This is what real leadership looks like

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A couple of links.  Don Surber on Vladimir Putin's dealings with the Wuhan Flu:

Putin to Biden: no vax mandate

The new leader of the free world is...

Vladimir Putin???

The New York Times reported, "President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia said on Thursday that he had no plans to impose fines or criminally prosecute people hesitant to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, even though Russia has one of the lowest vaccination levels in Europe.

From Vox Day - the Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò reference is to this letter that I posted here: A true Christmas message

The Anti-Globalist Alliance
Knowingly or not, it appears Vladimir Putin and Xi Xinping have responded to Archbishop Vigano’s call for an anti-globalist alliance

This is good news, as the evil Empire That Never Ended is presently based in the United States. The fact that the two strongest free nations are joining forces to oppose it is a positive development, regardless what their motivations might be.

What Vox was refering to was this post at Russia Today - it seems that real leadership is happening in the world.
It is just not happening here.  Wonder why?

Putin names Russia’s number one partner
Despite having had tense relations in the past, Moscow and Beijing are now working together on an unprecedented number of issues, including trade, technology, and defense, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. 

Speaking to journalists as part of his annual press conference, the Russian leader said that he and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping address each other as “friends.”

“We have very trusting relations and it helps us build good business ties as well,” Putin added, noting that Beijing is an “obvious leader” in the global economy and Asia, meaning that it is only natural that Russia develops relations with China in this field.

Putin stated that Russia is “China’s number one partner,” stressing that they work in a lot of areas, including the energy sector, space exploration, and on humanitarian issues. He said that this “brings us closer together.”

“We are cooperating in the field of security. The Chinese Army is equipped to a significant extent with the world’s most advanced weapons systems. We are even developing certain high-tech weapons together,” the Russian leader went on.

He said that there has been nothing like Russia and China’s current relations in history before, and remarked that this serves as a “stabilizing factor” on the world stage.

Excuse me but for some silly reason, I thought that it was the United States who set the standards for world safety and security and economic power and all that good stuff.  We are being eclipsed by a slave-holding communist state and a nation run by an ex-KGB thug?  They are now the good guys?

As a lagniappe - there is this from the Communist Chinese house organ: Global Times

Biden reveals ‘placebo-like’ Omicron plans ahead of bleak Christmas with soaring prices and fears of new variant
Chinese observers say US president's first year in office indicates failure

For many Americans, their dream of a white Christmas this year might turn out to be a black one, with fears of an Omicron storm and inflation reaching a 40-year high despite US President Joe Biden's new Omicron plans, and to some Chinese observers, Biden's "placebo-like" plans reflect his biggest governing feature of inaction, which is likely to make him the first US president who "so failed in the first year in office."

More at the site - quite the list actually. We are being governed by little children with no management or leadership abilities. Whomever shouts the loudest gets to make the rules. Virtue signaling is the order of the day with special brownie-points if you are WOKE or high on the social hierarchy.

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