The Ukraine - an analysis

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Perfect analysis at Raconteur Report:

Who GAF?
Russia Invaded Ukraine. So What??
Or words to that effect. That's what the less-informed (or outright stupid) commentariat on a hundred sites are asking at the moment.

Pay attention.

1) Russia is a nuclear power.
More to the point, the #2 nuclear power on the planet. Despite getting their teeth handed to them after the own-goal of 80 years of Communism's irredeemable flaws, they still think they missed out on the big colonialization era. Most of their conquests were neighbors, rather than far-flung client states, and what's left was nothing to write home about from 1920-1990.

So when a substantial portion of their army crosses international borders to kill people and break things, you ought to pay attention.

Not least of which because Mother Russia is currently in range of every other nuclear power in existence. (For those who were busy doodling or fapping off in the back of their civics classes, that club would be: the U.S., (formerly great) Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and the Norks. And any minute now (thanks Obozo and fat Bill) the Iranians. Every one of them could manage to land a blow to Russia with nukes, and every one of them is in range of Russia's ICBMs. As are a lot of other non-nuclear countries, including arguably, every country that matters, which would be the Top 50 out of 180-190 or so.

2) But the Cold War is over, right?
Back at ya: So what? Nobody told Putin. As a former KGB assassin who misses the glorious Soviet Union that was, he's been forcibly repatriating all the old satellites back into the, Russian Federation at gunpoint all along. Ukraine is merely the latest. Anyone: See if you can guess why the Baltic States - Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - are getting a bit nervous about now. Vlad's running out of territories to conquer back into the fold. Oh, for the civics fapping crowd: they're all full NATO members now. An attack on any one of them constitutes the opening of WWIII, by law and custom. Or else NATO dissolves, and it's 1938 all over again, with a military dictatorship on the prowl east of Poland. Again.

Look in the dictionary under appeasement, and note that the guy most responsible for WWII (after Adolf himself) got dealing with his enemy all horribly wrong, plunged the entire world into a world war, and after finally being replaced, went home afterwards and quite decently died in a matter of months, leaving the rest of the world to suffer the consequences of his jackassery.

Pay no attention to that senile, doddering old fool currently and illegally installed in the White House.

Three more at the site plus a good conclusion.  Spot on. Raconteur was in a fine mood when this was being written. And what is happening because of this?

    • COVID failure news? Gone.

But it's far more than just that.

    • Inflation news? Gone. Or better yet, scapegoated onto Putin. (Pay attention: At this point, the dog's tail becomes self-wagging.)
    • Economy bad news? Gone.
    • Canadian trucker fallout news? Gone.
    • American trucker convoy news? Gone.
    • Durham tagging Shrillary and the DNC for spying on Trump news? Gone.
    • 2020 Election shenanigans news? Gone.
    • Sketchy Affirmative Action SCOTUS nominee news? Gone.

Other Countries taking advantage of the chaos and our flailing policy: Free Pass! (And then they kick back another 10% to the Big Guy. ;) So what happened is, Ukrainian thieves got outbid by Beijing pirates, and thrown under the bus.)

What he said - much more at the site.

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