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Loaded up and out the door

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In to Bellingham, Costco (human, cat and dog food) and back to the farm.

Out the door

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Coffee and the store for a little bit then finishing packing the van for the condo. Got a load of laundry started here.

And back for the evening

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Nothing much on the net. YouTube and a full day of packing and moving tomorrow.

Heading out for a bite

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Bite to eat - don't know where yet.

Got some people from the Humane Society coming to take my critters - I was going to post them on Craigslist but realized that the Humane Society will do a lot better job of screening the new owners. It was wonderful sharing the farm with them (and the chickens and ducks and goats and Sam the Mule) but since I am moving, it is best to get them relocated in early spring so they have time to adapt to their new quarters before next winter hits.

Back after dinner and a couple pints. Been working in the DaveCave - camera and music stuff. To the condo tomorrow.

At the farm

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Went directly up without stopping in Belliongham. Things are fine here - stopped in at the store for a little bit. Ready to start loading crap for the condo (and the dumpster).

Points north

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Load up the truck and out of here.

Back home for a little bit

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Got some paperwork to do here and then heading up to the Bellingham condo and then the farm.

Next project here will be ripping all my DVDs - not as many as music CDs but still quite a few. I am using the wonderful (and free and open source) Handbrake with the sooper seekret libdvdcss.dll add-on. A nice how-to here.

Paperwork, surf for a little bit and then on the road again. Swing by the auction house on my way out.

Out the door

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The usual - got nine more disks to return to the library.

Heading up to the farm today - got a bunch of stuff there to do. No meetings next week so spending a bit of time up there packing.

Back here for a few hours first - auction preview later today.

Heading out for a bit

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Library, storage locker (getting and putting) and another check at the post office - expecting something.
Bite to eat and then a 7:00PM meeting.

Been digitizing my music CDs. A week ago I discovered that Exact Audio Copy will run multiple instances without any problem so ordered three more CD readers. I am now ripping four disks at once. Speeds things up a lot - I am now at 15,421 individual tunes. Fortunately, the end is in sight - I only have a couple boxes of disks left to process.

And I am out for the usual

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Coffee, post office and a couple of errands. Ham Radio group meeting tonight and then up to the farm for a few days.

The last day of really great weather

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Got cooler weather forecast for the foreseeable future - cloudy with some showers. I applied moss killer to the lawn here so that will get it watered in and working. Loads of pollen out. Costco makes a really nice allergy medicine.

Another day in paradise

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Working on stuff here - meeting tomorrow so spending the two days on the island and then to the farm for a few days.

The dogs are still enjoying their new bones - constant gnawing sounds...

Planning to make some Brazilian Feijoada  (but with just the bacon for protein) for dinner tonight (and tomorrow). Picked up some thick cut smoked bacon when I got their bones.

Surf for a bit and then back to work.

Internet whack-a-doodles - Orroville

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Yesterday morning, I posted an article critical of the repairs at the Oroville dam. American Thinker is generally a decent media source so their posting lent it some credence. The two issues pointed to in that article are water flowing through the closed spillway valves and the fact that FEMA is denying a significant tranche of the money for the repair and the new construction.

Reader GJ pointed me to this great new video from Juan Browne:

I have been following Juan's channel for a while - great videos. Anyway, Juan comments that the spillway valves never had any seals in them, they leaked originally and will always leak. This is by design and is not a sign of damage. Juan commented that there were a whole lot of Internet Whack-a-doodles claiming that this was a sign that the dam was failing. Point taken (grin).

Juan also commented that FEMA will credit 75% of construction monies if the failure was a true natural disaster. In the case of this dam, it was highly deferred maintenance and lack of attention to developing problems (forensic report here). Typical California management - in this case FEMA does not pay.

And back again

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Did some yard work, ran up to Mt. Vernon to Costco, the food coop, Lowes and had dinner at the buffet. Two pints at a local. Started talking with someone I have seen several times. There is a house in town with a great collection of military vehicles and this woman was talking about how she and her husband (both ex-military) own a number of things. Yep - same house. Connections.

Radio network went really well - not perfect attendance but conditions were good and we did a couple of drills. Good training for when the excrement actually does hit the rotary air mover.

Got up to 76°F this afternoon and down to 48°F last night - woo hoo!!!

Up early so calling it a short night - quick surf and YouTube and then to bed.

Back home again

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Stopped off at Del-Fox Meats and got a bag of bones. The pups are downstairs gnawing away.

Digging out the pruning shears and get to work.

Out for a little bit

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Check on a few things and drop a bunch of music CDs off at the library.

Edward Abbey - a quote

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Great quote - found over on Terrierman's Daily Dose (a daily read for me):

“One final paragraph of advice: do not burn yourselves out. Be as I am - a reluctant enthusiast....a part-time crusader, a half-hearted fanatic. Save the other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure. It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. While you can. While it’s still here. So get out there and hunt and fish and mess around with your friends, ramble out yonder and explore the forests, climb the mountains, bag the peaks, run the rivers, breathe deep of that yet sweet and lucid air, sit quietly for a while and contemplate the precious stillness, the lovely, mysterious, and awesome space. Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain in your head and your head firmly attached to the body, the body active and alive, and I promise you this much; I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound men and women with their hearts in a safe deposit box, and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this; You will outlive the bastards.”

True words of wisdom.

Back in a couple of hours

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Going to be on the air for a while - fun stuff!

And back home for the night

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Alarm set for 7:00AM so early bedtime.

Gorgeous day today - temps got up to 72°F and are now at 51°F - 21° shift. Clear skies so it is going to drop a lot more - maybe another tenner.

Looking forward to the radio net tomorrow - up to speed on it so it should be fun. They try to simulate congested radio traffic under less-than-optimal conditions so this is really good practice. Keep a cool head and follow the plan and we do well...

Out for dinner

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Had a big lunch so heading out for just a burrito and then to my local for two beers.

Downright warm today - I love it! Planning to spend tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday getting the landscaping in order.

Broke out one of my Hawaiian shirts - first time this year.

Back to the island

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Brought down another couple hundred music CDs to rip and then to sell.

Gorgeous weather - sunny and 72°F outside. Looking to do some more yard work tomorrow - there is a raised bed which I will be cleaning out and planting with vegetables. I brought down some blue and blackberry cuttings so will plant these too.

Stopped off at the library as there were ten more CDs waiting for me there. Filling in a lot of holes in my music collection - that plus torrenting (I didn't say that!) some things the library does not have.

Thinking about thawing out a steak and firing up the grille for dinner...

Back home again - loading up the van

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Stuff for the island. Get the last of the music CDs packed up - rip them and then take them up to Bellingham for the garage sale.

Quick bite to eat first.

Out for a bit

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Coffee and then back to the farm to pack stuff for Camano. Down to the island this afternoon - emergency radio network tomorrow morning. Meeting Thursday.

And I got nuffin

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The cider is kicking in - YouTube and then a nice deep sleep.

And back for the night

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Early bedtime tonight as well - surf for a bit and then YouTube.

Gorgeous day today - got up to 64°F this afternoon.

See what happend on the internet...

Out the door

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Dropping off the stuff at the Condo. Get an early bite to eat in town (not too hungry - had a big lunch).

Working up a sweat

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Came in for a diet coke and a few minutes break. Got the van pretty well loaded and heading into the Condo in a short while. It is 62°F and still climbing.

Glad I am taking my time with this as the more I stare at something, the more I realize that I can do without it (or only three or four of them instead of fourteen - looking at you angle grinders).

Hi ho hi ho

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It's off to work I go...

And back again

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Ran into a couple friends at the coffee place so sat and caught up for a while. Back home, fix lunch and start packing. Working on the shop today - run into Bellingham with tools and then the DaveCave and music room for a trip back to the island. Doing the radio net Tuesday morning so heading down tomorrow afternoon.

Turning into a gorgeous day - 58°F outside. Turned off the HVAC and have the doors open. Feels wonderful to air out the house.

No green beer here

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Not doing anything for St. Patrick's - amateur hour in most pubs.

Out for coffee and to begin my day.

Heading out for coffee in a few minutes. Back to the farm to move more stuff. Concentrating on stuff for the garage sale today and then moving music stuff down to the island tomorrow.


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There was still a lot of snow and ice on the driveway. Fortunately, my using the tractor to ferry items from the house to the van last Monday broke the ice up so it was able to melt out. The driveway is still very "skiddy" but manageable.

The great news is that I can turn this brass thing and water flows out. Small joys...

Two pints of hard cider at the North Fork so feeling sleepy. Give a cursory glance at email and some YouTube and that is it for the night.

Feeling a little bit sheepish - in my last post I said this:

Waiting for the media machine to back up to a thumb drive so I can have new tunes for driving. Well over 12K individual pieces of music.

Sat there like a big dummy for about 15 minutes before I remembered that I am taking the van which just has a glorious stereophonic FM radio and not the Highlander which can accept a thumb drive loaded with mp3 files. Oh Well... At least I have a second backup.

And I am off to the farm

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Got a bunch done here - temp is now 58°F with warmer weather forecast for the next couple of days. It is long overdue.

Get a bite to eat on the way and stop for a pint or two at the North Fork before heading home. Waiting for the media machine to back up to a thumb drive so I can have new tunes for driving. Well over 12K individual pieces of music.

Back home again

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Fixing some lunch and doing a bit more yard work today - probably get in a dump run too. Picked up three more music CDs from the library so those are currently spinning their little hearts out on the media computer.

Heading out in a little bit

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Library opens at 11AM today and have a bunch of music CDs to return. Coffee and post office too and then up to the farm.

Forecast for Maple Falls looks really good - finally be able to get some work done up there.


Got a radio net on Tuesday morning so will need to be back down here for that.

Bad Mu Shu

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Decided on Chinese for dinner tonight. There is a local restaurant that had a grease fire and closed for a few months. I had eaten there before and liked it so went there for dinner tonight.

The place was about half full and I ordered. I waited about 20 minutes - a table near me was seated after I came in and they were served. I asked my waitress if the dinner was already being worked on otherwise I would leave. She went to check and said that it was almost done.

I was served a minute or two later but instead of Mu Shu Pork, I was given a plate heaping with almost raw onions, napa cabbage, pork and grease. No seasonings. Nothing else. Whomever was cooking had NOT been preparing my dish and they slapped this together in 30 seconds. Not the way to run a restaurant. I paid and left it there - didn't even eat one serving as it just tasted off.

I will try that place again some weeknight or for a weekday lunch but I will be giving it a month or two to get "Old Uncle Chen" out of the kitchen and to find someone who can actually cook (and is up to speed with production cooking). This is a skill that can be learned - not rocket science.

The beers at The Crow's Nest were nice and cold and wet.

It's Miller Coors Light time

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Going to head out for a bite to eat and a pint or two of beer.

Been drinking light beers recently, I put in my time with the high-hops and high-gravity beers but they do not taste good to me these days and I like being able to have a couple without feeling too intoxicated.

Done for the day

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Staying on island tonight and getting to the farm tomorrow.

Get to work 'ya bum!

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Out to do yardwork - enough lollygagging (the more recent definition dammit).

Gorgeous day today - temps up to 52°F already.

Spending a couple of hours working in the yard and then heading up to the farm for a day or two. Got some phone calls to make but cell service is down.

Been busy ripping my music CDs - already over 12,000 individual songs:

20190315-tunes.jpgAnd hundreds more disks to go...

A few things of interest at the auction but they were all later in the sale - no desire to hang around until they came up for bid.

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