Losing control - the elites in Europe

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Looks like the EU Elites are excercising pre-emptive control.  Tyranny is another word for it.
From The National File:

Police In Paris, Brussels Set Up Roadblocks To Prevent Freedom Convoy Protests
Authorities in Paris and Brussels have set up roadblocks in an effort to prevent protests similar to Canada’s Freedom Convoy from taking place. Citing “risks of trouble to public order,” the Paris Police Department banned protests aimed at “blocking the capital” from Friday through Monday. In addition to blocking roads, police have said they will make arrests.

The Paris Police department warned that blocking traffic can lead to two years in prison, up to 4,500 euros in fines and a suspended driver’s license. According to them, protesters have been organizing online in hopes of repeating Canada’s Freedom Convoy protests. The demonstrations are reportedly set to begin Friday night with protesters converging on Paris before making their way to Brussels on Monday.

Like their counterparts in Paris, police in Brussels — which is the home of European Union institutions — have announced similar measures. Authorities banned the protest and promised a “wide perimeter” around the city complete with roadblocks and checkpoints manned by police. Brussels Mayor Philippe Close said that officials decided to ban the Freedom Convoy” protest because organizers failed to seek permission to hold the event.

Protests beginning in 3... 2... 1...  What these morons fail to realize is that the first person to be arrested will become a martyr to the cause and will make the protest that much larger.  They are in an impossible situation - there is no way out.  Sucks to be elite - sucks even more when you are stupid like that.

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