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Yard work today

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Yesterday and today were pretty nice. Temps are still cool but clear-ish skies and no rain. Planning on working on the yard today and tomorrow. Two more days like this in the forecast.

Meeting later tonight - amateur radio group.

To bed soon

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Ran a couple of errands. Picked up two books from the library. Had lunch here and then a burrito out for dinner.

Woke up early this morning so feeling downright sleepy. Surf for a bit and then to bed.

Up and at 'em

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Woke up about an hour earlier than usual. Working at home today so putter around for a couple hours and head out for coffee and some errands.

Meetings Thursday, Friday and Saturday so spending the week down here.

Out for a little bit

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Last night's meeting was a board meeting (they made me the VP of the organization) so I have some emails to follow through on today. Heading out for coffee and then working at home. Need to make some more nectar for the hummingbird feeders - about half-way through my second 25 pound bag of sugar this year.

Farmer's market later this afternoon but it is supposed to be dumping rain so we will see...

And back again

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Noce drive through some gorgeous farmland. Impressive clouds - we have a large front moving in. Gale winds and lots of rain in the forecast for tomorrow.

Picked up a nice crusty baguette at Costco today so having some of that with the last of the Minnestrone soup. Planning to make it with bacon next time around. Walmart didn't have what I wanted so ordered it from them online.

Running a load of laundry and finishing off some filing - meeting at 7PM.

Heading out in a little bit

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Paid some bills so drop them off at the post office. Coffee and library as well. Doing a run up to Costco for some food and fill up the car. Food co-op too. Walmart as well.

Was raining pretty hard when I woke up but stopped and clearing a little bit.

Youtube and then to sleep

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Nothing much on the internet tonight.

Printer online

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Got my shipping label printer working just fine now - it needed cleaning after sitting for a couple of years. The cleaning pads arrived from Amazon today.

Cold and raining outside - 54°F and about an inch of precip over yesterday and today.

Time for a quick surf before dinner - cooking some minnestrone soup with TVP. Got the fixings for a salad at Friday's farmer's market.

Quiet day tomorrow

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Working here tomorrow - got a board meeting on Monday. Planning to head to the farm for a few days this week. Radio meeting on Thursday so back down but I need to get the well problems figured out before it gets really cold. Also ready to move some more of the music equipment down. 

The Fire and Rescue open house was a lot of fun. The prep and the CERT people were there - I talked to some people about amateur radio and got some interest. Met the new Fire Chief. Recognized a couple of the fire fighters from my Tuesday radio nets. About 50 general public showed up while I was there (two hours).

Ran into a new program that is incredible: Camano EMI

You get a sticker and a cardboard tube with baggie with a sheet of paper.


Put the sticker on or near your front door and fill out the sheet of paper with your medical information, emergency contact info, medical history, preferred Doctor, etc... Stick this into the baggie and the tube and put it in your refrigerator. If you need to call 9-1-1, the responders will see the sticker and know to look in your 'fridge for the tube with your information. Bonehead in its simplicity but pure genius in the design.

This is a well managed community.

Out the door

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Heading out to the Camano Island Fire and Rescue’s 4th Annual Fall Safety Celebration/Open House Event. The local preparedness group is hosting a tent as well as the local CERT team. Bringing a radio for show and tell for anyone interested. Last year it was a lot of fun.

Farm dinner later this afternoon - should be yummy.

Coffee first - expecting some cleaning pads for a printer I want to use. It had been sitting for three years and need to get it up and running again. Shipping labels for some eBay sales.

And YouTube

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That's all for tonight

Well that was fun - Friday the 13th

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Was working at home and the internet went out on me. Tried calling their 1-800 number (actually, 1-866) and was told that there would be a wait of more than 20 minutes. Some companies let you key in your telephone number and they will call you back but not WAVE!

They have a physical office in town so after running some errands and visiting the farmer's market, I swung by there only to find that my monthly automated bill payment had been wiped out because they changed their bookkeeping system last spring and that I was five months overdue on my bill. I did not see any statements in the mail to me. Hell of a way to run a company. Their service is otherwise good and nice and fast so not really complaining but still...

Oh yeah - the initial person who set me up fat-fingered my telephone number so it took the poor clerk today about five minutes to locate my account. Looks like their new system was sold by the lowest bidder.

Dinner was good (carne asada) and beers were nice and cold - back home for the duration.

Camano Island Fire and Rescue is hosting an open house tomorrow morning. Attending that as a CERT member.
Got a farm dinner tomorrow evening.

Also, fun bit of astronomy geekdom. Tonight is the full moon (Harvest Moon). Last full moon on a Friday the 13th was in 2006 and the next one will be in 2049.

Nothing this morning

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Surfing around the web and do not see anything that catches my eye.

The big Dem debate seems to have been just a bunch of posturing. Nothing substantive, just handing out free shit in exchange for votes. Business as usual.

Farmers market today and a couple of events tomorrow. Do a bit of yard sailing. Coffee first.

Finished sorting yesterday's laundry - need to make some more nectar for the hummingbird feeders. Pups are bumbling around - they need to go out.

Out again - library and store

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Got #4 of the Preston & Child Pendergast series waiting for me. Finished #3 last evening so looking forward to continuing the saga. Wonderful writing and very well researched. Fifteen more in the series so got some reading to look forward to.
Meeting at 7PM tonight.

Heading out for a while

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Run to Mt. Vernon today, meeting this evening. Doing some laundry this afternoon.

Nothing much happening on the interwebs - quiet out there.

Heading out for a bit

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Working at home today. Got a meeting tomorrow and friday plus another farm dinner on Saturday so down here for a few days. Doing bills and paperwork. My favorite things...

More clouds

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The atmosphere is still shifting:


Some gorgeous countryside - I love that there are still working farms here.

Back to work

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Heading out in an hour for the farmer's market and to pick up a book from the library.

Been reading the Preston & Child   Pendergast series. Picked up one of their later books and saw that it was #1) - wonderfully entertaining and #2) - somewhat chronological so went back and am reading from volume one. Finishing up with volume two today or tomorrow and picking up vols. three and four today.

Out for a while

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Working at home today but heading out for a break - coffee, &c.

Outta here for a bit

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Something I had ordered is available for pickup now at the Burlington Home Depot. Heading up north to get it. Get some Chinese food on my way back home. 

Back in a couple hours...

Aaaand back again

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Got a couple projects this week as well as a trip to the farm. See if there is water in the well or if the pump needs to be replaced.

Quick surf, a couple of videos and then to bed.

Gorgeous sunset tonight - nice colors in the clouds. Supposed to be wet for the rest of this week. Tuesday's farmer's market will be interesting.

Miller time

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Dinner was a salad and some ahi poke. Delicious but now there are two pints of beer with my name on them.

Back in a while.

Wonderful storm

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Much better than YouTube - one for the records.

Our local power company has about 400 people out. Looking at a slightly smaller number for the Seattle Tacoma system. BC Hydro is reporting under 200.

The lightning was intense -- a bolt every ten seconds for a long time - cloudy and a lot of the bolts were obscured but some great hits on Orcas Island and sky to sky.

Substantial T-Storms

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Kept hearing noise and went outside to look - major thunderstorm activity all around - this storm is big. Bellingham down to Tacoma. Here is a realtime map.

Heading outside to spend some time in a lawn chair with a glass of wine. Rain just started so I will be under the awning.

Turned on the heat

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Got back home and it was downright chilly with light rain falling. Turned on a space heater for the first time in a while.

Have a heat pump but only need to take a chill off so using the room heater for now.

Heading out for some dinner

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Had a late lunch so just doing a burrito. Stop by my local for a couple pints and that is my evening.

Back in a couple of hours.

Cooled off a lot today and there are showers forecast for the next week or so.

Heading out for a bit

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Been puttering around the house this morning. Heading out for coffee &c...

Got nothing

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Full day today. Ahi was wonderful (a local restaurant supply was having a sale on frozen 6oz filets so bought a case) - a true taste of the other island. Beers were cold and wet. Picked up some wonderful tomatoes at the farmer's market. Planning to do a Panzanella Salad with them.

Nothing on the internet so heading over to YouTube for the night.

As it says. Heading out in a little bit for the farmer's market and then back home to cook the Ahi tuna for dinner.

Out for a couple beers at my local after that.

Out the door

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Running a couple of errands today. Working at home this afternoon. Coffee first.

Tired - time for YouTube and bed

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Off to the land of Morpheus...

Nothing catches my eye

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Went from the first page of the internet to the last page and nothing caught my eye.

Watch a couple videos and try again tomorrow.

Back home for the evening

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Got a lot accomplished today - trip to Bellingham was productive.

Didn't get back in time to cook the Ahi as I had planned so had dinner on the road. Meeting was good - our group is planning a major event for November and things are coalescing nicely.

Surf for a bit and an early bedtime.

Out for a bit.

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Working at home today but heading out for my morning routine. Got some ahi tuna thawing out for dinner tonight. Sear that and plate with some rice and vegies. A taste of a different island.

Supposed to be nice weather so getting my WSPR antenna up tomorrow. Been reliably getting 1K-2K miles with a short length of wire dropped outside my window. It will be interesting to see what kind of range I can get with a 15' wire that has been impedence matched with a balun and a proper ground.

Out for a bit

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Farmer's market, library and some errands.

Have a burrito for dinner - late lunch today.

Out the door

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9:00AM meeting - run a few errands and back home for the day.

And that is it for the evening

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Nothing catches my eye. The Tuesday meeting is at 9:00AM so setting the alarm for tomorrow. Got to get coffee first.

Working at home next couple of days. Meeting a friend for dinner over the weekend (no firm date yet). Getting ready to sign with a builder for the shop. That will be an expensive proposition but a great one. Get this puppy started.

Really looking forward to putting the farm and the store on the market next spring. They are more of a weight than a joy these days.

I did bring the pruning ladder down today so will erect the WSPR antenna in a few days. On to stage two of my WSPR experiments. Also brought down the last of my big radio station today. Need a different antenna for it. I do not have the real estate for a 300+ foot long wire antenna. Getting a vertical.

Back from the farm

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Everything was fine up there with one exception. No water. I didn't have much time to look into this but will next time I am up. It has been a very dry summer so the well itself might have gone dry but that would be unusual as it is 190 feet deep. Either that or the well pump is about seven years old so it might need replacing - they usually last 10-15 years so that is a bit early.

The joys of country living. Anyone out there want to buy a nice 30 acre farm with a couple good outbuildings?

Meetings tomorrow morning and Wednesday evening.

Out for coffee &c

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Heading out for coffee and a few errands.

Running up to the farm today to get the mail and check on a couple of things. Back in the late afternoon.

Aaaaand back home again

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Dropped off the unit. Had a nice dinner and then out for two pints.

Still looking good for aurora borealis tonight so will be checking outside in an hour or so. Very nice that the moon is just past New with only 11% of the lunar disk showing. Not a lot of light to drown out the aurora. Skies are cloudy but there are breaks so hopeful.

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