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Another day in paradise

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Gorgeous sunrise this morning - cloudless sky.  Got up to 90°F yesterday and expecting the same today.

Open house from 1PM to 3PM and got someone driving up from Seattle to buy my six original Space Needle chairs.  Purchased those at auction 30 years ago when they renovated the restaurant. A fun bit of history.

Nothing much happening out there - liberal heads are still melting down. How can you go through life with such a poor understanding of how it works.  People have been dumbed down to the point where they act like little children.  If they don't get their way, they bully people until they do.

The latest "talking point" is that the Supreme Court is illegitimate.  The Court is one of the three co-equal branches of government.  If you are going to posit that the Court is illegitimate, you then have to accept that the Presidency can be illegitimate too. Election fraud anyone?

First showing of the house this morning in four hours.  Open house after that.
Lots of interest according to my listing agent.

Anyone wanna buy a house?

Break time - personal best

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Biggest load to the transfer station yet - 860 pounds 'o crap.  Tipped into the big pit and on its way to Landfill Camp.

If anything, this has been a wonderful object lesson in acquisition.  Not always a good thing. Rule #135 comes to mind:

The only value of a collectible is what you can get somebody else to pay for it

Learning that...  Like I said, an object lesson

Let the fun begin

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So glad I do not live in a big city anymore.

Roe v. Wade...

Break time

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940 pounds of mixed ferrous to the recycler.  Spot prices are a lot higher than they were a year ago.  Thinking of all the scrap metal and offcuts I have at the farm and salivating...

540 pounds of household trash that went to the transfer station - had to pay $43 to get rid of that — win some / lose some.  Sitting down for a little while - back to work...

Open house this weekend.  Could not ask for better weather - been unseasonably cool and wet all spring but supposed to be warm and sunny for this weekend.

Place is lookin' pretty good - got the pressure washer guy and some cleaners coming this afternoon to finish off their work.  Trailer and van loaded for the dump - heading there after my morning coffee.

Minimal posting today.  Back to the farm for a month or two - get that place sorted out and then?
Move to North Carolina.  A big change but a good one.

Longest day of the year  —  quiet ceremony at home tonight.

House is getting ready for market - listing it in a few days.

Quiet Sunday

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Nothing much happening out there - heading out for coffee in a while.  Someone is coming by the house to purchase some furniture this afternoon.  Final push to get it emptied out.

Slow news day...

Long day - over

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Get up and do it again...

Getting towards the home stretch.  Yard crew coming Monday for three days.


Minimal posting next couple of days

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Final push for getting the house listed. Got all the big stuff moved out.  Now working on clearing out all the little stuff.

Walk-through with the realtor this afternoon and the listing goes live Thursday the 16th.  Two days from now.  Yikes!!!

A lot to do but no problems - I got this.

Needless to say, minimal posting for the next couple of days...

Nuttin' much today

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Busy as can be.  Taking a 20 minute snack break and then back to work for another couple of hours.

Final push on emptying out the house. Place looks pretty good 😆

And nothing - busy with the move

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Final push - listing the house in less than a week.  Thursday June 16th to be exact.

Feels good - the marriage that prompted the move was a huge mistake for both of us.  Looking back, I think the only reason for me being on the island was to meet Lisa.  Now that that was accomplished, it is time to get out of WA State and get on with our lives. Living on the water's edge was nice but not the be-all and end-all that I was thinking. More of a farm boy - give me a couple acres and a garden and I am a happy man.

Moving more stuff today but coffee first...  Got some specific requirements and coffee is one of them.

And a slow Wednesday too

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Busy - final push for emptying out the house here and get it on the market.  Selling off a bunch of furniture and seriously downsizing. Feels wonderful.

And nuttin' much today - busy

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Final push on the house - getting it emptied out and contents moved to the storage unit.

Nothing much happening out there - the usual clown-show.  Time to watch some videos and call it quits for the day.

And out for the day

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Coffee and then back to the house - bring the file cabinets down from upstairs, dissasemble two tables.  Bunch of work today.

What is the next public spectacle they will use to distract the masses?

Can't wait...

And outta here

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Quiet news day.  Heading out for coffee and to the storage barn to look for some paperwork.

Bringing the trailer to the house this afternoon - recycling a bunch of scrap metal.

Out for a while

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Getting some things done - coffee first...  Got my priorities after all

And...... Got nuttin' today

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Nothing catches my eye out there.  Heading out for the usual coffee.  Got a bunch of stuff to drop off at the thrift store - used to work there so it will be fun to see the people. Back to the house and pack pack pack...

UPDATE: 13:46 and still nuttin...  Getting a lot done though

And another day of moving

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Overcast with rain in the forecast - perfect day for boxing up crap and getting it out of the house.

Not that much more to do. Need to list some items on Craigslist...

More posting later today — for now? Coffee...

Got all the big stuff out of the house - easy and makes a big difference.

It is the myriad of little things that really takes the time to box up and move out.

Making good progress but about two weeks behind from where I was wanting to be a couple months ago...

Back to the island

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Good meeting - covered a lot in 90 minutes.  Short and sweet.

Usual routine tomorrow - quick surf, a video or two and then to sleep...

Busy day today

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Load up some more stuff in the van, heading out for coffee, get the trailer and drive to the farm to unload.
Store staff meeting at 6PM and then back to the island.  Whew.

Minimal posting today

Final push to get the house cleared out and on the market.  Busy doesn't begin to cover it...

Been hankering for some of them.  Pure sugar bombs but craving that acid bite and intense artifical orange flavor - besides, I need my minimum daily requirement of Yellow #6.

Was at Tractor Supply last week, saw their candy display and lo and behold.  Picked up a bag and they were horrible - nothing like what I remembered them being.  Checked my local grocery store and they did not carry them.  Was at another grocery store and they had some house brand - got a bag and they were overly sweet (if that is even possible) with a really bad bitter aftertaste.

I remembered that the brand I liked was Brach's - they have a website but do not list the orange slices (they have Manderin Orange slices but not the original).  Checked on Amazon and they carried Brach's Orange Slices but were charging $21.21 for a 22oz. container. 1.38 pounds.  This is in line with the little bags I was looking for - couple ounces for a couple of bucks but jeezzzzz...  $21 plus sales tax to satisfy a minor jones?  Nope.

What is up?

House is emptying out.  Long haul but it is happening. Be really nice when we are all settled in North Carolina.  Nothing happening on the web this morning - monkeypox seems to be the new AIDS. Sexually transmitted among gay men. Wonder if Fauci is going to try to monopolize this epidemic too.  Heading to the farm next Tuesday with another load.

More in a couple of hours...

Going dark - big winds

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So far, nothing much down here beyond this morning's blow but it must be howling up North. 25K people out in Canada and about 3.7K in our county.

The overcast is breaking up and sun is shining.  We will see what happens...

Doing some paperwork and then more packing...

Picking up — storm

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Wind from the South - definitely going to be a blow today.

Waiting for the power to go out - the trees are all leafed out and this is the first big storm.  Lots of extra wind resistance.

Canada is reporting about 5K customers without power.

Surf, shower and out to work - moving more stuff today.

Power went out yesterday morning.  Internet service went out too.
Power was restored in about an hour - a tree fell across the power line.

Internet was still out around 9:00AM - called and they told me that it would be back on by 11:00AM
Called a little after 11:30 or so and they told me that it would be back on by 1:30PM
Called around 2:00PM  and they told me that it would be back on by 3:00PM
Called around 3:00PM and they told me that it would be back on by 6:00PM
6:30PM? 8:30PM
8:30PM? 10:30PM

I spent a nice evening watching a movie and reading.

This morning?
Called around 7:30AM  and they told me that it would be back on by 10:30AM
Called around 10:30AM  and they told me that it would be back on by 1:00PM

Went out to run a few errands and now?  1:00PM and it's up.

I would much rather have honest bad news than continual lies. If I knew that it was going to be out for 24+ hours, I would have brougt my laptop to the local library.

WAVE has a local office in the next town over and I went there and they said that there was no communication between the technicians and the people who handle customer support.

Really piss-poor customer service.

And my day begins

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Coffee shop opens at 9:00AM on Sunday so heading out a bit late. Got the van loaded up with another bunch of boxes for the barn.

Raining lightly - nothing new...  More later today.

Light posting for a while more

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Doing a big push to get the Island house emptied out and my things back to the farm.
Needless to say, time is of the essence so not as much time for blogging.

Lisa and I are moving to North Carolina this August - lots to do before then...

Lazy day - trip to the dump

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Slept in this morning.  Have not taken a day off in several weeks. Working today but took the morning off.

Got a bunch of cruft sitting outside so loading up the van and taking these items off to spend some quality time in dumpster-camp (trip to the landfill included at no extra cost!!!)

Sitting down to lunch and a quick surf...

Up to the farm today

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Outta here for the day - heading to the farm to drop a big load off to the conex boxes.

House here is emptying out nicely - gettin' it done.

Some posting late tonight... Maybe...

And got nothing this morning

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Quiet news day. California is running out of electricity AGAIN.

Also, plastic recycling is now being known as the scam that it always has been
Penn & Teller were on this eighteen years ago:

Recycling aluminum is a good thing. Everything else? Once a scam, always a scam.
A lot of money is being spent on these programs with zero benefit.
There is very little demand for recycled glass, plastic or paper pulp.

Couple of interesting things in the news:

A very good question - Jeff?

Sweet Schadenfreude at Washington Examiner:

Meghan McCain’s Bad Republican book flops too
Two new books featuring Washington political royalty debuted as huge flops, suggesting there is limited interest in anything beyond a focus on presidential politics.

The latest failure is Meghan McCain’s memoir, Bad Republican, released April 26.

According to an NPD BookScan provided to Secrets, it sold just 244 copies in the first few days.

Great news from the Gateway Pundit:

Huge Win: Georgia Judge Rules Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is Qualified for Reelection
A Georgia judge ruled on Friday that Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) is qualified to run for reelection after a liberal organization has filed a lawsuit seeking to ban Rep. Greene from re-election.

State Judge Charles Beaudrot dismissed the lawsuit saying the “challengers have produced insufficient evidence to show that Rep. Greene ‘engaged’ in that insurrection after she took the oath of office on January 3, 2021.”

“The burden of proof in this matter is on Challengers. Challengers have failed to prove their case by a preponderance of the evidence. The evidence in this matter is insufficient to establish that Rep. Greene, having “previously taken an oath as a member of Congress . . . to support the Constitution of the United States . . . engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or [gave] aid or comfort to the enemies thereof” under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Therefore, the Court holds that Respondent is qualified to be a candidate for Representative for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District,” Judge Beaudrot said in a 19-page recommendation.

I wish he worked for us - smart cookie. Slay News:

James Carville Mocks Own Party: “All Democrats do is sit around and talk about veganism and pronouns”
Democratic strategist James Carville went on CNN’s “OutFront” and mocked the Democrats for being weak. Carville was speaking in response to the bombshell SCOTUS leak that means the end of Roe v Wade.

More at the site. Finally, just got turned on to Robert Finley:

Good stuff - I love the blues.

Back to work...

Posting later this evening. Much to do...

Busy but productive.

Ran into this tool - looks interesting.  Ventoy

Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files.
With ventoy, you don't need to format the disk over and over, you just need to copy the ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files to the USB drive and boot them directly.
You can copy many files at a time and ventoy will give you a boot menu to select them (screenshot).
You can also browse ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files in local disks and boot them.
x86 Legacy BIOS, IA32 UEFI, x86_64 UEFI, ARM64 UEFI and MIPS64EL UEFI are supported in the same way.
Most types of OS supported (Windows/WinPE/Linux/ChromeOS/Unix/VMware/Xen...)

Perfect for a diagnostic and repair tool. I have a couple but they are linux based.
Nice to have one specific to Windows.  Give it a try in a while.

Working on stuff here.  No posting until much later today...

Had a thought (uh oh):  They are putting some very tall and very strong fencing around the Supreme Court building.  All this over the leak of a draft?  I am betting that there will be a Court decision striking Roe v. Wade either today or next Monday.

Got a lot done and it is time to kick back and surf for a little bit.

Final push for emptying out the house and put it on the market.

Coffee and then work.

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