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Nothing tonight - slow news day

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Nothing really catching my eye.  Got some digging to do through old emails and putting together a file for a lawyer - selling some property so need to get all my ducks in a row.

Lisa is on the road for a month - work.  Back at the end of February.

Feeling a bit drowsy so YouTube and an early bed - thrift store tomorrow as well.

And back home again

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Surf, dinner.  More spew later.

Productive day.

And off to work this morning

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Dog walk, quick coffee and then to the thrift store for a couple hours of sorting through other people's stuff, resisting the temptation to bring choice items home and generally trying to help out.

Back in a few hours - trip to Costco first.

Another day, another pile of boxes

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Out for some errands and then back to the house for more sorting stuff and packing things in boxes. Getting a load ready for the thrift store tomorrow.  Up to the farm next week - the ice is finally gone from the driveway so I can move the van around up there.

Dog walk and coffee first...

And got nothing - busy day

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Running errands.  Nothing catches my eye out there.

And out the door - busy day

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Another busy day today - setting up appointments with people, working at home. Getting some of the storage units cleared out.  Fun stuff...

More later - heading out for a belated dog walk and some much needed coffee.

Been cutting way back on sugar consumption.  Had quite the overload about nine days ago when I ate two cookies and a piece of cake.  Rice is easily metabolised by the body, especially after processing.  I had a big dish of Ho Fun (steamed wide rice noodles, stir fried veggies and tofu) for dinner last night and got quite the buzz. Was tired but could not get to sleep until past midnight.  Woke up at 6:30 as per normal but went back for a two hour nap.  Going to wait a week and have a bowl of jasmine rice for lunch - see how that affects me.  Amazing that I used to eat this stuff all the time.

Back very late

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Had a couple more errands to run, dinner on the road - just now getting home.

See what happened out there...

Heading out for the usual.  Running to Bellingham to return the utility locator.  Best $50 spent in a while.

Back late this afternoon.

Cool tool - VM-550 Service Drop Locator

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I have groundwater problems at my house.  The previous owners had some work done but that system has failed and the problem is back.  There was an electrical wire in the panel labeled "pump" so I was wondering if there wasn't a sump somewhere.  I did locate one near the house and I thought that the wire might lead to that.

I do have a nice metal detector but it doesn't do that well on non-ferrous materials in waterlogged soil and uncertain depth.  I rented one of these VM-550 Service Drop Locator for $50 at my local hardware store (an amazing place - family owned since 1962) and it found the wire right away.  Rather than depend on traditional metal detection, this unit has a transmitter that attaches to the wire where it goes to the panel and I have a wand to find it in the yard.

Completely different place from where I was expecting.  $50 very well spent...

Spent an hour or two digging and located the second sump - full of sand and gravel.  Found the drains and they were full too.  Never maintained.  Oh well - that is the new owners problem now.  Moving out in a few months. Lisa and I are locating out of the area - still deciding where... Lish wist?  Red state, low taxes, warmer climate, 5+ acres

And I am outta here

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The usual morning routine.

Back in a few hours...

Railroad strike in the offing?

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Rumbles about it.  You think we have supply-chain issues now?

UPDATENot just rumbles

And life is good

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Having running hot water is true civilization.

The house is an old one.  Great bones but the last "remuddling" crew to come through really did a hack job.  The bathroom has the stud wall and cedar siding on the inside — there were sawmills on the island at that time and it was cheap.  Whomever first plumbed the bathroom put down some 1/8" thick asphalt impregnated board on top of the cedar and that was perfectly fine for the shower stall.  I am assuming that there was a metal stall for the actual shower.

The bozo who "upgraded" the bathroom nailed down drywall on top of the asphalt board (not even waterproof drywall) and then put some kind of formica on top.  Fiberglass tub with a plastic laminate for the walls.  Needless to say, I was able to pull the drywall out by hand chunks at a time.  Whomever did the work cashed their check years ago and they are long gone.  Grrrrrr...

Putting this place on the market in a few months - definitely a fixer-upper but gorgeous lot and you can not fault the view from the porch:


A fun day...

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I must have offended the plumbing gods somehow.  First, having the pipes freeze on me.  Second, having the drain for the kitchen sink plug up requiring me to crawl about under the house splicing in a new length of drainpipe.

Last night, I noticed that the hot water was not as hot as it should be.  Water heaters have two elements and I figured that one of them had burned out so my plan was to determine the make and model this afternoon and do a quick run to Home Depot tomorrow after coffee.  The water was hot enough to shower and wash but not as hot as I like it (scalding).

I am working at home today and went into the back bedroom - it is used for dead storage so I do not go there often.  I walked past the back bathroom and was greeted with the sound of running water.  The hot water going to the shower was leaking - faster than the water heater could keep up.  The pipes were damaged in the freeze but not enough for me to notice.  They let go yesterday sometime.

Got the water shut off at the street.  Time to start demoing the wall and find out what is happening...

And a quiet news day

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Heading out for my morning routine - working at home today.

More spew in a couple of hours...

And nothing happening


Pretty quiet out there

Been working at home most of the day - a couple breaks for surfing but nothing out there catches my eye.

Slow news day...

Another quiet day on the island

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Warm and rainy - 48°F outside now and raining lightly.

Working at home today but dog walk and coffee first.  Heading to Bellingham sometime this week - waiting for an email before planning the trip.

More in a few hours...

A long strange trip - sugar

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Been eating really healthy the last couple of months and that has included tapering off sugar.  I do have a spoon of it over my morning oatmeal and fruit every so often but that is the extent of it.  I used to eat one or two candy bars at a sitting every day as well as drink Mexican Coca Cola (Cane Sugar, no HFCS) and use sugar in cooking (brings out the flavors).

Someone I know was having a goodbye party yesterday and I went there after work.  A piece of cake and two chocolate-chip cookies later and I was ridin' high.  Talk about sugar buzz.  It is amazing how much we can get used to if we do it on a regular basis.  It was actually a very uncomfortable sensation. I found myself unable to sleep last night so I took an OTC sleeping pill - do not like them as I am still very groggy that next morning - but it worked.  Still feeling the effects after 24 hours...

Needless to say, not having any appreciable amounts of sugar for a long long time.

I know this feeling well

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This truth is plain to see

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From Chris Lynch:


Quiet morning so far

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Heading out for my usual - more in a few hours.

Lots of stuff out there but...

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Nothing really catches my eye.  Busy day today - working at home: paperwork, phone calls, etc...

41°F outside now - most of the snow is gone from the ground. Sun is trying to peek through from time to time.

And back - a sucessful day of shopping

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Dogs were walked twice, coffee was drunk, food and assorted merchandise was acquired.

Home now - unpack the van, run the dishwasher and clean the house.  Need to order some stuff online - check a couple of different places. Packing materials mostly.

Nothing catches my eye immediately except the major overuse of force in Holland - a peaceful protest regarding vax lockdowns and they sicced police dogs on them.

Raining lightly, just a thin crust of snow left on the ground. Nice to have some relief...

And out - the usual routine

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Back in a couple of hours more or less.

Same stuff, new year.

This island is trying to kill me

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Looking forward to moving this summer.  The pipes finally thawed so there is runnning water but then this little nugget shows up in the weather forecast:

High Wind Warning from SAT 10:00 PM PST until SUN 11:00 PM PST
WHAT...Southeast winds 35 to 45 mph with gusts up to 65 mph expected.

And of course:

IMPACTS...Damaging winds will blow down trees and power lines. Widespread power outages are expected. Travel will be difficult, especially for high profile vehicles.

Got the candles out and a book to read.  Weather radio and a ham walkie-talkie (the local repeaters are solid). Flashlights are always scattered around the house. The forecast says 10:00PM but it's blowing pretty hard right now - 20's with gusts to 35.

Hope to hell that nobody is driving over the Deception Pass bridge this evening (here's one reason why)

2022 so far

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So far, so good - wonderful email exchange with Lisa.  My favorite coffee place was closed but #2 was open so hung out there after a nice walk with the puppers. Currently 32°F outside so waiting for the pipes to thaw out again. Forecast is for 36° and tomorrow 44° so we will see. In the high 30's and 40's for the next ten days so this foolishness seems to be over and done with.

Lunch and surf and then working at home.

And out the door

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First dog walk of 2022 and soon, the first coffee.  So far, so good

Baby steps...


Woke up to frozen pipes this morning.  The forecast was for temps down to the low 20's but it reached 16°F.  I had left water running in the bathtub but that was not sufficient to stop the pipes from freezing again.  Supposed to get up to 34° this afternoon and 42° with rain tomorrow.  We will see...

And that is it for this year

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Watch a couple of videos and go to sleep.  Wake up and see if 2022 is any better.

2021 had its ups and downs.  Lisa's and my decision to live together makes for a major thumbs-up so overall, been very happy with 2021 despite the ongoing deep-state fuckery.

Here's to a happy new year to everyone 😁

Odd - 45 minutes later - UPDATE

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Temp is up to 30°F from 26° - wobbling all over the place...

Humidity down from the 90%'s to 60% - a front moving in.

UPDATE: And back down to 23°F / 71%RH 90 minutes later

As the temperature plummets

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Temps have dropped seven degrees in less than one hour.  26°F now, was 33° when I arrived home.  Clear sky all afternoon but some very high clouds starting to form.  Hopefully serve as a blanket and retain some of the day's heat.  Leaving the water running in the bathroom.  Kitchen sink drain is still frozen solid.

And out for the day - usual stuff

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Clear and cold outside - temp at 30°F now and forecast to stay there for the day.

See how the roads are - goals for today are dog walk, coffee and Costco and food coop. Got plenty of staples larded in but running out of fresh greens, blueberries, fruit, etc...

More in a couple of hours.

There is a great shot of Congresswoman AOC enjoying a nice break in Miami with her boyfriend.  They are sitting outside at a table.  Maskless or course.  Masks are for the little people.

Water water everywhere

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Good news on two fronts - curious news on a third.

#1) - the pipes thawed out
#2) - the drain pipe in the kitchen is frozen solid somewhere - was washing the dishes and it started backing up
#3) - no evidence of busted pipes/leaking

Odd that the drain would freeze - it works great in the bathroom and laundry.  Was using both this afternoon.  Did some dishes and the water started backing up in the sink all of a sudden.  My guess is that there is a dip in the drainpipe about 15-20 feet from the sink.  There was a standing puddle of water that collected and I have to wait for it to melt. Guessing the distance as it was a couple gallons of water to fill it up.

That shower was heavenly.  We enjoy such a thin veneer of civilization. Simple pleasures.

Well that was a big bust - water trick

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I was hoping that the air pressure would have broken up the ice "logjam" in the pipes.  No such luck - it did force water out of the heater but it did nothing to get fresh water into the system.

34°F outside now - hoping that it thaws out soon - supposed to get low 40's and rainfall on Sunday.  Camping out on the island.

Halfway tempted to drive up to the farm just for a nice hot shower - only 90 minutes each way...

Quiet news day so far

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Still no water - going to try an idea later this afternoon.  Got a hose bib inside the garage.  Got an air compressor. What would happen if I sent 80+ PSI of air down the pipe. Will it break up the ice?  See what happens...

Snowed about 2" last night - 33°F outside now. Heading out for puppers and coffee - Costco run later this afternoon.  Low on dog food, blueberries, some other staples.

Aaaand still frozen

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Getting the occasional dribble from the faucets so there is pressure trying to work its way through.  Having lunch now - see what I can do later.

Worst case scenario, it is due to reach 34°F tomorrow and up to 43° with rain on Sunday.

Camping out - into prepping so I am not out of anything.  Got plenty of water for cooking and cleaning as well as food, etc...  An annoyance.  A major major annoyance mostly at myself for not leaving the water running that first night when I knew it was going to reach the teens.  DOH!  I always did that for the farm.  Here?

And back home - still frozen

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This is getting old.  It is one thing to be camping out in the woods for a week or two.  Another thing to be sleeping in a warm bed but not being able to take a hot shower or run a load of laundry.  The thin veneer of civilization is just that - a thin veneer.

Doing some emails, feed the pups and then feed me. Surf.  Pray for warmer weather. Supposed to get up to 33° in two days (Thursday).  Thursday in Sarasota, Florida is going to be 82° and partly sunny. Giving this some serious thought...

And out for a while

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Dog walk and coffee - pipes are still frozen.  Going to get serious and crawl under the house with a heater when I get back.  Up to 25°F now - we will see...

To top it off, Lisa is having problems with Yahoo Mail - been calling and texting instead but we are both used to email and miss it.

Still frozen - plus, more snow

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24°F outside now - supposed to get up to 30° but we will see.  Got another tranche of cold weather coming from the arctic so need to get the pipes moving today or it's going to be another 2-3 days without water.  

Yes, I am a prepper and yes, I can be without water for a week or so but that does not mean that I have to like it. Grumble...

Not gonna thaw this evening

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The pipes are still frozen.  It is cloudy tonight so the temps are at 23°F instead of last night's low of 16°F  I do get the occasional gurgle and drip from the faucet but no movement as yet.  Forecast is for 28° tomorrow.  I'll wait until around 2PM and if nothing is happening, I'll crawl under the house and bring some heaters down there.  I hesitate as there is some groundwater and the clearence between the joists and the ground is only 18" in places.  A well-named CRAWL space.  Got some Tyvek bunny suits and I'll dress accordingly.

Nothing else happening - time to surf for a bit and then watch some videos.  Lisa and I are planning our schedules for the next couple of months.  Planning to be moved in together by this summer. Life is good...

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