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Jeff Childers is a lawyer practicing in Florida. His daily Coffee & Covid column is a daily read for me.
From today - a bullet list of Biden's points from last night:

The most hilarious feature of the speech was Biden’s ghastly and inept attempt to co-opt conservative messaging. As democrats kept leaping to their feet to applaud punch line after punch line, Biden claimed he was going to:

    • crack down on illegal immigration (after manufacturing a gigantic crisis on the border), I am not making that up,
    • lower prescription drug prices (after revoking Trump policies that actually did lower most drug prices, like insulin),
    • re-fund the police (after leading a two year charge to de-fund them),
    • support the troops (after getting them killed in a hasty Afghanistan withdraw and using them as human pincushions for experimental drugs),
    • rebuild manufacturing capacity and direct the government to “Buy American” (after encouraging employers to fire unjabbed employees and discriminate against them, and locking down US manufacturing for a year — just ask Elon Musk, who had to move his whole operation to Texas),
    • cutting child-care costs “in half,” somehow (after driving costs up astronomically by quarantining school-age kids every ten minutes using witless contact tracing),
    • crack down on social media giants (after pressuring them to become vastly powerful government censors),
    • end inflation by lowering the deficit (after almost doubling the amount of circulating currency and while calling for even more infinitely expensive programs),
    • cure cancer (after coercing Americans into taking jabs with known cancer risks), and
    • support mental health (after bombarding adults with military-grade propaganda and mentally torturing kids for two years).

Gee, I guess all those conservative talking points are resonating with the people for some reason. On the other hand, completely missing from the Former Vice-President’s speech was any reference to: equity, diversity, critical race theory, Black Lives Matter, police violence, gender reassignment, Afghanistan, student loans, unvaccinated people, school board investigations, January 6th insurrectionists, Capitol attackers or even rioters, misinformation, disinformation, Fauci, Walensky, overwhelmed hospitals, China, the CDC, or the FDA.

I watched the C-SPAN livestream for a little while - skipped around a good bit.  His drugs were working well for the first fifteen minutes but he really lost focus after then - mispronunciations, slurring, rambling a bit.

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