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Back to the island

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Sucessful day.  Boaty McBoatface set sail this afternoon.  I got it for a buck from a guy who never had the time to rebuild it.  Sat on it for three years and now a new guy will make time to work on it. Engine needs work but the hull is solid and nobody stripped it - it has the original Dickenson Force-10 Heater, the Ships Bell, galley stuff (stove and fridge), electronics, etc...


The Maple Tree in the background will be getting a trim around the edges this coming weekend and a whole bunch of dead lawnmowers, a pressure washer, roto-tiller, etc.  got hauled away by a guy who fixes small engines. Place is coming together again.

Stopped off for a burrito bowl at Taco Del Mar and home and unpack.  Surf for a bit.  Busy day tomorrow and then the weekend at the thrift store.  The fun never stops.

And nuttin' to report

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Heading out for coffee - meeting up with a friend there.

Off to the farm - got appointments set up with three people.  Getting rid of some junk and having a tree looked at: very old Maple in danger of falling down. Get some nice wood out of it...

More later - probably returning to the island tonight.

And gone to ground - farm

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At the store office - got someone house-sitting the farm so spend nights here. It was originally one of the apartments for the building so one bedroom is for storage and the other bedroom is for me. Uneventful drive up except for a lot of traffic - the road I usually take  was closed and the detour was snotted up with traffic.

Busy but productive day tomorrow. Surf for a bit - see what's happened in my absence.

Someone out there on the internet needs my advice.  I just KNOW it...

Lunch and then on the road

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Had to do some paperwork and load up.  Actually taking the Highlander today - not bringing a load back.  Re-prioritizing my triage operations.  I have a building on the property — the DaveCave(tm) — that can be used for sorting so will start using that.

Quick sandwich and then heading North.

Out the door and points North

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Morning routine and then heading up to the farm.

Nothing this afternoon either

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Heading out with the van - the dump is calling my name.

Surfed a little bit but nothing really catches my eye.

Nothing this morning - usual routine

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Doggos and coffee.  Loading up more crap in the van - dump run today, van to the farm tomorrow.

More later.

It's morning. Time for my routine.

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Dog walk, coffee and back home to putter around doing nothing.

Getting ready for a dump run - heading to the farm on Tuesday.  Everything else is up for grabs.

And that is it - feeling very sleepy

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Watch a couple videos and drift off to sleep.  Sleeping in tomorrow morning - a day or rest.

Probably do a dump run - heading to the farm Tuesday for a few days. Bring another load back down.

And outta here - walkies, coffee, work

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Back in a couple of hours.

Aftermath of the storm

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The storm blew over last night - cool and heavy overcast this morning but no wind or rain.  Puget Sound Electric has 56,433 customers without power - a lot around Bellingham and Tacoma area. Island and Snohomish are down to 531 - South Camano Island is toast again.

The total for WA State is 59,195, Oregon is 16,080 and California is 14,179.  BC Hydro is around 4,300 customers.

First big storm of the season.

And sleepy

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Heading to bed now - long day today and same for tomorrow.  Two nights of not sleeping very well so dragging my sorry ass right now. Get through tomorrow and sleep in on Sunday.

The wind has let up substantially - still lots of power outages but much lower than two hours ago. The power crews up here are really good.  Farm looks good - some outages in the next town down the road but Maple Falls is pretty unscathed.

Nice email conversation with Lisa.

Battening down the hatches

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Gonna be a long evening.
Puget Sound Energy (Whatcom county and Whidbey island) is showing 37,825 customers without power.

Snohomish PUD (including Camano Island) is showing 3,331 customers without power.

Both South Whidbey and South Camano are totally without.  My power is bumping a lot - momentary interruptions less than a second. Enough to cycle the UPS but not enough to require resetting the microwave or oven clock.

Signed today 234 years ago.  A good run and let's hope that we get back on track for another couple hundred years at least.  Been sidetricked recently with corruption and Marxism.  Need to get the adults back in the room again.

Two headlines with links to get you started:

Actually, quite an amazing document.  Giants walked the Earth back then.

Power outages

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Whatcom County has 7,809 customers without power. Along the coast mostly.

Island County is showing 1,253 customers without power - mostly on Camano Island


So far so good for where I am - just a minor bump earlier this afternoon.  See how it is for the next 24 hours.  Got the candles out and checked the fireplace for matches and kindling. Not my first rodeo.

And back for the day

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Blustery outside - the power went out for a short while while I was at the thrift store. No problems there but had to reset a couple of clocks when I got back home. Forecast for quite the storm.

Making a big bowl of carrot / ginger / lentil soup - late lunch/early dinner.  See what is happening on the internet...

Outta here - busy day

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Quick surf turned into 45 minutes of nothing.

Back in a few hours...

Raining lightly - calm before the storm

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Literally.  Heading out in 30 minutes or so for an abbreviated dog walk and the usual.  Thrift store today and tomorrow.

Quick surf first - got to see what's happening out there...

And it's lights out for me

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Watch a few videos and then to bed.  Working at the thrift store tomorrow and Saturday so need to get my coffee fix first. Dog walk, etc...

I have nothing for you

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What can I say - read the internet from one end to the other this morning and nothing grabbed my attention.

Heading out for the morning routine - dog walk, coffee, bank, library and some errands and then home to do paperwork and some phone calls. Getting ready for yet another dump run as well as taking some stuff to the thrift store when I am there tomorrow.

Back in a few hours - see if anything has hit the fan then...

And back to the island - lots accomplished

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Drove the Highlander up - didn't bring anything back down but got a lot done up there.  More crap in the dumpster, met with some people, etc...

Having some apple slices with fresh-ground peanut butter for a light dinner. Stopped at the coop and ground it myself 45 minutes ago. Yummy.

Looks like California will continue its slide into the sea of irrelevance.  Newsom's recall election was hacked.  Of course.

Surf a bit and then unpack the car.

At the farm for a few days

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Up here.  Had a so-so dinner at a local restaurant and sitting here with a lump in my belly.  Oh well... Order something else next time. Spent some time this afternoon wandering through the barn and my shop figuring out the plan of action.  Looking forward to getting back up here - missed it more than I realized.

Do a bit of a surf and then get some sleep - full day tomorrow.

On the road again - farm

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Heading up for a few days.

A friend of mine is picking up an older South Bend metal lathe I sold to him.  I am upgrading to a new Grizzly so win/win. Not doing a load back down - still processing what I have here so taking the Highlander.  Planning to spend tomorrow doing triage up there. Got this nice shiny dumpster to fill up.

Reconnecting with someone I met last year - life continues to be wonderful.

In a deep food coma

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They do a good fish and chips.  Burgers are quite tasty too.  Boxcar

Nuclear dinner

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Have not eaten out for a long time - treating myself to some fission chips.

Just for the halibut...

0.7" so far - fall rainfall

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Went up North and went grocery shopping and drove around. The rain had stopped so it was nice going through the farmland looking at all the green.  Saw two skeins of geese in the air.  Migration season is beginning.  Looking forward to giving my new lens a workout this fall and winter.

Came home and the 24 hour precip was 0.7" - pretty respectable for the first serious rain of the season. 

Back home for the day - get some beans on to soak, laundry and clean the kitchen.  Leaving the bay room for another day.   Quick surf first...

Dave and dogs? Meet Door.

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And we are out for a couple of hours.  The rain has let up for now - great time for a dog walk.

Work in the garage.  Need to make some nectar for the hummingbirds - opening yet another 25# bag of sugar for them.

Laundry?  Decluttering and cleaning the kitchen and bay room - a work in progress.
Getting another van load ready for the dump.   That is my sunday.

Rain — Fall

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Just under 0.4" of precip. First major rainfall of this season.  Stopped and started last evening but settled into a nice slow steady shower and has been going through the night.

Day of rest today (tomorrow too) so slept in and have no plans outside of dog walk and coffee.

Doing something, just do not know what as yet.

First steady rainfall

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Starting to really come down here - forecast calls for half inch or more.  It has that slow buildup and steady fall that indicates a duration of at least a couple hours. A rainfall signifying a true change of seasons.

66° F outside but it feels to be ten degrees cooler - going to turn on the HVAC a bit to take the edge off. Picked up some fresh pasta a few days ago so making some spaghetti for dinner tonight. A good night for warm carbs. Time to put the electric heating pad on the bed for the season - doing laundry tomorrow so take care of it then.

Time to clean the kitchen and bay room. Getting a bit cluttered and still have not finished emptying out the van - need to have that done by Tuesday.  Three days.

And I am out - morning routine

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Back later this afternoon. Working at home. Yet another cool and cloudy day.

Twenty years ago today

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I was sitting at the bus stop waiting to go to work in downtown Seattle.  A neighbor told us what had happened.  The entire company spent the day glued to the news services - little work was done that week.  Walking along the Seattle waterfront was eerie - no airplanes. Very little vehicle or ship traffic. Dead silence. A city in shock.

That was when I began my journey.  I had been raised by academic liberals and lived in a liberal environment so did not know any better.  I started asking questions. At that time, Charles Johnson was still a conservative and was blogging at Little Green Footballs.  His comments struck home.  I found other sites and my questions were answered. Islam is a barbaric "religion" - one badly in need of a reformation.  Our government - the entire Western world was asleep to this threat.

Started this blog two years later - October 27th, 2003 and here we are today.

I will never forgive.  Never forget.

And back home for now

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But I need to run a few errands and the farmer's market is today as well.

Lunch is done - back in an hour or so.  Fun day at the store this morning. Got some regular customers - was thinking of setting up a coffee machine as people like hang out and shoot the shit.

Mailing out a care package out to a good friend stuck in California until next spring.

Another day, another pile 'o crap

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Working at the thrift store this morning after walkies and coffee. Unloading the van and triage later this afternoon.

Thinking that I will move back to the farm.  I really like it down here but the farm keeps calling me.  Aim for next spring. Still keep doing the triage - need to lighten my load. Having the big dumpster up there will make things easier - cheaper too as the rates per ton are less for a bin that size than even as an Island County resident for our transfer station down here.

Nuttin' much happening out there.  Nineteen states have announced that they are filing lawsuits against the Biden admin for yesterday's vaccine diktat. Trying to run it through OSHA shows that they know they do not have a leg to stand on.

Spew will resume in a couple of hours...

And dinner time for everyone

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Drove up to Costco this afternoon - out of dog food...

Heating up some of the beef stew for dinner.  Half a toasted baguette to go with.

Nothing much happening out there.  Listened to parts of Biden's speech today and still fuming.  Overreach. They want to grab control. How much more will We The People stand before things get out of hand.

Haven't seen much from Antifa lately except for their usual training sessions on the West Coast. They shot a guy in Olympia, WA a week or so ago. Just an injury but how much longer until someone gets killed.  Oh. Wait

The lawsuits will be interesting to follow - time for a big bowl of popcorn.

Nothing rises above the noise floor to catch my eye.

Woke up this morning around 6:00 AM and it was completely fogged in.  Very eerie but very beautiful. Was halfway tempted to get my light-saber a laser and play around but went back to bed and napped for another hour. Starting to burn off and the forecast is for partly cloudy.  Perfect day for unloading the truck and working in the yard.

There is a nice park by the water - heading there with the dogs. Too many people on the weekends but during the week, it is gorgeous. Lots of birds.  Planning to take my new lens there someday when there is good seeing.

And back to the island again

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Did a good day's work.  Ran into a good friend from up there and he enquired about a piece of machinery (an old South Bend lathe) a deal was made and we rendezvoused at my shop and loaded a bunch of stuff into his truck.  Regardless of what I do, I will be upgrading to a better one so this is a win/win for both of us.

Decided to come home today instead of tomorrow. Tacos for dinner tonight. Quick surf while the guac thaws out.

Down on the farm

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Heading out for coffee soon - raining so working inside today.

Minimal posting. More later this evening. The rain feels wonderful - the land is opening up and drinking it all in.

Saw on the island news that one neighborhood is totally without water and another one has very low pressure.  Small island and even smaller aquifers. Lots of construction and people moving there. Push comes to shove.

That is it for tonight

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Long day tomorrow working at the farm.  Load the van up for another session of triage.  Plan for a couple of projects up here before the rains come so making lists and seeing what I have still up here. Already processed an amazing amount of crap and I am not even halfway through.

Spew will continue tomorrow - time for a few videos...

In the shadow of Mount Baker. Hanging out with the conifers instead of the crabs.

A local restaurant recently reopened and is doing good food - had a very nice grilled chicken, lettuce, apple and walnut salad.  Hit the spot.

Settling in for a bit of surfing.  The pups are all a-twitter as they know that the farm is close by and that they will get to run and run and run and run tomorrow.  Sleep for days afterwards. Need to move back here just for their sake.

Surf for a bit...

Spending tonight and tomorrow at the farm. 

Van is packed for the dump - do that, hit the farmer's market and head North.

Turned into a glorious day. Looks like some evening precip up there.

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