Just wonderful - a power reactor in Ukraine

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This is not going to end well - from the London Daily Mail:

Europe's biggest nuclear power plant is ON FIRE after being attacked by Putin's tanks: 'Increased radiation levels are detected' says Ukraine government after generating unit is hit - foreign minister warns meltdown 'would be 10 times worse than Chernobyl'

    • Live feed from Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station showed flames at site, with officials issuing dire warnings
    • Earlier, tanks had been seen firing at buildings in the facility in south-east Ukraine, setting buildings ablaze
    • Reports said that a generating unit at the plant had been hit, citing the Ukrainian atomic energy ministry
    • Ukrainian officials urged Russia to stop the attack to allow for emergency service crews to put out the blaze
    • The plant has six nuclear reactors, making it the largest in Europe. It produces around 25% of Ukraine's power
    • The country' Foreign Minister said an explosion at the site would be '10 times worse than Chernobyl'
    • Earlier there had been fierce fighting as Russian troops pushed towards the nuclear power plant
    • Missiles were been fired by Russian forces in battle, and fire and black smoke was seen earlier today

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, the largest of its kind in Europe, was on fire in the early hours of Friday morning after coming under attack by Russian troops.

A live feed from the station showed flames at the site in the south-east of the country, and showed tanks firing at buildings - sparking fears of a radiation disaster in the nation currently under invasion by Russian forces.

As the chaotic scenes unfolded, a government official told The Associated Press elevated levels of radiation had being detected near the site of the plant. A plant spokesman later said they remained at normal levels.

The Ukrainian atomic energy ministry said that one of the six generating units at the plant in Enerhodar had been struck by Russian fire. Zaporizhzhia has six nuclear reactors and accounts for almost a quarter of Ukraine's power.

No word in the article as to what design the reactors are - the Chernobyl unit was an open graphite pile (RBMK), exposed to the atmosphere so ignition and burning was a very easy thing to happen.  If they are pressurised water reactors, the pressure vessel should provide a good measure of protection. I am hoping that the operations crew were able to shut it (SCRAM) down before the attack.

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