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Dinner was good

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Marinated chicken breast with potato salad. Took a nice long walk along the beach but the tide is coming in so didn't want to get stranded with the dogs.

Eye is better but still pretty uncomfortable - feels like I have a grain of sand in there. Doing the eye drops religiously.

Back - surf for a bit and then to bed. Heading up to the farm tomorrow. Lots of stuff to do.

Nothing much today

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At the island for one more night - back to the farm tomorrow. Got a chicken breast marinating and will fire up the grill in a few minutes.

Nothing much caught my eye on the internet and there is plenty to keep me occupied otherwise.

The joys of home ownership

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Had a leak out by the water meter. Got a plumber in and they will be fixing it. Nothing serious but there will be some excavation.

And it's pink-eye

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Had been diagnosed with Conjunctivitis yesterday after three days of a low-grade irritation in my left eye.

Woke up this morning with that eye completely crusted shut. Looks like something out of a Halloween getup. It does not hurt so the meds are doing their work - see how it is later this afternoon. Meeting with a plumber at 1:00PM - water leak at the island.

Minimal posting tonight

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My left eye had been irritated for the last couple of days. Thought it might be a particle of something but went to the Eye Doc today and I have Conjunctivitis. Yaaaay Me!

She wrote a scrip for some Tobramycin which is a topical steroid and broad-spectrum antibiotic so should be feeling better soon.Looks like it was the allergic version as there is no discharge, just irritation and a lot of tearing.

Going to watch some TV tonight instead of looking at the little screen close up. Easier on the eye...

And that is it for the evening...

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Working at home tomorrow and Thursday - want to get an early start. Lots of stuff to do here.

Dinner al fresco

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Had dinner outside - marinated chicken breast with some deli-made red potato salad. Been trying to keep my carbohydrate consumption under control but have been reading about resistant starches. (here and here) Very interesting...

Gorgeous evening - full moon so the tide is very high.

Nothing today

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Dealing with the water leak and a couple other items down here. Back to the farm in a few days - meeting with two people Sunday and possibly Monday.

Grilling some chicken for dinner tonight - gorgeous clear skies and warm.

And that is it for the night

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Busy day today so catching an hour of YouTube and then to bed.

Water woes

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Last week, I was looking at the water meter on the island and saw that the concrete vault was flooded. Tried bailing it out with a Red Solo Cup© but couldn't get ahead of the flow. I had a small pump at the farm so brought that down today and got it empty. Shut the water off to the house and the vault started filling back up. YES!!! That repair is the responsibility of our local water district and not mine. My responsibility begins at the shutoff valve to the meter.

Sorting books

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Working at the condo today - I never realised just how many books my Dad and I collected. They sneak in just like coathangers.

Loving the local library - if I see a book I am interested, I fire up a cell phone app and reserve it.

And that is it for the night

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A bit of YouTube and then to bed. Feeling downright sleepy.

Long day but productive

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Back at the farm for the evening. Early bedtime.

Time to see what the internet dragged in...

Another day in paradise

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Heading out for coffee and then to the condo to sort books and take "shelfies" for a rare book dealer. The condo is where my Mom and Dad spent the end of their lives and they were both book collectors so there is quite the collection to sell off. 

Was thinking of doing this on eBay but there are several hundred books so looking at having a rare book dealer come in and make an offer for the lot. Less money for sure but also less hassle - especially boxing and shipping.

And that is it for the evening

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Long day tomorrow with packing and sorting. Time to head over to YouTube land for a while and then to bed.

Another day of packing

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Heading out for coffee and then to the condo to sort through more books. T found someone in Seattle who specalizes in rare books and they are coming up sometime this week to evaluate the collection. No posting until much later today.

No word yet as to President Trump's decision on the new Supreme Court Justice. This will be fun to see.

At the farm finally

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Busy day. Woke up on the island, headed up to the farm to borrow the store van, make two trips from the farm into Bellingham (60 miles round tip for each) and met up with T who helped me sort through a lot of books. We had dinner and I just got home. Tired - surf for a bit and then to bed. Busy days this week too...

Busy day today

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Heading back to the farm and loading up the bookshelves and then using the store van to take them to the condo.

Meeting up with T later this afternoon to sort books. Estate sale coming up soon - looking forward to shedding a lot of crap.

More posting much later today.

On the island

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Fireworks were a lot of fun last night. Headed South to the island today and spending tonight on the island and then South to Seattle to spend a couple days with T.

Back to work

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Minimal posting this afternoon - boxing up stuff and filling the dumpster.

Happy Independence Day

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Heading out for coffee, stop at the store and then back home to continue packing up.

Fireworks later.

And that is it for me for tonight

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The burger induced a very nice food coma so settling in to some YouTube watching and a glass or three of red wine. Been sleeping a lot last few days to planning an early bedtime for tonight.

Fireworks tomorrow - the next town up the road collects donations and they buy a bunch of fireworks at around 5PM on the 4th. Get good deals then. They set them off in the park - usually have about 300 people showing up and you come home with bits of cardboard in your hair and smelling of powder. Up close and personal. Fun.

Classic - burger for dinner

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Finished off a nice burger for dinner. Did it without the bun as trying to keep carbs down to a dull roar. Local grass-fed cow so it was delicious. Turned out to be a gorgeous day today so was sitting outside on the deck.

Back to finish off today's project (music room) and then watch some TV or YouTube.

A late start

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Slept in today - heading out for coffee and the store and then packing up the music room and starting in on the garage.

Looking forward to the move!

Back at the farm for a few days

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Moving some bookshelves and boxing up/clearing out the music room.

Surf for a while tonight.

Heading up North for a few days

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Spending tonight on the island and then back to the farm for a couple of days. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Back home

Wonderful time was had by all. Good food, good people.

Back home in Seattle - tired so probably an early bedtime.

Off to a different island

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We are taking the ferry to Whidbey island for the day - visit with some friends. Minimal posting.

In Seattle for a few days

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Birthday dinner tonight, friday meeting with friends and then T & I visit with some people on Whidbey Island Saturday.

No posting tonight.

Got nothing

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Up on the island, heading to Seattle tomorrow.

Nothing catches my eye.

40 minutes on the phone

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But I got blinkey lights on the modem and sweet sweet broadband.

The joys of country living

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Pulled in to the farm a couple of hours ago. Went to check email and no internet. My last email came in at 12:49 this afternoon so this is a recent development. At the store now taking care of a couple things and will head back to the farm and place a service call.

Had a wonderful thunderstorm on Camano last night - was looking at it across the water as the front headed North.

Heading back to the farm. Unless Frontier is able to work some magic on their end, I will be without internet, no YouTube and no Roku Television. I might actually get some work done :P

That is it for the evening

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Watching some TV and going to bed early. Busy day tomorrow.

On the island for a night

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Had to bring some things down here so making a night of it. Internet was out at the farm so headed down about 3:00PM.

Mow the lawn tomorrow morning and then drive back up. Love it down here.

Another day at the farm

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Getting ready to recycle a whole bunch of ferrous metal that I have accumulated through years of blacksmithing and other projects. I was initially thinking of having the recycling place bring out a small dumpster but they no longer do this - their box is 20 feet long and they charge $250 to bring it out. Instead, I will rent a flatbed truck for a day, load it up with the tractor and drive it in the next morning.

Fixing some pulled pork tacos for dinner tonight. Got a bunch frozen and I thaw out a pound every so often - enough for a couple of days and very delicious. Costco has the whole pork butt (actually from the shoulder) and I smoke it, portion it out and freeze it.

One more night

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Was going to do a bunch of yard work and then head to the farm.

Temps got to over 90°F this afternoon so I bagged it after about ten minutes and did some stuff in the garage and hung out and read a new (to me) library book. Staying up here another night and will take care of the yard tomorrow morning.

It was hot here but it didn't feel bad unless I was doing something strenuous - sitting in a lounge chair was downright comfortable and the roof vents in the house did their job keeping it nice and cool inside.

Island blogging

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Had a wonderful Fathers Day dinner - the first of many!

Came back to the island house. It faces due North and one of the minor disappointments was that the sunsets were always beyond a ridgeline. Not today - we had precessed enough for the sunset to be fully visible from the deck. Probably will not last a long time - I am guessing a few weeks. We are too close to the solstice and that marks the Southern journey of our sun. Still, glorious for the few weeks that we have it!

Moved a lot of boxes yesterday and today - back is talking to me and I am self-medicating with a jar or two of red wine.

Busy couple of days - 2

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T is on her way into town to unload and I am staging boxes ready for a second or third load. Feels great to get stuff moved out!

Minimal posting next couple of days

Busy couple of days

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T is coming up in a few hours to help with the packing. Was going to use the store van to move some tables and furniture into the condo but it has a flat tire.

Plan B

Busy day - packing

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Been spending the last couple of days boxing stuff up prior to getting the farm on the market.

Breaking for the day - time for dinner.

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