Our nation is in the best of hands - Biden's choice for Supreme Court Justice

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Normalizing perversion? From Twitchy:

WH gets snippy, calls Josh Hawley’s thread on Ketanji Brown Jackson and her record of going easy on sex offenders ‘toxic’ (but they can’t really disprove it)
As Twitchy readers know, Josh Hawley put together a quite frankly terrifying thread about Biden’s SCOTUS pick, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and her history of going easy on sex offenders. He actually pointed out that she would let ‘child porn offenders’ off the hook, and highlighted several cases where this was her ruling.

You’d think if Hawley’s accusations were out of line they would just claim he was wrong, with a simple, ‘No, this is incorrect’ sort of response. Instead, they called his thread toxic, got pretty snippy, and claimed he cherry-picked cases. When you think about it, it makes sense since he’s looking for things that could be an issue.

That’s not really cherry-picking, that’s doing his job.

They can not deny it. Lots of pedophilia cases in the news these days - they got four Disney employees recently. Judge Jackson was hand-picked by *Resident Biden's handlers. Lots more at the site.  Twitchy is a Twitter aggregator - it will combine the tweets to extract the story - they publish the links to the originals as well as preserve screen-captures in case of deletion.

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