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Wonder how many people? From The Liberty Daily:

Circle Back Psaki Won’t Deny There’s a Covid Outbreak in 99%-Vaxxed White House, Which Means There Is One
Rule #1 in White House communications: When you have information that can quash negative reports about the administration, you share it quickly, boldly, and as often as possible.

Rule #2 in White House communications: When you know an unpopular report to be true and unlikely to be properly covered up in the near future, sidestep the question and mitigate damage with separate rhetoric.

Considering that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki abided by Rule #2 when asked about a Covid-19 outbreak among White House staff, it’s a safe bet that there’s an outbreak of Omicron spreading across the executive branch of the federal government. If there wasn’t, she would have denied the report outright.

Instead, she offered a canned response about how the White House is 99% “fully vaccinated” and many have received their booster shots. To anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear, not to mention a brain to compute what all of this means, a White House outbreak tells us the vaccines and booster shots failed miserably at keeping the White House protected from Omicron.

Lots more at the site - screen caps of some tweets and the transcript of the presser.

Might be their mechanism to get Joe out of office.  But Kamala is still firmly ensconced as VP - talk about a disaster waiting in the wings...  I can hear her laugh now.

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