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From Don Surber:

How to save CNN
The soon-to-be owners of CNN announced Jeff Zucker's replacement will be Chris Licht, a gofer -- excuse me showrunner -- for that crown jewel of journalism, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

His actual title at CBS is Executive Vice President of Special Programming, which simply means he doesn't have to call Colbert sir when they are alone.

Axios reported, "Ratings are secondary to credibility, in the view of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who's taking over CNN."

Ratings are secondary to credibility only on PBS.

Let us look at Zaslav's track record and Discovery Channel's fare. There's Naked and Afraid featuring people in the buff in the woods eating roadkill. There's Fast N' Loud featuring cars that are fast and well, loud. There are Million Dollar Wheels and Street Outlaws featuring even more fast and loud cars.

Cable TV was a wonder in the 1980s. 40 years later, MTV has abandoned music videos, the History Channel features Ancient Alien marathons on Friday and everyone else is showing Friends and NCIS.

Let's get real. It is all about ratings because they deliver advertising and more importantly, the subscriber fees that cable companies cheerfully pass along to customers.

CNN has 4,000 employees. Credibility will feed 12 of them.

News is boring. If it weren't, HLN (nee Headline News) would top the ratings. 

So what will CNN do to boost rating? Political commentary by anchors has two lanes. Fox took the conservative one. MSNBC took the liberal one. 

CNN's lane is funerals for black celebrities.

Don is just getting warmed up here.  The snark is strong with him today...

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