The truckers - an update

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Ottawa wants the trucks gone.  Their presence is inconvenient to the tyrants to say the least.
The unwashed masses invading their elite spaces.
They called towing companies to move them.  The towing companies had all "come down with Covid".
Now this - from Canada's National Post:

Military tells Ottawa to find someone else to evict the truckers
Despite the Ottawa Police briefly raising the possibility of a military intervention to clear a stubborn holdout of Freedom Convoy truckers blockading their downtown, the Canadian Armed Forces have been quick to say they will be doing no such thing . A spokesperson for the Minister of Defence told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, “The Canadian Armed Forces are not involved in law enforcement in this situation, and there are no plans for such CAF involvement.”

That they would even think of calling the military speaks volumes:

There have only been two prior incidents in modern times of the Canadian military being called in to quell civil unrest. The first, the 1970 October Crisis, actually worked great at stamping out Quebec separatist terrorism. But the sight of armed soldiers detaining even peaceful Quebec nationalists en masse has always been a mark on the legacy of then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau. The second, the 1990 Oka Crisis, had a much more checkered legacy. The military did eventually compel a Mohawk-led protest to stand down their blockade of a disputed golf course expansion, but the whole thing was so messy it’s mostly become a template for what not to do. The experience of Oka is arguably a key reason why Canadian law enforcement is hesitant to bring the hammer down on blockades of any kind – even when they completely seize the country’s rail lines for days on end.

Those optics are not good.  The elites need to wake up and smell the pavement. Time for their reign to end. They are not the smartest people in the room by any means. They only think they are.

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