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And that is it for the evening

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Early morning tomorrow - ham radio drill.

Got an interesting email from someone I knew pretty well about two years ago. Bit of an age difference between us but who knows.

L and I did not work out - looking for different things in our future. Life continues to be a fascinating challenge - love it.

Chinese flu humor

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We find funny things in the darkest places - wired that way. From Grouchy Old Cripple:


Groceries dropped off

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Just had one delivery today - people very happy to have a lifeline. Our little island has a really strong sense of community - I love this place.

And it's coffee time

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Heading out for coffee. Got some deliveries later this afternoon - working at home until then.

And that is it for tonight

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YouTube for a while and then an early bedtime. Doing grocery driving tomorrow for the community center. Ham Radio drill tuesday.

Turned into a nice day

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Skies cleared up and it is in the high 50's. The data from The Weather Channel is showing rain for the next week but Cliff Mass has some good words:

An Encouraging Weather Forecast
We all need some good news and I will give that to you.

The weather is going to improve by next weekend here in the Northwest. Much warmer and even some sun.

But there is also some bad news....we will have to get through a cool/cloudy period first.

Let's face it. It has been cool and murky this week, a situation that heightened the stress of all the virus news. Below are the temperatures at SeaTac during the past two weeks, with the normal highs and lows plotted. Our daily maximum temperatures have been well below normal the last six days. Like 5-10F below normal. Plus lots of clouds and light rain.

And the good news:

Fortunately, as the week progresses an upper level ridge of high pressure will build along the West Coast and temperatures will rise.   To warm you up, here is the latest forecast for high and low temperatures at SeaTac based on the European Center ensemble forecasting system (running their model many times and taking the average).  High temperatures climb roughly 10 degrees between this weekend/Monday/Tuesday and later in the week.  You will notice that.

Much needed - time for the grass to dry out so I can start working clearing it out and getting some plantings in.

Back home again

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Nice day for a drive so went out to Costco and the food coop. Rain off and on - high overcast.

Doing a dump run shortly and then working in the music room and taking care of two projects in the garage. Breaking for lunch and a quick surf...

And up for the day

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Feeling a bit sleepy but see how the day goes - otherwise fine.

Forecast is for showers for today and tomorrow with T-Storms on tuesday. We will see... Our sun remains sunspot-free which puts us at 78% free for the year - one percentage point higher than last year and the previous record set in 1913.

And back again

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Feeling a lot better - see how things go. Found the pups outside rumbling around - the weather is windy today and a gust blew open the front door. They know enough not to wander so zero problems but still...

Hmmmm - odd

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Had a bit of trouble sleeping last evening, slept in this morning and now feeling downright nappish.

Otherwise feeling good - just low energy. Sleep for an hour or so and see how the rest of the day goes...

A day of rest

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Had a lot of plans for things to do today but just feeling like taking things easy. Slept in and will be puttering around doing nothing for the day. Sometimes these are needed.

Early bedtime

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Got a bunch that I want to do tomorrow and feeling a bit drowsy so calling it an early evening.


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Got two more meals worth of beef stew left - having one of those for dinner tonight. Salad and some nice crusty bread slathered in Kerrygold butter.

Two otters playing in the water - lots of fun to watch. Overcast and has been sprinkling off and on - more rain in the forecast through Wednesday.

And back to work

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Another hour or so and then heading out to drop off some groceries.

Nothing happening on the ham radio front - people are checking in on a regular basis but no agency is calling us up. Things seem to be well in hand for these two counties.

Something about that morning coffee really brings a nice energy and clarity of thought to the first 6-8 hours of the day.

Went and got gas for this afternoon's driving and back home now to work on the usual projects. Overcast and spitting a bit of rain - nothing heavy and forecast only calls for 20% precip but the rest of the week looks a lot wetter with Monday being downright soggy.

Quick surf while the heater warms up the garage and then to work...

I mentioned previously that the sun is very quiet - this is also showing up in the Planetary K Index which is the radio output from our sun. Anything over 6 and we have a decent chance of aurora borealis at these lattitudes. Here is today's chart:


Zzzzzzzz... Nothing happening there. Glad I laid in another big bunch of firewood as it is going to be colder than normal for a long long time.

Th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks

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Sleepy - room is nice and warm and the bed is calling me. A bit of YouTube and that is it for me for the day.

Dinner time

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Really wish I could go out for some Chinese and sit and read while I eat my noodles. Do not like having my routines broken - I get grumpy...

Done for the day - somewhat productive. Got some paperwork that needs to be done but will get that started tomorrow. Grocery driving tomorrow afternoon.

Lunch break

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Music room is starting to look good. My main synthesizers are still at the farm so planning a trip up there this next week for a day or two. Specifically making sure that the keyboards I have down here are not hooked up yet - I would spend more time playing them than getting the rest of the stuff set up. I know myself too well...

Surf for a bit - making a sandwich for lunch.

Overcast this morning

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Was supposed to be partly sunny today but the latest forecast is for clouds all day and rain for the next couple of days. Great time to be working indoors.

Coffee first - a man has his priorities.

Gorgeous evening

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Cleared up - supposed to be clear and cold tonight but rain is forecast to return in a day or two.

About ready to sit down to dinner - Plan-B seems to be working for getting the hard disk configured. Using a 3rd party utility.

A turning of the tides

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Been listening to some talk radio and people who are calling in are very very pissed at what is happening in Congress right now. It feels a lot like the beginnings of the TEA Party from 2009. Next couple of months will be very interesting - the 2020 election is only 223 days from now. It will be here in a heartbeat.

Back home again

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Delivered the groceries and ran a few errands while I was out.

Heating up some beef stew for tonight - salad and some nice crusty bread and that is a good dinner.

Dealing with one computer that will not see a disk drive - Windows Disk Configure sees it, the machine's BIOS sees it, my Linux Rescue Thumb Drive sees it. The SSD install (clone) utility does not. All drivers and firmware have been upgraded so it is not that. Digging out some SATA cables and see if it might be that.

Working in the music room today

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Putting together some equipment racks and my editing desk

Rain rain go away

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Pretty hard rain this morning - supposed to clear up later today.

Coffee in a few minutes - this evening is when all non-essential businesses in WA State have to shut down by order of our Governor. There is a large body of evedence that this can cause more problems than just keeping things open. After all, for all the hype and panic, the Chinese Flu is not widespread and it is not that dangerous. The common flu kills way more people and nothing is being done about that.

And dinner - lentil soup

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Back to eating veges again - pot of lentil soup with carrots, parsnips & assorted stuff found in the fridge. Salad with lemon juice and olive oil for dressing. Good stuff...

Nice sunset - lots of muscular clouds in the sky - really pretty but the light is very flat. Nothing to photograph.

And it's official

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CERT got called up to help at the local food bank.

Already delivering groceries for the local community center tomorrow but will be there Thursday.

Nice to see that our community has so many people willing to help when the shit hits the fan.

And to work

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Done with lunch. Time to get my butt in gear - feeling nappish though.

Actually thinking of building a fire - that cold outside.

Back home again

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Coffee place is open for the duration - thank God for small favors...

Productive day - got food and supplies for the next week of quarantine.

Sitting down to lunch, surf for a bit and then to work in the garage. Cold today so have the space heater running while I eat.

Out for the day - coffee

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See if my favorite place is open. Back in a few hours.

Overcast - was raining earlier.

Sigh - mismanagement

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Our state governor just implemented a two-week quarantine. Nice way to kill small businesses. Talk about Kabuki theater...

Heading out today to do a little shopping - Home Depot, the metal store, hardware store. Get two weeks of project stuff laid in. Fine on basic foods - always have kept a couple weeks in reserve.

Now - if my coffee place is closed, I will be seriously ticked off...

And in other news - from the US Government's Centers for Disease Control:

CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 38 million flu illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations and 23,000 deaths from flu.

And we are willfully tanking our economy over this? Some numbers:

  • 38,000,000 (38 million) people infected with the flu virus. 33,000 people infected with Wuhan Flu - this is 0.086 percent. A pittance. Statistical noise.
  • 23,000 deaths from the flu virus. 400 deaths from the Wuhan Flu - this is 1.73 percent. Still a pittance. Still statistical noise.

When we do more testing, the number of people infected with COVID-19 will rise simply because they have now been identified but that is only going to make the death rate go way down in proportion. Also, it is being reported that numbers from Italy are contaminated. Someone has a heart problem or diabetes and they die in a hospital? If they also have COVID-19, their deaths are being ascribed to the Wuhan Flu and not their underlying condition. Bad numbers.

To work

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Done with lunch and unpacking the car. Back to working in the garage.

Dump run and visiting the storage unit - bring home and take there. Same shit, different places.

Coffee time

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Heading out for my morning coffee.

Back in a bit
Back in a couple of hours - Costco, Home Depot and food coop run this morning.

Grocery delivery later this afternoon for the community center - popular service.

And done for the day

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Stew was good, nice fast computer for the ham radio stuff (watching Linux boot gives me whiplash - not bad for eight year old hardware) and the new light is very very bright - just what I wanted.

Surf and then some YouTube for a while.

Not zero productivity but approaching it. Got some work done in the garage this morning during my caffeine-fueled dissociative fugue state (my evil twin brother Skippy takes over) but since this afternoon's lunch break, I have done nothing to speak of. Thawing out some beef stew. Installing a new ceiling lamp in the bedroom and adding the memory to the ham radio computer. My accomplishments for the day.

The ceilings in the house are very low - old house - so pendant lamps are a constant danger. Picked up a nice bright and thin LED fixture. I like smaller task lights for ambient lighting so this will be used while cleaning and overall big stuff.

High tide now - the wind is picking up a bit and there is a 70% forecast for rain tonight with more for the next few days.

And break time

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The day turned out overcast but still fairly warm - temps around 55°F or so. The mailbox faeries brought me the RAM to upgrade the ham radio computer from 4GB to 8GB - should be quite the kick in the pants when that is installed. This computer is not running very much but the RAM cost less than $30 (it is an older machine) and couple that with the free (retired from an older project) upgrade from the hard disk to the solid state drive, it will be ready to rock for another ten years.

Running Ham Radio Deluxe, WSJTflDigi,  and a bunch of Arduino and Raspberry Pi development tools - dual boot of course. Running Windows10 and currently playing around with MX Linux - do not like systemd and want to run without its problems and bloat.

Late and large lunch so light dinner this evening. Back to work for this kid...

And coffeetime

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Heading out for coffee and check the mail.

Starting to cloud over a bit - wonderful sunrise though.

Turns out that we had a small temblor this morning - 3.2 near Duvall, WA - pretty deep though.

Glorious sunrise

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Woke up to a wonderful sky this morning - a glorious sunrise and looks to be a great day.

And that is it for me - sleepy

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Watch a few videos, work on the music computer and early bedtime.

And the party's over - rain coming

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Looked at the forecast and tomorrow looks to be the last rain-free day for some time.

Grrrr.... Was getting used to the sunshine and dry weather. Even liked being socked in in the morning and then having the sun burn through the clouds. Makes for some gorgeous scenery.

Doing more software upgrades to the music computer. Used to use Sonar as my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) but am switching over to Cubase - trying that out. Sonar went out of business but their assets were purchased and it is now available for free. Do not know what upgrades they are planning through. A lot of people are using Cubase and it has a lot of what I am looking for so give that one a try for a year or so.

Dinner was delicious - every so often, I get in the mood for Tacos and it takes me about 5-6 meals to get it out of my system for a while. Good stuff.

Break time

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Spent the morning working at home. Got back from the food co-op - picked up some greens and stuff for the next couple of days. They were restricting the number of people shopping - line outside and when a couple of people exited, they let a couple of people enter.

Having a late lunch, play with the dogs for a bit and then work some more on the garage. Reorganizing it - putting the storage and the tools section in a different location and other stuff. Going to be really nice when I am done - already a big improvement.

Surf for a bit and then back to work. The flank steak thawed out so have it in a giner/soy marinade with some chipotle pepper and lime juice. Fusion is a good thing.

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