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Geeking out today

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Back one month ago, I spent an hour or so looking for an electronics store I had not been to in almost 20 years. It was on the same street that I remembered but I must have driven right by it.

Heading out there this morning with the address written down. (Coffee at The Allegro first though - got my priorities) Will be then spending a few hours at a nearby off-leash park. My pups are used to having free run of a 30 acre farm and city life makes them a little "busy". I'll run them rotten later this afternoon.

More posting later today.

Some evening clouds

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Trish and I went for a nice long walk along the shores of Mud Bay off Lake Washington - here is one photo:


Fall is definitely moving in...

Trish and I decided to get married about a month ago. We first met 30 years ago so we actually know each other quite well. Our lives had taken us in different paths until we reconnected in July.

Went shopping for wedding rings yesterday. We both want to avoid the "wedding industry" - small service or even eloping and a party a few months later. Definitely not buying rings from Zales, The Galleria, Jared, Kay (a lot of these businesses are all owned by the same corporate identity). Wanted to find a local jeweler who made the rings in-house and who didn't have them shipped in in bulk from China or Pakistan.

Found a place that looked interesting but when we walked in the door, we were greeted by someone who exclaimed that they were a locally owned business and that they wanted to develop a relationship with us and how well they would treat us. Excuse me - this marriage will last so we will only need their services once. I do not need to build a relationship with them. All through walking around the store, we were mobbed by one person after another extolling the virtues of their store. We left - never even tried anything.

We are seriously thinking of visiting Costco to see what they have... Amazon? Arrrgggghhhhh...

T and Me

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Here is a photo of Trish and me in front of the notorious Seattle Gum wall:


A few days ago - wind storm

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Here is a photo I took of SR-542 about an hour after the power went out. This is the main highway leading in to Maple Falls and a large tree took the main feeder into the area - you can just make out some of the lines to the right.


It was indeed a dark and stormy night...

Power blogging

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Joys of country living - lost power for the last 24 hours. Wind storm took out a couple of large trees which toppled over the main highway leading out to here.

Down in Seattle for a while visiting with T and her kids. More later..

Back home again - finished

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Got the clearcoat on the coffee service cabinet. Looks pretty good if I say so myself :)

Working on some stuff around the home. Trash pickup tomorrow. Raining cats and dogs with high winds forecast - Lopez Island is recording winds in the 50MPH range.

At work at the store

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Putting the final finish on the new coffee service and will be mounting the railings for the shopping cart nest later this afternoon. Pics will follow...

Sloth - day two

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Really sleeping a lot for some reason. Second day of 10+ hours of sleep. Feel fine, just not waking up at my usual time.

Raining heavily - a bit over 0.5 inches in the last 12 hours.

Back home again

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Decided to bag tonight's meeting - working on stuff here.

More in an hour or two - want to do some things outside while there is still daylight.


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Slept in again this morning.  Heavy rainfall on a tin roof is very conducive to such activities - wake up, roll over and go back to sleep for another hour. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Heading out for coffee and in to Bellingham for some banking, store stuff, shopping.

Posting in a couple of hours.

And that is it for the night

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Working on organizing the music room tonight. Did a bit more sorting in the garage this afternoon. Finished with a nice dinner and time to start work on labeling and gathering stuff into bins. Already looking a lot better and it will be fun to actually be able to find stuff when I am done.

Having the repositionable adhesive on the labels is really nice - a couple times I have looked at a label, said "Naaaa", peeled it off and printed another one. Good to not have all sorts of adhesive residue on the plastic. Looks like crap.

Probably watch a little YouTube somewhere in there too...

Plan B

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Was planning to work at home today but was out of storage boxes so ran into Costco and picked up a bunch. The cashier asked what I was doing. Also did a Plan B on a project at the store.

Still heading into town tomorrow afternoon - meeting in the evening Mt. Baker Amaeur Radio Club - Digital Group

Left over spaghetti for dinner tonight - this time with the low-carb noodles and a big salad.

Got some serious rainfall - almost one inch in 24 hours with much more on the way.

Lethargy is a good thing - right?

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Was up way past my bedtime so slept in - woke up at a bit before 10:00AM - delicious! Working on organizing the music room, the garage and building the computer for a friend. Fun and productive stuff so just kept working. Heading out for coffee, the store and back home to do it all again!

A busy bee tonight

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Gathering parts to build a computer for a friend and also moved from clearing out the garage to clearing out the music room. Bought some plastic bins for storage and have some nice adhesive labels in my laser printer so every time I get 10 categories of bins, I print off a sheet. The adhesive is reusable so if my needs change, I can peel off the old label with no residue.

Took an off day from my low-carb diet and made a big pot of spaghetti sauce. Was all set to be virtuous and use the low-carb noodles but at the last moment, I said screw this and boiled up some thin spaghetti. The low-carb noodles are OK but there is a different mouth-feel and for some reason today, I craved some carbs. I can be virtuous tomorrow...

Back to work so probably no more posting tonight - when I am done with this project, I'll be watching YouTube. Nothing caught my eye on the internet anyway.

Taking a break

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Such a gorgeous day today - been cleaning out the garage. A lot of crap that needs to be put on Craigslist or just plain gotten rid of. Starting to make visible headway. Spending this evening working on projects inside the house - building a computer for a friend and organizing a bit.

T's dog is spending a few days here getting more acquainted with my critters. She has some boundary issues but we are getting those resolved very nicely and she is now becoming the best of friends with my younger dog Bear.

Done here - heading home

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Heading back home to work on some stuff there. Gorgeous day but rain is forecast for Monday so want to get a couple things done outside.

The usual

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Woke up about an hour ago - took care of the critters and now heading out for coffee and working at the store for a few hours.

Back home again - a fun day!

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Had a wonderful day with T and her daughter and friend (the two of them have been playmates since childhood).
We went out for coffee and then visited at the store for about two hours. One of my managers had not met T before (yes, she really does exist - Dave has not gone around the bend... yet...) so we had a wonderful time talking about all sorts of things.

We then drove in to Bellingham and rendezvoused with her daughter and friend. Went out for a light lunch and daughter took this photo of us - a cute couple:


T has to work Monday and went home today so she can have Sunday to correct some papers (she teaches) - heading down there in a few days for a visit.

Out for coffee and Bellingham

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We are getting some coffee, stopping in at the store and then meeting up with T's Daughter and her friend in Bellingham. They will all be heading down today - just a short visit this time.

More posting later tonight. Had some snowfall down to about 4,000 feet last night.

Back much later - no posting today.

Nothing much this morning

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Slept in a bit - feeling a lot better.

Working around the house today and then T and Daughter and Heir are coming up for a visit.

Minimal posting today...

A cold breath of air

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Not here but a bit South of Seattle / Tacoma. From National Weather Service:

Urgent - winter weather message
National weather service seattle wa
244 pm pdt thu oct 12 2017

Cascades of pierce and lewis counties-
244 pm pdt thu oct 12 2017

...Winter weather advisory remains in effect until 5 am pdt Friday...

* What...Snow occurring. Plan on slippery road conditions. Additional snow accumulations of 2 to 6 inches, with total snow from this weather system through thursday night of up to a foot at the higher elevations.

* Where...Cascades of pierce and lewis counties.

* When...Until 5 am friday.

* Additional prepared for reduced visibilities at times and snow on the high passes.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A winter weather advisory for snow means periods of snow will cause primarily travel difficulties. Be prepared for snow covered roads and limited visibilities, and use caution while driving. The latest road conditions for the state you are calling from can be obtained by calling 5 1 1.

Winter's first blast - supposed to be  a cold and wet one this year; just like last year.

Taco Wednesday Thursday

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Back home now - unpacking truck and getting ready to fix some dinner. Got lots of left over taco fixings so what the hell.

More posting in a bit.

Working at the store

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Ran the errands in town, back to the store and finishing off the coffee service. Looks really good if I say so myself...

Tacos for dinner tonight - more posting later tonight.

Feeling much better

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Had a good sleep and woke up feeling much more human. Still taking the cold meds this morning - got a long day ahead with coffee, post office, store and then in to town to pick up the ski pass for our winner. Each year, anyone who spends more than $25 at the store fills out an entry and when the ski season closes for the winter, we draw the winning ticket.

Have a radio meeting tonight but thinking of bailing - still feeling a bit too rough around the edges and the meeting runs until 9:00PM.

T and daughter are coming up tomorrow for a few days and then we are all heading down to Seattle.

Taco Wednesday

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Didn't feel like having beef barley soup for a third night so thawed out some chicken breasts and making some taco meat in the pressure cooker. 20 minutes for chicken breasts and they are fork tender.

Got onions chopped up, guacamole thawed out and refired beans ready to nuke. Simple, cheap and tasty.

Still feeling cruddy - the meds are a great relief but they exact their own price in terms of spaciness and inability to think/type/spell.

Trash pickup tomorrow morning so need to get the can rolled out to the curb.

UPDATE: Just what the doctor ordered - having one more, got the trash to the curb and then cleaning up and having the rest of last nights bottle of wine. Starting to feel tired without the evening cold meds so early bedtime. Heading in to town tomorrow to pick up some things, check on something else and a meeting.

Sick blogging - day two

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I think that this is the worst day - hope so anyway. Tried to sleep for a while but was too wired from the cold medicine.

Puttering around the house. Can't type or spell worth a damn.


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Got some white stuff at the 3,000 foot level of Black Mountain.

The long-range forecast is for cold and wet so looking at another excellent ski season.

Still cruddy

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Slept well but woke up feeling pretty cruddy - the usual litany of complaints: stuffy head, headache, body ache, fever. Taking some Alka Seltzer and heading out for coffee and post office. Get out of the house for a little bit.

Got nothing tonight

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Time to switch to the evening cold meds and jump into bed.

Watching some YouTube and surfing but nothing catches my eye.

Send off an email to T and pack it in for the night. Sleep in tomorrow.

Time for some dinner

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Fixing a salad and some of the left-over beef barley soup. The Alka Seltzer has kicked in - feeling less of a body ache and feverish. Glad that I do not have anything scheduled for the next few days though. T has been emailing me as she works so we are having a lot of fun keeping in touch.

Fun with new toy

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Got my new cell phone synced to the computer so busy poking around its internals. Fun stuff and am already fairly familiar with Android.

The cell phone stores carry these "special" cables for $35 each but you can just get a bundle of four of them shipped to your door for ten bucks. I'll keep them around for charging the phone as well as moving data around. I also got one of these keyboards because typing on the screen is a bit of a pain.

Now waiting for the Alka Seltzer Plus to kick in.

Back from town and my butt is draggin'

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The cold meds have worn off - time to take another dose. I will be heating up some of the left-over beef barley soup I made last night - good thing I made a couple of quarts.

Surf for a bit, do laundry and hang out here for a couple of days - feels like i have had 30% of my brain surgically removed... Can't type or spell worth a damn.

Oh - and I got a notice summoning me to Jury Duty starting November 6th. Happy happy joy joy.

Off to town - truck maintenence

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Heading in to town for routine maintenence on my truck. Woke up feeling like crap so not planning on doing anything for the next few days - playing hermit and staying quiet until this cold passes.

Not even getting coffee so you know it's serious!

And that is it - YouTube and bed

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Sorry for the dearth of posting but I have been coming down with some crud the last few days and only today realizing it. Should have figured something was up what with all the extended sleeping but nooooo...

Watching a bit of YouTube for the evening and then heading up to an early bedtime. T is very busy with her teaching - a major event this Thursday so prepping for that. Depending on how I feel, we will be getting together this weekend and spending the next two weeks together. She is ten years younger than me so still working for a while longer.

Perfect night for soup

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Still feeling a bit cruddy so made a big pot of beef barley soup. Came out great. Thawed a 3 pound piece of flank steak, pressure cooked it for 40 minutes until it was fall-apart tender. Added the barley, carrots and peas for ten more minutes and then let it simmer at atmospheric pressure for another five minutes until the barley was done perfectly. Added a bunch of garlic and hot peppers so this will clean out my sinuses and boost my immune system. Just the thing.

One funny aspect of this is that my spelling has taken a major hit. Thank heavens for spall-chuck!

Back from town - long day tomorrow

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Plus the added benefit of coming down with some kind of crud. There is a lot of it going around up here.

The memorial service was a nice one with about 100 people in attendance. There were about a dozen people from our local radio group (WECG) so we occupied most of a pew. I knew Don from his work getting people trained to use amateur radios at the local branch of the Red Cross but it turns out he was also a fire fighter and Chief both here and in Eastern Washington. Had a lot of his fellows in full dress uniform and there was a bagpiper playing as people filed out after the service.

Had a bunch of other stuff to take care of in town - my truck tabs are due at the end of the month, wanted to track down a protective case for my new phone. I had ordered one from Amazon but it was the wrong one - the descriptions are pretty ambiguous. Been having fun getting my old cell phone number ported from TracPhone to T-Mobile - each are pointing their fingers at the other.

It will be nice to use for photography as there are a bunch of Android apps that I use - astronomical calculators - moon and sunrise, etc... as well as exposure calculators for time-lapse shooting and my tablet is nice but too big to just grab and go. The phone fits in my pocket.

Just downed a shot of my Elderberry Tincture to help minimize whatever is crawling through my immune system. Making a big pot of beef barley soup for dinner.

Up early today

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Was not planning to be wide awake at 6:30AM but a friend's memorial service is this morning so here I am.

Coffee place opens at 7:30 so taking a shower, making sure the critters have fresh water and heading out for coffee and then in to Bellingham.

Aaaaand the usual

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Heading over to YouTube land - long day tomorrow so early bedtime.

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