No. Actually, you ARE going to give us those passwords - Arizona

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An interesting development in the Arizona election audit.  I had written yesterday that the Democrats were not giving the auditors the administrative passwords to the voting machinery.  Either they did not have them (in which case, the voting was run by Dominion and not by the state (sooper illegal)) or they were trying to hide something (something sooper illegal?)

From The Gateway Pundit:

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Holds Emergency Meeting After AZ Senate Threatens Legal Action for Not Providing Passwords and Routers
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors held an emergency meeting yesterday after the County was reportedly unable to provide passwords to the auditors performing an audit of the county’s 2020 Election results.  They also did not provide access to the routers which were requested in the audit as well.

Probably a closed-door meeting and instead of having pizzas delivered, they are sending out for a couple cases of Depends.  They seriously thought they could get away with it.  That We The People would not notice the huge discrepancies in the numbers. Now that they are being called on it, they are stonewalling every inch of the way.

I wrote yesterday about how the admin access to the database server was crucial to see if the records had been tampered with. The routers are just as important.  There are supposedly records of Internet Protocol traffic to locations in Germany and China.  If this turns out to be true, that means that foreign agents were monitoring and/or tampering at the very heart of where the individual votes were being recorded. No semblance of security.

Going down and could not be happening to a nicer bunch of people.

Got to think that they are just not that bright if they seriously thought that they could pull this off.
I mean now... Biden?
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