A look at Jesse Jackson and some history

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A wonderful analysis of Mr. Jackson by the Czar of Muscovy. Swiped in full:
Inaction Jackson
Jesse Jackson, whom the Czar refuses to address as Reverend on principle, decided to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by calling Tea Partiers a bunch of racists. Because that, you know, is what Dr. King wanted us to think about:
Jesse Jackson said Thursday that the Tea Party's tenets are reminiscent of state's rights philosophies used in decades past to oppose federally mandated integration.

"The Tea Party is not new," Jackson said at a luncheon honoring civil rights pioneers on Thursday. "It's just a new name for an old game."
You know, if the Czar had not actually seen photographs of the two men together, he might suspect that Jackson had never actually met King. Like the 10,000 people who claim they were part of the 600 who marched to Selma on Bloody Sunday.

In reality, Jackson is a pathological scoundrel, who knows full well the truth but continues to play on the gullibility of his supporters. He knows all too well that the Tea Party is not a race issue, but a government control issue. He also knows, all too well, that Dr. King is a publicized hero of the Tea Party. And he knows that King�s family have attended Tea Party functions to show solidarity.

But deep down, Jackson also knows which political party fought hard for continued segregation. And which party enacted Jim Crow laws. And required property ownership as a condition for blacks to vote. And which party created and fueled the Ku Klux Klan for generations.

Jackson is a product of a 1960s Chicago political experiment, in which Mayor Richard J. Daley put him into politics as a way of mollifying the black community in Chicago. Jackson, then a veritable nobody, became an effective and loyal shill for the Chicago Democratic machine, despite the fact that it was Daley who attempted to stuff blacks into high-crime housing projects, ignored police brutality against blacks, stifled the creation of black-owned businesses, and referred to blacks by particularly ugly words the Czar won�t use even if quoting someone directly.

There is an old game being played here, and that�s Jackson�s continued demagogy. Call everyone a racist, stir up trouble, and then sit back and watch what happens. You will also note, as the Czar began to observe in the early 1980s before he was a national presence, that Jackson always picks easy targets and easy fights. He never goes after the tough crowd, because he knows he�ll lose. So he boycotts faceless corporations, small businesses without resources to defend themselves, and Tea Partiers�because Tea Partiers will never bother to take him on. He never fights with any real action.

A very old game indeed.
Let us never forget that the Rev. Dr. King was a life-long Republican. The Ancient & Noble Order of the Gormogons is always a great read.

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