I do feel sorry for the workers but the schadenfreude is delightful

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Good to see Facebook get what's coming to them.  When I hired on at MSFT in 1997, the same thing was happening - the stock price was still crashing from the dotcom bubble so the vestments were not worth anything.  Still, it was a blast - a very fun five years. Got to work with some amazing people and some amazing equipment.

From the New York Post:

Meta employees look to ditch jobs amid stock crash: ‘Feeling like s–t’
Shares of Facebook and Instagram parent Meta have plummeted more than 40% over the past six months — and some employees saddled with underwater stock options are eyeing the exits.

“Joined Meta near [all time stock high], now feeling like s—t,” one Meta employee said this week in a popular thread on Blind, a corporate message board with verified members. “What should I do?”

“Leave this crap place,” another “Metamate” responded.

“Same boat,” a third said, adding that they’re “already interviewing” at other companies.

“Duh, you’re supposed to think Meta, Metamates, and me. Ask yourself if this train of thought is good for the company,” a fourth joked. “Just kidding… it super sucks.”

They (and Twitter and Google) started out OK but their management was seduced by the dark side.  I thought that sort of crap was only supposed to happen in the movies.

Sucks for the employees though - they were probably hired for shit wages with the understanding that they would get shares of META that they could accrue and cash out. Channeling my inner Nelson Muntz

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