I will never donate anything to them ever again:
Make-A-Wish Foundation

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They seemed to be pretty cool - low administrative overhead and their purpose was noble.
That ended with this heinous decision - from Australia's Pop Topic:

Make-A-Wish Foundation refuse 4-year-old because he’s not vaccinated
Make-A-Wish Foundation refuse terminally ill 4-year-old boy from Staten Island, New York, because he’s not vaccinated.

“I can’t believe these things are actually happening in our country,” New York artist, Scott Lobaido, lashes out at Make-A-Wish Foundation after they refuse his friend’s 4-year-old sick and dying son.

Rocco, the terminally ill 4-year-old boy from Staten Island NY, made a wish to go to Mickey’s House and meet Mickey Mouse in Disney World in Orlando, Florida, with his family but the Make-A-Wish Foundation decided to refuse the child because he was not vaccinated.

A friend of the father, Scott Lobaido, was outraged when he heard the use and used TikTok to reach out to his 65K followers: “I got a text — a message — from a friend of mine here on Staten Island; his 4-year-old kid — his ill 4-year-old kid — was refused by the Make-A-Wish Foundation for his wish because he’s not vaccinated … at 4 years old!”

Scum sucking bastards. Like I said, I will never ever give them anything again.  I do donate to groups like this and have probably given them $500 over the years.  Not one penny more. Ever.

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