And this is not unexpected - Vaccine Enhanced Infections

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Google it - it's a thing (actually, the link goes to DuckDuckGo but it's a thing there too).

From The Lancet:

The epidemiological relevance of the COVID-19-vaccinated population is increasing
High COVID-19 vaccination rates were expected to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in populations by reducing the number of possible sources for transmission and thereby to reduce the burden of COVID-19 disease. Recent data, however, indicate that the epidemiological relevance of COVID-19 vaccinated individuals is increasing.

And the two take-aways:

In Israel a nosocomial outbreak was reported involving 16 healthcare workers, 23 exposed patients and two family members. The source was a fully vaccinated COVID-19 patient. The vaccination rate was 96.2% among all exposed individuals (151 healthcare workers and 97 patients). Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died, the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease.


Many decisionmakers assume that the vaccinated can be excluded as a source of transmission. It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.

No shit Sherlock...  No, the vaccinated are not safe, they are the worst of the worst of the carriers. They are the disease.

Nosocomial?  An infection that is contracted from the environment or staff of a healthcare facility.

One of the most common ways to die - #3 from what I heard if you include both nosocomial and iatrogenic:

"Iatrogenesis (from the Greek for "brought forth by the healer") refers to any effect on a person, resulting from any activity of one or more persons acting as healthcare professionals or promoting products or services as beneficial to health, that does not support a goal of the person affected"

Want to stay healthy? Eat right, monitor your own health and use physicians as a last resort.

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