Unnh Jen? About your Press Briefing today?

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Jen Psaki is having a little trouble with FOX News reporter Peter Doocy asking some inconvenient questions.
This is an ongoing problem - he likes to pin her down to statements of fact including this howler.
Tip of the hat to RedState for the transcript - they also have video and some more examples:

Doocy: “Why is it that you’re trying to require anybody with a job or anybody who goes to school to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but you’re not requiring that of migrants that continue walking across the southern border into the country?”

Psaki: “Well, look, our objective is to get as many people vaccinated across the country as humanly possible. And so the president’s announcement yesterday was an effort to empower businesses to give businesses the tools to protect their workforces. That’s exactly what we did. But certainly, we want everybody to get vaccinated, and [the] more people are vaccinated, whether they are migrants or whether they are workers, protects more people in the United States.”

Doocy: “But it’s a requirement for people at a business with more than 100 people, but it’s not a requirement for migrants at the southern border. Why?”

Psaki: “That’s correct.”

Yeah - about that. Several thousand people each month coming into this Nation and being bussed and flown all over.  Living off our tax dollars. Not being vaccinated. Why? Who is paying off Biden's handlers?  Who is paying off Schumer and Pelosi?

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