My respect for this moke just fell 120% - John Cena

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I thought he was an OK guy - this kow-towing is simply beyond the pale - from Taiwan News:

John Cena apologizes to Chinese fans for calling Taiwan a country
American professional wrestler and actor John Cena apologized profusely in Mandarin on Tuesday (May 25) after Chinese netizens became enraged over his reference to Taiwan as a country.

A bit more:

A press conference prior to the premier slated for May 18 in Shanghai was canceled due to "threats," reported Apple Daily. Fearing an impact at the box office revenues in the lucrative China market, Cena posted a video on Weibo in which he lamented in Mandarin that he had done many interviews to promote the movie and during one of them had "made a mistake."

He then stressed that "I love and respect China and Chinese people." Cena went on to say that he was "very sorry for my mistake" and reiterated his love for China and its people.

More at the site - such a fscking sell-out...  Taiwan is an independent nation. A free nation. It is the real China.

I buy a lot of machine tools from that part of the world and the difference in manufacturing quality is stunning. The same thing made in China versus made is Taiwan are worlds apart. The communist model can not produce the same quality of product so they measure on quantity.  

The capitalist free-market model emphasizes all the Right Stuff: Quality, Production Values, Competitive Price as well as after-sale metrics like reparability, availability of parts, support.

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