Trouble in the Left

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Some interesting thoughts from Rotten Chestnuts:

Losing Slower
I’m increasingly convinced that the Left have screwed the pooch. bigtime.

First, consider the argument, detailed below, that the “Left” is far from a monolith. To us outsiders, it looks like one big, shiny black obelisk of bugfuck lunacy, but it’s actually more like an avalanche — a whole bunch of little pebbles of bugfuck lunacy flowing willy-nilly in the same general direction. The general direction in which they’re flowing is, of course, “the destruction of Western society,” and that’s step two of my argument: The pebbles at the front of the avalanche believe they’re somehow controlling the avalanche… but meanwhile, the big boulders in the back know better. For them, this is endgame.

As Z Man keeps pointing out, lots of what we’re seeing in the Imperial Crapital is a palace coup. There’s open civil war on the Left. I, too, have been beating this drum for years. The orcs and their True Believer enablers in the Media are fed up with triangulation and half-measures. As radical as Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff et al seem to us, the orcs and their propagandists see nothing but geriatric White milquetoasts. They hate Boomers for the same reasons we do, but double, because while we hate them for not riding gracefully into the sunset like every previous generation, the orcs, being natural conspirazoids, see The Man keeping them down again.

We look at Pelosi and see our parents and grandparents, who missed out on the Summer of Love and never got over it. We see them as fundamentally narcissists, and while that doesn’t excuse them in the slightest, it means that their actions have no grand plan, no deep design. Narcissism, you’ll recall, is the bone-deep conviction that life is a movie, and you’re the star. It doesn’t matter to a movie star if the movie he’s in bombs at the box office. To him, the important thing — the only thing — is that he’s the star. Pelosi et al are doing whatever it takes to keep themselves strutting and fretting on stage for another brief hour, that’s all.

They look at Pelosi et al and see The Man. White people are no strangers to paranoia, of course, but our out-and-out conspirazoids, the real tinfoil hat-wearers, are, for us, the fringe of the fringe. As anyone who has been around POCs can confirm (and you can see for yourself if you dare venture into the fever swamps of social media), they’re pretty much all tinfoil-hatted crackpots. Blacks, especially, believe any paranoid nonsense they stumble across, so long as Whitey is the villain (and he always is), but the rest of them aren’t much better….

There is a lot more at the site - this is a very well-crafted rant and very much worth the ten minutes spent reading it.

Bad for us. Worse for them.

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