This would be wonderful to see - Bill Maher

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He has been coming around these last few years - waking up.
From the London Daily Mail:

'Be brave. Come here': Bill Maher challenges AOC to appear on his HBO show and slams the 'Squad' and Democrats for pushing 'stupid wokeness' and 'appearing on shows where they're pre-adored'

    • HBO's Bill Maher dared AOC on Friday to appear on his Real Time talk show
    • Maher urged New York congresswoman to 'go where the "amen corner" isn't'
    • He said he'd 'love' to interview AOC since 'there's much to admire about her'
    • But he also hit out at AOC for dismissing critics of 'wokeness' like James Carville
    • Ex-Clinton strategist said 'stupid wokeness' was to blame for electoral defeats
    • Virginia governor's race was won by a Republican earlier this month
    • AOC rejected claims that 'wokeness' was an electoral liability for Democrats

Bill Maher has dared House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to appear on his HBO talk show.

The Real Time host also scolded the far-left ‘Squad’ member on Friday for dismissing critics of ‘wokeness’ - which he claims is the reason Democrats suffered electoral defeats this year in Virginia and elsewhere.

Maher said he would 'love' to have Ocasio-Cortez on his show since there's 'so much to admire' about her, particularly her efforts to combat climate change.

'But that will probably never happen because Democrats don't go anywhere these days where they're not being adored,' Maher said.

'And that's my last bit of advice to them. Go where the "amen corner" isn't.

'Do Fox News. Be brave. Come here. Go everywhere.'

She falls apart when the conversation deviates from her prepared talking points.  Not very good at speaking in public.  I would definitely watch this interview.

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