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From The Epoch Times:

Russia: Countries Allowing Ukraine to Use Their Airfields ‘May Be Regarded’ as Entering Conflict
Russia’s Defense Ministry on Sunday warned that any country that offers the use of its airfields to Ukraine’s military for attacks on Russian assets could be considered as having entered the conflict.

“The use of the airfield networks of these countries to base Ukrainian military aircraft and their subsequent use against the Russian armed forces may be regarded as the involvement of these states in an armed conflict,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told the Interfax news agency on Sunday evening local time.

Konashenkov said Russian officials are aware of “Ukrainian combat plans which earlier flew to Romania and other neighboring countries,” without elaborating.

Since the conflict started on Feb. 24, the United States, its NATO allies, and other European nations have flooded Ukraine with missiles, anti-tank missiles, ammunition, weapons, and other supplies. There have also been reports claiming that European and NATO countries are working to sent fighter jets to Ukraine.

A small nit - this is not as bad as it sounds. The Russians are not doing anything about airfields that are being used to transship materiel and ordnance, just (in their own words) "offers the use of its airfields to Ukraine’s military for attacks on Russian assets"  Still, quite the escalation. Putin has backed himself into a corner.

I feel sorry for President Zelensky - he seems to genuinly care for his people and for Ukraine.  Unfortunately, Ukraine is under control of the deep state and is where the Western elite's send their children to launder their money.  Biden is common knowledge.  The fact that Pelosi, Kerry and Romney's sons are over there too is not as well known. The poor citizens (and soldiers on both sides) just happen to be caught in the middle.

President Zelensky may have palled around with Trudeau but remember, he is not a member of the deep state.  Neither was Trump and when someone like that gets in office, the deep state has two choices - recruit them or destroy them.  I think that President Zelensky was probably very flattered that some of the world "leaders" would spend time with him.  I bet that his eyes are opened now - I hope he survives long enough to write a big book... 

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