Donating money to the Canadian truckers

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GoFundMe steped on their pee-pee bigtime when they stopped payment of the $10+ Million dollars worth of donations to the Canadian Truckers.  The responce was overwhelming and they blinked. Sort of.  Kind of.
From The Liberty Daily:

GoFundMe Panics, Switches to Automatic Refunds After Calls for Disputed Charges
Community “charity” fundraising company GoFundMe demonstrated they’re woke and fascist at the same time by canceling the Freedom Convoy campaign and promising to send the $9+ million raised to “approved charities.” Now, they’re scrambling to fix the PR nightmare that ensued by moving to refund all donations.

The company had hoped that by dropping the news late on a Friday that they’d avoid some of the backlash. But it was quickly seized by conservatives across social media as an example of the totalitarian nature of the left. We didn’t let them oppose freedom without voicing our opinions and pushing to make them feel the pain.

There is an alternative: GiveSendGo - people started a campaign there and then the liberal script-kiddies got their depends into a twist. Liberty Daily again:

Fascists Strike Back: GiveSendGo Hit With DDOS Attack to Stop Trucker Convoy Fundraiser
The radical left really, really doesn’t want people who fight for freedom to get support from the masses. First, GoFundMe pulled down the Truckers’ Convoy donation page and started refunding over $9 million instead of giving it to the freedom fighters. Now, upset fascists have attacked GiveSendGo to prevent them from accepting donations for the truckers or anyone else.

We have been under heavy DDOS and bot attacks. In spite of all of this we still have managed to raise funds 5X faster than the gfm did. GFM raised 10mil in 3 weeks. GSG campaign has already raised over 1.1mil in just over 12 hours!

Yeah - the liberal fascists may be more vocal but we have more people.  We are right and they are wrong.

GiveSendGo has not been hacked.  There is no breach of data and your account information is 100% safe.  What is happening is a Distributed Denial of Service attack.  Kiddies will send multiple web requests from multiple computers (using bot software) and will overload the web server of the target organization.  These attacks can be sucessful but eventually, the offending IP addresses are gathered and a simple block is instituted.

This is the computer euivalent of a three-year-old child having a melt-down.  If he can't have the shiny toy, nobody is going to be at peace.  He will shriek until someone gives in.  Don't give in.

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