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And outta here - coffee & farm

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Heading out for coffee and then to the farm.  Wiring up the pump house and getting it ready for the water guy to come at 11:00 AM to plumb everything. Up here tomorrow as well and then back to the island for a week or so.

More posting later - nothing much happening out there besides Obama's legacy.  Going to be a long summer.

And that is it for the night

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Videos and an early bed - putting in quite a few hours tomorrow between getting the pump house wired up in the morning and working with the water guy getting it re-plumbed.

The house is an eight-foot square little building over the water well and it houses the accumulator as well as the control circuitry and some lights and a heater (gets pretty cold in Winter). The structure was 30+ years old and it was easier to just tear it down and rebuild from scratch than try to repair it. It is now good for the next 30+ years.

The plumbers are going to finish replumbing the house Thursday so we will be ready for them. Larry (the guy I bought the place from) had two of his "buddies" help when he built this house.  The construction is awesome - the place is rock solid.  The wiring was done by one buddy and I spent the first two years chasing the idiosyncracies.  The plumbing was the second buddy and it feels good to just rip everything out and do it right from the start. Using PEX pipe.

Back down to the island on Thursday - working Friday and Saturday. Taking a week off and then back up here to start moving shit around. Getting a big dumpster and clearing out the barn.

Got the electrical stuff and proceeded to find that plumbing stuff was needed as well. Another run into town.  Gorgeous drive so not complaining (much).  Done for the day.  Start in the pump house tomorrow morning and the water guy is coming over at 11 AM to get the pump running.

Had a big lunch so a frozen dinner courtesy of Chef Mike and a candy bar for dessert (Milky Way Midnight)

See what happened today...

Getting on with my day

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Fixed a network problem here at the store - heading out for coffee and then working at the farm.  Another gorgeous day.

Another long and productive day

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Good meeting - only lasted 45 minutes which is awesome. I like tight meetings - have an agenda, stick to it.
Bam, bam, bam, adjourned, bye...

Starting back to work on the farm house tomorrow morning - some drywall and electrical wiring. Planning to be up here through Wednesday.

Nothing much catches my eye except for the Chauvin judge's comments (here and here) regarding Maxine Water's grandstanding.  She has gotten away with this for ever - nobody has called her on her bullshit. Nice to see some pushback for a change.

Busy day - a lot done

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Letting Chef Mike handle the cooking for tonight's dinner (been doing that a lot recently) Quick surf while that happens and then meeting in 90 minutes.

Getting on with my day

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Heading out for an early coffee and to work.  More much later today.

And that is it for now

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Watch a few viddies.

Busy couple of days ahed.  I get to teach someone how to drive a tractor - should be a lot of fun. There is no such thing as "having a bad day" when you are driving a tractor. Kinda like a Harley but 50 times more massive and a lot slower.

Gone to ground

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At Mt. Baker for the next couple of nights.  Uneventful drive up. Gorgeous sunset starting to develop. Lots of colors.

Up here enough that I am just going to bag it and bring a desktop machine up here for my use.  I like having my system configured the way I like it and I don't want to go in and re-jigger the office machines. Got some wonderful people working here and I want to keep them happy. Brought a laptop for tomorrow's meeting but it's a laptop.  A machine of last resort.

Surf for a bit - see what happened today...

And out the door

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Heading North for a few days - back Wednesday evening sometime.  Or Thursday. Or Tuesday. Whenever.

I'll be posting some up there but mostly working.


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Heading out to run the pups and then linger over some coffee and a book.

All packed for the farm trip - doing a meeting tomorrow evening so getting the agenda ready for that before I leave here.  Do it when I get back after lunch.

Another gorgeous day in paradise but there are thin whispy clouds high up and some precip in the forecast for later this coming week. Something is moving in. Phooey.

And that is it - video and bed

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Yesterday's intense sleepiness seems to have been a one-shot deal - got eleven hours of sleep yesterday and have been feeling fine all day today.  No 5:00 PM wall. Sleeping in tomorrow - taking the morning and afternoon off.  Driving up to the farm in the evening.

Time for a video or three and some shut-eye.

Next project down here is bringing new wiring to the music room and to the loft upstairs. Did a little bit of work in the garage this evening figuring out how to do that and what was needed. 

Back to work - at home

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Garage and outside a bit.  Got a couple more days for gorgeous weather so want to make the most of it.

Up to the farm tomorrow evening for a few days

And nothing out there this morning

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Surfed the entire internet but zip zilch nada.
There are slow news days and then, there are mornings like this.

Done with breakfast - out the door. Posting will (maybe) resume in a couple of hours.

Guess I just needed the extra sleep.  See how the day goes - working at the store later this morning.

Quick surf, breakfast for everyone, dog walk, coffee and head out.  Farm tomorrow evening.

And that is it

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Downright sleepy - watch a video or three but lights out pretty soon. Do not know what brought this on - energy level this morning/afternoon was fine.  Hit the wall around 5:00 PM. Feeling chilly too - got the room up to 75°F and still feeling cold.

Got the heating pad on my mattress cranked up.  Nice and warm when I crash.


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This warm weather is making me drowsy - feel like taking a nap.

Still nothin'

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Quiet news day. Fun but busy day at the store.

Puttering around the house - heading out for a few errands.

Nice and warm - over 70°F - got up to almost 80° yesterday.

Got nothin' this morning

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Quiet news day out there.  Heading off to work soon - the manager of the thrift store is doing a 50% off sale so me and another person are going through and re-pricing some items.  We make a point to have some decent bargains out there - 50% off would be a little bit too much of a good deal (currently, we have a video projector for $40, complete stereo systems for $20, an older gaming system for $20). The sale is more meant for clothing and tchotchkes - stuff like that.

Dog walk first - coffee to go.

Now 'ya got me worried

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Me to a tee:


A nice lazy day drawing to a close

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Did a lot of minor stuff around the house today - more laundry, cleaned the kitchen, etc... Working Friday and Saturday mornings and heading back to the farm Sunday evening.

Had a roast chicken breast from the store with some pasta and some green peas.  Salad and that was dinner.

The next couple of months will be interesting - looks like the people "handling" our *Resident are angling for war with Russia and/or China. Looks like China might invade Taiwan and Russia the Ukraine. The weakness is palpable in Washington - they are wrapped up in minutia and dithering. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. People like Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, etc... are so wrapped up in their little bubbles that they have zero clue what is happening out there.

It would be a blessed relief if the military stepped in to take the reins from their pudgy little ice-cream-stained hands.
Whatever... We really need some adults in the room.

A bit of a breather - IRS

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Usually get my taxes done on time but do not like paperwork of any kind - taxes least of all so...

Nice that FedGov is giving us all a month extra.  Got everything together, just have to do it. But the weather is so nice outside.  Sunny and warm. The birds are singing. The warm ocean breezes are wafting through the sky.

Living room and garage. Laundry too. Heading back to the farm tomorrow early afternoon.

And off to work

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Dog walk, an abbreviated sit-down at coffee and then to the thrift store sorting and testing various electronica. Do that until around 1:00 PM when the groceries are ready and deliver those.  Last day for that program - it has been a year.

Back home to work on some stuff here - starting on getting the outside whacked back. Pruning and mowing. Getting rid of some horsetails - very vigorous and invasive but they do not like Muriatic Acid diluted 50% with a bit of dish soap.  Keels them right over. The whole island is built on limestone rock so any acid that does drain down will get buffered. Gorgeous day - got down to 38°F last night but only 8:00 AM and already up to 46.

Ran into this cartoon last night. At the store, there is an ongoing accumulation of various wall-warts.  Trying to think of a way to re-home them - these would be perfect for kids experimenting with electronics but that demographic is not inclined to come into a thrift store. Really hate to just throw them into the dumpster.


The meal with a-peel - dinner

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Doing a baked potato with some canned baked beans on top for dinner tonight. Simple, cheap and nutritious if a bit carb-heavy. Might break down and build a salad if I feel like it.  A bit tired from my labors in the Augean Garage (where they parked the chariots)

Last grocery delivery tomorrow as well as working at the thrift store. Back to the farm on Thursday.

Gorgeous weather this week and supposed to stay nice through the weekend.  Temps in the 70°'s are possible.

And back again - dump run next

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Got the van full of valuable possessions abject crap - got a couple of bags of same here so taking a quick lunch break, loading them up and heading over to the dump.

Got some music CDs waiting for me at the library so pick those up on the way back home.

Got a lot done - the plumbers are doing excellent work and the local contractor has torn down my old pump house and is doing an excellent job replacing it - build back better as it were...

Whew - worked my butt off...

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And got the tireds to show for it. Quick surf, a video or two and that will be it.

Dug up some very fun stuff - taking photos and will post soon.

And to work

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Coffee first - to the farm and work.  Up here tomorrow too. Big push.

Beautiful Maple Falls

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It is a gorgeous small community - nestled in the Cascade foothills at the base of Mt. Baker. Went out for pot roast at a local restaurant and settled in for the night.  Surf, some videos and that is it.  Bright and early tomorrow morning - both HVAC and Plumbing contractors are scheduled to start. No need for a dog walk - they have 30 acres to rumble around in but I will need my coffee...

Surf for a bit - see what has happened while I was on the road.

And out the door

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Up at the farm for a few days. Posting much later.

And outta here for a little while

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Heading out for dog walk and coffee and read for a little bit. Gorgeous day - temps are officially supposed to get to 61°F tomorrow (but it's been to 63 here a couple times before). A week of perfect springtime.

Back here for lunch and then up North to Mt. Baker later - spending a few days there this week. Contractors.

Dog walk, coffee, work.

Back this afternoon

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Gotta run - back home later this afternoon...

And that is it for now

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Working tomorrow - two display racks are being tossed and they are made from standard sizes of steel tube and angle iron.  Bringing a cutter tomorrow - break it down and take it home.  A good $50 worth of steel there for the taking.

Weather is turning wet - supposed to be crappy for the next week or so.  Working at the farm starting Monday.

Nothing much catches my eye - time for some videos and then to sleep.

Caffeine level? Low.

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Heading out to remedy that right now. Cloudy day - intermittent sprinkles. Working at home today but dog walk, coffee and make some phone calls first.

Dinner and meeting

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Soup is done and smells wonderful. Getting ready for the meeting tonight - full agenda but it should move pretty quick.

Pretty sleepy so not staying up too late - nothing planned for tomorrow.

Long day today. Meeting at 6:30 PM. Making some red-bean and kale soup. The kale was growing in the ground yesterday morning - fresh.  I love spring.

Quick surf while I wait for the beans to cook...

And out for the morning

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Working and then grocery deliveries.  Today is the penultimate delivery day - the program sunsets on the 14th.  Been doing it for a year, great way to meet people and to get to know the island. If the blacksmithing business goes tits-up, I could be a good Uber driver now.

There is an early meeting this morning so short dog walk, coffee to go and get on with my day.

Back sometime around 2:00 PM

Online meeting at 6:30 - the fun never stops...

Had fun over coffee - met up with a couple friends and spent an hour shooting the bull.  Solving world problems, etc...

Drove past a local farmstand and they had the first Kale of the season - picked up some and will be soaking some red beans today.  Soup tomorrow.

Unloaded the van and did a really nice re-org of the storage unit - segregating it out into stuff for deep storage, crap to get rid of, crap to sort through, things for the new shop when it is built. The stiffness went away once I started moving stuff around - feels good to be physical.

The arts group has a General Membership Meeting tomorrow so getting the agenda ready for that - busy day tomorrow.  Volunteering, grocery deliveries, running the meeting.  Fortunately, the deliveries sunset next week (14th is the last) and my tenure as President expires in June.

Quick surf and then work on the agenda.  Good group and good people.

And out the door for a few hours

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Taking a day of rest with the exception of unloading the van - that will be fun.

Gorgeous day - supposed to get close to 60°F - spring is coming. Great morning for a dog walk followed by sitting down and having some coffee and reading for a while. Need to make some telephone calls as well as develop an agenda for tomorrow's general meeting of the arts group.  Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day.

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