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That atmospheric river

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Four days ago, I posted about a very large atmospheric river that was headed our way. Fortunately, it headed to our south and we just got a few showers - less than 0.1"/day. We have been getting a lot more rain starting last night with 0.23" in the last 24 hours. The rain has stopped for now but things are very wet.

Heading into town today to meet with someone and pick up a couple things for other people out here.

Coffee and back home

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Working at home today - feel the need for an early afternoon boost though. Check in at the store and the post office too.

A bit of local interest

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Glacier is a town about eight miles East of where I live. From The Bellingham Herald:

Why were skulls found on a property near Glacier? The sheriff’s office is searching for answers
After the discovery of two human skulls, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office investigators are combing a property west of Glacier for more clues.

Undersheriff Jeff Parks said people living on the property in the 9100 block of Mount Baker Highway found the skulls over the weekend and reported them to the sheriff’s office on Monday.

The property, which began as a homestead, has belonged to the same family for generations, Parks said. Family members told deputies that a man who once lived there and has since died was known to collect skulls, Parks added. He had no further information as to why the man kept the skulls.

The sheriff’s office is not treating the property as a crime scene, Parks said, but crews are still searching for anything that could become evidence of a crime.

“We just want to err on the side of caution and do a thorough search of the area,” he added.

Parks could not say how long the search would take, adding, “We’re done when we’re done.”

This was blowing up on Facebook as I was heading out this morning. I am very familiar with the property and the person in question. He is chuckling in Heaven.

Critters taken care of so out for coffee and then working at the store for a bit - patching some holes in the asphalt parking lot. In to town for a meeting and will be having dinner.

More posting later this evening...

Wound up heading in to town after all. Took care of a couple of things including looking at display stuff for the store as well as picking up a bunch of asphalt patch. With the freezing weather this winter, the parking lot is looking a bit ragged. Got a radio meeting tomorrow and then at home for the rest of the week.

Turned out to be a nice day today - just squeaked up to 60.8°F and partly cloudy skies with sunshine. Picked up a Costco chicken so having that for dinner with some bok choi and guacamole - trying to cut down on carbs - been slowly gaining back the weight I had lost.

Nothing much this morning

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Coffee and then working at home - might do a quick run into town; need some stuff for a store project but I have a radio meeting in town tomorrow so will probably concatenate the two trips.

Actually nice out - sunny and partially cloudy. Forecast is for rain but not this morning...

Got that taken care of

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Critter barn is a lot cleaner and I finished the last of the electric fencing. A late and easy dinner - salad and a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup - sometimes the classics are the best (although I am doctoring mine with some Chinese hot oil and fresh ground black pepper).

Back from a tractor ride

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Was low on diesel so drove Buttercup into town to fill up. Gas station is about two miles and the rain has let up so it was a nice drive. A day spent driving a tractor is a day well enjoyed.

Back home again - tractor work

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The stuff at the store didn't take as long as I had expected so back home for the day. We have a pause in the rainfall so getting a project knocked out outside. Cleaning up the critter barn a bit - turning political promises into fertilizer for next years vegetable crop (ie: poop to the compost pile).

Nothing much today

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Working at the store - heading out in a few minutes.

Had about a tenth of an inch of rain this morning. No sunny days in the forecast. Grrrrr...

I was thinking of attending a local gun fun show today but don't feel like driving and not really in the market for anything I can afford.

Back home again

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Had an event I was interested in going to tonight but bagged it - tired and want to spend a quiet evening at home.

Putting in some shelving at the store tomorrow so picked up the last bits for that. Ready to roll.

Nothing much today

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Heading in to town for an event later today. Coffee first.

Yesterday was gorgeous with clear skies and temps breaking 60°F - today? Meh. Overcast with rain in the forecast. The Planetary K-Index is up due to the coronal hole in our sun. Anything 6 and higher is a good chance of aurora for my area.


Back home again

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Got the dogs fed and running around outside. I like that these start at 5:00 or 6:00 - get done while there is still usable daylight.

Got some stuff to do tomorrow AM and then Sunday AM as well plus working at the store. Our back storage area was a mess and one of my managers bought a cabinet and a stainless steel table and we are installing shelving on two walls. Barely started today and already it looks a lot better.

Off to town

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Got training tonight so grab a bite to eat in town.

Gorgeous weather today - sunny and warm. Supposed to dump rain tomorrow with a possible thunderstorm.

Nothing much today

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A busy couple of weeks - heading out for coffee and then working at the store.

Heading back home to work on some stuff here - the weather is gorgeous today so tackling some outside stuff... SAR training this evening and a couple of things Saturday.

Thought that retirement was supposed to be a peaceful idyll with nothing to do. Hell, I am busier than back when I was gainfully employed. Having a lot more fun though...

Bunch of stuff to do today. Heading into town and will probably get a bite to eat there - back around 8:00PM or so.

Got a training session tomorrow night and a meeting Saturday morning. Busy weekend!

Time to surf for a bit

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See what has happened in the world.

Dinner bell

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Heating up some left-over Chinese food for dinner tonight - Szechuan beef with ginger and green beans - yummy stuff from Lucky Panda.

Gathering the tools for a couple projects at the store tomorrow. Relamping the new office with LED bulbs and installing some new light shades (the guy who lived there smoked like a chimney - it took two coats of Kilz and four coats of good latex paint to make the stench go away). The light shades that remained (some had been broken) were badly stained.

Dogs were fed when I got home an hour ago - I will set out a second serving in case they are still hungry (like DUH!). Weather is overcast and drizzly, wet but no substantial rainfall.

The usual routine - coffee, etc...

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Out for coffee - working at the store for a bit today and then back home. Got a new tenant moving in May so finishing off some things (curtains for a window in the front door and some inside doorknobs).

Forecast for about a quarter inch of rain. Lightly raining here but nothing appreciable.

Back home again - good meeting

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There was no set agenda but we all gathered around the stuff that people brought and chimped.

Found a good restaurant near where the meetings are held so had a BLT sandwich for dinner. They use a really good local bacon thick-cut so it is delicious.

Just fed the dogs so they are outside bounding around - had them in the truck for six hours. Took them for numerous walks in the city but there is nothing like running around on 20 acres to let the steam out.

Heading out for the day

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Coffee, check in at the store and then in to town for a ham radio meeting. This is the Digital Group - we are doing some fun stuff with digital communications. Bringing some toys to play with.

Get a bite to eat in town - more posting around 10:00PM or so.

Nothing much regarding the weather - more rain is forecast. Had a couple of nice dry days but the clouds have moved in and it looks like three or four days of wet stuff. A bit of sun on Friday and then back to wet stuff... Time to move to Arizona - Albuquerque is a fun city.

Back home again - surf's up!

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Back home again. I bought a couple boxes of Mason Bees so set out their new home and got them all settled - look for the cocoons to hatch out in a day or two. The hummingbirds have definitely found the feeders - picked up two more and boiling some sugar water now - will get them set out tomorrow after it cools overnight. Their metabolism is so high that they need the carbohydrates - they also eat a lot of bugs and plants for their proteins and nutrients - the sugar is just to sustain the high metabolism.

Got another radio meeting tomorrow night so will be heading into town then as well.

Off to coffee and town

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Running errands today so off to town.

I will probably get a bite to eat in town so no posting today until around 8:00PM or so.

And that is it for the night

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Off to dreamland...

Forgot to mention that we had another frost last night - got down to 28.0°F last night and up to 62.6°F this afternoon - a temperature swing of 34.6°F - quite the range, usually it is only 20°F or so.

Back home again

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Did the drawing of the ski pass giveaway - the guy was not home but left a voicemail for him. I love doing this.

Ran a couple of errands - feed store,  box store (the blue one) and Harbor Fraught and then went to Sumas, WA to check out a new Chinese restaurant. Meh... The food was OK but nothing to write home about and Lucky Panda is so much better that there is zero comparison.

Heading in to Costco (critically low on dog food) and the bank tomorrow and then back home to work on some stuff.

The Digital Group of my radio club is working with a protocol called fldigi. I already have a digital modem and a way to send email over ham radio with Winlink but this takes a desktop computer and a stand-alone radio modem. fldigi uses a Raspberry Pi computer and a cheap modem and fits into a box of playing cards - runs on battery power. fldigi also plays nice with packet - via aprs. Same hardware can be used for both protocols, just different frequencies of operation. Got all the parts for that, now I just have to learn how to use it - getting my kit together so I can bring it to the Digital Group meeting on Tuesday for troubleshooting.

And I am outta here

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Critters looked after, dogs fed - time to head out for coffee.

Today is the last day for skiing at Mt. Baker so I wiill be drawing the annual ski pass giveaway - I love making those phone calls!

Happy Easter!

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Best Easter wishes for everyone out there.

Nothing much planned for here - coffee and working at home. Church for me is walking through the woods.

Polished off the last of the tacos - this was a flank steak pressure cooked with salsa. Yum!

Been watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - first couple of episodes were a bit lame but after the sixth or seventh show, the writing really started to get good.

Surf for a bit and then to bed - hopefully getting to sleep at a decent time. Lulu is back to Bellingham for a while - got a couple of projects to work on here and at the store.

Well that was a bust

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Got to bed early last evening but could not fall asleep until around 4:00AM - needless to say, I slept through the SAR drill this morning.

Oh well - out for coffee and then working at home today.

United Airlines

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Found on Facebook - photo taken on a United flight this morning:


Back home again - early day tomorrow

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Back home from the training session. We did one part on radio protocols for Search and Rescue (something I am very interested in) and another one on GPS receiver use. Everyone's GPS operates slightly differently so we practiced with the actual receivers that the SAR team uses. Both classes were great.

We meet up at 9:00AM at the base of Sumas Mountain for the practice drill tomorrow - got an early alarm set (need coffee before I can function and have something to drop off at the store). Fixing lunch for tomorrow (tuna salad with pasta).

A bit of weather

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Just had a pretty intense hailstorm. From the National Weather Service:



Heading out in a few minutes - pick up some stuff in town. Costco hot dog for dinner and then off to a meeting at 6:00PM

Coffee and another day in paradise

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Heading out to loan someone my carpet cleaner, get a coffee and come back home to work on a couple of things.

I have a meeting in town at 6:00PM so will head in early to run a couple of errands.

And that is it

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Nothing on the internet is catching my eye and busy watching some YouTube videos.

Oh yeah - the tacos seriously rocked. Broiled the flank steak to get a nice Maillard reaction, pressure cooked it for 20 minutes, poked at it and ran it for another 20 and it came out perfect. Cooked it with a tub of medium salsa, about 1/3 of a small tin of Chipotles in Adobo, a chopped onion and some Better Than Bullion Beef concentrate. A bit dry for pressure cooking but the meat and the onions give off a lot of juice as they heat up.

Back from the meeting

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Good meeting - we did a debrief of today's earthquake drill. These keep getting better and better and we are getting a really good response from the Police and Fire departments - they see what a ham radio operator can do and they like it. The other advantage is that after an earthquake, a marked Police or Fire vehicle will be mobbed as soon as it leaves the station. A couple of civilians driving around a neighborhood do not attract as much attention and they can determine where the worst of the damage is before sending out the first responders.

Got a Search and Rescue class tomorrow evening and a potential drill on Saturday morning and that will be it for the week from heck.

Cooking some flank steak for tacos tonight - not doing an early run into town, I'll take care of those things tomorrow when I go in for SAR training.

Windy and starting to rain - got thunderstorms forecast for later. Got some hummingbirds starting to come to the feeder - they usually start around now and by summer's end, I will have gone through more than one 25 pound sack of sugar. Planning on getting some more feeders out - have two now.

WECG meeting at 7:00PM tonight - run into town a little early for some errands.

More earth movement

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This time a bit South of here - SR-20 - from the Skagit Community News:

SR20 Closed Between Newhalem and Diablo Due to Rockslide
A rockslide near milepost 121 has closed both directions of State Route 20 between Newhalem and Diablo overnight.

According to a release from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), crews have closed State Route 20 at Milepost 121.  They do not currently have an estimated time for the reopening of the highway.

Travelers are not currently able to go around the slide due to the amount and size of the rocks that fell.

WSDOT crews are bringing in heavy equipment to break up the rocks and work to remove the debris from the highway.

Consequences of a very wet winter.

Nothing much online

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The usual suspects - heading over to YouTube to watch some blacksmithing and welding videos.

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