when I take a break.

Back up on the island

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Finished off T's book today - the Amazon publishing platform is really quite wonderful. Her book - 7X10 inches with about 70 pages and glossy color cover rang in at a bit more than two bucks each her cost. This is print-on-demand so there are no minimums to purchase. It is also linked to Kindle as well as various Amazon stores in Great Britan, Japan, Germany, etc...

If you are looking to self-publish, you can not go wrong with this platform.

Just arrived on our island getaway for a few days - she is coming up later this week so I have a couple of days to tear walls down and generally make a mess. The outside walls are not insulated (built in the 1940's) so taking care of this as well as upgrading the electrical wiring and plumbing. A very fun project and it feels good to be building a home for me and my sweetie that we will live in for the next stage in our lives.

Out to dinner - posting in a couple of hours...

Down in Seattle

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Got back from dinner and heading out again to meet up with an interesting crew of people. They meet downtown every Friday evening - T has been going there for there for a long time. A fun eclectic mix!

Noticed a very distinct warming around Noon - the day started off very chill and then, within the span of about an hour, the air temperature rose by about 15 degrees. These are the outermost tentacles of a very large storm that will be here in about 24 hours. (cue twilight zone theme music)

Errands run - time to fly South

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Out the door up here. Took longer than planned but got a lot done. Bringing my heavy raincoat down with me as we are forecast to get a lot of rainfall.

Moore posting later tonight...

Off for the day

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Heading out for coffee, mail box and dump run. Back home to do some paperwork (bills) and then get a bite to eat. Then it is off to the South today to spend some quality time with my new bride :)

Posted yesterday about my initial experiences with this unit. Still happy but have some reservations now.

First, in air conditioning mode, the fan is variable speed and the unit is very quiet when running at low speed. Perfect for a bedroom. When running in heating mode, the fan is at high speed and there is no way to slow it down. Very loud.

Second, when it is in heating mode, it is taking air from the room, extracting the heat from it and venting the chilled air out through the window vent. It then recirculates that warmth through a second fan system and sends it back into the room. That part works great - it warms up the room very quickly. The problem is that as the air is chilled, moisture condenses out of it and flows into a tank in the unit. The unit is fairly large and heavy and they had (as a part of the design) to restrict the size of that tank. Unfortunately, the tank is so small that it only allows for about two hours of heating before the unit shuts down with an error code saying that the tank needs to be drained. This will not work for unattended operation as I needed to get up and empty the tank every couple of hours.

The upshot? I am keeping this but doing a semi-permanent installation where I run the vent through the house wall to the outside and install a permanent hose for drainage. It is too loud to operate in heating mode while trying to sleep - I will continue to use my little electric space heater for that.

Happy camper - DeLonghi EL275

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Saw one of these at Costco the other day and picked it up. What prompted the decision was that instead of just an air conditioner, this unit is a full-on heat pump capable of heating as well as cooling.

Got it set up and running and that puppy can kick out the BTUs seriously. I do not see the particular model number either at the DeLonghi site or at Costco but it was the PAC EL272HGK retailing for $299 - really happy with the purchase so far. We will see how it holds up. I am using it in the new DaveCave which is the loft above the garage. This is the only room in the house that has no air conditioning or heating.

Long day today

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Down on the island for an overnight stay - heading to Seattle to be with my beautiful bride tomorrow.

On the road again

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Heading out for my usual morning coffee, checking in at the post office and the store and then driving down to the island for the day. Seattle on Friday. More posting later this evening.

Busy day today

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Got paperwork gathered for taxes, ran a couple of errands, did a lot of email and generally pottered around the house doing simple stuff.

Time to call it quits for the night - had a quick bite to eat out. The place was doing music every Wednesday but not tonight - oh well...

Back from town

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Did a quick run into town this afternoon - had some Mexican food while I was there (did not feel like cooking).

More posting in a few minutes...

One month ago today

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T and I said "I Do!" in front of a bunch of family.

Life is good  :)

Heading north

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Driving up to the farm later today - coffee, post office, dump first.

More posting later tonight...

On the road again

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Party was wonderful - the rain held off until after we left - pouring down now.

Heading up to the island and then the farm. More posting later tonight...

Have a happy Easter

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Everyone has a Birthday, only one person has been Resurrected.

Heading out to an Easter party with the family and then up to points North.

Busy day doing nothing

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Gorgeous weather here - low 60's and sunny. The day before Easter. We were planning to run a couple very simple errands and I was going to take my two dogs to the off-leash park for an hour or so.

Silly humans. Everyone and their siblings are out today - parking lots were full, off-leash park parking was solidly backed up. May try again at dusk for the off-leash area - while people are having their dinners.

A bit of a glitch this morning

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Was all set to post the previous item but my blogging software hung for the longest time and then let me know that they were installing an update.

I do not like being on the recieving end of pushed software but I had to let it continue. Locked me out of my own sandbox for a couple of hours. Got a bunch of stuff done anyway - T and I now have the same last name!

And that is it for the night

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Switching to Netflix for the rest of the evening.

Back home again

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T and I spent a dellightful afternoon driving around Seattle, walking one of our dogs and getting an early dinner at a seafood restaurant (splitting an order of halibut and chips). Back home now and looking at an early bedtime - we both had to get up much earlier than is our usual time so need to reset our diurnal clocks.

And another day

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Heading out shortly to return all the equipment I rented yesterday and to come back and rake and fill the back yard. Got the front looking good but it was getting dark when I finished the back so left the raking for today. Going to be eating aspirin a lot today - very stiff...

Forecast is for cloudy but only 10% chance of precip so we will be watering the next couple of days.


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Did some actual work today and feeling very tired with incipient muscle stiffness. T's yard was put in a long time ago and was overrun with moss and weeds. Last fall I spotted it with an agricultural herbicide and today, I rented a thatcher, an aerator and an overseeder and went to work rebuilding it.

Looks quite chewed up right now but should be looking very nice in about two weeks or so.

Got to return the equipment by 9:00AM tomorrow so early bedtime and minimal posting.

Nothing much today

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T is off at a meeting, I am heading out to the University of Washington Surplus sales store and then coffee and running the pups at the off-leash park.

More posting later today.

Another day in paradise

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Heading out for coffee, a stop at the post office and then to the dump. On the island, these are all within about four miles from our house so a nice short run. At the farm, I would be looking at eight miles for coffee, two miles for PO Box and another 30 miles for the dump - a much nicer commute.

Heading down to Seattle for a few days and then back to the farm to continue packing up.

Aaaand I am off to YouTube

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Did a bit of work online, surfed for a bit and now time for some video. But first a bit of machine shop humor from The Silicon Graybeard


Busy day today

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T came up for a surprise visit and helped a lot pulling up carpet and padding. Got another truck load to go to the dump tomorrow. Heading down to Seattle for a few days tomorrow afternoon.

Another day - another dump load

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Heading out for coffee and a visit to the local dump. More later.

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