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Up to the farm for two days

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Heading up later this afternoon. Got a meeting with a contractor Thursday morning but nothing else down here - back up for another bunch of clearing crap out.

Had weird dreams last night - dreaming about earth movement. Not quakes but subsidence. Streets in Bellingham shifting and sliding around. We had another small and deep temblor off the coastline last night - 3.4M off Ocean Shores but that would have been undetectable from here.

Out the door

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Dropping the bills off at the post office, picking up some CDs from the library and getting a bite to eat.

Rainy day

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Raining all morning. Did the usual coffee & post office routine - returned some stuff to the library and hit the thrift store. @home paying some bills now and will be doing a dump run later. Also working on the remaining photos from the Studio Tour.

Processing the 561 photographs that I took... Already done a slug of them from the last weekend but took an additional 245 yesterday and today.

Heading out to the Chinese buffet for dinner and then back home. Island tomorrow and then to the farm for a couple of days - done with this months meetings, etc...

Done shooting for the day

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Got to 18 studios today and 14 more to go for tomorrow. Overall, looking at about 30-35 hours of work with four days shooting and another ten hours sorting and processing. Fun stuff and darktable is working like a champ. Used to use Adobe Lightroom but they went to a subscription model and do not really like that. Besides, darktable is free open source software - great stuff.

Picked up another tranche of music CDs and one concert DVD to rip. My collection is now at 19,927 individual songs. If each song was three minutes, that would be a total of just under 50 days of continuous music. Gonna be set for life (or until my musical tastes change).

Boiling some more noodles and heating up the last of the smoked brisket for dinner tonight. Picked up some fresh green lettuce from a local farmer so looking forward to a great salad. Out for a beer after.

Farm on Monday for a couple of days.

Out for a fun day of photography

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Clear skies and warm today - great weather for the studio tour.

Dinner time

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Heading out after for a pint or two. More later.

Long day

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There was a boat show about 30 miles to the North - drove up but did not go in. Too many people and raining pretty heavily. Doing the studio photography tomorrow and Sunday so already have a busy weekend.

Stopped in at this place: Heritage Air Museum and was very pleasantly surprised. This is an actual flying museum - all of the displays are fully flight-worthy and they take them out for air shows once/month. They were doing periodic maintanence on several of them so it was a lot of fun to see all the "stuff" beneath the skin.

Fixing some dinner and surfing a bit. Doing BBQ Beef Brisket with tomatoes served over bow-tie noodles. Pressure cooking the meat and 'maters so they will be fall-apart tender and succulent.

Good meeting last night

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The swap meet earned a good chunk of change (admission charges plus renting out 64 tables to vendors).

Heading out to do more photography for the studio tour tomorrow - rainy and overcast today.

Up to the farm sometime Tuesday. Nothing much happening in the real world...

Rain rain go away

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We need it but it puts a crimp in my yard work...

Lunch break - paying bills this afternoon.

Working at home today

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More yard work - some stuff had not been pruned for over five years so getting that cleaned up.

Ham radio meeting tonight.

Hot out there

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Forecast was for overcast and cool but the sun is out with high clouds - working up a sweat.

Back to work

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Done with lunch and a quick surf. Having dinner out tonight and got a meeting tomorrow. More later.

Back to work

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Done with lunch - back to work on the lawn and horsetail. Also filling the hummingbird feeders - made some nectar yesterday.

Lunch break

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Taking some time off for a sandwich and surf for a little bit.

Have a major infestation of Horsetail in the garden so looking at how to get rid of it (next to impossible). Got some weed-killer and a couple hypodermic syringes at the local feed store so spending this afternoon scissoring off the top and injecting the stalk. These are just in the raised beds so should only take an hour or two.

Got some bacon thawing out - doing bacon/bean soup for dinner tonight. Start in on processing the studio photographs tonight.

Done with the photography

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Finished off 14 hours of photography over three days - got some good stuff and got to see everyone's art studios. There are some amazing people out here. Now I get to spend another couple hours on darktable developing them.

Heading out for dinner in a bit - need to pick up a few things at Lowe's. Been trying to attract crows to a feeder. This island was called Crow Island during the period of intense logging from 1900 through the 1950's. It was officially named in 1847 for the Spanish explorer Jacinto Caamaño (here and here). It's native name was Kal-lut-chin which in the language of the Snohomish means "land jutting into a bay".

Anyway, I purchased and deployed a couple molded plastic crow decoys ($4 each shipped from China!) and they are working. Crows love peanuts in the shell and the shells prevent seagulls and other birds from stealing the food. Came home this afternoon to find about ten of them perched around the house - tossed out a handful of the peanuts and they were very happy.

Planning to build a raised platform feeder as crows like these the best. Need to get a couple things at Lowe's for that. Chinese buffet for dinner and then back home.

And that is it for tonight

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Watch a couple videos and then finish taking the studio tour photos (six more to go) tomorrow. Farm sometime Tuesday.

Long day

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Went to the ham radio swap meet this morning - since I am a member of the club that is hosting it, I was needed to work the event. Got some great deals on parts so very happy. It was well attended with 64 vendors represented and about 200 attendees wandering about in the Stanwood Middle School gym:


I picked up three feed-through insulators similar to this one:


Five bucks for three of them was a screamin' deal - the split part in the center is designed to fit into a hole in a weatherproof box with the half on the inside connected to the transmitter circuitry and the other half on the outside feeding your antenna. Glazed ceramic stands up to a lot of radio energy - you can make these from plastic but plastic will absorb moisture from the air and you will get losses and heating. Ceramic is perfect. Like I said, screamin' deal.

I also picked up a digital picture frame - next winter I plan to start scanning a bunch of older family photos and it will be nice to have them on display. Five bucks for that too.

Spent the rest of the afternoon taking photographs of the Studio Tour - volunteered to take them this year. 32 Studios and a lot of really wonderful art and wonderful people.

Had the prime rib dinner at the Legion Hall (Second Saturday) so stuffed and feeling tired.

Out the door

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Ready to roll - today's event starts at 10:00AM - getting some coffee first. Switch over to this event at 4:30PM

Busy weekend...

On the island

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It got hot today - temps up to 78°F

Fixing a simple dinner and then out to a meeting tonight - Camano Preparedness Group and tonight's session is on alternative techniques for communication for non-Hams. About 10% of the group are already licensed and we keep urging people to study and get, at least, their Technician's license. About 40 hours of rote memorization over a month or two and you are good to go.

Getting the camera batteries charged up for this weekend. I will be busy.

Out for coffee

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Stop in at the store for a while and then back home to pack. Heading out to the condo with another load and then down to the island for a meeting tonight and a very very busy weekend.

Dinner was good

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Stuffed and heading out for a beer or two. Got a lot packed up. Will be bringing some more music things down to the island tomorrow as well as stuff for the yard sale at the condo. Nice to have a keyboard set up within sight of the ocean. Very inspiring.

Fun needlepoint:

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Done for the day

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Went out for coffee, drove to the city of Lynden to drop something off, went to the condo to unload and then back home and spent the afternoon working in the barn and the DaveCave.

Heading back to the condo tomorrow and then to the island for a few days.

Taking a break and getting dinner ready - got some smoked beef brisket thawing out so will do that with some bow-tie noodles. I like cooking some frozen peas with the pasta - little pops of flavor. Toss with Kerry Gold butter and that is dinner.

At the farm

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Nice drive up - the dogs were ecstatic to be able to run over the 30 acres - whining and prancing as I pulled up. I take them to an off-leash park on the island almost every day but this is just not the same. Still, they seem to be happy down there, just one element that is missing from their life.

A bit tired so quick surf, watch some videos and then to bed - full day tomorrow and Thursday. Meeting Thursday night and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday are spoken for (about eight hours each day).

Lots of junk email - I always get some but the volume in the last week was double the recorded average (I hate spam so I run a program that tracks it) - keep an eye out for trends.

Off to the dump and points North

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Heading out in a few minutes.

Island time

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Didn't get to painting the closet yesterday but got a lot of other stuff done. Painting takes a three hour chunk for prepping and cleaning up above and beyond the time spent slinging paint so didn't have the time to do it. I have another closet to paint and put up new shelving so will do both of them after this very busy weekend.

Sitting here with my coffee surfing a bit. Planning to do a little yard work, a trip to the dump and then up to the farm.

Break for lunch

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Getting warm out there - high overcast but temps in the high 60's with the forecast for mid-70's for this coming weekend. Great for the two events. Almost too hot for the hoop house now.

Fixing lunch and then some time indoors prepping for the painting - need to take the existing shelves out of the closet and figure out the lighting.

Out in a few

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Coffee, post office, storage unit, recycling.

Back home to paint the closet and putter in the yard - need to run the mower.

Make a few telephone calls and then heading up to the farm for a day or two.

Surfed a bit - nothing much happening out there.

Got two events this next weekend: SCARC 2019 28th ANNUAL Electronic Flea Market and Hamfest and  Camano Island Art Studio Tour

Heading out in a little bit

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Mt Vernon for Costco, Lowe's, Coop and some dinner at the Chinese Buffet.

Going to paint the closet tomorrow prior to putting in the shelves. Picking up some wood for the shelf supports - doing some nice stuff with particle board these days (never thought I would be saying THAT!) and it is 1/2 the cost of "real wood". These are stringers that will be screwed to the walls to support the shelves. I will make sure to use enough screws to hold them and they are already primed so it will be easy to paint them when I paint the rest of the closet. Using some nice oak for the front of the shelves - should look really nice.

This is in the media room where I will have my music stuff and the closet will be a primary storage location for a lot of my gear - camera stuff too.

The Chinese Buffet has a Mongolian grill as one of their options so bringing some Bok Choy for them to stir fry - they have it sometimes but I really like it so make sure to bring some along. Family run place - really nice people.

Done with lunch

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Working on the lawn today - raking and getting ready for reseeding. Also cleaning and refilling the hummingbird feeders. Got a couple crow decoys in the mail this morning so will be placing them around the yard to attract them to a feeding station. Hummingbirds, corvids and raptors are my three favorite birds.

Down here for another day or two but need to get up to the farm for a couple days.

Burrito and a couple pints - back in a while. Got a lot for my brain to digest from the training session.

Happy Star Wars Day

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May the Fourth be with you.

Back home - great class

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I don't know if it has anything to do with President Trump's being in office but FEMA has gotten a lot better in the last year / 18 months. Better class materials, more outreach to amateur radio and community preparedness groups. All good stuff.

And I am outta here

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Get some breakfast and then head to class - starts at 10:00AM

Back from Bellingham

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Went up to the condo to drop off more stuff to sell - sorting and cleaning out much of the storage locker I have down here. Still keeping it for a while as it makes an excellent buffer when bringing things down from the farm. Drop off the load at the locker and then sort when I have the spare time.

Thawing out some pulled pork for tacos for dinner tonight. Probably head out for a couple of beers later - turned into a nice warm day so feel like chillin' a little bit and do not want to deal with tomorrow's Cinco de Mayo tomfoolery. Talk about amateur hour.

Ripping some more disks from the library - up over 18K individual songs.

Made some more nectar for the hummingbirds - starting to get quite a few visiting the feeder. A lot more nectar is being drunk. Almost out of sugar - that was a 25 pound bag from Costco.

Got a training session tomorrow in Mt. Vernon - the local emergency community is really good.

Still on the island

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Got done with bill paying, some phone calls and other paperwork and it is too late to drive up today.

Class on Saturday so heading up for a few days Sunday or Monday. Fixing a bowl of soup and a toasted baguette piece for dinner.

Out the door

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Heading up to the farm this afternoon. Got a class Saturday morning so back for that. More spew in a few hours...

So true - happiness

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Swiped from Chris Lynch:


Taking a break from work

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Shelving prices have gone up a lot - a simple set of five wire metal shelves with standards and brackets would have been well over $100 for just five shelves at 32" long. Screw that. The house has a lot of exposed wood inside so I am going to continue the theme and use hardwood playwood. Have a couple of sheets at the farm so taking my track saw up tomorrow and breaking them down to manageble size - should be able to get everything out of two sheets and have enough left over for another shelving project as well.

Had a hot dog at Costco and probably do a salad and can of soup for dinner. Meeting tonight at 6:00PM.

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