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Lazy day today

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I hearby proclaim this to be a national day of sloth.

Seriously slept in and have not even been out for coffee yet. Headuing out now - stop at the store and check the mailbox.

And the day begins

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Finished breakfast and heading out for coffee, taking some photographs for the upcoming earthquake drill and stopping in at the store.

Working at home this afternoon.

Aaaand that is it for the night

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Heading upstairs. Been having some sleep issues the last couple of days and slept well last night but had really strange dreams so heading upstairs to see what tonight will bring.

Working at home tomorrow plus running a couple local errands and a project or two at the store.

Usual stuff - coffee and then

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In to town for some stuff with a radio meeting at 7:00. Get home late today so minimal posting if anything.

Spent an hour or two cutting checks and doing some paperwork. Planning a couple of other projects for the store so will pick up parts for them tomorrow in town.

Making spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight - yum!

Turning into a really fun show - it is a prequel to Breaking Bad which I watched so a lot of the same characters. Lulu and I spent ten days in Albuquerque on our Southwest trip two years ago and really liked the city so it is fun to see familiar landmarks.

Surf for a bit - working at the store tomorrow as well as paying some bills. In town Tuesday for meeting and a couple errands.

Working outside today

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Such nice weather (after this morning's snow) - been working on a couple of projects. Supposed to be nice tomorrow as well.

Tacos for dinner again - getting to the end of the leftovers though. Think I'll do some spaghetti tomorrow.

Back home again - coffee and news

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Found that a local restaurant and brewery has sold. This was very unexpected to me - no idea that the owners were looking to sell. That being said, I have known the new people for almost ten years and they are a perfect fit. The already own a thriving restaurant in Bellingham and live just across the street from the North Fork.

Today turned out to be partly sunny so working outside on the fence and mucking out the barn.

Who ordered this?

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Woke up at 8:00AM to an inch of fresh snow on the ground. Got down to 28.6°F last night. It has warmed up quite a bit since then and the snow is melted but still...

Forecast for mostly sunny tomorrow and Monday - get the fence powered up and llamas corralled. Heading into town Tuesday for some errands and Digital Group meeting at 7:00PM

The river is high

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With all the rain in the last day, our river is running about 70 times what is the average for this time of year. When I went out for coffee this morning, it was ripping along and it has gotten higher since. Still two feet below flood stage.



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Got over 0.7 inches in the last 24 hours. Coming down heavy. Supposed to slack off Sunday and Monday with another front moving through Tuesday. A wet spring for sure.

Got a phone call about a leak in the store building - the fun never stops...

Working indoors today - coffee first.

Mmmmm - corned beef coma

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Came out well. Was not cooking quite as fast as I wanted in the slow-cooker (self-referential irony alert) so transferred the brisket to the pressure cooker and finished it off.

Watched two more episodes of Better Call Saul - they are showing vignettes of his earlier life in Chicago. Well written and a fun show.

Rain rain go away

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Forecast from both agencies are for 100% chance of precipitation but so far, nothing but cool and overcast. NWS - TWC 

Getting the corned beef started and will head outside to work on the fence.

Speaking of the rain, one of the more scenic stretches of road is closed due to rockfall - Chuckanut Drive. From the WS DOT twitter feed:


Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Celebrating a quiet St. Patrick's Day here - coffee and then slow cooking a brisket (technically, a New England Boiled Dinner) for dinner tonight.

Working on the fence while the brisket cooks.

Tacos for dinner

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Lulu and I fixed some chicken tacos for dinner. Couple of chicken breasts in the pressure cooker (20 minutes) with a tub of pico de gallo and a can of Costco diced tomatoes. Add about 1/4 can of chiles in adobo and it came out perfect.

Started watching Better Call Saul tonight - first two episodes were a lot of fun.


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Working at home today - Lulu is coming out for a visit.

And the rain is back again

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Tomorrow is trash day so gathering stuff and taking the bin out to the street while I am still dressed for the wet. Come back in for a hot shower and dry clothing.

Probably head out to Graham's for fish and chips for dinner - the last of the beef stew has little dots of mold on it.

Lulu is coming out tomorrow so that will be wonderful.

Back home - rain has let up

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Fixing lunch and getting dressed for outdoors

Slept in today - delicious

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Nice after having to be up so early yesterday.

Heading out for coffee and then to the feed store for some bird-food (out of suet cakes) horse and llama treats. Forecast is for rain today easing off later this afternoon so hopefully, I can finish the fence and get my three critters corralled back up again.

Finishing off breakfast and surfing for a bit.

Looooong day today

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Bailed on the ham radio meeting - went there and could barely keep my eyes open so left during the intermission. There were about 30 people attending so it's not like my presence was required. Truck got all gussied up - new oil, tires rotated, diesel exhaust fluid topped off.

Surf for a little bit and then to bed.

It actually got up to 54.3°F this afternoon - a lot of the snow has melted from the pasture. Another couple of days like this and it will be all gone.

A downside to Daylight Savings

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Set the alarm for 7:00AM to get the truck into the dealership and it was pitch black outside.

Finishing breakfast and will fix a lunch for today.

That's it for the night

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Another long day - I'll be taking my laptop into the dealership tomorrow so will surf and post from there for a bit. Dinner in town and ham radio meeting that evening.

Got some stuff to fix the fence - needed more conductive rope and some zip-ties, cable clamps, etc... The farm store in Bellingham has become just a general hardware and pet store - their electric fence supply section was a lot thinner than it was a couple of years ago. Fortunately, there is a farm store in Everson that stocked all I needed - swung by there on my way home.

Finishing off the last of the beef stew for dinner tonight - salad too.

Time to clean out the truck - heading in tomorrow morning to get oil change and some routine maintenence done - ham radio meeting tomorrow night.

Heading out - coffee, store and town

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Raining softly with more due for today. Running a few errands at the store and then into town.

Actually, it was a French Dip

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Sounded better than a burger and I stuffed myself. Two pints of cider and ran into a couple of friends so socialized for a while.

Surf for a bit - long day tomorrow as I need to finish off the electric fence and wrangle some llamas as well as a couple of errands in town. Noticed a couple of weak points in the fence so picking up some reinforcing materials tomorrow as well.

Fence is about 70% done

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Did three sides of the property leaving a gap where the llamas go on and off the property. I can see them in my neighbors yard and made a point to put some treats in the horse bunk while they were watching me. They are highly food motivated and have good memories.

For the last couple of weeks, there was one spot in the corner of the pasture where they were hanging out. Even though the electric fence was broken in that area, I was not concerned as I had put in a three-strand barbed wire fence in back of the electric fence. I am working in that corner of the property today and see tufts of llama fur on the fence and saw where they had trampled it down to the ground. These guys are clever and determined. This is the gap I mentioned - I fixed most of the remaining two sides so tomorrow, if they are on property, I just have to close that gap and turn on the juice.

Prime Rib last night, it's a burger for tonight.

Back home again - coffee and office

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Got coffee and had a little sit-down meeting with my two managers at the store.

Gathering tools for the fence - Rocky is standing outside the fenceline - fortunately, where he is is a regular metal fence so he is not leaving the property. He is probably wondering where his buddies are. When I had the electric fence put in, I had them do it ten feet inside the property line so I could come in later and re-do the metal fence with something more secure.

Raining lightly but it is 48.7°F - almost warm. The snow has melted out of the pasture so the fenceline is clear. Driveway is still slushy though.

Got to re-do the garden fence first - that is on the list of projects for this summer.

Spending the day fencing

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It is not raining today so spending this time repairing the electric fence and gathering some wayward llamas - they are in a neighbors yard again.

Need to get this nipped in the bud ASAP as it is approaching growing season and lots of people have un-fenced vegetable gardens.

Going around the house resetting the clocks - one hour ahead for Daylight Savings Time. Looking forward to the extra daylight!

Skipping the Harbor Freight sale today - fencing takes priority.

The Prime Rib won out

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Stuffed with 10oz Prime Rib and a large baked spud. Treats for the doggies for the next day or two. Great training motivation for Bear.

Surf for a bit and then an early bedtime - there is a big sale at Harbor Freight ending tomorrow - their 4" angle grinders are only $10 each - I usually pick up a couple when they hit this low. Use them up and toss them when the bearings go out. I could spend $120 on something that would last a couple of years but I go through about one every six-eight months so I think I am ahead of the curve. Not like these are precision tools. Wil be fixing the fence tomorrow too - weather is forecast for occasional showers.

That is it for a while

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Probably going to head out for dinner - either a burger at Grahams or the Prime Rib special (Fri/Sat) at the Roadhouse. Do not feel like cooking.

Fed the dogs - they have developed a new trick - they will take their empty food dish and hide it. I used to have three dishes I use on a regular basis (my two and Lulu's). I am down to one and had to use a baking pan for the second pup. Not inside, not close to the house, not in the water tanks. Time for some searching when I work on the fence tomorrow.

Wonder of wonders - llamas

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As I was driving out this morning, I spotted a couple familiar shapes hanging out under a fir tree. The came back!

Still fixing the fence tomorrow - needs to be done and forecast calls for intermittent showers. Fixing a late lunch and then working on some stuff here.

It's coffee time

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Working on a project at the store later today.

Rain rain go away

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Come again next winter. Pouring down buckets here. Supposed to let up tomorrow (60% chance instead of today's 100%) so I will fix the fence then and get the llamas corralled again.

And that is it for the evening

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Got to fix the fence tomorrow so heading upstairs to bed. Get those llamas wrangled back home and keep them there.

Got back home from town and saw a note at the store that the llamas were on the loose again. Last summer, Jimmy and a friend of ours ran an electric fence around the property but they didn't tension the wire properly so the fence wire sags down to the ground. With all the snow from this winter, it was impossible to pull it up from the ground and get it tensioned correctly.

The snow is gradually melting out so I will try tomorrow and Sunday to see if I can get the fence rehabilitated and llama proof. Worst case scenario: the Peruvians eat their llamas and I do have a large chest freezer. Probably a bit tough given their age but I do love stews and soups...

Hanging out with the llamas

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No llama drama today - they greeted me by the kitchen door and each of them got chunks of a nice fresh carrot to munch on. I am not above a bit of bribery.

Out for coffee and finishing off one project at the store.

Back home again - good meeting

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A good meeting tonight - one person showed their go-pack. These are portable ham radio stations that can be boxed up and grabbed at a moment's notice in the event of an emergency. Look at ten people's designs and you will get ten different go-packs. It is fun seeing the other designs as I can blatantly copy borrow bits of their design to use in my next iteration.

We also did a refresher on the ARRL Radiogram (PDF file) - this is a sort of radio telegram for sending messages from one station to another. You can assign levels of priority and there is a measure of error checking so it is a really well thought out communication method. It is hard-limited to twenty five words so keep things short and sweet. ARRL is our technology guild - the Amateur Radio Relay League - just celebrated its 100th year in 2016.

Also, as we head into spring, there are a lot of upcoming events for which we offer communications services - mostly races. Starting to schedule these. I help with the Ragnar Relay as well as the Ski to Sea - a lot of fun.

Off to town - dinner and meeting

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Nothing like a nice long hot shower to dispell the chills of winter. Heading in to town now for dinner and the meeting. More posting later this evening.


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The parcel of land directly to my north was subdivided into five acre plots. The northernmost plot is gated and yesterday and Tuesday, the gate was closed in the evening when I went to look for my three miscreants. Found them there today standing in a group of fir trees munching away on the duff.

As I was lassoing them, someone came out and said that their grandkids just loved the llamas and were giving them treats. Needless to say, this will now be the first place I search in the future.

I was able to get a lead on Pancho and Lefty but Waylon does not give a fuck so he was unimpressed by the treats and managed to dance away from my attempts at throwing a loop. Fortunately, they are highly social so once I had Pancho and Lefty, Waylon followed right along. Pancho was pissed - he was horking up great balls of cud to spit. Llamas spit but it takes them a good ten seconds to accumulate their load. Pancho knows that I will bop him in the nose if he tries to spit at me (very tender area) so poor Lefty got the brunt of it.

Pancho was probably the instigator of this jailbreak so I am leaving him tied up in the barn for a day or two - let him know who is boss and where home it.

Time to do a hot shower (it is snowing quite heavily) and head into town for my ham radio meeting.

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