And good riddance - Erin O'Toole

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Canada's Conservative leader.  Sort of like our RINOs - Republicans In Name Only
From Canada's National Post:

The leading candidates to replace Erin O'Toole
Erin O’Toole’s tenure has been marked by battles between the party’s red and blue wings, and any race would likely become a battle for the Conservative identity.

Party members could go with the familiar — true blue Pierre Poilievre or veteran red Tory Peter MacKay. A more diverse version of that contest would feature Ontario MPs Leslyn Lewis and Michael Chong.

Or they could look to their western base, via Alberta MP Michelle Rempel Garner or perhaps former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall. Or maybe the proven electoral mojo of Doug Ford, although he ruled himself out Tuesday.

O'Toole resigned today after a 73 to 45 vote against his "leadership"  Sundance has more:

Canadian Truckers Remove One Massive Political Roadblock – Erin O’Toole Removed as the Conservative Voice, Meanwhile St Crispen’s Day Approaches
The Canadian “Freedom Convoy” of truckers, representing the voices of the forgotten working-class men and women of Canada, have achieved a resounding victory today on behalf of Middle Canada.  The conservative opposition in Canada has removed Erin O’Toole as opposition leader.  This is a great first step in Canadian politics for the working class.

Erin O’Toole was a pathetically weak voice who refused to stand boldly on behalf of the working class protestors. Middle Canada has risen up and said enough, it is time for the insufferable government regulations to end and normal people to regain their freedom and liberty.

Instead of accepting the role of advocacy for the constituents he proclaimed to represent, Erin O’Toole instead showed his alignment with the government that was oppressing the people.

It is often said that times of great consequence create moments that must be recognized by strong political leaders.

Not only did O’Toole fail to realize the moment, and fail to capitalize on the opportunity the truckers had brought to his office, he openly opposed the commonsense voice of the people. Today he was removed by a vote of 73 to 45.

Don't let the door hit 'ya where the Good Lord split 'ya...

The reference to St. Crispin's Day is this wonderful speech from Henry V

Do yourself a favor and go and read.  Powerful stuff.

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