Truckers in the USA - it's on!

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From The London Daily Mail:

America's People's Convoy gets ready to roll! One thousand trucks begin 11-day drive from California to D.C. TODAY to protest COVID mask and vaccine mandates

    • As many as 1,00 truckers are expected to participate in the People's Convoy protest which is leaving California on Wednesday to embark on an 11-day trek to Washington DC
    • The People's Convoy has called on the federal government to end the National Emergency enacted at the start of the pandemic, which President Joe Biden extended on Friday despite calls from Congress to end it
    • Organizers and participants argue the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and mandates are unconstitutional and claim the 'government has forgotten its place'
    • The organizers also claim the convoy is 'about freedom and unity,' noting the truckers are 'riding unified across party and state lines and with people of all colors and creeds'
    • The cavalcade will set off from the Adelanto Stadium at midday PST Wednesday and will make several stops across the nation, before its anticipated arrival at the DC Beltway on March 5
    • People's Convoy organizers claim they do not intend to disrupt roads or bridges, like the Canadian Freedom Convoy protest did, however some truckers are swearing to disrupt traffic in the nation's capital
    • The District of Columbia government - including Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser - and the U.S. Capitol Police are requesting the National Guard assistance
    • DC leaders have also increased police presence in the city and plan to reinstall the fencing that surrounded the Capitol complex for much of 2021

Good - We The People have had enough.  Time for the goblins in DC to go back to representing US instead of selling out our Nation to the highest bidder.

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